1923 – Philadelphia, Hot Springs, Washington, R.M.S. Majestic, London, Brussels, Poole, Clifton, Newcastle

1923 Diary

Katharine Faraday Boyd
250 South 21st Street


47 Hampstead Way, London N.W.

“What I aspired to be, and was not comforts me” – Browning.

“We, ignorant of ourselves,
Beg often our own harms, which the wise powers
Deny us for our good, so find we profit
By losing of our prayers.” – Shakespeare.

In 1923, Edward is 47 years old, Kate is 44 years old and Alys is 39 years old. Eva is 14 years old and Philip is 10 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Monday 1st January 1923

Pouring rain a.m. Dull and windy p.m.
Wrote Dorothy Barnard. Tante breakfast at 11.45. Sat with Tante all a.m. except for making bed and washing up. Lunch alone, Tante, having had breakfast late, didn’t lunch. E.P. in office all a.m. doing bills. Out in p.m. Walked 13th Street. Tante phoning about tickets for 10th. She and I slept 4 – 5.30. E.P. too, downstairs. Supper 6.30. Turkey, mince-pies. E.P. sang and read aloud. To bed 11.0.

Tuesday 2nd January 1923

Very fine.
With Tante; then to W.B.D. at 10.40. His boy there. Then all 3 in car to see Corner’s House (Forney house). Washington Square. To Wanamaker’s, saw Mrs Bergey and had lunch. To Bank. E.P. back to office. Tante and I home. She rested. I walked to Mr Hunsicker’s office with tickets and to Blind Shop. Bought mat 1.25. Dinner. Papers and reading. To bed 10.35. Tante’s bottle leaked in night. I up and made bed for her.

Wednesday 3rd January 1923

Dull, some rain, sleet.
Tante in bed till dinner-time. I with her in a.m. Phoning about tickets. Lunch with E.P. I out after. Walked to Blauner’s 9th Street. Back in trolley. Tante sleeping and tea at 4. E.P. to Brown’s Mills. Tante and I dined alone. She to 10th and Walnut meeting. Both home at 10. I did my accounts all p.m.

Letter to Dorothy Barnard – 1st
Letter to Alys – 25th December

Letter to Tades – 1st January
Letter to Alys – January 3rd
Letter to Smith & Sons – January 3rd
101.0 Friday W.B.D.
Blind Shop – 204 South 13th Street.

Wrote Dorrie – 7th

Thursday 4th January 1923

Dull. Damp
Sat with Tante all a.m. mending E.P’s pyjamas. Busy to lunch. E.P. away to Washington to stay with the Wilson’s 2.30. Miss Hoyt called. I talked to Busy. Tante to station with E.P. Then Tante and I both in car took Busy home 4.45. Home. Dinner 6.30. Quiet evening, reading, To bed 10.35.

Friday 5th January 1923

Out in car 9.30 to buy tickets for Coué (me: Émile Coué – French psychologist). To Bank. To W.B.D. Home. Out again to various places and Dock Street. Home. Dressed. Sat with Tante at 1.20. I to Acorn Club. Met Mrs McCrae, lunch with her and both to Orchestra concert, George Enescu. Home. Tante down to dinner. Read aloud. Sat up for Julia (and fire). To bed 11.40.


Saturday 6th January 1923

Dull. Not cold.
Out in car at 10 to Franklin Miller’s, Keller’s, Market and Jefferson, to fetch Marian. Home by Ridge Avenue, because of Mummers’ Parade on Broad Street. After lunch, at 4, Tante and I to Ardmore in car. Tea with Mrs Windser and Miss Norris (nurse). Home at 6.30. Dinner. To bed 10.20 or 10.30. Wound clocks.

Sunday 7th January 1923

Little snow. Dull and dry in p.m.
Sat with Tante all a.m. turning out 2 old drawers of letters. She on her bed. Burnt rubbish in stove. Lunch. I for walk and she slept. Then both rested, I on my bed, 4 till 5. Then talked again, about legacies. Supper. E.P. home from Washington 10.15. Talked. To bed 11.30.

Monday 8th January 1923

Dull. Not cold.
Up at 7 or 6.50. Mrs Carroll Miller to breakfast. She sat with Tante. I wrote Alys. I out to Keller’s, Shipping Office. Tante down to lunch, late. E.P. in. Tante and I in car 2.30 to North America Insurance and New Century Club to “Immigration” Lecture. To tea at Colonial Dames, Miss Bell’s. Rest. Dinner. E.P. read “Pelleas” aloud. To bed 10.20.

Tuesday 9th January 1923

Rain all day.
Sat with Tante most of a.m. sewing and phoning about beds, mattresses. Then she rested. I typed E.P.’s lines to Mrs Bolling. Lunch with E.P. Tante upstairs. Tante in car to College Club Democratic Club 3. I too, and walked back in rain. Took Miss Jones home in car. Walked back again. E.P. and Tante slept 5 – 6.15. I fetched paper. Busy evening phoning about dinner seats.

Wednesday 10th January 1923

With Tante and to W.B.D. at 10.40. I unwell. Tante rested and I helped Marie in storeroom, and putting up bed. After lunch, Palser called for Franklin bed! Tante up at 5.30. E.P, she and I had tea! and sandwiches at 5. Rested, dressed. At 7, all in car to Scottish Rite Hall. Dinner. Speakers – Senator Pat Harrison, Mississippi. “Jackson” Day Dinner: Judge Davis, Congressman Tennessee. Lark and E.D.D. E.P. and I sat with Mrs Samuel, Miss De Coursey, Miss Hutchinson Mrs Platt. No water main in city. Broke.

Wrote Alys – 8th with £5
Wrote Cyrus – 14th about present to Plaza
Wrote Eva – Corona 14th
Wrote Alys – 15th
Wrote Dorothy – 15th

Crisis in Ruhr. French troops; and withdrawal of American troops.

Thursday 11th January 1923

Dull. Very little sun.
Tante breakfast 9. Sat with her till 12. Sewing. Took Marian in car at 12.30 to Franklin Miller (returned wood basket). Jefferson for x-ray treatment. Home in car 1.30. Lunch with E.P. and Tante. E.P. and I to Barringer’s Tea for Elizabeth’s debut. Tante and I called at Mrs Hood’s and Mrs Biddle’s after. Both out. Rested, slept. Dinner. North American reporter came. To bed 10.30.

Friday 12th January 1923

Dull. Cooler.
Sat with Tante. Arranged lunch. Then she rested 12 – 12.30. Cyrus came at 1.20. Lunch (ham omelette, salad, cheese, crackers, muffins). They 3 talked all p.m. I upstairs. Cyrus and E.P. to station 4.45. E.P. lecture 5 – 6. I walked out. To Ritz. Dinner 6.30. Talk and E.P. read Clarke’s speech on League of Nations aloud. To bed 10.20.

Saturday 13th January 1923

Dull. Cooler.
Sat with Tante. Out at 12 very quickly to Reading Terminal Market and to ask for Albemarle Pippins (or Newtown Pippins). Tante neuralgia; resting. Lunch with E.P. Looked out Tante’s woollens in store-room. Sat with her. She tea at 3. Dressed. Dinner 6.30. Read papers. E.P. read aloud. We sewed.

Albemarle Pippin

Sunday 14th January 1923

Dark. Sleet sometimes.
Tante breakfast 9.45. Sat with her whole a.m. doing nothing, but burnt some rubbish. Lunch. Wrote C.H. McC (Cyrus) first. Lunch alone. Tante in bed. E.P. at Maternity. At 3.15 Tante and I in car to call for E.P. and to Miss Zimmerling’s flat on Washington Square. Home 5. Rested. Sept. Supper. Marian out. Hymns and newspapers. I to bed 10.10.

Monday 15th January 1923

Dull. Mild.
I out to W.B.D.’s 10.10. and walked on to book passage on Majestic. Sat with Tante. She up. Lunch 1. All 3 of us in car to Academy Foyer to hear Coué. Not impressed. Bad accent. Tante and I on to Jacob’s and home. Rested. E.P. in and slept too. Dinner. Quiet evening.

Tuesday 16th January 1923

Very fine. Sunny.
Up early. Tante breakfast 7.30. She and I with Mr Kerwick in car at 9.40 to Trenton. To Capitol Theatre, Inauguration of new Governor, Silzer. Speech. And Governor Edwards going out. Lunch at Hildebrecht’s. To State House. Reception 3 – 5. Great crowd and long wait. Home 5 – 6.40. E.P. dined at Racquet Club. To bed 9.10. Tired. Marian very late.

Racquet Club of Philadelphia

Wednesday 17th January 1923

Cold. Sunny.
Tante very fussed about E.P. and had sent night-letters to Dr Hart and Cyrus. Sat with her and then out at 12 to Steamship Office and paid $35.00 deposit for reservation – April 21st Majestic. Tante no lunch till 3. Dr Hart arrived, and E.P.’s bed and things upstairs again. I slept a little. E.P. also 5 – 6. I out for Bulletin 6. Dinner. Tante down 6.30. E.P. out to Davis Society. To bed 10.50. E.P. called out in night.

R.M.S. Majestic – White Star ocean liner

Memoranda :
Call on Mrs McCrae
Letters to Alys and Dorothy – 15th, Shoolbred – 20th
Letters to Susie, Madame Roefs, Madame de Quervain – 21st
Letter to Alys – 22nd.

Thursday 18th January 1923

Warmer. Dull.
Down to bathroom again. Breakfast alone. Typed letter to Mrs Altemus. Took it to 1012 Spruce. Back. Tante in car to Dr Hansell’s. Washed gloves. All lunch together. Tante rested all p.m. till 5. I upstairs then down. E.P. in and slept at 5.10. Dinner 6.30. E.P out at 8.20 to Pre-natal Care Meeting. Back at 10.10. Special Delivery letter from Cyrus to him To bed 10.30.

Friday 19th January 1923

Very fine. Lovely.
I to W.B.D’s at 10. On to Wanamaker’s and back to Dr Hansell 10.45. Tante came 11.30!! Late 1 hour! With her in car to Borsch’s and Saving Fund. Lunch all together. Tante on sofa. I sewed. Altered pale grey blouse. Sat with Tante in writing-room 5. 6 Dr McCrae came about Tante’s losing weight. Dinner. E.P. slept in writing room after. Tante dictated letter to Dr Hansell. I typed it. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 20th January 1923

Dull. Mild.
E. told Tante about Hot Springs idea. Typed letters to Shoolbred’s. Out in car with Tante to Borsch’s, Allen’s. Back to lunch. All 3. Tante on sofa all p.m. I with her, and then out to Bryans and Steigerwalt’s. Home. Wrote letters (French). Dinner. Newspapers. Began Tante’s silk scarf. E.P. finished “Pelleas” aloud. To bed 11.

Sunday 21st January 1923

Dull. Very mild.
Sat with Tante all a.m. till 12.30. Wrote Susie. E.P. in, to buttermilk 1.30. Then he slept till 3. I read papers. Tante had tea at 3.15. I out for walk 3.30 – 4.30. Then rested. Mr Kerwick to see Tante till 6.20. Wire from Cyrus to E.P. Supper. Maria here, Julia out. All of us to Church in evening. To bed 10.10. Wrote Alys.

Monday 22nd January 1923

Dull. Cooler.
Sat with Tante and sewed soles on her slippers. Out in car with her 12 to Dr Hansell, Allen’s, Sheppard’s, Strawbridge’s, Sorosis’. Home 1.45 lunch. Tante packed a little, then rested. I packed all p.m, her and my things. Dinner. Tante to 10th and Walnut Meeting 9 – 10.15. I sat with E.P and talked, then upstairs. To bed 11.30.

Tuesday 23rd January 1923

Fine. Snowstorm in night.
Breakfast with E.P. Packed, and helped Tante also. Trunks off at 11.45. Rest of day packed suit-cases and holdall and did odd things. Tante in bed to lunch ; I with E.P. lunch. Tante up, all 3 in taxi to West Philadelphia Station 5. Train 5.56 Hot Springs. Dinner on train. Slept in Compartment for 2. I in top berth. Through Washington 9 p.m. Snow in night.

Hot Springs, Virginia

Wednesday 24th January 1923

Lovely day. Snow on ground.
Up at 7.45. Arrived Hot Springs 9.20 (40 minutes late). Motor-bus to Homestead Hotel. Room 630-2. Breakfast 9.20 in rooms. Dr Hinsdale called. Tante rested. I washed and unpacked. Wrote letters. Both down to lunch. Tante rested, I too, till 4.15. Dr Hinsdale in again. Examined Tante very thoroughly. Dinner 7.30. Table by window. To Movie 50 cents each in eveing. Then watched Cubans dancing. To bed 10.45.

Homestead Hotel Lobby Interior, Hot Springs Virginia

Memoranda :
Letter to Alys – 22nd – about Hot Springs
Letter to Alys – 25th – from Hot Springs
Letter to Eva – 26th – from Hot Springs
Letter to WB.D. – 23rd from Hot Springs
Letter to Cyrus – 24th – to Washington, Shoreham.
Letter to E.P. – 28th
Letter to Dorothy Barnard – 23rd with Harman’s picture.
25th – Tante weighed 112 without clothes, 115 with blue serge and brown sweater.

Thursday 25th January 1923

Fine. 34 degrees. Thawing.
Breakfast in Tante’s room. I over to Dr Hinsdale’s office with specimen. Tante’s urine. Talked to him. Tante up and I took her to Baths (natural springs) 11. Waited for her. She out 11.45. Lay down. I sat on verandah, and read papers. Lunch, both down to very sunny table. Both then looked at Rooms and to Dr Hansdale’s office. Back. Tante rested. I packed again and at 6.30 porter moved us to 215-17. Dressed and to Dinner 7.45. Sat and did nothing. To bed 9.20.

Friday 26th January 1923

Fine – 44 degrees. Cloudy.
Tante called me 8. Breakfast in her room 8.45. Everything wrong. I up. Downstairs and wrote. Out to library and Post Office. Tante in bed. I back and sat in my room. Tante in bed till 7 and felt “very sick“ and weak and 4 bowel movements. She lunch in bed, I downstairs. Sat with her all p.m. till 4. Then out. And read downstairs. Dinner, both down at 7.45. Movie “The Barnstormer” (Charles Ray) and watched dancing – 2 couples. To bed 10.40.

Saturday 27th January 1923

Rain and mist.
I downstairs to breakfast alone at 9. Then Tante had her’s in bed. I sat with her all a.m. and she read ”Dr Grant’s letter to Manning” aloud. I sewed, and unpacked for her. Lunch alone. Tante her’s upstairs. Dr Hinsdale came (I had asked him) 2.30. Then I out at 3.30 to village, and road to Healing Springs. Back. Rested, read on bed. Both dined at 7.45. To Movie – Thomas Meighan in “The Bachelor Daddy”. Very good dancing. To bed 10.45.

Sunday 28th January 1923

Dull, then lovely sun and wind.
Ordered Tante’s breakfast and to mine at 9.40! Sat a little with Tante and then out at 11.45 for glorious walk up Sunset Hill and ½ up Deerlick Mountain. Through Corral. Back 12.45. Lunch. Tante had her’s in bedroom. Sat with her, till 4. Both rested. I wrote E.P. Waked Tante at 6 to read my letter. Down to dinner 7.30. Both. Concert 8.45 – 9.45. Talked to Mr Merkle. To bed 10.30. read Evening Service with Tante.

Monday 29th January 1923

Glorious day.
Ordered Tante’s breakfast 9.15. Had mine 9. Sat with Tante. Sewed her dress till 11.45. She wrote E.P. I out 11.45 – 12.45. Sat with Tante who hadn’t slept and very depressed. Lunch, she upstairs 1.30 – 2.30. Tante asked me to phone for Dinkle to nurse her! Dinkle out, so failed to get her and Tante decided too expensive. I out and sat by Magnesia Spring. Back, rested. Tante slept. Both to dinner 8. Movie “Little Eva Ascends” and watched dancing till 11.

Tuesday 30th January 1923

Dull. Windy. South West.
Breakfast 9.15. Talked to Mr Mearkle. Up with Tante while she ate. Washed 3 pillowcases and collar and 4 pairs stockings. Ironed also. Lunch 1.30. Then Tante’s lunch. She rested, but Dr Hinsdale called. I wrote to E.P. perturbed letter. Down to Post Office with it. Back at 5. Sat with Tante. She up. Dinner 7.30! To Movie. Western Story – Cowboys. Danced with 2 Brevig men. Tall.

Wednesday 31st January 1923

Very foggy.
Breakfast 9.10. Sat with Tante. Wrote letter and did accounts and paid bill $176.75. Lunch. Tante dictated letter to Mr Hoyt. Then she got up; I out up hill, met Miss Hinsdale. Tante and I sat and listened to band, and little girl dancing. Dinner 7. Movie “Jamaica” with Norma Talmadge, “Love’s Redemption”. Danced one waltz with Brevig – biggest. To bed 11.

Norma Talmadge

Wrote Aunt Bella – 30th
Wrote E.P. – 30th
Wrote Mrs Styer – 31st
Wrote Alys – 1st
2nd – Tante weighed 115½ with clothes.

Thursday 1st February 1923

42 degrees. Warm and rainy.
Mearkle and Brevigs left. Breakfast 9.15. Sat with Tante and wrote M. Hoyt letter and to Alys. Tante wrote E.P. and then rested. I down to lunch. Tante just corn-bread and tea in bed. Sat with her and then ½ hour walked on verandah. Miss Hinsdale also for a little. Up with Tante again till 6.45. She suddenly bad headache. I to dine alone 8. Tante had tea and toast at 8.15. Sat with her. Made her bed at 10 o’clock. To bed 10.40.

Friday 2nd February 1923

Very warm. 60 degrees. Dull. Rain.
Woke with very stiff neck. Breakfast. Sat with Tante, sewed a little till 12. Then out to library and along road, back 12.45. Tante up to lunch! After sat with her, and Dr Hinsdale came and talked. Then we talked to N.H. (New Hampshire) ladies – Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Goodrich. Rested upstairs, made Tante’s bed. Dinner 7. Talked to N.H. ladies. Movie “A Song for Life”. Woman who deserted baby. Watched honeymooners dancing.

Saturday 3rd February 1923

Cold wind. Dull.
Bad neck – stiff. Up at 7.15. Met E.P. in lower hall. Upstairs. Breakfast with him 8.10. Sat in my room. They talked. Out with E.P. while Tante dressed. Very cold and windy. Lunch all together. Sat downstairs. Out in Surrey with pair and Morgan to drive. To dairy. Drank milk. Rested. Dinner 7.15. Talked to Doctor Hinsdale. To Movie – “Over the Border” Whisky-running. Watched 1 honeymoon couple dancing. To bed 11.10.

Sunday 4th February 1923

Cold – 33 degrees. Dull.
E.P. woke me 8 a.m. Breakfast with him 8.45. I out alone. He with Tante talking all a.m. Lunch all downstairs. Tante sat in furs on verandah. I out and called on Hinsdale’s. E.P. on verandah. I back 4.30 and made Tante’s bed. All upstairs 5. They talked. I read on my bed. Dinner 6.30. Blow for me about luncheons upstairs. E.P. away. 7.30 to Philadelphia. Concert. We talked to Mrs Lucretia Jarvis, Mrs Goodrich and Mrs Edmondson. To bed 11.

Monday 5th February 1923

Sunny a.m. Cold (snow in night).
Breakfast 9.20. I unwell. Washed stockings and washed and ironed pillow-cases all a.m. Out for 15 minutes. Lunch in Tante’s room. She up afterwards and both out for drive at 3.30, to Dairy, then to Warm Springs. 5 miles each way. Back 5.30. Rested. Dressed. Dinner 7.25. Talked and Movie with Mr and Mrs Robert Law. Danced after. To bed 11.

Tuesday 6th February 1923

Snow. Dull very cold 18 – 20 degrees.
Breakfast 9. Sat with Tante. Sewed. Out to library in snow. Out again. Lunch downstairs, as Tante writing to E.P. during her lunch upstairs. To Post Office with her letter 3 p.m. Sat with her till 5. Both of us to sleep on beds till 6.30. Dressed, dined 7.20. Sat with Laws and to Movie “Spanish Jade” with them. Danced afterwards. To bed 11.10.

Wednesday 7th February 1923

Sunshine. Cold still 29 – 30 degrees.
Breakfast 9.20. Sat with Tante after, all a.m. and had lunch with her upstairs too. Paid bill. Tante up and we both on verandah. 3 to see Laws. They at Station. I down to catch them in train. I walked to Dairy and brought milk back for Tante. Both listened to music 5-6. Up and slept 7.20. Dressed, dinner. Movie. “Polly of the Follies” Constance Talmadge. Watched dancing. To bed 11.10.

Wrote Dorothy Barnard – 5th
Wrote E.P. – 9th – hurried

Wrote Polly – 8th postcard
Wrote Alys – 10th Postcards (about choice)
8th Tante weighed ample 117.
Wrote Eva – 11th
Wrote Ethel M. – 11th

Thursday 8th February 1923

Lovely sunshine.
Breakfast 9.20. Sat with Tante. Ordered carriage. Out for walk up hill (Chestnut) 12 – 1. Tante wrote. Lunch both upstairs. Tante up and both out in carriage 3.45 to dairy and then Healing Spings, 8 miles altogether. Rested. Dined 8 o’clock. To Movies – “Hearts Haven”. Christian Science. Rather silly. To Ballroom. No dancers. To bed 10.30.

Friday 9th February 1923

Lovely a.m. Dull p.m. Warmer.
Breakfast 9.20. Sat with Tante. Out to Post Office with presents for Eva and Phil. Then up Deerlick Mountain. To top! And back through Corral. Excitement about Cyrus’ wire from Jekyl Island Club, Georgia. Sent off wires. Lunch upstairs. I walked to Dairy for milk. Sat with Tante on verandah in long chairs, till 5.50. She bought hat 5.0-0. Rested. Dinner. Sat and talked to Jarvis and Goodrich ladies till 10.10. Then in ballroom. To bed 10.40.

Saturday 10th February 1923

Fine. Milder then colder.
Breakfast 9.20. Sat with Tante. Sent off wire for her to E.P. Wrote to Mrs Hunsicker for her, and to Alys. Lunch in bedroom, both. Tante up. Verse from E.P. Out for drive to Warm Springs with Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Goodrich. Invited them To Dairy first. Cold wind. Rested. Dined at 8. Sat with these ladies till 10.10. Then ballroom. Mrs Harries and Mrs Nicholson.

E.P. to Jekyl Island, Georgia 11th

Sunday 11th February 1923

Fine. Cold wind. 30 – 32 – 34 degrees
Mrs Wyman story?? Breakfast 9 before Tante had her’s. Sat with her. Read “The Pooch”. She wrote E.P. I out on golflinks. Sat with her; wrote E.M.M. and Eva. Both had lunch upstairs. Sat with Tante. Walked to Dairy for milk. At 4.40! Down on verandah and sat there. Sunset behind hill 5. We stayed till 5.45. I up and on bed. Tante too, later. Dinner 7.45. Music in evening. Sat with New Hampshire ladies. To bed 10.10. Read Service with Tante.

Monday 12th February 1923

Dull. Not very cold. Raw.
Lincoln’s Birthday.
Did washing and ironing after breakfast until 12.30! To Post Office and to buy elastic for Tante and library. Lunch upstairs with Tante. To Dairy in p.m. Tante down at 4.15. Sat, listening to music and talked to New Hampshire ladies. Up and rested 6 – 7.20. Dinner. Tante and I to Movie – “Virgin Paradise” girl Gratia on island. Lovely lion pictures. Talked to Miss Dalton and Mrs Fessenden in ballroom. To bed 11.10.

Tuesday 13th February 1923

Dull. Then lovely.
Shrove Tuesday.
Tante headache. I down to breakfast 9. She her’s after. Sat with her. Then out and walked up mountain to above hut (toward Healing Springs). To Post Office – parcel. Lunch downstairs. Tante after had tea and toas.t Both out at 3.30 with “Henry” and pair to Dunn’s Gap, lovely drive. Very muddy. 8 fords. Back at 6.15. Rest. Dinner. Talked New Hampshire ladies and to Miss Dalton and Mrs Fessenden.

Wednesday 14th February 1923

Very fine, windy. Cold.
Ash Wednesday
Down to breakfast 8.55. Tante afterwards. Wrote to E.P. I out, too windy to walk. Sat and read by shops in sun. Lunch downstairs. Tante up. I to Dairy for milk. Tante to Hairdresser 3.30. Took milk to her there. Both rested for 2 hours (mended skirt and wrote out Book M.S.). Dinner 7.45. Knitted and talked with Mr and Mrs Napier, and Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Goodrich till 10. Then ballroom with other two.

Marian to Dr Haynes’ – 12th or any day this week 11 a.m.
Wrote Ella – 16th
Wrote E.P. – 16th
Wrote Dorothy Barnard
Wrote Cyrus – 17th/18th – mailed 19th 3.30 To Huron Street, Chicago.
15th – Tante weighed ample 116

Thursday 15th February 1923

9 degrees in night, 10 in morning. Fine. Windy.
Breakfast 9. Tante later. Mended her combs. Wire from E.P. Took M.S. to Librarian. Washed lining of coat. Lunch downstairs. Tea upstairs. I ironed lining after lunch and rested. Tante got up. Both sat and knitted during music 5 – 6 with New Hampshire ladies. Upstairs 6.15. I dressed. Dinner 7.10. Movie with Napier’s “Veiled Woman” Talked and tried to dance with Mrs Fessenden and Miss Dalton.

Friday 16th February 1923

Very fine. Cold. 18 – 20 degrees.
Tante had stomach-ache and called me at 4 a.m. for hot bottle. Breakfast 9.10. Tante at 11 or nearly. Tea and toast only, and no lunch at all. Sat all a.m. in her room. Sewed lining in coat. Lunched downstairs. Tante resting. I wrote E.P. and Ella. Rested a little. Both dined 7.15. Sat in warm room with New Hampshire ladies. Mrs Jarvis read “Enchanted April “ (Italian Bath) to us. In Ballroom. To bed at 10.35!

Saturday 17th February 1923

Cold still. Duller.
Breakfast 9. Then Tante had her’s 10.15. Sat with her. Out at 11.30 to give $3.00 to Covington Orphanage; walked up Healing Springs Road. Down to lunch. Tante upstairs. Tea and Graham bread. I to Dairy after. Tante got up late. I read aloud to her The Enchanted April by Elizabeth. Dinner 7.15. 9 to Movie – Wallace Reid, Across the Continent. Auto-race. In Ballroom till 10.40.

Sunday 18th February 1923

3 above zero. Then 20. Sunny.
Breakfast 9.15. Then Tante had her’s. I to Church (Dr Ward) 11. Communion. Lunch at 1. I downstairs. Tante upstairs. Read to her, while she ate. Walked to Dairy 3.15. Tante got up, and both out and sat in big chairs 4.15 – 5.15. Reading aloud. Rested. I wrote Cyrus. Dinner 7.30. Listened to music in evening with New Hampshire ladies. To be 10.15. Read Service.

Monday 19th February 1923

Slightly warmer, 23 degrees but 10 at night. Sunny.
Breakfast 9.10. Then Tante her’s. Night-letter from E.P. I washed clothes and pillowcases and ironed. To Library and Post Office with Woodrow’s present 12.35. Got my typed “Books” essay – 2 pages at 40¢. Lunch downstairs. Tante tea and toast upstairs. Read aloud. To Dairy. Tante up. Sun nearly in, so not out. Read aloud in sun-parlor. Dined. To Movie “Shadows” Australian movie. Good.

Tuesday 20th February 1923

Snowing slightly. Dull.
Letters from Cyrus. I breakfast and then answered his, to New York Vanderbilt. Sat with Tante. Snowing not out. Wrote letters. Received letters from Alys about legacy!!! £10,000 for Dennis!!!! Wrote her. Lunch downstairs. Tante upstairs. I walked to Dairy 3. Talked about Argonne to dairyman, Sat with Tante reading aloud, downstairs till 6.50. Dressed. Dinner 7.20. Movie; about the spirit leaving body “One Glorious Day” Will Rogers. Watched dancing. To bed 10.35.

Wednesday 21st February 1923

Perfect day. 30 degrees. No wind.
Breafkast. Tante at 10.30. Sat with her, and at 11.30 out with Miss Cushing on Deerlick Mountain and watched lassoing horses in Corral. Lunch downstairs. Read to Tante while she ate hers upstairs. To Dairy. Sat with Tante. Then rested, and she slept till 6.40! Dinner therefore 8 p.m. Sat with Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Goorich till 10. Then with Mrs Rihme and Mrs Fessenden. To bed 11.20.

Thursday 22nd February 1923

Windy. Cold 24 – 28 degrees.
Washington’s Birthday.
Breakfast 9. Then with Tante up to Mrs Jarvis’ room. Did accounts. Out just to shops. Post Office shut. To Dairy. Met Miss Cushing there. Sat with Tante and rested while she dressed. Down at 5.20. Music, sat with Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Goodrich. Dressed. Tante talked to Mrs Maskell Ewing. Dinner. Extra good 9.10. To Movie $5.00 “Baby” Viola Dana. Good. Looked at dancing later.

Friday 23rd February 1923

Very cold wind – 20 degrees or lower.
Tante had breakfast early. Before I was down. I had mine 9.20. Sat and mended my skirts in her room till 11.45. Out up hill on Flag Rock Trail. Very cold wind. Back 12.30. Tante writing letter. Complained of loneliness. “Words”! I to lunch and wrote E.P! Sat with her. Then to Dairy. Very cold. Slept after. Dinner 7.45. Sat by wood-fire with New Hampshire ladies and Mrs Ewing. Then in ballroom. To bed 11.10.

Saturday 24th February 1923

Very cold but lovely sun.
Tante had her breakfast before I went down. I had mine 9.50. Sat with her till 11.30. Out, lovely. Sat on Sunset Hill bank in sun.

Back 12.30. Wrote Alys. Both had lunch together upstairs. Tante up and both out in carriage to Dairy 3.45 (ordered 3.15), round by Thomastown back. Sat downstairs for music. Rested 6 – 7. Dinner 7.45. Movie “The woman who walked alone“ Bulawayo. Sat with Miss Dalton and later Mrs Goorich for train. To bed 11.45.

Sunday 25th February 1923

Mild, 45 degrees. Dull.
I breakfast 9. Tante later, when I up. Sat with her. I to Church. Down to lunch, while Tante slept. Then sat with Tante while she had tea and toast. To Dairy. At 5, I to tea with Mrs Fessenden, Miss Dalton, Miss Cushing, to meet Miss Humphrey from Kentucky. Dinner 7.10. Sat with New Hampshire ladies and Mrs Streeter till 10. Music. I up at 10. Tante 11. Filled bottles, but forgot about reading Service!!!

Monday 26th February 1923

Rain all day.
I breakfast first. Tante then later. I washed and ironed all a.m. Lunch downstairs; then Tante upstairs at 2.15. Sat with her, and then to Dairy in waterproof and cap. Sat with Tante then on bed, and slept about an hour! Dressed; dined 8.30. Sat with Mrs Lang and learnt tricotty with double hook and two wools. Watched dancing. Spoke to Rylands. To bed 11.

Tuesday 27th February 1923

50 degrees. Dull.
I breakfast at 9. Tante 10.20. She read letters long. Sat with her and knitted. At 12.15 to Library. Spoke to tall man in lift (Harold Van Cleevan) Lunch upstairs with Tante. Sat with her. Then to drive 3.30. To Dairy and on by Cascades and Healing Springs. Saw Mr Ryland and Van Cleevan there. Home 6.30. Rested. Dined. Knitted with old ladies (L and T) Ballroom at 10.30. Rylands introduced Van Cleevan. He danced with me.

Wednesday 28th February 1923

Dull. Mildish. 46 degrees.
Got Tante’s brefkast first. Mine at 945. Tried to pay bill. Talked to Van Cleevan in hall. Out at 11.40 to golf links and round with Van Cleevan and Preston. Great fun. Lunch downstairs. Then Tante’s. I to Dairy. Rested 4.15 – 5.30. Down with Tante. Talked Mrs Ewing and boy. Dressed. Dined 7.15. I to Movie with Fessenden. To Ballroom. Talked Dalton; waltzed with Harold Van Cleevan and sat through another dance. Nice. To bed 11.15. Mr and Mrs Rylands said Goodbye (Richmond).

E.P. comes 2nd
Wrote Alys – 4th about Van Cleevan.

Van Cleevan

Sunday 25th

1st in lift at 7 to dinner – shot dress (he reading Atlantic opposite us and talked to Mr Ryland).

Monday 26th

After dinner, while talking to Mrs Lang, and her young friend, walked a long, looked hard (velvet dress). I spoke to Mrs Ryland, about Merrill’s.

Tuesday 27th

At Library. Looked hard; walked in at door, I holding it after me, and finally I spoke in lift. “Very warm” – “Nice tho’”
p.m. Drive by Healing Springs, saw Mr Ryland and Van Cleevan and talked as we passed, and then they “we beat you!” In evening, Mrs Ryland brought them up and introduced to Tante and me. I danced with Van Cleevan (dark blue dress).

Wednesday 28th

I paying bill, came up and talked, with golf clubs. Asked me to go out to links. Went and played with him and Preston. Said he was going in p.m. Didn’t. Talked and walked. He stayed till we in lift to bed. Black dress in evening.

Thursday 1st March

Rylands away evening.  Met in hall, and he up to fetch hat and came for walk in slight snow. Goat golf course. He could lick me? On walk stopped and looked at tree-creepers and robins. Mrs Streeter said so nice to her in train. Came in and wrote address*. Said he might go in p.m. But did not. Met him by ballroom (both alone) and talked and waltzed and one-stepped, and then gave me carnation and sat on sofa outside. 10 – 11. Together (shot dress). “It’s lucky for me that” ……. “that what?”, “that you came”. Then joined others.

* “I’ll keep this very carefully


Friday 2nd March

Left by 7.45 train.

Thursday 1st March 1923

Dull. Some snow. 36 degrees.
Tante breakfast – new diningroom. I at 9.35. Sat with Tante. Out at 11.30 tho’ Tante cross about it. Met Van Cleevan in hall so he came with me. Up hill and back on Goat links. Nice walk. Tante asleep when I bach at 1. Did accounts. Lunch 1.40. Then Tante upstairs. To Dairy at 4. Dressed and with Tante listened to music 5 – 6. Up. Changed. Dinner 7.15. Movie, Quo Vadis. After walked, talked, danced with Van Cleevan. Nice evening! Tante with Dalton and Fessenden. To bed 11.

Friday 2nd March 1923

Brilliant day.
Unwell. Up 7.15. E.P. arrived 7.45. Van Cleevan away. I out early 9.15, no did accounts first. Out about 10. Strolled and sat on Sunset Hill and verandah and Palm Room with Preston. Lunch with E.P. Tante up at 3.30. All drove to Dairy and to Dunn’s Gap. Back 5.40. Music till 6. Rested. Dressed. Dinner 7.40. I to Movie – Gas Oil Water. Charles Ray. With the Preston’s. Danced once with Preston. Sat with Mrs and Miss Clark till 11.

gas oil water

Saturday 3rd March 1923

Perfect day. Up to 68 degrees. South wind.
E.P called me 7.50. Breakfast with him at 9.30. I out all a.m. on links by myself. E.P. not out at all. With Tante. Lunch 1.15. All in carriage to Fassiefern Farm 3.30. To Dairy first. Arrived Fassifern Farm 5.30. Very good supper 6. Sat by woodfire. Drove home by moonlight 8.10. I to bed at once. Tired.


Sunday 4th March 1923

Rain, warm then fine.
E.P. waked me 9. I wrote Alys and out up hill, and back by Goat Golf Course. Not far. All had lunch in Tante’s room. At 3.30 in carriage to Dairy and then to Flag Rock, above Warm Springs. Lovely. Exquisite view of 18 ridges of mountains. Home. Dinner 7.40. Music till 9.50. Talked to Lang’s and Mrs Goodrich and Jarvis, Dr Frost (E.P.). To bed 11.

Monday 5th March 1923

Dull day.
Breakfast with E.P. 7 a.m. He off to Philadelphia 7.45. I on bed again, rested. Tante breafkast 10. Sat with her. To library. Lunch upstairs with Tante. Both out in carriage 3.20 to Little Switzerland. Lovely drive. Back 6.30. Dinner. Sat with Mrs Jarvis and Mrs Goodrich, Streeter, Lang, Mrs S. and G. away in a.m. Sat with Mrs Streeter in ballroom, and Clark’s later.

Tuesday 6th March 1923

Pouring rain all day.
I breakfast first. Spoke to Mrs Preston. Washed my hair and packed. Lunch down alone 1. Tante at 2 up. I to Dairy 3 and Library. Gave $10.00 to Manning, for Shore and milkers. Helped Tante to pack. Dinner 7.20. Sat and talked to Vice President and Mrs Calvin Coolidge. To Movie with Mrs Preston (Hayden in bed). Agnes Ayres (good). The Lane that had no turning. Canadian French. Sat in ballroom till 11.20.



Wednesday 7th March 1923

Dull, snow. Then finer.
Breakfast 9.20. Then Tante had her’s. I packed suitcase and hold-all. Lunch upstairs together 2.30. Down at 3.10. I paid bill and we said goodbye to Clark’s, Preston’s, Mrs Streeter, Lyall Sterett. Train 3.45 to Washington. Dinner 6 on train. Lay down 8.30. 12 arrived 12.30. Taxi to Raleigh Hotel. To bed about 1.30 a.m.


Return Philadelphia – 6th (6 weeks).
Lyall Sterrett. Cameron (Livery). Morgan
Wrote Dorothy – 5th
Wroty E.P. – 8th

Thursday 8th March 1923

Very fine. Cold.
Trunks up at 8.40. I bathed. Breakfast with Tante in her room 10.15. Did accounts and unpacked. I lunched downstairs. Tante sleeping. She tea and toast 3.15. I out alone after lunch to shops in F. Street. Mrs McCarthy called. Tante up and we in Mrs McCarthy’s car to the Woodrow Wilson’s, 2340 South Street. Tea with them. Taxi to Hotel. Dinner 7. Upstairs. Both wrote letters. To bed 11.30.

Friday 9th March 1923

Fine. Cool.
Breakfast in Tante’s room 10.0. I dressed and out for 25 minutes. Lunch together upstairs. At 3.30 or 4 taxi to Bernice’s. Interviewed her grandmother. On to 1509 16th Street. Tea with Mrs Slater Schroder and Cassie, Sally, Joanna, Belle, Cassie Junior. Mrs Wainwright, Emory’s. On to dine at Mrs McCarthy’s. Millicent and friend there. They out after. We home 9.45.

Saturday 10th March 1923

Dull. Then rain.
Breakfast upstairs 9.45. Then I dressed and out to Corcoran Art Gallery. Walked there and back, past White House. Bought shoes and stockings at Stetson’s. Lunch with Tante in her room. Out at 3.45 in car with Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Emory to Arlington, past Fort Meyer (burnt). I to McCarthy’s for bag. Dined at Rear Admiral and Mrs Wainwright’s. Home 10.30.


Sunday 11th March 1923

Dull, damp. Rain later.
Breakfast with Tante 9.45. I walked to the Wainwright’s 1264 New Hampshire Avenue, 30 minutes each way, for Tante’s bag. Lunch in Tante’s room. Rested. She up. To tea at Emory’s in taxi 1213 17th Street. Back in taxi with Mrs Schroder, Miss Victoria and Miss Sally. They dined with us at Raleigh Hotel. In bedroom after, till 10. Then they went. We to bed. I pains and couldn’t sleep till 2.

Monday 12th March 1923

Dull, some rain.
Breakfast 9.45 with Tante in her room. In taxi at 11.30 to Bernice’s and to buy parlor car chairs for 14th. Both lunched in Tante’s room 1.40. Rested in p.m. Up at 5, dressed. At 6.30 Tante and I in taxi to 2340 South Street to the Wilson’s. Dinner 7. Mrs Woodrow Wilson, Margaret, Mr Bolling. Woodrow Wilson down after, and private Movie in library “Crinoline and Romance”. Viola Dana. Home to Hotel at 10.


Tuesday 13th March 1923

Rain all day.
Breakfast 9.30 with Tante. Sat around and packed her trunk and mine. Lunch in bedroom. Taxi to shops. Tante bought ring for little Cassie. To Mrs McCarthy’s and Cassie’s and Emory’s. Back to dinner 7. Tante and I to President Theatre, walked 3 minutes. “The Meanest Man in the World”. Geo. Barnes. Home 11.

meanest man


Wednesday 14th March 1923
Fine day. Cool.
I up 8.1.5 and had trunks sent by Express Company. Breakfast 9.30 with Tante. Finished packing suitcases. Tante up. Both in taxi; I to Congressional Library. She to Union Station. I joined her there. Lunch. Train 3 p.m. to Philadelphia. E.P. met us, with car and home at 6. To 250 South 21st Street. Dinner 7. Talked by wood-fire. To bed 10.15.

Letter to Alys – 13th
Postcards to Eva and Phil – 14th
Letter Alys – 16th
Letter to Dorothy Barnard – 17th
Letter to Cyrus – 20th – about Gordon.

Thursday 15th March 1923

Fine. Cold.
Breakfast with E.P. and Tante he’s too. I out 9.50 in car to employment offices for maid. Fruitless. To Reading Terminal market. Looked in shops. Home. Unpacked my trunk. Tante sleeping. Lunch with E.P. 1.30. Tante her’s upstairs. Unpacked her trunk. Sat with her. Unpacked more, and did accounts of trip. Tante down to dinner 6.40. Talk and E.P. read aloud from current events.

Friday 16th March 1923

Pouring rain.
I out in car to W.B.D.’s 9.30. Nice interview. On in car to address of Maids; Van Pelt, and Turner. North 2000 and for reference. Home. Lunch with E.P. 1.0. Wrote Alys on Corona. Sat with Tante. She down 6.15. Dinner 6.30. Helped E.P. with singing invitations. To bed 10.30 or 40.

Saturday 17th March 1923

Very fine. Cold.
Up with Tante. Out in car at 10. To Market (reading Terminal) and Academy and Electric iron place. Lunch, Tante down! All together 1.45. Tante slept 2.30 – 3.30. She and I in car to Edith Reid’s, Germantown. Home via Mrs Hunsicker’s 6.15. Dinner. Read papers, and helped E.P. sign about 200 more invitations. To bed 10.40.

Sunday 18th March 1923

Very fine. Mildish.
All breakfast 8.30. Tante up!!! And she and I in taxi to Trinity Church. Crammed. Miss Maud Royden preached sermon on Forgiveness (from Guildhall, London). Good. Walked home! Lunch with Tante. E.P. in at 2.30 or 3. I for walk till 3.15. Then slept on bed. Tante slept 2.15 – 5. Supper 6.30. Maria cooked. Julia out. Hymns in evening. To bed 10.40.

Monday 19th March 1923

Rain. Colder at night.
Rachel Avery came. E.P. to Brown’s Mills. I sat with Tante. Not out all day! Typed E.P.’s Three Islands poem in office. Tante down to lunch. I washed scarf (my black and white). Sat all p.m. in Writing Room knitting and hemstitching while Tante sorted old letters in deks. Schoberg came to see house. Dinner 7. Tante’s back ached. She slept on sofa till 10.15. I read and sewed.

Tuesday 20th March 1923

Very cold. 20 degrees. Fine.
After breakfast, sat with Tante and at 11.40 out walking to Dreer’s for manure and grass seed. To Corona too. Tram back. Tante down to lunch and at 3 to 10th and Walnut. She home and rested. She and I dined 6.45. E.P to Brown’s Mills and home 9.45. Tante and I alone. I to fetch paper. Sewed. To bed 10.30. Tante headache till 11.40.

Wednesday 21st March 1923

Warm and fine – 56 degrees.
Sat with Tante and did nothing. Out and bought hat. Home. Washed white jersey. Wrote Ella. Typed poem on Silence. Sat with Tante in p.m. Rachel out. Tante up to dinner. E.P. out at 5 to Nurse’s Meeting and Student’s Banquet. A.K.K. Dr MacCrae and Mr Kerwick in evening. Latter till 11.35! E.P. in past midnight.

Wrote Ella – Saturday 24th
Sent parcel, Ella – Saturday 24th
Wrote ALys – 25th (shoes)
Changed £10.0.0. or Credit Note $46.75 at 4.67 ½

Thursday 22nd March 1923

Very warm. Dullish.
Sat with Tante and sewed till 12. Then out, bought shoes. Home. Tante sleeping. She tea and toast at 2. I lunch alone. E.P. out at Brown’s Mills all a.m. and only back at 2.30. All 3 of us in car to Tea and Meeting of Nursing School. Mrs Boyer. E.P. spoke and Mr Reischer, Miss Huntley. Dinner 6.30. To bed 10. All.

Friday 23rd March 1923

Very warm – 76 degrees.
Out to W.B.D’s 9.30. On to feth 2 pairs of shoes. Back. Sat with Tante all a.m. She up to lunch as Mrs Bergey came. 1 o’clock. E.P. in to lunch. To Brown’s Mills in evening. I sat with Tante while she slept in writing-room. I sewed. Out 4 till 5. Met Busy. Rested, but electric light went off. Dinner 6.30. Sat in writing room. TO bed 10.45. E.P. in at 11.

Saturday 24th March 1923

Fine. Lovely.
After breakfast. Sat with Tante all a.m. sewing. Till 12, then out to post Ella’s mat and to Morgan’s for oil. Lunch with EP. Tante had 2 glasses milk, 11 and 2, and no lunch. She up at 3. I washed and ironed laces and front. In car with Tante to call on Mrs Platt. Miss Geo. Hall ,Mrs Markoe and others for Victory Club. Home 6.30. Dinner. E.P. began “Enchanted April” aloud. To bed 11.

Sunday 25th March 1923

E.P. called out. I breakfast alone. Sat with Tante till 12. Then she rested. I walked to 10th Street and back. Headachey. Had lunch. Took tea up to Tante at 3.30. Lay on my bed till 5. Dressed. Supper 6.20. Tante and I to Church in taxi. Home 9.35. E.P. in at 10. He out whole day since 5 at Jefferson. To bed 11.35.

Monday 26th March 1923

E.P. out at 9.30 and all day. I sat with Tante then out and bought hat at Wanamaker’s. Lunch alone. Tante her’s upstairs. Rachel cross. Mrs Hunsicker at 4.30. Perfilieff also and Bernstein’s man. Dinner 6. E.P. in to dinner and then out to Faculty Meeting and in at 10.15. We read and sewed, long evening.

Tuesday 27th March 1923

Fine. Mild.
Sat with Tante till 12.30. Then to Bank for check $130. Lunch with E.P. Tante her’s upstairs. Wire from Cyrus to E.P. Tante and I in car. She to Democratic Club. I to pay ticket passage money. Called for Tante. Both home. Dinner 6. Tante out to Democratic Meeting. E.P. and I together. He slept. I Victrola and read.

Wednesday 28th March 1923

Fine. Very windy.
I to W.B.D’s at 10. Back, via Morgan’s. Sat with Tante. She up to lunch. Miss West came to lunch. Left 2.30. Tante and I in writing room all p.m. She going over old letters in bedroom. I sewing. Dinner 6. E.P. at Brown’s Mills till 9.40. Tante slept 1 hour after dinner, and then more tidying out. I typed. To bed 9.40. Cold night. 25 degrees. I very tired.

Pay balance of ticket White Star Line – 1st
Ticket $135 plus $5 war tax. $140 in all.

Wrote Alys – 29th
Wrote Cyrus – 30th about Steamer Majestic
Wrote Dorothy – 31st – mailed 1st

Thursday 29th March 1923

Fine, cold 14 degrees in night.
Sat with Tante sewing, till 12. Out to Mrs Weil’s. Walked there and back. Tante stayed in bed till 5. I lunch with E.P. Letters from Cyrus to me. Dinner 6. And all in taxi to Church. Dr Jefferys gave address. Home in taxi too. Read aloud “Enchanted April” and E.P. read paper. Wrote Cyrus.

Friday 30th March 1923

Good Friday.
Warmer. Dull 60 degrees.
Sat with Tante all a.m. Phone from New York (Miss Hoyt) to E.P. Did mending. Lunch with E.P. Altered and ironed grey best skirt in writing room. Up with Tante again, who tea and toast at 3. I out round square 3.45 and bought yeast tablets $1.00 for 60. Sat with Tante. Reading aloud in evening.

Saturday 31st March 1923

Fine. Cold.
Sat with Tante who asked me to beg $5.00 for Hector. I refused, consequent anger all day. Mr Pease called! In office with E.P. I walked 1 till 1.30. Lunch with E.P. All p.m. as Tante furious, I packed in my room. Dinner 6.30. I to Stowkowski Orchestra with Mr and Mrs McCord 8. Walked there and back. Nice. Schonberg, horrible music. Nice Mozart “Jupiter” Symphony.

Sunday 1st April 1923

Fine. Very cold. 14 degrees night.
All in taxi with flowers to Maternity. Then to St Peter’s. Stayed for Communion. Tante and I home to lunch. E.P. to Jefferson. All 3 to Woodlands Cememtery to Alice Fisher’s grave. Over 100 nurses from Philadelphia Hospital. Service. Home 5-ish. All slept. Julia out. Rachel got supper. Lamb. Reading aloud after till 10.20. To bed 10.50. Put oranges away.

The traditional procession to Woodlands Cemetery, singing hymns and leaving carnations on the grave of Alice Fisher.

Monday 2nd April 1923

Fine. Milder – 53 degrees
Sat with Tante, sewing till 11.45. Then out to Allen’s. Tante headache when I came back. I trimmed new black hat. Lunch with E.P. Sat in writing room. Began grey knitted jumper. Up to Tante and took her tea and toast 4 p.m. Sat with her till 5.30. Dinner 6.30. Read aloud till 8.45. Then E.P. down to read proof till 10.40. Tante showed me old photos. To bed 10.40.

Tuesday 3rd April 1923

Fine. Warm.
Sat with Tante 9 till 12. Then out. Tante very cross that I wanted exercise. To Franklin Miller’s. Back 12.45. Tante down, late, to lunch. Cross. She and I to Blaylock and Blynn to buy her a hat – 25.00 blue and grey. Home. I packed a good deal. Tante to Hoctor’s and back, rested. Waked her 6.20. She still cross. All dined together. I read aloud. Then E.P. down to read proof till 10.40. To bed 11.10.

Wednesday 4th April 1923

Dull. Hot. Warm 70 degrees.
E.P to Atlantic City 5 a.m. I in car to W.B.D’s. On to Dock Street and Bank. Home 12. Car to fetch E.P. Tante down to lunch; still cross, after, I to Academy for tickets. Then rested, very hot, on bed. Dressed. At 6.40 all in car to Bellevue, rose roof-garden. Dinner American Congress on Internal Medicine. 400 present. Very good speeches. Dr Robert Babcock, blind since 13!! Dr Charles Burr, E.P.D, Dr Robert Haze. Home in taxi. 12.10. I sat next to Dr David Riesman.

Major Victor Gilbert spoke on Palestine campaign – 5th – very well.
Wrote Alys – 8th
Moccasins to Phil.

Thursday 5th April 1923

74 degrees. Very hot. Rain in evening.
Tante slept on till 11. I typed and Rachel fuss. Sat with Tante. E.P. home 1. Upstairs. He and I lunch together. Tante down 2.30 to see Mr Gage about Franklin miniature $10,000 (£2,000). Then Tante went up and Palavir brought 2 beds (Franklin) cut in two. E.P. to Obstetric Society dinner. Dick Duane here to dine. At 8, I with Mrs McCord to Manufacturer’s Club Entertainment for doctors.

Friday 6th April 1923

Warm. Fine.
Sat with Tante all a.m. till 11.15. Then she up. I dressed too. Met E.P. at Bellevue. Lunch to Lord Robert Cecil, who spoke on League of Nation. E.P to Washington, to stay with Wilson’s. Tante and I home in car. Rested. Dinner 6.30. In taxi 8 with Miss Beale and Beckman Norris (lame) to Academy. Lord Robert Cecil spoke to Forum. Mr Norris chairman. Tante and I in his seats. Questions and answers. Home 10.30. I to bed 10.55. Rachel late.

Saturday 7th April 1923

Warm. Fine.
Tante breakfast at 10.30. Rachel angry and left suddenly. I to Cassie Marsh’s. Tante no lunch, but up at 3.30 and we in car to the McMurtrie’s country house, Chestnut Hill. Tea there. Phoebe Hoffman drove back with us. Dinner 7. I to get papers after. Read. To bed 11 o’clock.

Sunday 8th April 1923

Tante had breakfast 9.30. I took it up. Sat with her all the morning. Lunch alone. She down at 4.20 and both of us in car to Mrs Furbush’s. Took autograph letter of Woodrow Wilson’s. Called. Nice pictures. Home 6. Supper 6.30. E.P. back from Washington 10.15. Sat and listened to him on his visit till 11.25.

Monday 9th April 1923

Very fine. Cold.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante all a.m. Lunch with E.P. Tante out to lunch for Irwin Alumnae at Ritz. I out in p.m. to Wanamaker’s. Back. Tante home, resting. I out to Vine Street 1211 for Tante’s scarf left in taxi. She and I met E.P. 6.30. All dined Boothby’s, sea-food. Tante to 10th and Walnut. I home with E.P. in office working. Tante back 10.35.

Boothby’s Oyster House on Erie Avenue

Tuesday 10th April 1923

Fine. Milder.
Out with E.P. 9.30. to make Income Tax declaration. Then to Maternity and I to Dock Street. Home to lunch. Tante in bed and no lunch. I knitted in writing room. Till 4 then with Tante who had tea and toast. Dinner 6.30. New maid, Cassie Marsh, waited. Tante had Mr Kerwick phone. E.P. worked in office 9.10. All to bed 10.30.

Wednesday 11th April 1923

Very fine. Warmer.
E.P. to Atlantic City 6.0. I with Tante and then to W.B.D.’s 10.10. To Hanan’s with shoes. Home and sat with Tante till 12.30. She down to lunch. I packed Nora Farrar’s lace. Tante and I in car to McMurtrie’s and Michael Doyle’s office and Mrs Doyle’s (she out). And then to Seibe’s to choose wallpapers. Home. E.P.D. and I read aloud. Finished “Enchanted April” and he read poems – Byron’s “Ocean” and Shelley. Buchanan Reid’s Bay of Naples.

Hanan’s Shoes

Wrote Alys
Wrote Dorothy Barnard
Wrote Cyrus – 15th
Moccasins to Phil – 9th
W.B.D. – “Take up your time unnecessarily?” – “Perhaps, but very pleasantly”. “Marvelled at your sweetness of disposition.”
Tante weighs 113 ¼. Thin stockings, thin frock at Betty.

Thursday 12th April 1923

Very fine.
At 9.30 I to Miss Meta Hutchinson’s. Then sat with Tante. She up and she and I met E.P. at Bellevue. Carter Glass (Virginia) spoke on Federal Reserve Banks, Manly Hudson also spoke on League of Nations. Tante at Speakers’ Table. Home. Rested. I knitted. Dinner 6.30. Read papers. Tante wrote to Mrs Wilson. To bed 10.30.

Friday 13th April 1923

Sat with Tante. Then she up at 11. At 12 drove with her in ar; she to Bellevue “American Bond” lunch, Pinchot. I to Bank, Hanan’s, home to lunch with E.P. Rested in p.m. Then Tante home 3. “Busy” came. At 4.30 E.P, Busy and I in car. Dropped them. I called for Edith and out with her to call on Mrs Bache. Called for E.P. at College. Home. Miss Farrell in evening 8.30 – 10.30.

Saturday 14th April 1923

Snow!!!! Cold.
Letters. One from Cyrus from Majestic. Sat with Tante. Then went out to buy papers for Tante and on to Wanamaker’s. Home. Tante down to lunch. Reporter from Norristown 3 til 4.30. Then Tante did a shelf of wardrobe. Dinner at 6.0. as Maria and Julia to Washington for 24 hours. Miss Farrell in evening 8.30 – 10.30. Tante and I read papers and talked. To bed 11.10. Very tired.

Sunday 15th April 1923

Very cold and drizzly.
Were going to Princeton, but didn’t. Tante in bed till 6.30. I sat with her all a.m. At 1 E.P. and I walked to Reading Terminal station and got lunch there, as only Cassie at home. Back 2.30. I took tea up to Tante and sat with her till 5.30. E.P. slept in writing room. Then I wrote letters, and mailed the, and dressed. Supper. Hymns, to bed 10.35 or later. Very tired.

Monday 16th April 1923

Maria and Julia back. I sat with Tante till 11.30. Then to Allen’s for soles. Home. Tante sleeping, so I packed. Lunch with E.P. Tante had tea at 3.30. I with her until 5.30. Then she up. Dinner 6.30. E.P. read aloud Chekov’s Cherry Orchard in evening. I sewed soles on Tante’s bedroom shoes. To bed 11. I very tired.

Tuesday 17th April 1923

Fine. Warmer.
To W.B.D.’s at 10. Home. Then to Dock Street in car for asparagus. To Strawbridge’s and bought frock 17.50. Lunch with E.P. Tante sleeping till 3.15. Sat with her then till 5. Packed. Dinner 6. All 3 of us to Keith’s Variety Show (Music Hall). Good acrobats, the Reuter’s. Home 11.

Wednesday 18th April 1923

Fine. Warmer.
E.P. to Atlantic City. I breakfast alone. Sat with Tante. Then packed up. Tante signed checks for bills. Sat with her (she slept) and I lunched with E.P. Then Tante up (after lunch in bed0. We 2 in car to Bernstein’s about bed bill. To 906 Filbert to sell old jewelry $20.75. Home. My trunks away at 5.30. Rested. E.P. too 45 minutes. Sat with Tante all evening. E.P. to Nursing School meeting.

Keith’s Bijou Theatre

906 Filbert to sell gold, silver.
Sail on Majestic – Sat 21st – 2nd class.
Single room 4.50. Room only for 2 – 6.50
Pennsylvania Hotel.
Steward – Hart F8
Emma Calvé and Jeritza on board and Perkins I.H. Co.

Emma Calvé (1858 – 1942) – a French operatic soprano
Marie Jeritza (1887 – 1982) – a celebrated Moravian soprano singer, long associated with the Vienna State Opera.

Thursday 19th April 1923

Sat with Tante all day nearly except to W.B.D.’s at 10 and on to 17th and Chestnut to mail sugar to self – 72¢. Lunch with E.P. Tante had tea at 3.0. She got up 5.30. I in to finish packing suitcase. Dinner 6.30. E.P read aloud “Friendship Village” Zona Gale. To bed 10.40 about or 11. Finished packing.

Friday 20th April 1923

Fine. Growing warmer.
E.P. waked me 5.15. Off with him 6.15 in taxi. 7.0 train to New York. To White Star pier about baggage. Then Customs House for sailing permit. To Grand Central Station for lunch, talk and saw pictures. Rested and wept in my room at Pennsylvania Hotel till 5.30. Then in E.P’s room. Talked. Dinner 6.30 there. To Theatre (Hudson) – “So this is London” Goodrich. Fruit drink after. To bed 12.

Postcard for “So This Is London” by Arthur Goodrich (Hudson Theatre, New York)

Saturday 21st April 1923

Hot. Cold in p.m.
Up at 7. Breakfast 8 with E.P. downstairs. In taxi to pier. On board Majestic. E.P. off 10.30 and we sailed away at 11. I unpacked. Lunch 12.15. In F88 (to myself!). Slept on and off till 6.20!!! 5 hours 20 minutes! Hart called me. Dinner 6.30. Upstairs in lounge and read Samuel Butler’s Note-book and New York Times and knitted grey jumper. To bed and bath 10.30. (clocks 30 minutes on).

R.M.S. Majestic – White Star Line

Sunday 22nd April 1923

Warm. Fine.
Breakfast 8. Sat on deck. Very fine. Read Literary Digest and Butler. Service in 2nd Class Lounge. On deck again. Lunch 12.30. Slept in my room 1 – 5.30 with only brief waking intervals! Dinner 6.30. Began letter to E.D.D. and E.P.D. Read a little of “Beasts, Men and Gods” by Ossendowski. To bed 9.30.

Southern Route – 300 miles further

Monday 23rd April 1923

Very fine, mild.
St George’s Day.
Breakfast 8. Walked on deck alone, then sat, knitting and reading till 12. In gymnasium. Sculling and riding. Lunch. Wandered all about in 1st Class, lounge, swimming-pool. Rested 1.40 – 3.40. Slept. Sat on deck. Dinner 6.30. Watched dancing jazz band, with Mrs Castle till 8.15. Wrote. Bath.

Tuesday 24th April 1923

Misty, damp, mild.
Unwell. Breakfast and sat on deck, knitting and reading “Beasts, Men and Gods”. Up on top deck. Lunch. Slept in my room till 3.30. Muddled about and ate orange till 5.30. Upstairs, read in lounge. Dinner 6.30. Watched dancing with Mrs Castle. Talked to Miss Hay, Scotch nurse, in lounge. Fog in night.

Wednesday 25th April 1923

Damp. Rain. Cooler.
After breakfast, on boat deck and played quoits and bull? With Japanese lady and 2 boys. Read on chair. After lunch rested till 2. To 1st Class Lounge for English Speaking Union meeting. 2.30 Major Geo. Haven Putnam presided. Dr Whitehouse (English Schoolmaster) spoke and Professor Caroline Spurgeon – English woman. Watched dancing after dinner.

Professon Caroline Spurgeon (1869 – 1942) – English literary critic

Thursday 26th April 1923

On deck walking with Miss Pocklington, and playing games. In gym, riding and calisthenics, with Mrs Hare. Lunch. Rested. Upstairs, read and listened to music and knitted. Dinner. Watched dancing with Mrs Hare and Mrs Martin (Vancouver). Introduced to Campbell (Doctor). To bed. Finished Davis letter.


Friday 27th April 1923

Fine. Cold.
Cherbourg 7 a.m. Breakfast late. Letter from Cyrus. Wrote Tante. Packed up. Lunch. Isle of Wight at 1 – 2. Talked to Jim Larkin (deported). Landed Southampton 6.30. Off 7.30. Arrived Waterloo 9.30. Dinner on train with 3 Italians. Alys, Dennis, Eva and Wade met me. Home, in Hearst car.

Saturday 28th April 1923

Unpacked a bit and to shops with Alys and Eva. Met Dorrie. To Fuller’s. Rested in p.m. and unpacked. After tea Alys and I to shops again. Eva out tea and dinner at Barbara’s. Dennis not in until 11.30. Alys and I talked and to bed about 10.45.

Sunday 29th April 1923

Warmer, showery.
Quiet a.m. unpacking. Alys and I out with Peter in rain. Dennis in bed till 12.30. We in his room. Doris Saunders (Iris’ friend) to tea and till nearly 7. Walked with Alys and Doris on Heath 7 – 7.45 and told them all about Tante. Supper. To bed about 10.30.

Monday 30th April 1923

Dull. Warmer.
Alys and Eva out shopping. I wrote Tante. Then to town with Mrs Farrar’s lace to Brown, Shipley’s. To Cook’s. To 6 Elm Park Road. Lunch and tea with Barnard’s. Talk. Home at 7.15. Dennis out till past midnight. Laughton’s in evening till nearly 11.

Tuesday 1st May 1923

Fine-ish, warmer.
Alys and Eva to dentist early.  I to shops, and took Peter out! And wrote. Lunch all together. Rested in p.m. Wade to tea. All sat and sewed at Eva’s things. Dennis back at 9. We all dined first. Wade too. Sat and knitted and talked till 11.

Wednesday 2nd May 1923

Fine and warm.
With Alys and Eva to shops and try to look over houses. Barbara to school. Lunch. Eva rested. Alys and I sewed and I knitted. Tea. Dinner 6.30. Alys, Eva and I to Aldwych Theatre 7.45 to see “Tons of Money” Ralph Lynn. Quite funny. Home 12. Dennis also late.


Pay Alys 1/- for Anglo Belge.
Changed all my U.S. currency $38.41 at 70 at Cooks – £8.2.3
Wrote Tante – 30th

Thursday 3rd May 1923

Very warm. 75 degrees. Fine.
Alys packing Eva’s things and I doing odd things in a.m. at 12. I in taxi with Eva’s trunk and Milly’s box to Waterloo, cloak. To Wimpole Street. Then with Dennis, Alys, Eva and Miss Roland to lunch at Carnuto’s. Alys and I saw Eva off at Waterloo 3 p.m. Fuss about certificate. Maud down with Milly away. Peter lost at Golders Green station till 7.30. Alys and I dinner, and down to laboratory. Helped Dennis till midnight. Home 12.45.

Friday 4th May 1923

Very warm. 77 degrees. Cooler in Wales.
I off at 9.20 and by 10.45 from Euston to Llanfairfechan. Arrived 4.17. To Queen’s Hotel (had lunch on train at 12.30). Tea at Queen’s. To see Edward after, and interview with new Doctor, Hillyer. Back. Dinner (Awful) at Hotel. Read in lounge by fireside. To bed 9.30. Very bad service in Queen’s Hotel. Never again.

Saturday 5th May 1923

Cool, grey. Hot in London.
Breakfast 8.30. Train 9.45 to Euston, changed Chester and Crewe. Lunch at 2 p.m. on train. Read Ossendowski’s Beast, Men and Gods all the way. Arrived 4.15. Home. Dennis and Alys at Nita Ellerton’s and Tommy Paul’s wedding. Rested. Dinner. Read and all to bed 9.30. Tired.

Sunday 6th May 1923

Warm. Very fine.
Dennis breakfast in bed. Alys and I did various odd jobs. All in garden much of the day. Dennis all p.m. Tea – supper. Alys and I called on Laughton’s who out, in a.m. and to buy tobacco. To bed 9.30.

Monday 7th May 1923

Fine. Rain in evening.

To shops with Alys, and on to my Bank, about Letter of Credit. Kitty to lunch and all p.m. Talked, worked. Saw her off. Alys and I to house agents, and to look at houses too. Dinner with Alys alone. She and I to Dorrie’s for whole evening. Home 10.15. Happy letter from Phil. Dennis home midnight.

Tuesday 8th May 1923

Alys off with Dennis to Laboratory for all day. I to town. Met Susie – English Speaking Union. Talked 11 – 12.20. To Passport Office, Queen Anne’s Gate Buildings, Dartmouth Street. Bought hat. Fuller’s ice. Then to Marshall’s – coffee 5. To Laboratory. Out with Dennis and Alys to dinner Canuto’s 9.30. Worked till 11.30. Home.

Wednesday 9th May 1923

Dull. Rain.
Alys and Dennis off together early. I to shops with Peter on lead. Maud out for day. I spent day alone (egg for lunch) in doing trunks, black dress. Rested too. Out, with Peter, to Laboratory by tube. Typed price-list. All to dine “George’s” at 8.45. Left Lab at 11.20. Home late!

Wrote Bank, Smith.
Tuesday – English Speaking Union 11 Susie
Thursday 10 – N. Sime.
Dorothy Barnard – 1 o’clock Pinoli’s Saturday.
Wrote Cyrus – 8th
Wrote E.P.D. – 10th

Thursday 10th May 1923

Much colder. Showers.
Alys and Dennis to Lab. I with Peter to shops, and wrote E.P. I to Nell Sime’s, 606 Clive Court, Maida Vale, to lunch. To Passport Office. To Cook’s for ticket. To Lab. Helped Alys with medium – agar, Glucose. Telegram from Cyrus. Maud phoned it. Dinner at Canuto’s. Dennis, Roland, Alys and I. Home at 11.35. Quite early! Very tired.

Friday 11th May 1923

Very cold. Hail showers.
Alys and Dennis to Lab. I wrote Cyrus and Aunt Bella, postponing. I to meet Alys 2.30 at Selfridge’s to Harrods and I bought evening cloak. “Tea” in Sloane Street. Home, dinner together. Dennis not in till late. We to bed early.

Saturday 12th May 1923

Very cold. Shower. Hail.
To shops with Alys. Back and out again to Charing Cross (tube), Cook’s to change ticket. Had to pay 2/6 for exchanging. Met Dorothy Barnard at Pinoli’s 1.15. Lunch together there.


To Grosvenor Galleries, Glyn Philpot Exhibition. (Mr Yockney, there). Tea at Gunter’s. Miss Roland to spend weekend and “Van” to dinner, and they 4 to Benmore fancy dress dance.

glyn philpot
Glyn Warren Philpot RA (1884 – 1937) was a British painter and sculptor, best known for his portraits of contemporary figures.

Sunday 13th May 1923

Very very cold. Showers.
Miss Roland breakfast in bed. Mr Laughton and Padre Atkinson in, also Dorrie and Mrs Chamberlain, all a.m. After dinner, Dorrie and Miss Roland in garden. Alys and I in drawingroom. Alys and I called on Sissie ater tea and to look over Meadway Close house. Supper. Maud out. To bed 10.30 all.

Monday 14th May 1923

Very cold and showery.
Miss Roland off with Dennis 9.30. Alys and I made a decision; To Waterloo 12.30 train to Bournemouth. Bus and tram to Sandbanks, via Canford Cliffs and House Agents. Rumsey and Rumsey. Looked over bungalows. Dined at Haven Hotel 7.30. Very good “Doré”. Motor-bus at 9.45 to County Gates. Tram. Walked to Metropole. Nearly 11. Slept there.

Tuesday 15th May 1923

Many heavy showers.
Breakfast 7.45. Tram to station. 8.45 train to Waterloo. Arrived 11 a.m. Had coffee and brioche, to Lab. Helped Alys with bullock’s heart. For trypsin? Lunch in Lab, all 4. I home in rain, with suitcase. Headachey. Wire from Cyrus and letter from E.P. Rested, sewed, too. Dinner alone 7.30. To bed 9.30 . Dennis and Alys back late.

Wednesday 16th May 1923

Hail. High wind.
Maud obliged to go to her home soon. I to 6 Elm Park Road to be with Aunt Alice, while Polly and Dorothy out. Mrs Falcon in. We to her garden. I to lunch, Dorothy back at 1. Talked to Dorothy till 3.30. Aunt Alice resting. Home. Alys and Dennis at Lab till late. I phone Cyrus, who had ‘phoned me.

17th – to Cyrus to dine? Cyrus’ friend, Robert Gardner, in golf match.
To Brussels.
Changed £1.0.0. for 79 francs.

Thursday 17th May 1923

Very cold and dull. Some sun.
To shops. Alys and Dennis to Lab. Dorrie called. Walked with her and Peter. Sat and wrote for add: for August. Dressed (lunch alone). Out 3, over flat. Salmon’s. To Selfridge’s. To Claridge’s 5.15. Mr Maynard took me up to Cyrus’ suite. Talked and dined with him. To Chinese Restaurant with Alys and Dennis and Miss Roland. Home by tube 10.30.

Claridge’s Hotel, London

Friday 18th May 1923

Very cold. Dull. Alys and Dennis to Lab. I to shops with Peter. Washed and ironed things. Lunch alone. Called on Miles’es. Tea there, and stayed till 6. Then to Aunt Louie’s. Alys called for me there. Back to dinner. Alys and I alone and talked over fire till 10. “Dorothy” at 10. To be interviewed, as new housemaid. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 19th May 1923

Cold. Dull.
Alys, Dennis and I off 9.15. Took Peter to Vet’s, Haywood. Off by 11 train from Victoria to Brighton. Lunch at Sam Isaac’s. Bus to Phil’s school – Windlesham House, Southern Cross; Jamboree. Very interesting. Scouts, Wolf-cubs. Phil very big and serious. Concert. Dance; danced with nice boy, Carver, and a man (boxing?) Supper at Club House 7.30. Away at 8.30. 10 train home. Arrived 11.17.

Sam Isaac’s Ye Olde Restaurant – 1922

Sunday 20th May 1923

Rather cold. Dull.
Maud had to leave yesterday. Alys and I got breakfast, all had it in kitchen. Cyrus ‘phoned and, after housework, I out to see him Claridge’s. Lunch with him. Phoned Gosse’s. Home 3.4 Tea and supper in kitchen. Miss Roland came with plants. On Heath. To bed 10 o’clock or before. Tired.

Monday 21st May 1923

Fine-ish. Warmer.
Whit Monday.
Unwell. Alys and I got breakfast. She and Dennis had to go to Lab for a case! I packed and then got lunch ready. They back at 2. They gardened in p.m. I sewed at black dress. Alys helped me. Out after supper to Friede’s. Lovely sunset. To bed about 10.20.

Tuesday 22nd May 1923

Hot baths. Got breakfast. Mrs Vince came for day. Alys and Dennis to Lab all day. I to shops and then packed steadily, and got things in order. Lunch and tea alone. Alys and Dennis and Margaret Douglas to dinner at 8. I heated soup and shepherd’s pie. Sat in kitchen after by fire. To bed about 11.


Wednesday 23rd May 1923

Fine. Not very cold.
Up at 6. Got breakfast. Alys down too. I off at 7.20 to Victoria. Arrived 7.40!! Too soon. Train to Dover 8.55. “Stad Antwerpen” to Ostende 11.15. Good boat. Cold lunch on board. Arrived 3.15. Duane. Train 3.40 to Brussels. Arrived 6. Eva to meet me. Taxi to 5 rue de L’ Aurore. Aunt Bella alone. All had supper. Eva too. Talked. To bed 9.30.

The Mail-Steamer Stad Antwerpen

To Brussels – 23rd – Victoria 8.55.
2nd class ticket            ]
1st class on boat         ] – return £3.7.6.
Wrote Alys – 25th, Tades – 27th
Wrote postcard to Dorothy Barnard – 25th

Thursday 24th May 1923

Cold, sunny.
Made beds with Aunt Bella. Out with her to Laure Leboeuf’s, near Place Stéphanie. Back, walk and tram. Dinner 12.30, Madame Guesquire to dine. In p.m. Aunt Bella and I rested. I slept, 3 till 4. Tea 4.30. Out with Aunt Bella to enquire General Donni and looked at flat too. Supper 7.10. Read papers, patience. To bed about 10.

Friday 25th May 1923

Cool. Nice sunshine. Dull p.m.
Made beds. Out with Aunt Bella to Bon Marché, and Innovation, Rue Neuve. Back to dinner 1. Colonel Meeus came; talked General Breuland (m’as tu vu?) called. Meeus hung pictures in my room. Tea. I out with him to the flat and back by Bois. Agnes Timmermans called. Supper. 9.10. Wrote in evening – Alys, Dorothy Barnard. Aunt Bella bad cough.

Saturday 26th May 1923

Dull, rain in p.m.
Took Aunt Bella’s breakfast up to her. Out at 10.30 to Boulevard Botanique to the Notary with note. To Bon Marché and Innovation. 2 trams home. Dinner 12.30. Rested in p.m, and then to call on Madame Vandamme. Eva there and Monsieur Grisart. Home; took Kiki out. Margot Verboeckhoven to supper. To bed 9.30. Aunt Bella’s cold very bad.

Sunday 27th May 1923

Cold. Rain in p.m.
Took Aunt Bella breakfast up again. Wrote Tades. Out in Avenue, bought papers at Obette. Times 85 cents, Temps 25. Dinner. Began rest. Monsieur Vandamme called 3 p.m. Aunt Bella slept. Waked her 3.40. Colonel Meeus came, and took me to Arenberg Palais d’Egmont. Exhibition – porcelain, ceramics, furniture. Home 7.30. To bed 9.15.

Monday 28th May 1923

Rain all day. Mild.
Took breakfast up. Did bed. Wrote Wade. Took Kiki out to Baker’s. Home. Dinner 12.30. Sat till 1.30. Out to Place Royale in tram. To chemist, thought Passage to Rue Gretry? To Cook’s, near Grand Hotel. Chocolat, tram home. Madame Schönbein to tea. Talked. Supper. Read. To bed 9.30.

Tuesday 29th May 1923

Warm. Fine. Thunder later.
Walked to Chaussée d’Ixelles to get Kiki’s collar. Back by train from Porte de Namur. Dinner. Sat with Aunt Bella. She rested. I sewed Alys’ dress. Out to call on Madame Cauderlier. Not receiving. On to town. Shopped bag top. Home 5.30. Meeus there. Supper. Read and Aunt Bella played Patience. To bed 9.40.

Wednesday 30th May 1923

Nice day. Fresh. Warm.
Took breakfast up. Out to take letter to Georges Stockfisch, rue de la Montagne. Bought flowers for hat. Home to dinner. Aunt Bella out to Bank, and again in p.m. I with her. I on to buy chemise. Maison de Blau. Home to tea. Eva came. Madame Aumonier called. Eva to supper too. Sewed and talked. She away 9.20. To bed 9.45.

Wrote Tante – 28th or 29th
Wrote Wade – 28th
Wrote Auntie Kate – 30th
Wrote Dorothy Barnard – 1st
Wrote Mrs Farrar – 1st

Thursday 31st May 1923

Cold, dull.
Did housework. Aunt Bella down to breakfast – 1st day since 25th. Monsieur Vandamme came. Measured curtains. I out to tram start. After dinner, I in 24 tram to meet Meeus and with him and Dr and Madame Warlomont to Tapestry at Cinquantenaire. Loan from Paris Gobelins? Tea at Warlomont’s. Home. Supper. Paul Lecercle in evening. To bed 9.40.

Friday 1st June 1923

Dull. Milder.
Housework. With Aunt Bella to buy eggs and shrimps. She to Church? I wrote Dorothy Barnard. Meeus to dinner 1 o’clock. General Breuland after. Meeus took me to Parc de Wolvendael – 2 trams. Lovely beech trees and gorge. Very beautiful. Walked, sat and “grenadines” at café. Home Supper. Read, sewed. To bed 9.30 or 40.

Ravin du Parc Wolvendae

Saturday 2nd June 1923

Dull. Very cold. 10.
Housework. To Cemetery, Ixelles with Aunt Bella. Walked. Put roses on Uncle Pierre’s grave. Saw soldiers’ graves. Home. Dinner. Both rested. I slept a good hour. Tea. Sewed curtains. Margot to supper at 8.10. We to Madame Cauderlier’s – 83 Rue de L’Abbaye. She and nephew. Nice evening. Tales of the schoolboys in war.

Sunday 3rd June 1923

Dull. Cold.
Sore throat. After making beds and dusting, Aunt Bella to Masse; I to Church des Victoires du Sablon 11. Meeus met me there. Sermon for tubercular children. Looked at windows. Walked through Park. Separated. Dinner. Then I to St Gudule, and Soldat Inconnu, at Colonne du Congrès. To Vandamme’s about Aunt Bella’s tooth. Home to tea. Quiet evening. Aunt Bella depressed, face ache.

Monday 4th June 1923

Rain. Cold.
After beds, Aunt Bella and I in trams to Dentist Le Comte? He out. Back. I wrote Alys. Dinner. Sat by gas fire in bedroom. Then both to Dr Lenoir’s. Waited ages, reading. He lanced Aunt Bella’s gum, for abscess. Home. Tea. I out to chemist with Kiki for rinse prescription. Bought Pond’s vanishing cream for Aunt Bella. Read and patience till 9.20.

Tuesday 5th June 1923

Damp. Dull.
With Aunt Bella to dentist 11. Dr Le Comte. Back 12.45 to dinner. Then at 2.30. I to Bourse. And then tram to Place de Gueux. Tea with the Steven’s and Peter 3 ½. Very interesting fashion and other commercial art. Home 7. Supper. Meeus in evening. To bed 9.40. Coldy. Bad night.

Wednesday 6th June 1923

Rain. Finer in p.m. Cold.
I took Aunt Bella’s breakfast. Coldy. Not out all a.m. Sewed. After dinner, at 2.30, Trams to Porte de Schaerbeek. Met Meeus there. To Musée Ancienne. Down to old town. Grand Place. Tram by les Marolles (Whitechapel!) to St Gilles. Another tram to Uccle. Tartine and grenadine in café. Home Eva to supper. Talked in evening. To bed, tired, 9.40.

Wrote Alys – 4th. Letter from E.P. 7th and D.B. 7th.
Wrote Tante – 10th
Wrote E.P.
Stories of English and French wounded, burnt alive and others buried alive. German officer in tram. Vandamme offering seat to lady who would stand.
Comment ai-je vieux, 2 mois ½ sans toi? Boulanger.

Thursday 7th June 1923

Fine. Still cold.
Took Aunt Bella’s breakfast up. Helped her with curtains in kitchen in a.m. To town with her at 2.30. She to Georges Stockfisch (brokers). I to buy presents for Polly, Kitty, Dorrie. Home to tea. Monsieur and Madame Schoontgen called at 6. Supper. “Paul” in evening till 9.30. To bed about 9.30!

Friday 8th June 1923

Fine and warm.
Aunt Bella down to breakfast. Letters. After bedmaking, I with her to Bank d’Outremer. Safe to cut coupons. Home via Boulevard Militaire to look at house. Meeus to dinner 1 o’clock. Talked, and mended things, sewing all p.m. General Brouland in. Tea 4.20. Meuss took me to Parc Josaphat. Home at 7. Supper, read and played patiences.

Saturday 9th June 1923

Dull, but mild.
With Aunt Bella to dentist; only back for lunch. Margot came. Out in garden. Aunt Bella took me to cinema – “Robin des Bois” Douglas Fairbanks, at Monnaie. Very good indeed. In to St Nicholas Church after. Crooked nave. Very interesting. Old. Bought meat. Home. Supper. Read, patiences.

Sunday 10th June 1923

Dull, warm.
Housework. Aunt Bella to Mass. I wrote to E.P. and Tante all a.m. Dinner. Aunt Bella and I walked to Cimetière and back. Saw General Boulanger’s grave with lover. Rested 30 minutes. Monsieur and Madame Roefs and daughter, Madame D’Haese and Elsa (6) to coffee – 4 till 5.30 or 6. Supper. Read, looked at Marquis de Biron’s collection, drawings. To bed 9.45.

Monday 11th June 1923

Warmish, dull showers.
Housework with Aunt Bella. To Nord. She met Monsieur Vandamme and to Succession Place. I along Rue Neuve and Rue des Fripiers (got nightgown for Alys). Back by “Chocolat” from Bourse. Took Kiki out. Dinner. Sat in bureau; rested upstairs on sofa. Aunt Bella on her’s. After tea, tram to Boitfort. To Marie Masson (Olevier). She out. Walked up to Ypert’s house. Supper. Looked at L. H. Compan.

Tuesday 12th June 1923

Perfect day. Warm. Fresh. Sunny.
After bedmaking, I out with Kiki to look over Melorse, and to Pharmacien. Dinner. Aunt Bella to Timmerman’s and old gentleman (to read aloud to) at 2.45. I to town alone. To Cook’s. Bought buckles. To Madame D’Haese, 19 Quai du Hainaut, Roef’s daughter. Wine, cakes, coffee. Home 6.30. Supper. Monsieur Georges Stockfisch in evening for business. To bed 9.35.

Wednesday 13th June 1923

Rain. Very damp 14 degrees.
Did housework and muddled about. Dressmaker came. My reversible coat admired. Dinner. Rested 1 ½ hours. Aunt Bella and I to tea at Madame Schoontges (Square Amborix). Nice. Eva there. Meeus not, he ill. Stayed till 6.30. Home. Light supper, because cherry tart a la crème. Patiences. Queer success of Aunt Bella and me at 8 patience. 2.30 and same 3 figures.

Letter to Ella – 11th
Letter to Ella – 17th

Thursday 14th June 1923

Very cold indeed. Grey.
Housework. Monsieur Vandamme came. I out to phone (25 cents) to Steven’s and buy papers. After dinner, Aunt Bella and I to cinema, Porte de Naumur. “Pasteur” (Harold Lloyd also). Home at 5.30. I to post office to register letter for her. Supper. Paul Le Cercle in evening. Did patiences. To bed 9.35.

Friday 15th June 1923

Dull, showery.
Aunt Bella and I to town to Magasins de la Bourse and she bought nightgowns for Alys and me, and chemise for me too. Home to dinner at 1. Monsiuer and Madame Schoetges to dinner. Not Meeus who is ill. I to Stevens at 2.30. Home to tea. Cousin George Reid and his Belgian friend called and Monsieur Vandamme. Supper. To bed 9.30.

Saturday 16th June 1923

Fine a.m. Heavy rain.
With Aunt Bella to dentist, Le Comte 22 Avenue de l’Astronomie all a.m. Back 12.45 to dinner, Margot here. In garden. Gardener cut grass. Rested 3 till 4. Expects Mrs Stevens and Peter to tea but didn’t come. Too wet. Played patiences. Sewed, and read all evening. Stove lighted, so cold. To bed 9.40.

Sunday 17th June 1923

Aunt Bella to Masse. I showed Marie knitting stitch. Wrote Ella and Mrs Stevens. Monsieur Vandamme to dinner 12.30. He took me to Fête Militaire at Cinquantenaire all p.m. Crowds there. Loge 15 from par place. King Albert and General De Witte. Hero of Haelen. Home to supper 7. To bed early.

Baron de Witte de Haelen, (1857 – 1933) – Belgian (WW1) who commanded Belgian Cavalry Division at Battle of Haelen (1914)

Monday 18th June 1923

Out to take letter to Monsieur Georges. Home at 11.45 and with Aunt Bella to the Vandammes, Rue Rogier. 12.30 dinner. Very good. Away 3.15 to town. Bought cap for Tades. Home to tea 5. Madame Schoentges here. Sewed and quiet evening. Patience and reading. To bed 9.35.

Tuesday 19th June 1923

Very fine!!!
I to pastry cooks, Aunt Bella to Banque. Dinner. Both did Patiences and then to cinema, Porte de Namur. Nazimova in Princesse Inconnu (California) and Douglas Fairbanks in L’Amercain. Patagonia. Home at 6.30. Supper. Reading and Patiences.

Wednesday 20th June 1923

Grey, showery.
Packed a little. H. Luckley called. Out with Aunt Bella in neighbourhood. Dinner. Out to see Pension, Roger’s Family Hotel, Rue Paul Lauters – 27 – 30 francs per day. To Eva’s at Laeken to tea. Meeus there. Nice time. Home to supper 7.15. Patiences. To bed 9.30. Packed till about 11.

Wrote Edith Bache – 18th
Wrote Dorothy Barnard – 19th
Wrote W.B.D. – 20th.

Wrote Aunt Bella – 24th
Wrote Tades – 24th
Tipped Meline and Marie 25 francs each.


Thursday 21st June 1923

Finer. Grey p.m. Calm.
Packed in a.m. Auto at 11 and Aunt Bella to Nord Station with me. Monsieur Schoentges there. I off at 11.45. To Ostende. Monsieur, Madame and Simonne Lauwers to see me off. Steamer “Jan Breydel” to Dover. Train to Victoria. Dinner train 5/8. Alys, Dennis and Miss Roland met me. They dined at Station. Home in new Buick car! To bed 11.45!

Friday 22nd June 1923

Fine. Warm.
Alys to play in tennis tournament. I with Dennis to garage for car. Home, with Peter. I alone all day, unpacking and lunch; out in garden too. To shops at 5.30 with Peter. Bought indian ink. Home and drew all evening. Supper alone. To bed. Hot bath 9.45. Alys and Dennis to dine at Tidy’s and home quite late.

Saturday 23rd June 1923

Very fine.
Alys and Dennis off early to Lab in car. I out to shops with Peter, and brought home things. Lunch alone. Drew hats. At 2.45 over to Chelsea. Tea in garden. Doz (sprained ankle) on chair with foot up. Violet Ormond came. Alys and Dennis called for me in car. Home to dinner. Back to Lab in car and worked till 10.10. Home to garage and strawberries. To bed 11.15.

Sunday 24th June 1923

Grey, windy, then hot and lovely.
Alys and Dennis in bed to breakfast. I up. Wrote letters. All in car to Dolly Willis’ at Esher, lunch in Richmond Park on way. Sat in garden. Hot. After tea in garden, in car to new Bungalow, near Horsley? Back. Home in car at 9.30. Supper. To bed.

Monday 25th June 1923

Dull, showery.
Alys and Dennis and I in car to lab. I on to Brompton Road. Sale and Harrod’s. Home to lunch. Drew and painted all p.m. and until 7.30. Alys and Dennis home in car 9.20. Dinner. Rather miserable. Whisky. Soon after dinner, Dr Hills phoned and Alys and Dennis to lab again! And to patient. To bed. They late.

Tuesday 26th June 1923

Fineish, dull.
To Rosslyn Hill and met Kitty at her dentist’s. To town. Trying to shop for her – Sales. Lunch at Harrod’s. To Gooch’s, and Dickens and Jones, and Bourne and Hollingsworth. To Euston. Tea there. Saw Kit off. Home. Supper alone. Dennis and Alys back late.

Wednesday 27th June 1923

To 6 Elm Park Road early 9.45 there. Sat with Dorothy and went out with Aunt Alice on the Cheyne Walk. Lunch there too. Home at 3, but found Sealyham dog 8 months. Took him home, and to vets first. Alys met Eva and took her to Thew. They home to tea. Out in car with Dennis, Eva, Alys and 2 dogs. To Stanmore Common. Alys’ bag lost.

Thursday 28th June 1923

Fine and hot.
In all a.m., drawing and painting, but took dogs out from time to time. Met Eva and Alys for lunch at Debenham’s. They to lab and Eva away. I to Mr Badcock’s 2 then shopped and to tea at Lab. Thomson and brother and Van there. I home and others home late. Siba’s owner rang up! Robinson 32 Elm Park Gardens.

Friday 29th June 1923

Fine. Quite hot.
In all day, drawing, but taking dogs out at little on heath and garden. High tea, alone at 6. Dressed and out to Albert Hall 8. Met Polly there. Chaliapine concert. Very enjoyable. Ovation. Amusing and sweet.

Saturday 30th June 1923

Warmer. Some showers.
To shops with Peter. Home and drew nearly all day. Lunch alone. Alys and Dennis back to tea. All out in car at 5.30 to Gerrard’s Cross. Dinner at Ethorpe Hotel. Then to visit the Chamberlain’s, Dorrie there. Sat in garden. Started home 9.50. Stopped on way for lights. Home about 11.45.


Sunday 1st July 1923

Fine. Warm.
Alys and Dennis in bed to breakfast. Alys very sick and pains, so in bed all day and they not to Douglas’es. Dennis and I in car at 12 to fetch Alys’ bag from Acton! Dinner 1. I drew all p.m. Dennis gardened. All out in car after supper for little ride in car.

Monday 2nd July 1923

Fine. Warmer.
To 6 Elm Park Road to help with Aunt Alice at 10 tll after lunch. Out with her, and in garden. To Wades’ at 3.30. With her and Dennis in car to Army and Navy Stores, and he bought gold wristwatch for Alys £23.00. I to tea with Wade, then home. Alys and Dennis home to dinner. I drew all evening. Dennis did car light.

Tuesday 3rd July 1923

Dull. Warm.
Alys and Dennis to town, and Alys to Wimbledon in p.m with Iris Harmar. I drew all a.m. but to shops early. After lunch, I took drawings to Selfridge’s (fell down at Golders Green!). On, tea at Marshall’s alone. To Westminster Abbey 5.30 – 6. To Service, dedication Tablet to Walter Page, Lord Grey. Dr Keen, Mrs Freeman there. Supper alone. Alys and Dennis dined at Harmar’s.

walter hines

Wednesday 4th July 1923

Fine and warm.
Alys’ 39th birthday. All to Regent’s Park. In with drawings to interview with Mr Williams 10. Then shopping for fur-coat with Alys. She to 6 Elm Park Road to lunch, and Wimbledon with Dorothy. I lunch at Chinese Restaurant and back to Bank and G. and E. with other introduction. Dennis home 8. He and I to tube to meet Alys. She in only at 9. Quiet evening.

Wrote Ella – 5th saying September or October.
Letter from Tante 4th – Reba was 13 in December. Her brother will be 16 in September.
Letter from Billy.
Letter to E.P. – 6th.

Thursday 5th July 1923

Hot. Fine.
To shops. Alys on to town; I home. Washed my head, and washed Peter. To meet Mrs Thring and Reba. They very late. Lunch with me here. I with them to Kilburn Park tube. Saw them off. Alys and Dennis in only at 9.25 to dinner (Maud out). I watered garden, and wrote E.P, Eva and Ella.

Friday 6th July 1923

Hot. Windy, fine.
To shops with Alys. She on to Thew. I to 26 Compayne and Barnes and home and washed gloves and made sun curtain for kitchen. Cut out blouse in p.m. and at 6.20 went to Aunt Louie’s (they away). Out to Shenton’s and had supper with them. Back at 9. Sat on verandah and sewed kitchen blind. To bed 10.30. Dennis and Alys in 12.30.

Saturday 7th July 1923

91 degrees. Hot!!!!!
Breakfast 7.45. Dennis and Alys off in car at 9. To Philip’s school at Brighton (near). I to 6 Elm Park Road (Polly away). Sat in garden with Aunt Alice. Dorothy to Theobald’s Road all a.m. Dinner 1.10. Sat drawing rom. Mrs Stillman called. In garden all evening. Did Acrostic “Raeburn”. Walked round house. To bed 10.30.

Sunday 8th July 1923

Fine. 81 degrees.
Bath. Much cooler. So breakfast indoors. Sat in garden a good deal. Tea upstairs. I in garden with Aunt Alice. Dennis rested an hour. All 3 in taxi at 6 to Coles’ (née May du Maurier). Played Badminton. Walked home. Supper in garden. Susie came also. Violet and Monsieur Ormond. Went at 10. Sat in garden till then. Lovely.

Monday 9th July 1923

Hot. Thunder storm all night. Record bad ones 6 a.m.
Sat in garden. Breakfast there. With Aunt Alice. Dorothy Barnard out to lessons. Polly back at 10.30. I away at 11.15. Bought fur coat in Leicester Square on way home. Home to lunch. Alys and Dennis home to dinner and supper on verandah. Laughton’s in and all sat in garden till 10.15. Thunder all night.

Tuesday 10th July 1923

Very hot. Thunderstorm at 8 p.m.
Walked to Hampstead 2nd Tenant’s and back by Institution. Drew in top room. Lunch alone, on verandah. To town – Bourne and Hollingsworth – and met Alys at Debenham and Freebody. On to Fuller’s (iced coffee) and Peter Robinson and Swan and Edgar – waterproof and model. To Lab in taxi. All back in car at 8. Caught in thunderstorm. To bed 10.20.

Wednesday 11th July 1923

Very hot – 89 degrees. 46% humidity.
Alys and Dennis off to Lab in car. Drew a little, but too hot in top room. Sewed in drawing-room. Lunch alone. Maud out. At 6.30 I to Lab. Dennis vaccinated me. He, Alys, Margaret Douglas and I in car to Brent Bridge Hotel. Dinner there. Very late 9.30. Crowded. Home 10.35 or so. Very hot night.


Sunday – To Elsa’s tea and supper.
Lettters from E.P. and E.D.D. – 11th
Sent £100 for Heathcroft flats – 11th
Wrote E.P. – 13th
Wrote Aunt Bella – 13th

Thursday 12th July 1923

Very hot all day.
With Alys to shops, parcel to Tades. On in car to Lab. Hospital and I to Fuller’s for Eva’s cake and to Sales. Home to lunch at 1. Brought ice-cream. Sewed jumper (Hull silk). Mrs Krohn in. Men mending tiles on roof. Out a little to “Heathcroft” ground. Slugs and in garden. To bed 9.45.

Friday 13th July 1923

92 degrees. 40% humidity. Very hot again. 91?
Dennis and I in car with Peter to Haywood’s. I in and watched Peter all day (Calomel pill a.m.). I wrote letters and sewed various odd things, and tidied ribbons and laces. Dorothy out. Maud sat in dining-room with me. Too hot in kitchen. I to tea at Aunt Louie’s and until 6.15. Supper. Watered garden. To bed about 10. Alys and Dennis home 1.30 a.m. I downstairs. Car left outside all night.


Saturday 14th July 1923

Hot but more breeze – 82 degrees.
To shops in car. Alys and Dennis away at 10 to Kenilworth (Dr Alderson’s). I did shopping and gave Peter Epsom salts. Shared taxi home with lady from Reynold’s Close. After lunch lay on verandah and slept in drawing-room feeling ill from vaccination. Sent Maud and Dorothy to Botanic Gardens, Postman’s Fete. To bed 7 and only had Bovril for supper. Temperature 101.5 at 9 p.m.

Sunday 15th July 1923

Cooler. Very windy. Sunny.
Unwell. In bed, bread and milk for breakfast. Peter very weak, so ‘phoned for Haywood. He came, I up to see him. Sat about all day on sofa and on verandah, reading Wells’ “Men like Gods”. Maud out. Gave Peter Tonic pills. Felt headachey and rotten all day. Took Peter across road on lead. He began to eat, first time since Tuesday!

Monday 16th July 1923

Warm. Fine. Windy.
Alys and Dennis back here at 1.15. I in bed till 12 writing letters. All had lunch on verandah. They to Lab. Peter much better began to eat. Took him little walk on Heath. Watched horses loaded with bricks. Wrote S.P.C.A. (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) read. To bed about 10.30. Laughton’s and Krohn’s in. Alys and Dennis about 12.45.

Tuesday 17th July 1923

Cooler. Grey.
Breakfast with Dennis (Alys in bed). I to shops. Dr Colebrook took me in car. Sewed a little. S.P.C.A. man came in a.m. and again at teatime. I did lots of odd jobs in bedroom and upstairs. Joined Boots Library 17/6 per annum. Took Peter out to new Flats. To bed at 10.30. Read in bed.

Wednesday 18th July 1923

Fine. Cooler.
Did odd things. To shops. Drew most of the day, in top room. S.P.C.A. man again. Went to meet Alys and Dennis and Margaret Douglas at Lab at 7.30. All dined Canuto’s 8.15. They worked till 10.45. Then home in car. To bed about 11.45.

“Carolina in the morning”.
Falling Cubitt car.
August 16th – to 3 Cocks.
Friday 20th Birchington
16th – Sent 20/0 to People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals
Sent 20/- to Soldier’s River Trips.
Wrote Sissie
Barbara 6 years, George 8, Peter 10.
Beresford Hotel.

Thursday 19th July 1923

Cool, fine then rain and wind.
Breakfast on verandah as always. To shops with Peter. Sewed on verandah. Aunt Louie and Nelly called and R.S.P.C.A. man. I did sewing and arranging for suitcase all p.m. To Ayrton’s to dinner. Miss Knoblauch there and Phyllis Lloyd in. Back at 10.10. Alys and Dennis in at 11.30 or so.

Friday 20th July 1923

Fine and hot.
Alys breakfast in bed. I with Alys and Dennis in the car to Baker Street. Then a taxi to Victoria at 10.40 train to Birchington. Met by Kitty and Barbara in car. To Beresford Hotel. Lunch. Rested. Then Kitty and Barbara bathed. I watched from cliffs. To meet Edward and Kenneth Buchanan 7.1. Dinner. All sat in grounds and talked to the Chittenden’s and old Captain and Mrs Walker. To bed 10.15.


Saturday 21st July 1923

Very fine and hot.
Breakfast about 9.15. Kit played tennis with Kenneth. I on beach, with Edward and Barbara and Chittenden’s, all a.m. Kitty and Kenneth too later. Lunch 1.30. Edward, Kitty and Barbara and I in car to Herne to see cricket match of Peter and George’s school versus St Nicolas (Yates). We won. Home 6.15. Dance after dinner till 11.30. Danced with Kenneth and Mr Chittenden. Nice.

Sunday 22nd July 1923

Fine. Hot.
Breakfast 9.15. Kit drove Kenneth and me to Herne. Fetched Peter and George. Lunch and on beach. Sat there. George and Barbara bathed. Tea. I with Edward in car to take boys back to school 6. Dinner. Sat on cliff. Talked to Chittenden’s and Rennie, their dog “Alsatian wolfhound”. To bed 10.10.

Monday 23rd July 1923

Fine, then dull and showery.
Edward to town 8. We sat on beach; I with Barbara 1st. Kit to garage. Barbara bathed. Lunch. Kit drove Barbara to Canterbury. They to dentist. I to Cathedral. Tea in Canterbury Drove home. Dressed. Rested. I talked to Eva Green (married). To bed 10.15.

Tuesday 24th July 1923

Breakfast 8.30. In car to station 9.14 to Victoria. Arrived 11.28. Tubes and taxi home. Lunch. All p.m. changing trunks. Wadie to tea. Wrote to Tante. Walked with Wade to station. To Boots Library. Alys and Dennis home 9. All to Colebrook’s in evening about house.

Wednesday 25th July 1923

Dull. Rainy.
Muddled about. To shops (in car). Did a good deal of drawing; lunch. Took Peter out – a walk on Heath in rain. Dinner, Maud out. Dorothy cooked it. Fish on verandah. Alys and Dennis back at 8.30. Discussed Colebrook’s house, and took car back. Called on Laughton’s who out.

Monday – back from Birchington.
To Chelsea Friday before lunch.
Wrote Tante posted 25th about not returning.
Wrote Mrs Stevens (Brussels)
Wrote postcard to Aunt Bella – 28th

Thursday 26th July 1923

Windy. Nice day.
Breakfast on verandah. Then Alys sick and in bed. I to shops with Peter. Drew upstairs. Lunch. Alys up at 1.30. With her to Lab. Washed up, and made labels. At 4, I on to Bourne and Hollingsworth for stockings. Coffee there. Home on 48. Tidied up all drawing things upstairs. Dinner on verandah alone. Read till 11.30 in bed. Alys and Dennis back at 11.30.

Friday 27th July 1923

Dullish. Fine on whole.
Alys to Sherborne. I with her to Golders Green station. Home. Packed my things. Away at 12, by 31 bus to Chelsea. Lunch with Barnard’s. Sat in garden with Dorothy, sewing. Tea. Then Dorothy Barnard away to Orchards for weekend. Aunt Alice, Polly and I out to river. Polly to Dr Lowe about arm (vaccine). Supper. To bed 10.

Saturday 28th July 1923

Dull, rainy.
Dusted drawing-room. Out with Aunt Alice in rain a little. Polly out to shops first. Lunch. Rested on bed. Miss Fan Rogers to tea. Washed up tea things. In garden. Out with Aunt Alice again, to river, in evening. Back at 7.30. Supper. To bed 10.25.

Sunday 29th July 1923

Dull, sunny intervals.
In garden most of a.m. with Aunt Alice. Polly washed stockings. Dinner. Helped Polly wash up. Rested 30 minutes. Alys and Dennis in car to tea. Then all of us over to 47 Hampstead Way. In garden then back in car to 6 Elm Park Road. Supper. Read Faraday’s letters. To bed 10.30.

Monday 30th July 1923

Packed suitcase. Helped Aunt Alice to dress. Away to Victoria at 11.15. There met Dennis and Alys with car and met Philip from school. Home. Dennis back to Lab. All lunch. Alys and I packed up all p.m. Tea. Dinner. Dennis back but slightly late 7 45!!! Philip to bed 8. Alys and Dennis and I to take car back. To bed about 10.

Tuesday 31st July 1923

Dull, then rain. Colder.
Alys and I packed, and trunks off by C.P. and goods train at 12. Sewed. Lunch. Then Alys and I to Lonza’s (27 Dorset Street) Auction. Pouring rain. “Chocolate” in Baker Street at 5. Taxis and shopped for Alys’ trenchcoat. Home on bus and taxi. Very wet. Laughton’s here. Krohn’s to tea with Phil. Dennis back to dinner. Car back with him. Alys to Laughton’s.

Wednesday 1st August 1923

Alys and Phil to town. I a 10, shopping on way. And to Bank. All met at Waterloo 11.15. Met Eva from Sherborne. Dennis drove us all back in car. All dinner 1 at home. Dennis to town. I off to Paddington, met Tades 3 p.m. Taxi with her to 6 Elm Park Road. Tea there. Home. All dined on verandah. Alys and Dennis to take car to Buick’s. Eva and I sewed and to bed.

Letter from E.P. – 31st
Wrote E.P. – 2nd
Wrote Aunt Bella and Madame Vandamme – 2nd

Thursday 2nd August 1923

Fine. Warm.
Alys to shops. Eva in bed all a.m. Not well. Giddy. But up in p.m. All taxi and Thew’s. Phil and I on to Lonza’s with two frocks, and to Selfridge’s for trenchcoats and to Stanford’s for map. Bank by tube. Tea at home. Dennis in to dinner. Packed trunk and suitcase; put car back.

President Harding died – 3rd August

Sandbanks, Poole

Friday 3rd August 1923

Very fine and windy.
All final shoppings and packing and all 5 of us off at 11.20 on car with Peter. Lunch at roadside, and tea and Packet Post this side of Southampton. To Sandbanks, South Lodge Cottage. Arrived about 6. Supper. Dennis and I in car to Poole for “Good’s” but office closed so to Mr Arnold’s, Westbourne. Back about 10. To bed.

Saturday 4th August 1923

Fine. Warm.
Dennis, Eva, Phil and I bathed at 8. Breakfast. Alys painy. She and Dennis and Philip in car to Poole; Eva and I to store, and bathed again 12.30. Lunch. All in car to Poole. Alys driving. Dennis and children to Wilkins’ wharf. Alys and I shopped. All home, with Arnold, to tea and supper. We to bed 10.20. Dennis took him back late, in car.

Sunday 5th August 1923

Fine. Warm. Lovely.
Dennis, Phil and I bathed before breakfast. Eva coldy. Alys and Dennis to Lymington in car, to see boat. Eva, Phil and I on Sands all a.m. and all dug, and bathed again at 12 (4th). On Sands all p.m. Dennis and Alys and Mr Arnold back at 6.30 for tea. Then supper. To Harvey’s. Dennis and I in car with Mr Arnold to take him home. Back at 10.34.


Monday 6th August 1923

Very fine and warm.
No one bathed as colds. All (after housework) to Poole. Alys drove me back. Dennis and children back in evening. Dinghy. Very late. They lunch 3.30! Dennis and I out in dinghy with Phil after till 6.30. High tea for some of us. Wrote Dorothy. Dennis bad cold and to bed early.

Tuesday 7th August 1923

Hot and fine.
Mrs Flipping came. Dennis in bed all day, feverish. Phil and I bathed (5th). Dug on Sands. After lunch. Alys drove me into Westbourne. Bought food and pyjamas and petrol (Peter ran away to puppy again). Home by Condercum! Sat in garden near Anthill and read. Out for little strolls. To bed 9.30.

Wednesday 8th August 1923

Fine, Sea fret in parts. Hot on whole.
I wrote Tante. All except Dennis bathed at 12. Dennis watched us (6th). After dinner, all in car to Bournemouth. Fancy Fair for spades and to Cemetery to our Boyd and Embleton graves. Home. Peter fight, brought home. Supper 7.30. Dennis and children out. Alys and I washed up and then out. Read and to bed 9.20.

Wrote Dorothy Barnard with cheque (for November 2nd)- 6th
Wrote Tante – 8th
Wrote D.B. (about not going to 3 Cocks)

Thursday 9th August 1923

Very fine. Hot and breeze.
Eva, Phil and I bathed at 8.15 (7th). After breakfast, Dennis, Phil and I to Poole in dinghy. I shopped. Back again at 2. Lunch. All except me to fetch and meet John Willis in car. Tea. Dinghy around on beach. All bathed (8th) except Alys (she and Eva bathed in a.m.). Eva back in dinghy with Dennis. I wrote Dorothy about staying on with Alys.

Friday 10th August 1923

Hot and fine.
Dennis, Alys and Eva to Poole. Boys on Sands. I cooked hake, peas, potatoes for dinner. I bathed – 9th – with Phil and John. Others at 1. Dinner washed up. To Westbourne in car. Home to tea. All except Alys, in dinghy, towards Studland and then Sore ‘Deep and round Branksea Island. Back 8.20 to supper and bed 9.30.


Saturday 11th August 1923

Very hot and lovely.
All except Alys bathed 8.10 (10th). Dennis and I to dinghy; then Dennis, Alys and boys to get hats. In car. Eva and I bathed (11th) and didn’t dress again. Bathed when others came. Dennis to fetch Arnold who put planks on dingy. I unwell. Captain Clarence introduced me Huntley Gordon and Alys and Dennis went out in the “We Two” motor-yacht with the Huntley Gordon’s. Arnold to supper. Dennis took him back.

Sunday 12th August 1923

Fine. Windy.
Mr Huntley Gordon came at 10.15. Then all of us in “We Two’ to Poole. Discussion with Wilkins about “We Too” price. Huntley Gordon’s wanted £800. Dennis’ price £750. Home to dinner. Price £775 decided. Quiet p.m. and all out in “We Two” with Hall (Huntley Gordon’s man) to Harry Rocks. Quite rolley. Back to moorings. Huntley Gordon’s bought for £7-0.0. Supper. To bed 9.45.

harry rocks

“We Two” 8 knots 30 foot Parsons engine 3 cylinder Thornycroft build.

Monday 13th August 1923

Dennis to Wilkins’, with Alys in car. Back. Lunch. I did housework nearly all a.m. (no Mrs Flipping on Monday’s). All in “We Two’ to Poole with new man, Pounds. To Wilkins’. Alys and I shopped. Tea on “We Two” on way back. Out to Harry Rocks. Back. Home to supper, Pounds too. I with Dennis in car to drive Pounds back to Poole 9.30. Peter out all p.m. alone.

Tuesday 14th August 1923

Dennis, Alys and I in car to Poole and very busy shopping for boat, outfitting and food. Home1. Lunch including Pounds. Then all to Harvey’s beach. Saw off Dennis, Eva and Pounds. To “We Too”. They to Bursledon and away 2 nights. We on beach. Alys and I walked to Darien on Sands with Peter and called on Allingham’s. Home. Supper.

Wednesday 15th August 1923

Housework then on beach and all 4, Alys Peter, John and I home and I bathed (12th). Lunch. Then put tea in basket, and all on beach from 3 till 7.30. I wrote lots of letters and to Tante, later. Read and crocheted on beach in chairs. Peter away since 9 a.m. Supper and to bed about 9.30. Read till 10.

14th Wrote Dorothy Barnard
15th Wrote Dorothy Barnard with cheque £20.00
Wrote Tades
Wrote Bank
Mrs Thring with cheque.
16th Mailed letter to Tante about her present.

Thursday 16th August 1923

Peter returned about 2 a.m. Breakfast 9 a.m. Housework and change all beds, bedclothes and Phil and John bathed. Sighted “We Two” at 11.30. To Harvey’s . Back. Dennis and Eva home by beach. Eva had been gassed, in fore cabin, but just saved. Lunch. Dennis, Phil and I in car to see John off 2.15 and to meet Lalila and Sven Krohn 3.3. Home. Tea . I in bus to Westbourne, with grouse. Supper. Washed up. To bed 10. I on sofa.

Friday 17th August 1923

Dull. Very windy.
Breakfast. Mrs Flipping for 2 hours. Alys and I in car with Dennis to Westbourne to fetch Peter and grouse. Dennis and Pounds to Poole. To Harbour Master about moorings. Grouse dinner at 1. All rested in p.m. Dennis slept in my room. Boys played cards. Tea. Then all in car to Corfe Castle. Lovely there. Came away about 8.45 Home. Supper. To bed about 10. Alys very tired.

corfe castle

Saturday 18th August 1923

Rough. Windy. Some sun, some rain.
After breakfast, Eva, La and I bathed (13th). Then all and Peter to dinghy and out in 2 lots (with Pounds) to “We Two”. Rough passage to moorings! Away and to Bournemouth, Watched races of Regatta. Anchored off Branksome Canford. Had lunch there. Very fine. Nice run after to Harry Rocks and back to Moorings. Tea there. Alys and home first. Then others at 9.30. Supper and then all in car to see fireworks off West Cliff 9.30 till 10.

Sunday 19th August 1923

Dull, some rain, some sun.
Eva, La, Dennis, Phil and I bathed – 14th. Dennis and Alys to fetch Mr Arnold. Then lunch (picnic at home). All to dingy and all out to Day Dawn (We Two). To Purbeck Point. Racing 2 yachts; rough. Then in Swanage Harbour. Anchored. Tea there. For a walk on rocks. Back in boat and to moorings. Home. Supper. Washed up. Dennis and Alys took Mr Arnold back. To bed 9.45.

Monday 20th August 1923

Dull, drizzly.
Dennis and children to Harvey’s. Peter very naughty. I with Dennis to Harvey’s after and he off to boat. Phil not very well. Lunch (Dennis out). Alys and 2 girls in car to Bournemouth. I with Phil and Sven. Tea. Alys and girls out to tea. L, Eva and I bathed when they came home (15th). Dennis in at 9.20 and had supper. Very wet and cold from dinghy.

Tuesday 21st August 1923

Mrs Flipping came. Alys sick and diarrhoea in a.m. In bed till nearly teatime. Dennis wrote letters. After lunch, he off in car (missed boat) to Poole. I washed up and to store with Peter. La, Eva and I bathed at 4 – 16th. Tea. Then washed up, and for various strolls. Alys and I to Harvey’s and pier. Supper, buttered eggs 8. Dennis not home till 11.30 p.m.

Wednesday 22nd August 1923

Very windy. Sunny Rough.
L, Eva in bus to Westbourne. Alys, Dennis and I in car to Poole, called at Darien on Allingham’s on way. Dennis on boat. Alys and I shopped and drove home. I bathed with girls and boys. Windy (17th). Lunch, all except Dennis. Then in turn we watched for We Two; and read in p.m. At 4.20. Phil and I sighted her. All took tea and in Harvey’s ferry to We Two. Tea there, and up towards Wareham. Home. Supper at 9. To bed 10.15.

Wrote K.H.D. 20th – suggest 10th or 11th.
Wrote E.P. – 22nd
Wrote Tante.

Thursday 23rd August 1923

Windy. Rain.
Muddled about, changing beds. Bathed – rough, nice 18th. After dinner (all at home), in car to station and saw the Krohn’s off by 2.15 train. Then to Westbourne and Bournemouth, along East Cliff. Pouring rain. Home. Tea. Dennis and Phil to Poole after for gear-oil. Supper and to bed.

Friday 24th August 1923

Showery with bright intervals.
Henry and Anne Allingham along. Breakfast. Dennis and Eva cooked it. All met Allingham’s at Harvey’s and in Evinrude to We Two. Out to Studland. Anchored. Bathed from boat (19th). Lunch. Henry felt sick. To Poole Harbour. Landed at Russel Quay. Tea on boat there. Home. Dennis and I in Evinrude, took Wilkin’s dingy back by moonlight. Home. Lobster at 11.15 p.m.

Saturday 25th August 1923

Dull and windy. Cold.
All out on boat to Poole. Called for Mrs Wilkins. Lunch at quayside. Alys and Eva over to Nyata and Hawkor’s boat. Out to sea to Swanage Bay. Engine stopped. Water in paraffin, but blew away from cliffs. Anchored in Studland for tea. Dennis, Peter and children ashore. Took Mrs Wilkins home. General Carr in Poole Quay. Home by 9.30. Supper and to bed.

Sunday 26th August 1923

Bright. Windy.
Dennis and Phil in car to fetch Mrs Arnold. Eva. Phil and I bathed at 1. All had lunch. Then to “We Two”. Petrol gave out and Dennis and Mr Arnold rowed Evinrude . Long pull. Out on boat to Studland. Very rough and all got soaked to skin. Tea in Studland – Dennis, Alys, Peter and Mr Arnold with Peter ashore. Anchor dragged, and Pounds. Eva and I nearly in Dutch boat. Home to supper at 8. Alys and Dennis took Mr Arnold back. Peter ran away and brought back at 10 p.m.

Monday 27th August 1923

Very cold. “Polar air”. Sunny.
Dennis and Phil to boat in a.m. Back to lunch. I wrote letters. All in car to Westbourne and 2. 15 and did shopping, and then on to Southborne to Roland’s where we all went on beach and then bathed (21st). Very rough sea. Tea in beach hut, with 6 Roland’s. Rounders after to keep warm on sand. Home in car about 8.30. Supper and to bed.

Tuesday 28th August 1923

Showery. Better. Cold.
All 4 Rolands – Gwyd, Ena, Alan, Pat here at 11. Bathed (22nd) then all (in two parties) on “We Two”. Out to Studland. Lunch there, anchored. All landed except me. Round to Swanage Bay after, and back into Poole Harbour and to Russell Quay for tea 6.15! Landed again. Then home to moorings and Rolands back by charobanc. Dennis took Pounds back. Supper. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 29th August 1923

Pouring rain. Gale.
Indoors, packing. Alys and Dennis in car to Canford Cliffs. After lunch, Alys and I pier, got very wet. Eva and Phil on Sands. Rough! After tea all in car to 19 Hawkwood Road, to see Miss Boodle. Back to supper and bed.

Thursday 30th August 1923

Dull. Showery. Cold.
Eva and I bathed. Packed. Mrs Clarence called and offered house till September 3rd. All plans changed. Eva and Dennis to boat in p.m. Very wet crossing. They back. In p.m. Dennis brought Pounds back to tea. Alys and Dennis and Pounds and I on car to Poole with trunks for goods train and by by Westbourne. Phil felt sick and was very sick at 9.15. Mushrooms and eggs.

Friday 31st August 1923

Sunny. Cold.
Dennis and I off to boat. Phil in bed all day – sick attack. Dennis and I to Wilkin’s with boat as engine knocking and failing. Lunch at Poole Quay on boat. Afterwards to Southborne by boat, and back to Old Harry and Studland Bay to tea. Home to supper. Phil better. To bed 9.30. Sleepy.

Saturday 1st September 1923

Sunny. Showery.
Alys and Dennis off after breakfast in boat. I left with Eva and Phil. I to Bournemouth on “googley-eye”. Phil in bed until tea-time. I wrote E.P. and did housework. All tea downstairs. Supper too. Phil, Bovril only. Alys and Dennis in boat to Burseldon and slept there. We to bed about 9.30.

Sunday 2nd September 1923

Fine. Calm. Cool.
Housework; Eva helped cooking. Phil up and on beach watching. Eva and I bathed. Very cold and calm. Lunch. I wrote Tante. Dennis and Alys back at 2.30. and we to meet them. Then Alys and I in car to Poole to Wilkins’. Dennis and children in We Two. Tea there, on board. All home in car “Goodbye” to Pound’s. Supper. Alys and Dennis to Harvey’s. To bed 9.45.

Monday 3rd September 1923

Very fine all day.
Busy packing and tidying all a.m. Alys to call on Mrs Clarence. All off on car at 1 o’clock. To Westbourne, then on and lunch near Ringwood. On and tea at The Raven, Hook. Lovely day for the ride, 107 miles or more. Arrive 47 Hampstead Way at 8. Maud and Dorothie King. To bed about 10.


Tuesday 4th September 1923

Rain. Sunny at Clifton.
Packed suit-case (and Maud had wire about stepmother’s death) so Dennis took Maud and me to Paddington and Marylebone. I not off till 1 o’clock train. Lunch on board. To Bristol. Arrived 3 p.m. Taxi up to 20 Hurle Crescent. Auntie Kate and Carrie there. Tea. Talk. Supper – cold chicken. Mole coloured cat – Peter Pepper. To bed 9.45.

Wednesday 5th September 1923

Very sunny. Cool wind.
Breakfast 8.30. Wrote letters. Out to Post Office. Read. Lunch 1. All 3 of us to Bradford-on-Avon by train (past Bath). Lovely old Saxon Church and huge Tithe Barn and long Lepers’ Squint in other Church. Tea at Summer’s in the Shambles’ Left for Home 5.12 – 2 trams up to Clifton. Home at 6.30. Supper 7. Miss Morgan all evening.

Bradford-on-Avon Tithe Barn – one of the largest medieval barns in England, 14th century

Thursday 6th – To K.H.D.
4th – and 8th or 10th
Wrote Tante 5th and E.P.D. for 16th
Wrote Dorothy Barnard – 6th
Wrote Tades – 6th
Wrote Auntie Kate – 9th

Wrote Ella – 9th

Thursday 6th September 1923

Breakfast 8.30. Up to see Miss Morgan’s flat 10 (sister of Lloyd Morgan). Out with Auntie Kate to Clifton College. All over it. New gateway War Memorial – 578 fell in War. To Zoo. Lunch 1. Tea in garden. Wrote Dorothy Barnard and Tades. Looked at Davos photos in evening.


Friday 7th September 1923

Fine. Warm.
Out with Carrie to Westbury-on-Trym. Lovely house and garden and woods. Sat there. Home late by tram Lunch. I unwell. Rested all p.m. on bed. Mrs Adams (Laura) to tea. I out with Auntie Kate on Durdham Down to “Sea Wall”, Avon. Lovely 4 miles from Avonmouth. Supper. Talk and bed 9.50.



Saturday 8th September 1923

Fine. Warm.
Packed suitcase, wrote Susie, learned leather-work. Out on tram to Westbury again with Auntie Katie. Dinner 12.45. All in taxi to Bristol Joint Station. I off 1.45 to Paddington. Dennis and Alys to meet me in car. Dennis very bad cold. Tea on verandah, and Dennis to bed soon after. Unpacked. Bad night.

Sunday 9th September 1923

Fine. Warm.
Unpacked. Housework. Dennis in bed all day. Wrote Auntie Katie. Sat on verandah. Tea out there. Miss Barwick to tea. Wrote Ella. Over 55 Hampstead Way. Early to bed. Dennis slept in Eva’s room.

Monday 10th September 1923

Fine and warm.
Mrs Vince. Dennis in bed till 11. Alys and Eva and I to shops. Alys got car out, and took it home. Dennis to town in it. Lunch, and then Alys and I to town to buy Hamley sailing-boat for Phil’s birthday and to Evans’ – “Tea” at Gunter’s. Home at 6. Eva to tea and stay night at Barbara’s. Philip to tea there too. Dennis back to dinner. Very tired. He and Alys took car home.

1923 Hamleys advert

Tuesday 11th September 1923

Fine and warm.
Mrs Vince. Did washing with Alys. Dennis up to breakfast and off as usual. Alys with him to see Hampstead Tenants about 55 Hampstead Way. I to shops with Peter. Maud back to pack trunk and go! Alys and I to Laughton’s 12. Saw new baby. Alys and Eva to Mrs Hunts’ Registry p.m. I with Lalila in room. Supper. Dennis home 8. Alys and Dennis to take car back and call on Shenton’s. I wrote Deal.

Wednesday 12th September 1923

Fine and warm.
Nearly all day up in top room tidying out. All of us to shops in a.m. and rested 30 minutes in p.m. Mrs Vince came and cleaned Maud’s room. Began letter to Tante on new paper. Changed some furniture. Dennis and Alys took car back. To bed 10.

Wrote Doz – 15th
Wrote Minnie
Wrote Aunt Bella – 16th
Wrote Mary Kathleen – 16th
Wrote Tante 13th

Thursday 13th September 1923

Very fine and warm.
My 44th birthday. Changed things into front room. To shops with Alys. At 12 to town with Alys and Eva. Met Kit and Katharine to lunch at Debenham and Freebody’s. I to Shoolbred’s alone after and home to tea alone. Phil at Huddlestone’s. Alys and Eva home 7.30. Dennis too, to dinner. I took car back with him later. Moved rooms.

Friday 14th September 1923

Kept day as Phil’s and my birthday presents. Excitement. Alys and I to fetch car, and then all (and Krohn boys) to White Stone Pond. Alys and I on to find servant, tram, back by Chalk Farm!!! In p.m. Alys and I again to Hampstead. Plas Gwyn and amusing interview. Wade and Bussche and Sven and Trevor to tea. Dorothy out. Supper in kitchen. Dennis and Philip to garage. Rain.

whitestone pond
Whitestone Pond, Hampstead Heath

Saturday 15th September 1923

Fine. Rain all p.m.
Alys packed. I to shops. Very early lunch. Whole family off, meeting Dennis at Lab. To Dolly Willis’. I alone. All p.m. Clearing up. Mr Deal came. Wrote Dorothy and Minnie by gas-fire in dining room. Took Peter walk in rain to Aunt Louie’s. To bed 9.30.

Summer Time ended.

Sunday 16th September 1923

Very find. Lovely.
Forgot, and hot bath at 8.30 – 7.30!!! To get Observer at station. Altered trunks. Wrote letters. Cleared toy-cupboard. After lunch, made coleslaw. Dorothie out. I dressed and to Claridge’s at 4. Tea and talk with Cyrus. Back in taxi at 7.30. Nelly Moir to supper with me. Saw her home at 9.40. Mrs Barwick in, and talked till 10.30.

Monday 17th September 1923

Very fine.
Took Peter out. Then worked hard all a.m. changing books about in all rooms. Alys and children back in at at 12. Eva, La and Barbar out, and Lalila cut knee very badly on glass. Alys had to help. Dr Ensor sewed it up. Mr Krohn, Laurence, Sven and Oswin all in to dinner, which lasted till 9. Helped Dorothy. Mr Deal. Alys and Dennis to Colebrook’s at 9.

Tuesday 18th September 1923

Alys and I busy doing top-room most of day and moving boxes on landing. Bussche, Sven and Oswin to tea, and played. Rested after lunch on bed. Alys too. Slept! In playroom with engine till bedtime. Mr Deal in evening. I with Dennis to take car back.

Wednesday 19th September 1923

Fine a.m. Rain in p.m.
To shops with Alys and Phil met us. All in bus to Hampstead. He to pond. We called on Esa. Home at 1. My chest of drawers arrived from Shoolbred’s warehouse, and rugs. Phil, Eva and I to shops after tea. Cleared piece-box and I arranged room. Fire in drawing-room, 1st time. Sat there. Dennis did steam-boat with Phil.

Wrote E.P. 17th
Wrote C.
Wrote A & N 18th
Wrote Tante – 20th, posted 21st.

Thursday 20th September 1923

With Alys to shops and then to pond. Eva and Phil there with steam-launch. We to 2 offices. Miss Chadwick; then Potter’s and over Bay Tree Lodge, Frognal (Sir? Nichols) and Frognal Lodge, near Figgis. Bus home to lunch. Alys packed Phil’s things. Phil and Eva to Krohn’s after tea. I wrote Tante. Alys to shops. Dennis, Alys and Phil took car back after dinner. Read. All to bed 9.35.

Friday 21st September 1923

Showery. Windy.
All 4 to shops for long time. Chapman’s. Packed and marked Phil’s things (Alys). After lunch at 3, Dennis back in car and took us all with Phil and box to Victoria. Tea there. Phil off 4.30 to school, Windlesham House. We in car home (Dennis to Lab). Car’s electricity wrong. To Chinese Restaurant to dinner. Met Dennis. To “So this is London” at Prince of Wales.

Saturday 22nd September 1923

Muddled about and to shops in a.m. Fire in drawing room. Dennis got car put right. Buick’s man came. Sat by fire in drawing room all p.m. Alys and Dennis and Eva to Hampstead Library before tea. I rather coldy and tired. Dinner. Alys and Dennis took car back later.

Sunday 23rd September 1923

Sat in drawingroom after housework. At 12, all 4 in car to Chenies’, lunch (very good) – cold, at Bedford Arm’s. Walked in beech woods. Motored on through Chesham, Amersham to Northwood. Tea at Hotel (poor 1/6). Home at 7. Cosy supper. Alys cooked omelette. Dennis read Jacob’s aloud. Shentons in.

bedford arms

Monday 24th September 1923

Fine day. Rain.
Alys and Eva to Thew. 11. I met them after going to Institute at 12 at Orthopaedic place, near Selfridge’s. Eva’s corns done 3/6 a foot. Lunch. Selfridge’s. To Evan’s and Baber’s and Peter Robinson. Home to tea. Irish maid called. I wrote letters. Alys and Eva sewed. Dennis back at 8 in car. He read aloud. Eva cough and throat. Dennis took car back alone in rain.

Tuesday 25th September 1923

Showery. Mild.
Eva in bed till tea-time with cough and cold. I to shops with Peter. He ran away. After lunch sat by fire in drawingroom sewing and reading “Huntingtower” by Buchan. Looked at lots of photos, found in box, after tea. Dennis back at 8. Dinner. He read aloud Jacobs’ Many Cargoes. To bed 10.45.

Wednesday 26th September 1923

Dull. Mild.
Eva’s cough still bad and very miserable. She in bed all a.m. Up to lunch, crying. Dennis back at 2 (I to shops in a.m.) with car to fetch Eva to station, but said she needn’t go. She nearly 99 degrees. Eva and Alys rested all p.m. I to send wire to Sherborne and back, and then to Hamilton Road to see Irvine (cook). Long walk. Tea with Maggie Simmonds. Miss Alford to supper and stay, slept in Eva’s room. Dennis back 11.10.

Wrote Louie Macnair (Jack Matthews) – 24th
Wrote Tades – 24th
Wrote Miss Hoyt – 24th
Wrote E.P and E.D.D. – 27th
Finished on the Margin – Aldous Huxley.
Finished Huntingtower – John Buchan.

Thursday 27th September 1923

Warm and fine.
Eva in bed to breakfast and until teatime. Alys to shops in a.m. I out with Peter to meet her. I wrote E.P. and E.D.D. Lunch. Sewed and Alys did machine upstairs. Then I washed Peter and took him Bunker’s Hill. Alys and Eva rested. Eva up to tea. Still coughing. Did curtains. Dennis and Miss Alford home 8.15. I with Dennis to take car back.

Friday 28th September 1923

Warm and lovely a.m.
Eva up to breakfast. Supposed to go away. Alys, Eva and I on Heath and lay on rugs. I read aloud “Red Pottage” to Eva. Alys decided Eva not to go – cough still bad. Alys to Hospital to see Dennis. All rested in p.m. Dennis and Miss Alford back at 7.30. Left car; Dennis feeling ill all day, and faint. All to bed early. Wrote French Cleaning.

Saturday 29th September 1923

Hot day.
Miss Alford away, after a.m. at Lab. Alys and Eva to town on car with Dennis I took Peter on Heath. Drew fashion head. Lunch with Alys and Eva, who home 1. Quiet p.m. Slept on bed. Dennis back in car at 3.20. All sat on verandah till very late after dinner, so warm. To bed about 9.30.

Sunday 30th September 1923

Hot. Fine.
A little bed-making. All sat on verandah. Making chair-covers. Hot sun in p.m. Helped Dennis with Netley papers in a.m. upstairs. Stephens to tea. All round to Dorrie’s after. Stephens too. Home to supper. Played “telegrams” for Eva’s last night.

Monday 1st October 1923

Dull and some misty rain
Mrs Vince not here, so bed making. All 3 to shops. Eva packed her box. Lunch, cheery memory game. Dennis in car at 2, and all to Waterloo. Saw Eva off at 3 (Yvette too, late with cold). Alys and I did shopping Evans! Tea at Marshall’s. home by bus outside. Dennis back and better. Read.

Tuesday 2nd October 1923

Fine, then dull and in evening rain.
Polly ‘phoned for me, so I over to Chelsea (with Dennis in car to Baker Street). Sat with Aunt Alice.   Dorothy sick and pains. Out with Aunt Alice too. Lunch. Wrote E.P. and Cyrus. Off to Bank and Camomile Street (Franck’s) and to post letters for Majestic. Home to dinner.

Wednesday 3rd October 1923

Rain all day.
Out in rain with Alys to Boots and Lonza’s with peacock coat. I unwell. To Waring’s, lunch at Rendezvous – 2/- each. Taxi to Maple’s. Saw Chesterfield’s and chairs with “Parnett”. Home by Tube. Taxi to 47 Hampstead Way. West Tea. Dennis in 7.20 to dinner. All read by fire and discussed money. Dennis to pay £40 per month into Aly’s account. I to bed 10. Colder.

Wrote E.P. – 2nd
Wrote Cyrus – 2nd

Thursday 4th October 1923

Fine. Windy. Cold.
Out in fur-coat with Peter. Alys and I to Maples by tube about furniture again. Met Dennis and bought oil stove at Shoolbred’s. With him in car to Lab. Lunch there. Alys and I to look at short fur coats, various shops. Alys bought one at Selfirdge’s. 7½ guineas. Tea. Maples, good coffee. Chose cretonnes. Dennis in 8.15. Alys and he took car back after dinner.

Friday 5th October 1923

Alys and I with Dennis in car to Buick’s and there all a.m. To Lab and Alys drove car home. Alys and I had lunch. Then put car in garage, did shopping and home. Sewed, unpicked skirt. Dennis to Hospital dinner, home 11.20. Alys and I got supper in kitchen and sat there. Dorothie out. Hot bath and to bed 10.

Saturday 6th October 1923

Nice day.
Dennis off in car with suitcase. Alys did odd things and I ironed. Early lunch. Alys and I on bus. She to Lab (and then with Dennis to Sandbanks for 2 nights). I on to English Speaking Union. Read papers, US. On to Chelsea. Tea and supper with Barnard’s. Home at 10.30. Flowers from Minnie, partridges from Cox. Letter from Tante. To bed 11.

Sunday 7th October 1923

Warmer. Dull.
Bath. Breakfast alone at 9. To fetch Observer with Peter. Then ‘phoned Baxter’s and Mrs Styer. Up to pond with Peter and met Mrs Styer and walked Vale of Health with her. Lunch at home alone. To Albert Hall. Met Dorothy. Kreisler Concert. Tea with her at South Kensington. Home. Wrote to Tante and E.P. To bed 10.

Fritz Kreisler (1875 – 1962), Austrian violinist and composer

Monday 8th October 1923

Dull, mild. Rain in evening.
Ironed serge pieces. Out to my Bank. Arranged to transfer to Golders Green branch. On to town and looked for frock but no success. Lunch at Evans’. Met Alys (back from Sandbanks this a.m.) Shopped. Bought her green evening dress. Home. Dennis back in car at 7. Dinner. Both of them dance at Sorapure’s. I wrote E.P. and to bed 10.

Tuesday 9th October 1923

Fine and mild.
Over to Chelsea. With Dennis in car to Baker Street and then taxi as late. Sat with Aunt Alice and Mrs Falcon and then to river with Aunt Alice. Lunch. Polly and Dorothy back 1 p.m. Dorothy lessons and Polly out in p.m. I in drawing room. Ginx to tea. I took Aunt Alice out again after. Supper 8.30. Aunt Alice read aloud ¾ hour. Wolsey. To bed 10.20.

Wednesday 10th October 1923

Dull. Drizzly. Mild.
Breakfast 8.30. Polly out. I with Aunt Alice and took her out a little. At 12. I started for home. 1 o’clock lunch with Alys. Walked with her and Peter to Library, Hampstead, tube back. Tea. Sewed. Dennis back dinner.

Write for Tante’s birthday
Mailed letter 8th – Leviathon
Letter to E.P. – 8th on Olympic.
Sat 7.30 William Miles.

Thursday 11th October 1923

Dull. Mild.
Out with Alys and Dennis (they to Buick’s). I to my new Bank and then to William Miles for 15 minutes. Then 11.6 to Wendover, lunch Red Lion. Taxi to Mayortorne, Manor Farm School. Spent 2½ hours there, Miss Isabel Fry, Miss Avice Trench. Back home. Alys met me

Friday 12th October 1923

Rain till 4.
Out to town with Alys to Maples and Wagon Lit, lunch. Chantecler, Frith Street 2/6 each. Taxi. Mrs Hunt’s Registry. Home 2.30. Alys to help at Krohn’s. Dorothie out. Alys to sit with Mr Styers. She back to dress and out to meet Dennis at Otto May’s for dinner. I got my tea and supper alone and wrote report on Farm School all evening. To bed 10.15.

Saturday 13th October 1923

Cold. Few showers.
Altered blue silk (Philadelphia) dress and to shop with Alys. Home. Lunch. Did more sewing. Alys to help Krohn’s. Dennis back in car to tea; read by fire. Dennis, Alys and I all dressed 7 and in car. I to dine at 6 Compayne. Dennis and Alys to Sir Sidney Harman’s to dinner. I back 9.30. They 11.

Sunday 14th October 1923

Fine. Cold. Shower.
Dennis in bed all day. Alys and I out. She to Laughton’s. I to Lab to type my report. Lunch. Read. Margaret and Karl Archibald to tea and stayed till 6.30. Up to see Dennis in bed. Supper. Read in Dennis’ room. To bed about 10.15.

Monday 15th October 1923

Fine. Cold. Sunny.
Out with Alys and Dennis in car to Baker Street. Alys to Barker’s and I tried on frocks. Met Wade 12 o’clock Golders Green station. To my Bank together. She back to lunch. Talked over her Will and wrote and was witnessed (Mrs Viner and Dorothie King). I to tea with Nell Sime. Alys to Mrs Tidy’s. Dennis to Dr Tidy. Dinner 8.30. Dennis and Alys back with car. I wrote letters.

Tuesday 16th October 1923

Fine, getting milder.
Out 9.45 to Bank and Post Office. Then to Chelsea at 11. Took Aunt Alice out to river and sat on Embankment. Polly out to dentist and lunch. Dorothy in to lunch. Dorothy lessons all p.m. I in drawing-room. Mrs Falcon to tea. I out with Aunt Alice again. Supper. Polly washed head. Aunt Alice restless. All danced with castanets! To bed 10.50.

Wednesday 17th October 1923

Milder. Fine to dull.
Dusted drawing-room and helped Aunt Alice to dress. Out with Dorothy to Mealand’s. She to Evans and Dennis’. I to Dorann’s. Lunch with Dorothy at Welbeck Street. Home. Tea. With Alys. Wrote letters. Dennis in to dinner 8.30. Read by fire.

Wrote Tante 18th
Benoit sausages
18th – Busy to New England
Sent report and letter to Cyrus – 16th
Wrote to Miss Simmonds for 22/
Dorann – 11.30 Thursday
Miss Byde

Thursday 18th October 1923

Some rain. Finer in p.m.
I to shops with Alys and on to Irma in Baker Street and to Dorann, 42 Sloane Street at 11.30. Shampoo and massage of scalp. Left at 12.50! Paid £5.5.0 for 10 treatments. Home to lunch. Cut blue serge skirt. Sylvia, “Peggy”, Hermie, Missy and Dennis Brewtnall. Games. They left at 8.30. Dennis not in to dinner. Alys and I alone till 11.

Friday 19th October 1923

Dull, then heavy rain. Mild.
To shops and tube to Hampstead with Alys. Met Elba. Walked back with Peter. Lunch. I away to 13 Hanover Street, Francis-Lur’s studio. To Wooland’s. To 6 Elm Park Road. Polly off to Moon Hall. I with Aunt Alice. Dorothy in to tea. She and Aunt Alice out after. I did tea-things. Quiet evening. To bed about 10.20.

Saturday 20th October 1923

Fine and mild.
Tante’s 69th birthday.
Great difficulty getting Aunt Alice dressed. Out with her, all round and bus to Peter Jones. In garden. Dinner. Dorothy back 1.15. Aunt Alice rested till 4. Mr John Sargent called and talked to me 20 minutes. Doz to Coles’ for badminton. I out with Aunt Alice again after tea, Evelyn Gardens. Quieter evening but restless day on whole. To bed 10.15.

Sunday 21st October 1923

(Ella’s 58th.)
I had bath. Doz dressed Aunt Alice. Calm, quiet day with Aunt Alice. None of us out, but sewed quietly. Aunt Alice hemmed petticoat. Very happy. Madame Ormond and Emily Sargent in evening.

Monday 22nd October 1923

Showers and sun. Cooler.
Dorothy out 9.15 so I in charge and managed pretty well Aunt Alice’s dressing. Polly back 11.20. I to Dorann’s 11.30. 1 Lunch in Sloane Street. To Dickens and Jones’ and then back to Golders Green. Letters from E.P. and Cyrus. Alys in to tea. Read and talked. Dennis in at 8.25! All read.

Tuesday 23rd October 1923

Very wet. Dry later.
Off at 9.30 to 6 Elm Park Road. Sat all a.m. with Aunt Alice, 10.30 till 1.15. Polly and Dennis in to lunch. Aunt Alice and Polly rested in p.m. I wrote E.P. Dorothy gave 2 lessons. Tea. Mrs Falcon called. Aunt Alice and Polly out with her. Supper 7.15. Dorothy and I met Hornby’s at Town Hall Concert. Norman Wilks, good pianist. Goossens sextet.

Wednesday 24th October 1923

Fine all day. Nice.
Dusted drawing-room. I away at 11 to Mrs Byde Liebert to arrange Barbola lessons. Shopped. Met Doz and Alys at Wigmore Restaurant. Lunch 1. All to Capt: “In the Treetops” at Polytechnic. Good cinema of birds. Tea at Barbellion’s. Home. Dennis in at 8.15. Quiet evening reading.

Thursday, Saturday 27th – Dorann – 10.30.
Sat 12 – Elm Park Road 11.30.
Wrote E.D.D. – 25th
Wrote Cyrus
Wrote E.P. – 23rd

Thursday 25th October 1923

Lovely day. Rain in evening.
Washed stockings. Out with Alys to shops. Peter lame – leg hurt. Met Dorrie and with her to her house. Home at 12.15. Cut out jersey skirt .Lunch. All p.m. Alys and I did needlework. I made skirt, and began jumper. Tea. Alys to meet Dennis and to K. Thompson’s. I wrote letters – Cyrus and Tante.

Friday 26th October 1923

Dull, then fine.
I with Alys to town. To Shoolbred’s for dress stuff. To Burberry’s. Winter sport show. Lunch at Chinese Restaurant. Home. Alys rested. I sewed jersey dress jumper all p.m. Alys to Mrs Bonney’s (after tea). I met Dennis and Alys at Refectory. All dined, and on to St Jude’s Parish Room. Singing and acting by Paul’s, Ellerton’s, Burleigh’s till 10.

Saturday 27th October 1923

I out to Sloane Street, and had my 3 Treatment – Dorann’s. To 6 Elm Park Road at 11.45. Sat with Aunt Alice. Lunch. Played Five-Ten with Dorothy! She out to Coles’ to Badminton. I tea with Aunt Alice. Dorothy back at 6. Played again in diningroom. Polly at East Grinstead for weekend. Quiet evening. Knitting. Aunt Alice slept.

Sunday 28th October 1923

Fine all day. Mild.

After breakfast. I with Aunt Alice for walk to river by Mr Steer’s. Back. Dinner. Aunt Alice rested. Dorothy to tea at Mrs Magniac’s. I alone with Aunt Alice. Colonel Armstrong called. Dorothy back. Washed up. Aunt Alice became very restless. Five. Ten. Aunt Alice restless all evening. Played cards. To bed early.

Monday 29th October 1923

Fine. Mild.
I unwell. Out with Aunt Alice. Dorothy to lesson early. Polly back. I to Dorann’s 11.30. Treatment only (4th). Home. Lunch with Alys at Golders Green. Rested. All p.m. Alys and I worked at our dresses. Mrs Binney called after tea. Dennis in 8.30. (Miss Roland coldy). Quiet evening reading. To bed 11.

Tuesday 30th October 1923

Dull. Mild.
I to 6 Elm Park Road at 9.30. 10.30 (wth Teddy Berry). Wrote in tube. Out walk with Aunt Alice then knitted, she hemmed till 1. Polly and Dorothy in then. Dinner. Dorothy lessons downstairs. Polly out. Tea all together. Dorothy pupil. Aunt Alice downstairs. After 6.30 played Five Ten and Aunt Alice aimed well. Supper late. Sat and knitted. Aunt Alice and Polly out a little. Aunt Alice read aloud.

Wednesday 31st October 1923

Fine. Lovely.
I at 10.45 to Joan Lubbock’s, 17 Cr. G. Then to Byde and Dorann’s 11.30. Shampoo (5th). Met Dorothy at Sloane Square. Lunch at Court Restaurant. On to Tate, private view of Mosaics. Home to tea alone. Sewed green wool on jumper. Alys in at 7. Dennis in 7.35. Dinner. Dennis built upstairs. I read (wrote Hans Bon of St Moritz at Ritz!)

Wrote E.P. 30th in tube “sockdology”
Wrote Ella 30th – postcard in tube
Letter to Tante – 2nd
3rd 10.30 Dorann’s.

1st wrote Mrs Leggett

Thursday 1st November 1923

Rain. Wet. Mild.
To shops. Wrote letters. Sewed frock. Began letter to Tante. I to English Speaking Union at 5.30. Annual Meeting. Lord Charnwood in chair. Sir Harry Britain spoke and Mrs Alfred Lyttleton.

Friday 2nd November 1923

Mild. Very fine and lovely.
To shops with Alys. Phoned Dorann. Home. Sewed on jersey frock nearly all day and Alys did her’s – brown with beads. Dorothie out. Alys and I got tea and supper in kitchen. Alys to Krohn’s for a little. Dennis home at 8. They built in evening and read. To bed 11.

Saturday 3rd November 1923

Dull and dark. Mild.
Out with Alys to shops. Then ironed dress. Lunch. I out by 28 bus to Kensington. To 1 Iverna Gardens to Badminton with the Leggett’s. Great fun. Tea there. Left at 5.30. Home by bus 73 and tube. Dinner. Photographed the castle built by Dennis and Alys.

Sunday 4th November 1923

Alys in bed to breakfast and pains. I did list for Army and Navy to be sold and to fetch paper, with Peter. Alys up to dinner. Goose at 1! She out to Kreisler concert at Albert Hall with Mrs Binney. Dennis and I built Murscum all p.m. Mrs Krohn in and boys. Tea. Building. Alys back at 7. Read and photos of museum. To bed 11.

Monday 5th November 1923

To Dorann’s 10.30 (6th) – 11. Met Alys at Harrod’s. To shops of various sorts. Burnet’s. Lunch at Chinese Restaurant. To “Wagon Lit”. Met Wade at 3 at Academy of Music. Hear Tom Marshall play. Took him and C.H.W. to tea. Back to dinner. Read. Dennis did bricks.

Tuesday 6th November 1923

Cold. Fine.
Over to Chelsea. Wrote E.P. in tube. With Aunt Alice out a little. Met P. Wilson-Steer and talked. Polly out all day at Lainey’s. Dorothy in and gave 2 lessons. Tea. Miss Bland came after. Quiet evening. Aunt Alice read aloud about Bonar Law’s funeral. To bed 10 p.m.

Wednesday 7th November 1923

Cold. Fine.
Lainey’s car at 10.30. Aunt Alice, Polly and I in it to Zoo. Nice time there, funny orang-outang. I home to lunch. Alys also. Both of us met Dennis at Piccadilly, and all to Motor Show at Olympia 5/- each! Horridly crowded. Tea at Fuller’s. Dennis to Lab. We home. Read. Dennis did bricks.

10th – To Susie’s 1.15
Wrote E.P. 6th – Leggett’s.
Wrote Busy 10th
Wrote E.P. 11th
Wrote Tante 10th
3.45 Dorann’s

Thursday 8th November 1923

Cold. Fine.
To South Kensington, 32 Sussex Place at 11. Lesson in Barbola work from Mrs Liebert till 1. Met Alys at Harrod’s. Lunch there. She on shopping. I to Wakeford’s and then Dorann’s at 3.45. Home about 6.30. Dennis not in till 11.45. Alys and I to bed 9.45. Tired. I sewed petticoat.

Friday 9th November 1923

Foggy. Raw. Cold.
I with Dennis to Buick’s to fetch car (repainted). I back from Eyre Arms in bus. Tried to help Alys pack Lunch. Alys and Dennis off in car at 3 to Salisbury for Sherborne. I busy with sewing and got own tea and supper (Dorothy out). Began Barbola work. Great fun. All evening

“Barbola” is “gesso work” – refers to the decorative floral embellishment that is applied to frames, wicker pieces, and furniture. Barbola is a substitute for hand-carved wood.

Saturday 10th November 1923

Fine. Cold.
Hot bath. Did some lacquering. Took Peter out. To town at 12. Called for racquet, Wisden’s. To lunch with Susie to meet Mrs Clara Grant 1.15. Left at 3 and to Badminton at Leggett’s. Fun. Tea there. Home. Dorothie gave me dinner. I wrote to Tante and “Busy”. To bed 10.15.

Sunday 11th November 1923

Very fine.
Out to get papers, with Peter. Did Barbola and varnishing. Lunch. Took Peter on Heath. Wrote E.P. Dorothie out. Played hymns and sang them. Got my own tea and supper. Maud Barnard called. To bed 10.

Monday 12th November 1923

Out early to Mrs Liebert’s for 2nd Barbola lesson – 11 – 1. Lunch at Steward, Sussex Place. To Dorann’s – 7th. 2 – 2.45. To Ealing, 14 Grange Park. Tea with Auntie Kate, Mrs Watt and Olive. Home at 7. Alys and Dennis back from Sherbourne. Car to new garage. Corringway. Read. To bed 10.

Tuesday 13th November 1923

Fine. Dullish.
To Chelsea 10.30. Out with Aunt Alice and sat with her all a.m. Doz in to lunch 1.15. She gave lessons. Aunt Alice rested. I wrote Ella in p.m. Louie Vincent to tea, also Miss Crookshank, who took Polly out to dine and theatre. Aunt Alice restless, duets, dancing.

Wednesday 14th November 1923

Out to Ivan Lubbock’s. Then with Doz to Embroidery Show (Mrs Day’s). Lunch at Selfridge’s alone. To Dorann’s at 2 – 3.30. Hair shampoo’ed. Home to tea, with Alys. Did Barbola all evening. Alys and Dennis to Margaret Douglas’ for evening. I to bed 10.

1.30 Cecil 12/6 sent
12th 10.45 Liebert
12th 2 p.m. Dorann.
14th 2 p.m. Dorann.
Wrote Tante 17th for 20th mail.

Thursday 15th November 1923

Gale and rain.
Out to shops. Alys to town. I did Barbola all rest of day. Alys back to lunch and Dorrie came in – 12 – 1. Nelly Moir called. Dennis in at 8. He did bricks a little. I to bed 10.30.

Friday 16th November 1923

Windy. Milder.
Out with Alys to shops. Did Barbola and she sewed. Lunch. Both to Gamages’ at 2. Schea boots. To various shops. Kettle’s, Borsts’s. Tea at Maple’s. Met Dennis 7.15. Dined at Chantecler, Firth Street. Home. Bricks. Hot bath. To bed 10.45.

Saturday 17th November 1923

Fine. Cold.
I to shop for studs, and Alys to shops. I did Barbola. Lunch. Alys and Dennis to Badminton at Leggett’s. Tea there. Dennis came at 4.30. All played. Mrs Leggett not there. Home in car at 6. Barbola all evening and Dennis built his big cathedral.

Sunday 18th November 1923

Fine. Cold.
Dennis built, and I Barbola (nearly all day). I out with Alys on heath and Peter in a.m. With Alys to buy sweets after lunch. Kathleen and Dobbie Thompson to supper. Laughton’s in after with Margaret Douglas. Soup.

Monday 19th November 1923

Fine. Cold.
All in car to Maddox Street. Alys to Burberry’s. I to South Kensington. Barbola lesson. To lunch at 6 Elm Park Road. Aunt Alice rested but came down at 3.30. Alma Harrison to tea. Washed up tea things. I out with Aunt Alice. Dorothy out after supper to Part Singing at Lubbock’s. Polly, Aunt Alice and I nice quiet evening.

1923 advert

Tuesday 20th November 1923

Sat with Aunt Alice and then out with her in a.m. and sat and knitted again. Polly and Dorothy in to lunch. Aunt Alice rested till 4. I wrote Amy Nichol. Polly sewed red coat. Dorothy to dine at Collier’s. After supper, Polly to Town Hall concert. Then I took Aunt Alice in taxi there! 8.15 till 9. Came away. Walked home.

Wednesday 21st November 1923

Made beds. To Dorann’s 11 (last time). Lunch at Slater’s. Home to Golders Green. Busy doing Barbola. Tea alone. Out at 7 to meet Alys, Dennis and Cox but he ill, so Alys, Dennis and I dined at Chinese Restaurant and to “Beggar’s Opera” at Hammersmith dress circle after. Home by tube.

19th Barbola 11-1.
19th Elm Park Road – lunch and evening sleep and Tuesday evening sleep.
21st Dorann – 11 a.m.
3 Barbola lessons 1.11.6

Thursday 22nd November 1923

Cold. Dull.
To shops with Alys. Wrote E.P. Dorrie called. Did lacquering. Quick lunch. Alys and I to town to look for velveteen dress. To Liberty’s, Peter Robinson’s. Windsor and Newton’s. Tea at Pritchard’s. To Warren Street, Borst’s. Home by tube. Tired. All in to dinner. Boots from Gamage’s in p.m!

Friday 23rd November 1923

Fine. Cold.
Alys with Dennis in car. I mended fur coat. Alys back in car, and after busy a.m. she drove me to Lab. Left car and she and I met Kitty at Canuto’s. Lunch there. Alys back. I with Kitty to Nagg’s and then home. Rested! Tea. Both out at 7 to meet Dennis and Mr and Mrs Stanley Evans at Chinese Restaurant. Dinner. Home in car at 10.

Saturday 24th November 1923

Cold. Raw.
Alys and Dennis in car at 10.30 to Brighton to see Philip. I did Barbola and walked to shops with Peter and tube to Hampstead. To Library. Walked back by Vale of Health. After lunch, I to Badminton with Leggett’s. Wolcombes. Fun. Home 6.30. Barbola in drawingroom in evening. To bed 10.15. Tired.

Sunday 25th November 1923

Foggy and very cold.
Took Peter a short walk in fog. Barbola most of day. Dorothie out. Machined blue serge skirt. Got coffee and toast in kitchen. Wrote to Tante. Busy and enjoyed myself. To bed 10.15.

Monday 26th November 1923

Hard frost. Fog about 16 degrees of frost!
Bath waste and w.c. froze up. Did Barbola in a.m. but out in lovely white frost to shop for matchbox holder. Up with Krohn’s, La in chair. Lunch alone. Worked again all p.m. Alys back at 4. They drove back in fog from Brighton. Phil in 2nd 11. Dennis in to dinner. Read in evening. To bed about 10.30. Very cold.

Tuesday 27th November 1923

Very cold. Frost or fog.
Lovely a.m. Alys and I in car. Alys drove to Wimpole Street. Fog in town. To Foote’s with car. To Kettle’s and home to lunch. Did Barbola all p.m. and Alys did her frock. Tea. And worked again till 6. I dressed and put on Decorations and to dinner at Cecil Hotel – Anglo-Belge. Moncheur, Burnham, Pollet spoke. Robinson, Canadian mouth organ.

Wednesday 28th November 1923

Cold and damp.
Unwell. Not out all day, but hard work on Barbola. Alys with Dennis who in taxi to tube (knee hurt). Alys back. Lunch. She worked at her Burnet dress all day. After tea I read aloud to her “The Girls” Edna Farber. Dennis in, knee better. Read in evening. I to bed 10.

27th Anglo-Belge dinner.
Wrote E.P. 30th
Tante – 25th

29th – Elm Park Road and sleep.
27th – Dambois cellist. Good. Home at 12.15!
Pierre du Croy sat on my left. His sister in German prison 3 years. Cuvellier?

Thursday 29th November 1923

Over at 9.30 to 6 Elm Park Road. Sat with Aunt Alice in her room. She in bed till teatime, with neuritis in arm. Lunch. Sewed in p.m. Ginx in after tea. I for little walk with Aunt Alice. Mrs Falcon in, quiet evening. Music. To bed 11.15. (Aunt Alice at 10). Cold. Mrs Godson away.

Friday 30th November 1923

Polly out with Peter and Doss all day. Dorothy out to lessons and Coles’. I with Aunt Alice. She up about 11. Sat in drawingroom. Lunch (she and I alone). Mrs Smith got it. She rested. Dorothy in 3.40. Miss Ross and Alys to tea. I back with Alys bus and tubes. Dennis not in till 11. We had supper in kitchen, Dorothie out. Read and worked.

Saturday 1st December 1923

To shops. Then did up parcels for Nichols of Barbola. Posted them, with Alys and on to Wimpole Street. Lunch there, with Dennis. All in car to Leggett’s drill hall. Badminton. Fun. Home at 6.30 (lights bad on car). Alys and Dennis out to meet Cox and Miss Barwick at Oddy. I wrote Amy Nichol.

Sunday 2nd December 1923

Rain, then fine.
Did Barbola till 12. Then dressed. In car with Dennis and Alys to Laboratory. Then they drove me to Kensington. To lunch with Baxter’s. Hill’s there. Wireless. Home via Compayne. Tea with Ethel, Pamela, John and Doreen. Home. Read.

Monday 3rd December 1923

Did Barbola all a.m. Lunch. Out with Alys in p.m. to Hyde Park Hotel. Mrs BInney’s sale of work. My fortune told! Home. Dorrie and Ivonne de Vilmar to tea. Photos of mountaineering. Dennis not home till 10.45. I read aloud to Alys – “The Red Redmaynes”. To bed 11.

Tuesday 4th December 1923

Rain, then better.
Did Barbola all day. Alys did sewing. Out after tea to shops, Boots. Fetch umbrella. Letter from E.P.

Wednesday 5th December 1923

Did Barbola and wrote to W.B.Davis (6th). Not out till evening. Alys to town – Lonza, to lunch, back to tea. Wrote E.P. To Crampton’s shop with Barbola. Received orders from him. Dennis not in till 10.30.

8th – to Kit till Tuesday a.m. 5.20.
5th Wrote E.P to Club.
6th – wrote E.P. to 250 for Arctics.
Alys owes me £2.18.0 for phone, carpet, George Buchanan, pink dress, cider.

Thursday 6th December 1923

Dull, then fog.
Election Day.
Did Barbola all day. Aunt Louie and Nelly called with tins, also Dorrie and Ivonne. Alys not feeling very well, but dinner. Dennis back 7.15 and Dennis and Alys to dance at Hotel Cecil with Thomson, Douglas, Roland. I sent off samples to Mrs Longsdon, Broadway.

Friday 7th December 1923

Dull and very muddy.
Out with Alys to shops. Sent 2nd parcel to Nichol’s. Did Barbola rest of day and read to Alys in drawingroom, and finished machining blue serge skirt. Dennis back wet. Supper in kitchen (Dorothie out). Read. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 8th December 1923

Mild and clear and muddy.
Tidied up and packed suitcase, and did up presents and to shops with Alys. My room prepared for Margaret and Eva’s for Karl for weekend. Lunch. Alys off to meet Dennis at Badminton. I had tea (after ironing skirt) and then to Euston and 5.20 train to Kings Langley. Kit and Edward met me in car. Dinner, hot bath.

Sunday 9th December 1923

Felt rather ill. Out with Kit.

Monday 10th December 1923

Milder, fine day.
Kit in car with Edward to station, and on to a French lesson! I wrote Tante. Mrs Haslewood to give lessons. Kit back, we walked with Bill to village and car to fetch boys from Rose Cottage. Dinner. Rested in p.m. Tea, talk, knitting, photographs. Edward back 6.30. Dinner. Talk and to bed 10 p.m.

Tuesday 11th December 1923

Mild, damp.
Breakfast 8. Kit drove us to station. 9.4. train to Euston. To Bool’s and to 6 Elm Park Road. With Aunt Alice darning. Lunch at 1.15. Polly and Dorothy back. I out with Alice after. Polly in garden. Out again with Aunt Alice at 3.30. and again after tea and immediately after supper! Dorothy out to Mrs Magniac’s to dinner and Polly to concert. Aunt Alice to bed 8.30.

Wednesday 12th December 1923

I dusted and tidied. Out to get onions. Away at 11.45. To Mealand’s and home. Dorrie to lunch with Alys and me. I began Barbola and did it all p.m. Dr Warren Stanley to dinner; St Margaret’s Hotel, Osborne Road, Newcastle. Miss Barwick in after. They left about 11.

C.H.W. Thursday 3.30.
Wrote Cyrus 13th      (For Xmas)
Wrote Tante – 10th       “     “
Wrote E.P. – 16th           “    “

Thursday 13th December 1923

Did Barbola all day. Alys to lunch with the Wilkin’s and Dennis. Wadie came at 3, and saw with me and we had tea; Alys in at 5. Wade stayed on to dinner, as Dennis not in. Alys and I to the Laughton’s at 9. Dennis came there 10. Mr and Mrs Horton and Yvonne.

Friday 14th December 1923

Damp. Much colder.
Did Barbola all day. Alys coldy, and not out at all. Dorothie out. Alys slept in p.m. Supper in kitchen. Dennis cleaned boots. I wrote Hill, Mrs Longsdon and Kit with notice. Alys hot bath.

Saturday 15th December 1923

Alys to shops (better). I did up parcels and sent off to Nichols. On to Hamley’s, Bumpus (bookshop), lunch Welbeck Street, to Lab. With Dennis (in whites) to Badminton. Tea – Sir Humphrey and Lady Leggett, Molly. Home. Alys to tea with Gertrude Chamberlain. Mr Cox to dine 7.30. Miss Barwick in after. Music. Left 11.30.

Sunday 16th December 1923

All 3 up to call on May’s and Ayrtons, with tips for godsons – 20/- for Tony. Dinner 1.30. Read Voltaire. Dennis to Laughton’s about baby. Dorothie out. Alys and I wrote letters to Davey’s. Dennis did bricks.

Monday 17th December 1923

Fine, mild.
I out very early. To Army and Navy Stores. Chose blankets for Polly and Dorothy. To Victoria. Saw Sissie off 10.45 with Miss Patterson to St Raphael. Alys and I met Phil 11.15. Dennis also. I back to shops, Gorringe’s, Harrods. Home at 1.30. (lunch in tube!) Alys to meet Dennis at Will Cave’s about Will. I with Phil. Tea together. Alys back. Dennis back, all dined. To bed. Dennis to Laughton’s. Tragedy about baby Richard.

Tuesday 18th December 1923

Pretty fair.
Over to Chelsea at 9.30. Up in Aunt Alice’s room a little; she up pretty late; had been bad night before. Dorothy and Polly both out. I helped dress her. Out a little. Lunch (Dorothy in). Aunt Alice rested. Tea. I out again with Aunt Alice a little. Quite quiet evening. Aunt Alice to bed 9. We did shadow dramas and profiles. Much discussion about future plans – Aunt Alice. To bed 11.10.

Wednesday 19th December 1923

Much colder.
Did beds. I away about 11. To South Kensington Museum, V&A. Della Robbia and Ming. To Waterloo 1. Lunch there. Met Dennis, Alys and Phil and all met Eva from Sherborne 2. Home in car. I tried to do Auntie Katie’s present Barbola. Tea with Eva and Phil. Alys to Dorrie’s.

To Newcastle – 22nd D’s concert 21st 8.
33/11 Single 3rd

Thursday 20th December 1923

Alys with Eva and Phil to Thew’s and lunch in town. I to shops with Peter and then tried to finish Auntie Katie’s tin – failed. Children back to tea. Alys later. Wrote letters, did up parcels. Packed. Dinner. Dennis back 8.10. Exam papers of children. To bed about 10.30.

Friday 21st December 1923

To shops with Alys and Phil – Post office, Boots. Packed and helped Alys. Lunch. Ironed for Alys. Gertrude Chamberlain called and then Colles’ fracture outside. Dr Ensor called in. I in taxi with her to Hampton Hospital; tube as too much snow. Home with her and back about 6.45. Packed. To bed 10.


Saturday 22nd December 1923

I away 9 to Kings Cross. Wade saw me off 10 to Newcastle. Embleton’s start for Campfer. Lunch on train 1.30. price 3/6. Talked to governess about Teale. Ella met me 4 (1/2 hour late). No trunk arrived. Tram to 7 Roseworth Terrace. Tea. Talked. Supper. To Mrs Brown’s and phoned about box. To bed 9.45.

Thomas Teale FRS (1831 – 1923) British surgeon, ophthalmologist

Sunday 23rd December 1923

I wrote to Alys and Wade. Ella to Sandeman’s to Service. She brought Edith Sandeman back. All out together, met Christy and boys and cousin John. Home to dinner 1. “Maggie” out. We rested. I down on sofa. Tea. Out to May and Arthur’s rooms. Met Reggie Young, and a woman. Home to supper.

Monday 24th December 1923

Showery. Cold frost at night.
Out to shops, after rain. To Post Office. On to town, car part way. Looked at Fenwick’s. To station. Got my trunk, taxi back – 4/6 and 1/- for carrying box. I unpacked. Dinner. Rests. William Bell came in at teatime. Knitted and talked. Supper. To bed about 10. I unwell.

Tuesday 25th December 1923

Dull, then snowstorm.
Christmas: presents. Wrote Dorothy. Hannah and Nancy (17) and Tingy in. Each 8 months younger than Kit’s two. Ella and I dressed and to Aunt Ellen’s to dinner 1.15. Presents and rested after (slept!) Tea, Ken and Elsie to tea. Quiet time till 7.15. Supper. Out, to go to Frances and Sidney’s, but too snowstormy. So Ella and I straight home. Read. To bed 10.

Wednesday 26th December 1923

Out to baker’s with Ella. Round by Leonora’s home. Called on her. I to baker again alone. Hannah and Mary in. Dinner. Rests. Tea. Out after supper to Nichol’s, 50 St George Terrace. Evening for Mr and Mrs John Young, Kenneth Young, Charles, Polly, Sidney, Frances. Games and music. “T” game. Turks and Thessalonians. Home about 11.

Wrote Tante 28th
Wrote E.P. 30th

Thursday 27th December 1923

Dark and cold.
Did some needlework, pocket, very dark. Out with Ella to shops. Back by Cow Hill, where tobogganing was going on. Dinner. Rests. Slept on sofa and read “Saint Teresa”. Violet Grant to tea. Alistair fetched her about 6.30. Supper. Talked, and Ella read Great Grandmamma’s (me: Margaret Faraday (née Leighton) (1790 – 1868) married to Robert Faraday, brother of Michael Faraday). letters to Aunt Margaret.

Friday 28th December 1923

Dark, some rain.
Dark! Wrote Tante. Out with Ella. Very slippery and wet. Quiet p.m, reading Henry Syndor Harrison’s book. Tea. After at 6, we dressed and at 7 to West Avenue to supper with the John Sandeman’s. Music and dancing from Nancy and Tingy Archer. Eurythmics. Home at 10.

Eurythmy – expressive movement art and performance art – for therapeutic purposes

Saturday 29th December 1923

Fine, frosty. Rain in evening.
Out with Ella to shops. Then I on to Reid and Sons with silver. Met Ella, to Moses’ and to Nichol’s Studio. Bought stockings, and motor veil. Home to dinner 1. Rested. Dressed. To tea came Nancy and Tingy, (Eleanor) Nell, Phyllis and Ida (Leo Reid’s), 17, 18 and 16 about. Played telegrams and novels and music. Hannah fetched at 6.45. Supper.

Sunday 30th December 1923

Wet, sleet, cold.
Ella to West Avenue service. I sat by fire and wrote E.P, Dorothy Barnard, Tony. Dinner. Rested. Took letters to post. Electric light off. Mr and Mrs John Young to tea. Candle-lights. Chris and Edith called after and stayed till 7.40. Supper. Mother’s letters from Bournemouth and to bed 10.

Monday 31st December 1923

Very muddy. Not cold.
To shops and met 15 relations while out!. Dinner and quiet p.m. and tea. Ella played. To bed at 10. I didn’t sleep till after midnight – bells and buzzers.

Notes at back of Diary

Things left in Philadelphia:
Skates on boots
Riding habit
History of U.S. Chesterton.
Squared scribbling book, large.
Blue crêpe de chine frock.
Mother’s basket
Candy box from Miss Leach.
Maps of U.S.

Spurgin, departed, left for Heaven 8.30 this morning.
Heaven 3 p.m. “Not arrived yet, getting anxious” – Peter.

Worldy New York woman’s dream told to Mrs Will James. Mansions. St Peter. Mrs Tompkins house and her novel: “That’s all the material you sent up”.

Man and singing wife “Gets up to A” – Mine every night.

Pneumonia – The P is silent as in bathing.

I sat next the duchess at tea.
And I knew from the first how t’would be
Her rumblings abdominal
Were something phenominal
And of course they all thought it was me!

Quack doctor and fits
Boy and girl, nosebleeding, key down back.

An apple a day
Keeps the doctor away, what a sell
But! Dividing by six, counteracts the bad tricks.
All in well – Hoyt

When I’m grown to be a man, I’m going to Yucatan. If I can
When I’m a lady, I’m going to have a baby. If I can, and I think I can.

Are you Appius Claudius?
No, I’m unhappy as hell.

Congress: a female from the Congo
What would you take off? Everything but my earrings.

Enclosed in diary:

Press (Daily Mail) said 5 American millionaries (you know the unpleaseant way they have of talking of Americans) in London – gave names and which hotels. 200 letters followed Cyrus to 10 hotels – Italy, France, etc. begging. One girl “Patricia” in trouble, if you have a kind heard and want to help me, please post an advert in Times!!!! Another sent a photo, pretty, and said she wanted to see the world, could typewrite. Officer sent papers, army. Lady sent fancy work. All to be returned.

Then, all kneeling, the following shall be said:
The Blessing – O Lord, support us all the day long of this troubelous life, until the shades lengthen, and the evening comes, and the busy world is hushed, the fever of life is over, and our work done. Then Lord, in Thy mercy, grant us safe lodgeing, a holy rest, and peace at the last, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen – 16th Century Prayer.

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