1922 – Philadelphia, R.M.S. Aquitania, London

1922 Diary

Katharine Faraday Boyd
250 South 21st Street


47 Hampstead Way, London N.W.

In 1922, Edward is 46 years old, Kate is 43 years old and Alys is 38 years old. Eva is 13 years old and Philip is 9 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

“What we don’t know about the Will of God is immeasurable.”

16,600 miles in year in Franklin

“The years are tides in times eternal sea.” – Oct 30th C in E.P.D and calendar.

A sacred burden is this life ye bear,
Look on it, lift it, bear it solemnly,
Stand up and walk beneath it steadfastly;
Fail not for sorrow, falter not for sin,
But onward, upward, till the goal ye win.
– Frances B Kemble. C in E.P.D.’s calendar.

$20,000,000 (= £5,000,000) to aid Russians.

Wrote DB – 25th December
Alys – 27th Tuesday
Ella – 14th December
Styers – December 30th
Nell Sime – December 30th

Sunday 1st January 1922

Fine. Cold.
Woke at 7 dreaming of C’s (Cyrus’) K! (kisses). Breakfast 8.30 with E.P. I out to St Peter’s 10.30. Dr Jeffrey’s preached. Home 1 o’clock. Lunch with E.P. All rested in p.m. I on my bed, but not able to sleep much. Dressed. Supper 7. Etta out. Hymns after supper. To bed 11 o’clock.

Monday 2nd January 1922

Very, very cold. North wind. Sunny.
Breakfast 8 with E.P. I out at 8.35 to Penna Garage to see Parade on Broad Street. Mr Kerwick’s party. Home 1. Lunch with E.P. Sat with Tante in p.m. Then dismantled Xmas Tree and then rested in writing-room 4.30 – 5.30. Dinner 7. Sewed. E.P. read aloud “Doctor Marigold” Dickens. To bed 10.35 and 45.

Tuesday 3rd January 1922

Dull, cold.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante. At 11 out in car to Lewando’s, Acme and Dougherty’s and Dicky’s. Lunch with E.P. Sat with Tante, mended electric iron. Mrs Hunsicker called; I drove with her in car to Germantown at 5. Back at 6. Dinner. E.P. read aloud and I spoke of going to Dr McSmith.

Wednesday 4th January 1922

Dull, milder.
Breakfast with E.P. He and I at 9.30 to Dr McSmith’s in car. He examined my nose, mouth, ears. To Bank. Walked home 11. Meeting Mr Staake! Rested in Tante’s room. Lunch with E.P. Tante slept till 3.30. I typed Belgian synopsis. Sally Scott came. I with E.P. to Dr Mangus to be x-rayed. Home. Dinner. Tante played Beethoven nearly all evening. To bed 11.

Wrote Tades and Madame Roefs – 4th
Wrote Alys – Jan 6th about Modern Club
Wrote Dorothy – Jan 8th about Modern Club.

Thursday 5th January 1922

Wet. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P. at 9.50. He and I in car to Dr Warren B. Davis’ office. He examined nose, throat, ears. I on to De Weis’ and Junker, and home. Lunch with E.P; Renshaw letter! Made sandwiches. Cook out. Tante and I “At Home” 3 – 6. Mr Kerwick, Mrs Wilfred Lewis, Mrs Hood, Miss James to tea. Dinner 7. E.P. lay on sofa. I sewed. To bed 9.45!! Tired.

Friday 6th January 1922

Very fine. Colder.
Breakfast with E.P. Silk dress. Tante up and she and I to Ritz-Carlton at 11, where Miss Cryan spoke and I also; I about 30 minutes on Belgium. Tante home at 12.45. I stayed and lunched with Mrs Tippen(?), Miss Cryan and about 10 others. Cocktails. Walked home. Sat with Tante in writing-room. Out walk Walnut Street Bridge. Dinner. Conversation. To bed 10.25.

Saturday 7th January 1922

Very fine.
Breakfast with E.P. Lady reporter from Evening Ledger to interview me! Went to Dr Warren B. Davis’ again with E.P at 10.45. He advised operation on ethmoids, strongly. Did shopping, and back as 12.30. Lunch with E.P. Tante got up after; she and I in car to Presbyterian Hospital to see Sally Scott. Home. Miss Beale called. Dinner. Quiet evening reading paper.

Sunday 8th January 1922

Dull. Snow in p.m.
Breakfast 8.30 with E.P. Sat with Tante. To Church alone. Home at 1. Lunch with E.P. Sat with Tante till 3.35. E.P. slept downstairs. I rested on my bed, and slept. Also began letter to Alys about operation. Supper. Picture papers and hymns. To bed 10.45.

Monday 9th January 1922

Fine day. Milder.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante then out to Bank; and neuralgia got well with air. “Busy” came to lunch and sat with Tante after till 4. Telegram from Cyrus McCormick. I arranged night-dresses. Tante rested and I out for walk on Bridge (sunset) and bought 2 nightgowns at Jacob Elias’. Dinner. E.P. in. Tante played Beethoven in evening. I did ‘phone index. To bed 10.50.

Tuesday 10th January 1922

Breakfast with E.P. Out with E.P. in car to Dr Warren B. Davis’. Then to Hospitals with E.P. and then to Dock Street for apples, oranges. Back at 12. With Tante in p.m, and out on Bridge at 4.30. In writing-room at 5 to rest, but Jefferson ‘phoned about my room, so began to prepare. E.P to Brown’s Mills. Tante and I dined alone. Mrs Samuel in evening. E.P. in at 10. To bed 11.10.

Wednesday 11th January 1922

Heavy snow.
E.P. out operating 6.30 – 8.30. I breakfast alone. Sat with Tante most of morning and then packed suitcase. Lunch with E.P. Tante got up and she and I in car to Jefferson Hospital. I to Room 628 (at 3.40). Nurse Purinton. Tante to meeting. Roland Morris. I had supper 5.45. E.P. in. Dr Warren B. Davis in at 6.30. Sounded me and Dr Fox, his assistant in later.

13th Tante wrote Alys
14th Letter from Dennis about Methley – Embleton’s Layton Manor and £50,000

Thursday 12th January 1922

Wakened 5.30 – enema. Dressed for operation. At 8.10 on stretcher up to Anaesthetising Room, 7th floor. Dr Fox gave gas and ether. Dr Warren B. Davis operated on ethmoids at 8.20 till 9.40. Slept most of day with hyperdermic. Dr Warren B. Davis took out pack from right nostril. E.P.D. in. Fairly good night.

Friday 13th January 1922

Slept a good deal. Dr Warren B. Davis in at 9.30 (Nurse gave me bed-bath). He removed left pack. E.P. in. After lunch, Tante came about 3.45 and stayed till past 5. Dr Warren B. Davis in at 7? Removed antrum pack. Roses from Perfilieff and Kerwick. To sleep about 9.

Saturday 14th January 1922

Very fine.
More wakeful. Bath (bed). Dr Fox in about 9. Cleaned up dried blood in nose. E.P. in later. Tante phoned, can’t come. Nurse out 2 till 5, including her supper. E.P. brought letter from Dennis with amazing news! Dr McCrae in. Dr Warren B. Davis in evening.

Sunday 15th January 1922

Very fine.
Breakfast about 7.30. “Bath” in bed. E.P. in with papers for minute. Dr Davis in. Lunch 12. Nurse out. I read papers and “Emperor of Portugallia” by Selma Lagerlöf. Tante and E.P. in from 4 till 5. Dr Fox in evening 8.30 or so.

Monday 16th January 1922

Dull, milder.
Miss Biswanger in with fruit, at 8.30. Had my bed bath. Dr Fox in at 10.30. Read. Lunch at 12. Slept a little. Dr Warren B. Davis in at 1.15. Tante in at 1.45. Edith Bache too. Nurse out, and I alone in p.m. ‘Phone from Cyrus! At North Broad Street Station, and flowers. Out of bed for supper 5. Wrote Alys. Well. Dr Fox in evening.

Tuesday 17th January 1922

Rising temperature all night – nearly 102 – quite ill all day. Dr Warren B. Davis in 3 times, Dr Fox once 9.30 p.m. E.P. D. in evening. Enema in a.m. Headache all day and fever. Dr Warren B. Davis finally diagnosed follicular pharyngitis and relieved! Better night.

Wednesday 18th January 1922

Still feverish and sore throat and headache. Enema. Dr Warren B. Davis twice. Now tonsillitis. Very sore. E.P. in evening. Told me of Tante’s being examined and having cystitis. Miss Biswanger with her. Dr Fox at 9.30. Restless and worrying about everything – Tante, E.P, Cyrus, etc.

16th – Dr Warren B. Davis took out stiches.
Room 628 Jefferson Hospital $9.00 a day
Busy to Tante – 18th
Sent letter to Alys and Dorothy – 22nd

Thursday 19th January 1922

Throat very sore, but felt much better after breakfast and bath (bed). Dr Warren. B. Davis at 8.15 and 1.45. E.P. in at 12 or so. Dr MaCrae in. Quiet p.m. Fed myself own supper, and felt better – normal and sub-normal. Busy in for a long visit. Dr Fox at 9. Good night.

Friday 20th January 1922

Unwell (evening before). Dr Warren B. Davis came 9.50 in middle of my bath! Felt much better, and E.P. in for long visit. Sat up with bedrest for lunch. W.B.D. in at 1.15. Busy in again about 4.30. Read “Lincoln”. Dr Fox in at 8.30. So to bed. Sleep by 9.

Saturday 21st January 1922

Rain. Dark.
Breakfast 7.30. Had bath. Dr Fox in at 9.45. E.P. at 10, and Warren B. also about 10.10. Letters from Alys and Dorothy. Wrote to them both. Lunch 11.45. Rested in p.m. Headachy. Read a little. Sat up on chair for dinner. W.B.D and Dr Fox 2 and 9 p.m.

Sunday 22nd January 1922

Fine. Colder.
Slept till 6.30. Better after breakfast. Dr W.B.D. at 10.10. Got up in kimono after and finished letter to Dorothy Barnard, in rocking chair. Dinner. Rested. E.P. in at 1.40. Slept. At 4.30 got up and in to “Sun Parlour” on chaise longue – hot. Walked about corridors. To bed 7.15. Dr Fox at 8.15.

Monday 23rd January 1922

Breakfast 8.35. Bed bath and then up in kimono in chair and Dr Fox in 10. Then in sun-parlour till 11.30. Back for dinner. Dr W.B. at 1.15. To bed 1.30 and rested, slept. At 4 dressed, clothes on in sun-parlour. Back for supper 5.30. E.P. in till 6.5. Dr Fox in evening. To sleep 9.

Tuesday 24th January 1922

Very cold. Fine.
Breakfast 7.30. Bed bath. Up and dressed, and in sun parlour. Dr Fox at 10.45. Sun parlour full of people. I wrote Kitty. Lunch 11.30 in room. Dr W.B.D. at 1.30. Rested, slept. Read till 4.15. Up and walked about. In sun parlour and talked Mrs Taylor. Played double demon with Miss Purinton. Dr Fox 8.45.

Wednesday 25th January 1922

Fine. Very cold.
Breakfast 7.30. Bed bath; up, dressed in sun-parlour. Dr Fox about 9.30. Played cards with Nurse. E.P. in at 10.45. Lunch 11.35. Wrote Tades. Dr W.B.D. in 1.35. Slept on bed 2 till 3. Up. Suitcase packed. E.P.D. came in car and I left Hospital 4. Tante in bed downstairs. Busy there in uniform. Dinner 7. E.P, Busy and I. Etta out. I to bed 9 p.m.

Wrote Kitty 24th
Tades 25th
Smith and Sons for Xmas rent (Haunch of Venison) – 29th
Alys – 29th.

Thursday 26th January 1922

Fine. Very cold.
Up 7.15 No bath as water cold. Breakfast 8 with E.P. and Busy. To Dr W.B.D. for treatment 9.45 in car. Walked back. Lay on sofa in writing-room. Wrote to Mr Kerwick and Captain Perfilieff for roses. After lunch, Busy out. Tante and I both rested; slept. Mrs Bergey from 6 till 7.45. E.P. at Brown’s Mills. Sat in Tante’s room till 9.35. To bed.

Friday 27th January 1922

Dull. Cold. Raw.
Hot bath. Breakfast 8. To Dr W.B.D. Walked back. Felt very tired, and headachy. Lay on sofa, mostly sleeping all a.m. Bad headache. Milk toast for lunch. Tante better. Mrs Samuel in p.m. I on my bed sleeping and headachy till 6.30. Dinner. Felt better. Sat with Tante and to bed 9.25.

Saturday 28th January 1922

Snow. Blizzard.
Breakfast 8.15. Out to Dr W.B.D. and E.P. there too with me, in car and back in car. Felt much better and clearer nose. E.P. not in to lunch or office hours. To Atlantic City in p.m. I sat with Tante all a.m. and Busy gave her bed-bath. E.P. back to dinner late 7.30. Sat with Tante and to bed 9.15. Read till about 10.

Sunday 29th January 1922

Snow, then sun – thaw.
Breakfast 8.30 (45). E.P. called out at 6 but back to breakfast. I to W.B.D. in car at 10.30. Dr Keene to see Tante at 10.15. I back in car. Sneezed a lot. Tired. Lay on sofa. Wrote note to Alys. Lunch with Busy. E.P. out and to Atlantic City. Not in to lunch (late to supper). I slept on bed in p.m. E.P. in about 8 p.m. Supper. Dr McCrae and Miss Molly Coles to see Tante. I to bed 9.30. To sleep about 11.

Monday 30th January 1922

Very fine. Lovely. Bright sun on snow.
Breakfast. Then in car alone to W.B.D. Didn’t use pungent spray. I walked back by Norris’. Bought stamps. Quiet day with Tante. E.P. in to lunch. I with Tante while Busy out in car all p.m. Tante sat up in chair 3 hours. Mrs Boyer called at 5.30. I out in car to Park then till 6.15. Snow lovely. E.P. out to dinner. Faculty Meeting – Tante talked of birth-control to Busy and me.

Tuesday 31st January 1922

Milder. Fine.
E.P. out all night and Club. Busy and I breakfast. I in car to W.B.D. Walked back and about in Square. E.P. in to lunch. Busy out to Dock Street 11-1. And in p.m. to hunt cooks. Cook from Miss Parry’s in p.m. and ‘phone rings answering our Advert in Bulletin. Tante up at 5. Miss Carnie Lewis came. Dinner. Sat with Tante. To bed 9.30.

Wednesday 1st February 1922

Fine. Not very cold.
To Dr W.B.D. in car with E.P. at 9.30. Walked round Square. Home 10.30. Wrote Ella. Sat with Tante and then in drawingroom. Rested 30 minutes in p.m. then Miss Hoyt, and later Mr Kerwick came, till 7. Tante down to dinner with us all 1st time. Dr Keene to see her 4 p.m. Read. I to bed 9.20.

Thursday 2nd February 1922

Very dark. Rain then very fine. Mild.
Breakfast. To Dr W.B.D. in car at 10.30 with Miss McLeran, and back in car. Sat with Tante. Lunch E.P. and Busy. Out for walk in Sunday to Market Street. 30 minutes after lunch. Then slept on bed 30 minutes.   Miss Hoyt again. 4 till 5.30. E.P. out to dine and Obstetrician Meeting. Tante, Busy and I dined. Squabs. I to bed 9.30.

Friday 3rd February 1922

Warm. Sunny.
To W.B.D.’s in car. Then walked to Cook’s. Changed £100 to $424.00 at 4.24. Took check $235 to Bank for E.P. Met him there! To Ritz. Modern Club Meeting. F. Spencer Edmonds spoke 1 hour. Trolley home. Sat with Tante all p.m., after a short sleep till 3.30 on bed. Turned tablecloth hem. Busy out in car. All dined together. Etta out. E.P. out at 10 for all night.

Saturday 4th February 1922

Very fine. Windy.
Breakfast with Busy. Louie ill. Walked to W.B.D.’s. Then trolley to 13th Street. To Library and to Allen’s and Wanamaker’s. Trolley back. After lunch, sat with Tante while Busy out 2 ½ hours. E.P. out whole day, until 2 a.m. Sunday. Tante, Busy and I dined and sat in drawing-room till 9.30. Then to bed. Mr Caldwell ‘phoning all day.

Sunday 5th February 1922

Dull, dampish.
Breakfast 8.30 with E.P. and Busy then with Tante and out for walk 10 till 10.40. Sat with Tante till lunch (with Busy alone). E.P. in 1.45 and slept in his room till 5, after 2 bad nights. Duanes came in. I read paper and then slept for 40 minutes in p.m. Wrote Dorothy Barnard. Supper 6.30. Busy to St Peter’s after. We read papers. I to bed 10 p.m.

Monday 6th February 1922

Dull, damp, then sunny.
E.P. out to operate early. Busy and I breakfast 8. I walked to W.B.D’s. On to Smith’s with my clock. Sat with Tante sewing lace on bodice. E.P. in to lunch. I out 30 minutes to Morgan’s and Square. Slept 20 minutes on bed. Sat with Tante and marked red towels (office). Perfilieff in. Dinner late as Kerwick ‘phoned. Miserable evening. Tante over to writing room. E.P. to office. To bed 10.

Tuesday 7th February 1922

Snow, rain, then dull and dry.
E.P. out early. Breakfast with Busy. Tante headache of course, and nothing till 11. I sewed and ironed in my room. Then to American Store and chose beef. With Tante and Mrs Maxwell called. E.P. in to lunch. Busy out. Tante and I slept a little. Miss Archer, Dr Jeffreys and Kerwick called. I to supper at L’Aiglon Annexe Democratic Club. Dr Solis-Cohen.

Wednesday 8th February 1922

Very cold. Wind. Sun.
E.P. out early. I to W.B.D’s and around Square. Met E.P. there! Sat with Tante and marked towels. Lunch with E.P. and Busy. Then out for 30 minutes in Square again. Home, rested and slept about 20 minutes. Then Mrs Markoe called. Busy out. I sat with Tante and marked towels*. Dinner. Etta out. Talked about Hospital and Maternity in evening. I to bed 10.15.

$50,000 or more needed towards Maternity Department.
Louie grippe this week.
Wrote Alys – 8th (by Haverford?)
Wrote Bank for statement – 8th
E.P. gave me $10.00 Royalty for “Mother & Child”.

First Edition: 1902

Thursday 9th February 1922

Dull. Rain. Snow in evening.
E.P. out early. Busy and I breakfast 8. Tante at 9.15. Mended stockings. Out to Mrs Elder’s and Madame Brix and little walk. Miss Martin to see Tante. Typed things and marked towels. E.P. in to lunch. Letter from Mrs Wilson. Rested about 40 minutes in p.m. Sat with Tante while Busy out. E.P. to Browns’ Mills, Ralph driving. Cook out. To bed 9.45.

Friday 10th February 1922

Dull, foggy.
E.P. out early again. Breakfast with Busy. I to Warren B’s. Mrs Elder to see Tante. I sat in writing-room. I to lunch party at Miss Beale’s. Sat with Tante and rested (Mrs Langmore, Toronto and Mrs Watson at Beale’s). Up on bed, but not asleep. Dressed, washed brush and preservers. Dinner. E.P. in. read papers and talked. I to bed 10.00.

Saturday 11th February 1922

Dull and very damp.
E.P. out early. I sat with Tante and finished towels, began wrapper scalloping. Busy out in car 10 – 1 to Market. Louie’s first day. Sally Scott in, and Tante very bored. Hoctor over. E.P. in to lunch. I slept on bed 3 – 4 (about 10 minutes asleep) Edith Bache called. I to Mrs Samuel’s Tea. Miss de Courcey and Mrs Abbey there. Dinner. Mrs Samuel and Tante in writing-room in evening. Mr Samuel in later. To bed 10.30.

Sunday 12th February 1922

Dull, damp. Very raw.
Breakfast with E.P! and Busy. Sat with Tante. Typed “Flodd and Spit” story for “Judge”. Out to buy 4 newspapers. Straight home. Wrote Jack and Effie. Lunch with Busy. E.P. in at 1 and sat with Tante till 2.30. Then slept till 5.30. Busy out. I sat with Tante. Wrote letter to Miss Hoyt for her. I slept on bed. Supper. Etta out. Marie came. Hymns in evening.

Monday 13th February 1922

Fine. Cold.
E.P. out to breakfast. Busy and I had ours. I to W.B.D’s. Gained 4 lbs since January 31st – 124 lb in heavy skirt. In car to Allen’s. Walked back. Sat with Tante. Busy out. Mrs MacFarland 11 – 12.15. E.P. in to lunch. I out in Square; home. Rested. Wrote Susie. Out in car in Park. Mrs Kerwick here. Dinner. E.P. read Strachey’s “Victoria”. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 14th February 1922

Fine. Warmer.
Breakfast with E.P. and Busy. Sat with Tante. Out at 10.45, walked to Shipping Offices to ask about Adriatic. To American Store, and Donénick’s. Lunch. E.P. in 2.5. I upstairs, slept on bed. Busy out at 5 in car to her home. E.P. to Atlantic City. Tante and I alone 5 till 10.15. Dr McCrae in at 9.30. Busy in at 10.15. E.P. 1 a.m.

Wednesday 15th February 1922

Snow, 4” rain all day – slippery
E.P. and Busy at breakfast. E.P. Letter from Cyrus McCormick. T.P. and I at 9.30 in car to Academy. I on to Currie’s and then home in car. Sat with Tante. E.P. in to lunch with Busy and me. Sat with Tante till 3.30. E.P. off to New York to see Cyrus – 4 train. I on bed and rested. Slept. Tante, Busy and I dined together. Tante and I in drawing-room. Busy machined wrapper. To bed 10.30. McCormick’s sailed 18th – Adriatic.

Cyrus McCormick – 17th
Letter to Susie – 13th
Letter to Alys – 14th short.
Letters from Alys and Dorothy – arrived 16th
Letter to Dorothy Barnard – 16th
Letter to Alys – 20th

Thursday 16th February 1922

E.P. in to breakfast. Back on midnight train from New York. Sat with Tante. Took present to D. Duane’s. Tante up and all 4 of us in car at 12.30 to Bellevue. Woodrow Wilson Foundation Luncheon. E.P. made speech. Also Morgenthau, Norris and Norman Davis. Home 3.30. I rested on bed. Dinner. Cook out. E.P. read “Victoria” aloud. We sewed. In bed 10.15.

Friday 17th February 1922

Very very cold. Fine. 10 above zero.
No hot water. E.P. But after breakfast to Washington to spend day with Woodrow Wilson. I to W.B.D’s. Very cold across Square. In car from there to Campion’s. Bought book for Woodrow Sayre. Home. Busy out in car 11 till 2! Lunch (I with Tante all a.m.) In p.m. I to Post Office with book. Rested, slept. Dinner. Etta out. Dried silver with Busy. Sat by fire and sewed. E.P. in at 10.15. To bed 11.

Saturday 18th February 1922

Slightly less cold.
I unwell. Breakfast with E.P. and Busy. Sat with Tante. Out in Square and to Art Alliance. Exhibition of Academy. Pictures. Free. Lunch. E.P. and Busy – sausage, scrapple. Rested after, 45 minutes. Then Busy out in car. 350. I with Tante all p.m. Mrs Imogen Oakley came. Dinner 6.30. I with E.P. to Academy. Music. Triangle Club. Home 11.45. Tante had Meeting here. Democratic Committee.

Sunday 19th February 1922

Very damp. Dull.
Breakfast 8.30. E.P. and Busy. Sat with Tante. Out to get newspapers to Bellevue. E.P. in at 1. Tante slept. Busy and I lunched. I up in room and slept 30 minutes. Busy out at 4 and Mrs William Platt called; E.P. slept all p.m. Vovo Perfilieff to supper. (Wrote Alys and Aunt Alice). Cook out. We sang hymns and laughed over supper. To bed 10.30.

Monday 20th February 1922

Very mild. Muddy. 62 degrees outside.
Breakfast with E.P. and Busy. Sat with Tante. Out at 10.50 to Wanamaker’s to see Mrs Bergey (she away) and buy North American. Back. Busy out an hour. I in drawing-room. Tante slept 12.30 – 1.30. E.P, Busy and I to lunch. I slept after and then called on Miss Beale and Mrs McCord and walked in Square. Mrs Altemus to see Tante. E.P. to Brown’s Mills. Read papers in evening. E.P. back at 10.40. To bed 10.45.

Tuesday 21st February 1922

Fine. Mild.
Breakfast. E.P. and Busy. Out for a walk. To Shipping Offices; asked about October sailings and Adriatic. Sat with Tante while Busy in car to market 11. Tante slept. Lunch 3.p.m. and Busy. Tante and I in car at 3.20. l drove along Walnut Street. Back 4. Mrs Hack and Mrs Maxwell came. Dinner. E.P. read aloud Strachey’s “Victoria”. I sewed.

Wednesday 22nd February 1922

Washington’s Birthday – Holiday
Very fine. Mild. 57 degrees.
Breakfast with E.P. and Busy. I to W.B.D’s. Walked round to 13th Street and back. Sat with Tante. Typed letter to Mrs Wilson. Mrs Maxwell called. E.P, Busy and I lunch. I on my bed 45 minutes. Then down, Tante dressed and out in car with E.P. I walked to Square. Sat there and to Walnut Street Bridge. Tante home and rested. Busy and I to Movie “The Orphans of the Storm”. 8 – 10.50.

Letters to Alys and Aunt Alice – sent 20th
Letters to Dorothy and Collier’s W. – 23rd

Letters from Alys (Leeds) and Tades – 24th
Letter to Auntie Kate – 26th
Letter to Alys – 26th

Cyrus arrives Madeira – 25th

Thursday 23rd February 1922

Very, very warm. Fine. 70 degrees at 2 – 3 p.m.
Breakfast. Busy with E.P. Talked of E.P.’s new poem, “The Winter of our Discontent”. Sat with Tante and then out to Post Office, Market Street and to Nandain Street. Tante rested. I typed E’s poem, in dining-room. After lunch, I slept till 3.30. Tante and I in car to Campion’s and to League Island Park. Back. Dinner all together. E.P. read Victoria, we sewed. To bed 10.50.

Friday 24th February 1922

Cooler. Fine.
Sat with Tante. Out for walk about Square and to Broad Street. Bracing air. Sat with Tante. She a little neuralgic. Lunch. I slept after till 3.30. I alone in car to call on Cousin Edith and Charles Reid. 327 School Lane. Nice talk. Home. Dinner. Busy out to an Alumni Meeting 8.15. E.P. read Victoria aloud.

Saturday 25th February 1922

Fine. Mild.
Breakfast E.P. and Busy. Sat with Tante, not out all a.m. Busy to Bank 11.15 till 1.50. Mrs Maxwell with Tante 11.15 till 1.30. Felicity and Dickie and Sally Scott. I talked to them. Lunch E.P. and Busy late. Upstairs and slept, then for walk, wore blue serge coat. Mr Kerwick, Mrs McFarland and Miss Lewis to see Tante. E.P. to Atlantic City. Tante, Busy and I alone. Sewed. To bed 10.30.

Sunday 26th February 1922

Mild. Dull.
Breakfast – E.P. and Busy. I to St Peter’s Church, first going to buy newspapers for Tante. Stayed for Communion Service. Lunch with Busy. In p.m., all of us in car 3 pm. To Busy’s. Left her there, and we 3 to Laurel Hill Cemetery and home. All rested 4.30 – 6.30. Supper. Etta out. Etta to leave. Hymns and soup in evening.

Monday 27th February 1922

Dull. Damp.
Breakfast. Sat with Tante. Out to Wanamaker’s. Bought slippers and socks for Dennis. Tante slept and I began to pack “Hold” trunk!!! Lunch. Sat with Tante. Rest, 30 minutes, no sleep. Busy out and Mrs Mellor came. Sat with her. And coloured girls came for Etta’s place. After dinner, E.P. and I to Opera. Tannhäuser, in box Mrs Boyer’s, Mrs Mitchell and Mr Boyer. Rosa Raisa. Very good.

Rosa Raisa (1893 – 1963) Russian-Jewish dramatic operatic soprano

Tuesday 28th February 1922

Dull. Growing colder.
Sat with Tante. Splinter in toe. Walked to Post office and Morgan’s. Tante slept. I sat in office. Busy out to Market in car. 11. 1.30 Lunch. Rested 1 hour. Chimney on fire, writing-room. Firemen and Insurance Patrol. To McMurtrie’s with letter. Home. Miss Lourie called. Dinner 6.30. Tante and I to 10th and Walnut. Meeting. Back 9.40. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 1st March 1922

Dull – raw. Snow in evening.
Breakfast E.P. and Busy. Told E.P. about offers. I out to W.B.D’s and then on to Wanamaker’s and bought 4 pairs of stockings, and a blouse and elastic. Home. Sat with Tante. She rested 12 – 1.30. I sewed lace slip. In p.m. I rested on sofa in Tante’s room upstairs. (Dr Creekmur). Out with E.P. in car 4.45 to Murphy’s, Maternity and back. Found awful row about Etta, police called! Dressed. Dinner. New girl Lillian Markland waited. To bed 10.30.

Letter to Dennis 27th for 14 March – Mailed 28th
Moccasins $1.00. Docks $3.00.
Cyrus arrives Algiers 1st. “O Rest in the Lord, Wait patiently for him”.
Mrs H. Gunn Robinson, Builder of Distinguished Personalities and World’s Greatest Character Analyst”.
Gained 7½ lbs in 4 weeks.
Wrote Kit – 4th and Alys 4th – Mailed 5th.

Thursday 2nd March 1922

Dull, muddy.
Breakfast E.P. and Busy. Went into Tante. She scolding me. I sat in writing-room 9.30 till 1.30! Darning stockings and reading Encyclopaedia. Lunch. I out to Wanamaker’s and Sheppard’s. Then rested. Tante no lunch, tea at 5. Still very cross and unhappy. She would not get up, and had milk-toast in bed at 5. Sat with E.P. till 9. Then in writing-room Tante on sofa. Limerick. To bed 10.30.

Friday 3rd March 1922

Very fine. Perfect day.
Breakfast E.P. and Busy. With Tante. She dictated report. I typed it. I to Ritz to hear Mrs H. Gunn Robinson (Modern Club). “Personality”. To shops, and walked home (had “shoe-shine” 10 cents at Broad Street Station). Tante out with Mrs McFarland to Meeting 2 .420. I rested, slept and out again an hour. Tante back and rested. Mrs McCord ‘phoned me about signals. Dinner. E.P. read “Victoria”. To bed 10.45.

Saturday 4th March 1922

Rain all day.
Breakfast E.P. and Busy. Not out all a.m. Typed Tante’s report on Corona again and E.P.’s poem “Winter of our Discontent”. Busy out to shops. Tante slept. In p.m. I out 15 minutes to see Perfilieff’s picture. Looked over Tante’s clothes with Tante and Busy. E.P. to Atlantic City Till 1 a.m. Dinner. Meeting 8 – 10.30 Women’s Democratic Committee here. Sat in drawing-room. Read and wrote Alys.

Sunday 5th March 1922

Fine day. Windy.
Breakfast. E.P. and Busy. Talked about “England’s hypocrisy” and why this reputation. I out for newspapers to Broad Street Station. E.P. out till 2.30. I typed letter to Ledger for Tante about McSparran. Tante and I in car at 3.30 to Chestnut Hill to Mr and Mrs Wharton’s (Frances Lockwood) and 3 sons. 3 Biddles there. Constance, Georgina, Alice (I talked to her). Home 6. Supper. Cook out. Maria came. Hymns and songs. To bed 11.

Monday 6th March 1922

Fine, warm. Lovely 65 degrees.
Sat with Tante. Then walked to Miss Lansdale’s and Rose’s (clockmaker) 1011 Pine Street and back. Tante resting. I sorting and packing things in my room. Lunch. Rested. Tante and I in car at 4.15 to Woodrow Wilson Foundation Meeting. I walked home. Tante in Mrs Platt’s car. E.P. to Brown’s Mills. We had dinner. Tante had newspaper calls about Congress and her candidacy. To bed 11.

Tuesday 7th March 1922

Dull. Warm. Thunder.
Out to mail photos. I to J. Barnard, and to call on Miss Leach. Sat with Tante. Busy out to market in car. I typed list of Chairmen. Lunch. Rested. Tante had lunch 2.15. Wrote postcards for her for Meeting, Tuesday. Out in car with E.P. 4 to buy shoes for Aunt Alice, ground-grippons $11.00. Home. Dick Duane to dine; Miss Farrell for E.P. To bed 11.20.

Wednesday 8th March 1922

Snow, then fine. Cold.
Out to W.B.D’s 9.30. He very nice. I now 129 lbs. Walked to Broad, and back. Sat with Tante. Busy out to her dentist. Lunch. I in car 2.30 to West Philadelphia to 4 addresses interviewing coloured maids and to South Philadelphia to meet E.P. and took him to Maternity. Bought lace at Wanamaker’s. Home. To Miss Leach’s and walked round Square. Dinner 6.30. Tante, Busy and I to Girls “Friendly”. 8 till 9.15. To bed 10.40.

“Short on color” – “besides, I wouldn’t miss seeing you”.
“Fire away – 6 foot 4. I’m velocity. Interesting and delightful. “
“Don’t want to leave you 3,000 miles away”
Wrote E.M. Miles – 7th. Wrote Dorothy Barnard 11th. Wrote Alys 12th
Widener Collection, 2 Raphaels, many Rembrandt’s.

“The Mill”, many Vandykes, 2 Sargent’s, Gainsborough’s, Reynold’s, Lawrence, Romney. Colored Guide.

Thursday 9th March 1922

Very fine.
At 9.30. E.P. and I in car to Joseph Widener’s country house (Lynnewood Hall). Wonderful pictures collected by P.A.B. Widener (butcher). Lovely morning. Ceramics also. Home. Lunch. Busy out to Miss Parry’s. Mrs Samuel and Miss de Courcy to tea. Tante dressed by 4. I out to Miss Leach’s and round Square. Met Perfilieff. Dinner. E.P. read “Victoria” aloud. To bed 10.30.

Lynnewood Hall

Friday 10th March 1922

Rain all day.
Felt rather coldy. Out at 10.30. by trolley to Modern Club. Heard Professor Aydelotte on Oxford (Rhodes scholar). Busy called for me there 12. Car home, hurried lunch. Back to Bellevue League of Women Voters luncheon, and speeches by candidates for Senator and Governor. Pepper, Snyder, Pinchot. Tante there too. I in box. Home 4.15. Slept. E.P. finished “Victoria” in evening. To bed 10.40.

Franklin Ridgeway Aydelotte (1880 – 1956) an educator. The first non-Quaker president of Swarthmore College.

Saturday 11th March 1922

Drizzly, rain.
I to Warren Brothers at 10 a.m. for treatment as had cold. Home. New maid “Nettie” came. Sat with Tante. She neuralgia. Busy out in car till 1.30. E.P. to Atlantic City 11.20. Busy and I alone to lunch. I slept in p.m. Mr Kerwick to see Tante. Dinner. Miss Farrell for E.P. I to bed 10.10. Tante knitted till 11?

Sunday 12th March 1922

Very fine. Lovely.
Out for newspapers at 10, and then to Warren B’s at 11.15. Walked to Broad and back Locust. Wrote Alys. At 3 all of us (Busy too) in car to Conostoga Road. Got out at Old Street, David’s Church. Tiny 1715. Lovely drive. Supper. Cook in. Hymns and songs in evening. To bed 10.55.

Monday 13th March 1922

Very fine, delicious.
Breakfast. Out at 9 to W.B.D’s 9.15. Sat with Tante, all rest of day till 4. She very unhappy about “Giving up housekeeping”, parting from me. Busy out with petitions to be signed a.m. and p.m. Lunch. E.P. and Busy. I rested 4 till 5.15. Slept. Took aspirin all day. Felt lumbago-ish. Dinner 6.30. Tante and I to Frankford (taxi). Meeting. Miss Worrell, Mr Boria. Trolley home. Got home 11 p.m.

Tuesday 14th March 1922

Breakfast. Sore throat, all day and head very tender. Sat with Tante and neither of us did anything. Busy out to market. Lunch. Sat with Tante again on sofa. Interviewed two colored girls. Busy out servant-hunting. I out at 4 round Square very slowly. Back and slept on bed. Felt ill. Dinner 6.30. Chairs for large meeting but only 4 came. Miss Reilly.

Wednesday 15th March 1922

Rain, then finer in p.m.
Out to W.B.D.’s 9.20. Throat better. Sat with Tante rest of a.m. She sleeping. I looked up 1848 history for E.P. Lunch. I with Tante, then slept 3.30 – 4. Then out to post socks to Mrs Hunsicker and round Square. “Nettie” left. Very smelly! Dinner. E.P. to talk to “Davis Club” students. We talked. To bed 10.0 (fuss about Tante going up to her room).

13th – “There’s no one I’d rather have come in, than you.”
Photos for Alys – 13th
New maid Ellen Richardson came 17th 7.30 p.m.
Might hear from Gib 17th, 18th

Thursday 16th March 1922

Very fine.
Cleared away. Breakfast E.P. and Busy. Soon after trolley to 3rd Street to British Consulate (no visa required now). Back by various shops and bought suede shoes with strap. Tante resting so I sewed with Busy in drawing-room. Lunch. Busy out. I laid cloth for dinner. Sat with Tante till 5.30. Dr McCrae came. E.P. to Atlantic City. We 3 dined. Tante to Jefferson Club 8. Tante moved upstairs again. I to bed 10 o’clock.

Friday 17th March 1922

Fine. Very cold. Wind East.
Unwell. Letter to E.P. from W.B.D. New maid, Ellen, came. With Tante up in her own room. Write W.B.D. Tante rested at 11.30. I out to American Store. Tante down to lunch!! In writing-room after, and at 3.30 Tante and I in car to “Little Italy” 9th and Christian Street. To Navy Yard, and then Felicity’s. Tea there. Home. Dinner. Sewing in drawing-room. E.P. told about Chicago Great Fire 1871. To bed 10.40.

Saturday 18th March 1922

Sat with Tante, doing absolutely nothing till 11.30. Then she rested, and I typed poem “To Parker”, and washed white parts of grey jersey. Lunch E.P. and Busy. Tante her’s in bed at 2.30. I out and bought belting and silk and hat-dye. Sat with Tante. Dinner 6.30. Conversation. Miss Farrell 8.30 – 10.30. Read about Piltdown Man. To bed 10.10.

Sunday 19th March 1922

Dull, not cold.
Breakfast. Talked of Pantheism. I to buy papers and then to Church. Walked home (nearly 2 miles) from 3rd Street. Lunch, Tante down! I with Busy in car to her home; she left us. Back and E.P. Tante and I for drive in the Park Home. I rested; others long talk in office. Supper. Anna out. Maria came. Papers and hymns. I to bed 10.45. Others very late.

Monday 20th March 1922

Dull. Warm.
Breakfast with E.P. Didn’t call Tante. She only waked about 11. Tea and toast. I had altered and ironed khaki skirt. In all a.m. E.P. in to lunch. I sat with Tante and then out, bought shoes at Bryan’s and changed buckskins. Mrs Collett in. I out again to 218 North 23rd to see I. H. Co’s place. Tante up and all dined 7. E.P. slept on sofa writing-room 9.15 till 10.45. Tante and I talked. To bed 10.50.

Tuesday 21st March 1922

Cooler, dull.
E.P. out early to operate. I breakfast alone. Tante up and out 10.35 in car (with me). She to Auxillary Meeting at the Maternity. I to Dock Street and Market and Lits. Home 12 and sewed skirt. E.P. and Tante back in car at 1.20. All lunch. Tante rested. I upstairs. Felicity called. I out for walk. Sat with Tante in writing-room. Dinner. E.P. read some things aloud. Atlantic M. To bed 10.30. E.P. called out and out all night.

Wednesday 22nd March 1922

Dull. Cold.
I breakfast alone. To W.B.D.’s at 9.30. Met E.P. there. He and I in car after to Post Office about Income Tax. Tante breakfast about 11.30. E.P. to Brown’s Mills. I sewed my khaki skirt. Rested. Tante also. Ellen out. Dinner with Tante alone. Mr Kerwick in evening 8 .15 – 10.30. Talked of Prohibition.

Wrote Ella 24th
Wrote C.H.W. 25th
Wrote Dorothy Barnard 25th. Mailed 26th
Wrote Alys 23rd. Mailed 26th
“To doubt would be disloyalty”.

Thursday 23rd March 1922

Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante and did mending of stockings. Out in car to Wanamaker’s and to American Store, walking. Finished off skirt. Tante felt ill (5 times bowwows) and in bed till 5.30. I rested in p.m. Neuralgia. Out with Tante to Mrs Porter’s Meeting 20th Ward. W.P. to Atlantic City. To bed 11.15.

Friday 24th March 1922

Very warm and fine.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante while she breakfasted, and sewed. Then out walking to Dougherty’s and Wanamaker’s. Changed maid’s dress. Tante down to lunch! She slept in p.m. and I typed receipts in writing-room. I also slept, on bed, later. Dinner 6.30. All 3 to Russian Evening at University of Pennsylvania. Perfilieff spoke and danced. Mrs Harrison told of Bolshevik Russia. Very interesting. Home at 12.

Saturday 25th March 1922

Very warm and fine.
In with E.P. in car to Reading Terminal Market. Shopped and did errands for Tante. Mr Bright, Lederer. Walked home. Tante resting and did not stir till 4. I did all sorts of odd jobs. Wrote Dorothy Barnard and C.H.W. (Wadie) and tore up letters. Lunch with E.P. Sat with Tante 4 till 5.30. Dinner 6.30. Meeting here of Ward Chairmen 8 till 10.30. I lay on sofa, and received. To bed 11.

Sunday 26th March 1922

Very hot – 75 degrees
Breakfast 8.30 with E.P. Sat with Tante and she cross about car. I to Church 10.30. E.P. and Tante came at 11.50. All stayed to Communion Service. Home (E.P. at 2.30 and no lunch). Miss Lansdale came. 2.35. I typed list for Mr Kerwick, and wrote Alys on Corona. All 3 in car to Park 3.45 till 5. Home. Rested. Ellen out. Supper. Papers. To bed 10.30. Hot. (1000 people bathed in sea at Coney Island).

Monday 27th March 1922

Very warm and fine, rain in p.m. 69 degrees.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante then out to Morgan’s and American Store. Very warm. Straw hat. Sewed. Tante rested till about 3.15. I had lunch with E.P. Sewed blue blouse. Sat with Tante. At 4.30 I out and walked all round, and on bridge till 5.30. Dinner 6.30. E.P. to Faculty Meeting 8.p.m. Tante and I cut out pillowcases 4. To bed 11. E. P. in at 10.

Tuesday 28th March 1922

Dull 70 – 71 degrees.
E.P. out early to Commander Davis’ tonsillectomy by Warren B. I breakfast alone. Sat with Tante. Then she rested at 11 and I out to American Store to choose beef. Home. Tante up to lunch. Out in car with Mrs Elder too to 10th and Walnut. Judge Belcher. Affidavits on petitions. Tante to College Club. I home. Sewed and ironed blue blouse. Dinner. Miss Farrell lookout and Ellen ran away. To bed 11.

Wednesday 29th March 1922

Fine. Lovely. Warm.
Up at 6.45. Laid breakfast. To Warren B’s (muslin blouse) 132 lbs. Sat with Tante. Walked to Bainbridge Street and 17th to answer Ad. Lunch with E.P. Tante had neuralgia. Tea at 2.30. I in car to Miss Perry’s at 3, and to Miss McMurtrie’s and Dominick. Tante up. Dinner 7. Accountant from McCormick’s 8.45. till 11! I did work – beds, pillowcases. To bed 11. Felt cosy.

Letters from Dorothy Barnard, Alys and Dennis – 30th

Thursday 30th March 1922

Much cooler, dull.
Up early and laid table. Breakfast with E.P. Maids came in answer to Ad in “Inquirer”. Engaged Daisy Randall. Lunch with E.P. Tante her’s 1.30 upstairs. Out 4. Tante in cab to Irwin School to receive, with Miss Nott 4 – 6. E.P. and I at 5 also. At 6 all 3 in taxi to Sautter’s; dinner there. Tante and I in taxi to Meeting 52nd and Haverford Avenue 8 – 11. Home in taxi. To bed 11.50.

Friday 31st March 1922

Cool, dull. Rain in evening.
Up at 7. Tante sick in night, so no breakfast. I out to South Street, Dominick’s and American Store. Daisy Randall never came. Lunch with E.P. I to look up Daisy Randall. Saw husband. To Colored Employment Bureau. Sewed. Tante had tea at 3.30. Sat with her. Mrs Satterthwaite came. I slept on my bed “Vo-vo” Perfilieff to dinner. E.P. and I to his studio 2110 Walnut at 9 in pouring rain. Miss Ewing and 2 Russians there. Home 11.15.

Saturday 1st April 1922

Dull. Raw.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante and sewed. Then she slept, and I out to South Street. Home. Sewed. Lunch; E.P very late. Awning man came. Tante had tea at 4. I took it up. Marie out. Sat with Tante. Edith Bache called. I laid table. Dinner 6.30. Miss Farrell 9.10 – 9.40. I made beds. Orange juice. To bed, very tired at 10.15.

Sunday 2nd April 1922

Up at 7.30. Laid breakfast did grapefruit. Breakfast with E.P. He took up Tante’s tray 9.10. I cleared away, washed up. Dr Gibbon to see Tante (stiff back). I out to Morgan’s and got paper at Broad Street Station. Sat with Tante. E.P. in at 1.15. I lunch alone. He rubbed Tante at 2. I took up Tante’s tray. Then in taxi to answer adverts. Engaged girl. A. Robinson at Latona Street. Home. E.P. also. Laid supper. Tante down at 7. Cleared and washed up. Maria.

Monday 3rd April 1922

Very fine. Warmer.
Breakfast with E.P. No Anna Robinson appeared. Washed up, made bed. Car at 12 (new open one). I out to West Philadelphia to Mrs Heard (daily woman). Then to Wanamaker’s for oil-cloth. Lunch with E.P. Mr Arthur Duane called. Cassie Johnson also. I rested in writing room. Took Tante’s tea 4. E.P, Tante and I to Felicity’s and Dickie’s to dinner 7. Home 9.30. Read papers. To bed 10.15.

Tuesday 4th April 1922

Rain, then dull. Dry.
Mrs Heard came to work. Tante breakfast 10. Sat with her. At 11.10 I in car to Dock Street and Reading Terminal, marketing. Home 12.20. Sat with Tante. Lunch with E.P. Cassie Johnson came. Tante had rest. I to American Store for beef. Packed a little. Dinner 6.30. Read and talked. I made beds. To bed 10.15. Stuffy nose.

Wednesday 5th April 1922

E.P. out early to W.B.D.’s operation – Morgan. I breakfast alone. Mrs Heard came. I to W.B.D’s. Lost 2 lbs odd since last week. He very nice, glad I was coming daily. Gave me snapshots. To Allen’s – bought stockings. Home. Sat with Tante. Lunch with E.P. Out to Hoskins. Sat with Tante (on sofa, slept). E.P. to Brown’s Mills, till 10.20. Tante and I dined 7. Out to get papers. Mr Kerwick came 10, stayed till 11.30. To bed. Finished packing. Very tired.

$1300 for old car.
“Not real often” does ethmoid operations – 9th.

Thursday 6th April 1922

Very fine. Fresh. Dull later.
Up early 7 a.m. as men came for my trunks. Breakfast with E.P. To W.B.D’s 9.15. Invited me to tonsil party. Home. Sat with Tante. To American Store, while she rested. Lunch with E.P; Tante and I in car at 3 to West Philadelphia for Mrs Maxwell (and Mrs Collett) and all to Overbrook. Meeting at Mrs John Williams’. Good. Home 6.45. E.P. to Atlantic City. Miss Biswanger in evening till 10. To bed 10.20.

Friday 7th April 1922

Rain, muggy.
Breakfast with E.P. Out to W.B.D’s at 8.50. Home. Sat with Tante. Did mending. To American Store twice Hamburg Steak. Perfilieff to lunch, and Tante came down! I out with Tante in car at 3 to Hoskins and had postcard photos taken in Market Street Lipp’s (Studio). Wanamaker’s to see Miss Bergey. Home 5.10. Rested. Dinner 6.30. Miss Beale and Viola in evening. To bed 11. Sleepy.

Saturday 8th April 1922

Very hot and fine – 77 degrees.
Breakfast with E.P. To W.B.D’s at 9.15. Short. Home. Out at 11, trolley to shipping offices for sailing lists “West”! To American Store for beef. Lunch with E.P. Tante in bed, up 3.45. She and I in car 4.10 to Mrs Bache’s and called; then to Mrs Hunsicker’s. Saw new baby. Geo. VI! Dinner 6.30. Miss Farrell short time.

Sunday 9th April 1922

Palm Sunday
Very hot and fine.
Breakfast with E.P. 8.30. Out to buy papers. Sat with Tante. To W.B.D’s at 11.20. He very nice – asked me to write. Sat with Tante. Then she slept. Mrs McCord called I lunch alone. With Tante in p.m. She dictated letter to Mrs Carroll Miller. I typed it. Tante up at 5.30. Mrs Clark with Felicity and Dick called. Supper. All of us 3 to St Peter’s. Music. Hoe. To bed 10.45. Packed.

Monday 10th April 1922

Hot – 82 degrees. Fine.
E.P. called me 6.15. Goodbye to Tante. E.P. and I in 8 a.m. train to New York. Breakfast on train. New York 10. Hotel Pennsylvania (Statler). TO Custom House for sailing permit. On Battery and Aquarium. “Elevated” to Cunard Dock. Claimed baggage. On “Aqui”. Lunch at Hotel 1.45. Busy to Riverside Drive. Taxi back. Dinner 6 in my room Taxi to Circus. Barnum = wonderful. To hotel 10.45. First drinks. To bed 11.15.

R.M.S. Aquitania

Tuesday 11th April 1922
Fine, cooler. South East wind.
Breakfast with E.P. at 8.45. Taxi to Wharf. On board Aquitania 10. Saw to Table-seat (Ward) and deck-chair. Sat and talked. E.P. off at 10.30. Sailed 12.00. Man fell off dock. Saved. Lunch 1. Sat on deck and read. Moved from F.9 to F.7. Large and airy. Dinner 7. Pretty poor. Unpacked and to bed 9.

R.M.S. Aquitania

Wednesday 12th April 1922

Cool with fog. Slow.
Called 7.40. Breakfast. Mr Gray appeared. Nice. Scotch. Sat on deck all a.m. Bill McDermott – talked to my neighbours. Lunch 1. In p.m. to cabin and slept soundly. Rested till about 4.30. Ate 2 oranges (E.P.) Walked on deck. Dressed. Dinner 7. Wrote Tante. Night letter from her at 1. Movie 9 p.m. in saloon. To bed. Hot bath 10.20.

April 11th Sail on Aquitania. F. deck.
Ticked 2nd cabin $150 and war tax $15 = $155.
Changed $20.00 = £4.9.4 @4.41? on board – 13th
First class to Waterloo 22/- Seddons and Mrs Dooley
Skipper = Sir James Charles K.B.E.
Leak – extra chief steward
Ward – 2nd steward

Thursday 13th April 1922

Very warm. Damp. Sunny then cooler in p.m. Dull.
Grapes from Leak! Breakfast 8.10. Walded on deck with Mrs Dennis a good while. Sat in library. Orchestra. Read “A Little More” W.B. Maxwell. Lunch. Changed money. Up in lounge. Dance going on. Unwell, slept in cabin. Dinner and to bed afterwards. Read in cabin.

Friday 14th April 1922

Rainy. Warm. Rolly.
Good Friday. More grapes! Sat on deck all p.m. reading. After lunch over to 1st class for ticket to Waterloo, and walked there with Mrs Dennis and Mrs Leek (pretty) Sat on deck. Read. Then at 4.15. slept in cabin. Fiddles on tables. Talked to couple in library. Hot bath.

Saturday 15th April 1922

More grapes! After breakfast on deck. Walked with Mrs Pepys and then Mrs Dennis. Then sat and read. Got very dirty, oily black. Lunch – Mr Gray. Slept in cabin till 3. Up in lounge, talked with French-woman and baby. Read in lounge. Dinner. Talked to Leak on deck. Concert, 8.30 in saloon. Billie, McDermott, “Tramp”, V. 9 and a trick-dancer.

Sunday 16th April 1922

Dull. Finer in p.m.

Easter Sunday. Breakfast. Walked and sat on deck till 10.30. To Divine Service in 1st Class. Wrote in library. Lunch. Downstairs and slept more than an hour. Up at 4 and walked on lower deck alone; read. Dinner 7. Upstairs and talked to Mrs Pepys and Mrs Dennis till 9.20. To bed. Hot bath.

Monday 17th April 1922

Very cold but lovely sun.
Walked on top deck alone, after breakfast. Talked to man from California. Sat and read, in sunshine. Lunch. Changed. At 3.20 Ward took Mrs Dennis and me to Swimming Pool. Lovely time, diving lessons and camel-riding! Packed a little. Wrote Tante. Dinner. Sat upstairs. To bed 10.


Tuesday 18th April 1922

Very cold night, arrived Cherbourg and away again before breakfast. I packed. Tipped, and on deck, passing Isle of Wight. Lunch 12.30. Tiresome waiting. Docked about 2.30. Landing cards stamped. Off at 3. Train 4.15 about from Southampton to Waterloo. Alys, Dennis and Wadie to meet me. Car to 47 Hampstead Way. Eva and Philip grown very much. Dinner. Talked. To bed 10.15. Rat all night in my room!!!

Wednesday 19th April 1922

Up and bath at 8.15. Breakfast. Out to town with Alys and Dennis, to choose top hat for Dennis Alys and I to get wedding present for Dorrie and to Buttrick’s. Home to lunch 1. I slept in p.m. about 30 minutes. Then ironed dresses. Out to shops with Alys. Dinner. Nita Ellerton and Tommy Paul in evening. Alan Slater with wire from his tongue!

Arrive London – 18th?
My God, don’t she stink grand.
[Leak Extra Chief Steward]
Wrote Mrs Blanford. Mrs Dennis, Susie – 23rd
Changed $130 at 4.45!!? = £29.4.0 this week.

Thursday 20th April 1922

Fine. Sunny. Cold.
Out to shops after breakfast with Alys. Dennis too Phil for hair-cut. Eva’s head washed. Lunch early; all in car to Belgravia Hotel then St Thomas’s Church. Wedding of Dorrie Chamberlain and Sidney Laughton 2.30. Eva bridesmaid. Reception at Belgravia. Home at 6. Dinner. Quiet evening. Read. To bed early.

Friday 21st April 1922

Fine, Sunny. Cold.
Out with Alys to shops. Back after lunch. Alys and I to town. To Coué place, 20 Grosvenor Gardens. Then Gorringe’s, then Cunard, to engage room September 30th. Berengaria. Then English Speaking Union and Dennis came at 4.35. Tea there. Dennis and I tube to Hampstead. Met Phil (to tea at May’s). Walked home over Heath. Dinner. Read “Auto-suggestion”. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 22nd April 1922

Rain, milder.
Hot bath. Out with whole family to shops. Dennis to town. Then Alys, Eva and I to Aunt Louie’s. Lunch. I upstairs and slept 1 hour. Alys and Dennis out for walk, arguments about garden. Alys and I to library after tea. Dinner. Dennis headache, so not to Shenton’s dance. Read aloud Coué in evening. To bed 10.30.

Sunday 23rd April 1922

Very cold. Dull – a little sun.
Bath, breakfast. All a.m. reading Bacon, by Mr Baxter. Aloud and also unpacking trunks. Lunch. Wrote letters and upstairs in top room. Children out for walk with Krohn’s. After supper, Alys, Dennis and I to Benmore, rehearsal of “Washed Up”.

Monday 24th April 1922

Very cold, some sun, hail, thunder.

To shops, all together. Home. Wrote Aunt Bella. Krohn’s in. Drawing-room cleaned. Lunch. I upstairs and slept quite an hour! Thunder and hail. Sat in drawing-room. Sewed fur on grey coat again! Lalila in and playing with Eva. Mrs Krohn and Alys out. Dinner. Read Bacon to Dennis and Alys and showed Jefferson things. To bed 10.20.

Tuesday 25th April 1922

Fine. Very cold. Rain in evening.
All out early. Alys and children to Dolly Willis’ for day. I by 10.50 from Euston to King’s Langley. Kit met me in Cubitt car. Drove back. Spent day there. Saw building-on plans. Kit drove us to Latimer in p.m. Edward in to dinner. Kit drove me to station. 7.54 train home. Pouring rain on way home.

Wednesday 26th April 1922

Changeable – cool.
I out to Mr Cleminson’s at 10 to take him W.B.D’s report. On to E.V. Miles and then to Cunard Line for ticket, and Vickery’s. Lunch at A.B.C. Alys took Eva to Coué system; also out to lunch. I home and rested. Wade to tea, from Danby’s. Dinner. Dennis out to rehearsal, Mink in all evening. “C” competition.

Kit – 10:50 Euston Tuestday.
Wednesday 26th – 11.0 a.m. E.V. M. 10 – Cleminson’s.
Susie – 27th 4.30 T. Square.
Vickery – De Vilbiss. Badcock.
Wrote Aunt Bella – 24th

Thursday 27th April 1922

Showery. Cool.
To shops and Eva, Phil, Alys and I to town, Rudge-Whitworth, Swift (Eva bought Swift cycle 11-11-0. I gave £3-10-0 towards it).

Lunch at Jones’ in Leicester Square. Then Alys took children to Thew’s. I to Harvey & Gore, and Negretti & Zambra for W.B.D.’s present. Tea with Susie at English Speaking Union then to Admiralty House, Lady Lee. Home on 48. Quiet evening, reading.

Friday 28th April 1922

Fine. Cold.
To shops with Alys alone. Home. Sewed Eva’s nightgown cuffs. Tidied silks basket all p.m. Children helped a little. Alys cutting out Eva’s knickers. Alys and I out after tea to shops. I bought silk for dress. Eva’s bicycle came. Dennis to Berry’s about air-gun! Mr and Mrs Krohn in evening, till 10.40.

Saturday 29th April 1922

Fine. Cold.
I washed gloves. Alys and Phil to Finchley Road. I wrote Cyrus and sewed on buttons. I to lunch at 26 Compayne and with them all and John and Nyanza to Coliseum. Amusing turns. Owen Nares. Home at 6.30 Iris Harmar to dinner. Dennis at Douglas’ and girl – epilepsy there. Alys, Dennis and I to Benmore at 9.35. Quite a nice dance till 12.45.

Sunday 30th April 1922

Dull. Cold.
Sat over fire in morning. After lunch a lot of tidying up, and Dennis in garden. At 4.15. came Mr and Mrs Denniss (from California). Jolly tea and talk. Walked to busy with them. Eva and Phil at Barbara’s to tea. Alys, Dennis, Eva and I to Benmore rehearsal at 8. Back at 11.15.

Monday 1st May 1922

Dull and cold.
Alys and I off to Barnes’ sale. Bought stockings. To be bank too. Home. Sat and sewed Eva’s things, with Alys all a.m. and till 3. Then Alys and I slept. I up at 4 to see about Eva’s cycle; man came to adjust. Ironed things and sewed again. Dinner. All read over fire till 10.20. To bed.

Tuesday 2nd May 1922

Dull and cold.
Got things for Minnie and sent off parcel. Alys, Eva and I to shops. Sewed a little. Alys and Eva to town and Thew after lunch. I slept 1 hour. Tea with Phil. Then cut lining for fur-coat. To meet Dennis at 7.40. Mrs and Miss Laughton in evening. Read. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 3rd May 1922

Rain. Milder.
Muddled about. Sewed and marked things for Eva. Alys, Eva and I to shops for as long as possible. Melancholy. Lunch. In car to Euston. 2.30. Dennis and Wade there. Saw Eva off to Arundale School 3. Home. Sat over fire. Tea. No money in banks! Talked.

Cyrus returns to U.S. in May. Posted letter 1st.
E.P. to Washington – May 1st
Dennis’ holidays – To May 2nd.
Eva – 3rd May. Phil 11th.
Wrote Arthur Smith – 3rd
Bought cushions at Chester 6.11 and 9.11

Thursday 4th May 1922

Margaret bought Rachel to spend day and night. I to DeVilbiss, 71 Newman Street and English Speaking Union and to Barnard’s lunch, tea and dinner. Talk. Sewed chair covers on canvas. Alys to Old Vic to see Hamlet with Mrs Krohn. Mrs Colebrook’s tickets. Aunt Alice and Polly to Opera. I home at 10. Very tired, and felt rather ill.

Friday 5th May 1922

Rain. Milder.
Still felt ill but off to Euston and 11.45 train to Chester. Lunch on board. Arrived Chester 3.30. To Westminster Hotel. Horrid reception. Out to get tea at a café on terrace. Back at 5. Rested and slept till 7. Dinner 7.30. Nice lady from Kilkenny. Talked of Irish horrors. To bed 8.45.

westminster hotel

Saturday 6th May 1922

Mild and fine.
Breakfast 8.15. To station 9.10 train. Took me on to Bangor! 11.25 train back to Llanfairfechan. Up to see Edward and Dr Archdall. Lunch 12.30 at Queen’s Hotel. Nice, clean place. 1.31 train to Chester. Arrived 3.20. 4.20 train to London. Dinner on board. Arrived 8.10. Very very tired and back achey. Tube home. Dennis to Benmore. To bed 9.45.

Sunday 7th May 1922

Fine 73 degrees.
Breakfast in bed. Crocheted grey edge on sea green jumper. Up at 12.30. Miss Laughton and Miss Chamberlain in on verandah. After lunch Alys and I sat on verandah. After lunch Alys and I sat on verandah. Very sunny and lovely. Phoebe and Eve in, and all talked till 7. Quiet. Lovely day and felt better. Ella arrived 7 to stay.

Monday 8th May 1922

Very fine – 81 degrees
Finished letter to Tante. Sissie came. Alys and I to shops, and then to meet Ella, who at Sissie’s. Walked home and sat on seat. After lunch, Alys to town – Gamage’s. Ella and I rested. Eve to tea with Phil, Ella and me. Alys back and met Ella and met at shops buying shoes. On verandah till 10.10! p.m.

Wednesday 10th May 1922

Cold. Grey.
Sat and knitted; Alys to shops. Ella and I at 10.30 to 26 Compayne Gardens. Talked to Ethel. To my bank. Home. In p.m. Ella to Mrs Michael Barnard’s and then to Meeting. Alys and I to Hamley’s about bag and to tea with the Douglas’es at 17 Langham Street. Home, and Dennis to rehearsal. Ella in at 8.30 or later to supper. I tired up hyacinths. Miss Chamberlain in.

E.P.D. to Iowa (Les Moines) 15th – 22nd
Phil to school – 11th
Sent J.T. papers 9th.
Started hair-drill – 10th

Thursday 11th May 1922

Very cold and grey.
Breakfast 8 and Phil to school – 1st day of term. Ella and I to Fanny Carnegie’s “Stanley, Mapesbury Road”. Alys and Dennis to school in St John’s Wood for Phil. After lunch, sat by fire, and then Ella rested. After tea, Alys and I with Ella – she to Sissie’s, and we to Laughton’s. M. Douglas to dinner and songs after. Ella playing accompaniments. Alys bad headache. I unwell. To bed 11.30.

Friday 12th May 1922

Cold, but sunny.
Ella headache, but to meet L. Bell, lunch and tea. Alys and I to shops 10 and to Cleminson’s. He washed out antra. Lunch at Marshall’s. On to Asprey’s and bought books for Dr W.B.D. Wandered on for wedding-presents for Gardiner. Liberty’s, toast warmer stool. Sissie to dinner, and evening, till 10.25. Knitted and talked.

Saturday 13th May 1922

Cold, sunny.
Sat with Ella and lined my fur-coat. Alys to shops. Miss Chamberlain in. Ella to Chelsea for weekend. I took her to Swiss Cottage, for 31. Lunch. Alys and I to shops. Then Alys rested. I in drawing-room. Gertrude Chamberlain to tea. Dennis only back at 6. Sat on verandah in sun. Alys and Dennis to dance. I knitted and bath and to bed 9.30.

Sunday 14th May 1922

Cold, fine.
Alys breakfast in bed. All did Dennis’ costume for “Washed up”. Sea-weed, head-dress. Indoors all p.m. too. Deedie Lindquist to tea and supper. Dennis out at 6.30 to Benmore. Alys and I down at about 8 to Dress Rehearsal there. Late home. Alys and I wrote letters to schools for Eva.

Monday 15th May 1922

Fine, windy in p.m.
Lovely day with Alys. Quickly to shops and back. Unpicked blue silk and black evening dress. Lunch together. Both rested in p.m. I ironed various things. Sat on verandah. To meet Ella, who back in taxi at 7. Dinner. Dennis to Benmore. Ella played on piano. Postcards. To bed 10.35.

Tuesday 16th May 1922

Fine. Very windy. Alys to shops and see Miss Chamberlain. Ella and I out on Heath and sat in sunny nooks. In p.m. all 3 rested on beds. To meet Phil at 4 and to Martha’s Girls Friendly Society Bazaar 4.30. Tea there. Hoop-la’s. Ella and I Home. Alys and Phil to see Laughton’s, bridal clouple just returned! Dinner 6.45. Dennis and I to Benmore at 7.30. Ella and Alys 8.15. “Washed Up” – 1st performance.

Wednesday 17th May 1922

Rain all day.
Phil bad toothache all night and day. Alys to shops. Ella and I with Phil, then Ella and I to Sissie’s in rain. Lunch. Sat with Ella by fire. Alys resting with Phil. I wrote Tante and E.P.D. After lunch, Ella to King’s Langley. Alys, Phil and I in taxi from Golders Green to Thew’s. Phil had tooth out, with gas. Dennis met us there. All back in taxi. Phil feeling faint. Lovely quiet evening reading by fire.

Thursday 18th May 1922

Changeable. Some sun.
Phil better, but not to school. Dennis out to consultation. Alys and Phil and I to shops and Chapman’s sundaes. Alys to Dorrie’s. Phil and I home and played “heads, bodies”. After lunch, Alys and I slept for long time. After tea played on Heath with Phil. Ella came back from King’s Langley at 7. Dressed. After dinner Dorrie and Sidney Laughton came. Long evening. Left 11.55.

Friday 19th May 1922

Dull, then lovely. Windy.
Phil not to school but nearly well. I to E.V. Miles to sign Lease of Haunch of Venison Yard. To English Speaking Union and read U.S. papers. Home. Lunch. Sat with Ella, knitted. She rested. Alys and I slept in chairs. Tea. All 3 out for walk on Heath. Dinner 7. Ella and I to Golders Green station. She to meet Sissie and to theatre and away. Dennis back to dinner 7.45. Mink in evening. Also Shenton’s, who stayed till 11.15 or so.

Saturday 20th May 1922

Lovely day. Warm.
Alys in bed to breakfast. I bath. Martha sore throat. Alys and I did breakfast things. Then to shops a long tie. Lunch. Dennis pretty late. Sat on verandah in p.m. They dressed for tennis, and tea 4 o’clock. Dennis and Alys tennis with Braithwaites at Club. Dinner, and all 3 of us to Benmore. Nice dance, hot. Danced with Keown-Boyd, Walker, Turner, Ted, Dennis. To bed 1 a.m.

Sunday 21st May 1922

Very warm. Lovely – 84 degrees.
Breakfast 9. All a.m. in garden tying up roses, doing grass, weeds. Mink came and stayed to dinner 1 p.m. Sat on verandah. Very hot. Alys and I dressed and to tea at the Styer’s. In garden. Mr Jaffe called. Walked home across Heath. Very hot. Dennis to rehearsal, with Nita and Tommy Paul, who came to supper, accidentally. Alys and I sat on verandah till 10.10.

Monday 22nd May 1922

Hot. Lovely day.
Phil to school. Alys and I to shops, and up to call on Dorrie after. Back and Alys washed two dresses, I sewed green striped frock. Lunch. Rested on spare room bed. Knitted in Alys’ room. Alys and I to meet Phil but missed him. Alys and I changed long glass in her room. Dinner. Alys and Dennis to Smeed’s at Hendon. I to Dorrie 9.15 – 11. Padre Atkinson there.

Tuesday 23rd May 1922

Very hot – 88 degrees to 91!
Letter from E.P. from Chicago. To shops with Alys. Met Dorrie. All had ices! Home and Ella and Sissie had come at 11, before we started for shops. In p.m. I altered my mauve dress (Voile). Alys rested a little, ironed some things. Dinner early. All to Benmore. Laughton’s there and Padre. Very, very hot. “Washed Up” 2nd performance. Home about 11.30.

Wednesday 24th May 1922

Very hot and fine – 88 degrees.
Breakfast and all off together at 8.30. Phil to school. Dennis to Iris Harmar. Alys and I to Paddington 9.45 train to Malvern Wells. Lunch, eggs in train. V.C. (Victoria Cross), D.S.O. (Distinguished Service Order) in our carriage and his mother (Welsh Borderers). Walked to the Abbey. Long interview with Miss Judson. Taxi at 4.15. Trains to Worcester, Honeybourne and Broadway (8.16). Lucy met us. Supper with Tades and Lucy. To bed 9.50. Very tired.

Wrote Mrs Dawson, Elmleigh, Niton – 28th
£1.1-0 a room inclusive double bed.

Thursday 25th May 1922

Fine. Lovely.

Breakfast 8.20. Made beds and dusted rooms. Up village with Tades. Over Miss Nichols’ house. To Weaving School. Bought dress length £2.12.6! Rested in p.m. After tea all round to Pemberton’s and sat in garden with Mrs Pemberton and May. Supper at home and in garden. To bed 9.30.

Friday 26th May 1922

Grey but some sun.
I to weaving place, and bought some too. With Alys and Tades about village and towards old Church. By Duncombe’s. Lunch. Rested. After tea at 3.30 to station 4.36 to Honeybourne, Moreton. Paddington. Long stop at Oxford (8s week). Dinner on train. Arrived 9.15. Dennis at Golders Green station.

Saturday 27th May 1922

Fine. Perfect.
Sore throat al day. To Shoolbred’s and ordered things for Wade. Phil to South Kensington with Ivor. I on to Chelsea, spent day with Barnard’s, chiefly in garden. Discussed August plans. Home at 10.30. Alys and Dennis to dance.

Sunday 28th May 1922

Very hot and fine.
Sore throat still. Wrote letters about rooms in August and to Sherborne. Quiet p.m. Tying up crocuses on bank and carnations. After tea, I on 28 bus to 19 Prince Edward Mansion, Palace Court, Notting Hill Gate to supper with Phil and Adine Sime, and Nell. Home 10.15. Alys to Sissie’s. Met me.

Monday 29th May 1922

Very hot and fine.
To shops with Ays. Ella and Sissie to lunch, sat on verandah. Wadie to tea. Her birthday – 67, cake and 10 candles. Dorrie to tea too. Dennis home very depressed and tired. C.H.W. to dinner also. Watered garden. To bed 9.30. All of us. Tired.

Tuesday 30th May 1922

Very hot and fine – about 80 degrees.
Cycled for A.B.C. Alys and I to Gerrard’s Cross on 10.35 from Marylebone. Lunch at Mr and Mrs Chamberlain’s. Sat in garden. Gertrude there. To school, Maltman’s Green, Miss Chamber’s. Coffee with Chamberlain’s again, and back by 5.23. Home 9. Dinner. To Benmore. M. Douglas and Thomson there. Home 11.50. Tired.

Maltmans green
Maltman’s Green School

Wednesday 31st May 1922

Very hot and fine – 84 degrees.
Dennis to Dolly’s and spent night there. Alys and I to town for white frock for Eva, and lunch at Selfridge’s. To Paddington. Train to High Wycombe. To Wycombe Abbey and sat Miss Whitelaw, Head and the head of Clarence House. Back in great heat. Dinner alone (Dennis being away). To bed 9.30, very tired. Watered garden.

wycombe abbey
Wycombe Abbey School

31st – High Wycombe.
1st – Sherborne afternoon.
2nd – to Nell’s – 35 Brunswick
Wrote Miss Turrell (De Glehn), Cross Street Farm, West Burton, Near Pulborough, Sussex – 29th and The White Horse, Steyning, Sussex (Miss Coles) 29h and Mrs Roberts, Clarendon Hotel, Chale. Isle of Wight.

Thursday 1st June 1922

Very hot and fine.
Alys and I at 10 to Waterloo. 11.10 to Sherborne. Changed at Salisbury. Eggs in train. Taxi thing to the School. Long interviews with Miss Mulliner and Miss Perry (house-mistress) and tea with the latter. 5.46 home, arriving 8.20. Very tired. Supper 9.30 at home. Dennis at the May’s till 11.15. We to bed 10.

Sheborne School for Girls

Friday 2nd June 1922

Fine, some showers. Very very hot.
Alys in bed to breakfast. I wrote letter to Miss Mulliner/ To shops with Aly and sent wire to Maltman’s Green! On to Bradley’s and Owen’s and Whiteley’s (lunch there, bad). Taxi to Harrod’s. Got reversible cloak for Alys. 6 ½ guineas. To Nell Simes in 35 Brunswick Square. To tea with her in Hyde Park. Very hot and tiring. Dennis home. Very cheerful to dinner. To bed early.

Saturday 3rd June 1922

Cool and windy.
To shops with Alys. Long time, Dennis and Phil also. Dennis carried baskets back. All rest of day in garden. Planting grass, weeding, thinning of lettuces. Sven came in and had tea. Knitted striped jersey. To bed before 10.

Sunday 4th June 1922

Very fine. Perfect.
Alys to Iris’ in a.m. Dennis, Philip and I in garden, busy all a.m. Some of p.m. too. But did some work in bedroom and Alys also. Finished off striped jersey. Read aloud Wodehouse’s “Love among the Chickens” in evening. On verandah till 9.45.

Monday 5th June 1922

Absolutely perfect.
Whit Monday. All very busy making new garden for Phil. Taking up and putting in sods. Alys and I rested in p.m. and she read to Phil. Alys and I to Friede Slater’s. Talked to Mrs Flight and Minna. Dorrie and Sidney Laughton to supper about 8. To bed 11.15.

Tuesday 6th June 1922

Fine. Lovely. 75 degrees.
Phil and I to King’s Langley for day. 10.50 from Euston. Dennis and Alys to Letchworth to see Eva’s school Entertainment. We in garden and motor to tea picnic on Chipperfield Common. Home by tube from Watford. Watered garden. Alys and Dennis only home at 11.15 p.m. Supper.

Wednesday 7th June 1922

Wrote Tante and E.P. Letter from Charles. Alys cycled to shops. Both of us to 26 Compayne to lunch 1.30. K.C. there – talked a lot. Home 3.45. I to tea at Aunt Louie’s. Nelly in bed. Maude B. back with me to see St Malo cards. Dennis very late. Shenton’s in at 10. Serious about “Robin”. Very ill cerebral abscess.

7th – 1.30 to 26 Compayne
Eva’s Commem: June 6th
11th to Elsa’s after supper.
Friday – Alys to Iris Harmar
10th Ovingdean.
In shop about cots 8th
Bought front for Polly: Marshalls 19-6.

Thursday 8th June 1922

Dull, nearly all day. Cooler.
Alys in bed to breakfast. I talked with Dennis about Ovingdean. Alys and I to shops. Back and scrubbed cradle. Lunch. Both upstairs and rested. Mrs Chamberlain to tea. Sat on verandah. Alys and Dennis to dance at “Filthy” Lucases. I walked to Sissie’s and came back at 10.10. Hot bath. Did check.

Friday 9th June 1922

Fine. Warm.
I unwell. Finished letter to Tante. With Alys to Oxford Street. She to meet Dolly Willis and shop. I shopped alone, bought voile dress. Lunch at Lyon’s and to English Speaking Union at 2 till 3. Read U.S.A. papers. Home by tube. Tea with Phil. Alys in with Dorrie at 7. Had been to Irises. Dennis only in about 11.30. “Robin” very ill.

Saturday 10th June 1922

Very fine. Delicious.
All walked up with Dennis to Hampstead. He to see Robin at Ted’s. We by tube back and shopped. Home. Alys out with Dennis to Ovingdean to see school for Phil. Phil and I had lunch and tea together alone. I sewed. He played some cricket and watched it.

Sunday 11th June 1922

Very fine and hot.
Dennis up to see “Robin” all a.m. Alys and Phil and I to St Jude’s Church. Lunch. Alys rested in p.m. I with Dennis in garden. Ted and Phoebe down for 30 minutes or so. Phil sore throat and temperature in evening. So Dennis and I alone to Ayrton’s to supper. Alan and Adrian there, and champagne!  To hold 125,000.

Ayrton Wembley
Wembley Stadium designed by Sir John Simpson and Maxwell Ayrton

Monday 12th June 1922

Very fine and warm.
Phil in bed all day. Heard of “Robin’s” death 9.30 a.m. Dennis and I walked up to Shenton’s to ask about post-mortem. I back by tube. Nell Sime to lunch and tea. Sat and sewed and talked. Dennis in at 6. She, Alys and I to Savoy Hotel. English Speaking Union dinner to Lady Astor. Lord Lee of Fareham in Chair. Mrs Wintringham. J. H. Thomas spoke.

j h thomas
John Henry Thomas – Welsh Labour politician

Tuesday 13th June 1922

72 degrees in a.m. Dull, windy. Rain in p.m. Cold – 55 degrees.
To shops with Alys. Phil dressed, not to school. Made mayonnaise. Alys wrote letters. Both rested in p.m. I slept 1 hour! Phil ear-ache so not to Boykie’s party, but to bed 90 degrees temperature. Rain and wind. Alys and I high tea 5.30 and to Opera Parsifal with Nell. Walter Hyde. Clarence Whitehill, Kirkby Lunn, Dorrie to dinner with Dennis. Home at 12.

Louise Kirkby Lunn was an English contralto or mezzo-soprano

Wednesday 14th June 1922

Dull, very windy and cold. 51 degrees.
Phil earache all night. To shops with Alys. Then sewed up parcels for Rex and Pat in sacking. After lunch, Alys and I slept heavily till 4. Tea, and then wrote letters. Aunt Bella, Ella, C.H.W. Alys also writing. Very cold. And fire in evening. Read “Tell England” Ernest Raymond.

Paid Alys till June 13th – 25/-
Weekend to Barnard’s – 17th
13th to Opera with Nell.
12th Nell to us.
Friday 1 o’clock – Baxter – Bourne and Hollingsworth  – Stockings
Friday 10.45 – Badcock – Eva – 6 Euston

Thursday 15th June 1922
Rain then stopped. Cool. Very dull.
To shops with Alys. Phil all right but not to school. Alys on to Dorrie’s to lunch and tea. I spent day with Phil. Lunch. Strawberries and cream in top room! Sewing, and then catches and gardening, and cricket. Read by fire, and to bed 10.30.

Friday 16th June 1922

Very fine. Warmer.
To station with Alys. Then I on to Mr Badcock’s at 10.45. He stopped tooth. On to Bourne and Hollingsworth for stockings and to Heath’s. To Baxter’s 12 Upper Phillimore Gardens. Lunch 1. After to Ponting’s and then home in bus, to tea. Alys and Phil to meet Eva, ½ term – 6. Buchanan’s came in! Eva back. Dinner . Mr and Mrs Brown (Ellerton) and Mink in evening. Verandah till 10.20.

Saturday 17th June 1922

Put things together and out at about 11, to shops with Alys and Philip. Then buses to Chelsea to stay. Lunch. Then all rested. Slept a little. Sewed indoors. Supper. Sat round fire! To bed about 10.30.

Sunday 18th June 1922

Warmer. Sun in p.m.
Hot bath! After breakfast read paper and out with Aunt Alice and Polly to river and inside old church. Henry James and Morgan tablets. After dinner, Dorothy and I to Burlington Gallery to see old French paintings – Corot, Manet, Degas. Miss Boodle to tea. Mrs Falcon and Miss Bland after. Gas-fire in evening. Woolwork. To bed 10.50.

Monday 19th June 1922

Fine, much warmer.
Made bed. Copied “Strawberry Fair”. Aunt Alice and I to Royal Academy in 14. Back at 1. Lunch. Rested on bed. Slept soundly. Tea in garden, Polly and Dorothy pupils. Mrs Alma Harrison called. Dorothy and I did trellis, and stained it. Soligno. Dinner in garden too. Then upstairs by open window till 10.45.

Tuesday 20th June 1922

I with Aunt Alice to Tate Gallery. Taxi from Victoria and all the way back. Saw Cotman Collection. Lunch, and I away at 2.0 to Clive Court, Edgware Road to see Nell’s flat there. Met her. Took her to English Speaking Union to tea. Home. Alys in later. She and I to town and dined with Dennis (Jones’) and back to College. Typed and made membranes. Home 11.40.

Durham c.1805 by John Sell Cotman 1782-1842
Tate Gallery – Works by John Sell Cotman 7 April – 9 July 1922

Wednesday 21st June 1922

Fine. Warm.
Alys out at 8.30 for Alexandra Day, Roses. I with Dennis to College at 9.30 and typed till 12. Then both to Liberty’s. Met Alys and to lunch Oxford Circus Restaurant with Miss Barwick, Laughton’s, Miss Chamberlain, Miss Burleigh. I back to College. Typed 2 till 2.30. To Leicester Sqaure. Met Lillian Denniss and husband. Tea at Jones’. Home alone at 5.30.

Alexandra Day – 21st
Letter from E.P. 22nd.
From Tante 24th
Letter to E.D.D. (Tante) 21st.
Wrote Shoolbred – Sunday.

Thursday 22nd June 1922

Fine, windy. Some showers.
ALys in bed to breakfast. Then she and I to shops, spent rest of a.m. in attics and top room clearing out old things. In p.m. (lunch on verandah, rather cold) she ironed Dennis’ grey suit. Then rested. I sewed and wrote. Both to meet Phil at school. Sewing cushion for E.D.D. To bed 9.40. Alys pretty tired so not to Dorrie’s.

Friday 23rd June 1922

Fine but cold.
Alys in bed to breakfast. Both to shops. Met Dorrie, and asked her back. She to lunch, and tea also. All sewed all p.m. and talked. Phoebe in. I to bed very early. Heard of Mr Spiers being so ill. M. Douglas to dinner. She, and Alys and Dennis to Dorrie’s.

Saturday 24th June 1922

Dull and much rain.
Alys in bed to breakfast. OT shops with her. She out again to Mrs Spiers. Dennis home 1.45. All of us to King Alfred School to see Krohn’s act Uncle Remus. Palmist who told Alys’ and my hands. Tea there. Up again at 6 to see Lalila. Dennis not. Dinner 8. Dennis to Benmore. Alys and I to bed 9.15.

Sunday 25th June 1922

Very windy. Cold and showers.
Alys and Dennis in bed all a.m. I sewing striped cotton dress. Dennis not up till tea-tie. Rested in p.m. Bussche Krohn to tea. After supper, Alys, Dennis and I walked along to inspect Shenton’s bungalow plot and called on Sissie too. Home 9.50.

Monday 26th June 1922

Rain on and off all day.
Alys and I washed things for auction, in top room till 11. Off to town. Shopped at sales. Stagg and Mantle. Had egg lunch at Charing Cross waiting room, and parfaits at Regent Palace Hotel! Home via Dorrie’s. Alys and I and Phil to tea there. Dennis in feeling ill, but out to rehearsal at Benmore. Alys and I to bed about 10.

stagg andm antle
Stagg and Mantle, Leicester Square

Tuesday 27th June 1922

Very windy.
To shops, and muddled about washing and sewing. In p.m. both rested (Alys to shops on cycle first). At 4.15 to Mrs Colebrook’s to tea. Home. Mink in. Dennis in at 7 with headache. Mink and Alys to dance at Princes! Dennis and I to rehearsal at Benmore. To bed about 11. Alys home at 3 a.m.

Wednesday 28th June 1922

Dull. Rain in p.m.
Alys in bed to breakfast. I out at 9.45 to shops and Selfridge’s (sale). Walked by Burlington Arcade to Nordonne’s, bought shoes. To Leicester Galleries. Lovely drawings and Baron D’Erlanger Private View. Home. Lunch with Alys. Both slept in p.m. Tea. Dennis and Alys to dine with Soutter’s. I dinner alone. Sewed and to bed 10. They in 11.30 or so.

Letter from Tante 28th
Letter from W.B.D. 28th
Prior Godalming.
“He needs no other rosary, whose thread of life is strung with beads of love and thought”.
June 28th – E.P.D’s calendar. From the Persian C.H.McC.
Wrote W.B.D. – 2nd
Wrote Smith and Sons – 2nd
Wrote Cleminson with cheque.

Thursday 29th June 1922

Very cold. Showery.
Card from Sherbourne. Sent off telegrams. Alys and I to shops, and then upstairs doing picture-frames all a.m. Lunch. Rested. Tea. Rearranged my room, as long glass and sofa came. Dennis back 7 and all 3 to Benmore. Nita very late so recitations first. Sticky audience. Home 12.

Friday 30th June 1922

Sunny. Cold.
Breakfast on verandah then very cold. To shops with Alys and to call at Mrs Hornblower’s and Dorrie’s (out). Alys washed silk jumper. In p.m. gas fire in my room, I sewed, she also and dryig jumper and brushes. Rested. Then I to tea at Sissie’s. Dinner 7. All 3 to Benmore. Successful evening. Great applause and encore’s. Allingham’s there. To bed 12.

Saturday 1st July 1922

Dull, windy.
Breakfast on verandah. To shops with Alys. Met Dorrie. Horrid sore throat. Back. Did odd jobs. Lunch very late, Dennis in at nearly 2. I rested. Dennis and Alys to tennis, Laughton’s. Songs from Sidney and Dennis. After dinner to Benmore “Washed Up”. Very good audience. Mink there, Morris.

Sunday 2nd July 1922

Wrote various letters. Dennis in bed to breakfast. Tired. Wrote W.B.D. In p.m. wrote dress account of last 3 years in my book. Then in garden. Alys, Dennis, Philip and I gardening hard. Hedge. After supper. Alys and Dennis and I to Shenton’s bungalow plot. To bed about 10.

Monday 3rd July 1922

Rain with bright intervals, mild.
Alys and I off with Dennis to town. All day at Sales, looking for evening dress for Alys – Harrod’s, Gosch’s, Marshall’s, Bourne and Hollingsworth, etc. Lunch at Derry and Toms’. Home, waiting for Phil, to shop for Alys’ birthday. Wadie in after tea, and stayed dinner. Dennis out working late, till 11.45. Alys and I to bed about 10.30.

Tuesday 4th July 1922

Alys’ 38th birthday. Presents – stool from Dennis. Dorrie and Sidney in. I out at 9.40 to Elsa’s and with her to drive to Country Clothes Shop, Brompton Road sale. Back and lunch at Elsa’s with her alone. After over Phyllis’ house in Church Row. To my Bank and home with Phil. Iris Harmar for whole day with Alys. Mink in. Began crocheting hat. Laughton’s in evening till 11.

Wednesday 5th July 1922

Dull and rainy.
With Alys to shops and she to meet Eva Young (Webb). I shopped – Evans. Met Alys – Selfridge’s. Bought waterproof. Met Dennis, Lunch Wigmore Tea Rooms. Dennis and Alys bought present. Oliver’s wedding and Eva’s watch. Selfridge’s. Dennis back, Alys and I to Fuller’s and Fenwick’s. Home to tea. Phil late after Baths. Crocheted. Cosy fire in evening. Read “Life’s”. Nita and Tommy Paul in at 10 till 11.

4th – Heard Eva had passed Entrance Exam to Sherborne.
Mrs Styer to tea 7th. I to Dorrie’s to dinner?

Thursday 6th July 1922

Very rough, windy, rainy.
Unwell. Eva’s 13th birthday. Alys and I to shops, and then by 110 bus to Hampstead. To Elsa’s and library. Home – rain often. Lunch – eggs. Then both rested; Alys gave Martha notice first! Dolly Willis and John to tea. John away (met by Jack at Warren Street). Dolly to dinner and night. I with Dennis to Benmore 7.30. Alys and Dolly later. Frightfully wet we got. Play success. Home. Raspberries.

Friday 7th July 1922

Cold. Some sun. Much rain.
Alys to shops, and Doly and I sewed in drawingroom. Dolly to lunch, then all to town. Alys and I met Styer’s and to Philharmonic Hall to see new film “- The Prince of Lovers” Byron by Alicia Ramsey, saw her and husband Rudolph de Cordova. Tea at Buzzard’s with Styer’s. Walked to Tottenham Court Road, I feel down on wet pavement. Taxi from Golders Green. I to bed for dinner, instead of to Laughton’s. Alys and Dennis to Benmore, acting.


Saturday 8th July 1922

Very showery, windy.
I stayed in bed to breakfast, and until lunch. Crocheted hat for Alys. She to shops. Lunch on verandah. Rested. Dennis not in till tea time. After tea, sewed and dinner at 6.45. Dennis, Phil, Alys and I to Benmore 7.30. Maud and Martha 8.30. Play success. Large audience. Alys took tickets. Dance till midnight after.

Sunday 9th July 1922

Gales and rain. Damp and chilly.
Alys in bed to breakfast. Horrid windy day. Did things upstairs. Wrote letters. Dr Hills came in p.m. for Dennis about free case. I rested, and Alys a little. Sewed at Alys’ bag (silver) and finished hat for her. After supper Dennis Alys and I along to bungalow and back. Sat round fire till 10.20. To bed.

Monday 10th July 1922

Fine, warmer.
To shops with Alys. Home. Alys rested on bed, tired. I sewed black bag for self. Lunch. Both rested, but Alys disturbed by men on roof. Alys and I to tea at Maggie Simmonds! Dinner 7. Alys, Dennis and I tube to University College Hospital College Dance 8.30 – 12.30. Dorrie and Sidney Laughton, Thomas? Sculptor, Last and Mrs Renton. Jolly. Home 12.50.

Tuesday 11th July 1922

Fine and warm.
Alys in bed to breakfast. Both to shops. Made lemonade on verandah. Both rested and slept in p.m. Then dressed and to dinner came Margaret Douglas, Miss Luff and Van Beren and Wylde’s. Lovely dinner and all to Benmore at 8.30 – 12. Very nice dance (“Robin Fund”) 5/6 each. Laughton’s, Ellerton’s got it up (Lucifer).

Wednesday 12th July 1922

Fine and warm.
I over to spend day at 6 Elm Park Road. First to English Speaking Union to read papers. Sat in garden with Polly and Dorothy in p.m. Tea in garden, then home by 31 and 2 busses, at 6.45. Dorothy and Alys with Mink on river till 12 nearly. I saw Phil to bed, and then sewed and to bed myself at 10. Martha out.

Thursday 13th July 1922

Breakfast on verandah. Alys and I to shops and to town. To Ernest Vernor Miles and then I met Kitty at Debenham and Freebody’s. Lunch there and we 2 to “Loyalties” Galsworthy and “Shall we join the Ladies” at St Martin’s Theatre. Very good. Home by tube. Dorothy and Alys to dine at Dorrie’s. I dinner alone. Maud out. Bath and to bed 9.15.

join the ladies

Friday 14th July 1922

Pouring rain till 4.30.
Alys breakfast in bed. Both of us to shops in waterproofs. Home and did sewing. I woolwork on “Old Bill” dyed claret. Alys rested in p.m. I still sewed and ironed. Expecting Caroline Barnard, but Maud Barnard called. Dennis in at 8. Succesful paper on “Colds” before large audience. Dr Colebrook to dinner, and until 10. To bed 10.5.

Saturday 15th July 1922

Dull and cool.
To shops with Alys. She and Dennis to Oliver’s wedding at 1.30. Highgate and on to Broadstairs to see Port Regis school for Phil. They not home till 11 p.m. I rested and slept in p.m. Phil hurt his back on Boykie’s swing and lay on bed. I read to him after tea, Lord Fauntleroy, a long time. Dinner alone and to bed about 10. Tried on blue voile dress.


Sunday 16th July 1922

Wind and rain. Cold.
Not out till 8.30 p.m. Except in garden tying up lettuces. Did some sewing. Dennis mended mowing-machine. I slept in p.m. read aloud to Phil. Mink in and stayed to supper. Dennis, Alys and I to Grosvenor Barnard’s in evening – 47 Templar’s Avenue. Home 10 in rain and cold.

Monday 17th July 1922

Dull, but no rain.
To shops with Alys. Both rather cross. Dorrie in and all on verandah. Then Alys to lunch with Dorrie. I sewed and rested, slept in p.m. Wrote letter to Tante. Read to Phil a little. He palyed with truck with Bussle and Boykie. In garden after dinner. Alys very coldy. Phoned Barnard’s. All of us colds.

Tuesday 18th July 1922

Rain, clear at times.
Alys in bed with cold till 1130. I in rain to shops. Back early. Did washing, and crocheted cap. Alys down. Lunch. Ironed. She pressed Dennis’ suits. I rested 1 hour. Both to shops and met Phil. Tea. The on verandah sewing. Dorrie to dinner and stayed till 10.30. Dennis saw her back. Alys and I bad colds.

Wednesday 19th July 1922

Very fine and hot.
All to shops at 10, with Dennis in tube. Alys and I to Sherborne at 11. One hour at Salisbury, saw Cathedral. Lunch in dairy there. To see Miss Perry and School and then Mrs Hawkins and Miss Jones of Priestlands (Overflow House). Tea there. 5.44 home, dinner on train. Dennis met us 8.30 at Waterloo.

Salisbury Cathedral

Sometime in July (end) C. Mc.C. to Europe.
Letter to Tante – 17th (about dances)

Thursday 20th July 1922

Fine and warm.
I stayed in bed to breakfast then up and with Alys to English Speaking Union. Met Nell Sime there. I read U.S. papers. Then Nell gave us lunch at The Thistle, Haymarket. Walked to Evans’. Home on top of ‘bus. Rested 45 minutes. Tea with Phil. Crocheted hats. Alys to meet Dennis and to dinner at people in Antrim Mansions. I to bed 8.30. Read.

Friday 21st July 1922

Fine. Very warm.
Cold still bad. To shops with Alys. Did altering satin blouse to jumper and tweed skirt shorter. Rested in p.m. I slept. Alys and I to call on Mileses, 26 Compayne. Home. Sewed. Dennis stayed at Douglases to supper. Alys and I on verandah, and all evening, sewing and reading Public Schools’ Year Book. Dennis back 10.30. To bed.

Saturday 22nd July 1922

Showery, mild.
Breakfast on verandah. Drizzly rain. To shops with Alys. Back. Phil had hurried lunch and Alys took him to meet Dennis at Warren Street. They, Phil and Dennis, to Tonbridge. I met Alys, at Golders Green and home to lunch. Rested, first cleaned Dennis clothes’ cupboard. Janet Barnard to tea. Dennis and Phil back 8.40. Dinner. Dinner, Alys and I to Benmore Dance 9.45 – 12.

Sunday 23rd July 1922

Heavy showers, mild.
Muddled about. Then I walked to Sissie’s, back in rain. Lunch. Rested and then to see Felicity Duane and Mrs Clarke at Berkeley Hotel. Tea with Felicity. Home (No 13 busses on Sunday!) by tube. Iris Harmar and Margaret Douglas to tea and supper. To bed 10.

Monday 24th July 1922

Dull, then finer.
Breakfast, indoors, raining. I ironed things. With Alys to shops and on to Thew’s for her teeth and then to 47 Wimpole Street for Dennis’ new laboratory. Lunch (all 3, Dennis too) at the Wigmore. On the search for mackintosh hat for Alys. No success. Home by ‘bus. Met Phil. I trimmed lace and gold hat. Dinner 8. Dennis and Alys to see Mr Cook about painting. To bed 10.25.

Tuesday 25th July 1922

Fine. Warm.
Did washing. Alys in bed to breakfast. She and I to shops and met Nell Sime at tube 12.30! Bus to Brent Bridge Hotel. I gave lunch there 3/6 each. Very good. Nell and I on bus to town. I to Waterloo to get tickets for Chale. Home at 5, on top of 28 bus. Alys and Dennis to supper at 6 Elm Park Road. Peter Harrison there. I to bed early 9.30. Martha out.


Wednesday 26th July 1922

Dull, some sun. Fair.
Dennis out very early> Alys and I to Army and Navy Stores and Auction of our “effects”. Great fun, 10 till 12. Lunch at Harrod’s. To Fuller’s Regent Street, tea. To Denie’s, Marshall’s. then 48 home, inside. Tea, milk, (no coffee). Dennis late and very tired. Dinner in diningroom. Sat in drawingroom and to bed about 9.30.

Nell Sime to lunch 25th – 12.15?
Dennis and Alys to supper 7.30 6 Elm Park Road – 25th
Sale Army and Navy Stores 10 – 26th

I to tea and supper 6 Elm Park Road – 27th
Eva comes home – a.m. 28th
Benmore Dance – 29th – I to Elsa’s to tea 29th. Sold.

Thursday 27th July 1922

Fine. Warm.
Alys in bed to breakfast. Then she to shops on cycle and I sewed. Then both did cupboard under stairs. Also sold old clothes to man who came. Lunch on verandah. I out to Oxford Street. Bought jumper (purple), sent flowers to Susie from Tante. To Army and Navy Stores and Harrod’s. To tea and supper at 6 Elm Park Road. Conrad there to tea. Mrs Lemon after supper. Called for Alys and Dennis on way home at Douglas’, 18 Laughton Street. To bed 12 midnight.

Friday 28th July 1922

Fine. Warm.
I off with Dennis early to call at C.H.W’s then to Kings Cross. Dennis, Alys also separately. Met Eva, back from Letchworth (her last term there). Lunch. Alys and Eva to shops first. I sat on verandah with children. Alys a little rest. Then all sewed on verandah. La (Lalila) and Ba (Barbara) in. Heard of Uncle Pierre’s death (de Baeremaecker) yesterday. To bed early.

Saturday 29th July 1922

Fine. Warm.
To baths at 9.10 with Alys, Eva, Phil, Lalila and Barbara. Back. Did shopping with Alys. Home. Lunch. Rested. Slept a little. Alys and I to Hampstead library, and then tea at Elsa’s in garden. Tipped Tony £1. Alys to Mrs Marsden’s first. She out. Walked home. After dinner (Dennis and children at new laboratory – 47 Wimpole all p.m.). Dennis and I to Benmore. Quite fun. Ted not there. Sore throat.

Sunday 30th July 1922

All busy. Alys and I packing and ironing. Kitty and Edward appeared in car at 11 or so. Kitty stayed lunch and Edward called for her about 3.30. We packed. Mink to tea and supper. Nita Ellerton and Tommy and Geoffrey Paul to evening, after supper. Music and fun.

Monday 31st July 1922

Dennis to town. Alys packing. Eva to shops with Dorrie. Embleton’s away to Sandbanks at 11. I to shops, home. Martha left. Rushed with extra lunch to Waterloo but missed their earlier train. Home to lunch. Polly ‘phoned Dorothy – couldn’t go tomorrow and I to Chelsea for ticket and to Waterloo to change dates. To English Speaking Union for tea. Home. Packed. After supper for motor ride with the Laughton’s. To bed 10.30.







































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