1924 – Newcastle, London, Chale, Paris, Varenna, King’s Langley, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Winterton

In 1924, Edward is 48 years old, Kate is 45 years old and Alys is 40 years old. Eva is 15 years old and Philip is 11 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).


Tuesday 1st January 1924

Arthur Sandeman and Kathy, his wife in. Then Post and Ella and I out for walk. Ernest (David) Reid to dinner 1. Turkey (uninvited). Ella and I to Cullercoats (train). Walked to Tynemouth. tea with Walter Reid’s. Home at 8. Supper. To bed 10.

Wednesday 2nd January 1924

Mild. Rain in p.m.
Worked in a.m. Ella’s elbows. Out for walk. In to dinner. Quiet p.m. Read and dozed. Late tea, with cheese. Maggie out. Dressed, shot silk. Ella and I walked and tram to Chris and Edith. The Eves, Osborne Road. 26 in all. Games and Bluebeard. Roly and Gilbert Roger 11. Home in car with Walter 11 and Elise.

Thursday 3rd January 1924

Perfect day. Frost and sun.
Ella and I walked all the way to Grainger Street. Ella bought coat and skirt (navy) at Dunn’s. I to Reid and Sons. Walked to Aunt Ellen’s – called. Home at 1. Read May and Arthur Young in at 3. Cecil Reid came tea, and he and Ella to “Meeting” at Arthur Sandeman’s. I washed my head. Quiet evening. Ella did Fair Isle pattern.

Friday 4th January 1924

Fine. Frost then thaw.
Rather busy preparing for tea party. Out to shops with Ella, again alone with things to Martin’s to sell. Bought flowers 5/6. In p.m. came Elsie Reid (Ken’s bride). Charlotte, Hilda, Bella Bell, Hannah, Nancy, Mary, Molly Reid, Eva and Poppy, Amy, Kathy. Tea upstairs. Music. Eva and Poppy stayed to supper. Read after.

Saturday 5th January 1924

Wrote Mrs Vince and Dorothie. Out to shops. After dinner rested and then Ella and I walked (2 miles) to 33 Claremont Place. Tea with Cousin Ida, Mary and Selby. Cousin George there. Saw rugs. Home by tram. Called at Sidney’s (26) but not in. William Bell in evening and supper. Mended blind. Opened Mink’s box. He sang Somerset’s Sleep and Rubenstein’s Asra.

Wrote Dorothy Barnard – 23rd about £1.00 a week to help them
Wrote E.P. – 30th
Wrote Tante – 28th

Sunday 6th January 1924

Very fine. Cold.
Out with Ella and then I to All Saints Church. Kenneth Young read lessons. Vicar preached. Mutual Service. Stayed for Communion. Dinner. Read. Wrote E.P. Hannah and Nancy called. Selby and Stanley Warren to tea and stayed till 7. Cecil Reid called. Supper. Ella read great grandmother’s letters (me: Margaret Faraday, married to Robert Faraday – Michael Faraday’s brother) to Aunt Faraday 1815 – 1821.

Monday 7th January 1924

Cold. Dull.
Did up Hong Kong parcel. Took it to post. Out with Ella to town. To Studio and Reid and Sons. Met Cecil Reid. He gave us lunch at Bainbridge’s. To Laing Art Gallery. Home to tea. Quiet evening. Knitting. Ella played Chopin’s Nocturnes 6 and 7.

Tuesday 8th January 1924

Very cold and dark.
Wrote Tante. Out with Ella. Called on Elsie (Ken’s wife) and at West Avenue. Norah and Nelly. Both rested in p.m. Tea. Talk. Fire in bedroom and packed a little.


Wednesday 9th January 1924

Cold. Snow.
Packed and talked to Ella. At 12 taxi to station. I off to King’s Cross 12.39. Lunch on train 4/-. Wade met me 6.15. Taxi to Chelsea 5/6. Stayed 6 Elm Park Road. Lucy Brewtnall there. Polly at Violet’s (Ormond).

Thursday 10th January 1924

Dull. Thaw. Raw.
Dusted and muddled about. Polly in. Lucy out to lunch at Violet’s. Aunt Alice rested in p.m. I wrote Ella. Quiet evening.

Friday 11th January 1924

High wind.
Workman to lay linoleum, and do cupboard. Aunt Alice up about 11. Polly in, and away again. Aunt Alice out, I too, and she talked to chauffeur. Lucy and I lunched at “Gourmet”, Fulham Road. Back and then to Regent Street, Bond Street sales. Shops, buses. Back at 4.15. Aunt Alice to bed about 9.30.

Saturday 12th January 1924

Gave Aunt Alice breakfast. She dozed off again. Dorothy to Coles’ to Badminton at 3. Polly and Violet all p.m. Aunt Alice only up at 3.30. about. Lucy way to Broadway. 4 in taxi. Violet Ormond to tea. Dorothy back at 5.30. Slept in Aunt Alice’s room. Dorothy upstairs.

Wrote E.P. – 6th (about songs and politics. 17,000 out of work).
Received cheque 4.95 from Nichol’s.
Wrote Tante – 8th.

Sunday 13th January 1924

Very good night. Gave Aunt Alice breakfast 9.30. Finally she slept most of a.m. Polly back at 11. She and Dorothy did cupboards upstairs. Aunt Alice down to tea (lunch in bed at 3). After tea, I back to Golders Green. Dorothie King there and Peter. I unpacked trunk, supper.

Monday 14th January 1924

Dull, mild.
To 6 Elm Park Road at 10. Sat with Aunt Alice and then washed and dressed her. Away at 1 o’lcock. To Mealand’s. Lunch at Buzzard’s. To Kettle’s. Home. Alys, Dennis, Phil and Eva arrived from Switzerland, Campfer at 6. Tea, talk, unpacking and dinner and to bed.

Tuesday 15th January 1924

Muddling about. Dennis off to Lab. At 2, Alys and I with Eva and Phil to Thew’s. Then Alys and Eva shopped. I took Phil to Hamley’s and to tea at 6 Elm Park Road. Home by 96 and 48 buses. Dinner. Krohn’s in. To bed early – 10.

Wednesday 16th January 1924

Busy doing sewing for Eva’s clothes. Alys to shops. After lunch, Alys and Eva to Dr Grays about paperlomies (me: papillomas – warts on feet). Phil and I walked by Mutton Brook with Peter and had tea alone.

Thursday 17th January 1924

Alys pains all a.m. Over to Chelsea for morning. Left at 1. Got some lunch at Waterloo. Met Dennis, Eva, Alys and Phil. All saw Eva off to Sherborne 3. Back in car to Lab. Left Phil with Dennis. They back at 6.30. Bricks.

Friday 18th January 1924

Helped with Phil’s things and all 3 to shops. Packing. Lunch. Dennis with car at 4 and all to Victoria. Saw Phil off to Windlesham House. Back. Alys and I coffee at Evans’ and shopped. Home with Dennis in car (to Lab) at about 7.30.

Saturday 19th January 1924

I over at 9 to Chelsea. Dorothy out. I all day, helping with Aunt Alice. Too wet for Dorothy’s Badminton and Mr C. ill. Alys and Dennis in after Badminton with Leggett’s for a few minutes. Polly and I out with Aunt Alice along road and back. Supper upstairs. Dorothy to Merry Wives of Windsor and dine with de Glehn’s.

Badminton – 19th (for 10 Saturday’s)
Paid £1.1.0 to H. A. Leggett.

Labour Government got in: Ramsay MacDonald, Prime Minister.

Sunday 20th January 1924

Fine. Mild.
All day helping with Aunt Alice. Polly to lunch with Fan Rogers and she back at 3 to show bed-making. Aunt Alice out with Polly and me, very difficult. To King’s Road. She slept on sofa later. Violet came. Polly and Dorothy busy changing rooms, cupboards. I slept upstairs, front room.

Monday 21st January 1924

Drizzly, mild.
Unwell. Tried to hep with Aunt Alice. Gave her her breakfast and washed her. Polly and then Dorothy went on. Mrs Falcon in. I stayed lunch and in drawing room after. Aunt Alice on sofa asleep. I wrote Tante. Away at 3.40. To get tin box. Home to 47 Hampstead Way. Tea with Alys. Sat and talked. Tired. Read after dinner. Hot bath and in bed 10.40.

Tuesday 22nd January 1924

Dull and rain.
Out with Alys to shops and then did Barbola all day, hard. Alys did accounts and bills. Both to Post Office after tea. Dennis in at 8. Read. I wrote Polly and Dorothy about check for Aunt Alice and to Bank for Aunt Alice, and to Smith and Sons.

Wednesday 23rd January 1924

Very dark.
To shop with Alys and did Barbola. Alys to Dorrie’s. Lunch. Did Barbola all p.m. Quiet evening reading “The Last of the Vikings”.

Thursday 24th January 1924

Pouring rain.
New maid, “May” at Chelsea. To 6 Elm Park Road at 10. All a.m. with Aunt Alice. After dinner to stores, Army and Navy, and look at shop with Barbola? Saw our tablecloth at Sassoon’s for £18! Back to tea 6 Elm Park Road. Dorothy to her Handel Choir 5 – 7.15. Polly to dine at Ginx’s. Dorothy and I restless evening with Aunt Alice. To bed about 11.15.

Friday 25th January 1924

Fine day.
Gave Aunt Alice her breakfast. Busy a.m. with “B.O.” (washing). Men to do fireplace. Dorothy in, doing dressing gown. She out after dinner. I wrote E.P. Lainey came at 3. So I away to Golders Green. Tea there alone. Did up tins for Nichol’s and to Post Office. Met Alys. Dinner. Alys and Dennis to Laughton’s in evening.

Saturday 26th January 1924

Did Barbola, and with Alys to shops. After lunch, Alys and I to Lab and all 3 on to Badminton. Jolly. Wolcomb’s, Elcott (like Harvey Webb). Home at 6. Did more Barbola. Toad. Dinner. Read and to bed at 9.50.

Sent £25 – to Aunt Alice’s account (22nd)
Wrote Tante – 21st (pencil)
Wrote E.P. – 25th – Labour
Wrote Busy – 24th

Sunday 27th January 1924

Fine. Lovely. Cold.
In car with Alys and Dennis to Hospital. Alys to see Doris Gardener and baby. Dennis and I walked with Peter in Regent’s Park. Home via Finchley to dinner 1. Did Barbola. Deedie called. Alys and Dennis to tea at Ayrton’s. I at home. Washed head. Iris Harmar to supper.

Monday 28th January 1924

Fine. Cold.
I to Chelsea at 9. Gave Aunt Alice breakfast. She up. Rather unconsecutive morning. Odd sewings. Lunch. Polly and I out with Aunt Alice at 3. At 3.30 she rested on sofa. Polly out to Stores. Lainey to tea. Dorothy out to dinner and glees at Lubbock’s. Polly and I got ready for sweep and Mrs Marsh came.

Tuesday 29th January 1924

Dull. Drizzly.
Gave Aunt Alice breakfast and in her room all a.m. Couldn’t get her dressed, so she back to bed for lunch. She slept all p.m. upstairs. I sewed in drawingroom. Tea. Aunt Alice upstairs. She down at 6. In dressing gown. New maid, Anne Burge came. I home to Golders Green at 8. Dinner. Quiet evening. To bed and bath 10.

Wednesday 30th January 1924

Out to town with Alys. To Church Street and lunch Chinese Restaurant. To Hampton’s and Lafayette’s. Back to tea. Dorothie out. Dennis in early, supper in kitchen. All 3 to “Outward Bound” at Hippodrome, Golders Green. Queer.

Thursday 31st January 1924

To town. Alys and Dennis and I in car. To Mrs Hunt’s Registry (me: for servants). To Winsor and Newton. Lunch in Charlotte Street. Bought shoes at Lilley and Skinner. To Borst’s for paperweights. Home to tea. Margaret Douglas to dinner.


Friday 1st February 1924

Very fine. Frosty. Sunny.
Alys and I to shops in car. Walked back and then walked up to Hampstead Library and back. Lunch. Did lacquering, in Eva’s room. Alys and I called on Ethel and Josephine. All sat in playroom all evening.

Saturday 2nd February 1924

Busy writing. With Alys down to shops and to Lab. Lunch there with Alys and Dennis. On to Badminton. Jolly play and tea. Young Leggett, and young Woollcoombe and Sir Humphrey there. Brickroom. Margaret Barwick in evening. Teddy Berry.

Wrote Aunt Bella – 2nd
Woodrow Wilson died – 3rd

“Sympathy – love Kate”

Sunday 3rd February 1924

Very fine.
Breakfast 8. All in car to Brighton. To Windlesham House. Phil to picnic lunch with us at Club House. Out in car along front to beach. Took Phil back 4.15. Tea, and started 5.5 back by Crawley and Reigate. Piccadilly by 7.20. Dined at Chinese Restaurant. Sent cable to Davises about Wilson’s death (8/3).

Monday 4th February 1924

Very fine.
Alys and I to shops. Did some Barbola in Eva’s room all p.m. Alys to tea at Dorrie’s. I wrote letters.

Tuesday 5th February 1924

Cold, windy, dull.
Out with Alys in car; to Hendon, Finchley. Home at 1. After lunch, Alys to town, Souttar’s and to tea. I to Wadie’s to tea, and sat with her till 7, talking and knitting. Quiet evening, reading at home.

Wednesday 6th February 1924

Rain, then dry.
Sewed a little. Alys late as headachey. She and I, in rain, to town. She to Wedding Breakfast of Margaret Barwick and Douglas Cox, Dennis too. I lunched at English Speaking Union 1/-. Alys and I to tea at Nell Sime’s. Saida and Miss Huxtable there. Necklace spiritualism! Alys and I in car to fetch Dennis and bricks at Wimpole Street. Supper, Dorothie out. Oliver’s in evening.

Thursday 7th February 1924

Dull. Mildish.
To town. To Memorial Service to Woodrow Wilson at St Margaret’s 12.15. On to 6 Elm Park Road to dinner – 1.30. Sat with Aunt Alice all p.m. Did sewing. Ginx to tea, late. Dorothy out to Handel Society. Stayed supper, and home at 10 to Golders Green.

Friday 8th February 1924

Mild. Dull.
Wrote Tante and Auntie Kate. Did Barbola. Alys to shops. Lunch. At 4, Alys and I to tea at Mrs Stanley Evans’ shop in Baker Street. Home at 6.30. Dennis in, and he and Alys boiled bricks in oil all evening. I Barbola.

Saturday 9th February 1924

Did some sewing. To shops for blue silk. Putting neck-piece to cross stitch jumper. Alys and I to Lab. All 3 to lunch at Karaway’s. To Badminton. Ays and Dennis on to Cave’s at Bickley for weekend. Mrs Acland at Badminton. I home by 28. Sewed all evening at jumper. To bed 10.15. Letters from E.P.

Sent of parcel to K.H.D. – 5th
To Nell’s – 6th 4 p.m.
Gave Alys 30/- 4th
To C.H.W. – 5th
Wrote E.P. – 4th.
Wrote Tante – 8th.
Wrote Cyrus – 4th
To Aunt Alice’s – 7th

Sunday 10th February 1924

Damp. Mild. Dull.
Took Peter out and lost him. Sewed jumper and ironed it. Did lacquering. Lunch in drawingroom. To tea at Styers. Vera engaged. Home and more lacquering. Supper. Wrote to E.P. To bed 10.

Monday 11th February 1924

Cold. Raw. Dull.
Out to shops. Alys and Dennis back in car at 11.15. Dennis off to Lab. Alys to lunch at 26 Compayne. I lacquered. Alys back with Mrs Russell Smith to tea. I called on Aunt Louie. Met Alys and to shops.

Tuesday 12th February 1924

Did Barbola. Mrs Coombs, and 2 daughters to tea (New Zealand). Bricks in evening.

Wednesday 13th February 1924

Frightfully cold.
Did barbola all a.m. Tommy Cutmore to tea (Dobbie’s sister). Alys and I to Chinese Restaurant. Dined with Dennis. Jennertt. Bricks all evening. Boiling. New ones!

Thursday 14th February 1924

Very cold.
To Chelsea. Mealand was with Aunt Alice all day (Miss Fanning to tea with Alys). Dorothy out to Handel Society. Home at 10. Bricks, bricks!

Friday 15th February 1924

Very cold and snow.
To shops with Alys. Peter naughty. Wrote K.H.D. Susie, Shoolbred, Aunt Bella. In p.m. Taylor’s came to tea and sat and talked.

Saturday 16th February 1924

Very cold.
Alys to town in car with Dennis. I did Barbola. To Badminton after lunch. Met Dennis there. Home. Supper. They changed and to dance at the Harmar’s. I read “Jennie Essendean”.

Wrote E.P. – 10th (with cutting of whale).
Wrote Shoolbred – 15th
Wrote Aunt Bella – 15th

Sunday 17th February 1924

Very cold. Fine.
Did Barbola and they did bricks all a.m. Dinner. Sidney and Dorrie and M. Douglas to tea. I out (unwell) to tea and supper at Ayrton’s. Lady F? Seymour? there, and Bell’s to supper. Nice. Home at about 10. Tommy and Nita Paul to supper. Alys and Dennis took them to Brent Bridge. To bed 11.40.

Monday 18th February 1924

Very cold. Drizzly.
Peter lost all Sunday. Alys and I to Finsbury Park Cinema to find him. Wrote Tante. After lunch, I on my bed all p.m. Dennis in brickroom, with cold. Mrs Krohn to tea. All 3 of us to Benmore at . To see 3 plays by Ted. Home 11.

Tuesday 19th February 1924

Very cold. Some snow.
Cut up oranges for marmalade with Alys. She sick and Dennis not to town – coldy and indigestion. Alys rested all p.m. and ate no tea. Dennis in brickroom, and in evening he drew the brick model from photo. All in drawingroom all evening. I read William Hickey Memoirs.

Wednesday 20th February 1924

Cold. Dull.
Alys in bed to breakfast. I did barbola and to shops. Lunch. Dennis to town. Marmalade boiled. Alys and I to tea at Mrs Russell Smith’s. Dorothie out, so we got supper. Gramophone record, gymnastics. To bed 11. Covered marmalade.

Thursday 21st February 1924

Cold, dull.
Alys spent day with Dolly Willis. I to shops, and then barbola. Wade appeared at lunch-time and stayed with me till 5.30. To station with her. Quiet evening.

Friday 22nd February 1924

Cold, dull.
Very shivery all a.m. Did barbola by fire and took Rhinitis. Over to Harrod’s with Alys in p.m. to see Barbola demonstration. To Cottar’s Mart in Beauchamp Place, felt better.

Saturday 23rd February 1924

Cold. Dull.
Did Barbola and trimmed hat all a.m. Alys to shops. Lunch, and then both met Dennis at Badminton. Fun. Thirteen there – Buckley’s, Woollcoombe’s, Elbert and friend, Molly Acland. Home in car. Crocheted and read William Hickey in evening.

Wrote Tante – 18th
Wrote E.P. – 21st about poem.

Sunday 24th February 1924

Very cold. Some rain.
Did lacquering and washing Ronuk Tins all a.m. Gertrude Chamberlain called. Quiet p.m. Out with Alys in rain to take Peter. Dennis out twice with Peter and built upstairs all rest of day. Read in evening.


Monday 25th February 1924

Did Barbola all a.m.

Tuesday 26th February 1924

Very cold wind.
Barbola. Out to shops with Alys. Felt coldy. All p.m. till 3.30 on bed. Then with Alys to tea with Mrs May (Otto’s mother). Home. Felt illish and lay down on Chesterfield.

Wednesday 27th February 1924

Cold. Snow in evening.
I to Chelsea, taking Barbola to show. Took it to Miss Fortescue’s. Lunch with Barnard’s. Dorothy to “The Way of the World” with Benecke. Polly and with Aunt Alice all p.m. Tea, supper. I home at 11 in snow. Pretty. Alys and Dennis bricks. Alys with Polly Willis all day in town.

Thursday 28th February 1924

Cold. Some snow.
Alys pain at breakfast, so Dennis phoned Dr Tidy and at 12.15 we went to him. He examined Alys – appendicitis? Cyclical sickness? Met Dennis at Karaway’s for lunch. To Regent Street and home to tea. I dressed and to Leggett’s to supper 6.30, and with them in Daimler to King George’s Hall and saw Accountant General’s* Department Dramatic Society play “Dear Brutus” – they drove me home.

Friday 29th February 1924

Cold. Rain.
Sore throat and cold all day, so indoors, doing Barbola. Alys to shops. Lunch – at about 4. Dennis back in car and he and Alys to Salisbury (for Sherborne weekend). Rainy. I read Algernon Blackwood’s Episodes before 30. Wote E.P.

Saturday 1st March 1924

Dull, cold.
Aunt Alice’s 77th birthday.
Breakfast in bed. In all a.m. doing Barbola. Out to Badminton, though feeling rather ill. Home at 6.30. Quiet evening, reading. To bed 9.30.

* Sir Alfred Woodgate, Mr Leggett’s immediate chief.
Sir William? Robinson, back in car with us.
Wrote E.P. Friday 29th – “Sole cure” – can’t arrange our destinies.

Sunday 2nd March 1924

Took Peter out. Did Barbola, Dorothie out to Albert Hall, and until 9.30. I quietly worked and read “Episodes before Thirty” Algernon Blackwood. Got own tea and supper. Took Peter out thrice more. To bed 9.45.

Monday 3rd March 1924

Fine. Snowy.
Out by Tube to Kettle’s. Bought tin boxes and handkerchiefs. Back by 48 bus. Mrs Vince here. Ethel Miles called at 2.30 or so. Did humbug boxes and wrote Tante. Alys and Dennis back at 9.15 from Sherborne via Poole and Bournemouth.

Tuesday 4th March 1924

Fine, cold.
With Alys to Ted’s for x-ray and bismuth meal; on to lunch at Court Restaurant. To choose cretonne’s. Heal’s. Home to tea. Geoff Bumphrey ‘phoned. Alys interviewed Lily (new cook). Alys and I to meet Dennis and Bumphrey’s at Chinese Restaurant. Supper. Home in car. Telephone-cable – “Tante died today pneumonia – Davis”.

Wednesday 5th March 1924

To Ted’s again with Alys – x-ray. Lunch at Lab. Home, buying cakes. Cable from Cyrus. Josephine and Pamela to tea and to see Barbola. Alys and I to Laughton’s. Only Gertrude and Baby. Home. Dennis in to dinner and Peter went away

Thursday 6th March 1924

Dull. Cold.
Alys and I to 6 Elm Park Road. Took bed-rest and flowers. Alys away. I stayed all day. Premp (me: Wilfrid) de Glehn to tea, in upstairs sittingroom. I with Aunt Alice. She very weak at walking. New maid “Blanche” there. I home at about 11.

Friday 7th March 1924

Fine. Cold.
To town for Dorothy Barnard’s umbrella. Lost property. To Gamage’s, Alys too. Lunch at English Speaking Union. Home to tea. Needlework. Lined bag. Alys did Eva’s dress. Letter about Peter from Vauxhall. Dennis not in to dinner, or until 11.30. We to bed 11.15.

Saturday 8th March 1924

Fine. Cold. Did up parcels for Minnil .Down to Lab with Alys and Dorothie. In car to Vauxhall Park. Fetched Peter! Dorothie took him home by 28. We all to Badminton. Fun. tea. Home. S.O.S. after supper from Phoebe so all to Benmore, tho’ very tired and danced! Home at 12.30.

Wrote Tante 3rd – heard of her death
Wrote E.P. 5th by cable – 4th and 5th – E.P. and Cyrus.

Sunday 9th March 1924

Fine, warmer. Cold in evening.
Up to Elsa’s and Styer’s with Alys and Peter. Elsa ill. Wedding presents to Vera Styer. Dinner 1. Rested. Wrote Kitty and Minnie. I to Nell Sime’s to tea, and on with her to supper at hill and Adine’s. Alys and Dennis to tea at Laughton’s. Baby Richard very ill.

Monday 10th March 1924

Very fine, frost.
Did up parcels for Nichol’s all a.m. and wrote Ella and Cyrus. After lunch, Alys and I to town. I to get Dorothy’s umbrella, Alys to tea at Tommy Cutmore’s, and Mrs Binney. I home to tea. Heard of Richard’s death. Alys brought Mrs Binney back to dinner. Alys and Dennis to Laughton’s after dinner.

Tuesday 11th March 1924

Very fine. Warmer.
In car to Post Office and sent off parcels to Minnie and Nichol’s. Pamela came for Barbola lesson, 10.45 till 12.30. Alys to Laughton’s. After lunch, Alys and I walked to Hampstead Library, and Elsa’s. Dennis and Alys to Laughton’s again at 9. Brought them back at 10. I had bath so up earlier.

Wednesday 12th March 1924

Perfect day. Cool wind.
Sewed a little. With Alys to Laughton’s. Up with Dorrie to see Baby. On to shops. Home. Out with Alys to Golders Hill Park and ate lunch there, in garden. Home. Sewed. Dolly Willis to tea and supper (in kitchen). Dennis very late and missed Dolly. Dorothie out. Dennis and Alys up in brickroom.

Thursday 13th March 1924

Fine. Perfect day.
I over to Elm Park Road for day. Helped Polly to dress Aunt Alice. Sat with her. Lunch. Sat upstairs with Aunt Alice all p.m. Polly to Steer’s private view. Dorothy gave lesson and after tea to Handel Society. Supper. Aunt Alice to bed. I watched. I home 10.30. Dennis had been to Baby Laughton’s funeral.

Friday 14th March 1924

Took Peter out. Helped Alys paint bathroom. Dennis’ 43rd birthday. After lunch, Alys and I to Medical School and took Dennis to Gamage’s about brick cupboard. Tea there. Home. Dinner. Dennis in brickroom. To bed 10.30. Sleepy.

Saturday 15th March 1924

Warmer!! Very fine. Fog in town.
Dennis and Alys off at 11.30 to Brighton in car to Phil. I painted bathroom and then to Beatrice Bland’s show at Leicester Galleries. Lunch at English Speaking Union. Read there. To Badminton. Tea at Leggett’s. Home by 27 and 2 bus. Crocheted on coat. Letter began by Tante February 27th, Sent off March 1st.

Wrote Ella – 10th
Wrote Cyrus – 10th
Parcels to Nichol’s – 11th

Sunday 16th March 1924

Warm and fine then dull.
Walked to Elsa’s with Peter, took “Chic Parisien”. Painted 3rd coat on bathroom. Lunch. Styer’s came while I ate it. Ironed coat (knitted one). Rested. Unwell. Sang hymns. Wrote Aunt Bella. Got own tea and supper.

Monday 17th March 1924

Very fine. Cold.
All day doing eiderdown. Alys and Dennis back at 11.40. Lunch. Alys and I to shops and had tea at Chapman’s. New Cook. Lily Liddington came at 5. Sewed eiderdown after tea. Alys sleepy on sofa. Dennis in at 8. Up in brickroom. I up there at 10 (waiting for letter, and none came). To bed 10.40.

Tuesday 18th March 1924

Very fine. Cold.
Letter from Edith Bache. Phoned Susie. Pamela came for Barbola all a.m. After lunch. Alys and I met Dorrie and over house. Home. Sewed (all 3 of us) all p.m. Tea. I lined knitted coat. Dennis back very late 8.20. Dennis drew roof angle. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 19th March 1924

Very fine.
Alys cleared out pantry. I finished eiderdown. To shops with Alys. Washed glass with Alys after lunch. To town. Looked at dogs. Met Dorothy Barnard at Goupil. Steer’s show. Tea with her at English Speaking Union. Home. Peter away to Highgate. Lily’s day out. Photographed building.

Thursday 20th March 1924

Very fine, cold.
After lunch, we met Dennis at Lab and all to Gamage’s and then to dog shop in car. Bought Sealyham pup – 9 weeks. Alys and I to Shoolbred’s Fashion Show and Vogue lecture. Dorrie, Gertrude and Margaret Willson (niece of Marian Smith).

Friday 21st March 1924

Very fine.
To 6 Elm Park Road (with Dennis in car to Warren Street). With Aunt Alys all day. Polly to call on Susie. Dorothy out to lunch. Both in to tea. Did “Bird’s Bill of Divorce”. I away at 9.30. Alys and Dennis dined at the Stanley Evans’. Rip in my room.

Saturday 22nd March 1924

Very fine. Milder.
With Alys to shops, twice. Rip no appetite and cough. No Badminton. Dennis home to lunch. All sat and sewed in brickroom till tea. Letters from E.P. and Cyrus 4.30. Out in car to Black wall (Tunnel) Bus and tram strike so no traffic. Dr Warren to dinner, and till 11.15!

Wrote Aunt Bella – 16th

Tram and bus strike all week.

Sunday 23rd March 1924

Dull. Some rain.
Puppy better. I wrote E.P. Laughton’s in. Alys and Dennis to station. I did basket and out on heath at 3-4. Dorrie and Sidney to tea and stayed to supper. Did “Bird’s Divorce” and puzzles. Dennis put away bricks. Puppy developed distemper.

Monday 24th March 1924

Rainy. Clear later.
Alys in bed and no breakfast. I to shops. Looked after puppy. Vet came. Distemper. Alys up to tea. Alys out to Dorrie’s for massage at 5. Dorothy ‘phoned. Aunt Alice not at all well. Dennis back early. Dinner. All in car to 6 Elm Park Road. Aunt Alice pneumonia. Home at 11.15.

Tuesday 25th March 1924

Cold. Foggy.
I to Chelsea 9.45. Helped with Aunt Alice and postponed pupils. Wrote Ella, wired Tades. She arrived from Storrington at 4.30. Ginx in. I slept in Dorothy’s bed in drawingroom. Went upstairs at 3 a.m. Blanche helping them too.

Wednesday 26th March 1924

Cold. Dark.
Nurse came at 9.30 to give enema, All helped. Very difficult. Dr Low 10.30. Alys over and back at once. All tried to rest in turns. Peter Harrison to tea. Ginx after. Aunt Alice very ill, and restless, babbling all night. Polly called me 3 a.m. but to bed again.

Thursday 27th March 1924

Very cold and grey.
Nurse at 9.15. Doctor at 10.30. Very bullying. Enema given. I rubbed sores on back (castor oil and oxide of zinc). Phoned Alys and Dennis. Got day-nurse in. Dorothy overwrought. Ginx in. Night-nurse (Bell) at 8.30. Dennis and Alys came over 8.45. Dr Low gave consultation and Dennis great help. I taxi to Susie’s and slept there.

Friday 28th March 1924

Very cold. Grey.
Breakfast 8.15 at Susie’s. To 6 Elm Park Road. Read. Two nurses to change Aunt Alice. Out with Tades to Tulley’s. Dorothy to Bank for £25.00. Polly out a little. Lunch. All rested in p.m. I up and helped Nurse McEaster to move Aunt Alice several times. Dr Low at 10.30 a.m. and 6.30 p.m. Phil Carr. Ginx. I to Susie’s to sleep. Dorothy in bed to supper.

Saturday 29th March 1924

Some sunshine. Very cold.
Dr Low at 10.30. At 11 Nurse called us in. Aunt Alice died at 11.10. Aunt Ada in bed all day with cold. Ginx in and to lunch and tea, about arrangements. I Executor. Sent telegrams. Ella, Lucy, Teeds. Dennis and Alys in car at 8.45. I back with them to sleep at Golders Green. Puppy better. To bed 10.30.

Mrs Frederick Barnard 1885 by John Singer Sargent 1856-1925
Mrs Frederick Barnard 1885 (Aunt Alice) by John Singer Sargent

Wrote E.P. – 23rd
Primary cause – arterio-sclerosis
Secondary cause – cerebral thrombosis.
Dennis said heart failure.

Bus and Tram strike over on 1st April

Sunday 30th March 1924

Cold. Dull.
Tades in bed all day with cold. Dennis, Alys and I over to Chelsea in car. They up to see Aunt Alice. Kitty there, and she back with Alys to dinner at Golders Green. I long rest in p.m. and at 4 with Ginx to Lord Enrle’s (Prothero) to sign cremation application (he a J.P.). Tea. Supper. Dennis and Alys called for me, home to Golders Green 9.20. Letter from E.P.

Monday 31st March 1924

Cold. Grey.
To Chelsea by tube 11. At 11.30 Polly and Dorothy to town to buy mourning, and out to lunch. I received Mrs Homes Spicer and Anna Tadema. Tades in bed till teatime. I wrote E.P. Anna back to draw Aunt Alice’s face and stayed to tea. Quiet evening. Ginx to tea. Alys and Dennis called for me at 9.30 in car. Fed puppy.

Tuesday 1st April 1924

Over to Chelsea by tube and bus. Sewed Polly’s skirt. Anna drawing all a.m till 2 p.m. Mrs Lewis Day came at 3. Alma Harrison. At 4 Lainey and Cissy. At 6 Phil Carr. Ginx too. Tades and I downstairs by fire. Supper. Dennis and Alys called for me 9.35. Fed puppy. To bed 11.15

Wednesday 2nd April 1924

Very cold.
Fed puppy. Alys in bed to breakfast. With her to shops. Bought black hat at Elise’s. Lunch. Kit came in car. I with her, and Dennis with Alys to Crematorium at 3. Service and Cremation of Aunt Alice. Polly and Dorothy, Tades, Harrison’s, Grosvenor. Kit back to tea. Dennis to see ashes and to Lab. Alys and I read and I packed up. Dennis back at 11.

Thursday 3rd April 1924

Finished packing. Dennis took trunk. Alys and I to Waterloo and Dennis too. Met Eva from Sherborne at 10. Home. Lunch. I off to Paddington to see Tades off to Broadway 2.10. Home. Tea. Supper. I read, others in brickroom. Colls came. Hot bath.


Friday 4th April 1-924

Cold. Drizzly.
To Waterloo, met Poz and Doz at 12.50. All 1st class to Portsmouth. Lunch on train. Boat to Ryde. Ridley Roberts met us with car. Drove to Chale. Tea. Unpacked. Walked to shore. Rainy. Muddy. Supper. To bed about 9.45.


Saturday 5th April 1924

Cold, grey. Sun later.
Breakfast 9.15. All out past Blackgang and towards Rocken End. Back to lunch. Rested all p.m. On verandah in sun. Tea. All out up to Russian Monument. Talked to Mr Roberts. Read in evenings.


Wrote E.P. – 30th

Sunday 6th April 1924

Sun, but cold.
Wrote Ginx. All out to shore by Ladder Chine. Lovely warm sunshine. On beach. Dinner 1. Slept in p.m. Wrote Alys. Tea. Out on cliff, to Whale Chine and back. Read. Supper at 8.15. Read. To bed 10.

ladder chine
Ladder Chine

Monday 7th April 1924

Radiogram from Cyrus from Berengaria. Wrote Letters. Out. Walk in mist. After dinner in car at 3.30 to Ventnor. Shopped and tea at Marine Hotel. Home 6. Supper. Read. To bed 10.



Tuesday 8th April 1924

Changeable, cold.
All in car at 9.45 to Ryde. I off to Portsmouth 11.5 Train to Waterloo. Lunch on train. To Cook’s Charing Cross for ticket. To Bourne and Hollingsworth. 48 bus home. Tired. Tea with Alys and children. Arranged evening dress sleeves. Hot bath.


Wednesday 9th April 1924

Fine. Warm in Paris.
I in Hirst car 9; to Victoria. 10 train. Newhaven. Cross in “Dieppe” to Dieppe. Good crossing. Lunch on board. Train to Paris, arrived 7.20. Met by Cyrus. Taxi to Hôtel de Crillon. Out to supper 8.30 at Café sur Madeleine. To “Palace” Boulevard, Montmartre to see “Dolly Sisters”. To Crillon at 12. To bed. Sweets.



dolly sisters


Thursday 10th April 1924

Warm. Cold in England and dark.
Eggs and coffee in room 560 at 9. Taxi to St Lazarre. Train 10.30 to Dieppe. Lunch on train. Steamer “Paris” very good. I rested in private cabin. Arrived Newhaven 3.45. Train to Waterloo 1st class to myself. Arrived 5.45. Taxi 8/- home. Dinner. Dennis read “Owd Bob” aloud. To bed 10. Sweets again.


Friday 11th April 1924

Snow. Very cold.
Snow. I off at 11.30 to Bank and to Waterloo. 12.50 to Portsmouth. Lunch on train. “Duchess of Norfolk” to Ryde. Polly and Dolly met me with Ridley and car. To Godshill, over Arreton Down. Tea at The Griffin. Dead cow picture. Captain Worsley de Worsley took us over Church. Back to supper. Mr Hemming saw Mauretania towed out there.


Saturday 12th April 1924

Gale. Hail.

Great gale, hail, rain, cold. Not out but read and wrote letters. Rested in p.m. New couple arrived. Out after tea to Corve. No rain then. Talked with new lady in evening.

“Paris” best boat – Newhaven/Dieppe route.
The Old George, Salisbury, Best
The Old Hostel or Godbegot House, Winchester – Mr Barton’s recommendations.

Sunday 13th April 1924

Fine a.m. Rain in p.m.
Summer Time
Breakfast an hour earlier! All walked to Rocken End and sat there a little. Saw yellow wagtail. Home dinner 1.Rested. Slept heavily. Tea. Wrote Alys and Miss James. Out in evening.

Monday 14th April 1924

Dull, then lovely.
Wrote letters. Out in high wind to Ladder Chine. Not down. Back by Chapel. Dinner. Read Ariel “Maurois”. Rested . Letters from Alys and Cyrus. Tea. Women and boy arrived. Out to Blackgang. Lovely evening. Rough sea. Through Geiss. Bath.

Tuesday 15th April 1924

Rain then lovely.
Wrote letters. Out along road. Drizzly. After lunch in car to St Lawrence. Walked by undercliff near sea to Niton. Tea at the Royal Sandrock. Good. Walked home by top cliff. Glorious evening. Dinner in big room.

Royal Sandrock

Wednesday 16th April 1924

Very fine all day.

In car towards Freshwater. Walked thro’ Brightstone and then over down about Brook into Freshwater. Lunch at Hotel. Drove to Alum Bay, Totland, Yarmouth Shorewell and home to tea at Chale. Sat on verandah. Mr Hemming in all evening. Talking of Scarboro’ raid.

Thursday 17th April 1924

Lovely day.

Wrote E.P. All out over downs to Niton. Lunch at Sandrock. Not very good. Walked on to Ventnor on top of cliff. Tea at Booth’s. Home by Sparke’s wagonette. Sat by tennis lawn. Dr Woodwark and family, 4 Harley Street. Friend of Renton’s. Read in evening.

Royal Sandrock, Niton – £3.18 from now on, all through summer. Lovely. Not hot bath.
Wrote E.P. 17th (Bridgeman’s) nice bird people.

Sunday 20th April 1924

Lovely day.
Read. Polly and Dorothy wrote. Walked up to Pepperpot. Lay there. Dinner 1.30. rested. Read “Olga Bardel” by Stacy Ammonier. Tea. Out on beach. Supper. Talked and the Woodwark’s in evening. To bed 10.

Monday 21st April 1924

Lovely day.
Out to Rocken End, and sat on cliff and rocks. Saw puffin, cormorant, “Isle of Wight parson” (me: local name for cormorant or shag, apparently) drying wings. Lunch on cliff. Along to Lighthouse. To Sandrock to tea. Back by sea, Rocken End, home. Clock-golf after dinner and in smoking room, with Bridgman’s. To bed 10.10.

Tuesday 22nd April 1924

Dull, warm.
Up to “Hermitage” about Consumption Home. Lunch. Sat in garden, talking to Woodwarks and hemming. Walked round 2 spurs of downs to Whitewell. Chocolate on tree-trunk. No tea. Home by “Georgia Gardens” Supper. (Hot bath I had first). 2 letters from E.P. To bed 10.10.

Wednesday 23rd April 1924

Much colder. Grey.
All 3 off at 10.30 in closed car with Ridley to Shanklin (via Daffodil Valley) and to Jesmond and to old church. Saw Register, with names. Lunch at Crab Inn (not at Daishe’s), to Roman Villa. Home, walking from Niton, Tea 5.30. Sat on verandah. Awful clergyman Howard (Miss Porter’s brother-in-law), and wife and child. Bridgeman’s amusing.

Thursday 24th April 1924

Fog. Then clearer.
Mr Hemming away. Read till 12. Polly and Dorothy letters. All out on undercliff, about Lighthouse. Back to lunch. Slept in afternoon and read. After tea out to Blackgang Chine. Slight rain, getting worse. Back at 6.50. Dorothy had bath. Read D.H. Lawrence’s “Lady Bird” in evening. “The Fox”. Good. “Captains Delight.”


Friday 25th April 1924

Fine on the whole. Lovely.
Packed up. Then out on cliff towards Chines. And lunch 1. In car to Ryde. £1.7.6. Boat 3-5 to Portsmouth. Train to Waterloo. Polly and Dorothy in taxi home. Alys and Dennis and Eva to met Helen and Rufus so met me too. Home in car. Unpacked. Dorothie in bed, flu.

Saturday 26th April 1924

Wet. Mild.
Unpacked large crate of clothes of Tante’s from E.P. Dorrie in. Out to shops. Lunch. Still unpicking and arranging clothes 3 Krohn’s (and Teddy Berry and Eve Amstein in to tea! (Lalila operation for tonsils).

Jesmond, Highfield Road, Shanklin

Sunday 27th April 1924

Changeable. Rain and gales.
Lalila developed German measles. Wrote Ginx and Wade. With Dennis in car to Nell Sime’s. Lunch with her. At 2.15 with Saida to Albert Hall. 16 and 73 bus. Evelyn Scotney, Umberto Urbano sang. Lull violinist. Home. Helen, Rufus and Tony all day with Alys. Dennis took them back at 7. Read in evening. Very windy.

Monday 28th April 1924

Cleared out furs. Wrote E.P. To Barnard’s to lunch and p.m. At 4 to Miss Fortescue’s for barbola and at 4.30 to Susie’s .Tea with her, and talked till 6.15. Home. Dennis not in till 11.15.

Tuesday 29th April 1924

To shops with Alys. Lunch. Did unpicking on verandah. To tea with Elsa and talk about Varenna. Back. Alys with Helen to nursing-home, and home 7.30. Dennis not in till 11.15 again.

Wednesday 30th April 1924

Up to Elsa’s, Alys too about tickets and with her umbrella. Alys brought Helen back to lunch. Rufus to nursing-home. Tidied up and cleared Tante’s things from packing-case. Put up hooks for Eva. Dennis not in till 11.30. Alys read aloud in evening.

Thursday 1st May 1924

Mild. Rainy.
Out at 11 or so to town. To Cook’s for tickets to Varenna. Lunch at Lyons. To Lafayette’s for evening dress but bought day one. Home to tea. Dennis actually in to dinner.

Friday 2nd May 1924

Busy in a.m. changing beds and putting mine up for Helen. Miss Wilson brought Tony over, for lunch. She away after. Tony to stay. Helen came to stay, after tea. I to tea at Wadie’s. Home. Good news of Rufus after consultation. Dennis in to dinner about 8. Dorothie out.

Saturday 3rd May 1924

Mild. Fine.
Busy clearing up and doing odd sewings. Making beds and Helen to Rufus at 11. Alys to shops. I out with Alys at 12, Eva looking after Tony. Helen to Rufus’ again in p.m. Alys and I ironed. Tony slept. Dennis and Alys to Benmore. 4 – 6.30 dance.

Eva to school – May 1st
Wrote E.P. 27th – 28th about Tante’s things.

Sunday 4th May 1924

Not out all a.m. Sewed jersey frocks. Dennis motored Helen and Tony to see Rufus. All back to lunch. He out again to Rufus. Alys rested. Eva and I after tea for walk in wood, and Aunt Louie’s. Alys and I in car to meet Helen 6.30. All to bed at 9.40 after phone calls, Elsa, Dorothy.

Monday 5th May 1924

Cold. Fine. Showers.
Mrs Vince to wash. I to Elsa’s and with her to Kenneth Durward’s in car. To Passport Office. Met Kit and Kath lunch. Debenham and Freebody’s . To Eva’s, Gordon’s and Bourne and Hollingsworth. I bought 2 frocks. Home. Met Alys.

Tuesday 6th May 1924

Dull. Alys to town with Eva. I to shops with Helen and Tony and Phil. Sewed. Phil and Tony played. Lunch, Helen back and out again to Rufus. Phil and I in attic, and doing various things. Alys and Eva back to tea. I to shops again and to see Aunt Louie. Read in evening. Hot bath.

Wednesday 7th May 1924

Fine. Showers.
I to Chelsea via Woollands. With Dorothy to Coles’ to see puppy. Lunch at 6 Elm Park Road. To Harrod’s, wrote Ella. Unwell. Home to tea. Dolly Willis, Karl there and Karl and Margaret and Dolly stayed to supper! 9 in all!

Thursday 8th May 1924

To shops with Alys. Then out on Heath with Tony. Alys to Chiswick to see cook. Helen back to lunch. Alys out till teatime. I sewed sand serge skirt all day. Out with Eva and Phil on flats and Heath at 7. Dennis in 8.20. Fetched Helen from station. Read all evening.

Friday 9th May 1924

Helen, Eva and Alys to shops. Parcel from E.P. I wrote letters. Fortescue, etc. After lunch, Alys and Eva to Kensington for shoes. Back to tea. I took Tony out on heath. Sheep.

Saturday 10th May 1924

Dull. Showery.
Alys to shops. I sewed Then Alys, Helen and Tony to Cleminson’s, and out to lunch. I to shops. Lunch with Eva and Phil alone. Dennis back. Teddy Berry in, working and to tea. I tried on and sewed all p.m. in my room. Reading in evening. To bed 10. Letter from E.P. written about 30th.

Phil to school – 9th
Wrote Ella – 7th

Sunday 11th May 1924

Dullish. Rain, evening.
Wrote. Not out all day, till after tea. Then with Alys over some houses in Golders Green. Helen twice to Rufus. Dennis making boxes all day on verandah. Margaret Douglas to supper, self-invited. Rain at 10. Hard.

Monday 12th May 1924

To shops. To ice cream with Eva and Phil. But sewing altering black dress hem. Ironing in Alys room. Helen, Alys and Tony to see Larkin’s. All back at 1. Alys rested in p.m. Helen to see Rufus, who very depressed (on diet). To shops with Alys again after tea. Dennis not home til 11.45.

Tuesday 13th May 1924

Fineish. Milder.
To shops with Alys and Dorrie. Home. Mrs Vince. Sewed. Took Tony, Eva and Phil to buy pigs for farm at 12. Helen to see Larkin’s so out to lunch, and until 8.30. Alys rested. I sewed in p.m. Dennis in at 8.10. Tony on heath with Eva. Fire only lighted at 8.30. Warmer day.

Wednesday 14th May 1924

Hot and fine – 70 degrees.
Helen to Dr Larkin’s and out to lunch with Aunt Bea. Alys on heath with Tony. I washed my head; then on heath. In p.m. ironed. Alys to meet Poz and Doz at Refectory, and then on to Rufus. Weston called (Waterlow maid). No fire in evening. Quite warm. All to garage. Hot bath. To bed 10.

Thursday 15th May 1924

Hot and fine.
I in car to my Bank, and then to Elsa’s, with hats and Hickey! On to Strand, to get Italian money. Lunch at Lyons, Oxford Street. Bought bathing-caps at Selfridge’s. To Heath’s. Home in 48 bus to tea. Alys packed Eva’s box. Warm evening. No fire. Dennis, Alys and Phil in car to Wembley. We 3 to bed 10.

Friday 16th May 1924

Fine. Lovely.
Alys with Eva and Phil to Thew’s in car with Dennis at 9.30 . I did shopping for house. At 11 I out with Tony, Helen to Rufus. Lunch. All home to it. Did skirt for Eva. Alys packed Phil’s box. Eva with Alys to Oculist, Fleming at 6. I on heath with boys. Dennis not back till very late.

Saturday 17th May 1924

Fine and warm.
Packed. To shops with Alys and Phil. I to lunch at 26 Compayne 1.30. Alys, Dennis with children in car to Brighton and to leave Phil at school and on to Sherborne with Eva on Sunday. I with Tony for tea, and Helen and I supper alone. Jeannette left. To bed and packed.

Wrote E.P. 11th

Varenna, Italy

Sunday 18th May 1924

Hot. Stormy – 88 degrees.

9.15 in car to Elsa’s. To Victoria. Max and Virginia saw us off 10.45. Dover – Calais. I lunched on board. To Paris. Arrived 6.15. To Terminus Hotel (Nord Station). Dinner. Very good 12 francs each. To bed. Hot.

Monday 19th May 1924

Hot. Fine.
Café Complet (me: a light breakfast including coffee) 7 a.m. Taxi to Est Station. Train 8.15 to Bale. Lunch at 11 on train. 10 francs each. To Hotel Euler (arrived Bale 4.15). To shop for coffee and cakes. Rested. Dinner, out of doors. Very good. Wrote postcards. To bed.

Tuesday 20th May 1924

Very hot, fine.
Up 5.30. Coffee 6. To station 6.30. Train 7.5. Clergyman and Dutchman (cigars). Lunch 11 a.m. on train. Arrived Chiasso 1. All out for douane. Everything examined Italian frontier. Very hot. Arrived Como 1.38. To Lake. 15 lire to porter. Lemonade and cake café. Boat 3.55 all down Lake Menaggio and to Varenna 7. Dinner and to bed.

Wednesday 21st May 1924

Coffee in bed 9.30. Up. Looked at other rooms. Out for walk. Lunch 12.30. Rested. Wrote Alys and Dorothy Barnard. Out and coffee at Albergo Milano 7.60. Walked. Fossil man, and on quay. Dinner 7.30. Sat on verandah. To bed 10.

Thursday 22nd May 1924

Hot and fine.
I down to breakfast 9. Elsa had her’s in bed. In rooms in a.m. Then at 12 had lunch. Walked to “pier”. Steamer 10 o’clock to Lenno. To San Giorgio Hotel to call on Emma Wetherbee. Out. Sat in garden and lemonade indoors (4.25 lire). On by boat to Menaggio. Bought sunshades – 25 lire. Coffee and biscotte 9.90. Home 7.50 steamer. Dinner. To bed 9.30.

Friday 23rd May 1924

Warm. Thunder and rain.
Down at 9.30 to breakfast then in garden (Terrace). Read Times. Helped Elsa to move to room 3. Bathed!! In lake with girl and officer-man. Lovely. Lunch. Rested. Thunderstorm. Tea in drawing room. Nice. Dressed for dinner! (indoors). Sat in drawingroom till 9.30. To bed.

Saturday 24th May 1924

Fine then dull.
Breakfast 8 on verandah. Wrote Ella, in garden, then E.P. In my room. Lunch 12. In boat 1, to Bellagio. Shopped. At strawberries and cream. Shopped again 6.29 boat back. Dinner indoors. Windy and cool. Sat on Esla’s balcony. To bed 9.40.

Royal Victoria Hotel, Varenna.
Lago di Como
Wrote Ella – 24th
Wote E.P. – 24th

Sunday 25th May 1924

Fine, warm. Then wet, cloudy. Thunder.
Sat in garden and wrote to Alys, and read. Lunch at 12. Both on steamer to Colico, by Gravedone. Coffee on boat, bad.  Nice American man (and wife). Brown. In saloon most of way back. Home 5.15? Rested. Dressed. Sat in drawing-room with Baedeker. To bed 9.30. Dinner indoors. Thunderstorm.

Monday 26th May 1924

Dull, rain. Thunder.
Breakfast indoors (First time). All a.m. in my room writing and washing gloves and chemise. Lunch. Rested, read and dozed. Tropical rain. Out for coffee in village at little shop. 2.50 each!! (5d). Home. Then walked to Fiume Latte at 6. Great waterfall. Dinner. In Elsa’s room on beds after. To bed 9.30. Wakened by funeral chanting at 5.30.

Tuesday 27th May 1924

Turned lovely in p.m.
Breakfast 9. Washed stockings. Wrote Aunt Bella. Lunch. At 3.45 boat to Cadenabbia. Coffee there on lake, shopped, lace. Hoped to meet Max but he took early boat. Home to Varenna 8.10. He met us! Dinner. Coffee in drawing-room. To bed 9.15.

Wednesday 28th May 1924

Rain and then finer.
Breakfast with Max 8.45. Wrote E.M.M. Lunch 12. On boat 1 to Bellagio. Walked about there and bought grey hat. Coffee and strawberries (10 lire with tip). Home at 5.30. Rested. Dined. Sat in lounge. To bed 9.40.

Thursday 29th May 1924

Very fine after 1 o’clock.
Breakfast on verandah. Wrote letters. Lunch 12. To boat, and to Lenno. Walked to Balbianello Gardens. But closed! To San Giorgio. Lemonade and strawberries fragoli. Walked about. Missed boat and sat on seat waiting for 6 p.m. Home by 7.30. Dinner indoors. Up at 9.45 to bed.

Friday 30th May 1924

Perfect day. Warm.
Breakfast 8.10 on verandah. Letter from E.P. (Homestead). Wrote Doz at 10.15. All of us walked up to little tower 6th century. Back to lunch 12.30. Rested and wrote E.P till 4.30. Out to coffee at little shop. On quay. Max sketched. Elsa and I in garden. I sketched. Dinner outside. To bed 9.15.

Saturday 31st May 1924

Perfect day.
Quiet a.m. washing. Lunch 12. At 1 in Volta to Argegno. Walked about. Coffee. Boat back to Bellagio (Alan not on it). Strawberries at Rossi Café. Sat about and waited for 6.30 boat. Alan Baumer came by it. All back to dinner on verandah. To bed 9.30.

Wrote Alys – 25th
Wrote Wade – 26th
Postcard – Aunt Bella – 26th
Letter Aunt Bella – 27th
Letter E. M. Miles – 28th
Letter Mrs Leggett – 28th
Letter Tades – 29th
Wrote Alys – 29th

Wrote E.P. – 30th
Wrote Dorothy Barnard – 30th

Sunday 1st June 1924

Lovely day .Hot and wind.
Faschisti (me: Fascists) on boat, song.
Breakfast 8.15. Max down. Spent long time in Elsa’s room about return route. Sat in garden. Lunch early. All 4 to Gravedona. Coffee and strawberries there at Victoria (English woman, Italian husband). A lovely old Church. Boat back. Home. Rested. Dined – very good dinner. Sat on terrace. To bed 10.


Monday 2nd June 1924

Perfect day.
Breakfast 8.15. Mostly alone. At 9.50 all of us walked to Castle (6th century) and then on to Perledo. Lovely place. Had lunch at Albergo Gelsomino. Lovely chianti, cutlets, omelette. Walked back and rested. Coffee at Albergo Olivedo, by wharf. Home by rowing boat, Rested, Dinner indoors. Thundery.

Tuesday 3rd June 1924

Very fine and hot.
Discussions about boat. Finally took lunch from Hotel. Rowed to pier. 12.15 boat to Lenno; ate lunch on deck. Rowed to Balbianello. Disappointing. Rowed all across to Bellagio. Shopped and I to Banca Lariana, changed money. Tea. 6.25 back. Dinner on terrace and sat out and to see fireflies on road.


Wednesday 4th June 1924

Rain, then fine.
Discussed plans in Elsa’s room. (I unwell). I out to buy oranges 4 lira. All caught 11.30 train to Lecco. Walked about, and lunch. Very good. 15 lire each. To “Pontevecchio”. Train 3 to Fiumelatte. Home. Coffee at Hotel. Rested. Dinner. Sat in lounge. To bed 9.30.

Thursday 5th June 1924

Some heavy rain. Thunder. Windy.
Max and Alan walked all a.m. Elsa and I quiet. I read (on my bed) Paid bill. Lunch 12.30. Rested again; caught 3.59 boat to Cadenabbia. Difficult to land at Menaggio, so rough! Tea at Cadenabbia. Shopped. Took fly to Menaggio. Boat 6.30 (1/2 hour late or more) to Varenna. Dinner, without changing. Sat in drawing-room. Alan talked to Netta Syrett.


Friday 6th June 1924

Very fine and hot.
Took lunch and wrote in open and to Menaggio, 12.15 boat. Took Victoria up till Laveno. Walked on. Very hot path. Ate lunch on grass. Sat under chestnut trees all p.m. Down to Menaggio at 4 and lemonade at café. Shopped. Coffee at another. Max sketched. I bought old Venetian bottle 50 lire. 6.30 boat back.

Saturday 7th June 1924

Very fine, warm.
Elsa’s birthday. Miss Gaddum to vettura place. All by 11.10 boat to Bellano. Lunch there. Very nice, slow. Wandered about in the town. Very picturesque. Coffee, lemonade. Boat home. Arrived 5.30 . Rested, washed clothes. Dinner. Sat in drawing-room till 9.50. To bed.


Read “Great Waters” Vere Hutchinson
Cyrus sails for US 4th
Elsa’s birthday 7th
Wrote Alice 3rd (with Alan)

Wrote Dorothy Barnard 6th

Sunday 8th June 1924

Very fine. Hot. Thunder in evening.
Breakfast on verandah. Sat in garden. Alan away at 9.40. Max sketched. Lunch. All rested. Max whistled at 3! Out. Coffee at Milano. To Vezio. Very hot and tired. White shoes. Stormy damp heat. Back. Rested. Dinner on verandah, but thunder and lightning at end. Electric light broke. To bed 9.30.

Monday 9th June 1924

Perfect day.
At 9.50 all in trap to Esino. 2 hours walking horse uphill. Long military road. Lunch (students and bowls). Rosa Delle Alpi. Drove and walked down to Perledo. Wine and bread and butter there. Back to Hotel at 6. Rested, dined on terrace. To bed 9. Wrote Mrs Leggett.

Tuesday 10th June 1924

Perfect day.
Rolls and coffee in bedroom 7.30. All to boat 8.30 to Gravedona “Unione”. Sketched in Baptistry and saw Temple of Venus. Romaine – 5th century. Lunch at Hotel d’Italia. Rested on terrace. Walked in village. 3.40 boat home. No tea. Rested. Dinner outdoors.

Unione (1858-1953) – a clipper-bowed paddle steamer

Wednesday 11th June 1924

Dull. Mild.
Quiet a.m. Discussed Tante’s hat and mauve dress with Elsa. Tried on. Lunch 12. Boat to Menaggio. Ayrton’s drew £30 from Banca Lariana. Carriage to Cadenabbia. Antiquity shop. Savona Vases and my dish! Coffee there. Home. Rested. Washed. Dinner indoors. Rain. Hot bath.

Thursday 12th June 1924

Dull then better.
Coffee and rolls in bed 9 a.m. Max and I saw Miss Gaddum’s sketches in a.m. Elsa not well and very dull day, so quiet and lunched 12.30. Packed. Short note from E.P. Took 2.25 boat to Bellagio. To band and bookshop. Tea, strawberries. Drove to Saint Giovanni. Max sketched. Boat back. Dinner indoors. Thunderstorm. Talked to Salisbury Beresford. Nice.


Friday 13th June 1924

Dull, then lovely and hot.
Breakfast at Victoria Hotel. Wrote Cyrus. All by 11.45 train to Dervio. Lunch at Olievo Restaurant. Walked to Corenno. Lovely. Max sketched. Walked back. Lemonade at Dervio and 4.56 train to Varenna. Rested. Dinner at Victoria Hotel. Talked. To bed. Read.


Saturday 14th June 1924

Dull, then lovely.
Breakfast in room. Packed. Lunch 12. Paid bills. In launch to Menaggio at 1. Fiat car from there to Chiasso. Coffee and waited an hour. Through Customs. Train 4.50 or so to Bale (Switzerland) in train, 2nd class carriage; pretty good night (registered trunks thro’ from Chiasso to Victoria).

Wrote Mrs Leggett – 9th
Wrote Alys – 8th
Wrote Cyrus – 13th

Sunday 15th June 1924

Very fine and warm.
Through Battlefields for hour or so. Through Belfort, Laon to Amiens. Got out suddenly, coffee and rolls at station 10.30. To Belfort Hotel. Washed. To see Cathedral. Lunch at Eau de France. Rested, no tea. Slept. Max out and sketched. Dinner at Hotel du L’Univers. Expensive and mediocre. To bed 9.20.



Monday 16th June 1924

Fine. Fog on sea. Warm.
Breakfast in room 8. Packed. 9.29 train to Boulogne. Axle broke, ½ hour late. On “Maid of Orleans”. Lunch with Max. On deck, sun tho’ foggy. Train to Victoria 2.15 to London. Tea at Victoria. Motor to Church Row and then I on home. Alys and Tony. Dennis in. Dorrie in. In car to Wembley in evening.

maid of orleans

Tuesday 17th June 1924

Fine. Warm.
Dennis up early and out. Alys and I to shops. Lunch. Did unpacking and washed gloves. To shops with Alys in p.m. again. Tea. Sewed on verandah. Dressed and to Styer’s to dinner. Corbin from New Jersey there and Jaffe. Dennis and Alys called in car for me.

Wednesday 18th June 1924

Fine. Warm.
Did washing. To shops to buy Tony’s scooter. I to town and to Burrow’s Travel Bureau. Lunch at English Speaking Union. Looked in shops. Home by tube. Dolly Willis to tea and dinner. Dennis and Alys to Tennis Club Dance.

Thursday 19th June 1924

Fine and warm.
In car with Alys. On to Hampstead and at Belsize aIl tubed to Barnard’s. Lunch and tea there. Sat in garden all p.m. with Polly and then with Dorothy. Home 6.15. Put Tony to bed. Alys and Dennis to Rodeo with the Coxes. Dorrie in, and spent evening with me.

Friday 20th June 1924

Fine and warm.
To shops with Alys and Tony. Altered ostrich feather hat. To shops again in p.m. with Alys to buy strawberries. Dennis home 6.30. Dinner 7. Alys and Dennis played tennis in tournament till dark. I wrote Busy.

Saturday 21st June 1924

Alys up early and out with Dennis. I to shops alone. Dorrie in. Helen home from Hays. Alys tennis tournament. I met Ayrton’s and Emma Wetherbee and in car to British Empire Exhibition.

british empire

To Rodeo in Stadium. Alan and Alfred and Gywn – Rodeo too. Back to supper at Church Row. Alys and Dennis to Rowland’s. I home 9.45.

Note and bill to E.P. – 17th
Poem from E.P. – 20th
77,000 at Rodeo, Stadium holds 125,000

Sunday 22nd June 1924

Very fine and hot.
Alys and Dennis out all day in car to Mrs Delmas-Ratcliffe’s, Maidstone. I tidied up cupboards. Sewed in garden. Helen to Rufus in p.m. I rested on verandah. Tea alone. Tony not up. Took Tony to Aunt Louie’s after tea. Helen back 6.30. She and I to flats after supper. To bed 10.30.

Monday 23rd June 1924

Lovely day. Perfect.
Alys in bed to breakfast. Tired. Helen out to see Dr Larkin and to lunch and not in till 7.30. Alys and I to shops. After lunch, I put away Tante’s fur-coat in Keating, and cleared boxes out. To Hampstead with Alys – library. Took 110 bus. Tea. Consultation on Rufus. Hopeless case. After supper in car to Meta’s and Harmar’s Home at 10.25. Lovely light evening.

Keatings powder

Tuesday 24th June 1924

Lovely day. Warm.
Alys and I to driving license place and stores. Alys to meet Violet Grant. I to get Fellowship of the British Empire (tickets) 2.2.0. Lunch at Selfridge’s. Bought bag top. Home at 2.30. Washed things. Wrote E.P. all 4 of us in car to Exhibition and to Rodeo in evening 5/6 seats. Home 11.20.

Wednesday 25th June 1924

Hot. Fine.
Alys early out to Rose – servant. I ironed. Alys and Helen to school (Tony). I sewed with Tony on verandah. Lunch. Alys and I to 2.25 train, Euston to Chester (U.S. lady, Miss Thomason from Duluth). We dined at Grosvenor Hotel, good. 7/- each. On at 9.12 to Conway. To Castle Hotel. Slept there. Comfortable. Old fashioned.

Thursday 26th June 1924

Hot and fine.
Walked by Castle to station. 9.54 train to Llanfairfechan. Walked to Bryn y Neuadd. Talked to Head Attendant and Atkinson. Edward Barnard very bright. Sat and walked in grounds. Nice visit. Lunch in a “field”. Train 1.26 to Crew. Changed. Arrived Euston 7.30. Dinner at Canuto’s. Home on top of bus. To bed 10.

Friday 27th June 1924

Duller, mild.
Mrs Steel away. I to Prize-giving at Chalk Farm Schools (P.D.) with Ethel, Pamela and Doreen. Home to lunch. Alys to shops in p.m. Dorothie out, so I at home, with Tony. Read on verandah. Got tea in kitchen. Dennis home 6.30. After dinner, he and Alys to Rodeo and Helen and I washed up. Deedie called in evening.

King’s Langley

Saturday 28th June 1924

Fine on whole. Dullish.
Alys to shops, also Helen and Tony. I later to meet Alys. After lunch, Dennis home and he, Alys and I all to King’s Langley. Tennis at Kitty’s. Other Buchanan’s (no relation) there. And Allen’s. New pup – Batzinda. Tea. Supper. Tom Buchanan also to stay. Alys and Dennis away at 9. I stayed on.

Wrote E.P. – 24th about poem

Sunday 29th June 1924

Fine. Windy.
Wandered in garden, and then to Cousin Mary’s. She out. Kitty and Katharine and Barbara to William Archer. Tom and I waited outside. Sat in garden after dinner. Early tea (ate strawberries in garden). All in car to High Wycombe to take Katharine back. Late to bed. Marking Barbara’s things.

Monday 30th June 1924

Fine. Cooler.
All of them off at 8.45. Barbara to school (Watford). 1st time. I in garden and read. I unwell. In p.m. I to tea at Cousin Mary’s. Mrs James Blaikley there. Kit and Edward called for me with Barbara. Quiet evening.

Tuesday 1st July 1924

In car with Kate and Edward and Barbara to ‘bus. Back. Played some tennis. Lunch. Rested. Tea. To station. I off 5.26 to London. Home to dinner. Rufus very ill.

Wednesday 2nd July 1924

Off early to Committee Meeting and prize-giving at Northcourt (Swiss Cottage). On to lunch Elm Park Road. Peter Harrison there. All to tennis at Wimbledon. Lovely p.m. with Dorothy Barnard. Saw Miss McKane, Mrs Wightman, Woosnam, Borotra (Basque) Alonzos, Richards, U.S. Miss Williams? After dinner to Rufus’. Home in car and on Primrose Hill.

Thursday 3rd July 1924

Dull, some rain.

With E.M.M. and Doreen to school at Gospel Oak, Mansfield Road. Myopic and P.D. Home to lunch. Alys and Dorothie to Rodeo. Rained hard. Helen out. I got Tony up, and C.H.Wade to tea. Dorothy Barnard phoned not Chamonix! Alys back – very wet. Dolly Willis to supper. Took her to Waterloo after and Helen to Rufus. Home 10.30.

Friday 4th July 1924

Fine. Wet early. Fair and warm.
Alys’ 40th birthday. Gave her English Speaking Union membership. I to Kingsgate School (M.D.) E.M.M. gave prizes 10.45. Dancing and singing. Home to lunch. Alys and Dennis to Sherborne in p.m. I to town to talk to Ross about Holland. Coffee at English Speaking Union and read Atlantic Monthly there. Helen had Ena Wilson and Mr Wilson to tea. Helen out to see Rufus after dinner and not back till 10.20. I met her.

Saturday 5th July 1924

Showers. Fine on whole.
I to shops for housekeeping. Took care of Tony. Helen to Rufus. Took Tony on Heath. Helen back 1.40! Out again to Rufus in p.m. I sewed. Mr and Mrs Styer to tea with Tony and me. Sat on verandah. Helen again to Rufus in evening. I sat up for her. To bed 10.35.

Sunday 6th July 1924

Fine, very windy.
Helen to Rufus. I sewed jumper and crocheted cuffs. Tony good in garden. Lunch. Helen out again. Tony, after rest, to tea with Ena Wilson who called for him. I quietly alone. On verandah. Then washed petticoat and knickers. Helen not again in evening. To bed early.

Monday 7th July 1924

Fine on whole.
I to shops. Helen took Tony to school. I called for him. Lunch. Did needlework. Dorrie called and stayed to coffee. I took Tony to shops to buy his gun and wristwatch for 3 1/2d. Dennis and Alys not back till 1 a.m. on 8th. All breakfast together.

Tuesday 8th July 1924

Fine. Hot.
I to shops with Alys. She to Thew. I up to Dorrie’s and then to call for Tony. Alys lunch at Lab. I walked down with Helen. Alys back to tea. Sewed on verandah. Dennis back 8. All to Rufus. Alys taught me drive car down road On to Lab. Dennis did Rufus’ blood. Home via Rufus, at 10.30.

Wednesday 9th July 1924

Fine. Hot.
I took Tony to school. On to town. Bought coats at C&A. Met Dorothy Barnard at English Speaking Union. Lunch there. Together to Burrows’ – To Stewart’s (strawberries). To Fenwicks and Debenham’s with Dorothy. Home.

Thursday 10th July 1924

Hot and fine.
Alys out early with Dennis. Alys took Tony to school. I to shops. Alys to meet Sissie at new house. I washed my hair. C.H.Wade and Dorrie came. Helen washed hair too. After lunch, she to Rufus. I sewed. Alys rested. Took Helen to Rufus in evening and Dorothy, Alys and I on to Exhibition to Fireworks in Stadium. Home at midnight. Tired.

Friday 11th July 1924

Fine, very hot.
Alys and Dennis for early walk. Alys and I took Tony to school. On to town. To Evans’ for boat equipment. Blankets. To English Speaking Union for lunch. To shops on way home. Tea at home with Tony. Alys on cycle again to shops and then to dine in town with Dennis, who late.11.

Saturday 12th July 1924

Very hot and fine – 86 degrees.
With Alys, who on to meet Dennis at Lab and they to Philip’s school for weekend. I shopped. Home. Ironed. Lunch with Helen and Tony. She to Rufus. I with Tony. Hot walk to get strawberries. Began his bath. Quiet evening on verandah with Helen. To bed 10. Very hot night.

Letter from E.P. 9th about West Chop.
Might hear from Busy this week or next.
Wrote Aunt Bella 5th
Wrote E.P. 11th

Sunday 13th July 1924

Very windy. Cooler. Fine.
Quiet day. Tony in garden all a.m. I sewed. Helen to Rufus. Lunch. Tony rested, and then to tea with Ena Wilson again. I sat on verandah. Tony, and then Helen back. Quiet evening indoors as cooler. To bed 9.45.

Monday 14th July 1924

Fine. Warm.
To shops, first taking Tony to school. Met Sissie, with her to 50 Erskine Hill. Home. Alys back. Lunch (Helen fetched Tony). Alys rested and then we to Rodborough Road to see rooms. Back to tea with Tony. Dinner. Dennis’ knee bad. Alys drove Helen and me to Rufus. To Blaikley’s and drove Grosvenor and Louis home at 10.

Tuesday 15th July 1924

Hot. Fine.
Alys drove Dennis to Lab. Then took Tony to school. Then Helen to Home. Shopped in Hampstead. I drove car a little and to Quantock House. Lunch. Helen out in town. I with Alys in car to Lab. To Bolton Street to see Club. I home. Alys to Thew and Dennis. I tea with Tony. Sat on verandah with him. Bathed him.

Wednesday 16th July 1924

Very hot.
Alys off early to drive. Dennis to town. I took Tony to school, and met Alys at shops. Home; out again with Alys and both to town. Lunch Chinese Restaurant. To shoe-shops, and to Club at Vicarage Gate to see rooms. I home by tube and tea with Tony and sat with him on verandah. Alys to Lab and home with Dennis.

Thursday 17th July 1924

Cooler. Rain in p.m.
I with Dennis and Alys to town in car and to see Miss Warren at 18 Langham Street about rooms. Home. Lunch. Did a lot of clearing out of big trunk, tearing up. Alys to town after lunch. I tea with Tony and with him after tea in drawing-room, and bathed him. Alys and Helen very wet. Dinner 8. Dennis did stoves after dinner.

Friday 18th July 1924

Fine. Cool windy.
Alys with Dennis in the car. I took Tony to school. Met Alys and Dorrie at shops. Home. Did more clearing out. Lunch. Alys to have hair washed, and to Compayne but back to tea. Dennis in 7.20 very cheerful. Tried camping beds.

Saturday 19th July 1924

Fine, warm.
Alys and Dennis off early in car to Lab and Poole. I settled dinners and to shops and then on to Gamage’s and English Speaking Union (ate own sandwich). To Chelsea, rested and tea with Polly and Dorothy in garden. Home. Tony with Meta to lunch and tea. Helen again to Rufus in evening. I learnt Dutch and read.

Letter from E.P. from West Chop – 17th
Wrote Cyrus with address 6 Elm Park Road – 14th
Wrote E.P. 11th.

Sunday 20th July 1924

Fine and warm.
Sat on verandah in a.m. Tony playing with his “pond”. Helen back to lunch. Tony rested. I washed and ironed silk dress. Tony to tea with Ena Wilson. Miss Smythe and sister, Miss Hutchinson called. Helen back and sat on verandah till 9.30. To bed 10.30. Dennis and Alys home 11.20.

Monday 21st July 1924

Rain, then fine and hot.
Alys took Tony to school. I met her, shopped and home. Lunch. I alone to Exhibition at 3. Palace of Industry. Dairy. Coffee at Jamaica “Blue Mountain”. Chocolate at Trinidad, Tobago! Home on 83 by 7.40. With Dennis and Alys on car and Helen to Rufus. We to the Ayrton’s till 10.

Tuesday 22nd July 1924

Fine. Warm a.m. Hail and thunder p.m.
I to Sissie’s on cycle. Help measuring for curtains. With Alys to fetch Tony. Alys to Thew’s and Harmar’s in p.m. I with Tony. Great rainstorm and thunder. I to dine 7.30 with Ayrton’s to meet Mrs and Elizabeth Bruce from Kentucky. Friend of General Lee.

Wednesday 23rd July 1924

Fine. Warm.
I took Tony to school. On to Health Institute. Kingsgate Road. On to Wembley by Metropolitan Railway. Lunch there by self. Home via Marylebone and bought Designograph and fish cakes. Not out in evening.


Thursday 24th July 1924

With Alys (took Tony) and on to Baker Street with Designograph. To Baths. I alone (swam to try silk bathing gown). Home to lunch. (Fetched Tony). Out to meet C.H.W. at Queen’s Hall. R.A.M Prize giving. Took her to tea at English Speaking Union. Home. Dinner. Dennis to Douglas Horley. Laughton’s in. Helen and I with Alys in car to London Bridge to meet Dennis. He to Victoria. Lights gave out. All home at 1 a.m.

Friday 25th July 1924

Fine. Cooler. Wet p.m.
Took Tony to school. With Alys to shops. Home. Got trunk down. Fetched Tony with Alys after lunch. Alys to Lab to meet Hewat and she and Dennis to dine with Dorrie. Later to meet Chas Simpson’s. I tea with Tony and music with him till 6.30. He to bed. Helen and I supper alone and early to bed. Alys and Dennis very late. To Lab after dinner.

Saturday 26th July 1924

Cool. Heavy rain and thunder 4.
Did some packing and with Alys, Helen and Tony to shops. I did house shopping. Alys and Dennis to Poole to boat, in car at 11.45. Helen took Tony to Rufus. Back lunch. Rested in p.m. Took Tony to Ethel Miles’ to tea. Home. Bathed him. Supper. Sewed, to bed 9.30. Helen tired.

Good car stories of Mrs Bruce and Max about police.
Also General Lee and Mrs Bruce’s father “in bed with Angel Gabriel”.
Scotch story of Scotch man’s good very record but not allowed in Heaven. “Can’t upset Commissariat to make porridge for one Scotsman.”
Satan and golf course. Hell of it, not balls.

Sunday 27th July 1924

Fine on whole. Rain at 9.30.
I unwell. Tony in garden, fell before breakfast. Screamed. Got Dr Ensor. Put leg in splint. Helen to Rufus. I read to Tony. Helen back to lunch and in p.m. Tea. I out at 7 to Ayrton’s to supper, to meet Colonel and Mrs Stone. He was with Younghusband in Tibet. Alan Baumer there. Alys and Dennis back from Poole at 11.20 p.m.

Monday 28th July 1924

Wet day.
With Alys to shops. She to meet Philip 11.30. At 2 Hearst car to take Tony, Helen and Alys to Ted’s for x-ray. I with Phil all the afternoon. Alys back to tea. Tony’s leg badly broken! He to nursing home in Belsize. After tea, I to 6 Elm Park Road to stay with suitcase. Dorothy Barnard alone there.

Tuesday 29th July 1924

Fine, with heavy thunderstorm.
Breakfast with Dorothy Barnard. Then I to Golders Green. Met Alys. Home with her, and did things in my room. Dorothy Barnard to Sissie’s. Lunch at Aunt Louie’s. Lunch with Alys and Philip. To town with Alys. Evans’ and to Ross for tickets. Back to tea with Dorothy Barnard at 6 Elm Park Road and dinner. She to theatre with Sargent’s.

Wednesday 30th July 1924

I to Victoria Station to get Tades’ ticket and seat to Brussels. Back. Lunch. Tades to see about Uncle Charlie all p.m. I rested. Dorothy too. Tea. Dorothy and I, Coles and played Badminton till 7.10. Mrs Falcon and Tades to supper.

Thursday 31st July 1924

Fine with showers.
Dorothy Barnard and Tades off at 8 a.m. Tades to Brussels. I to Golders Green. Met Alys and Eva at Scherf’s. To 47 Hampstead Way to lunch. Packing Alys in p.m. Kitbags. Alys and children to see Tony after tea. I to Barnes’. Dinner at 47 Hampstead Way. Alys and I to see Aunt Louie and Sissie at 9 p.m. I back to Chelsea at 10.30. Dorothy Barnard out but in at 11.

Friday 1st August 1924

Fine on whole. Showers.
I over to Alys’ shopping in Golders Green on the way. Helped to get things ready to leave. Lunch. At about 3.40 all off in car. Embleton’s to Poole to boat. I back to Chelsea. Tea with Dorothy Barnard. Rested after, on sofa. She to Coles’s. Supper and sewed in evening. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 2nd August 1924

Fine. Showery.
Quiet a.m. Wrote letters and to Tulley’s. To Boot’s with Dorothy. Rested in p.m. And to Badminton at Coles’s after tea. Showers which interrupted but great fun. Home to supper. I read comic poems to Doz.

Wrote Ella – 2nd (6 weeks and 2 days had elapsed before she received my Italy letters).

Sunday 3rd August 1924

Fine a.m. Rain p.m.
In garden all a.m. with Dorothy Barnard. Gardening, sewing. Rested in p.m. Rain teatime. Mr and Mrs Coles arrived after tea. Walked back with them and played Badminton till 7.45. Home to supper. Mabel out. I read “Germany Today” aloud.

Monday 4th August 1924

Trial suitcase packing, and in garden, and sewed in drawing-room. Rested 35 minutes after lunch. Out ot tea at Coles’ and about 7 exciting sets of Badminton. Home in taxi. Mrs Falcon to supper.


Tuesday 5th August 1924

Fine. Windy.
Packed up, and walked to Susie’s. Back. Lunch. Rested a little. Tea. Supper at 6.30. At 7.15 in taxi with Dorothy Barnard to Liverpool Street Station. Train 8.30 to Harwich. In boat, St Denis, all night (11 – 6.20) to Hook of Holland. Calm sea.

St Denis L.N.E.R.

Wednesday 6th August 1924

Through Customs. Train to Utrecht. Arrived 10.30. To Hotel des Pays Bas. Lunch. Slept. Out and about. To Maliebaan and Nieuwe Gracht. Dined. To bed about 9. Good food and beds. Room 8 gulden (double bedded – 2 beds) for 2 (no meals included).

Hotel Des Pays Bas, Utrecht

Thursday 7th August 1924

Breakfast 8.30. Out to sea Domtoren (Dom Tower) and up it, 400 odd steps – great view. To Hotel and taxi to train 10.13 to Zwolle; changed at Kampen. Arrived 12.40. To Hotel de Moriaan. Lunch. Out, in and rested. Dinner with 3 Dutch men and 3 Dutch women. Out again in evening by canal

Friday 8th August 1924

Very fine.
Breakfast 8.45. Out. Back out by steam tram at 12.4 to Elburg. Lunch at Het Scheepje Hotel. Walked about and back by 3.41 tram. (Engaged rooms). Rested 50 minutes. Dinner alone. Out on quay. Lovely evening. Read Fombombo aloud. Dorothy sewed.

Saturday 9th August 1924

Lovely day.
Out at 9.30 to quay. Took steamboat at 10. (Directeur-Generaal Jonkheer von Geusau) to Island of Urk. Wonderful day there. Lunch (cold gebakte fisch). Lovely men and women in costume. Back at 4. Up river IJssel. Rested. Dinner 6 with Dutch teacher in military school – captain. Out over bridge. Lovely sunset. Had coffee and sirup in café. Place crowded – Kampen in evening.

5th – Dorothy and I to Holland

Sunday 10th August 1924

Hot. Fine day.
Out on hired bicycles over bridge and rode in country, towards Genemuiden, IJsselmuiden and back (about 12 miles in all) at 1.30 for dinner. Rested in beds in p.m. Room hot. Wrote some postcards. Supper 6.30. Captain Koorevaar took us to hear band in gardens 7.45 – 10. Crowds.

Monday 11th August 1924

Fine, warm.
Out to watch market, people and to Stadhuis. At 12 away in stoomtram to Elburg. Arrived 1.10. Rooms not ready. Had lunch and out lay on dyke by harbour. Dorothy Barnard’s cold very bad. Supper 7 (late). Sat outside and I read Fombombo aloud. Dorothy woolwork.

Tuesday 12th August 1924

Fineish. Rain night.
Walked to Zee and sat in two bee-hive chairs, read and sewed. Back to lunch 12.30. Rested in p.m. Walked out in country and sat in field, past the Remise. Sat in garden and wrote to Hotels in Amsterdam. Read and worked upstairs, candlelight. Smells bad in gutters.

Wednesday 13th August 1924

Very fine.
To Bad-huis and both had lovely bathe, (in spite of colds). Back to lunch 12.15. By 1.11 tram to Nunspeet. Wandered about there. Lemon squash and coffee at Ittmann Hotel. Back 5.35 tram to Elburg. Sat in garden, and out to see sunset. Lovely. Wrote Kitty.

Thursday 14th August 1924

Fine, lovely.
Along to “beach”. Sat, read and worked in bee chairs. Back to lunch. Out to Post Office. Dorothy Barnard posted washing home. Wrote E.P. Doz rested. At 4 both to Badhuis and bathed. Water 72 degrees Farenheit! Back. Sat in garden – supper. To underground passage 1580, very interesting. Old guns. Walked round village. Read. To bed 10.

Friday 15th August 1924

Rain then perfect.
Out about village, and to sea. Over Museum, tortures – rack, thumbscrews. Into Kerk 1392! Very high roof. No altar or font. Lunch. On to “beach”. Back. Rested 40 minutes. Walked to Doornspijk (about 2 miles) by Avenue. Lemonade at Café. Tram back, home 6.15. Supper very late, about 7.20. Out again, and read aloud in bedroom.

Saturday 16th August 1924

Late to breakfast. Father of girls and Adolf arrived. Birthday (40) of Mevrouw (Mrs). For country walk. Then bathed. Lovely. After big dinner – 1.30, we off by tram at 3 to Zwolle. Coffee at ‘t Heerenlogement Hotel. Then to Keizerskroon. Dinner. Walked up Dieser Street. Home to bed.

Wrote Kit – 13th
Wrote E.P. – 14th
Fombombo – by Stribling

Sunday 17th August 1924

Fine. Showers.
Out in a.m. By Grachts and Gardens. Lunch 12.30. Rested in p.m. Out by canals, seeing large barges and steamers for Zuyderzee. Dinner 7. Read aloud. Rainy. To bed early.


Monday 18th August 1924

Rain. Squalls.
Pouring, so not by steamer, but train 10.45 to Amsterdam. Walked to Krasnapolski Hotel. Lunch. To Cook’s. Then in motor-boat round canals and out into River Ij Docks. Back. Coffee. Rested. Dinner. Watched dancing.

Tuesday 19th August 1924

Fine. Showers.
Out to Western Kerk and Rijks Museum (Rembrandt’s) UP tower of Western Church, after cheap lunch at Insulindestraat. To De Nieuwe Kerk, down Kalverstraat. No tea. Back, rested across bed. Packed. Out Dinner 6.30. To station, walked. Took 8.30 train to Hook. On board and off at 11.30. Good night 1st class cabin to ourselves.

De Nieuwe Kirk


Wednesday 20th August 1924

Fine. Cold.
Breakfast 5.30. At 6.30 off to Harwich – Liverpool Street 8. Taxi to 6 Elm Park Road. Unpacked. Lunch. Slept. Quiet evening. Fire. Wrote Alys.

Winterton, Norfolk

Thursday 21st August 1924

Packed in a.m. and in garden. Unwell. Dorothy Barnard out. At 12.30. taxi to Liverpool Street. Hurry. 1 o’clock train to Yarmouth, Norfolk. Lunch on train. 1st class. Met 4.22 by Mr Leggett and Molly. Motor to Winterton – 9 miles. The Hall. Both Mrs Leggett’s. Mother and wife there. Lovely walk after tea on dunes. Dinner, card games. 31 in evening. To bed 10.

Letter from Edith Bache – 22nd or 23rd
To Leggetts – 21st to 27th August
20th return from Holland
Wrote E.P. 20th from Amsterdam
10% service charged at Krasnapolski.

Sunday 24th August 1924

Showery. Cool.
Wrote to Amy about Violet’s death and to Sandeman’s about Norah’s. To Church with Mrs Leggett Senior and Junior. Mademoiselle and Molly on beach. Rested in p.m. Slept hard. For a walk after tea with Mr and Mrs Leggett. Muddy. Pretty. To Church 6.30 with Mr and Mrs and Mrs Leggett. Supper 8. Read and patience. To bed 10.30.

Monday 25th August 1924

On sands (not Mrs Leggett Junior). I bathed with Mademoiselle and Molly. Dug. Lunch and rest. Tea. All up to Hill House and had good tennis with Mr Greenhow. Home to dinner and and read and patience games. Mrs Leggett played too.

Tuesday 26th August 1924

Wrote Dorothy Barnard on sands. First to Boffin’s for cards. Low tide. Dug, with Molly, and bathed. Mrs Robertson too, and Nurse Courr. Lunch and rest till tea. After tea, Badminton in Hall garden; Mr Greenhow too. Dinner. Read “Fishpingle”. Patience. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 27th August 1924

Fine. Thunder. Fine.
Lovely a.m. To sands. Dug in dunes. Rain and thunders, so in Wendy hut. Home. Lunch. Rest. Fine, so after tea up to Hill House and played 3 setts tennis. Mr Greehow too. Dinner. Bloaters, beef steak pud, pears.

Thursday 28th August 1924

Lovely a.m.
To Goffin’s with Molly. To sands. Dug and bathed (3rd here). Home. Rested. Finished “Fishpingle”. Tea. All up to Hill house. Mrs Robertson showed us her poster paintings of France and Egypt. We played tennis, with Mr Greenhow. Back late to dinner. Flounders, chops, pear. I played patience. Began Blackgang.

Friday 29th August 1924

Rain till 4.
Wet. To post with Mademoiselle and bought cards. To Hill House with H.A.L. and back in rain. Ping-pong in dining-room. Lunch. Rested. Read Black Gang (Bulldog Drummond). After tea, played cricket in garden. Sat and worked till nearly 7. Dinner. Read patience. Settled to say “Kate” and “Marjorie”.

Saturday 30th August 1924

Pouring rain.
Sat and crocheted hat. Out at 11.30 with H.A.L. to Hill House and then bathed (4th) with Mrs Bessie Robertson. Alec and H. talking on sands. Lunch. Rested, read, slept. After tea, played Badminton in garden with Mr Greenhow. Dinner, rabbit pie. Read and patience with Marjorie.

Bessie Robertson (nee McCrory – cousin of Almroth Wright)
Wrote Alys – 25th
Wrote Ella – 22nd
Postcard to Ella – 29th
Wrote Doz – 26th

Sunday 31st August 1924

Hot. Changeable. Showery.
Wrote. To Church with Mrs Leggett and Marjorie. Up to Hill House. Quite hot. Others had bathed. Home. Lunch. Rest. Tea. Hot and steamy. So sat in garden and talked. Some thunder so in. To Church. Master of the Temple preached. Supper. Read. To bed.

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