1925 – Brussels, London, Broadway, Llanfairfechan, Kings Langley, Bursledon, Swanage, South Brent

In 1925, Edward is 49 years old, Kate is 46 years old and Alys is 41 years old. Eva is 16 years old and Philip is 12 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).


Thursday 1st January 1925

Wind and rain.
Aunt Bella to Mass. I took Kiki. Made beds. Wrote letters. Eva to dinner. Schoentjes to tea and Colonel Meeus too. Quiet supper later and to bed 9.35.

Friday 2nd January 1925

Wild gales and rain.
I not out all a.m. Wrote letters and cards. Dinner 1. Colonel Meeus came to it, and p.m. At 4.30 Aunt Bella and I out to tea at Madame Cauderlier’s. Various people there. Home 6.45. Supper. To bed 10.

Saturday 3rd January 1925

Pouring rain all day. Wind dropped.
I took Kiki out. To Avenue to buy Nation Belge. Rain. Dinner. Aunt Bella and I out to town to Agora Cinema to see Monsieur Beaucaire, Rudolph Valentino. Very good. Saw it twice through! Home 7.45. Supper. Patience. To bed 10.

Agora Cinema, Brussels


Written from Brussels.
W.B.D. – cards.
Elsa – Dorrie
Kit – Kerwick M.R.
Tades – S.J. Martin, Miss Stones, Sissie.
Eva, Alys. Dorothy.
Last letter from E.P. received December 1st
Wrote him 27th December.

“Si plein de grâce et de douceur” – so full of grace and sweetness

Sunday 4th January 1925

Gale and rain in night. Drier later.
Breakfast 9.45. Made bed and took Kiki out to Bois. Aunt Bella to Mass. Dinner. Rested. Madame Woelcure and Madame Janvier called. Tea. Supper. Patience

Monday 5th January 1925

Fine day.
With Aunt Bella. To her jeweller and about my lace, and to theatre for tickets. Home to lunch. To Cinema “Highlife” to see “The Way of a Man” (Texas). Home 6.30. Celeste out. Kiki alone. Took him out. Supper. Took Kiki out at 9 again.


Tuesday 6th January 1925

Fine. Small showers.
Aunt Bella in all a.m. I took Kiki out and then to town in tram. Grand Magasins de la Bourse. Cook’s, Hiclet to look for tea cloth. Home to dinner 1. Rested in p.m. Madame Cauderlier called. To Conference 5.30. Meeus and the Warlamont’s too. Home. Jigsaw in evening.

de la bourse

Wednesday 7th January 1925

Fine. Frosty in a.m.
To Madame Cauderlier’s and to meet Aunt Bella at the butcher’s. Wrote E.P. Dinner, expected Madame Schoentges but she didn’t come. To Agora Cinema, Grand-Place. Pola Negri in Bella Donna. To Monsieur Georges. Home at 6. Did jigsaw all evening. To bed 10.10.

Pola Negri

Thursday 8th January 1925

Dull. Milder.
I to town, to Monsieur Georges, and bought bodices. Back by Botanique, to dinner 1. Rested after, and at 4.30 with Aunt Bella to tea at Baron Lemmioner’s avec Louise. Several ladies there. Nice. Home 7. Supper. Patience.

Friday 9th January 1925

Showers. Mild.
Out to shops with Aunt Bella and to Post Office. Colonel Meeus to dinner 1. I out at 2.30 alone to Cercle Artistique. Lecture by Louis Barthou (Academie Francaise) on Anatole France 3.15 till nearly 5. Home. Supper. Patience, sewed vest and to bed. 

Saturday 10th January 1925

Frosty and fine.
Unwell. Out with Aunt Bella to order cab. After dinner, rested (on bed!) Dressed and both to tea at the Schoentges’ 4.45. Eva and Colonel there. Took Kiki and left him for 2 nights. Home late; Celeste’s friend there. Patience. No luck. Celeste out late with friend. Comte Gonzague de Reynold. Swiss lecture.

Give Celeste 20 francs.
Left 2 lace pieces of L.R.B and some of Tante’s lace to be cleaned.
Letter from E.P. 5th. Wrote him 7th
Wrote Crossman Block 10th.
Cards to Miss Stone and Sissie.

Sunday 11th January 1925

Fine day.
Out to fetch fowl and bread. Aunt Bella to church. Celeste late for dinner, at 12. We to Opera, at La Monnaie to hear Prince Igor (by Borodine, music and words). Very good. Home 7. Supper. Celeste out.


Monday 12th January 1925

Frost. Fog.
Packed, and with Aunt Bella in cab to Nord 11.45, but train went at 12 to Ostende. Very foggy. Left Ostend 2.30. Arrived Dover 7. Talked to sailor on deck, with puppy. Dinner on train. Arrived Victoria 10, instead of 8.25. Taxi. To bed at 21 Oxford Terrace.

Tuesday 13th January 1925

Dull. Coolish.
Christensen’s brought my breakfast at 8.45. Unpacked. Out to buy bread. To 47 Hampstead Way to lunch with Phil alone. Alys and Eva back at 3.30. We met them. Krohn’s to tea, and goodbye before sailing South Africa! I home at 7.30. Ate supper of sandwiches. Wrote.

Wednesday 14th January 1925

Dull, rainy.
To Electric Place, and Chappell’s then to Alys’ lunch. Helped with sewing Eva’s things all p.m. Tea – all packed up in Eva’s room. Stayed dinner and the night. “Red mines’ in evening. To bed 9.50.

Thursday 15th January 1925

Rain and dull.
Out with Alys to shops. Dennis took Eva’s trunk. Eva and Phil played cards. Lunch. Played Corn and Wheat Pit game. By tube to Waterloo; saw Eva off to Sherborne at 3. Dennis took me home in car. Wrote letters. Aunt Bella, etc. Dinner from C’s. To bed 9.30.

Friday 16th January 1925

Damp, dull, mild.
Out to Oxford Street for cakes. Book-man came about French books. Got own lunch. Dorothy King to tea with me, 4 till 6.30. Talked about murders! Washed gloves and stockings and dried them by fire. Dinner from C’s. To bed 9.30.

Saturday 17th January 1925

Damp. Mild.
Wrote. Out twice to post letters (2/3 each). Alys came to lunch at 1 and Dennis called for us and all to Badminton at 3. Mrs Manisty presided; H.A.L. there for last time. Tea. Home. Supper by myself. Hot bath and bed at 10.

Back from Brussels – 12th
Letter from E.P. – 12th. Wrote him 15th. Wrote Cyrus 17th
Hotel Saint Roch a Couvin – fin province, Namur.
Delightful, big grounds. Good cooking, Moderate. Write early.

Sunday 18th January 1925

Busy all a.m. – sewing and ironing Alys’ gold and black jumper. Walked to Hyde Park Corner and bus to South Kensington. To 6 Elm Park Road to dinner at 1. Talked. Away at 4. Home. Dressed and to Ayrton’s to supper at 7. Nice. Alan there. Gave Tony old Bible.

Monday 19th January 1925

Fog. Dark then clear. Dull.
Fire. Did some mending and clearing up and washing. At 12.15 came Tony Ayrton to lunch (1). Colonel Claridge in to tell me about stair-carpet. Tony went at about 2.30. I looked over things till 3.40, then walked to Chappell’s and back by Selfridge’s. Read, sewed, cooked omelette. To bed 9.50.

Tuesday 20th January 1925

Dull. Cool.
Fire. Muddled about and sorted photos of Farm. Alys and Phil to lunch. Then Alys to meet Dolly. I with Phil to Marble Arch cinema to see Zeebrugge film. Very good. Walked to Lab and left Phil there. Walked home. Indigestion or chill on liver. Bread and milk and to bed at 9.15.

Wednesday 21st January 1925

Dull. Cold.
Fire. Out to confirm Busy’s letter at English Speaking Union about E.H. McC (Edward McCormick). Met Doz at New England Retrospective Exhibition. Back and Susie Zileri to lunch and until 3.50. Talked, showed her things. Then I walked to Star Electric Company. Home. Ate sardines by fire. Read and sewed tweed skirt band. Hot bath and to bed 9.30.

Thursday 22nd January 1925

Fineish. Cold.
Elsa called at 9.30 in car. I with her to Harmar’s in Great Portland Street to choose fur-coat. To Max’s office, 3 Verulean Building. He back with us to fur shop. To Westminster. Malted milk at Filles with Elsa. To other places and then 47 Hampstead Way. I lunched there. Alys to Thew’s. I with Phil all p.m. All 3 tea together. I home at 7. Dinner from C’s.

Friday 23rd January 1925

Out to Trafalgar Square to World “Reading Room” to look at Chicago news. To Golders Green – my bank and lunch with Alys and Phil. Sewed. Alys packed Phil’s trunk. Dennis came and all of us to Victoria in car. Phil off to school at 4.30. Alys and I had tea and Gorringe’s. I home. All evening doing Farm-book, photos, Atlantic crossings. Dinner 2.0.

Saturday 24th January 1925

Fine. Eclipse.
Dennis called for me at 10 and we to Wisden’s to buy him a badminton racquet. I sold 3 French books for 2/6 (Winter’s). Bought skirt at Stagg and Mantle’s. Home to lunch and then Dennis came again in car, and to Badminton. Home. Dinner from C’s (pigeon and savoury). Stuck in farm photos till 10. Hot bath.

stagg andm antle
Stagg And Mantle, Leicester Square

Wrote E.P. 21st about C.
Wrote E.P 23rd
Susie 21st to 1.15 lunch with Elsa. Thursday a.m.

Phil away Friday.

Sunday 25th January 1925

Foggy. Rain later.
Stuck in photos. Prepared for Kitty who came with Barbara in car (from Alys) to dinner. 1.30. Talked, Barbara rested. Kit drove up up to Alys’ again to tea and supper. I back (car to Golders Green, buses) at 10.15.

Monday 26th January 1925

Dark. Cold.
Busy washing and ironing all a.m. Lunch at home and out at Army and Navy Stores, Coles and Nicol Place. To Nell Sime to tea 3.45 till 5.45. Home. Sewed in evening. Hemming table-napkins. (Dennis flu).

Tuesday 27th January 1925

Damp and cold.
Out to visit for Care Committee, and to Kingsgate Road school. Home to Lunch (Porridge and ham sandwich). To Winter’s, Charing Cross Road, with French books and back by Regent Street and Hanan’s sale. Tea. Busy cutting up canvasses all evening. Cutlets. Phoned Alys 9.

Wednesday 28th January 1925

Damp then sun. Rain in p.m.
Out to see Mr Eden and report to Care Committee. Walked to Compayne. Called there. Home and lunch by self. All p.m. indoors doing tweed (new skirt-body and body to string skirt), trying on. Colonel Claridge doing house-phone. Lighted fire at 6. Curry dinner and fruit salad.

Thursday 29th January 1925

Wind. Dull.
Busy all a.m. Sewing black and gold jumper and ironing. Lunch in room. Out at 1.45 with pewter pitcher for valuation. To Selfridge’s. Home at 4. Dressed and out at 5 to 6 Elm Park Road. Supper with Dorothy. Polly out. Mabel out. Left at 10.25. Home 10.50.

Friday 30th January 1925

Dry, dull. Milder.
In all a.m. doing long sleeves to gold and black jumper. Lunch in room. Out at 2. Walked to Spring Garden to New English Show (2nd time). On to English Speaking Union. Read U.S. papers till 4. Walked on to Army and Navy. Bought glass towel-rail and fire-guard. And sleeve-board. Home by No. 16 from Victoria. Dinner. Chicken and apple-pie from C’.s

Saturday 31st January 1925

Letter from E.P. Put up towel-rail in bathroom. Out for butter and eggs. Funeral (Military) of Field Marshal Lord Grenfell went by for about 30 minutes. 11.30. Alys to lunch (C’s). Dennis called for us and to Badminton. Max and Elsa came. I poured out tea. Fun. Mrs Howe. Mr Vowels? Mrs Burn (blouse and skirt). Home. Supper in bedroom and to bed 8.45.

Wrote Biswanger – 26th
Wednesday – Dennis and Alys to dinner.
Thursday to Doz to supper.
Letter from E.P. – 31st
Badminton – pay 6d a head for tea. 3/- for marking.
Sunday – Helen and Tony 1.30? To Scott-Fox’s to tea.

Sunday 1st February 1925

Fine, sunny.
Did some cleaning up. Helen and Tony came to dinner 1.30. Tony rested after. At 4, they went and I walked to 13 Cornwall Gardens. Met Alys and Dennis tea with Scott-Foxes. Home with Alys and Dennis and Iris Harmar to supper at 47 Hampstead Way. Kathleen Thompson too. Dennis drove all back at 10.

Monday 2nd February 1925

Fresh; dull day.
Phoned Alys and she and I met at Marshall’s, and all day looking for frock for me. Lunch English Speaking Union. Tea – Fuller’s. Bought dress at Bourne and Hollingsworth’s. Home to 21 Oxford Terrace. Alys stayed till 7.30. Dennis calling for her. Dinner from C’s. Pork and banana fritters.

Tuesday 3rd February 1925

Dull. Showery.
Muddled about tidying. Out to shops. Ethel Miles to lunch. Then I tidied barbola drawers, wrote to Amy Nichol and K.H.D. for sketch. Nelly Moir at 4 to tea. Dennis called for me 7.15 and drove me to 47 Hampstead Way. Dinner, then he out to Meeting and Alys and I sewed and talked. To bed 11.

Wednesday 4th February 1925

Fine and mild.
After breakfast, Alys and I in car with Dennis. They left me at Dynham Road and I to Manager’s Meeting at 10.30, Kingsgate Road, M.D. School. Home to 21 Oxford Terrace at 12. Dorothy to lunch; 1.30. Sewed and talked all p.m. At about 4 out with her. Walked to Marble Arch; she bus back. I walked on thro’ Audley Street and Shepherd’s Market to Piccadilly. Kardomah. Walked up Bond Street. Bus home. Supper by fire. Bath at 9.45.

Thursday 5th February 1925

Mild. Breezy. Dull.
Up at 8.15. Finished “Precious Bane” by Mary Webb. Sewed new dress. Out at 11 with Holloway pictures and Bartolozzi prints. To Meatyard’s, 32 Museum Street, down Shaftesbury Avenue. To Pall Mall, Duke Street, Bond Street. Lunch A.B.C., Oxford Street. Home by bus at 2.35. Rested. Tidied top of wardrobe.

Friday 6th February 1925

Unwell. Sewed dress in a.m. and painted print. Saida came for tickets. Out to Selfrdige’s. Had chocolate and whipped cream. Home at 3. Rested on bed. Tea on bed. Dressed at 5.45 and at 6.15 to Elsa’s. Dinner 7.30. Mr and Mrs Adrian Stokes there, and Adrian Waterlow later. Home at 11.30.

Saturday 7th February 1925

Sunny, cold.
Cleaned up things; out to buy bread and butter. Alys at 12.30. Lunch at 1.30. Dennis called for us 2.30 and changed here. To Badminton. Fun. Manisty’s all there and Mr Woolcombe and Archibald. Back. Supper by my fire.

3rd – E.M.M. (Ethel Miles) to lunch.
Dine at Embleton’s – sleep
3rd Nelly Moir to tea.
6th – To Elsa’s 1.15.
4th – Manager’s Meeting 10.30 a.m. Kingsgate, M.D. School
D.B. to lunch 1.15
19 Prince Edward Mansions, W2

Sunday 8th February 1925

Mild, damp.
Alys and Dennis called for me at 12 in car. Drove to Brighton – puncture. Arrived about 2.30. Phil came to Club House. Ate cold lunch, sandwiches. Sat by fire. Dennis and I out with car to get tyre mended. Tea 4.15. Away 5.30. To Chinese Restaurant, Piccadilly 7.30. Dinner. To 47 Hampstead Way. Listened-in till 10. To bed. I stayed there.

Monday 9th February 1925

Windy. Rather fine.
Breakfast 8. All to Baker Street in car. Alys and I to my rooms. Did washing. Then she and I to look for carpet for Eva’s room, curtains too. Lunch at Jones’ 1/- each in Tottenham Court Road. I home 2.20. Rested on bed till 4. Changed boxes, trunks, shoe cupboard, paints, pieces, etc. all evening. Dinner – pork, prunes and junket. Read letters.

Tuesday 10th February 1925

Windy. Dusty.
Kit appeared at 10.15 and I went with her to Dr Still’s and then Dr Theodore Thompson, Portland Place. Then we lunched at Debenham and Freebody’s and to oculist. I home at 3 and Adine Sime to tea – 4 till 6. Then Alys and Dennis to dinner (currie) and we put up my aerial, had he gave me wireless set. They went 10.15 To bed very tired.

Wednesday 11th February 1925

Mild. Dull.
Letter from E.P. about Cyrus’ case. I out at 11.39, posted parcel for Jumble Sale P.D.S.A. To Great Tower Street, Monument Station to buy wine. To St Bartholomew’s Church. Ate lunch there! Home by No 8 bus, all the way. Rested. Radio. Tea. Rested again. Slept till 7. Dinner, pigeon and curried egg. Wrote E.P. and listened in. Hot bath.

Thursday 12th Febuary 1925

Cool. Sunny, windy.
Washed 8. Ironed Alys’ apron .Wrote E.P. To lunch at Compayne 1. To Care Committee with Josephine in taxi after. Home via Swiss Cottage and Selfridge’s. Bought lamp and iron. To Snell’s for Pumbry’s(?). Home, ate porridge and sausage at 6.30, and listened-in. French and M.P (on bed). To bed 9.20.

Friday 13th February 1925

Felt giddy. Out to Netherwood Street, School for Care Committee list for cards. To H.I. too and 3 calls. Home to lunch. Tidied cupboard. Out to Alys’ at 3.45. She met me at Golders Green. To tea and supper and sleep there. Dennis at Dolly’s. We hung pictures. To bed 10.

Saturday 14th February 1925

Mild. Showery.
Breakfast 7.30. To Waterloo and saw Alys off to Sherborne 8.40. To Winsor and Newton’s. Home to Oxford Terrace. Colonel Claridge talked till 12.30. Polly to lunch (veal and marmalade pudding). Both to see Saint Joan by Bernard Shaw at Regent Theatre (King’s Cross). Home. Got own supper. Listened-in. To bed 9.30. Read till 10.

saint joan

10th– Adine
Wrote Aunt Bella – 13th
Long letter to E.P. 13th.
14th – Polly to lunch and St Joan

Sunday 15th February 1925

Indoors in a.m. Out at 1 with sandwich lunch. Ate on way, walked to Swiss Cottage. Bus to Child’s Hill. Walked to Sissie’s. Tea with her. On to Faraday’s. Music and supper there. Sang Er ist Gekommen. (Robert) Franz. Home at 10.

Monday 16th February 1925

Lovely day.
Did washing and ironing. New iron. Colonel Claridge introduced his sister. I out with worked tablecloth to South Kensington, Needlework Department. To Albert Hall, Home Arts and Industries. To Victoria – to Cook’s and Sassoon’s. Also Anglo-Persian Carpet Company, South Kensington station. Home to tea. Alys came (from Sherborne) and Dennis called for her in car and they to Chelsea – 6 Elm Park Road. I wrote Elsa again. I dined. Supper – Pork, savoury.

anglo persian

Tuesday 17th February 1925

Cold. Fineish.
Off to Chalk Farm School – walked to Warren Street then 68 bus to Northcourt and back by 31 and 16 to home for lunch. Rested on bed till 3.30. Alys came to tea (expected Eva Standring). Stayed on to a curry dinner. Read in evening. Dennis called at 9.30 after medical meeting. Listened-in. To bed 10.45.

Wednesday 18th February 1925

Cold. Fine.
Out to Health Institute, Kingsgate Road. Calls and to M.D. School. Home. Then to Charing Cross Road with books to sell. Home by Kardomah. Lunch. Sewed blue coat (turquoise) Tea. To 6 Elm Park Road at 6 and dinner there and with Polly and Dolly in taxi to Queen’s Hall. Handel Society Chorus and Orchestra (Goossens).

Thursday 19th February 1925

Very cold. Fine.
Polished silver and to buy bread and cakes. Baker Street to Selfridge’s too. Lunch at A.B.C. Home at 1.30. Sewed cushion covers. Josephine and Pamela to tea. Away at 5.30. Listened-in and read and wrote in evening. Wrote Mrs E.V.M, Eve Standring and M. Culley.

Friday 20th February 1925

Cold. Dull.
Cold and cough. Stayed in all a.m. Sewing blue coat in bedroom. Lunch in bedroom. Rested. Out to Miles’ to tea. Eden’s and Alys there. On to English Speaking Union with Alys. Dennis called for her 7. I supper at Eustace Miles Restaurant. To Hammersmith alone. To see Duenna – Sheridan – Nigel Playfair. Very good. Nelly Moir’s ticket. Home at 11.40.


Saturday 21st February 1925

Out to shops in a.m. Fire in sitting room and burnt old letters. Alys to lunch with me. Dennis called at 3. To Badminton. Alys tired, I coldy. Home. Supper by own fireside. Listened-in and to bed 9.30.

17th at 8 Paderwski – Albert Hall
18th – 6.45 Elm Park Road, Handel Concert, Queen’s Hall.
19th – Thursday –Josephine and Pamela to tea.

Sunday 22nd February 1925

Cold. Dull.
Stayed in bed all a.m. Very coldy and cough. Up at 1.30. Dinner – C’s. To bed again in p.m. Got own supper of porridge at 7. Posted letters to Eve Standring and M. Culley. To bed 8. Listened in till 10.45.

Monday 23rd February 1925

Sleet. Cold
Fire in sitting-room. Washed clothes. Tore up papers. Wrote Elsa and Max about Tyrol. Lunch from C’s. Quiet all p.m. Then out to County Hall Representatives Managers’ Meeting. Lord Eustace Percy spoke (Minister for Education). To English Speaking Union, ate sandwiches there. Home 8.30. To bed. Listened in till 10.

Tuesday 24th February 1925

Wet. Cold.
Went to Winter’s with books 2/0. Tube from Leicester Square to Golders Green. Lunch at Alys’. We did hinges on cupboard and picture hooks (gold paint) all p.m. Tea. Dennis in at 6.45. he very busy all evening with Willis’ wireless. All to bed 11.

Wednesday 25th February 1925

Showers. Gusty.
Out with Dennis at 9.20. Shopped, cakes. Then I home. Cleaned sliver. Out to post books to Devon’s Road and buy bread, butter, sheets. Cheese sandwich lunch. Prepared for Mrs Storey. Mr Southcombe called. Mrs Storey and Maraget to tea. Dinner from C’s. Pigeon and spaghetti cheese. Hot bath.

Thursday 26th February 1925

Heavy showers.
Out at 11 with Bartolozzi. To Shoolbred’s then bookcase shops. Brall’s; To lunch Lyon’s, Oxford Street. Home. Out again at 3. To Victoria and finally to Susie’s to tea. Stayed 4-6. To Alden’s on way home. Home at 7. Dinner from C’s – sole and pudding.

Friday 27th Febrrary 1925

Out to Brall’s but first to Sabin’s (Duke Street) and sold 4 circle prints, Bartolozzi (Bunbury) for £2. To Selfridge’s. Bought bookshelves 17.6 To Nell Sime’s to lunch 1. Saida too. Home at 3. Lighted fire, and Eve Standring to tea and stayed till 6. Saw her to bus. Put French books away. Dinner from C’s – pork and apple. Sewed. Marked towel.

Saturday 28th February 1925

Fine. Sun!
Washed things and arranged curtains – balcony sunny, open window. Alys came at 1.30. Lunch, cutlets, treacle tart. To Badminton. Fun, but felt chesty with cough. Home. Quiet supper in bedroom sewed and listened-in. To bed 8.30. Read till 10.30.

23rd – 5p.m. County Hall Annual Meeting
Eve Standring 4 – 27th
To Nell 1 – Friday

Sunday 1st March 1925

Fine. Showers later.
Busy with things from top of wardrobe till 11.45. Out to Chelsea. Fetched Tades back and she to lunch with me. Sat and talked and tea 4.30; took her back at 7. Polly and Dorothy home from Vernor Miles’ and I stayed supper at 6 Elm Park Road. Home 10.30. Bath. Dreamt E.P.D. sent cables!

Monday 2nd March 1925

Out at 11.30 to Charing Cross Road to sell books and to French hospital, Shaftesbury Avenue, to give French books. Lunch at Lyons, there. Home via Lewis’. Alys ‘phoned about Jessie. I prepared for tea and Aunt Rosa and Lois came at 4.15. I read and burnt and sorted old letters all evening till 10.30.

Tuesday 3rd March 1925

Very cold. Dull.
Elsa ‘phoned 8.45. Out to shops. Back and Elsa to lunch at 1.15. Talked. To Woolworth’s with her. Home. Maud Barnard to tea and talk. I out at 6.30. Walked to English Speaking Union. Sat there. Supper in Charing Cross Station. Home in bus. To bed early. Read.

Wednesday 4th March 1925

Cold. Dull.
Alys and Dennis over with my mattress. Unwell I out to Dye shop with curtains. Lunch from C’s. Sole and fritters. Rested till 3.15. Out to see Saida Sime at 660 Hallam Street Nursing Home. On to meet Ethel Miles. Tea with her at Lyons; and to French lecture on Madame Roland. Very good, at Polytechnic. To Golders Green on bus; dined and slept at 47 Hampstead Way. Shentons in evening till midnight. Tired!

Thursday 5th March 1925

Milder. Dull
Helped with stair carpets and white paint. At 12 to Elsa’s and we began making hats. Lunch there. After I to Victoria Cross Hospital to see Jessie King and then to Thistle to tea with M. Culley! Back to Elsa’s for hats till 8.30. Dined there. Away at 9.30. Home to Oxford Terrace. To bed.

Friday 6th March 1925

Dull. Mildish.
Out to Hospital to take crochet to Jessie, and to Maple’s about mats. Saw Wade on way back. Talked to her till 12.15. Home, got own lunch. All p.m. lacquered boxes. Rested after 5, slept. Dinner from C’s. Arranged Davis’ letters. To bed (and bath) 9 p.m. Listening-in till 10.30.

Saturday 7th March 1925

To shops, to buy earphones, and sugars. Alys over to lunch. She and I to Badminton. Dennis too busy with Dolly’s wireless. I home with Alys to dine, and sleep. Stained and polished box. Dennis worked till 3 a.m! I to bed 11.15, Alys 1.30!

Tades here – 2nd League of Nations 8.30 Chelsea Town Hall
1st – 6 Elm Park Road – lunch
To See Saida 4th
Culley – 5th – 4 p.m. Thistle, Haymarket

2nd Faraday’s to tea – Saida to 60 Hallam Street
3rd Maud to tea – Elsa lunch
Letter from E.P. – 7th

Sunday 8th March 1925

Fine, cold, Windy. Some snow.
Helped Alys and Dorothie to distemper hall dado. Alys and Dennis to Dolly’s in car at 12. Took me to Chelsea, via Oxford Terrace. I brought Tades back to lunch at Oxford Terrace. Wireless in p.m. Tea. At 6.30 both to 6 Elm Park Road. Supper there. Stayed there till 9.30, then I to 47 Hampstead Way to sleep (Dorothie alone, Dennis and Alys at Dolly’s).

Monday 9th March 1925

Lovely day. Very cold.
Breakfast alone. To Laughton’s; to see baby – 2 ½ months old. Walked up to Hampstead to Elsa’s. Made hats. Lunch. Rested in p.m. Also out again. Tea. Hats! Miss Joly called. Max in. Dinner. Max illustrating book. I left at 9.30. Home to 21 Oxford Terrace at last.

Tuesday 10th March 1925

Fine. Sunny. Cold.
Did some barbola on boxes in my bedroom, in lovely sunshine. Lunch in bedroom. Took books to Winter 4/-. To National Gallery, Paola Veronese – Darius, St Helena. To English Speak Union. Floyd Collins (cave). To tea at Helen’s and stayed till 6.30 Home. Dinner from C’s – veal tetrazzini. Concert.

floyd collins
Floyd Collins – American cave explorer, tragically died while trapped.

Wednesday 11th March 1925

Cold. Fine. Showers.
Out to shops, and to Paddington. Dorothy to lunch; sat and talked till 3.15. She away. I to Society of Arts, John Street, Adelphi; lecture by Émile Cammaerts on Belgium restoration. Ethel met me there. To Golders Green by bus. Dined there. Tades staying. Home at 10.20. Antony and Cleopatra on wireless.

Thursday 12th March 1925

Very cold. Fine.
All a.m. did Barbola things. Off at 12.30 to Miles’. Lunch 1 there. J and I to Care Committee 2.30 in taxi. Long and dull. Home at 4. Off at 5.45 to Eustace Miles’ lecture on water. To English Speaking Union. Ate sandwiches there. Home walking and bus. To bed 9. Listening-in. Read till 10.30.

Friday 13th March 1925

Very cold. Dullish.
Did Barbola all a.m. Lunch in bedroom. At 2 walked to Harrod’s for Newgild. Bought mat too. Home at 4. Milk. Went on with painting barbola violets. Alys and Dennis to Sherborne in car. Hot bath in evening. Read “At the Villa Rose” A.E.W. Mason. Good detective.

Saturday 14th March 1925

Warmer. Fair.
Did some barbola. Out to Golders Green where met Dorothy King with Aly’s racquet. To English Speaking Union. Lunch there. To Badminton. Dorothy came as guest. Fun. Home. Letter from E.P. Wrote him in evening and read by fire. Dinner from C’s – guinea and prunes.

8th Tades here and I to Elm Park Road supper
9th Tades to Alys till 12th
11th Cammaerts 4.30 Dorothy Barnard to lunch 11th
9th – To Elsa’s 11.30.

Dennis’ birthday 14th
To Simes’ 7.15 Sunday 15th.

Sunday 15th March 1925

In bed late. Did boxes till lunch (from C’s – pork, rhubarb). Fire. Did boxes all p.m. too till dressed and to Sime’s for supper 7.15. Paderewski on wireless in evening. Home 10.45.

Monday 16th March 1925

Quite mild. Fine.
Did boxes till 1. Out to Hyde Park. Ate lunch there. On to Kardomah and Lechertier Barbe. Walked up Bond Street. Home by bus. Alys came in, on way from Sherborne! I called on Miss Selous at 4. James girl, wife of Trevor Leigh-Hunt there. Dinner from C’s. Darned stockings. Electric stove.

lechertier barbe

Tuesday 17th March 1925

Very fine. Mild.
By 16 and 31 buses. Out to Chalk Farm School, on to Gospel Oak School. Train to Frognal. Ate lunch on platform seat. To North Court. Home at 2.30. Sewed and ironed blue coat and petersham. Alys came at 5.50. Out and dined Chinese Restaurant. To Cinema Thelma, and Harold Lloyd “Girl Shy”” – good. Home to Golders Green. Dennis at Medical Meeting. I slept at 47 Hampstead Way.

shy girl

Wednesday 18th March 1925

Very fine. Mild.
Out with Dennis at 9.30. I home to Oxford Terrace. Varnished flowers. Out across Hyde Park to Chelsea. Walked all the way to 6 Elm Park Road. Lunch there at 1.15 (Dorothy Barnard rash bad). Talked, knitted. Mrs Stillman to tea. I away at 5. Bus to Knightsbridge. Walked across Park home. Barbola in evening. Dinner from C’s – chicken.

Thursday 19th March 1925

Dull. Mild.
Took books to Winter’s and sold them at Foyle’s 6/6. Lunch in Shaftesbury Avenue. Home at 2.15. Alys came at 2.30 from Bill Williams’ (about lump under arm). She and I to Mrs Stanley Evans’ show on mannequins. Tea there. On to Oxford Street I home 6.15. Barbola. Dinner form C’s – mutton hash, rhubarb. Mr C to Albert Hall. Boxing. Hot bath 9.30.

Friday 20th March 1925

Dull. Mild.
Took my boxes to Marshall’s and Handicraft place, 26 Eastville Street. Met Alys, English Speaking Union. Lunch there. To Lafayette’s with her. Home at 2.45. Tired. Did some gilding. Rested 5.15 till 6.30. Dorothy Barnard phoned, then again on bed till 8.20. Dinner from C’s fish, aspic. Out to post in cold rain.

Saturday 21st March 1925

Very cold. Snow flurries.
Worked a little on gold jumper. Bus to Queen’s. Two Care Committee calls. On to 26 Compayne. Stayed there to lunch. Walked to Abbott’s, 45 Loudoun Road. On to Nell Simes’, she out. Walked home. Rested. Slept. Helen phoned. Dinner from C’s – cutlets and rhubarb. Read and did anenomes for Dorothy King. Hot bath.

Eustace Miles 8 – English Speak Union
15th – 19 Prince Edward Mansions, 7 15.
16th Miss Selous – 32 Westbourne Gardens
18th – lunch at Elm Park Road, 45 Loudoun Road.

Sunday 22nd March 1925

Very cold. Fineish. Snow flurries.
Stayed in bed till 12.15. reading Queechy, newspaper and doing painting on barbola. 1.15 dinner from C’s. Up to Golders Green to crematorium to see daffodils – Alice Barnard. To tea with Sissie, took electric lamp. Called on Aunt Louie. Home at 7.30. Got own supper. Hot bath. Bed.




Monday 23rd March 1925

Fine. Cold. Frosty a.m.
To meet Helen Wilson at 8 Abercorn Place to see new flat. 9.30 Home. Packed suitcase, Lunch from C’s – mince and egg. Out to Bank. Alys came about 3. Had coffee. To Paddington in taxi 4.20. I off to Broadway 4.45. Arrived 7.36. Lucy met me. Walked to Fairview with suitcase. Supper – tomato soup, fish browned in shells, grapefruit. To bed 10.

Tuesday 24th March 1925

Cold. Showery.
Brekafast 8.15. Lucy to weaving. I made beds. Sewed. Out with Tades to shops and to Mrs Pemberton’s. Home. Dinner 1. “Sea pie!”, steak and suet. Bottled plums, custard. Talked to Cousin Fanny. She out to tea 5. Walk with Lucy towards Snowshill till 7.30. Supper- ham and 1/2 hard boiled eggs on it. Cheese and biscuits. Sewed. To bed about 10.


Wednesday 25th March 1925

Very cold. Showery.
Breakfast. Out with Tades. Then I to weaving, Miss Buds, spent 7/6. Teeds came to dinner. I, to tea. Talked to her. Miss Rodocanachi called, and Mrs Sanford. I to Mrs Longsdon (out). At 5.30 I with Teeds to station. Home. Sewed and talked. Supper – eggs and bacon (dinner cold pork and salad, macaroni cheese).

Thursday 26th March 1925

Cold. Dull.
Cousin Fanny off at 8.30 to Shrewsbury in car with Mrs Reese-Pryce. Tades and I did housework. Then I to Mrs Longsdon’s. Long interview in her bedroom, Farnham House. Dinner 1. Fish dinner with cauliflower. Tades with Lady Lifford to Shakespeare acting. I drew. Miss Nicholls to tea. After supper (beef roll) Lucy and I to Shakespeare entertainment, Guy Pemberton.

Friday 27th March 1925

Dull. Cold.
I off at 9 to station and 9.12 to Honeybourne, Stratford, Birmingham, Chester. 3 changes. Arrived Chester 1.26. Tram to town. To Brown’s. Lunch at Café. To Cathedral at 4. Service 4.30. Guillaume Ormonde, organist. To Westminster Hotel. Wrote Tades. Out to supper at Bolland’s with Guillaume. Home about 9.15. To bed.


Saturday 28th March 1925

Very cold. Some sun.
Train 10.10 to Llanfairfechan. Long wait at Llandudno. Sandwiches, 12. Up to see Edward. Ran for 1.26 train. Missed. Back and saw Mrs Hillier. 3 train to Chester. Picked up suitcase, 4.50 to Euston. Dinner on train. Gassed man. Arrived Euston 9.20. Bus home. To bed.

Rep Managers meeting 23rd 5 p.m.
Lois goes 23rd – Broadway or Culley.
Shops close Wednesday, Chester.
To Broadway 24th
To Chester 27th

Home 28th
22nd To Sissie’s.

Sunday 29th March 1925

Cold. Grey.
Unpacked. To Cricklewood and Dennis picked me up there; back to lunch at 47 Hampstead Way. All in car to Dolly and Jack Willis’. Tea and supper. Dogs – Romp, Kim, Rip. Wireless – heared election results from Germany. Home at 11.30 p.m. Headache and coldy. Tired.

Monday 30th March 1925

Milder. Grey.
Did washing. Alys came. With her to Loudoun Road about clock. Home to lunch C’s. Did some barbola. Dinner C’s and hot bath. To bed 9.30. Fire.

Tuesday 31st March 1925

Out to buy coffee at Kardomah. Nell Sime to lunch C’s. 1.30 talked and sewed till 3.45. Alys to tea, on from Souttar’s. I to dine at Story’s, 11 Templewood Avenue. Pingpong. Home 10.30.

Wednesday 1st April 1925

Unwell. To Manager’s Meeting 1030 – Mansfield Road. Home to lunch. C’s. Barbola on glass tops. To Barnard’s to tea and supper. House being painted. Home 10.45.

Kings Langley

Thursday 2nd April 1925

Dull. Cold. Rain.
“Babbitt” dog. Alys in at 9.45. Eva from Sherborne. I packed. To Euston 10.50 to Kings Langley. Met there. Car. Kath and Handy home. After lunch, I called on Cozzies, M. (Mary) & J (Jeanie) Buchanan. Back. Rests. Tea. Talk. Dinner. Writing games. To bed 10.20.


Friday 3rd April 1925

Breakfast 8. Off in car. Edward driving with Kit and Kath. They dropped me at Child’s Hill. I to 47 Hampstead Way. Stayed all day. Lunch and tea. Eva unpacking. All 3 along to Sissie’s to see Ella, who arrived 2nd. Then I home to dinner. Letter from Cyrus. Bath.

Saturday 4th April 1925

Dull, milder.
Did some work. Letter to Cyrus. Out to Winsor and Newton. Lunch at English Speaking Union. Wrote letter to E.P. there. Home at 3.30. Tea and some work, glass-painting. Dinner. Fire in evening.

1st French lecture?
Managers Meeting
2nd Watford Junction 11. – train to Paddington about 10.
31st Nell to lunch 1.15
Wrote Smith and Sons 30th
3 Devonshire Terrace – A Sime.

Letter form E.P. 4th
Kit to Dr Ernest Young, Wimpole Street.

Sunday 5th April 1925

Mild. Showers.
Did raffia on capello nero and mended clothes, sewed cushion. At 3.30 up to Alys’. Had tea there. To Sissie’s (in car) (others to Laughton’s). Stayed on to supper with Ella. Sissie to bed. Home about 10.

Monday 6th April 1925

Mild. Some rain.
Out and did a lot of shopping. Stencil colours; diamond varnish. Lunch en route – cheese sandwich. Home at 2.15. Did work on boxes. Polly and Dorothy came at 4. Bought box for Lainey’s birthday. 9–6? Tea all together Did more work till 7. Modelled roses after dinner by fire.

Tuesday 7th April 1925

Dull, mild.
Did some glass-painting. Alys in at 11. With her to try and buy her a hat. Selfridge’s, Marshall, Liberty. Both to Golders Green and I to lunch with them. Alys, Eva and Phil. Home after, and did more experimenting again till 5.30. To supper at Barnard’s. Polly out. Dorothy very bad with rash. Home at 11.

Wednesday 8th April 1925

Lovely day. Warm.
Worked hard all a.m. till 1 on glass. Walked to Chelsea, taking lunch in Park en route. Took book. Letter from Edward. Home through Park again Worked all p.m. and till dinner – C’s (black game and fruit salad). Barbola after dinner till 9.30 on glass bowl. Bath.

Thursday 9th April 1925

Fine, mild. Dull p.m.
Worked in bedroom. Sunny and window open. Walked at 12.45 to Eyre Arms, eating lunch on way. To Alys’. Ella there. At 3 away, Eva and Phil to station. Home and worked all p.m. till 6.45 when dark. Dinner from C’s. Worked again till 9.30.

eyre arms
Eyre Arms Hotel & Assembly Rooms, 1 Finchley Road, Marylebone

Friday 10th April 1925

Fine. Mild.
Worked all a.m. Away by bus and tube to Ayrton’s. Lunch in Studio alone. Sat with Max and Tony in p.m. reading. Tea. Out with Elsa on heath. Dinner. Max busy modelling all p.m. We talked. To bed 9.45 in Adrian’s Studio with Jerry.

Saturday 11th April 1925

Very fine. Warm.
Breakfast in bed. Mrs Mason brought it. Out with Max to shops. At 10.45 all in a car to Wembley Exhibition (not opened yet). Inside. Met Sir Owen Williams, Major Belcher. Drove home to lunch (I in studio) Read in p.m. Max too, then in other studio. Tea. Children out at Highgate. Out on Heath – Max and Elsa. Dinner. To see Fata Morgana*.

Wrote Smith’s; for I.T. paper 7th or 6th April – Medical Inspection 2 p.m. Kingsgate
10th English Speaking Union closes till 19th
7th supper at Barnard’s.

Letter to E.P. 6th
10th Ayrton’s and all day.
* at Golders Green Hippodrome. Jeanne de Cassell’s and Tom Douglas. Very good. Hungarian. Walked home.

Sunday 12th April 1925

Very fine, warm.
Hot bath 8.30. Breakfast in bed 9. Got up. In studio and modelled, with others. Mrs Dale in. Lunch; I in “my” studio. Slept in big chair in p.m. Out on heath in evening and round by Holford Road. Tony on bicycle. Dinner. Gramophone all evening with lovely records of Adrian’s.

Monday 13th April 1925

Fine. Rain in p.m. Better after tea.
Hot bath. Up and all in studio all a.m. Sir Owen Williams in and K. Murray, with drawings. Latter stayed all day. I lunch in “my” studio. All p.m. over in drawing-room. Max and Murray sleeping. I reading Conrad “Set of 6”. Tea. Then all walked over the Alys’. Tony took my case by tube in there. Ping Pong Prouts. I stayed supper and the night. Wireless in evening. To bed 11.

Tuesday 14th April 1925

Dull then rain.
With Dennis in car to Baker Street and home to 21 Oxford Terrace. Out again to buy bread. Ella came at about 1 and had lunch with me. Rested after, on bed. Talked and tea. Alys in at 4 on way from taking Eva to Swindon. Ella stayed on to supper too (fish and cheese). Took her to bus at 8.45.

Wednesday 15th April 1925

Mild. Windy.
Met Alys 10.30 at Baker Street. With her to buy jumper. Lunch at Lewis’. To Passport Office. To Swan and Edgar’s. Baker Street and Swan and Edgar’s again! for jumper. Then I home and she by tube. I tea and wrote Elsa and Wade. Heard of Mr Sargent’s death, so after dinner I over to Barnard’s till 10. Tired.

Thursday 16th April 1925

In all a.m. Then at 1 out to Bank and to Paddington where ate sandwich lunch. Met Eva, from Brinscombe (and Bussage) 2.30. Took her to Golders Green. Stayed sewing all evening. Tea and dinner. Alys packed suitcases for Brussels. Lawrence Krohn in. To bed 10 (stayed there).

Friday 17th April 1925

Breakfast 7. In car to Victoria. Saw Alys and Eva off to Brussels 8.50. (Dennis and Phil elsewhere in car). Home. Did some work. Cheese lunch and to buy coffee, cheese. Home to tea and rest on bed. Elsa at 5 and stayed to dinner. Worked. Bath and to bed 10.30.

Saturday 18th April 1925

Worked all a.m. till 1. Lunch of sandwiches, walking over Hyde and Green Park. To London Museum – Miss Parnell’s china. Home. Dorothy phoned (just been to Sargent’s funeral). So I over to tea with her and back to dinner. Early to bed. Changed clock Summer time (forward 1 hour).

3 Holford Road – good boarding house.
Ella Tuesday lunch and tea and dinner.
Meet Eva on Thursday 2.30 Paddington.
Two Vagabonds in the Balkans – Jan and Cora Gordon.
Sunday supper Sissie’s. Dinner 1.30 and tea. C.H.W. on Monday 20th.
Friday – Elsa to tea 4.45.

Sunday 19th April 1925

Cold. Dull.
Quiet a.m. C.H.W. to dinner 1.30 and tea. Worked and talked. I to call on Moir’s at 5.30 and on to supper with Sissie and Ella. Home 10. Hot bath.

Monday 20th April 1925

Cold. Fine.
Out to Wadie’s. Home, ate lunch. To English Speaking Union. Met Wadie at Marble Arch Cinema and saw Norma Talmadge in “The Only Woman” and Tennis Strokes – Betty Nuthall. Home with C.H.W. Then home to dinner there. Darned stockings.

Norma Talmadge Only Woman

Tuesday 21st April 1925

Cold. Fine.
Worked all day at glass-painting. Lunch from C’s. Fire. Out for few minutes to Selfridge’s for cheese. At 7, walked to Victoria (40 minutes) ate supper there. At 8.20 met Alys and Eva from Brussels. Dennis and Phil and car also (from Minehead!!) All back in car. I slept at 47 Hampstead Way.

Wednesday 22nd April 1925

Fine-ish. Dry.
Breakfast. Phoned Claridge’s and heard Cyrus had arrived. Home at 11. Changed. Lunch. Cyrus came at 2.15 and had coffee. Nice p.m. talking. He away 4. I had tea and dressed and taxi to Claridge’s at 7. Met me and Mrs Nathan there Cyrus gave us dinner – caviar (Caneton à la presse). Taxi to Winter Garden Theatre, Drury Lane. “Primrose” Leslie Henson, Heather Thatcher. Amusing. Home in taxi with Cyrus 11.40.


Thursday 23rd April 1925

Dull. Milder.
Felt coldy. Out at 11 to buy wool. To English Speaking Union and knitted hard to finish E.P’s socks. Lunch there. Left at 3.30. Tube to Golders Green. I home at 7.30. Dinner from C’s. Knitted and wireless. Bath. Very colded.

Friday 24th April 1925

Fine, cool.
Out to Wesminster Abbey 10.30. At 12 Memorial Service to John Sargent. Academicians there. I ate lunch at English Speaking Union. Home and slept on bed all p.m. Read. Cold better (dinner late people arrived below). Bath.

Saturday 25th April 1925

Fine, some showers.
Rang up Cyrus. Polly rang me up and Alys too. I out at 11.15 to Spring Garden and met Polly there. New English Private View. Tate. Gave Polly lunch at English Speaking Union. She gave me meringue glace at Lyons! Home and rested. Did some gold on glass. Dinner from C’s.

Alys to Brussels 17th 21st.
Friday 24th – noon, Westminster Abbey
Memorial – John Singer Sargent

Sunday 26th April 1925

Dull. Showers.
Went up to Alys’ at 11. She not very well. But worked all day sewing Eva’s clothes. Stayed all night. Read Inca book. To bed 10.30.

Monday 27th April 1925

Back to Oxford Terrace at 10.15. Phone from Rice (Cyrus’ valet). Taxi to Claridge’s at 11.30. Cyrus in late. Lunch in his room. Talked. Away 3. To English Speaking Union. To County Hall Meeting. Home. Tired. Fire. Wrote E.P. to bed 9.30.

Tuesday 28th April 1925

Out to Keith. Prowse and met Mrs Longsdon, 23 South Molton Street 12.30. Home. Eva to lunch. I took her to Thew’s 2.30. On to shops and both shampoo’ed at Evan’s’. Home tea. I stayed dinner and night. Up with Dennis late. To bed 12.

Wednesday 29th April 1925

Busy in a.m. getting things done, Eva’s. After lunch, Alys, Eva, Phil and I to Ionic to tea to see Monsieur Beaucaire, Rudolf Valentino. Back at 6. Eva packed up. Went on doing clearing up. Up with Dennis, he packed wireless. Shanties. To bed 11.


Thursday 30th April 1925

Grey, thunderclaps.
Busy all a.m. moving bedsteads. Phil and Dennis in car to 21 Oxford Terrace with trunks and to Lab. Alys, Eva and I lunch. Dennis called at 2.15 with car. All to Waterloo. Saw Eva off to Sherborne 3. Back to 21 Oxford Terrace. Tea at Fuller’s with Phil. He to Lab and with Dennis to Dolly’s to stay. Alys stayed with me; Ella came to stay. Alys and I slept on floor.

Friday 1st May 1925

All 3 breakfast. Alys away to Golders Green. Ella and I to Selfridge’s. Home to lunch. C’s (beef-steak stew). Ella rested. I out to Mealand’s and Kardomah. Home 4.35. Alys in to tea and until 7.15 Ella and I supper from C’s. Alys met Dennis at Chinese and to Willis’ to stay. We to bed (I tired!) at 10.

Saturday 2nd May 1925

Mild. Fine.
With Ella at 11 to Peter Robinson’s, Liberty’s, Augener’s. Lunch at English Speaking Union. Sat there – To Lyon’s. Home at about 3. Ella rested. I did Barbola till 4.30. Tea. Out to Hyde Park. Dinner from C’s – cutlets, and fritters. Listened in to Baldwin, Dicksee, at Academy Banquet. Malcolm Simpson (C’s surgeon) Sir Arthur Maitland – Ministry of Agriculture. To bed 11.15.

Eva to school – 30th
47 Hampstead Way let from 1st
27th London Care Committee meeting 5 p.m.

Ella comes 30th
28th – 12.30 Met Mrs Longsdon, 235 Molton Street.
28th 2.30 Take Eva to Thew’s.
Letter from E.P. – 30th
Wrote E.P. 27th (mail 30th Olympic).

Sunday 3rd May 1925

Dull, then rain. Mild.
With Ella to St Pancras; she on to Meeting. I to St Pancras church! Home and lunch alone, bread and butter and E.M. stuff. Did some modelling. Got tea ready. Ella and Nell Sandeman to tea. Out in rain to bus. Back. Supper (hot meat) from C’s. To bed 10.15. £55.16.1. cheque.

St Pancras Church, London

Monday 4th May 1925

Dull. Mild.
Alys came up from Dolly’s. Ella and I to Evans’ for jumper and hat. Met Alys at Chinese Restaurant. Lunch there. Home. Ella rested. Out to tea at Nell Simes’. Home. Dinner from C’s. Alys and Dennis called in car to take us out, all round Tower Bridge till 10.15 Alys and Dennis came in downstairs flat.

Tuesday 5th May 1925

Showery. Mild.
Out with Alys and Ella. Bought raffia trimmed hats in Baker Street. To Marshall’s. Home. Lunch. Ella rested. To Menie Reid’s, 31 Creswick Road, Acton. 17a bus to Horn Lane. Early dinner 7 wth Alys and Dennis. All to Kingsway Theatre. Bernard Shaw’s Caesar and Cleopatra. Queer, funny. Home.

Wednesday 6th May 1925

Showery. Mild.
I out to Health Institute and Kingsgate Road all a.m. Calls. Lunch from C’s with Ella. Dolly and John and Alys and Phil to cinema. Ella rested. Dennis brought wireless over. Tea at 6.15. Ella to meeting, Alys and Phil up here. I read to him. Supper alone, boiled egg. Ella in at 8.35 to boiled egg supper. Down to Alys room in evening. Wireless. To bed 11.20.

Thursday 7th May 1925

Bright, with showers.
Ella and I to Wallace Collection at 12. Lunch at Selfridge’s. Home. Alys had Nell Sime to lunch, and she, Alys and Phil to Regent’s Park (in canoe). Ella rested, so did I. Both to 6 Elm Park Road; I with Ella’s suitcase. Tea there. Ella stayed. I home, walked through Park. Dinner alone, from C’s.

Friday 8th May 1925

To 76 Wimpole Street at 11 to see Nell Sandeman have nose cauterised by Dr Cunningham. Met Alys and Phil at Pritchard’s for lunch. 1. Home. Phil making butter. We did shrimps! Dennis back and all saw Phil off to school 4.30. Home, all to tea in my room. Dinner over to fetch Ella and Dorothy in car to hear Ramsay MacDonald on wireless. To bed late.

Saturday 9th May 1925

Washed gloves. Listened in to King’s Speech opening Wembley Exhibition. I lunched with Alys. She and Dennis to Gerrard’s Cross. I dined alone and then to Albert Hall for Community Singing. Great fun. Home about 11.

4th – 11 Health Institute
8th – Handel Society – Samson (Handel) 8.15
7th – Ella to Barnard’s.
6th – Miss Selous’ birthday
8th – Mrs Longsdon comes back
8th – 76 Wimpole Street 11 a.m.

Sunday 10th May 1925

Showery. Lovely evening.

Bath. Sat with Alys and Dennis until they off to Willis’ for day. I cheese lunch and to Marylebone at 2.15. Train to Denham. Met by Mr Leggett and Molly. To Church. Christening of David George Aufrere. I Godmother. Back to tea at Slade Oak. Sir Humphrey Leggett godfather, brought me home at 8.30 in Austin. Supper in bedroom. Phoned Kitty at station.

Monday 11th May 1925

Fine. Mild.
Kit came at 10 and we went to have her fitted at tailor’s and to Mandeville Place for belt fitting. Lunch at Debenham’s. On to all shops for hat, evening dress for Kit. Parked at Piccadilly. I home and rested on bed. Quiet evening. Melted cheese by self. Sat with Alys and Dennis till 10.30.

Tuesday 12th May 1925

Fine. Hot.
Alys and I to Maidenhead to see Cranford College, re. summer holiday. Swimming bath. Polack. Lunch on seat. Bus to Cookham. Looked at Moorside there. Back by bus and train. Tired! Quiet evening in Alys and Dennis’ room.

Wednesday 13th May 1925

Very fine – 70 degrees.
In all a.m. looking summer clothes, ironing and washing. Lunch in room, with Alys too and then I to Chalk Farm School and on to Sloane Street – Dorann, Hair shampoo’ed. Back currie dinner. Did pink hat with raffia.

Thursday 14th May 1925

Warm and fine.
Out at 11 to North Court. Took Seal (musical) to Barnes’. To lunch at Compayne. With Josephine in taxi to Care Committee 2.30. till 4.30. Dull, dull. Home 5. Wrote Busy. Got own supper in room. With Alys and Denis in car to Ellerton’s and Sissie’s for address of masseuse.

Friday 15th May 1925

Warm and fine, lovely.
Out, met Alys at Selfridge’s and to Great Tower Street to buy wine. Met Miss Caster. To see Mr Campbell. To English Speaking Union. Read papers. To 47 Wimpole Street. Lunch in the Lab. To buy map of Devon in Longacre. Home. Dorothie King to tea with Alys. I down too. Colonel Claridge to dine with me, and Alys and Dennis in their room. Up to mine, and then to his later – conjuring tricks.


Saturday 16th May 1925

Very hot and fine.
Out with Alys to Bank. Lunch from C’s. All in car at about 3.30 to Bursledon, and stayed at Vine. Mrs Egerton got supper. Out after to walk, and to see Deacon’s (Miss Stephens) in their Motor Launch on River Hamble.

11th Kit at 10
Major Gillies
Lunch at 26 Compayne Gardens.
Letter to E.P. 10th
15th Colonel Claridge to dinner.
Wrote Busy 14th for cushions and card.

Sunday 17th May 1925

Showery all day.
Started at 9.30. Through Southampton, Bridport, Chideock. Lunch at Lyme Regis. To Colyton Vicarage and found Miss de Karp (Mrs Wyatt) Seaton, Beer, Exeter. Dennis by 5 train to London. Alys and I on in car to Ivybridge – London Hotel. Supper and night.

Monday 18th May 1925

Fine. Thundery.
Off at 9.7 to Kingsbridge. Fearful hills. Modbury. On to Hope. Back, and picnic lunch above Kingsbridge. Through Totnes to South Brent. Over Vicarage – Reverend Elwell. On through Exeter to Honiton. Stayed at Dolphin Hotel there, and dinner. To bed 9.20.

Tuesday 19th May 1925

Fine. One shower at Cullompton.
Up and on quickly 9 – 10.45 to Sherborne. Saw Eva 10 minutes; then to garage and Abbey and lunch at Bishop’s. To Eahlstan, with Eva for 1/2 hour at 2.30 on in car and drove on and on through Shaftesbury and Salisbury. Arrived Hook at 8.30. Supper and night at Raven (Mrs Baker and son).


Wednesday 20th May 1925

Very fine, warm.
Sent wires off at Hook. Drove up to London, slowly, having picnic lunch in pine-woods near Hut Hotel: I tried driving on Yately Common, and Hog’s Back. Called on Margaret Archibald (before lunch), near Guildford. Home and drove round Park. Tea. Dennis in at 8.30. He and Alys to Bobs Thompson’s (Mawsome). I dinner here in window. Wireless and to bed. Bath.

Thursday 21st May 1925

To lab with Dennis and Alys in car. Walked back, shopping. Walked with Alys to stores (Army and Navy), through Parks. Lunch there. To Westminster Abbey. Service going on. Walked to Regent Street. I home. Alys to fetch Tony Wilson. They both to tea with me. I to Eustace Miles’ lecture on Hindus Home. Dinner in windows. In car with Alys and Dennis to Cutmore’s. Home. O. Seasman and Sinclair Lewis on radio.

Friday 22nd May 1925

Fine and hot.
With Alys and Dennis in car to Dubois for ice-pudding and to 32 Charles Street with Barbola parcel. I walked home from Lab alone. Did washing In Hyde Park. Ate sandwiches. On to English Speaking Union. Home at 2. Hung pictures, Carrie Davey to tea. Max phoned, couldn’t come dinner. Margaret Douglas to dinner. Rather boring evening.

Saturday 23rd May 1925

Dull and hot.
With Dennis and Alys in car to Hospital. Alys and I on to Wades’. Through town via Piccadilly and home. Lunch in bedroom. Dennis back to lunch. I rested in p.m., and to tea at Barnard’s, stayed also to supper. Talked; did mat; Alys and Dennis called in car for me about 9.20. Home. To Police Station about noise. To bed 11.

21st Ernest Miles lecture – Hindus – 1/- 3.45-6.15.
20th – Jessie King.
Alys and Dennis to Bobs Thomson Mawsome.
17th – Heifetz
Dorothy Barnard tea Saturday. I to supper there.

Sunday 24th May 1925

Dull, windy.
Unwell. Late up. Bath. All 3 out to Kensington Gardens to Round Pond. Dennis’s new suit. Back and dinner together 1.45. On sofa reading. Dennis did wireless. Listened-in to Empire Day Service at Stadium. Supper all together I to bed early. Dennis and Alys out in Park again.

Monday 25th May 1925

Fine and Warm.
Out to Selfridge’s. Bumpus. Back by bus. Lunch from C’s. Quiet p.m. sewing. To County Hall at 5. Meeting. To English Speaking Union. Ate supper there. Slowly home. Cutmore’s to dine with Alys. “Tommy” up here in evening.

Tuesday 26th May 1925

Fine. Duller.
Stayed in all day nearly. Sewed. Wrote and did pass-book accounts. Lunch (fish) from C’s. Alys in. Shoolbred’s man to do lock on wardrobe. Out with Alys. Coffee in Park Street. I to Ella to supper. Motor accident to her hand.

Wednesday 27th May 192

Rain all day except evening.
Tired. Out with Alys to look at flat, and to Chappell’s. Home to lunch (with Alys) up in my room. Cold meat from C’s. Rested in p.m. Then Jessie to tea, and till 6.30, telling about the Baxter’s at 47. Dennis in to dress and to a Hospital dinner. Alys and I walked to Soho and dined Rendezvous. Home and to bed.

(Derby Day, Hannah won with Donoghue).

Thursday 28th May 1925

Out to Lab and to Lonza’s with grey dress. On to look for Garage at Aldwych. Home (to flat at Gloucester Terrace first). Polly to lunch with Alys. I in my room. Eustace Miles biscuits. Wrote Aunt Bella. Wade to tea up here and for her “birthday treat” to dine also and all in car to Aldwych Theatre – “It pays to Advertise”.

Friday 29th May 1925

Fine, windy.
In all a.m. Shoolbred’s man to finish lock. Did mending and sorting stockings and lunch with Alys and Dolly Willis. Upstairs, cleaning cupboard, (paper and new). Alys and I to tea at 26 Compayne. Morgans home from Singapore. Anna (5 ½), Roger (3). Home. Out to Lab and all 5 to Chinese Restaurant in car (Miss R and fiance). Alys and I to cinema. Saw Talmadge “Her Night of Romance”. Dennis in at 12.10. Working.

Saturday 30th May 1925

Out in car to Dubois. Bought cakes. Alys to Agent at St John’s Wood. Home. Bought things at Woolworth’s. Put up hooks. Lunch in bedroom. Dennis in to lunch. All of us rested in p.m. Dennis to up tea in my room. He did wireless, Alys and I to buy bread. Dinner, in own rooms, bird and savory. All in car to Staines for petrol on New Road opened by King today. Home 10. 35 miles altogether.

26th – a.m. Shoolbred man for lock.
25th – County Hall.
Might hear from Cyrus and E.P.
27th – Jessie.
28th – Theatre C.H.W. evening.
Wrote Aunt Bella – 28th
To Compayne to tea – 29th
To supper Faraday’s – 31st.

Sunday 31st May 1925

Colder. Windy.
Alys and Dennis off in car to Brighton. I muddled about. Wrote E.P. Lunch from C’s. Ethel and John Danby to tea. I to Aunt Rosa’s for supper. Mrs Pocock there. Home at 10.20. Alys and Dennis back at 11 or so.

Monday 1st June 1925

Lovely fine day.
Alys and I to Wade’s in a.m. All had lunch (hot). At 2.30 called for Wadie and all in car to Epping and by new road out to Southend. Back by Chelmsford and Ponder’s End. Tea in churchyard, Near Childerswick. Supper at Chinese Restaurant. Home 10.45. Nightingale broadcast 11.30.

Tuesday 2nd June 1925

Lovely day. Warm.
Out with Alys and Dennis. To House Agents and looking at houses, flats, maisonettes all day with Alys. Little Sussex Place, Hyde Park Mansions. Lunch at English Speaking Union. Dennis back; After dinner Alys and I to Ella and Sissie just to enquire. Alys drove car.

Wednesday 3rd June 1925

Very fine. Hot.
Out to Mansfield Road to a Managers’ Meeting. Captain Newton there. Home. Alys and I to look at house – Regents Place. To Lab. Ate lunch there. I home. She with Dennis to meet Mrs Wills. Alys and I to English Speaking Union tea to American Doctors’ Wives. Talked to Mrs O’Connor. Chic: To Savoy later. Wrote Mrs Franklin Martin. Home. Dolly to dine downstairs. In car to Waterloo and Child’s Hill.

Thursday 4th June 1925

Fine, hot.
In car with Alys and Dennis. To Bourne and Hollingsworth and other shops for Alys’ stockings. Home 11.45. Dorrie to lunch with Alys. Later to Lewis’ to change stockings. Dennis did wireless in evening, after tea, and Alys and I listened-in to Beggar’s Opera.

Friday 5th June 1925

Fine. Hot.
Did sewing. Alys and Mrs Stevens and 2 children to lunch. I to Hyde Park at 1.15 and ate lunch there and saw Epstein’s bas-relief to Hudson. Met Alys at Evans 4 p.m. She bought shoes at Lilley and Skinner’s. All to Golders Green in car after dinner and took Ella for drive to Harrow and back.

bas relief
Rima”, a bas-relief carved by Sir Jacob Epstein – The Hudson Memorial Bird Sanctuary – Hyde’s Park, London.

Saturday 6th June 1925

81 degrees in shade. Fine.
Alys and Dennis to Renton’s; for weekend. Ironed and sewed summer dresses. To lunch at F.B’s. and in garden there. Rested in drawing room all 3 of us to Chenil Gallery’s, Opening – Madrigals, Oriana Choir. Home and tea in garden 5. Also supper, about 7.30. Sat in garden, till I home at 10. Mansfield Road 10.30.


3rd – Managers’ Meeting?
4th – E.M. lecture
6th – To Elm Park Road and opening of Chenil Gallery (lunch).
At garage 4th May till 6th June
Wrote E.P. – 31st.

Sunday 7th June 1925

Fine, warm, breezy.
In all a.m. doing odd jobs. Dinner from C’s. Rested in p.m. and at 3.45 to Styer’s. Tea there and stayed on to supper. Left at 9.10 and walked all the way home. Home at 10. (Alys and Dennis to Worcester training ship).

HMS Worcester was the name given to the Thames Nautical Training College

Monday 8th June 1925

Very fine. Hot – 83 degrees – Breezy.
Alys and Dennis back at 11 from Dartford. I with Alys to Bumpus’, Hamley’s. Lunch at English Speaking Union. To Vogue (Aldwych). To Kew Gardens! Bus, Hammersmith. Lovely time there – expensive tea! Back by 27a all way. Mink!! To dine with Alys and Dennis (from Hong Kong).

Tuesday 9th June 1925

Very fine and hot – 82 degrees
Got out cotton dress. At 11.15 to do Care Committee visits. Then bus to Marble Arch. Shopped and to Hyde Park. Lunch there on chair. Home at 2.15. Rested. To Savoy Hotel. Tea with Dr and Mrs Franklin Martin. Mr and Mrs Stewart and two little boys. Home. Quiet evening. Radio. To bed 10.15.

Wednesday 10th June 1925

Very fine – 83 degrees.
Alys out to sell roses but back at 11. She and I to Kings Langley. Met. To Watford 1/10. Bus 6d. Lunch and lovely p.m. on hay. Annie (Archer) and Mrs Scott came, to stay there. Edward back before tea (from Rustington). Tennis. Alys and I (they drove us to Watford), back by bus all the way to Chinese Restaurant. Supper there at 9. Home to bed. Dennis out with Dr Barber.

Thursday 11th June 1925

Very hot. 87 degrees. Fine.
In and sewed frock. Out at 12.30. Lunch at 27 Compayne. With Josephine to Care Committee. 2.30 – 4.30. Home. Coffee with Alys. Dressed and in car with Dennis and Alys to Otto May’s. Tennis and supper at 9.15. Edwin May there too. Fun. Home late car lamp wrong. To bed 12.15.

Friday 12th June 1925

Hot – 82 degrees.
Out with Alys and Dennis car to get cakes and to Lab for flowers. Home. Alys to Dorrie’s to lunch. I to Hyde Park. Wrote to E.P. there. Home at 3. Mrs Styer and Mrs Buck (American girl) to tea (from C’s). Alys too. Alys and Dennis to dine at Cutmore’s. I read Zeebrugge and to bed at 10. Listened-in till 11. New garage.


Saturday 13th June 1925

Dressmaking and shopping. Lunch with Alys from C’s up here. At 3.30. all in car. Fearful squash on roads. Out to country. Tea in a field. On to Wimborne, dinner – King’s Head 4/- each. On to Swanage, arrived 10.15. Slept at Ship Hotel. Fair. Moderate.

ship hotel

Alys and Dennis to Renton;’s – 6th – 8th
11th Care Committee 2.30
Lecture Eustace Miles 6.15. To May’s to dine 11th
McCormack 7th June
Friday 12th – Mrs Styer and Olga to tea.


Sunday 14th June 1925

Fine. Cooler – 70 degrees. Duller.

Dennis coldy all day. Off at 11 to Worth Matravers and out at a Farm. Left car and walked to Chapman’s Pool. Bathed there. Rode about trying to find Kimmeridge (lunch at Chapman’s Pool). Tea at Church Knole, Near Corfe. To Kimmeridge. Horn accident with cyclist and took her to Eastleigh. Dinner – Mount Hotel, Near Winchester 9.45. Late. Home 1 a.m. Tired.

mount hotel

Monday 15th June 1925

Hot – 83 degrees and fine.
Tired and stiff. Out, Met Alys at Evans’. Lunch at Regent Palace 2 – 3. Good. Bought coffee and I home and rested on bed. Alys to tea at Mrs Tidy’s. Mink called and stayed to dinner with Alys and Dennis. All of us to Wembley in car 9.30 – 11. Took Mink home. Tired!

Tuesday 16th June 1925

Fine. Breezy.
Wrote E.P. In until 1, sewing. Out in Park with lunch, and book till 2.30. Alys to see Mrs Wills off and rested here. Coffee from C’s up here. Alys and Dennis to dine at Barnard’s. Alys early. I dinner from C’s (fish). Finished blue check dress. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 17th June 1925

Much cooler. Dull.
To town, to Chappell’s and Bourne and Hollingsworth’s. Bought Martin Arrowsmith. Dorothy to lunch with me. Alys to Lab. Dorothy Barnard away at 3. Alys back. Dennis, Alys and Jack Willis to Willis’ for supper and night. I all evening, doing dress account for last 3 years. Wrote Wade. To bed 10.15.

Thursday 18th June 1925

Alys and Dennis back at 11. To Army and Navy Stores in p.m. and lots of shops (Alys and I had lunch in). Had ice at Stores. Sewed in p.m. when got home about 5. Mink came and we to Lab and all to Chinese Restaurant. Dennis feeling very ill with cold. Took Mink home in car, after coffee and Benedictine at Criterion. Unwell.

Friday 19th June 1925

Fine. Lovely.
Out with Alys at 12 to Park. Lunch there. Strawberries. Walked to Albert Hall. To Handicrafts. Back and out soon, tired, to meet Dorothie King (with Alys). All to Hyde Park again – tea there. Home. Dinner at home – currie. Out in car round Park. Dennis very colded – cough.

Saturday 20th June 1925

Out with Alys to Selfridge’s. Home to lunch. Rested. Slept. Strawberries and cream with Alys. Dennis not back from Lab till 7.30 and again worked all evening till 12. I to supper with Elsa; sat in garden first. She shingled! Home at 10.30.

Medical Inspection – 24th
Wrote E.P. – 16th

Dorothy Barnard to lunch – 17th
Dine with Mink at Chinese Restaurant – 18th
C.H.W. Sunday 1.30.

Sunday 21st June 1925

Fine. Cooler.
Not out, but washed and ironed. CH.W. at 1.15 Lunch. Alys and Dennis to Lab a.m. and p.m. till 7 pm. Vlasto’s and diphtheria. Wade and I sewed net fronts. Out to Hyde Park after tea. All 4 in car to Richmond Park 7 till 8 supper. Took Wade back in car at 9.30. To bed.

Monday 22nd June 1925

Dull much cooler – 55 degrees.
Out with Alys to shops. Ella came 11.40. Out with her to buy coat. She back to lunch with me. She rested in p.m., and away to Barnard’s at 4. I to County Hall Meeting 5 . Then to English Speaking Union. Ate supper there. To St Martin’s Church “Fear Not”. Home. To bed 10. Listened-in to Lenglen. Alys and Dennis to lab again, till 11 or so.

Tuesday 23rd June 1925

Dull. Cold.
Out in car with Alys and Dennis at 9.40. To Mansfield Road Schools. I gave the prizes and made speech to Mental Defectives and Myopics. Then tram to Gamage’s. Lunch with Alys at Regent Palace. To Bourne and Hollingsworth’s. To Mrs Story’s to tea. Alys too. Ice. All there. Miss Sherwin (governess). Dinner all together, all very tired. Alys headache. All in bus to Helen’s – 8 Abercorn Place. Strawberries from Hays.

Wednesday 24th June 1925

Rain, cold.
Wrote Mrs Story. Out at 12 to call in Eresby Road. To see Mr Eden. To Finchley Road and to Lab. Ate lunch en route. Walked back with Alys. Rested ½ hour. Alys too. Jessie came 4. All to English Speaking Union. Tea there. Walked back all the way. Dennis very late 9.30. Curry dinner all together. To bed early 10.

Thursday 25th June 1925

Bright. Cold. Warmer later.
Out with Alys to see Ella off at King’s Cross 10.10. On to Westminster; saw movie actress. Alys got license (motor-driving). To English Speaking Union. Lunch there. On, bought scissors for Eva at Swan and Edgar’s. To Evans’. Home. Took clothes (Dennis’) to Peter Dean for 30/-. To Evans’ for coffee. Home. Strawberries and cream. Phone messages. Dinner all together. Dennis did wireless. Alys and I sewed. To bed 10.35.

Friday 26th June 1925

Dull. Rain after.
Off 10.10 to Chalk Farm School. Prizegiving, Ethel gave them and made speech. Then I to shop for scones, and finally train from Baker Street to lunch at 26 Compayne 1.30. Miss Weigall, Mrs Miles and daughter and home 3.30. Gertrude and Mary Miles to tea. Alys to Wimbledon with Dorothy. Altered black dress. Dennis late. All dined together. Alys tired. Dennis finished wireless set.

Saturday 27th June 1925

Alys and Dennis off at 11.30 to Brighton, to see Phil. I to Selfridge’s. Home to lunch (C’s). Rested in p.m. To Sissie’s. Miss Lynch knee bad. To Aunt Louie’s to tea. Home about 6.45. Roast and cheese and early to bed. Wireless till 10.30.

Medical Inspection – 2 p.m.
Mrs E.V.M. – 26th
23rd – Prize giving at Mansfield Road 10.30 and Mrs Story.
25th – see Ella off 10. Letter from E.P. 24th – Teeth.
To Sissie’s 27th
26th Prize giving 10.30 Chalk Farm.

Sunday 28th June 1925

Milder. Dull.
Quiet a.m. Wrote E.P. Did black dress. Lunch from C’s. Beefsteak pie, baked apple. Rested in pm. To Susie’s to tea. Home by St Martins Church. In park. Wrote E.P. there too. Melted cheese at 9. p.m. Alys and Dennis home at 11.

Monday 29th June 1925

Fine. Hot.
Washed and ironed and helped Alys up with things up here. Then with her to shops. Lunch at Selfridge’s “Counter”. To Regent Street. Home. Out again to call on Mrs Manisty. Home. Very tired. Dennis in late. Too hot. Currie. Dennis wrote to Mrs Charles all evening. Alys slept in my room. Dennis upstairs.

Tuesday 30th June 1925

Very fine. Hot.
Alys did washing. Out with her at 11.30 to Somerset House. Lunch at Lyon’s Corner House, Strand. I home and rested. Alys to Stores. Dressed slowly and I to Elsa’s supper-party. Alan, K. Murray, Mrs Lovat Fraser, Cynthia Kent, Miss Game, Sir Owen and Lady Williams, Mr and Mrs Sheringham, (Duenna scenery). Nice evening. Home 12. Alys and Dennis home from Lab at 12.40!


Wednesday 1st July 1925

Very fine.
All breakfast together. I to Managers’ Meeting 10.30 Chalk Farm. Alys to meet Dolly. I met Alys at Harries 12.30. Bought hats (cheap). Lunch at Lafayette’s together. To South Kensington Museum to see Faraday Exhibition. Tea at South Kensington. Home. Dolly Willis to dinner. Alys and Dennis to Lab all evening till 12.15. I at home and to bed early, listened-in.

Thursday 2nd July 1925

Fine, hot.
All breakfast together. Packed things in car, and all to Golders Green. I to Sissie’s Back to 47 Hampstead Way for Alys. Both to Army and Navy. Lunch there. To Wisden’s. Old beggar-woman. Back to Army and Navy about Alys’ watch. Home. Coffee. Changed boxes and furniture in bedroom. Sewed. Dennis back at 8. Dinner. Dennis and Alys away at 9.30 with lots of wireless, etc. I to bed 10.20.

Friday 3rd July 1925

Warm. Dull.
Busy cleaning rooms. Aunt Louie and Nelly at 11.30 till 12. Then hastily away to 6 Elm Park Road. Lunch there 12.30. Magdalen took us – Dorothy Barnard and me – in car and Camberledge, to Wimbledon. 2.15 Lenglen versus Joan Fry. 6-2, 6-0. Borotra and Lacoste versus Morpurgo and Kehrling. 8-10, 7-9. Lenglen and Ryan beat Clarke and Beamish. Hennessey and Casey. Cochet and Brugnon. Home 8.10

Saturday 4th July 1925

Dull. Cooler.
Up to Elsa’s. Called and met Mrs Hoffman and girl. On to Heath. Ate Eustace Miles’ biscuits and strawberries. To Institute. Read “Raymond” till 4. Called at Aunt Rosa’s (out) and then Dorrie’s (out). To Sissie’s 6 p.m. To stay to supper 7.35. Washed up. In garden. to bed at 9.45. In Miss Eve’s room.

Alys and Dennis to Sherborne – 4th to 6th
28th to Susie’s 4.30.
5th Miss Palmer’s in evening
3rd Wimbledon. Lunch at Barnard’s.
Wrote Cyrus – 3rd
4th To Sissie’s – supper and night.

Sunday 5th July 1925

Breakfast 9.10. Talked over it.
Made beds and dusted. Sat a little. To Aunt Louie’s and then home. Quiet lunch from C’s. Rested, slept on bed all p.m. Out at 5 .15 to Charing Cross. Ate sandwiches. To St Martin’s Service 6.15 – 7.15. Home. Up to Miss Palmer’s at 9 till 10.40.

Monday 6th July 1925

Fine and warm.
Phone from Kitty. Washed stockings. Out to English Speaking Union (walked). Ate own lunch there. To Lafayette’s. Bus from Oxford Circus home. Arrived 4. Found Alys, returned from Sherborne. Coffee and talk. Dennis and Miss Alford came for her at 7.15. I supper alone from C’s. Alys round in car at 8 for eggs. I back to Lab with her, and walked home 9.40.

Tuesday 7th July 1925

Rain cooler then very fine and sunny.
Did sewing on green striped dress (machine). At 11.15 to Kilburn. Care Committee calls. 28 bus to Alys’. Lunch with her. Both rested till tea; and she unpacked. I home at 6. Dennis and Alys both came to dinner with me (from C’s). and away at 9 to work again. I to bed 10.

Wednesday 8th July 1925

To Ionza’s for grey dress. Took it and other things, to Peter Dean’s to sell. Walked to Green Park. Ate lunch there. On to English Speaking Union via Mall. Rested; at 2.35 tube to Highgate. Bus to “Woodman”. Eve Standring met me. Walked through Highgate Woods (with Rags). Tea at 14 Southern Road, Fortis Green. Home about 6.30, bus to Tottenham Court Road. Dinner from C’s. Bird and blackcurrant. Spirit play on wireless. To bed 10.30. Did barbola in evening.

Thursday 9th July 1925

Dull, some sun.
Barbola. Alys came at 11.45. Walked with her to Mount Street about house, Portsea Place. Walked on to Gorringe’s. She on and home. I home by bus alone. Out to lunch in Park. From there to Care Committee at Netherwood Street. Home. Barbola. To Vine Street. Police Station for brooch. Dinner C’s. To bed 10.15.

Friday 10th July 1925

Dull. Hot. Heavy.
Did barbola all a.m. Lunch from C’s. To Waterloo, bun there. Met Jack Willis and 4.45 train to East Horsley, 5/6 return. Arrived 5.47. Walked to Furze Field. Tea; supper (steak) with Dolly and Jack. To bed, hot bath late wireless. All meals in garden. Walked in woods.

Saturday 11th July 1925

Hot and fine.
Breakfast about 8.30. Jack had gone at 8. Housework, washed and ironed dress. Dinner, Jack home after, to coffee. Dolly and I walked to cottage to ask after boy “Arley?” Tea and supper out in garden. Lovely. To bed about 11. Kitta funny kitten.

9th Care Committee (7th Mrs Styer ?)
5th To Miss Palmer in evening.
11th To Dolly’s weekend.
8th Eve Standring.

Sunday 12th July 1925

Very hot and fine.
Breakfast late. Housework, busily. Dinner 1.15. Scramble to go off (Dolly and I). By 3 train to Oxshot. To tea and tennis at Sam and Edith Harding’s. Babies, daughters, Margaret, Mary, Barbara, Frank (red-haired). Back in Fiat car with Margaret and Eric. Supper. To bed late.

Monday 13th July 1925

Very hot and fine.
Work 6.15. Cows in garden. Tea in garden. Breakfast later on. Cleared up. I caught 11.24 new electric train to Waterloo, late and slow!!! Lunch at home, Alys too (from Cave’s). I met Mrs Styer and drive to Bushey Hall Hotel with her and Vera’s sister in law. To Lab at 7.15. Dennis and Alys and I dined Canuto’s 9.10. Home.

bushey hall hotel

Tuesday 14th July 1925

Very hot – 80 degrees.
Kit came in at 10. I over to Brompton Arcade with work. Walked back over Park. To Golders Green to lunch with Alys. Quiet p.m. Raffia work. Coffee 4 o’clock. To Kilburn (Alys too). Did Care Committee calls. Home. Alys stayed till 7.15. Supper 8. Wrote letters. Out to post. Hot bath.

Wednesday 15th July 1925

Very hot and fine – 82 degrees.
Out early to Brompton Avenue for Barbola. On to Army and Navy Stores for can for Polly. Home. Marjorie Leggett came at 12. Sissie came 12.10. Marjorie Leggett left 12.20. Dorothy came. Sissie and Dorothy to lunch with me. Dorothy and I to Chelsea at 3. In garden. Tea and supper. Sissie rested at 21 Oxford Terrace and had tea there. I home at 10.15. Wrote card to Alys.

Thursday 16th July 1925

Out at 9.15 to Hendon, about Income Tax. Home. Alys there. I very tired, and headache. Wrote Smith’s. Lunch. Alys to lunch with Gwen Cave. Packed suitcase. Alys back here at 3. To Euston together. She saw me off to Kings Langley 4 p.m. Kit met me 4.30 motor. Nice evening. Hot. Kitty and Edward out to Wiley’s to dinner. Handy and I alone.

Friday 17th July 1925

Hot. Fine.
In car to take Edward and Barbara back. Helped Kitty with ironing. Played a little tennis. Out to Watford 12. In car, taking Cuzzies and cousin Rachel Blaikley home to lunch. Rested. Slept heavily. Tea. Tennis with Kit and Handy. To bed 10.15.

Saturday 18th July 1925

Showers then fine.
Unwell. Made beds with Kit. With Kit to Watford. Called on Cuzzies on way back. Lunch. Kitty (Ernest’s wife) and her son, Douglas (17) came to stay (and lunch). We (Kit and I rested a little). Tennis. Mr and Mirs Wiley came. Jolly games. Ed played too. Handy out of tournament. Dinner. They drove me in to Watford. 9 p.m. train to Edgware Road. Home. To bed 10.35.

Letter from E.P. Monday 13th
Alys and Dennis to Cox’s – 18th for weekend.

I to 47 Hampstead Way.
15th Dorothy Barnard to lunch and Wembley?
13th – 3p m. Mrs Styer.
16th – at teatime till Saturday a.m. Kit car
16th – 4.20 – Euston.

Sunday 19th July 1925

Thunder. Fine.
Quiet a.m. washing things. Stayed in all day. Lunch from C’s. Rested in p.m. Tried to move furniture. High tea of eggs at 6.45. Walked to Park and then to Helen’s at 8.30. Stayed till 10. Bus home.

Monday 20th July 1925

Hot, thundery, showers.
Bath. Out to near shops and Post Office. In and wrote E.P. Alys came (back from Cave’s at Goring) at 1. Together to Army and Navy Stores. Lunch. Sold silver and gold things. To Lafayette’s, to Marshall’s. I to tea at Baxter’s and home to dinner. Mr and Mrs Stevens there and Carters and Mrs Allen.

Tuesday 21st July 1925

Very hot. Thundery.
Out at 9.45. Chalk Farm School and walked on to Mansfield Road School. Bus 24 to Charing Cross. Ate lunch at English Speaking Union and rested there till 2. Walked to Brown, Shipley’s and on to Christie’s to see Sargent’s. 7 King Street. Bus to Albert Hall for my soup bowls. Walked through Kensington Gardens home. Rested till 7.15. Very tired. Dinner.

Wednesday 22nd July 1925

Very hot – 88 degrees and thunder storms in evening.
At 10.15 by train for Kings Cross to Stevenage. Arrived 11.20 (7/2 return). Met by Mabel Culley. To Westover School. Made speech and gave bronze medals and certificates from R.D.S to children. Lunch at Mabel Culley’s rooms. Walked to see the Church and then to Studio. Tea there. Her sister too (headmistress). Left by 6 train. Arrived Kings Cross 7.10. Home. Thunder. Dinner 8 from C’s. To bed early. Thunder in night.

Thursday 23rd July 1925

Hot and thundery. 70 degrees. Showers.
Out at 10 to Albert Hall with specimens of work for handicraft judges. Walked back. Home, at 11.45 to Paddington. Met Tades 12, taxi home. She and Alys to lunch with me. Dennis in care and Alys took Tades to Victoria, to Storrington. I did raffia hat. Dennis and Alys called at 7 and took me to Vernor Miles’ to dinner. 7.30. Left at 10. Walked to Swiss Cottage.

Friday 24th July 1925

Fine all day and hot.
Did washing. Shoolbred’s man came to do desk lock. I out at 11.15. To Christie’s Sale of Sargent’s works, watercolours, etc. At 1 till 5. Very hot. Ate biscuits and cherries. Home 5.40. Alys came in. Ate bread and butter. Wrote Eva and Mary Miles. Listened-in. To bed 9.50. Bath.

Saturday 25th July 1925

Fine and hot.
Out and to Scotland Yard for umbrella 10. Not there. To Fire Insurance in 60 Charing Cross. To Albert Hall for work – closed! Home by 27 bus. Lunch. Tired. Ironed things. Rested 3.15 – 4.45. Milk. Dinner at Barnard’s in garden. Bad news of May Coles. Sad. Sat in garden. Lainey and Mike. Home 11.

Lost umbrella – 20th p.m.
Letter to E.P. – 21st
Christie’s – Sale of Sargent’s 24th, on Show 21st.
Miss Hoyt on Arabic – 20th or 25th.
22nd Stevenage 10.14. Kings Cross.
20th p.m.4.30. Mrs Baxter’s.
23rd met Tades 12 Paddington. Lunch here.
23rd Dine E.V. Miles 8.30
25th Supper Chelsea.
24th a.m. Shooblred’s man.

Sunday 26th July 1925

Cooler. Changeable.
In all day! Very busy all a.m. sorting pieces in big trunk. Tired. Lunch from C’s. Rested an hour. Menie and Con to tea 4.20 – 6.10. Then got own supper and quiet evening, doing Tante’s Russian blouse. (Bath in a.m.). Listened-in Sir Walford Davis.

Monday 27th July 1925

Cooler and very windy. Showers.
Tired still. Mended towel. Ironed blouses. Out at 12.25 to get tickets at Paddington and book seats for Dorothie and Jessie and Wade. To Kensington. Lunch Slater’s and Express. To Albert Hall for work. To Marshall’s and Lafayette. Searching for umbrella. Home “tea”. Dinner from C.s curry. Cut out blue dress of Tante’s stuff.

Tuesday 28th July 1925

Cool and windy.
In all a.m. Shoolbred’s man for locks. Machined blue dress (lunch in). Washed and ironed grey striped crepe de chine dress. Rested a little in p.m. To buy odds and ends. Woolworth’s, Boots. Dennis came at 6.46. Took me in car to Faraday’s. Dined there. Mr and Mrs Collins Baker after (Keeper of National Gallery).

Wednesday 29th July 1925

Showery, mild.
Out to Victoria 10 to see Dorothy Barnard off to Savoy (France). On to Waterloo 11 to meet Eva. All in car. I home. Out to Selfridge’s. Lunch there. On to C.H.W.’s. Home via Paddington to cloakroom. Kitty and trunks arrived 2.20! She rested. I packed. Edward Buchanan arrived 5.30. Handy and Kath at 6.30 (from Lord’s Rugby, Marlboro’). They charged off at 7.15. Kath and Handy to Jersey. I dined, packed. To bed 10 or so.

Thursday 30th July 1925

Out to buy waterproof (cape). Swan and Edgar’s, West’s. To Brown and Shipley’s. Home to lunch and finished packing, and arranging. Dennis came in car at 7.30. and Miss Alford. Up to 47 Hampstead Way with my trunk and hold all. Dinner all together. Walked to bus with Dennis and Alys and Miss Alford. Stayed at 47.

Friday 31st July 1925

Heavy rain then fine.
Out with Dennis in car at 9.45. I up to Hendon by tube. To Income Tax office. Home (Charmian’s). Lunch. Alys and Eva and Phil all dressed and to Dobbie Thomson’s wedding. Dennis kept by mental patient. I sewed on blue dress on verandah. Dinner 8. Laughton’s in evening, till 10.

Saturday 1st August 1925

Alys and Eva to town. Phil and I to shops, bank. Sewed, rest of the day. Alys packed. After tea, took trunks to the cloakroom, Paddington (all in car). Dinner. Polly phoned about May Coles’ death and funeral (Du Maurier). Hot bath.

Dorothy Barnard away – 29th
To Faradays: 7.15
29th – Handy and Kath 4 p.m.
30th – evening to 47 Hampstead Way
Dr Warren to 21 Oxford Terrace – 31st

Sunday 2nd August 1925

Out with Dennis in car to Wimpole Street. Ball records with Phil. Home dinner 1. In p.m. read and Alys drove me to Sissie’s after tea, and back. Sissie out. Lawrence Krohn in evening.

South Brent

Monday 3rd August 1925

Packed, and all off in car at about 12 oclock. Lunch on the way, near Bagshot. On – about 149 miles – on. Arrived at Honiton, Dolphin Hotel 7.35. Dinner. Slept in room with Eva and Alys. Phil in room with Dennis.

dolphin hotel

Tuesday 4th August 1925

Showers but fine on whole. Warm
On in car at 11.15 to Exeter. Shopped and to Cathedral. Then on, and had lunch on moor outside Chudleigh or Ashburton? Arrived Vicarage, South Brent 2.45. Dennis and Alys to meet Dorothie, Jessie and Wade at 3.12 at station. Tea, supper. Dennis got up aerial and had wireless.

Wednesday 5th August 1925

Dullish. Thunder in night.
Dennis and Alys and Eva to Plymouth in car. Phil and I out in poney cart with “Dolly”. Then took Wade in car to village. Then tennis. Lunch all together. Played tennis with Dorothie and Jessie after tea. Alys broke ligaments in foot; on sofa. Dennis got up big aerial.

Thursday 6th August 1925

Rain, then very fine.
Dennis fetched Dr Oxley from village to see Alys’ foot. Made beds. Lunch. Dennis, Alys and Wade in car to Plymouth (to be x-rayed). Eva, Phil, and I in poney-cart and children rode also. Maids to village.

Friday 7th August 1925

Dennis gave Eva driving-lessons in car. Out in poney-cart. Dennis and Phil played tennis, and we all watched.

Saturday 8th August 1925

Dullish. Mild.
Dennis, Phil and I to Dartmoor. Started 11.45. Took sandwiches and walked to Brent Moor. House, and then up to White Barrows. Across by ponds. About 9 or 10 miles in all. Back at 5.20. Tea. Dennis to village in car with Eva. Supper. To bed early.

Wrote Dorothy Barnard – Sunday.
To South Brent – 4th
Riverside, Bovey Tracey.

Sunday 9th August 1925

Foggy. Mild.
Dennis, Eva, Phil and I to Church. Home. Looked at waterfall. Dinner. Alys in bed. Saddled Polly. Eva and Phil rode in field and Philip fell off. Tea. Dennis, Eva and Phil out in car and Alys and I at home. Wrote Kit. Lighted fire! Supper very late. (Dr Oxley and Mrs O. called).

Monday 10th August 1925

Did washing. Out in poney trap to village, and round by Lutton Road with Phil and Eva. After tea, I took Jessie in poney-cart, and Alys, Dorothie, Dennis and Wade in car to Holne. In at 8. Supper. Dennis and Eva to call on Oxley’s. We played go-ban.

Tuesday 11th August 1925

Very fine.
Jessie and Dorothy off at 10 to Plymouth for day. Dennis, Phil and I by car to Plymouth for batteries and hair-cut and Alys racquet. Stayed lunch and home 3.15. Miss Parker called. Sat outdoors in sun. Tennis with Eva. Car driving-lessons. Jessie and Dorothie back at 9.

Wednesday 12th August 1925

Rain all day.
Heavy rain. Out to see waterfall, very fine. Didn’t do much. Walked to village and took note to Miss Parker, with Eva.

Thursday 13th August 1925

Fine day.
Took Alys out in poney-trap and then out with Eva in it. Cribbett rheumatic and cross. Otto and Mabel May and John and Dick over from Ilsington (Middle cot) at 4. Tea and walked about grounds. Away 6. We in car to Hope Cove. Dennis headache and cross, but all right on return.

Friday 14th August 1925

Fine and hot.
All out at 12 in car, to Slapton Sands. Lunch on beach. Alys, Dennis and I drove to Beesands. Back and Dennis, Eva, Phil and I bathed. Alys paddled at Slapton Sands. Drove to Plymouth for racquet and home 7.30. Supper.


Saturday 15th August 1925

Lovely day. Hot.
Unwell. All out in car, at about 12. Drove to Mothecombe. Lunch on beach, Then Dennis, Eva and Phil in bathing-suits and swam across river, and climbed a long way on other side. Alys and I watched. Back at 4. Ate some more food. Drove home via Thurlestone. Supper 8.15.


9th Philip Reids to Lizard
Wrote Kit – 9th
11th – heard house burgled – 47 Hampstead Way.

Wrote E.P.D. 8th and Dorothy Barnard.
Wrote Polly 10th
Wrote Aunt Bella – 10th
Wrote E.P. 18th – cards to Elsa and Nell

Sunday 16th August 1925

Fine and Hot.
To Church with Dennis, Eva and Phil. After dinner all of them and Jessie and Dorothie in car to Mothecombe; I am home with Wadie. Bath, wrote E.P. and tea in kitchen together. Sat outdoors till 7.50. They returned 8. Supper.

Monday 17th August 1925

Fine and hot.
Did washing and muddled about. In poney-cart with Wade and Phil. Phil, fishing. To village twice with Eva. Sat in garden. At 3.12 Dennis and Phil in car to meet Jack and John Willis. Showed them all about. Explored shut-up room. Sat outdoors. Supper. Dennis and John for walk till 9.45.

Tuesday 18th August 1925

Dull. Warm. Fine later.
To village. All in car to Bantham. Burrough Island opposite. Lunch on dunes. After walked in bathing-gowns, to River Avon (hidden by cliff) and back. Bathed. Tea on dunes again with Alys. Back early as sea fog came on. Home about 7.30.

Wednesday 19th August 1925

Fine and hot.
To village, then all in car to Mothecombe; East side of River Erme car belt broke and Dennis sewed it up, en route. Lunch in cove. Walked in bathing-gowns to rocks across bay. Back to Alys.

Thursday 20th August 1925

Fine and warm.
To village. To shop in car. Dennis, John, Eva and I. Then all in car at 12.20 to Ringmore. Big bay. Lunch about 2. Walked (climbed) on rocks to big gulley. Back and bathed at 4. Tea. Men and Eva for walk till 7. Home through Modbury. Supper. Hide and seek. To bed 10.


Friday 21st August 1925

Showery. Cool.
Up to village to shop. Men began to do car, scrap mudguards and paint. Boys fished. Dinner at home. Eva and I sewed leather of car seat. Tea. All except Alys walked up Brent Hill and back other way. Home 7.45. Supper. Go-ban, fire in drawing-room.

Saturday 22nd August 1925

To shop with car. Jessie and Dorothie to Torquay 9.56. Men and boys to Moors in car. Wade washed Alys’ head. Rested on lawn. Tea on lawn after. Wade and Eva to village. Eva and I played tennis. Men and boys back at 7. Tennis. Supper. Maids not back till 10.15. Washed up. To bed 9.50.

17th card of Vicarage to Dorothy Barnard.
17th Letter to E.P.

Sunday 23rd August 1925

Alys, Wade, Dennis and I to Church. Alys in car. Phil in bed till teatime. Rested in p.m. and men painted car wings. Walked up Ugborough in evening and back 8.30.


Monday 24th August 1925

Did washing. Dennis, Alys, Eva, John and Wade in car to Torquay. Jack on poney. After lunch all in car to Grimspound. Wonderful neolithic village. Kistvaen too. Tea there. Back through Holne and Buckfastleigh at 9.15.

Bronze Age settlement of Grimspound

Tuesday 25th August 1925

Jack and 3 children on poney in field. Took Wadie to village in poney-trap. Then took her in car to Station. She to Lardon by 12.25 We had dinner, and all in car to Revelstoke. Walk to beach. Bathed. Tea. Dennis and I walked to half-roofed church. Others scrambled. Home by 8. To bed 10. Maids to dance.


Wednesday 26th August 1925

Rain. Mist.
Walked to village with Eva. John in bed with cold. After dinner, Dennis, Jack and I in car to Clay Works, Shipley Bridge. Walked up and found 3 hut circles or pounds and then Black Tor and further on a huge pound 970 yards round (half a mile anyway). Home at 6. Very wet feet. Fire in sitting-room.

Black Tor looking across to Three Barrows

Thursday 27th August 1925

Alys and Dennis to village in car. I sewed Kitty’s bag. Jack on poney. John in bed till lunch. All in at 2 to Dartmeet (Clapper Bridge) and Post bridge. (Cyclopean Clapper Bridge). Princetown. Tea on moor. Home via Bovey Tracey and Manaton.

clapper bridge

Friday 28th August 1925

Fine day.
All in car at 11 through Ashburton to Fernworthy. Arrived 1. Lunch there. Then all but Alys and John, walked to Teignhead and Cranmere Pool. Bogs. Post Office stamp. Back to Fernworthy at 6.30. About 10 mile walk. Difficult. Home at 8.15. Maids to Kingsbridge and Hope.

cranmere pool

Saturday 29th August 1925

Fine. Warm.

Off to Mothecombe. Bathed there and lunch. Got mushrooms after; and back to tea. Miss Scott Malden and Miss Joy arrived in Morris Cowley at 5.30, camping. To stay. Supper, large table. Pingpong on floor in hall in evening.

Wrote Dorothy Barnard with card of fishing pool – 26th
Wrote Cyrus 24th To Crillon.
Wetherbees stayed at Boundy house at Manaton.
Sweet thatched houses and Post Office.
Dr Warren paid £7 for 4 weeks. £1 for sittingroom and 14/- for bedroom and 10/- a week to C’s.

Sunday 30th August 1925

Very fine and warm.
Six of us to Church. Evan, Jack and John stayed at home, and played tennis. All in 2 cars to Mothecombe after dinner. Scramble on rocks. Bathe across river. Tea. Late back. Lovely sunset. Supper 9.30.

Monday 31st August 1925

Very hot.
Jack packed. Dennis took the Scott Malden’s and Phil to Torquay in the car. Eva, John and Jack to village in poney-cart. Then we saw the Willis off at 12.24 to London. Lunch. Packed, tennis Eva and Phil. Washed my head. Scott Malden’s up Brent Hill and sketched.

Tuesday 1st September 1925

Rain. Cool.
Breakfast 8.10. Scott Malden’s off in their car at 11.30. We busy packing. We off at 12.45 in car. Maids by 12.45 train. Lunch on Chudleigh Moor. No tea. On and on in rain. Battersea upset sulphuric acid on rug! Arrived Marlborough 8. Dined and put rug in soda water. Slept at Ball and Castle Hotel.

castle and bull hotel


Wednesday 2nd September 1925

Fine. Cool.
Breakfast 8.45 Off at 10.30. Good run on Bath Road to London. Arrived 47 Hampstead Way at 1. Maids out. Lunch at Pritchard’s. Home. Rested, slept, very tired. Unpacked Alys’ boxes. Tea, dinner. Alys and Dennis to Laughton’s. Eva, Phil and I to bed 9.15.

Thursday 3rd September 1925

Cool, fair.
Dennis fetched silver from Bank. I with him in car and Alys and Eva to Evan’s (haircut). To Paddington and home with my trunk to 21 Oxford Terrace. Unpacked. Out lunch Woolworth’s. Walked to Kardomah. Home. Phoned Alys. Out to Gospel Oak to Christina Barnard (Jeanie killed by car on Monday!) (me: Jane Lindsay Barnard). Phoned Kitty. Home. Tired. Dinner.

Friday 4th September 1925

Showery. Cool.
Unpacked big trunk and washed things. Trimmed black hat. Lunch in room; out to buy wreath and coat and gloves. All over Shoolbred’s, Oxford Street, Lafayette, Harrod’s. Tea there. Home 6. Dinner from C’s – chicken. Read “Martin Arrowsmith”. Did accounts.

Saturday 5th September 1925

Dull, then rain.
To Kentish Town Parish Church at 11 for Jeanie Barnard’s funeral. To Highgate Cemetery in Edward Buchanan’s car. Jim Archer there. Home to lunch alone. At 3.15 by Metropolitan line to Wembley. Met Elsa, Max and Alan. Tea at Club. Walked through Arts and Industry. To dine on South African Train. Fun. Van sum? Liquor. To Tattoo at 8 in box. Colonel and Mrs Stone too. At 10.15 supper at Garden Club with Stones also. Home at about 12.

Wrote Dorothy Barnard – 3rd
3rd – to Oxford Terrace.
Wrote E.P. 4th from Harrod’s about Jeanie
5th – 11 a.m. Kentish Town Church – Jeanie’s funeral.
4 p.m. Met (North Entrance) Wembley Exhibition.
6th Wadie – 1.15.

Sunday 6th September 1925

Dull. Cold.
Embletons to Willises.  I quiet a.m. Sewing. Wade to dinner 1.30. She away at 3.15. I to 26 Compayne, no one there. On to Sissie’s. Out. To Aunt Louie’s. Talked. To Church St Jude’s. No tea. Home at 8.20. Supper. Bath. Bed.

Monday 7th September 1925

Dull. Milder.
Elsa phoned so I dress and a Daimler came. I in to 9 Church Road. Max and Elsa and I to Chalfont St Giles. Milton’s (he lived there). Lunch at Amersham. On to Jordan’s. Penn’s grave (me: William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania) and meeting house. Elsa and I walked. Max worked. Tea at Hostel. Home to Ayrton’s. Dinner there. At 9.20 to Alys. Slept there.

Tuesday 8th September 1925

Mild. Dull.
Unwell. With Dennis in car to my home. Then out. Walked to Harrod’s with my new coat. To English Speaking Union. Ate lunch in Park first of all. Wrote Dorothy Barnard and rested at English Speaking Union. To Robinson & Cleaver’s. Home Tea. Dinner from C’s. Read. (Embleton’s and Willises to Tattoo – Wembley).

Wednesday 9th September 1925

Dull. Showery.
Hot bath. Out to Selfridge’s for watch. Ate lunch in Evan’s and knitted there till 2.30. Tube to Golders Green. Phil met me. To 47 Hampstead Way. Keeping Phil’s birthday tea, presents for him. Sissie called and stayed to supper and wireless concert from Gloucester Festival. Mink and Teddy Berry in. I in car with Dennis taking Sissie home 10.

Thursday 10th September 1925

Dull. Cool.
Slept at 47 Hampstead Way. With Alys to shops and on by 28 to Kingsgate Road for visits then 1 p.m. lunch at Miles’. With Josephine to Care Committee 2.30 in taxi. More visits, Eresly Road till 5. Home. Tidied boxes and cupboards. Dennis Embleton brought my wireless set back. Dinner. To bed 9.30.

Friday 11th September 1925

Out Peter Dean’s and sold things. Phoned “Bub” at Savoy. To other shops at lunch in park. To Selfridge’s for Wade’s watch. To Lissenden Gardens at 2 to visit Christina. Stayed early tea. Patty in. To Wade’s. Home at 5.30. To Boots’. Home. Knitted hard all evening, and listened-in Gloucester. Hot bath.

Saturday 12th September 1925

Sewed in bedroom. Out at 11. Walked to Army and Navy, shopped; knitted there. Lunch in St James’ Park. To English Speaking Union. Knitted and read about sloths. Walked to Mount Street. Bus home. Tea. Knitted. Dinner from C’s – curry.

10th – Care Committee
9th – To 47 to hold Phil’s birthday
Wrote Dorothy Barnard 8th from English Speaking Union
Wrote Ella 9th

Sunday 13th September 1925

Very fine, warm.
46th birthday. Wrote Polly and Dorothy for presents. At 12 Embleton’s in car, Alys driving, called for me. To 47 Hampstead Way. Duck dinner. Sat on verandah knitting. Out with Eva. Phil cycling in garden. Tea. Out with Alys and Dennis to Golders Hill. Supper. Home in car 9. Wrote Kitty. To bed. Listened in till 10.25.

Monday 14th September 1925

Very fine, warm.
Phoned “Bub”. Out to buy cakes, Dubois. Home. Out at 12 to Bourne and Hollingsworth (changed stockings). To Savoy Hotel. Had hair shingled and shampoo’ed and set by Bub 12.30 to 2. (really 12.50 – talk first). Lunch English Speaking Union. Met Eva and Phil National Gallery. Then they home to tea with me. Dinner. Embleton’s over in car at 9 and I back with them to sleep. Injections for cold for Eva and Phil.

Tuesday 15th September 1925

Very fine. Warm.
I back with Dennis in car at 10.15. Washed stockings and did up E.P.’s socks. Out, posted then. To Wembley. Met Alys, Eva, Phil and Dolly and John. Lunch out-doors. In various places. Jack came 2.15. On boats, and Treasure Island, chocolate. I away 5. Home, packed suitcase. To Christina’s, 4 Clevedon Mansions, Lissenden Gardens. Dinner. Anne Hattersley there. Christina read aloud “Angela’s Business”. To bed 10.

Wednesday 16th September 1925

Dull. Warm.
Breakfast 8.15. Did bedroom. Chris out to shops. I walked to Chalk Farm. Visited school. Walked back across Parliament Hill Fields. Dinner 1.30. Rested till 3.30. Jean Bremner to tea. Knitted, talked. She away at 6. Supper 6.45. Christina read aloud to me. Allenbury’s Food. To bed 10.15.

Thursday 17th September 1925

Fine day. Hot.
Breakfast 8.30. Out to phone Kit, at Kentish Town Station. Sewed. Dinner with Christina 1.45 as Christina late in. Rested and helped Christina in p.m. Tea 4. Then both walked to Kenwood and back – about 1 ½ hours walk. She tidied things, and read a little to me. To bed 10.15.

Friday 18th September 1925

Fine. Warm.
Christina and I walked to Hampstead and back by Northern Line railway. She packed, I sewed her coat. Lunch 12.30. Both to Waterloo, saw her off 2.44 to Haslemere. To Victoria. Met Kit and Kath. Met Embleton’s and saw Phil off 4.30 to school. Tea at Gorringe’s with Alys and Eva. Home to Clevedon Mansions via Parkhill Road. Supper 7. To bed 9. Read.

Saturday 19th September 1925

Rain, gale.
Made bed then out to shops in rain. Sewed. Read. Kitty came at 12 and stayed lunch and until 3.30. With her to station, and bought bread. Very wet. In to tea. Anne out later. I read all evening. Finished “Angela’s Business”. Henry Sydnor Harrison.

Sent socks and letter to E.P. 15th
23rd Holeproof.
Phil to school 18th – 4.30 Victoria
13th to 47 Hampstead Way. Wrote Ella 15th
15th to Christina Barnard to stay.

Sunday 20th September 1925

Fine; some showers.
Breakfast 9.15. Out at 11 and walked to Waterlow Park. Sat there; also looked into St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church. Home dinner, with Anne. Rested till 4.15. Anne out at 4 till 9. I got my “tea”. Then walked to Cemetery (Highgate). Saw Faraday graves and Jeanie’s. Home. Got supper for self. Read. To bed 9.30.

michael faraday grave

Monday 21st September 1925

Showery, warm.
Did housework. Out for marketing. Christina came in at 12.15. Had lunch together. I packed and away at 2.30. To 21 Oxford Terrace. Out and phoned Alys. Straight off to 47 Hampstead Way. Alys out at Helen’s. Eva in bed with spots. Tea with her. Dinner. Faust (Gounod’s) on wireless, and Mink in evening. Slept there.

Tuesday 22nd September 1925

With Dennis to Baker Street. Home to Oxford Terrace. Wrote and arranged things. Lunch from C’s – rabbit, apples. Out to Lab and to Bourne and Hollingsworth with stockings. Tube to Golders Green. Tea in Eva’s bedroom with Alys and Eva. Both maids out at Wembley. Alys cooked supper (chou-fleur au gratins). Had it in kitchen. To bed about 10.15. Dennis out with Jack at Wireless Exhibition.

Wednesday 23rd September 1925

Sat with Eva. Alys out with Dennis. Then helped Alys write to Miss Perry that Eva not going back yet. I to 26 Compayne Gardens. On to see Mr Eden. Two Care Committee calls. Lunch at Williamson’s. Home. Rested. Tea. Dinner. Sewed and listened-in. Bath.

Thursday 24th September 1925

Ironed green dress. Out at 12.15. Lunch Selfridge’s counter. Bought present Tades and sent off from Selfridge’s. Home. Rested, and sewed (machine) blue jean knickers. Alys and Eva to dinner. (Fire in terrace). Fire in my room. Looked at Jack’s photos and my Clapham papers all evening. Dennis at 10.15.

Friday 25th September 1925

Fine, then rain.
Took lining out of fur-coat. Out to Cozens and lunch at Lyon’s, Marble Arch. Walked to Mealand’s. Bought Batik set for Eva. Walked home. Rested. Sewed fur-coat hem. Walked to Randolph Road. Called on Mrs Andrew Reid; on to Nell Sime. Tea with her. Bus home. Dinner. Did lining, domette, to fur coat all evening and listened in.

Saturday 26th September 1925

Showery. Gale.
Ironed silk for coat lining. Out to Hampstead. Called on Elsa. Out but met her. Walked to 47 Hampstead Way. Lunch with Alys and Eva. Sat and sewed in p.m. Tea. Walked to Golders Green with Alys and Eva. Bus to West Hampstead, another one home. Did coat lining all evening. Pagliacci on wireless. To bed 11.

23rd Holeproof stockings to Bourne and Hollingsworth
Eva to school 24th?
Present for Anne Hattersley – box soap.

Sunday 27th September 1925

Fine day.
Bath then breakfast. Clean sheets and sewing. Walked to 6 Elm Park Road and lunch with Polly and Dorothy. Talked to Dorothy till teatime. Mr Coles to tea. Maps of B’s tour. I walked to Knightsbridge. Tube to Elsa’s. Supper there. Alan too. Left at 10. Farewell to Max before he goes to America.

Monday 28th September 1925

Washing and sewed fur coat lining. Alys in for 20 minutes. Had lunch in at 1.40. Out at 3. Walked via Kardomah to Westminster. Sat in Abbey. To County Hall 5 p.m. Meeting. Jamaicans there. To English Speaking Union after. Ate sandwiches on Embankment. Wrote E.P. Home at 9.15. Listened-in till 11 in bed.

Tuesday 29th September 1925

Very warm and dull. Muggy.
Sewed coat. Out to Selfridge’s bar to lunch. Back slowly via York Street with letter for landlord. Kitty came at 3 and talked and stayed to tea. With her to Paddington. Walked to Helen’s. Alys and Eva there with Tony. Home 7.30.

Wednesday 30th September 1925

Very warm – 70 degrees.
Busy indoors cleaning up. Dorothy Barbarnd came at 1. Talked, lunch. Away together at 2.45. I to meet Alys and Eva at Shoolbred’s Mannequin show. Alys to Iris Harmar to tea at Hospital. Met us after. They home (and Willis’es to supper and night). I to English Speaking Union. Then walked to Fleming’s, Oxford Street. Supper there. Bus home 9. To bed. Listened-in.

Thursday 1st October 1925

Very warm. Slight sun. 70 degrees.
Sewed and washed htings. Out at 1 to Wallace Collection. Ate lunch there, and stayed till 2.45. Met Alys and Eva at Portman Rooms. Lonza’s Mannequin Show. To shops, C&A, with Alys and Eva to look for coat for Alys. To Lab. Then I home 7. Dinner. Altered black frocks. To bed 8.15. Listened-in or read till 10.20.

Friday 2nd October 1925

Warm, dull.
Ironed frocks. Out at 1. Walked to English Speaking Union. Lunch there. Sat till 3.15. Walked to Byron House, St James Street.   To Private View of Treasure Island. Max and Mr Bernard and Sir Owen Williams there and Major. Alys came. She and I to shops and then home. 48 bus. I rested felt coldy all evening. Dinner Sewed and listened-in. To bed 10.

Saturday 3rd October 1925

Warm and fine.
Marjory Leggett and Molly called 10.10. Packed suitcase. Lunch. Bus to Kensington. Badminton. Alys, Dennis and Eva. Mr Leggett too. Jolly. Hot. Home in car, and called for suitcase. To Elsa’s for weekend as Max to America. Dinner. Talked. To bed 10.

3rd Chris goes away.
28th – 5 p.m. County Hall
29th Christina to tea 4 p.m.
Max on Mauretania – 3rd – 8.40.

Sunday 4th October 1925

Warm, dull, rain in p.m.
Greenwich Time again. Clocks back 1 hour. Bath and up at 9. Breakfast with Elsa. Both walked to Alys with Jerry. Sat there, Laughton’s in. Walked home to dinner 1. Rested all p.m. Tea 4.30. Mrs Olive Jourdain called, and stayed to supper. Servants out. To bed 9.50.

Monday 5th October 1925

Hot, fine, misty.
Breakfast 8.15. Did Jerry (Elsa did) in garden with ointment. I away at 10. Home by Finchley Road. Out at 11.45. Lunch in Park. Read. Walked to Lafayette’s. Phoned Alys. Walked to Bond Street. Bus home. Rested. Alys and Eva came in at 5.30 from Souttar’s. Dennis called at 7.40 for them. I dinner and to bed.

Tuesday 6th October 1925

Warm. Foggy.
Unwell. Phoned Cootie 9.30. Cyrus phoned me at 11. Stayed in and rested. Lunch in. Rested again. Out to tea with Cootie at 4. Home. Dressed. Cyrus rang at 7.10. I out in taxi to Claridge’s. Dined and evening there with Cyrus. Piano. He brought me home in taxi at 11.

Wednesday 7th October 1925

Cooler, grey.
Out to Gospel Oak. Meeting 10 a.m. Mansfield Road School. Bus to Oxford Street. Looked at shops and to Bond Street, Chappell’s. To English Speaking Union for lunch. Rested home. Rested on bed and slept. Listened-in all evening and knitted. Bath at 9.40.

Thursday 8th October 1925

Cold. Fairish.
Out at 9.30. To Care Committee meeting 10.30 at Netherwood Street. Bus to Piccadilly. Lunch at Egnlish Speaking Union. To Garrick Theatre – pit at 1.35. Stood till 2.30. Ruth Draper’s Recital 3 – 5. Very good indeed. Home. Rested. Dined. Letter from E.P. To bed 9.40.

ruth draper
Ruth Draper (1884 – 956) was an American actress, dramatist and noted diseuse who specialized in character-driven monologues and monodrama.

Friday 9th October 1925

Cold. Fine.
Out to buy wool for David Leggett’s coat. Home. Up to Golders Green at 12. Bank. To Alys’. Lunch. Did Batik work with Eva. Alys took Eva to meet Jack Willis, Criterion for the “Dansant”. Alys back. Tea with me 47 Hampstead Way. Jack back with Eva for supper 6.45. Dennis home 8. Knitted all evening and wireless. To bed 11.

Saturday 10th October 1925

Cold. Fine.
I with Dennis early to 21 Oxford Terrace. Packed suitcase. Wrote E.P. Lunch. To Badminton 2.45. Dorothy came as my guest. Alys and Eva (not Dennis). I away at 5 to Euston. To King’s Langley 6.7. Kit met me in car. Barbara a cold and in bed. Nice dinner and evening. To bed 10.15.

Medical Inspection 12th
Care Committee 8th – 10.30

Managers Meeting 7th
Letter from E.P. 8th.

Letter from E.P. 10th

Sunday 11th October 1925

Fine, lovely day.
Out for lovely walk with Kit. Called on Cousins Mary and Jeanie. Dinner 1 o’clock. Barbara upstairs all day. Rest and slept in p.m. Tea. Talked. Read “The Constant Nymph” Margaret Kennedy. Supper. Kit made omelette. To bed 10.10.

Monday 12th October 1925

Kit motored me to station. 9.50 to Euston. Home. Out. Lunch at Williamson’s. Walked to Kilburn. Medical Inspection. 2 till nearly 4. Kingsgate Road. Home. Lighted fire and washed head. Dinner from C’s. Nice evening, knitting and wireless by fire.

Tuesday 13th October 1925

Dull, some rain.
In all a.m. Sewed blue dress and wrote Celanese and out at 12.30 to Lyons’ for lunch. On to Lafayette’s. Phoned Alys. Up to Golders Green. Alys met me. To Bank. Tea with Alys and Eva. Home at 6.30. Did own supper, as Mrs C. ill. Knitted and listened-in. Letter from Cyrus.

Wednesday 14th October 1925

Fine and very cold.
Phone from Cyrus. I up to Chalk Farm School and then Northcourt. On to Alys (she and Eva out). Had lunch there. Home. Alys came and changed clothes. Both out. She to meet Mrs Renton. I to Chappell’s, Kardomah and Savoy. Had hair cut by Bub. Then to English Speaking Union. Then to 6 Elm Park Road. Supper with Dorothy. Home at 11.

Thursday 15th October 1925

Very fine, cold.
Alys not well. Tades postponed. I went up to Golders Green. Took Eva to 26 Compayne to lunch. Then Josephine, Pamela, Eva and I to Ruth Draper at Garrick Theatre. Eva and I had sandwiches at Lyons and home, via shops. Alys in bed. Dennis home, dined and to bed at 9. I with Eva in drawing-room. To bed at 47 Hampstead Way 10.30.

Friday 16th October 1925

Dull, muddy, rain.
Alys in bed to breakfast but much better. With Dennis in car to 21 Oxford Terrace. Out to English Speaking Union to lunch. At 3 in Whitehall, saw Prince of Wales (and King) returned from African and South American Tour. Cheers in the rain. To County Hall. Meeting 3.30. Tea with E.M.M. at Lyon’s. I walked all way home. Arrived 6.15. Rested. Dinner. Wireless. Noises.

1925 wembley exhibition

Saturday 17th October 1925

Fineish, warm and windy.
Out and bought jumper at Penberthy’s and to Chappell’s. Bus both ways. Alys and Eva to lunch. Alys rested all p.m. at my rooms. Eva and I to Badminton. Mrs Russell Smith as guest. All back in car, calling for Alys. Dinner from C’s and knitted and listened-in.

Tades to Alys 15th
October 12th Medical Inspection
16th – County Hall 3.30.
17th – Christina Barnard returns.
Letter to E.P. 12th.
15th To lunch Compayne with Eva and to Bub 5 p.m. 14th.
Ruth Draper 3.
14th To Barnard’s to supper.

Sunday 18th October 1925

Rain then fine.
(Embleton’s to see Phil).  Milk horrid. Read Tolstoi’s War and Peace. Slowly got up. Washed stockings. Wade came to dinner. Both to Albert Hall after to hear Heifetz. Then to Euston and I to Vernor Miles to call. Tea. To Elsa’s at 6.30. Supper. Mr Mew (Battersea Enamels) there and Adrian to supper. Alan before. Home at 10.50.

Monday 19th October 1925

Dull, rain later.
Alys phoned. Met her at Selfridge’s and walked to Piccadilly together. To Alpine Sports place to book for Eva. Back via Allenbury’s and beads (Darnley’s, Princes Street). I lunch at Weymouth Street Restaurant. Alys home. To Netherwood Street – Medical Inspection all p.m. (for Josephine). Home to tea. Rest, slept. Dinner from C’s and listened-in and knitted till 10.30.

Tuesday 20th October 1925

Rainy, warm.
In all a.m. doing shoes with Mink’s stuff. Lunch in my room. Out at 1 to English Speaking Union. Read there till 3.15. Walked to Euston. To Belsize. To Mrs Styer’s. tea with her and Daphne Eva, Vera’s baby. 5 months 1 week. Stayed till 6.30. Home. Dinner from C’s. Listened in and knitted. To bed, bath at 19. Read till 11.

Wednesday 21st October 1925

Dull. Rain in evening. 60 – 70 degrees.
Phone calls. Stayed in all a.m. doing odd jobs. Dorothy to lunch. Out at 2.45 to pay calls in Kilburn. Dreary. On to Alys’. Tades there. Helped with Eva’s sewing all evening. Stayed dinner. Home at 11. Wrote.

Thursday 22nd October 1925

Very showery with gale. Mild.
Took 10.30 train Marylebone to Denham Golf Club. Spent day at Slade Oak with Marjory Leggett. David and Bruin and Buster. Lunch and tea. Home by 5.25. Arrived Marylebone 6.30 Dinner from C’s. Hot bath.

Friday 23rd October 1925

Showery but not bad.
Kitty phoned. Out to meet her at Ernest Young’s, 24 Wimpole Street (stomach pump). With her to Debenham’s and Hamley’s. Back to Dr Young’s. Home and she lunched with me. Away 2.30. I out. Back and Auntie Katie and Mary Serpell to tea. Quiet evening. Listening and knitting.

Saturday 24th October 1925

Out to 6 Vereker Road. Saw Chandler. Back to English Speaking Union. Ate lunch there, and then to Badminton. Alys and Mrs Russell Smith. Dennis Embleton only at 5.45 to fetch us. Home to dinner and quiet evening.

Eva to school.
18th Wade to dinner.
18th to Elsa’s supper?
19th Medical Inspection, Netherwood.
To Leggett’s 22nd – Denham Golf Course – Marylebone 10.30.
20th Mrs Styer (to tea with her)
23rd Aunt Kate?

Sunday 25th October 1925

Fine day, lovely.
Did some dressmaking on velvet dress. Dinner from C’s at 1.45. Up to 47 Hampstead Way to tea and supper and night. Tades there. Laughton and Kingdon-Ward (me: Francis Kingdon-Ward, botanist, explorer, plant collector and author) called and Mink after supper.

Monday 26th October 1925

Dull. Damp.
Dennis Embleton took me home. Did velvet jumper and out for locksmith. Lunch from C’s. Steak. Out at 2.15. Walked to Kardomah. On to English Speaking Union. Wet at 4.30 to County Hall. Meeting till 6.30. To English Speaking Union. Ate supper there. By tube to Golders Green at 8.15. Consulted Dennis about Chandler. Stayed on .Wireless till 11. To bed there.

Tuesday 27th October 1925

Fine day.
Did my scarf. Batik. Out with Alys to shops and back. Lunch at 47. Alys and Tades to Uncle Charley in p.m. I home. Miss Chandler and Miss Simmonds to tea. At 6.10 I to Helen’s. Put Tony to bed, bath. Helen seeing Ena off to South Africa. Home 8.30 to dinner. Bath.

Wednesday 28th October 1925

Very fine, sunny.
Phoned Dorothy Barnard and met her 11.30 at South Kensington. To Kew Gardens together, etc. Lunch outdoors. All over, feeding ducks, geese, sparrows. Home to 6 Elm Park Road at 5. Tea there. Reine Pitman there, Polly ankle. Home at 7.25. Dinner from C’s. Listened in and read “Anne’s an Idiot”.

Thursday 29th October 1925

Sewing. To Alys to lunch and Tades. At 3 o’clock to Mansfield Road School and at 4 to tea with Christina. On at 5.30 to Eustace Miles’ lecture on eczema. Home to dinner and listened in – Round the Stations in Europe. Wrote Jack and Eckersley.

Friday 30th October 1925

Fine. Mild.
To 18 Langham Street. Talked to Tades in Miss Warren’s Nursing Home 10.1 till 11.15. She was operated on by Fagg at 11.15. To 24 Wimple Street. Met Alys and Kitty. Back to Tades with Alys. To Army and Navy. Lunch there. To Gamage’s and Vogue. Tea at Peter Robinsons’s. To Tades. Home to 47 Hampstead Way. Dined with Alys and Dennis and slept there. Puppy!

Saturday 31st October 1925

With Dennis in car to 21 Oxford Terrace. Out to see Tades. Stayed till 12.30. On to Leicester Gallery. Bland’s Private View. Lunch at English Speaking Union. On to Badminton. Dorothy came. Dennis and Alys for one sett, and then to fetch Tades home. Mrs Russell Smith took me home. Dinner from C’s. To bed, after reading “Anne’s an Idiot”. By Pamela Wyson.

County Hall 26th 5 p.m.
Call on Christina 29th and to Mansfield Road School.
Eustace on Eczema 6.15 29th
27th Mrs Simmonds and Chandler.

Monday 1st November 1925

Fine, then rain.
Did some washing. Got up late. Dinner (curry) at 1.45. Rested a little. Wrote E. P. Up to 47 Hampstead Way at 4.30. Dorothy Barnard there to tea. Dennis out. Stayed on till night, as it rained hard. Dennis soldering all evening. To bed 10.45.

Tuesday 2nd November 1925

Very fine. Mild.
Phoned Nell Sime. Dennis took me back in car. Washed gloves. Lunch from C’s. Rested all p.m. Slept, on bed. Cake. Read Tolstoi. Out at 6.30 to Barnard’s. To supper for Dorothy Barnard’s birthday. Talked, knitted. Home at 11.

Wednesday 3rd November 1925

Mild. Showery.
Out twice to Selfridge’s sale. Back at 1 and Nell Sime came to lunch. With her at 3 to Mr Robert King’s lecture at Eustace Miles Restaurant. “Death and After”. Tea with Nell and Saida there. Home. Dinner from C’s. Cut out grey crêpe de chine sleeves and machined them. To bed.

Thursday 4th November 1925

In all a.m. ironing and sewing. Out; lunch on way and walked to Kingsgate Road. Medical Inspeciton at 2 till 4. Back and Christina to tea. Quiet evening. Sewing and listening-in.

Friday 5th November 1925

Heavy showers.
Sewed. Then to Miss Warrens for Tades; things. On by tube to Alys’. Lunch there. Helped her with dresses in p.m. Stayed tea. Helen and Tony to tea there. I home and went on sewing after; dinner, sewed. Charliapine on wireless. Lovely.

Saturday 7th November 1925

Dull, showers.

Breakfast alone. Elsa in bed. Wrote Sissie. Elsa down and out; I stayed in and read all a.m. Lunch, with Elsa. I out to meet Alys and both to Badminton. Jolly. Wore green and hat. Home to Elsa’s. Bath. Keith Murray to dinner 7.30. Talked. He left about 10.30.

4th – Medical Inspection.
Kingsgate Road 2 p.m.
2nd – Dorothy Barnard’s birthday. Chaliapine 3rd Coué – 1st.
Wrote E.P. – 1st
Cyrus – 2nd

6th – to Elsa’s teatime till 9th
4th – Christina to tea 4.30. Kitty in a.m.

Sunday 8th November 1925

Very cold and windy.

Out with Elsa and Jerry on heath. Walked to 47 Hampstead Way. Sat there. Walked home to lunch and I rested in drawingroom all p.m. Tea. Read Tony’s essays. Mr and Mrs George Sheringham and Mr Mew to supper and until 11.35!

Monday 9th November 1925

Very fine – cold.
At 10.20 I home to 21 Oxford Terrace. Did washing and then out to Lafayette’s, ate Eustace Miles’ biscuits. Wrote to Wade. To Eclectic Club, 42 Jermyn Street – Lecture by Neale on Auras. Nell and Mina and Saida there. Tea there. Home. Dinner. Baldwin’s speech at Guildhall and George Graves.

Tuesday 10th November 1925

Very cold. Showers.
Out to shops in a.m. Looking for bedspread, dress, etc. Lunch en route. Met Alys at Selfridge’s. To Marshall’s with her. I bought evening dress in hurry and on to Lecture by R. King at Eustace Miles’ Restaurant. Alys met Jack Willis. Thé dansant, Criterion. I to tea 5 with Tades and stayed dinner and night at Hampstead Way. Jack back to dinner. Dennis out.

Wednesday 11th November 1925

Showers. Cold. Dull some sun.
BakI with Dennis in car to Baker Street. Home. Out on top of bus to Piccadilly – 2 minutes silence there. Walked to Heal’s, Shoolbred’s, Mapel’s. Then bus to Liberty’s. Bought bedspread. To English Speaking Union. Lunch there. To Page Memorial Lecture by Fisher. H. A. L., Lloyd-George in chair. Home to dinner. Out to Albert Hall. Service 8.30. Sheppard. Thousands there.

Thursday 12th November 1925

Cold. Fine.
To visit in Kingsgate Road and Eresby. Care Council Meeting at 10.30 till 12.15 . To shops with candle, for electrification. Lunch at Carraway’s. Home. Long rest and sleep. Fire. Very busy in evening with chiffon velvet frock, and listening in Baldwin. To bed 10.30.

Friday 13th November 1925

Cold. Dull.
Busy sewing, ironing. Met Sissie at Dog’s Home – Taylor Lane, Willesden 11.30. Abortive. To shops (ate Eustace Miles’ biscuits) and bought stuffs. Home, busy making sleeves all p.m. Dennis and Alys in, in evening. Alys had seen Tades off to Broadway.

Saturday 14th November 1925

Foggy. Cold then clear.
Very busy with sewing. Out to Chappell’s at 12 and English Speaking Union and on to 6 Elm Park Road. Lunch there. At 2.45 on by 31 to Badminton. Good. Home by car with Dennis and Alys. Dressed and out to Styer’s to dinner 8.30 to meet Lord Askwith. Very interesting. Came home in his Napier car all the way 10.45.

10th – lecture.
19th 47 Hampstead Way to tea.
Eustace on the feet.
11th Page lecture
13th with Sissie Dogs Home 11.30.
14th Lunch F.B’s. 1 o’clock. Styer’s 7.30.
15th – C.H.W. 1 to Nell’s to tea. To Ayrton’s to supper.

Sunday 15th November 1925

Fine. Cold.
Very busy all day sweing black velvet dress. Wade to dinner 1.30. Out at 4.20 to tea at Nell Sime’s. Jim, Mina and Saida and Tod Huxtable there. To supper at Esla’s. Alan there. Max back from America. Home about 10.20.

Monday 16th November 1925

Fine. Cold.
Out to meet Alys at Thew’s at 10.40. On to shops with her to choose stuffs. Army and Navy, Lafayette. Lunch at English Speaking Union. Gamage’s. Then home and had coffee. Sewed and Alys cut out dress. Dennis at 7.40. Dinner, curry. Dennis did my wireless. Then went at 10.30.

Tuesday 17th November 1925

Fine, windy.
Out across Parks to meet Elsa at English Woman’s Exhibition, Westminster. Home at 1.30. Lunch from C’s – hash and egg. Arranged divan and cushions. Alys came, and together to call on Manisty’s. Home to 47 Hampstead Way and I stayed dinner and night. Dennis out; Mink in. To bed 11.

Wednesday 18th November 1925

Fine. Cold.
Washed curtains. With Dennis and Alys in car; home. Out at once with barbola to Mrs Austin Brown. Macrae Gallery. On to a Lyons in Oxford Street for lunch, and home via Selfridge’s. Then sewed and had tea at 7 to Susie Ziler’s for dinner. Away about 10. Tired.

Death of Queen Alexandra – 20th

Thursday 19th November 1925

Dull. Clear. Milder.
Washed another pair curtains. Out to meet Alys in Evan’s. With her to shops. Lunch Lyons and to English Speaking Union. Coffee there at 3.30. Read and rested there. To Eustace’s lecture on Personality 6.15 – 7.30. I home at 8 for dinner. Alys to Lab. Wrote E.P. in evening. Bath.

Friday 20th November 1925

Busy changing room. Out to Tottenham Court for galoshes and walked to Lyons. Had lunch. On to Piccadilly for coffee and Bond Street for cheese. Home. Did various jobs. Out at 4.30 to Royal Society of Medicine to hear “Model Abattoir Association” speech by Dr Howarth, Medical Officer for London. Sir James Crichton-Browne in chair (whiskers). Home to dinner.

Saturday 21st November 1925

Out to buy rolls. Back. Lunch from C’s. Out to Badminton. Dorothy and Magdalen and Michael Harrison as guests. I hostess as Mrs Manisty away. Poured out. Home. Dressed, laid table. At 7 came Max and Elsa and Keith Murray. Dinner. In car at 8.15 to Strand Theatre to see Chauve-Souris. Balieff. They drove me home.

chauve souris

19th Eustace on personality.
21st Ayrtons and Keith Murray to dine 7 o’clock.
Chauve-Souris after
Wednesday 18th – dinner Zileri
Wrote E.P. 19th
16th Meet Alys at Thew’s 10.40.

22nd to lunch at Baxter’s 1 o’clock.

Sunday 22nd November 1925

Dull. Milder.
Stayed in bed till 11.20. Up and washed wine-glasses. Out at 12.30 to lunch at Baxter’s. Captain Cass, blind, there. Wandered about and sat Kensington Gardens. Called at 4.10 on Adine Sime. Walked home. Out to supper 7 at Charlie and Enie Buchanan’s. White there. Stayed till nearly 10. Bad night – pain and eczema.

Monday 23rd November 1925

Cold. Dull.
In all a.m. Did various odd jobs. Had lunch – bread and cheese. Out at 1.15 to Marble Arch and to cinema. Valentino “The Eagle”. Walked on to County Hall 5. Meeting. Dr spoke very well on Hygiene of food and drink. Home dinner. Listened in “Cecil Sharpe”. Plunket Greene. To bed early. Eczema.

Tuesday 24th November 1925

Cold. Fine.
Kit came at 11. Sat by fire. Out to garage car and then to lunch at Lyons and to English Speaking Union. Sat on window-seat and had coffees. To King’s lecture – Astral Body. Nell and Saida. All had tea after. Home, rested. Dinner. Out to Princes’ Theatre to see “White Cargo”. Bad and very queer audience. Amusing tho’; Kit slept in my room. I on floor. Bad pains.

white cargo

Wednesday 25th November 1925

Very fine and cold.
Kit and I breakfast from C’s. Sat by fire. Then to Bourne and Hollingworth and Evan’s. Kit to St Mary’s Hospital. I home. She back at 11.45. Both in her car to Golders Green. Alys in and to shops. Kit home, via Hendon. I back with Alys and had lunch there. Laughton’s in car at 3.30 and took Alys to Renton’s for dance at Dartford. Dropped me Regents Park. I home. Tea by fire. Quiet evening. Reading and listening. Some pain but good night.

27th Queen Alexandra’s funeral – Snowy and freezing.

Thursday 26th November 1925

Fine. Very cold.
Up late-ish. Out to buy bread. To 26 Compayne to lunch meeting Mrs Bowlby and sister-in-law. On with Ethel and Pamela to Eustace Miles’ to Social Tea and lecture on diets of all nations. To English Speaking Union and then home to dinner. Early to bed.

Friday 28th November 1925

Very cold. Fine.
Stayed till 10.30. Then with Alys to Baker Street. She lunched with Barnard’s. I home. Sandwich lunch at Paddington Station and on to Badminton. Fun. Dennis didn’t come at all. Alys and I in bus home (and to Lab she). Dinner, fires. Listened-in. To bed early.

23rd County Hall
27th Town Hall Hamp. 5.30.
24th Kit up for day and night.
22nd Charlie Buchanan
26th Social Tea 3.45 – 7 o’clock.
Diets of different nations
Wrote E.P. 25th

Sunday 29th November 1925

Fine and cold.
Washed head and stayed late in bed. C.H.W. to dinner 1.30. Both to English Speaking Union and tea there. Parted. I to St Martin’s Church and lecture till 8. Home. Cheese supper and to bed 9.15. Read and wireless.

Monday 30th November 1925

Fine, not quite so cold.
Up, did washing, sewed petticoat. Out to Evans’, Debenham’s, Chappell’s. Ate lunch en route. Home and took barbola things to P.D.S.A. for Fair (14 Clifford Street). To Lewis’. Home. Tea. Slept on bed till 6.35. Wrote “Busy” in Paris. Dinner and to bed early.

Tuesday 1st December 1925

Very cold.
Up to North Court Hospital for sale of work. Walked to Kilburn and paid visits. Lunch at Pritchard’s, Kilburn. Bus to Marshall’s. To Mayfair Club, Bruton Street. P.D.S.A. Fair. On to Eustace Miles Restaurant. Lecture by King. Occult training. Home. Tea. Bus and tram to Golders Green. Dinner with Alys. She to see “Saint Joan” with Mink at Golders Green Hippodrome. I with Brent. Dennis in at 11.15. Alys at 11.45. Slept at Golders Green.

golders green hippodrome

Wednesday 2nd December 1925

Very cold. Fine.
With Dennis in car via Elsa’s to North Court. Manager’s meeting – 10. On via Compayne to Health Institute. Back by 28 to Alys. Helped with her dresses and stayed lunch and tea there. Home at 7.15. Alys to Lab to Dennis. Dinner, soup from C’s. Wrote in evening.

Thursday 3rd December 1925

Cold. Dark.
Walked via Chappell’s and Lafayette. Phoned Faraday’s. To English Speaking Union. Wrote Elsa. By tube to Chalk Farm School. Long visit. Walked on to Mansfield Road School. Long visit. Watched “Cinderella”. Called on Christina. Mrs McCleod there. Home. Fire. Easy evening and dinner. Wireless and did jumper and Eden Reports.

Friday 4th December 1925

Black fog all day. Cold.
In bed till 1015. Up. Various washing of stockings. Out to Wigmore Stret and met Knoblock (Gertrude!) She took me home to lunch. Fun. Read me her two stories. Left at 3. Home. Fire. Nice evening by fire quietly, and dinner.

Saturday 5th December 1925

Fine. Cold.
In till 1 and then to Paddington. Lunch there. Train to Badminton. Alys and Dennis came at 4.15 or so and Dorothy came at 3. Home with her to Chelsea for supper and spent night. Polly at Sopley.

2nd Managers Meeting
1st Northcourt 10 to 3.15.
3rd Eustace
Supper at Phil Sime’s 6th 7.30.
1st P.D.S.A.
5th weekend at Barnard’s.

Sunday 6th December 1925

Perfect day.
Out at 10.30. Over to Golders Green to 47 Hampstead Way. At about 12 Dennis, Alys and Mink and I in car to Ruislip reservoir. Glorious skating on 12 acres of ice. Lunch on bank in sunshine. Home. Fog patches. From Golders Green by tube to South Kensington. 6 Elm Park Road. Dressed in 10 minutes and by 7.30 at Phil Sime’s to supper. Home at 10 to 6 Elm Park Road.

Monday 7th December 1925

Milder. Thaw.
Breakfast 8.45. Packed and over home to 21 Oxford Terrace. Met Kit on doorstep. With her to Paddington. She to Bristol. I to Charing Cross. Met Lois there at 1. Lunch at Chinese Restaurant. To Vincent Square Handicraft Show together. Home by tube. To Alys’. Dinner. Mink in. Slept there.

Tuesday 8th December 1925

Dull and very muddy.
Busy all a.m. helping Alys with sewing frocks. Lunch. I to Queen’s Hall, met Wade and Aldridge blind boy. Academy Students concert. Tea there after. Home. Fire. Dinner and read quietly.

Wednesday 9th December 1925

Fine. Muddy.
Quiet a.m. at home. Looking out pieces in trunk. Out at 12.30 to Marshall’s, Bumpus, Chappell’s. Ate lunch at English Speaking Union. To Shelley House, Mrs St John Hornby’s. Show of needlework lent by Mrs Day 2/6 for Y.W.C.A. Tea with Polly and Dorothy there. Home. Alys came and sewed. Dennis too and they dined, curry, with me. Alys coldy. F.F.B. rang up.

Thursday 10th December 1925

Cold. Fine.
Paid calls in Kilburn at 10. To Care Committee Meeting 10.30 till 12. To Mrs Coles’. Walked to Nell’s. Lunch with her. To Social Tea Eustace Miles and lecture on Memory. Nell too. Home 6. Dressed very quickly. at 6.50 came Mr Baxter in Fiat car. To Albemarle Club with him. Nice dinner. On to Royalty to see “Juno and the Paycock” by Seán O’Casey, (bricklayer). Good. Tragic. Home.

Friday 11th December 1925

Perfect day. Cooler.
Phoned Dennis. Heard Alys sick all yesterday. To Kilburn. Took Letty Coles to Clinic. On to Golders Green. With Alys. Lunch there. At 2 to Kilburn, called for shoes. Home. On again to Peter Robinson’s and to see Armstrong’s watercolours – Claridge Gallery. To Kardomah. Home by bus. Fire and read and wrote E.P. Dinner.

Saturday 12th December 1925

Dull. Cold.
Did washing gloves. Out for bread. Parcel to Mrs Wills – Fur-coat (short) and brown and white jumper. To Bumpus’ and Chappell’s. Lunch at English Speaking Union. Read there until 2.30. To Badminton. 13 there. Home by 27. Alys and Dennis to Cox’s for weekend, not to Badminton. Home to dinner and say by fire. C’s to Payling concert.


M.I. – 14th 2 p.m.
6th Supper at Simes’
9th Mrs Hornby’s 2.30.
Care Committee 10th 1.30.
Bad Memory – Eustace – December 10th Lunch at Nell.
8th to Queen’s Hall. C.H.W. 2.30 for 3.
Wrote E.P. 11th
Charlie Bachs 9th – dinner.
Lois 7 p.m. 12.45 Charing Cross
Faraday’s supper – 13th. To Sissie for tea.

Sunday 13th December 1925

Fine. Cold.
Changed sheets. Washed gloves. Dinner from C’s at 1.50. At 3 to Golders Green and tea with Sissie; on at 7 to Faraday. Eric back (on leave from Ceylon). Nice evening; laughter songs from Beggar’s Opera. Eric clarinet.

Monday 14th December 1925

Fine. Cold.
Out to shops. Took watch to be cleaned. Bus to Brondesbury. Train to Gospel Oak. Visited Myopic School. To Christina’s. Ate sandwiches with Chris. To Kingsgate Road School at 2-4 for Medical Inspection. Home. Tea. Wrote Ella. Curry and grapefruit. Belle of York on radio.

Tuesday 15th December 1925

Dull. Cold. Some snow.
Out to C.H.W.’s with parcel To Dennis’ Lab. Lunch there. To Dental Hospital, Great Portland Street. Bus to Piccadilly. Swan and Edgar’s for iron. To Army and Navy Stores for carvers and pats. Bus to Kilburn. Called on the Vallard’s. 28 to Golders Green to Alys. Dennis home at 7.45. Dined and slept. To bed 12.35 as Radio Revels Foreign programme.

Wednesday 16th December 1925

Dull. Warmer in p.m.
Played with Brent. At 11 Alys and I tube to town. To Savoy. Bub did my hair 12 till 1 or past. We lunched at English Speaking Union. Bus to Evans’ and Bond Street, Woolworth’s and Selfridge’s. I home, at tea, and lighted fire. Alys to tea at Helen’s. I had dinner by fire and wrote Aunt Bella.

Thursday 17th December 1925

Dull, mildish.
Not out till 12.30. Then to shops and lunch at Paddington and to Smith’s and ordered notepaper stamped and to Miss Boyd at 48 Queen’s Gardens. Home and rested on bed (unwell). Up at 6 and to 6 Elm Park Road to supper 6.45 and to Dorothy Barnard’s Handel Society concert in Harrison’s car at 7.30 for 8. Magdalen and Michael too. I home by underground at 10.20.

Friday 18th December 1925

Dull. Milder.
Off to Waterloo and met Eva from Sherborne at 11.15. Alys and Dennis and Phil (met at Victoria 11.20) came for us. All home in car. Lunch there. I with Dennis in car to Baker Stree. To Army and Navy Stores. To F.F. Baxter’s studio, 11A Douro Street, Victoria Road. Home to tea with him. Then home by 27. Laid table. Paul Faraday to dinner. Stayed till 11.20!

Saturday 19th December 1925

To Bumpus’ in a.m. To English Speaking Union . Lunch there. To Badminton. Alys, Dennis, Eva and Phil all came. I stiff, with my fall yesterday. Home in car. Dinner. Wrote. And to bed. Hot bath.

14th Medical Inspection.
Kingsgate Road 2 p.m.
18th To F.F. Baxter’s 3.
17th Dorothy Barnard’s Handel Society evening.
18th meet Eva. Paul to dine 7.30.
15th To Alys till Wednesday
16th Bub 12 o’clock.

Sunday 20th December 1925

In bed late. Then sewed or rather arranged trimming on evening dress – mauve – Parma. Up to Alys’ to dinner 1. Eva and Dennis to Willis’ with Brent. Alys and I sewed Phil played trains upstairs. Eva and Dennis back at 5.30. Wireless and tango lessons. I home at 10 or 10.15.

Monday 21st December 1925

Did evening dress. In all a.m. and ate lunch in room. Out at 1.20. To Straker’s. Bought presents. Home and packed them up and posted to Helen. To Selfridge’s. Dreadully full. Called on Miss Selous in p.m. By 28 bus straight to Alys’ and stayed there. Sewing. Mink in.

Tuesday 22nd December 1925

Rain. Raw.
With Dennis and Eva in car to Kate Collins’, Wigmore Street. Eva had hair cut and washed and set. On to shops, Burlington Arcade, Lillywhite’s. Home to lunch at 1.35. All p.m. packing (Alys) and odd sewing jobs. Dennis back 8.10. Wireless and he read Argonauts aloud. To bed 11.

Wednesday 23rd December 1925

Frosty and fine.
To shops at Golders Green with Alys and Eva. Dennis to town 11 – 12.45. Lunch 1. I to Bank with Dennis to take silver. Odd jobs. I away (and home at 3). Embleton’s all to Victoria by 3.30 train – Dover for Wengen (Belvedere Hotel) (arrive tomorrow 3). I rested. Dined, and say by fire. To bed 10.30. Harry Lauder on radio.

Thursday 24th December 1925

Fine. Cold.
Out to post office and shop. Lighted fire and sewed beadtrimming on parma dress. Lunch from C’s. Rested on hearth-rug. At 6.10 up to Ayrton’s. Dinner 7. Bell’s (3), Lloyd’s (3), Alan, a Miss Monkhouse, and Adrian and me. Tony in bed. Charades. “Baldwin” Knoblock. Home (with Alan to Baker Street) at 11.50 or about.

Friday 25th December 1925

Mild. Damp.
Up late. Wrote letters. Wade to dine with me at 1.45. Talked and listened-in to service at Canterbury Cathedral. At 4 I to 6 Elm Park Road. Tea with them. Taxi at 7.45. to Ginx Harrison’s, “Coley” too. Alma and Sylvia there. Dumb acrostics “Sweetheart”, “Henry Tonks”. Home about 11.45 in taxi. Slept at Chelsea.

Saturday 26th December 1925

Mild, damp.
Breakfast with Polly and Dorothy. Sat and talked till 11.15. Home. Rested on bed. Lunch from C’s. At 3 to Golders Green. To 47 Hampstead Way and got letters out. To Faraday’s to tea and supper. Charades. “Iron-age”, “Car-rot” and “Shoe-Horn” Laurie and Eric saw me to tram. Home about 12.

25th – with Poz and Doz to Harrison’s evening.
22nd 10 a.m. Eva’s hair.
25th C.H.W. to dine with me 1.30.
24th To Elsa’s 7 p.m.
23rd Embleton’s away to Wengen
21st and 22nd Embleton’s.
22nd North Court party 3.30 – 5.30.
21st Call on Miss Selous, 32 Westbury Gardens.
26th To Faraday’s tea and supper.

Sunday 27th December 1925

Damp. Some rain.
Up late; did washing. Felt sick, but ate pork for lunch (C’s). Wrote letters. Walked to St John’s Wood Road. Bus to Swiss Cottage. To 26 Compayne; tea and National Gallery game. Home by Edgware Road. Light supper in bedroom.

Monday 28th December 1925

Mild. Damp, rainy.
Did Baticolour and wrote. Out at 12.15. With Wade’s clock to little shop and Selfridge’s. To Chappell’s, To Magg’s (Conduit Street, Dobell’s) and lunch at Selfridge’s. 7 bus to Holborn – Gamage’s. Hamley’s, Batsford’s about old books. Home. Tea. Did baticolour. Sewed. Dined. To bed early. Listened in.

Tuesday 29th December 1925

Mild. Damp.
Off at 10.30 with Gruner book to Batsford’s by bus, no 8. Sold it for £2!!!! Walked home. Teeds came to lunch, and stayed till 4. Both of us to tea with Dorothy. I left at 6.50. Walked to Sloane Square. Bus to English Speaking Union. At 8 to St Martin’s; Canteen; had poached egg there. Home bus from Piccadilly.

Wednesday 30th December 1925

Gales and showers.
Out to shops. Lewis’ for silk. Lafeyette’s. Tube to Golders Green to Bank. To 47 Hampstead Way for letters. To Faraday’s with Lois’ bag. To Moir’s. Tea there. Home. Sewed Dutch hat lining all evening. Listened-in. Heath Robinson “lesson”. In bed 11.20.

Thursday 31st December 1925

Sewed. Kath Buchanan came at 12. Took her, via Selfridge’s to Regent Palace for lunch. National Gallery all p.m. English Speaking Union for tea. Euston at 5 p.m. Then to Wade’s for 45 minutes. Home. Dinner. Sewed new fur coat. To bed 10. Listened-in till 12.30. Berlin. Pittburgh. Colonel Horley in.

27th Supper at Faraday’s.
To Ayrton’s 3rd all day Sunday
29th Teeds to lunch
Embleton’s home January 7th Thursday.

Dr Cotton 17th century

My portion is not large indeed.
But then how little do I need?
For Nature’s calls are few.
In this the art of living lies.
To want no more than may suffice.
And make that little do.

Young lady of Dean
Whose musical sense was not keen.
She said it is odd
I cannot tell God,
Save the weasel from Pop goes the Queen.

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