1921 – Philadelphia, S.S. Haverford, London, Isle of Wight, Brittany, Newcastle, Holy Island, Applecross, Saint-Enogat, R.M.S. Carmania

1921 Diary

Katharine Faraday Boyd
250 South 21st Street


47 Hampstead Way, London N.W.

The night has a thousand eyes,
And the day but one;
Yet the light of the bright world dies
With the dying sun.

The mind has a thousand eyes,
And the heart but one;
Yet the light of a whole life dies
When love is done.
1872 – Francis William Bourdillon

One more step, and the race is ended.
One word more, and the lesson’s done;
One toil more, and a long rest follows
At set of sun.
Christina G. Rosetti

Cerebral thrombosis

Often the best of acorns is munched by the worst of swine – Spanish proverb.

Doing what can’t be done, is the glory of living – General Armstrong

Come what come may
Time and the hour run thro’ the roughest day – Shakespeare

O joy of day begun,
O joy of day just done
Lessening the time by one – Marston

In 1921, Edward is 45 years old, Kate is 42 years old and Alys is 37 years old. Eva is 12 years old and Philip is 8 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Saturday 1st January 1921

Fine and very mild.
New Year’s Day.
Breakfast at 9 with E.P. (me: now know as E.P. and not E.P.D.) Out at 10.30 with Laddie to 221 South Broad Street. Difficulty in crossing. Parade going on. Watched it from windows till 1 o’clock. Home. Tante and I in hired car to Cassie Johnson’s – 3.30 till 5.45 or so. E.P. to Munn’s and making out bills. E.P. read aloud Brailsford after dinner. I very sleepy and to bed at 10!!!

Sunday 2nd January 1921

Fine and very warm.
Breakfast with E.P. at 9. Sat with Tante then she and I to St Peter’s. Communion Service. E.P. to Radnor in own car Tante and I had lunch at 2. E.P. in at 3. He did bills all p.m. I did invitations and at 4.30 out with Laddie to Parkway, till 5.30. Mrs Bradford called. Tante made potatoe salad. I very bad headache. Had to go to bed at 7.10. Got to sleep by 2 finally.

Monday 3rd January 1921

Very fine and mild.
Breakfast with E.P. Felt shaky. Sat with Tante and then out to Bradford Clarke’s and back. Tante phoning about Munn’s diphtheria. E.P. out all day operating. Tante and I in p.m. phoning and sewing. I rested for 1 hour (slept). Sent off 24 more invitations in haste. Tante and I to Boston Symphony Concert and E.P. came there at 10, and home with us. To bed 10.50.

Tuesday 4th January 1921

Very fine.
E.P. out at 7. Tante headache. I wrote Alys, settled dinner, sewed. Out in car to South Street for potatoes. 11 till 1.30. Lunch with E.P. alone. Tante up at 4 for Meeting. Dinner – Mrs Foulke and Mrs Mellon fought. Mrs O’Connell upset too. E.P. phoned at 7. Out till 9. Tante and I alone. Looked at papers. Phoned to Newspapers. I to bed 10.40.

Wednesday 5th January 1921

Showers and sun. Warm.
Breakfast with E.P. To Dr McCune-Smith tho’ and on to Bank for E.P. and to see Mrs Bargey and to 221 South Broad for tickets. Home. E.P. in to lunch and Tante down. Tante out to South 16th Street Meeting 2.30 in car. I wrote invitations all p.m. E.P. up at 4.30 and out to Munn’s in hired car. Tante back at 6 – stormy meeting. She and I dined alone. Etta out. E.P. in at 9.45. I out to Noni’s with letters at 9. To bed 11.

E.P. with Munn’s diphtheria –“Thought you didn’t want to.” “What?”
E.P. in at 6.14 on 8th
Letters from Wade, Auntie Kate, Tades – 5th
Wrote to Tades – 6th

Thursday 6th January 1921

Colder. Windy.
Breakfast with E.P. and great discuss of world politics. Sat with Tante and darned stockings. Out at 11 to Bank and to see Mrs Bargey and back by Market Street with Laddie. Wrote letters Sewed in p.m. and Tante phoned. Sophie Norris in. E.P. out at 3. Tante and I had dinner 6.30 and to concert (Beethoven). E.P. met us there in corridor. Fugues. Back and E.P. had “supper”. Tante took Laddie out. To bed 11.30.

Friday 7th January 1921

Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante and to American Store with Laddie. Tante down to lunch after having her hair waved 12.30 to 1.30. E.P. in to lunch. Wrote Auntie Kate. Sat in writing room all p.m. Mrs Willis from Bewley Farm called and stayed to dinner. E.P. out, in at 9.30. Mrs Willis played her own composition. Captain Vladimir Perfilieff called in p.m. Sent by Mr McConnick. Cossack.

Capt Vladimir Vasilievich Perfilieff –

Saturday 8th January 1921

Dark and dull.
Breakfast with E.P. Out to Bank and Venturi’s market with Laddie. All had lunch together. Tante and I to Bellevue at 3. Tante called on Mrs Bass and Mrs Brown and we placed name-cards at Speaker’s Table. Home by tram at 6. Dressed, E.P. also. All to Jackson Day Dinner 7. Tante toastmaster. E.P. and I with Miss Hutchinson, Miss Sinkler and Miss Ely (date). Row about Senator Thomas’ speech.

Sunday 9th January 1921

Dull. Mild.
E.P. out at 7.30. Haste. I breakfast alone 9. Tante at 10.45. She out in hired car to lunch at Mrs Browning’s, Rosemont. I wrote Poz. Had lunch alone and for walk to 1314 Arch Street (Sproat) with Laddie. Tante home at 4.15. Rested (both). Dinner. Etta out. E.P. back at 10. (Had been to Washington). Miss Beale and Viola Homer in evening. To bed 11.10. Took aspirin.

Monday 10th January 1921

E.P. out at 7. I breakfast alone. Felt rather ill. Walked to Bank, Cook’s and home with Laddie. All lunched together. E.P. late 1.55. Cassie to call and tea. Mrs Anne Coleman Ladd and Sophie Norris to tea later. T and I dined alone and read aloud “Age of Innocence” Edith Wharton. E.P. only in at 10. To bed 11.

Tuesday 11th January 1921

Breakfast alone. E.P. out early. Tante and I in car at 11 to Sheppard’s and Strawbridge’s. and to fetch E.P. 1. He very late with emergency caesarians, Lunch 2. I out at 2.30 to Philomusian Club to hear Mrs Ladd speak. My throat very sore and felt ill. E.P. in to dinner and slept on sofa most of evening. Tante finished book aloud to me.

Wednesday 12th January 1921

E.P. out early. I breakfast alone. Felt ill. At 9.30 E.P. in and sent me to Dr Smith’s in car. Back 10.10. I in Tante’s room and went to sleep on her sofa. Sophie Norris in. After lunch I went to bed in guest-room. Tante out to Meeting. I slept all evening. E.P. in late. Tante dined alone. Etta’s day out but she not out. Miss Jones took my temperature and pulse.

Letter from Doz – 12th
Wrote Osgood with £25 – 15th
Wrote Smith and Sons
Sent map puzzle to Eva and Phil

Thursday 13th January 1921

Stayed in bed all day, sleeping. Took only a little milk-toast and soup. E.P. in several times and gave me pills. Finished “Les Miserables” and began “Woman Triumphant” by Ibanez. E.P. and Tante to Beethoven Recital. Sophie Norris too.

Friday 14th January 1921

Some snow, then rain.
Milk and bread in bed. Slept from 11 till 1. Tante had neuralgia and not up till 7. I read in p.m. and got up at 5.30. E.P. in to dinner and he slept on sofa after. Very tired. I to bed 10.30.

Saturday 15th January 1921

Up 7.30. Breakfast with E.P. 1st time he in since Saturday 8th! Felt very tired, and sat on Tante’s sofa all am. She in bed till 7. Very slight sore throat. I lunch with E.P. alone. Tante quiet in p.m. I with E.P. in car at 3.30, he to Hospital. I to Franklin Miller’s. Back. Dr Goodman in to see Tante. E.P. in to dinner with us, but out at 9 to spend night at Hospital. Tante and I read papers. To bed 11 p.m.

Sunday 16th January 1921

Very fine. Cold.
Breakfast alone at 9. Dr Johnson phoned at 9.30 that Cassie had a boy, born at 8, at Jefferson. Sat with Tante and out with Laddie. Tante quiet and slept, and no lunch, I out to buy Ledger and rested in writing room in p.m. E.P. in at 6.15. Tante up and made potatoe salad and cooked mushrooms. Dr Goodman in, in kitchen. Quiet evening, reading papers. To bed 10.25.

Monday 17th January 1921

Very fine, very cold and windy – west.
E.P. out at 7. I breakfast alone. Tante later. E.P. in at 9.30. Sat with Tante and walked to Bank, Cook’s at 11 with Laddie. Mrs Budd to see Tante. Telegram about Mrs H McCormick’s death. E.P. in very late to lunch. “Busy” to see Tante. Tante in bed till 7. Down in dressing-gown. E.P. away at 7.15, on 8 p.m. train to Chicago. Tante and I quiet evening. To bed 10.45.

Tuesday 18th January 1921

Very fine. Still cold.
Breakfast alone. Tante bad cough. I in car to Bank and Miss Donelly’s and Wanamaker’s. Mrs Budd to meeting in our car and to see Tante twice. Dr Goodman in at 2. Tante rested in p.m. I also. I wrote Dorothy. Sat with Tante till 7. Both had supper; she in bed. Sat in her room in evening and out with Laddie to buy “Bulletin” – 19th and Market.

Wednesday 19th January 1921

Fine. Very cold.
Tante bad headache all day till 4. I to Dr Smith’s. Then at 10.30 in car to Bank and Franklin Miller’s. Sewed at corduroy skirt, and Tante’s sleeves. Dr Goodman in at about 6. Tante better in evenings. I made her bed at 9. Out to get “Bulletin” at 8.30. To bed 10.15.

Letters from Alys and Eva – 18th
Letters to Alys – 19th

Thursday 20th January 1921

Fine, not so cold.
Sat with Tante. At 11.15 in car to Hospital. Saw Bridget Morris. To Library to Edith. Dr Goodman to see Tante at 11.15. Sophie Norris in. In p.m. I to Emergency Aid, but no Meeting there. Planned plumeau cover. Out to get newspaper. Cora out. Supper 6.30. To bed 10! Tante had bed made by Etta.

Friday 21st January 1921

Warmer. Very fine.
E.P. home again from Chicago at 8. I breakfast alone (his on train). Tante better. I sat with her, mending. Out to Market Street. Laddie to Radnor with E.P. In p.m. I to Emergency Aid, and heard Mrs John O. Miller. Mrs Collet and Miss Elder called on Tante. Dr Goodman in. Tante in bed all day. E.P. and dined alone. Sat in Tante’s bedroom. I made her bed at 10.20. E.P. read poems.

Saturday 22nd January 1921

Very dark all day. Rain. Fog.
Breakfast with E.P. Moved up stairs to own bedroom. Very dark day. Typed E.P.’s two poems “in memoriam”. Miss Archer to see Tante. Lunch with E.P. Miss Hoyt came and with Tante while I round square with Laddie. Dr Goodman at 5.10. Permitted Tante to come down to dinner. All dined 7. Talked all evening. Mrs Hoyt stayed.

Sunday 23rd January 1921

Very perfect day. Mild, sunny. 57 degrees!
E.P. waked me 8.15. Breakfast with him and Miss Hoyt. Miss Hoyt with Tante most of morning. I out with Laddie to Parkway. Fountains icy. E.P. out till 3. Miss Hoyt and I had lunch together. She out. I with Tante till E.P. in then I to Square with Laddie. Home. Rested 4 till 5. Etta out. Supper 7. Talked till 11.35. I made beds at 9.30. Tante down at 7, dressed and much better.

Monday 24th January 1921

Fine. Cooler.
E.P. walked me 7.15. E.P., Miss Hoyt and I breakfast together. She away at 9.30 in car. I with Tante and then to Bank, and to buy lettuce with Laddie. Sat with Tante, then she slept 1 and I typed poems. Lunch with E.P. Sat with Tante and at 3.45 with E.P. in car to Jefferson and to see Cassie and Moulton Kinsinger Johnson, aged 8 days. To get Edith Bache. Tea with her and drove her home. Tante down at 7. Sewed her serge dress. To bed 11. E.P. very tired.

Tuesday 25th January 1921

Fine. Very cold.
Breakfast with E.P. who had bad toothache. Sat with Tante and out to South Street with Laddie. Sewed Tante’s plumeau cover. Lunch with E.P. who had tooth out and much better. Talked of last summer holiday. Sat with Tante till 4. E.P. took Laddie. I unwell. Out a little. Rested. All in to dinner. Dr Goodman in late, so dinner late. Read papers. To bed.

Wednesday 26th January 1921

Very fine.
To Dr Smith’s. Sat with Tante and helped her with papers. Out 12.30 to Bank and shops. Great rush to get home 1.30. Tired. Tante up at 2.30 and 16 ladies to meeting here in diningroom. Afternoon Tea at 4.30 to all! Dinner 6.30. Tante tired and to bed afterwards. E.P. and I alone in limousine to Academy to hear Stock’s Orchestra from Chicago. Olga Samaroff, (née Hicken-Looper). Soloist in Schumann Concerts. Lovely evening. Spoke to Stock after. Home at 10.50.

Ogla Samaroff, concert pianist 1880 – 1948

24 – “pretty arm”
25 – “one of the most delightful experiences of my life and all because of you, and it was all you. A wonderful summer”.
Letters from Alys and Aunt Bella – 25th
27th – “Something” to come back for.

Thursday 27th January 1921

Very fine. Milder.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante had headache. I in trolley to 3rd Street with her N.A. Insurance certificate. E.P. took Laddie out. I to South Street too. Sewed shoe-bags, and wrote Kitty and ordered meals. Tante had tea at 12.30. Sat with her in p.m. Dr Goodman came. Lighted fire. E.P. in at 6.30. Dinner. Cora out. Read in evening. Tante had long phone talk with Mrs Mitchell. To bed 11.

Friday 28th January 1921

Very fine. Much warmer.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante and then to shops for food, and Bank. Much shopping. Tante and Mrs Carol Miller call. E.P. in very late to lunch. In p.m. I (and Maria) spring-cleaned Tante’s white drawers to get things for French, per Miss Hoyt. Tiring and long. Rested 20 minutes. Dr Goodman came at 6.30. Dinner late. Read papers. E.P. to office at 10. To bed 11.

Saturday 29th January 1921

Mild and fine.
Tante very down. I to Morgan’s at 9.10 with prescription. Did up parcels for Miss Hoyt. Sat with Tante and sewed plumeau cover; in office to watch for car. E.P. in at 1.55. Hurried lunch with him. Up to Tante. She cross and felt ill. Chowder sent down. Sat with her till 5. Dr Goodman in. She slept till 6. I out on Walnut Street Bridge. All dined 7.15. I with Visla Homer to “movie” – Forbidden Fruit; Agnes Ayres, heroine. Home at 10.40. E.P. off to Boston at 11.

Sunday 30th January 1921

Dull. Mild. Damp.
Breakfast alone 9. Tante at 9.30. Sat with her. Dr Goodman in at 11. I out with Laddie to Square. Sat with Tante again, till 1.30. Lunch alone. Sat with Tante all p.m. and she dictated Calendar letters to Mrs Catt and Mrs Bass. I typed them. Miss Hoyt called at 6.15. Tante and I supper alone (Etta in) at 7.30. No fire – so warm! Read and Tante wrote C. McCormick. To bed 11.15.

Monday 31st January 1921

Sleet, turned to snow.
Breakfast alone. Tante had her’s at 9.15 and was cross a bit being waked. E.P. in about 11 from Boston. Very busy. I out in rainy sleet with Laddie in Square. Lunch with E.P. Tante rested and I in writing room. E.P. up. Tante up at 4.30 and Miss Carroll Miller, Mrs Samuel and Miss Lowrie to tea. E.P. out at 4 and not in all night. Mrs Miller to dinner. I to Boston Symphony Concert. Beale and Homer. Jo Trotter. Cary didn’t come.

Tuesday 1st February 1921

Fine. Cold, Frosty and snow on ground.
Breakfast alone. Tante slept on. E.P. out still. I in car at 9.30 with Laddie to vet. In Square with him. Tante woke at 11.45. I out then to Cook’s; and to lunch at Walton Hotel. Democratic Club. Mrs Budd back with me. Tante up and all dined together. Read papers. E.P. downstairs at 9 and up and all to bed 10.20.

Hotel walton

Wednesday 2nd February 1921

Dull. Thaw.
Breakfast with E.P. I to Dr Smith’s and to shops, for dressing-sack for Aunt Bella. Sat with Tante. Dr Goodman came. Lunch with E.P. and “Busy” came at 1.50, to lunch. Etta out. Busy with Tante and I with Laddie to buy grapefruit and chocolate. Tante up at 4.30 and Mrs Busby, (newspaper ) called. Tante rested. E.P. phoned he couldn’t come to dinner. Tante and I had ours’ and Roman Catholic Father Kearan in, and stayed till 9.45. E.P. in at 10.35. I made beds at 10.30! To bed 11.15.

“Because you think so, doesn’t make it true”

Thursday 3rd February 1921

Very fine. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P. Bad day for Tante. Etta and I put away clothes. I sat and sewed in Tante’s room all a.m. Fuss about settling meals. Tante’s breakfast. Lunch with E.P. and told him. I out to Allen’s for silk and to Saving Fund and to mail Thomas’ speech. Tante rested and up at 8. All in to dinner. E.P. (see mem) on sofa. E.P. out to read a paper. Obstetrics Society. Tante phoning. I read. Got orange juice. Out with Laddie and met E.P. 10.45. To bed 11.45.

savings fund

Friday 4th February 1921

Very fine. Not cold.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante slept on till 5 p.m. I out in car 9.30 with E.P. to Saving Fund. Walked back via Venturi’s. Did sewing, washing all day, quietly. Lunch alone. E.P. getting Cassie back to Navy Yard. Tante very bad headache. I packed my trunk (Hold one). Began it. Dinner at 7.20. Tante down in wrapper, and ate chicken jelly. To bed 11.35.

Saturday 5th February 1921

Very fine. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante all the morning! Sewing. Lunch with E.P. Out of Dominick’s and Bradford Clark’s (matches) with Laddie. About 1 hour in all. Back at 4. Tante down and on sofa in writing-room at 4. E.P. slept in chair there. I slept on my bed till 6. Dinner, and at 9.30 Miss Farrell came, till 10.30. To bed 11.15.

Sunday 6th February 1921

Very fine. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P. at 9. I up and down road with Laddie for 10 minutes. E.P. out at 10.15. Tante breakfast 11.30. I lined black hat, and wrote Alys. Sat with Tante till 1.30. Lunch alone. E.P. in at 2.30. He and Tante out in car to Cassie’s at 3. I, with Laddie, for walk. Parkway. Home. All rested. They in writing-room. I in drawing-room. Made beds also! Etta out. Supper. All read papers. To bed 10.30.

Monday 7th February 1921

Breakfast with E.P. Up with Tante. Out to Bank and Genting’s and Sheppard’s with Laddie. Busy preparing for tea. Tante up at 1.30. E.P. in to lunch. Mrs Bergey and Mrs Reese in, and 15 Ward Chairmen in p.m. Row over Bye-laws. Tea and cookies made by Cora. Tante and I had dinner alone. Phone calls all evening. Hunsicker, Budder. E.P. at Atlantic City.

Tuesday 8th February 1921

Breakfast with E.P. With Tante till 11. Then out in car to shops. To Dock Street for potatoes, Apples. To Strawbridge’s – presents for children. Called for E.P. at 1 and home. Lunch with him. Tante in bed all p.m. till 6.30. Resting. I with her and then out with Laddie. Dined all 3 and all to theatre. Peg o’ my Heart. Broad Street. Very good and amusing.

Wednesday 9th February 1921

Rain, mild.
Out to Dr McCune Smith’s at 9. To Bank. With Tante sewing. Mrs Collett in, and talked with Tante till 1. Tante down to lunch with E.P. and me. Etta out. Tante and I did list of Voters in writing-room. Miss Martin to tea at 5. Tante rested at 6.10. All dined at 7. Miss Farrell in evening. Tante and I talked. Mrs Budd phoned. To bed 10.45. Took aspirin.

Took shoes to Genting’s – 7th
Ordered handkerchiefs at Porto Rico shop – 7th $1.50 each.
Letters from Alys (and stocking), Dorothy Barnard, and Nell Sime – 8th

Goodman hasn’t got you – 8th
I shall be lonely these mornings – 11th

Thursday 10th February 1921

Damp. Dull.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante all a.m. E.P. took Laddie to Navy Yard. I also typed letters for calendar. Tante down to lunch with us and signed letters after. She and I out at 3.30 in car to Hoskins and Strawbridge’s and Library and drove Edith home. Home at 5.30. Tante rested. E.P. out emergency operation. Tante and I dined alone. Oysters. Fleming ‘phones. Out for paper. E.P. in at 9.25. To bed 10.25.

Friday 11th February 1921

Damp. Dull. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P. Out to Venturi’s with Laddie. Muddy. Tante up and out to Irwin School. Alumnae French in car 12.13. E.P. and I lunched together. I typed lists and put away linen with Etta. Tante back. I with E.P. in car at 4 to Electric place for bulbs. Cyrus McCormick came at 5.30. Stayed dinner, and away at 9.30. We all to bed 10.45.

Saturday 12th February 1921

Fine. Cooler.
Breakfast with E.P. He took Laddie out a.m. and p.m. I with Tante and then out to shops and got Almanac book at Wanamaker’s. All had lunch together. Tante and I did Voters’ Lists all p.m. from 3 till 6. Then rested. Didn’t dress. Dinner 7 and Miss Farrell came 8.30 – 10.45. I sewed Tante’s bedroom slippers. She talked about Theodore Thomas and Amy Fay. To bed 10.50.

Sunday 13th February 1921

Breakfast at 9 with E.P. Out with Laddie, to Square. Sat with Tante. She up to lunch with me. E.P. out till 3.40. Tante and I did Voters’ Lists till then. He and she talked, and I out with Laddie to Parkway. Home at 5 and rested. Wrote Dorothy Barnard after supper (Cora out). All to St Peter’s in taxi, called for Miss Biswanger, who with us. Musical Service. Home in taxi. E.P. I round block with Laddie. Mr Grant in and talked. Orange juice.

Monday 14th February 1921

Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante. Walked to Bank with Laddie and to South Street. Home at 1. Tante and I lunched alone. E.P. at Hospital. Tante out in car at 2.15 to New Century Guild to Meeting. She ‘phoned for me, and I by trolley with Mr Hunsicker’s letter. Both home in taxi at 5.30. Tante rested. Edith called. E.P. to Atlantic City. Tante and I dined alone. I to fetch paper. To bed 10.20.

Tuesday 15th February 1921

Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante. Discussed supper. Out in car at 10.50 to Stores and Dock Street. Back at 12.15. Tante down to lunch and all had it. E.P. and I in drawing-room 7 minutes till 1.30. Sent off checks and bills in p.m. and twice to Post Office – 22nd and Market. E.P. took Laddie to Navy Yard. Rested a little and dined 6.30. Miss Farrell in evening. Soaked ham.

Wednesday 16th February 1921

Very fine. Mild 68 degrees.
Breakfast with E.P. but out at once to Dr Smith and to Bank, and Franklin Miller’s. Back by 9.30. Sat with Tante and out to South Street at 11.30. Lunch all together. E.P. late. Tante and I in car at 3.35 to Blockley to see Occupational Therapy Room. Weaving. Onto Navy Yard called on Cassie Johnson. Home. Dined 6.30. Etta out. I to Stanley Movie Theatre with Miss Biswanger in evening. Home at 10. E.P. and E.D.D. writing articles on “Democracy”. To bed 11.40. Tired.

Thursday 17th February 1921

Fine. Very mild.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante up early and out in taxi at 10.15 to City Hall to testify about Trolley Skip-Stop. I typed article on Democracy, and took it to Miss Lowrie. Also got out china and glass, all in to lunch (E.P. late). In p.m. Mrs Budd called. I sewed. Prepared table. At 8 came 9 doctors. E.P.’s assistants (staff). Miss Biswanger to supper with Tante and me in writing-room. Big men’s supper.

Friday 19th February 1921

Very fine. Colder.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante up and to meet Mrs Foulke, Mrs O Connell, and Mrs Hack. 221 South Broad Street at 11. I with her in taxi, and to shops, and then called for her. At 1 we went to Wanamaker’s and then home in trolley. Lunch with E.P. Tante to Irwin school after and I to Market Street and Sqaure with Laddie. Rested. E.P. to Atlantic City. Tante and I dined alone. Tante ’phoning all evening. Mrs Budd, Mrs Schroeder. To bed 11.

Saturday 19th February 1921

Breakfast with E.P. Tante had Miss Riley in bedroom long time. I typed, and settled dinner. Wrote Ella. All lunched together. I out for walk in p.m. to Wanamaker’s. Saw Mrs Bergey. Bought frock for Eva. Home. Rested. Dinner 7. E.P. had Miss Farrell. Tante and I round Square with Laddie at 10.15. Snow began.

Sunday 20th February 1921

Snow all day.
Breakfast with E.P. at 9. Sat with Tante and then out with Laddie in snow in Square. Tante had lunch (Tea and toast) in bed. I alone. E.P. in at 3 and all in car to Navy Yard (Johnson’s). Tante and I in bedroom with Mrs Schroeder and Cassie Johnson. Home in snowstorm. Read in drawing-room with E.P. Tante slept in writing room. Read newspapers all evening. To bed 10.50. E.P. postponed Boston trip (too snowy).

Monday 21st February 1921

Very fine. Snow on ground – sunny.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante. Out with Laddie to Bank in snow. All lunched together. Sat with Tante in writing-room. Sending off tickets for Mass Meeting. I out to Wellington with Laddie. Tante rested. E.P. only in at 7.20. Dinner. All read papers in evening. Orange-juice and took Laddie round block.

Tuesday 22nd February 1921

Fine. Thawing.
Breakfast with E.P. Washington’s birthday. Sat with Tante; Out to Square. Sewed satin sleeves and in p.m. E.P. out to lunch so busy all day, and no office hour. Tante and I in writing-room. I round block with Laddie. Saw Mrs Grant. Dinner 6.30. All, and Mrs Mellor in car at 7.30 to Mrs Bergey’s Martha Washington Party. E.D.D. and E.P. spoke. Ice-cream. Home at 11.30. Mrs Hack.

Wednesday 23rd February 1921

Dull. Damp.
Breakfast with E.P. Felt colded in throat. To Dr Smith’s; not out again, but finished Tante’s sleeves and prepared Mrs Miller’s room. All to lunch and Mrs Miller arrived 1.45. Rested in p.m. on my bed- very throaty. All dressed and Tante, Mrs Miller and I to dine at College Club, and on to Academy Mass Meeting Women’s Organisations. I in box with E.P. Tante with Miss Archer. Tante, E.P, Mrs Carroll Miller and Miss Archer all to supper at Bellevue afterwards. To bed 12. E.P. to Boston 12.15 train.

“What shall I do when you go – 21st
Letter from Alys, Dorothy, Kit – 25th

Thursday 24th February 1921

Fine. Damp.
Felt faint while dressing. Breakfast alone. Mrs Miller had her’s in bed. Off with her in car to Broad Street and saw her off by train 10.30. On to Consulate for my passport visa. To Dock Street. Miss Archer with Tante all a.m. I ate lozenges and felt ill all day. Rested in p.m. Bread and milk for dinner (No just orange-juice). Felt faint. Went to bed 8.30. Temperature 102 degrees.

Friday 25th February 1921

E.P. back from Boston. I downstairs to bedroom and in bed all day. Unwell. Dr McCrae to see me. Temperature still 102 degrees. Prevalent infection – grippe, I suppose. Slept most of the day.

Saturday 26th February 1921

In bed all day, sleeping, aching a good deal.

Sunday 27th February 1921

In bed all day. Tante in bed all day too. E.P. brought me ice-cream for supper. Horrible to eat it!

Sunday 28th February 1921

In bed, reading. All day, but down to dinner in my dressing-gown with E.P. Tante in bed all day.

Tuesday 1st March 1921

Very fine and warm.
Actually got up to breakfast 8. Felt very tired (in wrapper). Back to bed all a.m. Hot bath. Dressed for lunch. E.P. in. Felt rotten still. Crawled upstairs to Tante’s room. She coughing and feeling ill too. Dr McCrae came. Rested in p.m. Dined with E.P. Sat while he smoked, and upstairs later. To bed 9.15.

Wednesday 2nd March 1921

Very fine – 67 degrees!!!
Woke at 8! Quickly dressed and breakfast 8.15 with E.P. up in my room sorting things and with Tante (on her sofa) all a.m. Mrs Budd called. Lunch with E.P. In my room resting and till 4. Out with E.P. to Navy Yard in car. Walked about there. Lovely change. Back home. E.P. to Maternity and Jefferson (Hospitals). Dinner with E.P. Etta out. Maria stayed on. Up with Tante. Miss Farrell ill. I still feel very weak indeed. (warmest day on record for March 2nd 67 degrees Farenheit). To bed 9.30.

Thursday 3rd March 1921

Rain. Dull.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante bed night 101 ½ degrees. Dr McCrae to see her. Busy changing rooms and E.P. getting nurse. Camp bed down. Lunch with E.P. “mad as thunder” Round the block with Laddie. Slept on Tante’s sofa. Dr McCrae again at 6. Dinner with E.P. Nurse Guernsey came 7.30. E.P. to Concert. Tante downstairs to guest-room.

Friday 4th March 1921

Inaugeration of Harding – March 4th
Fine. Cooler.
E.P. waked me 7.30. Breakfast with him and Nurse. I felt sick. Couldn’t eat. Spent morning on sofa in writing-room. Lunch with E.P. and Nurse. Only soup for me. Mrs Budd and Mrs Mellor to see Tante. I packed a little. out in car to Jefferson with E.P. then library and Park with Laddie. Home. Dinner with Miss Guernsey alone. Sat with Tante. To bed 9.30.

Saturday 5th March 1921

Dull. Some rain.
E.P. woke me. Breakfast with him and nurse. Sat with Tante and packed a little. Not out in a.m. Lunch all 3 together. Packed in p.m. Mrs Samuel to see Tante in a.m. and Mrs Hunsicker at 3.45 I out in car with E.P. at 3.45 to Hospitals and to Rosemont, got out with Laddie, and Devon. Very nice long ride. Home at 7.5! 3 hours drive. Sat with Tante in evening. Miss Farrell came

Sunday 6th March 1921

E.P. out early. I breakfast with nurse at 9. Sat with Tante, packed, and out in Square with Laddie; sat there – warm. Lunch with Nurse. E.P. in at 2. Read papers. I rested on my bed. E.P. with Tante, Nurse out to supper. Tante dressed and down to supper. Etta out, quiet evening with papers. To bed 10.20. Tired. Tante still slept downstairs.

Monday 7th March 1921

Very warm – 68 degrees in p.m. Record day. Fine.
E.P. waked me 6.30. by mistake! Gave me his Marcus Aurelius. Out with him at 9.30 to have Sailing Permit (Income Tax) in order. He to hospitals, and I to Acadamy for 20 minutes. Called for him. Home. Sat with Tante. Mrs Budd came. Lunch and Tante up and to Meeting at N.C. Guild!! with Nurse. I took Laddie out, rested and packed. Tante in at 5. Rested. E.P. in at 6.45. All 3 dined (Nurse out) and read papers. To bed 10.15.

Tuesday 8th March 1921

Very warm – 70 – 74 degrees!!
E.P. waked me. Breakfast with Nurse and E.P. Out at 11 in car to shops. Cook’s for change. Bank. Dr Capon 12. Tooth filling put back. Wanamaker’s. Fetched E.P. at Maternity at 1.15. Lunch. Tante up at 3.30 and I with her to see Miss Biswanger. Home at 6. Tante rested. E.P. home early. Tante cross about phone and bread sauce. Miss Beale and Viola in. Tante cross about my return date.

Wednesday 9th March 1921

Warm, dull, rain. 68 degrees.
E.P. waked me. Breakfast with him and Nurse. I to Dr McCune-Smith’s at 9. Tante slept on and cross. Cousin Edith Reid called 11. I finished packing. Lunch. E.P. very late. My trunks went off. Tante got up. At 4.15 came Mr Campbell, British Consul, who “invested” me with British Empire Order and stayed to tea. Knew Jeffes and T. Owen. Tante and I did calendar in evening. Miss Farrell came. Nurse went away and Tante moved upstairs to her bedroom. E.P. slept at Maternity. Off early to Atlantic City 5 a.m.

“Marcus Aurelius didn’t know you”.
“Thought time was so little and short, eternity.”
“Near you as long as I can – 10th”

£5.00 for $20.45 – 8th at Cook’s
Cabin cost $270 – 2 berths – No 5. Haverford.


Thursday 10th March 1921

Fine. Cooler.
Breakfast alone. Tante her’s at 9. With Tante till 12, then out with Laddie in Square. Lunch E.P. and Tante. Then in writing-room with Tante. She out in car to Mrs Ingersoll’s Irwin Drive Tea. E.P. and I in car (after delay) at 4.20 to Pier 53. On Haverford. Saw my cabin. Back and I called for Tante. Home. Chicken à la King didn’t come till 7.45. Dined. Wrote dates on calendar. Etta out late. To bed 11.15.

S.S. Haverford

Friday 11th March 1921

Very fine.
E.P. waked me 6.30. (“Marcus Aurelius didn’t know you”). Breakfast 7.30. Goodbye to Tante. E.P. and I in car to pier. On board S.S. Haverford. Captain Jones. Mr Milner, got E.P. on too. Till 9.30. Sailed at 10.45. Navy Yard 11.45. Lunch 12.30. Unpacked; on deck in chair. Dinner 6 p.m. Louis Herman. Mr Dews. Put Pilot off at 7. (Wrote letter by him). Walked; and to bed 7.30. Cold.

Saturday 12th March 1921

Fine. Fresh sunny fog in p.m: cleared up.
Breakfast 8. On deck, walking and sitting all a.m. Lunch 12.30. In cabin all p.m. dozing, sleeping on till 5! On deck. Talked to a few people. Miss Davidson. Dinner 6. Read “Damsel in Distress”, Wodehouse. Wrote E.P. about $25 for expenses. To bed 9 p.m. Hot bath. Fog in night.

Sunday 13th March 1921

Very cold indeed dull.
Breakfast 8 a.m. On deck. Then hymns, passengers only, no service in Saloon. Wrote Tante. Lunch 12.30. and then slept in cabin till 5. Walked on deck 40 minutes. No one else, only officers playing deck golf. Very cold and windy. Dinner. Talked to young cotton man in library. Very, very cold. Hot bath 9. To bed Cold night.

Monday 14th March 1921

Very, very cold but fine.
Arrived Halifax in night. Docks at 8.30. After breakfast, talked on deck to Dews and boy officer? Allowed ashore. 10 to 1. I walked up Citadel Hill. Views. Sent p.c. to Tante from Post Office. Back aboard Haverford. Lunch 12.30. Rested. Then on deck, and we sailed at 2 p.m. Slept in p.m. Dinner. Walked on deck. Talked to lady from Alabama. To bed. No bath 8.45.

Citadel Hill – a fortified summit in Halifax first established in 1749 to protect the protestant settlers against raids by the French, Acadians, and Wabanaki Confederacy.

Tuesday 15th March 1921

Cold. Snow in p.m.
Breakfast 8. Walked on deck. Sat in deck chair about 45 minutes. Read in library “Tamarisk Town” Kaye-Smith and talked to Artillery boy. Lunch. Rested 1 till 6. Ate grapefruit at 4. Dinner. Walked on deck with Artillery Officer. Read in library. Hot bath 8.30. Read in bed.

Wednesday 16th March 1921

Warmer. Very fine.
Breakfast. Sat on deckchair. And talked to Mr and Mrs Laidlaw (worked in Sime’s mill. Botley?) Talked to Chapman and Miss Keith. Games and sunshine. Lunch. Slept and read till 4. Whales about 15 and steamer. Talked to Chapman and others. Dinner. On deck. Lovely. Read. To bed 8.45. No bath.

Lignum Vitae castors
Queen’s Hotel, Chester, Near station – good old fashioned.
Westminster Hotel (dry)
Maggie King. Married Bailey, Providence, Rhode Island.
Kaltenbach’s at Niagara. Very good Hotel. Small.

Thursday 17th March 1921

Rolly, fine. Warm.
Breakfast 8. Walked on deck with Mr Dews for about 30 minutes. Sat on deck till 12.30. Very warm. In cabin after lunch. Slept. On deck. Talked to Chapman and big man. Wrote Tante. Walked and sat on deck after dinner, talked Mrs Hemmingway. Hot bath.

Friday 18th March 1921

Rolly, fine
Walked and sat in chair all a.m. Reading Joan of Arc, Mark Twain. Slept in p.m. from 1.30 till 4. Not out again before dinner. After dinner on deck. Talked to widower. Venus beautiful. Hot bath.

Saturday 19th March 1921

Dull, colder. Damp. Rolly.
Walked on deck with Miss Dreyer. Sat in chair, watching shuffle board and read and wrote. Talked before lunch with new man. Rested 1 till 5. Didn’t sleep. Read “Joan of Arc”. On deck. Talked to Drews. Dinner. On deck with Chapman and in Library. To bed 9.15. Whist Drive in saloon.

Sunday 20th March 1921

Rolly night. Breakfast 8. On deck, talking to Chapman (like Prince of Wales). Service 10.20. Purser. On deck with Miss Keith and reading and Mrs Laidlaw. Rested after lunch. On deck with Miss Keith. Dinner; grey dress. On deck. Walk with Mrs Milner (officer). Talked of Halifax and Falklands. Walked with Miss Keith. Talked to Captain Jones – Zeebrugge battle.

Monday 21st March 1921

Rolly. Dull.
Walked, and sat on deck. Laidlaw sat and talked Galashiels. Walked with Pearson. Queer. “Sad face”. Lunch. Played in Whist Drive with Cosbard. Headache. Sat on deck with Miss Keith and Mrs Hemmingway. Sat at tea with Chapman. Dinner. Read “Main Street” (Sinclair Lewis) in Library. To bed 8.15. Headache.

Tuesday 22nd March 1921

Fine. Not sunny. Cold.
On deckchair talking to Chapman. Talked to Pearson, Dews and Miss Keith. Ireland in sight at 10.30. Fastnet Lighthouse at 12.30. Old Kinsale about 4. Talked to Cosbard. Slept in p.m. Packed a little. After dinner talked to Dyer – Mate and Officer promoted on field. Interesting. Bath 9.


Wednesday 23rd March 1921

Dull. Cool.
Anglesea (sic) passing 8 a.m. Packed. On deck. Windy and cold. Passing Snowdon range. Talked Dews. Lunch 11.30. Tips and goodbyes. “Stage” Liverpool at 12.30. Customs. Walked to Lime Street Station. Coffee and biscuits. Train 4.5 to Euston. Dinner on train 5/-. Met by Alys, Dennis, Wadie 8.40. Euston. Taxi 12/6? Cocoa. Phil in bed. Phoned Dorothy Barnard. To bed 10.30.

Overweight luggage 14/6
Lime Street station for The Stage” 2/3 about 3/6 or 4/-?
Trains to Euston 11, and 2 about.
Chocolate Lakes at Halifax and Bedford
$5 = 24/2 on board Haverford for Purser.
$3.96 to the £. Others say 3.86.
Ticket to Euston from Lime Street 28/10 ½ Leave 4.5. arrive 8.40.

Thursday 24th March 1921

Very fine. Lovely day.
Breakfast 8.30. Out with Alys and Phil to shops – Golders Green and on bus to Baker Street. Alys to Thew’s. Phil and I to Madame Tussaud’s. Home to lunch. Dennis home too. Late. In garden after lunch. I unpacked. After tea Dennis, Alys and I to shops again. Dinner 7.30. Read afterwards. To bed 10. Hot bath.

Friday 25th March 1921

Warm and lovely.
Friday. Breakfast. Hot cross buns. Phoned Susie. At 11.45 Alys and I on bus to South Kensington. Alys back. I on to Aunt Alice’s. In garden. Lunch (salmon). In garden all p.m. Dorothy Barnard white-washing walls of yard. Tea and talk. Home at 7.30. Alys and Dennis met me. Read in evening. To bed 10.10. I unwell.

Saturday 26th March 1921

Very cold. Fine.
Out with Alys to shops, and back, and then out again to buy Easter Eggs. Dennis to Hospital. Lunch. Dennis in at 2. Quiet p.m., reading “Main Street”. All read by fire and talked. Alys and Dennis and Phil out again but I in. Wrote Tante. Dinner and quiet lovely evening. Reading.

Sunday 27th March 1921

Very cold. Showers.
Late breakfast. In all day, quietly. Reading. Phil out with Martha, Alys and I out to Aunt Louie’s. Quiet evening. Reading. Dorothy Barnard phoned about Rye – “The Mermaid”. To bed 10.30.

Monday 28th March 1921

Bank Holiday
Very cold. Dull.
Wrote postcards. Sat and read and very lazy. Lunch Dennis reading Johnson’s Dictionary. At 3.40 Alys and I to call on William Miles’. Tea there. Home. Up to Slater’s. Ellerton girls calling when we got home. Read all evening. To bed 10.20.

Tuesday 29th March 1921

Cold. Showers. Hail.
Dennis to Hospital. Alys and I did washing and then to shops. I bought jersey. To my Bank about papers. Lunch. Quiet p.m. with Alys and Phil. Out after tea with them to shops – Smith’s. Martha out. Dinner 7.30. Read and Ted and Phoebe in at 9.20 till 11.30.

Wednesday 30th March 1921

Slightly warmer.
Wrote business letters and to Rye. To shops with Alys. Lunch 12.45. Alys to “Henry IV” with Polly at Court Theatre. I with Phil, read “Bark Kathleen” (Sunk by a Whale – by Thomas H Jenkins) to him. I to Susie’s new flat, 18 Cheyne Court. Tea and talk. Met Alys 6 at South Kensington. Home. Boat Race. Cambridge won. Mink in evening. Hot bath.

1st Letter from Tante
Wrote Head. Wrightson with Debentures
Wrote Consett
Wrote Osgood
To Susie – Wednesday 4 o’clock
To Wade – Thursday 3.30 or 4.
To Kitty – Saturday to Monday

Serious Coal Strike

Thursday 31st March 1921

Fine. Milder.
Out with Alys to town. In Cook’s at Charing Cross. Changed U.S.A. money. To Passport Office. Got forms. Called at Shipping Company. Lunch at Chinese Restaurant. Walked up Regent Street and to South Molton Street. Alys home. I to Wade’s to tea and stayed till 6.30. Home by tube. Mink (Goldriech) in evening. Coal Strike began.

thomas cook

Friday 1st April 1921

Warm. Very fine.
Fooling with Phil. Made bed. Washed up dishes with Martha. With Alys and Phil to shops. Took jersey to be dyed. To Barnes and my Bank. Home to lunch. Ironed blouse. Mrs Colebrook and Aunt Rosa and Lois to tea. Alys and I out later. Met Phoebe and heard about Miss Smythe. Read in evening.

Saturday 2nd April 1921

Fine and warmer.
All with Dennis walked across Heath to Radington Road. I on by tube with Dennis to town. Booked passage September 24th at Cunard. Some shopping and home. After lunch packed; Iris Harmer came. I to Kings Langsley. 4 from Euston. Edward and George met me in side-car. In garden. Tea, dinner; wound wool and talked in evening.

Sunday 3rd April 1921

Warm and lovely.
Breakfast 9.40. Sat in garden all morning; Hannah and Frank Archer in and sat too. Edward out cycling alone .Dinner. In garden again, and later on came Archer’s. Nancy and Eleanor too. “Tingy” violin and piano. Helped Katherine with children and supper. No fire. To bed 10.10.

Monday 4th April 1921

Very cold but fine.
Breakfast 8.15. At 10.15 all out and I to station. Hannah and Frank saw me off 10.56. Alys met me at Golders Green. Lunch. Sat on verandah with Alys in sun, in fur coats and with hot bottles! All p.m. Tea out there. I to dinner at Baxter’s – 7.30 by Bus 28. Mr and Mrs Alden there and Mr Jefferson, who knew Teed’s, Florence Barnard and Buchanan’s*.

Tuesday 5th April 1921

Cold. Fine.
To shops. Got things out of my big trunk. At 3 p.m. Alys and I to Dr Cleminson’s, 32 Harley Street. He trans-illuminated my antrum; then perforated it; Lots of pus came out. On to English Speaking Union and coffee at Green Tea Rooms, Piccadilly. Home via University College Hospital (U.C.H.) to see Dennis. Martha out and Dennis out to dinner. Mink in evening. Began crochet border.

Wednesday 6th April 1921

Fine. Cool.
To shops with Alys and Phil to meet Eva at King’s Cross from school. Home by tube. After lunch, Alys and I to Ted’s at Harley Street. My face x-rayed. To tea at Mrs Vernor Miles’. Walked home over Heath. Rested. Dorrie Chamberlain to dinner. All to Hippodrome, Chevalier after. Children to bed.

* Cousin Mary taught him Blue Bells of Scotland.
Chilblains this week!
Nell Sime – Thursday 105 Elgin Avenue.
E. V. M. – Monday 11th

Thursday 7th April 1921

Fine. Cool.
Children out to Manor Woods. We did housework and Alys and I to shops. After lunch, I to Nell Sime’s, 105 Elgin Avenue. To tea near Marble Arch with her. Home on ‘bus. Alys and Dennis to dine with Dr and Mrs Stewart, and theatre. I dined with Eva and did Income Tax paper all evening. Bath, and to bed at 9.45.

Friday 8th April 1921

Cool. Fine. Windy.
Housework. To my Bank and then on to Barnard’s at Elm Park Road. Lunch there 1 p.m. After with Dorothy to Ted’s in Harley Street and he took 2 more x-rays of my face. Tea there. Dorothy Barnard back and I home. Ted took me in his car. Alys and children and Martha long bus-ride. Alys and Dennis to dance in evening – Hampstead Town Hall.

Saturday 9th April 1921

Very cold wind. Showery.
Out with Alys to shops. Home. Altered blue silk dress to long sleeves. Lunch. Dennis home 2.15 to lunch. Sewed or crocheted all p.m. Alys slept on chair. After tea, Alys and I again to shops. Bought blue sewing silk. After dinner Dennis to Benmore. Ted in car to fetch us at 9.15 so Alys and I dressed and to dance. Very enjoyable. Lawton, Last, Goodall. Back in car 1 a.m.

Sunday 10th April 1921

Fine and warmer.
Breakfast late. Mr Lawton in, and all of us walked to get Observer and then to Golders Green Park and back. In pm, Alys and Dennis in garden. I finished the blue silk dress, and Mink in. On verandah after tea. Mink took photos. Crochet. Thompsons in evening. Dennis sang. Kathleen played.

Monday 11th April 1921

Very fine. Cooler.
Housework. With Alys to town. To E.V. Miles’ (solicitor) at Theobald’s Road. Then to Australia House and Somerset House about Income Tax. Lunch at The Green Tea Rooms. Up to Liberty’s and Evans’. Bought hats for me. Wrapper and jumper. Home to tea. Children out After tea, Alys and to take coat to Phil at Manor? Quiet evening. Hot bath.

Tuesday 12th April 1921

Very fine.
With Alys to shops and then to Meadway, Lunch Alys and I walked to Hampstead and back To Andrew’s about my trunk and Library. Dorothy to tea, in garden, with us. Children out picnic. I with Dorothy Barnard to station.

Wednesday 13th April 1921

Not to shops till 12. I rummaged in big trunk; Alys did housework. Out and to my Bank about selling War Loan Stock and Bonds. Back to lunch. Alys rested. Children out to picnic tea. Martha’s mother came. Alys and I to Bond Street. Bought Shetland’s, and hat for Alys. To tea at Mr Laughton’s new office. Clifford Street. Dennis met us there. Home to dinner. Mink and Ted and Phoebe in evening till 11.30.

Room engaged – Mermaid, Rye – April 12th till 15th. 15/- per day each person, inclusive.

Mermaid Inn, Rye

Thursday 14th April 1921

Fine, but cold wind.
Alys and Eva to Dr Hart and lunch in town. Phil and I shopped in Golders Green. Home. Lunch alone with Phil. He meccano, I sewed shoes. They back at 4. Phil and I out on Heath. Lady Harmar and Frederick at 5.15. Sat on verandah. Dennis in at 8. Quiet evening. Eva sat up till 9.25. Bath.

1921 Meccano Advert

Friday 15th April 1921

Very cold. Snow. Sun. Blizzard.
Children in and played. Cards with Eva. Alys and I to shops. Very cold indeed; fur coat. After lunch, sewed in drawing-room and children played. Eve (Shenton’s niece) to tea. Sawed wood; up in top-room. Blizzard. Cold evening. Read close to fire. STRIKE off. Triple alliance.

Saturday 16th April 1921

Very cold. Fine.
With Alys to shops. Dennis in rather late to lunch. Aly and Eva to Dr Hart’s and out to tea. Dennis and I out with Kathleen and Dobby Thompson, and they back to tea with us. Down to shops with Dennis and Philip. Met Alys and Eva. Supper. Eva out to Krohn’s. Alys, Dennis and I to Benmore – 9 till 1.30. Nice.

Sunday 17th April 1921

Rain. Very cold all day.
Sat indoors and showed Dennis cuttings. Alys filled in her passport application. After dinner Lalila in and to tea and Ted and Phoebe also to tea. Alys and Dennis to tea with the Mink’s. Sat over fire all day and after supper, read.

Monday 18th April 1921

Cold. Fine.
After housework, Alys and I to town – Selfridge’s for wool, Lewis’ for silk, Bourne and Hollingsworth and lunch at Moriani’s, Soho. On to Passport Office. Then to see Miss Smythe at Wandsworth!!! Home by 49 and 28 bus, getting Phil’s shoes on way. Lined kimono. Hot bath.

Tuesday 19th April 1921

Fine. Cold.
Fininished lining kimono. With Alys to shops. Alys and Eva to Dr Hart’s at 2.15. Phil in my room. I packed suitcase and sewed. After tea, Alys and I to 18 Dorset Square. Eva to Golders Green and took cycle back. Alys away and I had dinner 7 alone. Read, wound wool. To bed 9. Senna.

Wednesday 20th April 1921

Woke 4.30 (senna pains!) Atropine (1:100) injection at 8.15. Dr Cleminson operated on my nose (septum and antrum) polypus (!) at 9 – 10. Dr Pickup gave me ether. Woke at 12.5. Alys came at 5 for 10 minutes. Bled all day and night. Very uncomfortable. Dozed nothing to eat all day but Bovril at 9 p.m.

Atropine 1/100 8.15
Heroin 1/12 10.30 a.m.
Miss Smythe – 38 Gayville Road, Broomwood Road, Wandsworth.
Normal pulse 70-80 or there abouts.
Paid Alys till 20th

Thursday 21st April 1921

Bread and milk. Dr Cleminson came. Nurse sprayed my nose every 2 hours. Moved upstairs. Felt better. Sole for lunch. Slept in p.m. Dorothy came about 3.30 and had tea with me. Alys came. Nurses out in evening and “Sister” looked after me. Soup and kidneys and grapes. To sleep 10.

Friday 22nd April 1921

Fine. Milder.
Work 6 a.m. Good night. Dr Cleminson at 9.30. Kitty called, wall-flowers from her and also Moirs. I unwell. Slept after lunch. Alys at 5.35. Dennis at 6. Read “Road to Endor”, Jones, and “Psychology of Insanity”, Hart. Wrote Ella. To sleep at 12 o’clock.

Saturday 23rd April 1921

Unpacked thro’ nose. Washed 7.30. Breakfast 8.30. Dennis came with shoes. Dr Cleminson came. Nell Sime called about 12. After lunch, I had nose sprayed and was just going to sleep when Ted Shenton came 3. Then Wadie who had tea with me. I up in chair by fire. Then Eva came, Alys with cold, downstairs. To sleep 10.

Sunday 24th April 1921

Rain. Cold.
Woke 7.15. Washed myelf, out of bed. I could smell wall-flowers! Alys came at 12. Dr Cleminson at 12.50. No more visitors all day. Slept in p.m. about 30 minutes. Tea in bed, out in chair 4.30 to 6. Aching between eyes. Supper, soup and tongue and salad, custard and apricots. New night nurse. Began “Unreality” by Bartemeus. To sleep about 10.30.

Monday 25th April 1921

Dull. Cold.
Woke 6. Upstairs. Slept again till 7.30. Postcards for Dorothy Barnard and Ella. Nell Sime at 11.30 till 12.30. Read all day. After dinner at 2.30. Alys came till 3.35. At 5.30 I up in chair till 6. Dr Cleminson at 6.15. Examined nose (with cocaine). Dennis in at 7 till 7.15. I read “Unreality” and to sleep about 10.

Tuesday 26th April 1921

Breathes thro’ nose all night. Dr Cleminson at 9.15, washed out antrum. Hurt. Eva and Alys in at 11.30. I got up at 3. Alys came again. After tea, she and I away (packed) in Ted’s car with Ted and Phoebe. Ted back to tea with us. I to bed at 6. Dinner in bed. To sleep 9.45.

Wednesday 27th April 1921

Breakfast in bed. Dennis helped me to syringe antrum. Up to lunch. Walked up and down road. Alys and I both rested on beds after lunch. Still sprayed nose every 3 hours. Wrote Osgood and E.V.M. with cheques*. Mrs Krohn on verandah till 6.30. Alys very tired. I worried about her. Read till 10 in evening. Tarzan of the Apes.

* Wednesday 27th Wrote E.V.M and Osgood.
27th Lifers and Judge from E.P.D.
Sunday – Wrote Shoolbred. Dorothy Barnard with Ella ‘s letter and Ella.
26th Wrote Aunt Bella

Thursday 28th April 1921

Fine and very warm.
In bed to breakfast. Syringed antrum alone. Not so bad. Up at 11.15 and with Alys to shops, but sat on seat. Bought light coat and skirt in Golders Green!!! Rested after lunch. Letter from Tante. Wrote to her. Out in road with Alys and on verandah. Mink and Laughton both in evening. Eva to a party with Barbara. I to bed 10. Bath.

Friday 29th April 1921

Very fine.
Breakfast in bed. Eva in bed all day with cold. I out to Dr Cleminson’s 12.45. Dennis there, and took me to lunch Shoolbred’s. Home 2.30. Alys to shops. Rested. Wadie to tea, and brought cakes. Martha out all day. Mr Laughton and Mink in evening; I to bed 10. Hot bath (wired Applecross engaging room).

Saturday 30th April 1921

Very fine and hot.
Breakfast in bed. Did nose, antrum. Eva up. Alys to shops. I up and at 12 in open car with Mr and Mrs Styer to Chenies. Bedford Arms. Lunch there. Good. In orchard, then in beech woods and picked bluebells. Lovely.

Bedford Arms, Chenies, Rickmansworth

Tea at Rickmansworth at 4. Home 5.30. Alys, Dennis and Eva and Philip to see Ross Smith Flight to Australia on Cinema. Dennis to Benmore. Alys and I to bed 9.15.

Sunday 1st May 1921

Very fine and hot.
Quiet day. Up late. All in garden in p.m. Dennis gardening. Alys and I on rugs. Mink in. Dorrie Chamberlain and Mink to tea. Eva out to La’s. Margaret Douglas in at 6.30 and she and Dorrie both stayed to supper. Martha out. Dennis and Mink to rehearsal at Benmore. Wrote to Royal Hotel, St Peter’s Port, Guernsey. To bed 9.30.

Monday 2nd May 1921

Very fine. Warm.
Dennis and Philip began cold baths because of coal strike. In bed to breakfast and till 11. Alys washing and then shops. I darned socks and stockings in drawingroom. Sat in garden with Alys and Eva after lunch. Then they to Barne’s. I washed vest and brushes. Sewed on verandah. Alys too. Children bath rages. Dennis back 6.30. Gardening. All read and to bed 9.25, as cold. No fire.

Tuesday 3rd May 1921

In bed to breakfast. Up, did washing. Made bed. Darned stockings. With Alys to shops. Lunch. Eva bath rage, very good. Letter and draft 58.13.0 from E.P. Wrote to him. To Cinema with Alys in p.m. Tarzan and Carnival, Othello. Wrote E.P.D. and postcards to hotels. Mink in evening. Very cold. Fire.


Wednesday 4th May 1921

Rain. Clear in p.m.
Up to breakfast. Muddled about. Very wet, so Eva and I not to shops. Alys on cycle, alone. After lunch all 3 out. Alys and Eva to Thew’s (dentist). I to my Bank. Back and rested. Slept on bed. After dinner, I with Alys, Dennis and Mink to Benmore. Rehearsal. Fun, but I had face aching all evening. Laughton and Mink walked home with us 10.30.

3rd – wrote postcards to Savoy Hotel, Sandown. Pier Hotel, Seaview. Victoria, Swanage. Queen’s, Cliftonville.
1st – Wrote to Royal Hotel, St Peter’s Port, Guernsey
With Kit – 6th?
Wrote E.P.D. – 3rd

Thursday 5th May 1921

Heard of Aunt Eliza’s death (On 2nd).
Up to breakfast. Did nose. With Alys and Eva to town. To Dr Cleminson’s 11 a.m. He did a good bit of examining and told me to go to bed again. Lunch at Evan’s! I home after. Alys and Eva to see the Saftey Match at Strand Theatre. Dennis Embleton also, with my ticket. I slept on bed, and tea with Phil. Upstairs till 8.30. Dinner downstairs. Alys and Dennis with Mink to Hippodrome. I to bed 8.30. Temperature 98.8.

Friday 6th May 1921

Rain. Dull.

Stayed in bed all day. Wrote Ella. Did my investment book, copied pass-book. Alys took Eva to dentist’s after lunch. Dennis out to dinner and to a lady-doctor’s soirée. Alys and I sewed. Alys and Eva and I all had hot baths. Mr Laughton in.

Saturday 7th May 1921

In bed. Did some odd sewing for Eva. Alys busy packing her trunk. Stayed in bed all day, less pain in cheek, only twinges by nose and eye. Alys and Eva off in motor to station. 4.15 to Letchworth. Eva to school. Fuss and difficulty with Martha and Eva. Phil 101.4 degrees and to bed. Alys tea with Wade. Dorrie to dinner and dance and Benmore with Dennis. He injected me at 9.

Sunday 8th May 1921

Showery. Windy.
Stayed in bed all day, but on sofa for dinner 7.15 (chaise longue). Phil up to tea. Normal. Alys pain in stomach. Dennis to Rehearsal. Alys and I to bed 8.30. I normal temperature.

Monday 9th May 1921

Showery and sunshine. Not cold.
I bed most of the day, but on chaise longue for tea and dinner. Alys to shops. Phil to school. I sewed at lace collars. Alys lunched in town with Dennis and to Cook’s about Guernsey. Home to tea. Alys and Dennis to dance at Dorrie’s Club in evening (99.5 degrees).

Tuesday 10th May 1921

Fine. Lovely. Some showers.
In bed. Did lots of sewing – Dennis’ shirt cuffs. Alys to lunch at William Miles. Martha out 2 till 9.30. Wadie came to tea and stayed supper. I on chaise longue. Tea and supper in dining room. Dennis planted pansies. He gave me 2nd injection. “Real immunizing dose”.

Wednesday 11th May 1921

Showery. Muggy.
Wrote letters to Tades and Ella (didn’t send this). In bed all day till 7.30. Dorothy came to lunch and felt ill in p.m. Sick feeling. Mrs Styer to tea, and talked to me. Dennis busy day. W.M. Douglas and mumps. He to Rehearsal 9.30; Alys and I to bed 9.30.

With Kit ?
Wrote Tades 11th (Brussels June 11th 30th)
Ella 12th

Thursday 12th May 1921

Dull. Warm.
In bed. Didn’t do much. Wrote to Ella. Tiring! Slept in p.m. Alys too. Up on chaise longue for tea and supper. Mink in evening. I read aloud “Indiscretions of Archie” Wodehouse.

Friday 13th May 1921

Warm and lovely.
In bed, till tea. Down in dining room as chair there. Aunt Alice and Polly to lunch and p.m. Away at 4.10. Busy a.m. Gas man. Unpicked grey cloak. Mr and Mrs Colebrook at 8.30 – 9.15. Ted and Phoebe and dogs and Mr Laughton and Mink in evening till 11.30. I read “Archie” and “Squiffy” aloud. 3rd injection at 12 midnight.

Saturday 14th May 1921

Lovely day. Hot.
Normal. Washed and got up at 10.30. Down, sewing in sitting-room. Phil and Oswin playing trains on verandah. Alys to shops. Dennis in about 2. Lunch. He and Alys playing with scooter (motor). Shenton’s too. I rested. Alys rested too. In garden and sewing on verandah after tea. Martha’s neck bad (raw). Dennis and Alys to Benmore dance. I to bed 10.

Sunday 15th May 1921

Up to breakfast. All late. Alys and I helped Phil pack up bricks in top room. Rested. After tea wrote Tades. Alys and I for little walk in suburb. Dennis and Alys to rock-garden. Stove in sitting-room and read. All to bed at 9.45. Alys not at all well. Very over-strained.

Monday 16th May 1921

Lovely day.
(Whit) I did housework a bit. Alys tired. Dennis and Philip in garden, and to buy tobacco and lemonade sherbert. Miss Smythe came after lunch. Sat on verandah; then Alys and I to Cricket Club, Mr Laughton’s invitation. Very nice there. Home about 6.15. Phoebe in and all with scooter. Dennis and Phil to Lamb’s to tea. All to bed 9 p.m.

Tuesday 17th May 1921

Alys in bed to breakfast. Phoned Kitty. Arranged Southwold. Alys and I to shops later on. I did housekeeping. Rested in p.m. Ethel Miles called and to tea. Brought champagne! Gay dinner, we three, Dennis, Alys and I of pork pie and champagne. Packed suitcases. Injection.

Seaview, Isle of Wight

Wednesday 18th May 1921

Very fine.
Alys and I off to Waterloo, Dennis with us. Left luggage and then to Passport Office. Got passports. Met H.A. Leggett. Back to Waterloo and off to Portsmouth, 12 train. Arranged 3.30. Steamer to Ryde 4.15. Motor-bus to Seaview, 3 miles 9d each. Pier Hotel. Not good dinner. To bed early. Blankets.

Pier Hotel Seaview

3 ½ hours to Portsmouth, instead of 2 hours, owing to Coal Strike.
Letter from E.P. about nose – 21st.

Thursday 19th May 1921

Very fine and warm.
To shops and lay about on beach-grass. High tide so unable to get by. Lunch 1. Then rested and to buy lemonade and cakes. Walked to point where St Helen’s can be seen. “Tea’ on Sands in 2nd bay. Back to dinner 7. To bed 8.30. Tired.

Friday 20th May 1921

Very fine. Warm.
Out along to shops and further towards Ryde. Then up beside beach tree (crashed) and read. After lunch rested and at 3 in Ford car (35/-) to Chale via Sandown and Godshill. Tea there ¼ each (3 ½ guineas a week). Walked to cliff. Back by 6.30. To shops for spirit-lamp. Bed 9.



Saturday 21st May 1921

Very fine. Hot.
Up. Hot bath! After breakfast to buy food for lunch. 10.15 car to Ryde. 11.10 boat to Portsmouth. Train 12.10 to Waterloo. Stopped every station. Very full carriage. Hot and tiring. Arrived about 4. Phoned Dennis. He met us Golders Green. Home to tea 5. I unwell. Miss Smythe left. Dennis and Alys to Slater’s after dinner.

Sunday 22nd May 1921

Didn’t do much all day. Put new belt in white skirt. Sewed on verandah with Alys. Dennis mending garden syringe all day in top room. Martha out to tea and supper. Wrote Tante and Ella in p.m. and did nose. Alys walked with Dennis to Benmore Rehearsal. Back. Injection 5th.

Monday 23rd May 1921

Fine. Colder. Windy.
Alys in bed to breakfast. Letters about my nose from E.P. to Dennis and Tante to me. Alys and I to town to get passports visa’ed for France at Consulate and to Cooks, about Guernsey. Lunch at Selfridge’s. Home by bus. Very tired. Dennis in late 8 p.m. Alys to meet him. All 3 of us tired and rather depressed. Read till 10.

Tuesday 24th May 1921

Very fine, and warm.
Alys in bed to breakfast. Martha off for day. I did housework. Alys to shops on cycle. Sewed black straw on hat. Alys and I lunched in kitchen. Alys to meet Dennis at 2 and to Cook’s again. I to Dr Cleminson’s at 5, met Dennis there. Long exam, till nearly 6. Home alone by tube. Dennis not home till 8.30. To bed 10.30. Mink in. Dennis wrote to E.P.D.

Wednesday 25th May 1921

Very fine and hot. Rain in night.
Housework. To shops. Alys too. She busy packing. Lunch; then sewing. At 3 she and I to Paddington (bus to Kilburn Park and tube). Met Dennis there 4. At 4.4 they to Weymouth for Guernsey. All night voyage. I home. Tea with Philip. Sewed on verandah. Wade came and stayed to supper. Watered garden.

Martha off all day – 24th
Alys and Denis away – 25th
Paid Alys 20/- till May 25th

Thursday 26th May 1921

Very fine and hot. Thundery.
Stayed in bed to breakfast. Phil to school. To shops on cycle. Martha to shops later for cakes. Lunch on verandah. Sat there and sewed pink jumper. Martha’s brother to tea with her. Phil back rather wet. Changed. Gave him good hot wash at bedtime! Phoned Dorothy Barnard and Iris Harmer and Kit phoned me.

Friday 27th May 1921

Dull, some sun. Cool.
Breakfast in bed. Philip to school. Got up and to shops and Selfridge’s, Evan’s (bedspread for Wade) and Shoolbred’s. Back at 1 by tube. Rested in p.m. and wrote Tante and E.P. before tea. Tea with Philip. He played in garden with Martha. I sewed upstairs.

Saturday 28th May 1921

Up to breakfast and hot bath. To shops with Phil. Bought presents for Wade and Sven, and cake. Did a lot of sewing, and Phil to Sven’s 9th birthday party. I rested, slept till nearly 5. Ted telephoned. Sewed pink blouse. To bed 9.50.

Sunday 29th May 1921

Breakfast in bed. Elsa ‘phoned. Up. With Philip to buy “Observer”. Met Laughton. Played ball. Dorothy to dinner and stayed tea. C.H. Wade to tea. Birthday. Philip played cricket. Martha to Church. Wade stayed to supper. To bed 10.

Monday 30th May 1921

Showery. Windy.
Philip “hiccoughs” because 8.30! I up to breakfast and to shops at 9.30. Planned black silk dress. Kit to lunch, sewed and knitted and talked. Away at 3.30. Tea with Philip. Tades came at 5.30. 6 had tea on verandah. Put Philip to bed. Dinner with Tades. Wrote to Aunt Bella, Mr Styer. Mr Laughton phoned.

Tuesday 31st May 1921

Very fine. Warm.
Breakfast. Housework. Did washing – stockings, vests. To shops with Tades. Sewed and Elsa Ayrton came. After lunch, I to town – my Bank, Cook’s and to buy handkerchiefs for Dorothy Barnard’s. To Dr Cleminson’s at 5. He washed antrum out and cut off polypus! Home. Dinner. Watered garden. Tades to Moin’s. Martha out at 7.30.

Wednesday 1st June 1921

Fine. Warm.
Housework and to shops with Tades. Sat on verandah and sewed with Tades. Rested in p.m. Alys and Dennis home at 12 midnight.

Wrote Aunt Bella, Mr Styer.
Hotel Normandie or Moderne – Havre (not Bordoni, Torton).
Peter’s asked them to theatre on Wednesday.

Thursday 2nd June 1921

Fine. Warm.
All breakfast 5. Alys and I to town to Cook’s to get tickets to St Malo. Home (bought Shetland jerseys). Lunch with Tades. All rested. I slept. Tea. Dennis back 6. Mink in; all in garden till 9.15 or verandah, sewing. Read and sewed; to bed 10.15. Injection.


Friday 3rd June 1921

Breakfast. Packed up. Down to shops and station. Tades too. Alys and I to Waterloo. Tades to cycle back. 12.30 train to Southampton. Lunch on train, baskets. “Vera” to St Malo 6 p.m. Tea and cold supper on board. Alys no supper – headache. Berths in lowest deck cabin. Mr Chamberlain clerk.

SS Vera was a passenger vessel

Saturday 4th June 1921

Dull. Mild.
Arrived St Malo 5.30 a.m. Breakfast on board. Landed 7 a.m. Good passage. Slept. Alys not. Fiacre 7 francs to Hotel Victoria, St Servan – 10 minutes. Slept all a.m. till 10.30. Out to St Malo. Bought guide and booked berths. Lunch at Hotel Victoria. Tram to Paramé and Rochebonne in p.m. Dinner 7.30. To bed.


Sunday 5th June 1921

Mild showers then fine.
Breakfast in bed 9. Horrid toast and butter. By ferry and motor boat to Dinard. Walked to Saint-Énogat. Lunch 12.15 at Hotel de la Mer. Watched Communion Procession and flower path decoration. Chocolat and gateaux. Walked to Dinard. Sat on sands. Boat to St Malo 6. Dinner 7.30. Guernsey Ladies came.

de la mer

Monday 6th June 1921

Fine. Some thunder at night.
Packed and left Hotel. To St Malo. Shopped. To Dinard. Victoria to Saint-Énogat – 5 francs. Room there. Lunch. Rested. To Dinard. Bought hat! To St Malo, on island and round walls. Tea at shop. Back to Saint-Énogat by boat and tram. Dinner. Out on steps by sea. To bed 9.30.

st malo

Tuesday 7th June 1921

Very fine.
To buy postcards and stamps. Wrote cards. Lunch 12.15. Out at once by tram to St Briac. To village and on rocks. Tram 16.20 (4.20) to St Lunaire. Wandered about. Nothing open. Hotels or pâtisseries. Coffee and cider and petit beurres. Tram back. Dinner. Along cliffs to Dinard, home. To bed 9.30.


Wednesday 8th June 1921

Breakfast in bed as usual. 8.30. Out to buy biscuits. On sands watching bathing. Lunch. Walked along cliffs towards St Lunaire. Watched boys playing. Back by confiserie shop. At 5 paid bill and victoria to Dinard 6.50. Across to St Malo. Bought books. Dinner at Hotel Châteaubriand – 15 francs for each with wine. Steamer “Vera” started 8.15 for Southampton. Good cabin to ourselves. Slept all night. Alys not so well.


Madame Gaucher – Hotel de la Mer – Saint-Énogat.
Wrote Tante – 7th
Promenade deck cabin

Brussel’s June 11th to 30th – suggest to Tades


Thursday 9th June 1921

Very fine day.
Arrived Southampton 8 a.m. Breakfast on board. Train 9, to Waterloo (11.10). Lunch there. Home by tubes with suitcases. Taxi from Golders Green. Lunch. Tades out at Sissie’s. Alys rested and slept all p.m. I ironed dress and did nose. Tea. Phil in. Sat and talked. Alys to Mrs Krohn’s. Dennis in 11 p.m. Renton’s party.

Friday 10th June 1921

Very fine day.
Out to shops with Tades. Alys with Dennis to Hampstead. Lunch. All out. Ada rested. Alys and I to shops again for cream (Mrs Egerton sent strawberries). After tea, I cycled along to Sissie’s, 28 Temple Fortune Hill. She out. Mink in after dinner. Tades and I to bed 10. Hot bath.

Saturday 11th June 1921

Tades and I Breakfast at 6.30 a.m. To Victoria. Saw her off to Brussels, 8.30. I to Barnard’s (more breakfast). At 11 to Dennis at University College Hospital. Injection. To Slade! To Cleminson’s in Harley Street. Home. Lunch to lunch. Dennis very late 3.30. Thompson’s to tea, and out in car. Dennis and Alys to Benmore dance 9. I to bed then.


Sunday 12th June 1921

Dull, windy.
Alys and I up to Ayrton’s and talked to them in garden. Walked home to dinner 1.30. Nothing much all p.m. After tea, I walked to Sissie’s. Stayed about ¾ hour. Alys and Dennis nailed up creepers. Dennis to rehearsal in evening. Alys and I to bed 9.30.

Monday 13th June 1921

Stormy – warm, windy.
Alys in bed to breakfast and slept till 10. Dennis wrote E.P. and Tax Collector! I wrote E.P. Alys and I to shops and decorator, White. Rested after lunch. Painters everywhere. To call on Nadine Sime, she out. Coffee at Belg. Shopped. Home by tube from Charing Cross. Dennis very late 8.15. Slater’s in evening.

Tuesday 14th June 1921

With Alys to shops. She in bed to break-feist. Martha out, and Alys and I to William Miles’ to lunch. Shopped. Home. White to estimate on painting house. Mink in evening. I to bed 10. Abdallah in later.

Wednesday 15th June 1921

Very fine – Hot.
Alys to shops, as down with Dennis. I sewed. Lunch at 1. Then Alys and I to shops in town, and taxi to Tate Gallery, Private View. Barnard’s there. Taxi to Cecil Hotel. Tea and then Sir Philip Gibbs’ lecture on Experiences in U.S. Home. Phone from Dorothy Barnard about Edward at dinner. Discussions and telephoning all evening.

Hotel Cecil

Thursday 16th June 1921

Fine and warm – 76 degrees.
Alys up to breakfast (hot bath). To shops. Cleaned silver with Martha. Alys did Eva’s dress. I rested in p.m. Slept. (I unwell so not to Chester). Dorrie Chamberlain to tea, and she and Alys to Denmark Hill, King’s College. Favi with Mink until midnight. Wade came, sat with me in garden. Dennis and I hurried dinner. To rehearsal.

Friday 17th June 1921

Fine and warm.
ALys in bed to breakfast. She and I to shops. Bought a frock each! Home and very hot. Lunch. Stalked strawberries and made mayonnaise for dinner. Alys to meet Eva – ½ term holiday. Back late, Krohn’s all excited and in and out. Dr Duke’s to dinner, and all sat on verandah and talked St Malo till 10.

Saturday 18th June 1921

Very fine. Warm.
Alys in bed again, and both children cuddling her! To shops and Alys to Hill’s. Met and home together. Dennis late for lunch. Gardening and Alys took Phil out to tea party, and called for him. Barbara and Lelila to tea, strawberries for Eva’s. I to supper with Leggett’s. 9 Iverna Court. Home 11. Dennis and Alys to Benmore dance.

Sunday 19th June 1921

Dull and showery.
All to Waterloo and Hampton Court. Five of us. Skiff, lunch on river. Thru’ lock. Explored island. Very nice day, thou wind and rain and dead dog. Philip and Eva rowed too. “Tea” on river. 5.15. Train home. Supper. Dennis to rehearsal and very late. Martha out, from 4.

Monday 20th June 1921

Dull, showery.
Phil with Eva to school. She back. I to Euston. 11.45 to Chester. Arrived about 6.10. Lunch on train. To Queen Hotel. Dinner 7. Out into town. To Cinema “Dirty”. Lovely hot bath. To bed 10.30. (Eva back to her school in evening).

Tuesday 21st June 1921

Breakfast 8.30. 10.9 to Llanfairfachan. Arrived 12.9. Walked to Bryn-y-Neuadd. Saw Edward. Better than usual. Saw Dr Archdall. Lunch at Goodall’s 2.50 to Crewe. On to Euston. Dinner on train. Arrived 9.45 Euston. Tube home. Krohn boy in to show cards of Morocco.

Wednesday 22nd June 1921

Dull. Cool.
Housework. To shops with Alys. Sat on verandah and darned. Lunch. Rested after. Slept! Alys to meet Phil. Tea. Mink in and all sat on verandah. Sewed. Dennis in early. Wrote to Will Cave about House. After dinner. Dennis to rehearsal. Alys and I to Styer’s by tube 9.10 till 11. Saw Vera and fiancé also.

Met King and Queen’s train in Wales. They for Ulster.
Thursday – Baxter’s and Dorrie’s.

Long Drought – 134 days

Thursday 23rd June 1921

Hot. Very fine.
Alys in bed to breakfast. With me to shops after. Lunch, and then Alys and I to Kensington. Ponting’s sale. I to tea at the Baxter’s. Alys to Dorrie’s. I taxi there at 6. Home together by 7.30. Hot. Tiring. Dennis to rehearsal. Alys and I to bed early. Very tired. Dennis late.

Ponting’s Department Store began as Thomas H. Ponting & Company, a small drapery establishment in Westborne Grove in West London

Friday 24th June 1921

Very hot. Fine – 83 degrees.
Martha out all day. Alys and I housework. Then to town to buy new dress for me. Selfridge’s, Peter Robinson, Marshall’s, lunch there. Bourne and Hollingsworth and back again. Alys bought winter coat at Marshall’s. Dorrie to tea, and then to tennis with Mink. Got supper. Dennis and I to rehearsal. Phil up till 8.30 with me.

Saturday 25th June 1921

Drought for 134 days. Very very hot.
To shops. Alys to town for shirt for Phil. Alys took Phil to Cleminson’s party 3.30 till 6. Dennis back 2, excited about his new diagnosis discovery. He and I read in sitting-room all p.m. Too hot in garden. Dinner. Dennis, Alys and I to dance at Benmore. Mr Walker, Mink. Very hot. To bed 1 a.m. Thunder.

Sunday 26th June 1921

Alys in bed till 1.30. Wade came. Talked to her and on cycle to Sissie’s. After lunch rested. Dennis out at 3 to long rehearsal. Alys and I at 6 took Phil to Benmore. Then on to Queen’s Hall. Annie Besant lecture – Theosophy and met Eva with her school. Supper Chinese Restaurant, Oxford Street. Back 10.30.

Theosophy is a religion established in the United States during the late 19th century. It was founded primarily by the Russian immigrant Helena Blavatsky and draws its teachings predominantly from Blavatsky’s writings.

Coal Strike ended.
Began April 1st

Monday 27th June 1921

Alys and I at 11 to Cleminson’s. Then lunch Marshall’s. To Hanan’s sale. Bought boots. Met Dorothy – Cook’s Piccadilly. All 3 on to tea at E.S. Union. Alys and I home by bus. Sissie called. Supper early. All 3 to Benmore. ”Dropping In” performance 8.30 till 10.30. Very good indeed. Home by 12. Tired.

Tuesday 28th June 1921

Fine. Warm.
Alys in bed to breakfast. Did washing. Both out to Thew. On to lunch with Dennis, at Jones’. Bedford Head Hotel. He to be passport photographed. I to Hampstead Heath, bought hat. Alys and Dennis to Hanan’s. Dennis back to U.C.H. Alys and I home. Tea. Martha out. I to Benmore. Acting. Looked after windows. Fun. Home at 12.

Wednesday 29th June 1921

Alys and I to shops. Home, rested! To lunch at Compayne. Mrs Marjolier and daughter and Miss McConnell. Nice. Home via Barnes and Green and Edward’s. Tea. Margaret and Mysie Douglas to supper and all of us to Benmore. Last acting of “Dropping In”. Home midnight.

Miles 29th and 30th
Douglas in evening 29th
To Barnard’s 2nd
Dorothy Barnard – Cook’s 27th
Miss Souttar to tea.

Alys to Cave’s – 30th
Mrs Tidy to lunch – 1st
Acting, Benmore 27th, 28th, 29th.

Thew – 28th 11.35.
Leggett – July 1st 4 p.m.
Suggest Thring on 7th

Drought continuing

Thursday 30th June 1921

Fine, lovely.
Dennis, Alys and I in tube together. Alys and I to Dorrie Chamberlain’s to see Mrs Staple’s dresses. Alys to Gwen Cave’s. I to Victoria and then home. Rested and sewed new dress in afternoon. Tea with Phil. Looked at “Life” with him and played ball in garden. Ironed. Alys and Dennis at Bickley (Cave’s) all night.

arundale school

arundale school copy
Eva Embleton (my grandmother)

Friday 1st July 1921

Very fine.
Hot bath. Shops. First I had breakfast in bed. Alys back. Miss Tidy to lunch (veal cutlets, peas, redcurrants and raspberries). Sat on verandah. I to tea with Mr Leggett and “Molly” aged 4 years 3 months. Bought bag Derry and Toms – 20/-. Home. Iris Harmar to supper, sat on verandah. Krohn’s in and Mink. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 2nd July 1921

Very fine.
Alys in bed breakfast. To shops. I on bicycle. Packed, and I to Chelsea, Barnard’s to lunch 1. Rested in p.m. Polly at Wimbledon. Tilden versus Norton. Tea. Mrs Alsop (Jay Chapin) of Mount Kisco and Tom Marshall blind. Played Chopin beautifully. In garden supper there and Peter Harrison to supper. Indoors at 10. To bed 11.10.

Sunday 3rd July 1921

Fine. Warm.
Breakfast at 9.30 in garden. Sat about, talking and reading paper and dried crockery. Lunch 1. All rested on beds. To tea, talk. Away at 6. Walked to South Kensington. Tube to Golders Green. Home. Doris Freear to supper!

Monday 4th July 1921

Very fine.
Alys’ birthday – 37th. Phil not well and back to bed. Alys and I to shops and Waterloo to book berths. Back via Hill’s for cake, and my bank. Lunch. Tested. Out on cycle to shops for Swiss roll. Wade to tea, and Mink also in. In garden, he photographing. Wade to supper also. Quiet evening. Alys wrote letters. To bed 10.

Tuesday 5th July 1921

Very fine. Hot.
Phil in bed till 11. Alys with Dennis to Hampstead, Cossey Cottage and Claude Taylor. I to shops for butter. I to Debenham and Freebody’s to meet Kitty for lunch. Home. Sewed with Alys. Martha out. Alys made mayonnaise, with egg beater. Thompsons in evening. Dennis very late and elated about his discovery. Mink in. Songs. To bed 10.35.

Wednesday 6th July 1921

Very fine. Hot – 80 degrees.
Alys to dentist. In all a.m. arranging things from trunks. Lunch 1. At 2.30 I to 23 Belgrave Square. Belgian Embassy. King and Queen of Belgians there. Address of Welcome by us, Anglo-Belgian Union. All presented to them. Talked to Leggett, Tadema. Emile Cammaerts there. To the Ellerton’s after dinner, Alys and Mink. Dennis came later. Home at 12. Tired!

5th – Alys and Dennis to Hospital.
6th – Belgian Embassy, Belgrave Square – Ellerton’s
7th – Hastings
8th – Sissie 4.30

9th – To Ella, to 29th.

Thursday 7th July 1921

Hot. Fine.
Alys and I to Charing Cross and by 10.45 train to Hastings. Arrived 1.5. Lunch at Albany Hotel 4/- each. Good. On front, and walked to Old Town. Bus back. I at 3 to Mrs Thring. Cornwallis Gardens. Tea there (Alys too). Home 4.40 train. Arrived 6.40. Tube. Met Dennis. Bonfire in evening. Dinner on verandah. Laughton in.

The Albany Hotel, Hastings

Friday 8th July 1921

Very hot and fine.
Alys to Thew’s and I to buy solid methylated, and to Selfridge’s. Wrote Tante. Home to lunch (after sundaes). In p.m. C.H.W. (Wade) and Maud Hayward came. I to tea with Sissie. After dinner, Dennis and Alys and I on bus to Thompson’s, Marylebone High Street. Souttar’s there. Music. Home on bus. Josephine and Gibbs.

Saturday 9th July 1921

Very hot – 85 degrees and fine.
To shops. Alys too. I on cycle. Packed, all p.m. Jack Spiers to tea with Phil and hit Philip under eye. I to dine at 26 Compayne. Aldridge and the Gibbs there. Interesting. To Benmore on way home 10.30. Danced. All home 12.20. Iced lemonade.

Sunday 10th July 1921

Very hot and fine.
Down to station for paper. Eva (Webb) Young came. All on verandah. Mr and Miss Laughton in too. On verandah. Did passbook and packing. Read to Phil. Margaret Douglas to supper. Sat in garden. All walked with her to station 10 p.m. 91 degrees. Hottest day since 1881 – 40 years.

Monday 11th July 1921

Very hot. 92 degrees!! But breeze.
All day muddling about packing up slowly. Alys and I to shops at 9.45. Bought ice-cream brick 1/9. Home by Friede’s road. Wrote E.P.D. Lay on Alys’ bed and read, both of us. After supper, sat in garden till 10.15. Mink too. Played new game Dennis invented.


Tuesday 12th July 1921

Hot but cool in Newcastle.
Finished packing. Breakfast on verandah. Alys and I in motor to Kings Cross (8.35) 12/6. Wade to see me off. 9.50 to Newcastle. Lunch on train. Very hot all the way. Arrived 3.30. Ella met me. Cab to 2 Bentinck Villas. Tea. Talk. William Bell in at 6. Supper. Ella and he to doctor’s for little maid. To bed 9.50.

Wednesday 13th July 1921

Dull. Cool. Pleasant.
Dusted drawing-room. Sat and sewed with Ella. Dr came to see maid. At 11, Ella and I to town by car. To shops, and home at 1. William at home all day. Dinner 1 o’clock. Sat in drawing-room. 2.30 till 4. Slept on bed. Chris and Edith and Violet to tea. After supper, Ella, William and I walked to Aunt Ellen’s. Saw Cousin George Reid too. Home through park and car. Music till 10.20.

11th – wrote E.P. about New York Times he sent. Sent sea pics.
Tickets to Beal 8/6
Taxi at Newcastle (my share and tip) 7/6

Thursday 14th July 1921

Dull. Cooler.
William out 6.30. I wrote Alys and sewed. Unwell. Then out with Ella to near-by shops. Dinner. Rested. Slept heavily at 4.15. Bella Bell arrived, from Dieppe. Tea. Talk and knitting. William in. Mr Gandy and son in. Songs from William. To bed 10.15 William slept on sofa. Bella in his room.

Holy Island

Friday 15th July 1921

Dull, then sunny. Windy, rain at night.
Ella and I off (taxi didn’t come). Rush for 9.15 train. Arrived Beal 10.45 – 4 miles drive across sands to Holy Island. Iron Rails Hotel. Nice room with Ella. Canvas walls. Painting. Out. Rested. Slept till 4 (lunch 1.) Out to Castle. Sat about. Dinner 7.30. Mr and Mrs Adderton.

Iron Rails, Marygate, Holy Island

Saturday 16th July 1921

Very fine. Cool.
Breakfast 8.30. Wrote Alys. Walked across to golf links and sat on big dunes, back across them. Lunch. Rested on bed, slept till 4. Walked to Castle and past. Sat. Back again. Dinner 7. Out a little way. To bed about 9.45.

Sunday 17th July 1921

Fine, but sea-fret at times.
Breakfast 9. Went into Sidney Reid’s house and garden. Walked to the bathing bay and sat in dunes. Others bathed. Dinner 1.30. Tea 4. Slept in p.m. After tea, sat in Sidney’s garden and read “Victoria” aloud. Walked to castle too. Supper 8. Out on Heugh after. Sunset.

Monday 18th July 1921

Very hot and fine.
After breakfast, wrote Dorothy Barnard. Out to dunes and I bathed, 1st, very lovely, cold water, calm, clear. Home at 1. Rested in p.m. Ella out to buy bathing-gown first. After tea, sat in Sidney’s garden. I wrote Tante and read. Walked to castle and round. Walked out after supper too. To bed 10.

Tuesday 19th July 1921

Dull. Very warm. Then cool breeze.
Out to Post Office. Back and wrote Dorothy about trains and sent wire to Edinburgh Hotel (Caledonian). Walked to castle. Not in. Shower. On to Emmanuel Head. Back by Poppy Lane. Lost my cap. Back for it, after dinner. Rested. Sent 2nd wire to Edinburgh. On Heugh. Watched sea-houses trips. Looked for “beads”.

St Cuthbert’s “Beads” – Segments of fossilised crinoids

Wednesday 20th July 1921

Windy. Lovely day.

Ella headache. Walked across to coves and into caves. Too windy and rocky to bathe. Sat a little, and back to lunch. Mr Timperley away. Rested. Wrote Alys in a.m. and Tante. After tea to castle. Over it. Apache Lilburn! Sat on Heugh. Boys bathed. Supper. Looked at Mr Adderton’s sketches. To bed 9.45.

Cove Haven, Holy Island by Charles William Adderton (1866 – 1944)

Miss Peachley and Mr Rawlins away – 19th
Letter to Tante – 19th. Wrote Busy.
Thursday 21st – Mucus again from cheek.

Thursday 21st July 1921

Dull, colder. Rain in a.m. Windy.
Wrote Cleminson, Dorothy Barnard with wire and Bank for £20. Ella to Post Office. I to Post Office and both of us walked in rain to golf course and back by lane. Did some sewing in bedroom. Lunch. Rested. Read “Victoria”. No sleep. Out after tea to castle and Emmanuel Head. Not out after dinner. I read aloud to Ella in drawing-room. To bed 10.45.

Friday 22nd July 1921

Windy. Dull. Rain in p.m.
Mr and Mrs Dodds away. I to Post Office and got letters from Doz and Tante. Ella and I to Priory and shown over the ruins and excavations by soldier. 2/- tip. Sat in Sidney’s garden and read aloud. Rested in p.m. Eva Reid came. Tea. Ella, Eva and I to dunes. Eva and I bathed! 5.30. My 2nd. Cold. Windy. Rained hard on way back. Soaked. Changed. Music in evening and sewing.

Saturday 23rd July 1921

Dull, showery, windy.
Out to buy note-paper. Ella and Eva to Post Office. All 3 to Sandham Bay and Eva and I bathed – 3rd. Very cold. Back to lunch. Rested. Slept. Out after tea to castle. Read aloud. Sheltered in lime-kilns from rain. Eva’s friend, May Walker, came. Out to see sunset in evening to seaside with Mrs Adderton and Mr Wanless.

Sunday 24th July 1921

Walked out, with Ella. Very windy, cold. Ella and I to Presbyterian Church 11. Walked on Heugh. Rested after dinner. Ella wrote letters. She heard of William Bell’s engagement to Helen Reid, by wire. Out to Emmanuel Head and sat there. Ella read Milly’s letters. After supper, read and talked in drawing-room.

Monday 25th July 1921

Windy. Mild. Heavy showers.
To Post Office. Letters from Cleminson’s, Alys. Bank. Walked to Snook with Ella. Eva and Miss Wanless barefooted. Saw wreck. Home. Rested after lunch (Adderton’s and Wanless out to lunch). Didn’t sleep. Washed knickers and stockings. After tea, at Sidney’s house. Ella ironing skirts. Read in drawing-room and music from Ella, Eva and M. Walker. To bed 10.

Tuesday 26th July 1921

Very windy. Showers in p.m.
Wrote Alys and Dorothy Barnard. To Post Office. Wrote Edith Bache. Walked to castle and sat and read in lovely sunny nook near it. Back in gale. Rested after lunch. Crab for lunch. No sleep. Out to Emmanuel Head. Sat there. Shower. Back by golf-course. Met Eva and M.W. Supper. Read and Ella and I out to see sunset. On Heugh. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 27th July 1921

Very dull. Sun later but no sunset.
Sent off Leggett’s book. Walked with Ella to caves. Sat and then to Sandam Bay. I bathed alone. Cold, calm but nice – 4th. Lunch; boiled water for hot bottles! Rested. Tea. Walked to Heugh. Sat on rocks. Walked to Bible Rock, near castle. Sat and read. Dinner. Not out. Knitted and read in drawing-room. To bed 10.

Mucus again 25th or 26th and 2nd
Waverley Hotel – “British”

Wrote Edith Bache – 26th
To Applecross 30th – to 13th August
North British Hotel, Glasgow – “attractive” Telegraphic.

Thursday 28th July 1921

Wet. Dull.
Wrote Kitty. To Post Office with Eva. Walked with Ella to castle and back by Emmanuel. Rested in p.m. Packed 11.30. till 1. Out with Eva and Ella and Miss Wanless. Round by Castle again. Supper. Mr Adderton showed his sketches. Played Pelman Patience. Looked at cupboard bed!


Friday 29th July 1921

Rain a.m. Dull p.m.
Ella and I off at 9.45; drove across to Beal. High tide! To Edinburgh. Coffee. Saw Ella off 2.10. To Perth. Shopped in Princes Street and to National Gallery. 5.5. train to Glasgow, Queen Street, to North British Station Hotel. Dorothy arrived there at 7.15 (I arrived 6.15). Had dinner (Very good 7/6 each). Hot bath. To station first (back of 5 o’clock). To bed 9.30.

North British Station Hotel, Glasgow

Saturday 30th July 1921

Cool. Sun at times.
Breakfast 9.30. Out for a walk round the loch. Dorothy unwell, so not far. Dinner 2 p.m. Rested, slept. Wrote Alys and card to Ella (Hotel). Hotel and pier card to Alys. Tea at 4. Took Dorothy Barnard a cup to her room. Out after tea, sat on beach and by river. Supper. To bed about 9.30.

Sunday 1st August 1921

Fair on the whole.
Out to Manse and hillside. Back by 1.30. Rested all p.m. Slept. Out to pier and met steamer but no trunk! Sent telegram and wrote letters. Supper and to bed early. Mrs MacGregor and her daughter. Dr MacGregor.

Monday 2nd August 1921

Showers. Cool.
Out to Camusterrach, very queer little village. Talked to Khaki boy. Good English. Back to dinner. Slept in p.m. Met steamer. Still no trunk. Walked up hill a good way. Fine view of Coolins. Dorothy wrote to chemist at Kyle. To bed 9.15.

Tuesday 3rd August 1921

2 showers. Mild.
Walked up the Applecross River and sat beside it on stones. Rested, after dinner. Slept. Cold better. Out to Camusterrach and back after tea; about 4 miles in all. No trunk. Letters came. Wrote in evening to Alys and Bank.

2 letters from Tante.
Wrote Cook’s Piccadilly.
Wrote Consul-General U.S.A. 1st August.
Wrote Glasgow – Enquiries
Wrote Bank with cheque 3rd
Wrote Tante – 4th
Alys and family to Enogat – 6th.

Aber = mouth of a river
Corrie = gulley
Ness = river

Thursday 4th August 1921

Showery, grey, mild.
Dull, damp. Walked up river and in grounds to bridge. Met the MacGregor’s there. Rainy. After dinner. Slept. (Back by Bierlach (Bealach) road). After tea, walked to corner of hill, on the way to Sand. Lovely panorama, but grey. Wrote Ella and Tante in evening.

Friday 5th August 1921

Walked up Glen a good way. Sat on stones and MacGregor’s came up. Walked on and back with them. Slept after dinner. After tea, Dorothy and I walked towards Sand again. Back just at 8 o’clock. Letter from E.P.D.

Saturday 6th August 1921

Wet then lovely p.m.
All started out at 11 in pouring rain walked up Glen, it got finer. Ate sandwiches, midges! By lovely waterfall and across Pass. By several lochans (little lakes). Walked home, sitting 2 or 3 times on way. About 14 miles altogether. Home at 6.45. Dorothy’s trunk came!!! Looked at maps all evening.

Sunday 7th August 1921

Showery, some sun.
Walked up behind Farm (steading) and through wood, and sat on stile. Dinner 2. Rested (I didn’t sleep!). MacGregor’s with Mrs Marrall to Church 5.30. We wrote letters. Out by bay, and up hill, looking at birds thro’ Zeiss glasses. Supper 9. To bed 10 (Hen harrier).

Monday 8th August 1921

Showery. Lovely effects and views.
Breakfast 9.20. All out in showery weather to Sand. Lunch by a lovely waterfall and burn. About 9 miles there and back. Miss McGregor found a large scallop shell. Back to late dinner at 7.30. Read newspaper and wrote.

Tuesday 9th August 1921

Very wet day.
After breakfast, all walked to Toscaig, very wet, but no rain just at 1.30. Sat on rocky knoll and ate lunch. Walked back, sitting on the way, but heavy rain later and got very wet. Tea at home at 4.15. Sent wire to Waverley. Not out again. Wrote Nell Sime.

Wednesday 10th August 1921

All out to see Miss Livingstone at Culduie. Bought jumpers. Handmade and woven. Home to lunch. Very wet. Rested after lunch. Tea at 4.15. Dorothy and I out on Sands in sandshoes. Saw heron, oyster-catchers, red-shanks, curlews, gulls. Dinner. Wrote Ella – postcard.

Culduie from the North

Marine Hotel (Temperance) Oban – Recommended by Mrs MacGregor. Good before the War.
“Ivy” mans’ motor-cycle.
Miss Jessie Livingstone Culduie Apex.
Jumpers 16/6 and 25-
Leave Applecross 13th
£3.0.0 per week each at Applecross.

Thursday 11th August 1921

Hot sun a.m. Windy p.m.
Unwell. Took a little walk to Sands, and sat in hot sunshine looking at oyster-catchers. Nice, by river. Rested, slept after lunch. After tea out up hill behind little loch (Lochan Fhuital). Back. Supper. Letter from Alys from Brittany. Good sunset.

Friday 12th August 1921

Dull, mild. Calm
Too misty for Bealach, so MacGregor’s and we went in boat across bay. Left Mrs MacGregor and we went on fishing round point. Caught lithe and cuddies. Back to rocks and all had lunch, and great scramble and climb up to path. Home at 5.30 or 6. Packed up. New man to dinner (from Bristol).

Saturday 13th August 1921

Breakfast 5.20 a.m. Boat to S.S. Gael 6 a.m. To Kyle of Lochalsh. Arrived 7. Breakfast at station. Hotel 8.30. Walked about. Left Kyle 11 a.m. Arrive Dingwall about 2. Lunch-basket there. Arrived Inverness about 3. Changed, left Inverness 3.30. Tea-basket at Kingussie. Arrived Perth between 7 or 8. Arrived Edinburgh 9.32. Slept at North British Hotel, Waverley Station.


Sunday 14th August 1921

Showery. Some sun.
Breakfast about 8.30. Out and walked along Princes Street and up to Castle. Off at 11.30 to King’s Cross. Lunch and dinner in luncheon car. Sat there all the way, nearly. Lunch 4/- each. Dinner 5/- each. Arrived Kings Cross at 9. Taxi to 6 Elm Park Road. Aunt Alice and Polly there. To bed about 11.

Princes Street, Edinburgh

Monday 15th August 1921

Breakfast 9. All a.m. packing and re-packing. Lunch 1. At 1.45 Dorothy and I in taxi to Waterloo. She saw me off at 3.15 to Southampton. S.S. Princesse Ena to St Malo. Slept well in ladies’ cabin, 8 of us and Stewardess! Up. Had supper at 5.30 on board, and sat on deck till 9.30, when turned in. Blores.


Tuesday 16th August 1921

Fine. Showers in p.m.
Woke 5. Breakfast 6. Off steamer 7.15. Long douane (Customs) wait. On ferry-boat with Blores across, and tram to St Enogat. Alys, Dennis and children only just up! About 10 a.m. On Sands. All bathed! My 5th this year. Slept in p.m. and to shops. Cakes on beach for tea. Showery. Dinner 7. Strolled round village. To bed 9.30.

Wednesday 17th August 1921

Rather showery.
Breakfast in room 8.30. Up, mended bathing-gown in garden. On Sands. All bathed except Alys (too dull) – 6th. Lunch. Slept on bed. Out. Rain. Dennis in and read. Eva and I bathed (7th) again. Rougher. Lovely! Biscuits in Eva’s room. Cards. Dennis and I out to buy ink, and on Sands. Watched very rough sea and bathers. Dinner. Eva played hopscotch with Scott children and John and sister. I talked to John’s parents. We sat in my room till 9.30.

To St Enogat – 15th – 16th
Dennis gave waitress 45 francs on 20th.

Thursday 18th August 1921

Cold wind. Showery. Warm in p.m. and evening.
Café au lait 8.30. Out on beach, all bathed (8th) Deep and choppy. After lunch, walked to Dinard and all to Circus – 3 till 5.30. Good. Tea in a patisserie. Scott’s too. Ices and chocolate. Walked home by Sands and road. Dinner. Watched sunset from terrace. Did accounts and expenses in my room.

Friday 19th August 1921

Dull. Showers.
Wrote to Dorothy. On Sands. Bathed – 9th, not Dennis who felt rotten and depressed. After lunch, Dennis and I walked to Dinard and over to St Malo, to enquire about Excursions. Had iced coffee at Chateaubriand and sat there a while. Walked back by Sands. Bathed (10th) at 6.25. Eva in earlier. After dinner, Dennis, Alys and I had coffee with Scott’s in café.

Saturday 20th August 1921

Dull. Heavy showers.
Out to locksmith’s. All bathed (11th). Very nice; swam under water. At 2.30 I took Eva and Philip to St Malo, landed on island. Looked at shops. Chocolat, tartines in café. Cakes in shop. Home by Dinard shops. Eva bought Alys bathing-scarf. Alys and Dennis went to Casino, danced all p.m. Blores too. Dennis and I to Cinema in evening with “Uncle Rex” people “Ball”. Carpentier–Dempsey film. Home 12.30!

Sunday 21st August 1921

Showery. Dull.
Dull, but all bathed – 12th. Lunch. Began letter to Tante. Rested in p.m. Slept. Alys came round and wrote to Aunt Bella in my room. To shops with her to buy tea. Dinner. Eva rather naughty, so no choux à la crème. Cried. All asked Scott’s to coffee and round to their rooms till past 10.

Monday 22nd August 1921

Very fine and sunny.
Alys and Dennis off at 9 to St Malo and to Mont St Michel all day, back by D.L. by motor-coach. Eva, Philip and I on Sands. Bathed – 13th. I to village and they rested 1 till 2. On Sands, digging and sailing boats with Scott’s. Eva and I bathed again – 14th at 6.20. Dennis and Alys back at 8.15. Lovely sunset.

Tuesday 23rd August 1921

Pouring rain but fine after 4.30.
Very dull. Finished letter to Tante. All bathed at 11. Rain. Lunch. Dennis and children indoors. Alys and I walked to Dinard and changed £10. Tram back, after “chocolat”. Cakes at Hotel; all out on rocks, lovely, till 6.30. Dinner. Graham ill and on Eva’s bed. Out to find Blores’. Benedictine at café.

Wednesday 24th August 1921

Fine but not much sunshine.
Read in bed. On Sands. Dennis’ hip very bad. All bathed (15th). Lovely high tide. Rested after lunch. Alys and I to buy rolls. Alys to Dinard first, with Mrs Scott. All of us on rocks, and had tea there. Found shells, jelly-fish. After dinner, to Café, where Blores’ had coffee and Benedictine’s with us. To Michelet and danced!

Hotel Michelet

Bill for week – 268.80
Tax – 7.05
Total 275.85
To Mont St Michel – 25 francs each.
Lunch at Madame Poulart’s 12 francs each.
Tip to Chambermaid. 1 week my room 10 francs.
Changed £10 to 466 francs at 46.65.

Thursday 25th August 1921

Fine on the whole. Dull mostly.
On Sands. Alys sore throat. We all bathed. Lovely 16th. Rested after lunch. Alys and Dennis played tennis with the Scott-Foxes. I to buy “tea” and wool with Eva. Then on Sands with boats and spades. I walked to Dinard with Dennis to buy tickets for Dinan, par la Rance – 12 francs each. Café with the Blores, and all to dance at Michelet. Scott-Foxes too.

Friday 26th August 1921

Perfect day.
Alys and Dennis off to Dinan at 8.30. I sent postcards to Mrs Styer. On beach. Eva and I bathed – 17th – lovely. Phil sore throat. Played with Scott’s all a.m. Rested after lunch. Read about R.38 wreck. On Sands and bathed again in p.m. – 18th. Tea at Anchor Tea Rooms. Alys and Dennis back 4.30. Cricket with Scott-Foxes. Alys and Dennis and Philip bathed. Dennis and I with Dr and Mrs Scott to Casino. 9 – 11.30.

Saturday 27th August 1921

Dull a.m. Beautiful afternoon and evening.
I walked to Dinard 9 – 10 to buy butter-dish for Alys. All on Sands. Bathed (not Alys and Dennis) – 19th. Lovely. After lunch with Scott’s to Café. Dennis and I played pat-tennis on Sands in bathing dresses over rope. Tea on Sands. All bathed (20th). Lovely. Phil did well. Alys and Dennis to Bal Masque at Casino at 9.15. I slept with Eva as they in very late.

Sunday 28th August 1921

Fine. Hot p.m.
Over to my room for breakfast. On Sands. Bathed – 21st. Alys and I packed up, after lunch; others to Sand Bay with Scott’s and Scott-Foxes and they bathed there and had tea. Alys and I tea at the Café and then joined them. Back at 6.35 and I bathed alone – 22nd – lovely.

Monday 29th August 1921

Fine day. Windy.
Busy finishing packing. Boxes went at 11 o;clock. All down and bathed – 23rd (except Alys). Lunch. All off at 2, walking to Dinard. Scott’s saw us off there. To St Malo by vedette. I bought rolls, butter. Douane; on board S.S. Lorina. Off at 4.30. Past Channel Isles 6.30. 7.30 Dinner 5/0 each. Berths on Prom deck. To bed 9.15.


Tuesday 30th August 1921

Fine, but cold.
Slept well. Woke 5. Breakfast 5.40 in Southampton docks. Ashore at 6.40. Douane. Train 7.30 to Waterloo. Arrived 9.30. Motor-car home. Alys slept 1 hour in a.m. I unpacked. Helped Alys to unpack in p.m. All walked down to shops. Bought tobacco. Dinner and all to bed at 8.20. Felt very colded.

Wednesday 31st August 1921

Fine and warmer.
Alys in bed to breakfast. All out to Baths at 11. ALys and I not in swimming. I on to lunch at Aunt Alice’s. Sat in garden. Out with Dorothy Barnard to Vindon’s and River. Tea. Conrad came and Honor Binyon and baby. Home at 7. Phil had cut his knee and was being sewn up by Dr Henderson. 2 stitches.

Wednesday – to lunch with Barnard’s.
Thursday – Zoo with Scott’s.
23 bathes this year.
Write E.P.
Return from St Enogat 29th?

Thursday 1st September 1921

Dennis dressed Phil’s knee. 100.8 (temperature). Alys out on cycle. Eva and I to Zoo, met the Scott’s, Mrs Wright, Graham and Maxsie, and later Dennis, and then Dr Scott. All lunched together and watched animals feeding. Home at 5.30. Phil’s knee done again. Read to him, and so did Eva. Unsettled evening. His temp down to 100. Wrote E.P and E.D.D (Tante).

Friday 2nd September 1921

To shops to buy chickens, 9.10, and with Eva to Baths. Her swimming-lesson. Trudgeon and side-stroke. Home via Hill’s. Katherine and Handy Buchanan to lunch. They played on verandah. Dennis and I to station with them at 3.30. John Williams to see Phil in a.m. Phil in bed all day. About 100. Alys and I to shops for photos. Early to bed.

Saturday 3rd September 1921

Eva and I to Baths 9.45. 2nd lesson. Phil better. Alys in bed till 11.30. Washed jumper and stockings. In garden after lunch. Dorrie came and stayed till 9.30. I upstairs arranging trunks with Phil. Phil down on verandah (carried). Airman and circular clouds. Eva to Lalila’s birthday. Lawrence Krohn in.

Sunday 4th September 1921

Fine, warm.
Dennis busy in garden all day. He, Alys and I to get paper and to Slater’s. They out. Phil down on verandah and in drawingroom in p.m. Bussly in. I to call on Sissie and Aunt Louie on cycle after tea. Maud out to see her Mother. I hot bath.

Monday 5th September 1921

Very fine. Warm.
Dennis to Hospital. Eva and I to swimming-baths. Not a lesson. Back soon. Alys to shops. Alys rested in Eva’s room. Phil in bed till Dennis in to carry him down.

Tuesday 6th September 1921

Fine and hot.
Took Eva for lesson to Baths. Alys met me, and on to town. I to E.V. Miles’ (family solicitor) and lunch with Alys at Café, near Rendezvous. Looked in shops. I to Passport Office and then to Cleminson’s. Met Dennis there 2.30. Both home together, to tea. Phil down. Tired in evening. Mink in.

Wednesday 7th September 1921

Fine. Hottest September day for 22 years – 82 degrees.
I unwell. Took Eva to Baths for lesson. On to Euston and both took 10.50 to Kings Langley. Spent day in garden with Kitty and children. Tennis (Eva), blackberrying. Lovely day. Home by 6.21. Phil’s side swollen with tetanus serum. Lobsters from Wadie. Ate late for supper.

Wednesday – Kit. Train 10.50 Euston.
Tuesday 11.30 E.V.M.
Tuesday 2.30 Cleminson’s.
£2.16.8 = $10.00

Thursday 8th September 1921

Hot and very fine – 83 degrees.
Nelly Moir in with Alys to shops. Krohn’s in with Phil. Didn’t do much all day. Wadie to tea. In garden. Eve Amstein to tea. Ted and Phoebe came in garden. Mr Laughton in evening and Dr Colebrook.

Friday 9th September 1921

Hot and fine – 84 degrees.
To Baths with Eva and Lalila. Last lesson – 5th. I on to town, to Dentist, Doherty and Passport Office and various shops. Lunch at Selfridge’s. To Rouse’s for syringe. Home on bus, talking to Americans. Kruse ’82 to Somerset House also! Trower.

Rouse Ltd (Chemist) of Wigmore Street – John Vicat Cole

Saturday 10th September 1921

Rain a.m. then fine.
Out with Dennis early. He to case. I to U.S. Consulate. Passport visa’ed £2.16.8. To Selfridge’s for silver lace. Home to lunch. Phil up and dressed. I rested, slept all p.m. Very shivery. To bed at 6.30 with hot-bottle. Alys and Dennis to Benmore dance. Eva in car with Barbara to Northwood.

Sunday 11th September 1921

Fine, windy.
In bed to breakfast. Wrote cheques. Got up at 1. Finished white jersey. All of us out (except Phil) to Lancaster Gate. Dennis, Alys and Eva to Aunt Bee’s. and I to Phil and Adine Sime’s, to tea. Home separately.

Monday 12th September 1921

Windy. Thunder in night.
I up to breakfast. Eva to Baths with Lalila. Alys to shops. I not out all day. Long rest all p.m. Alys and Phil to Moody’s. Did swing, darning, etc. Sore throat. Up in top room with Phil in a.m. Sissie called after tea. Dennis in late – 8 p.m.

Tuesday 13th September 1921

Showery. Windy.
My 42nd birthday. Lovely crocodile bag from family Embleton. Alys to shops. I sewed. Felt shaky and rotten all day. Rested in p.m. Alys and Phil out. Phil stung by wasp. Wadie to tea. Barbara after, all played “Pit” and “Counties”. Otto May to dinner. Martha out. Mink in. To bed 10.45.

Wednesday 14th September 1921

Very warm.
Better. To town with Alys to Army and Navy Stores. Then met Polly at Piccadilly 1. Lunch at Chinese Restaurant. Shopped with her up Regent Street. Alys and I home. She to Broadway. Tea. Barbara to tea. Alys and I off at 6 to Rendezvous. Met Dennis and Doris and Cecil Freer. Dinner. To Wyndham’s Theatre after “Bulldog Drummond” Gerald du Maurier.

Monday 12th – Susie 4 o’clock?
Sent “Main Street” to Otto.

Thursday 15th September 1921

Warm. Fine.
Phil began school. Alys and Eva out with him and to town. Miss Benbow, dressmaker, came for me – I to shops. Sewed and ironed in p.m. Alys to fetch Phil at 4. High Tea and Alys, Eva and I met Dennis at Baths. Police Gala. Swimming and Diving Exhibition. 6.30 till 11!

Friday 16th September 1921

Fine. Cooler.
Alys took Phil to school. I met her at shops 9.20. We with Eva to Scherf’s. Eva’s hair washed. I to 26 Compayne – they out. Bought velveteen for hat. Rested in p.m. Slept. Mrs Krohn in, fuss about Cinema man. Lawrence Krohn in evening. To bed 10.15

Saturday 17th September 1921

Eva cold, so not to Baths. I with Alys to shops and to my Bank. Dennis in to lunch 1.45. Fire in sitting-room. Mr and Mrs Styer to tea, Shenton’s in after. Lalila to tea. To Benmore in evening, quite nice dance. Fischl, Ted, Dennis. Sore throat.

Sunday 18th September 1921

Sat and sewed. Lalila in playing with Eva. I wrote Dorothy about Somerset House. Dennis gardening all day. Alys to see Mrs Krohn. Dennis to Benmore – engine of dingy? Sissie in after tea. We made County Game with children. Dennis in late 8.45. To bed 9.30. Martha out.

Monday 19th September 1921

Drizzly. Mild.
Eva in bed with cold so not back to school. Alys and I to Hampstead library, Bank. I wrote Ella with Baedeker’s. Eva in bed all day. Alys and I to Kings Cross. Met Wadie and school-children. On to Bourne & Hollingsworth. Bought evening-dress. To E.S.U. (English Speaking Union). Leggett’s to tea with us there. Home at 6.30. Read and sewed.

Tuesday 20th September 1921

Fine. Mild.
Eva in bed till p.m. then up and out. I to shops with Alys. Made velvet hat. At 2.45 I to town. Rouse’s for spray and on to E.S.U. where Susie came to tea with me 4 p.m. Home by tube. Eva down. Played Patchesi (Parcheesi) with her and Alys and Phil. Mink in evening. Played dominoes and Matador.

Pachisi has been played in India for many centuries and is considered the country’s national game. The game was introduced into England at the end of the 19th century and became better known as Ludo. John Jaques registered the name Patchesi in 1887.

Wednesday 21st September 1921

Fine. Mild.
I cycled to Sissie’s with book. Met Alys at shops. Home. Eva up to lunch. All 3 of us to Letchworth at 3 from Kings Cross. Wade at station. Taxi to school – Arundale. Saw Mrs Cox and Mr van der Straeten and nurse. Home by 5 train. Arrived 6? Tony Freer and Doris to stay. Tony aged 2 ¾.

Cabin trunks – 3’ 8” wide. 2’ across. 14 height.
21st – Kit to tea? Write to her.
Susie – E.S.U. 4 Tuesday.
Thursday – Freers – St Pancras 11 or 11.30.
Invite Leggett’s 4.
E.V.M. Thursday 10.45

Thursday 22nd September 1921

Fine and very warm.
I out to E.V. Miles’ 10.45 (Power of Attorney to Alys and Dennis). Met Alys, Dennis and Freers and Sylvia and Peggy and 3 children (Herman 7 ¾, Sylvia 5 and Dennis 3) and Ellis Brewtnall and Wade! All saw Freer’s off to South Africa (on Dunluce Castle). Alys and I lunched Selfridge’s. Bought coat and skirt each at Peter Robinson’s. Home. Tired! Dennis in 8.15. To bed 10.

Friday 23rd September 1921

Very fine and warm.
To town with Alys, to buy gold lace, and fur for evening dress. Lunch at 26 Compayne Gardens. Afterwards to my Bank and discovered about Monty Hill!!! Home. Tea with Phil. Sewed a good deal. Alys on her claret and gold dress. Dennis in very late. Sewed, read E.P.D’s poem. Bath.

Saturday 24th September 1921

Very fine and warm. Dull a.m.
To shops with Alys. She tried on and bought evening dress at Charmian’s – blue. Lunch with Phil. Dennis back 1.50. He digging, liming hard. Phil helped. Thomson’s to tea and Sylvia and little Sylvia. Dennis, Alys and I to Benmore – dance at 9 till 12.20. Nice. Wore new shot dress.

Sunday 25th September 1921

Very, very perfect day. Hot.
Packing in morning. Otto and Mabel and John and Dick came. I washed my hair. Sat in garden all a.m. and p.m. Mink in and to tea. Sewed my blue crochet and crepon jumper. Alys knitted. Talked.

Monday 26th September 1921

Very fine.
To shops with Alys. Home. I packed hard. Alys made apron for Phil’s carpenting. Rested. Slept in p.m. Out with Alys at 5.30, met Dennis at 5.30 at Rendezvous. Dinner, very good, and then to Lyric Theatre. Hammersmith to see The Beggar’s Opera. Gay. Very, very good.

R.M.S. Carmania

Tuesday 27th September 1921

Dull, rather foggy.
Alys off with Phil at 8.30. I in car with Dennis to Euston. Wade there. They saw me off to Liverpool on train 4/-. Arrived 1.30. On board Carmania. Captain Melsom. (£58.13-0 with poll tax) Deck C.49. Sailed at 3 p.m. Tea in lounge, unpacked. To bed about 9.30. Miss Ramsey sharing. Dinner 6.0.

R.M.S. Carmania

Wednesday 28th September 1921

Lovely sunny, warm cooler.
In Queenstown 5 a.m. Breakfast 8.15. On deck. Lovely warm morning, and still in Harbour till 10 or so. Lunch 12. On sundeck, reading “Mr Standfast’ Buchan. Marked handkerchiefs too. Tea on deck. Walked with Chicago girl (with bad ankle). Dinner 6. Up in drawing-room, reading till 8,30. Bath and bed.

Nietzsche said “before marriage, every man should ask himself, shall I like this woman’s conversation all my life. Everything else changes.”

Thursday 29th September 1921

Foggy and smooth.
Breakfast 8. Complained to Purser about Stateroom’s position. Sat on deck, walked a little. Lunch 12. Sat on deck till 4. Tea. Then walked a mile (8 ½ times round) with Chicago girl. Dressed, dined 6. Saw Miss Wilson’s room. Read in drawing-room. Talked E.S.U. girl. Dance at 9. To bed 9.10.

Friday 30th September 1921

Clear, smooth. Colder. Grey.
After breakfast, on boat deck. Sat there till 11. Did nose. Lunch. Then in cabin and slept till 3. On deck. Tea in verandah café with Chicago girl and walked a little with her. Down to dress at 5.15 and found Miss Ramsey ill in bed with floating kidney trouble. Dressed, doctor in. Dined. Sat in drawing-room. Both moved to upper berth at 9.

Saturday 1st October 1921

Rough sea. Fine.
Breakfast at 8. Seasick! On deck all a.m., reading. Sea got calmer. Lunch. Purser, Mr Johnson, let me have C.9! So I packed my trunks. Then on deck. Tea there, and downstairs to my lovely large room (all to myself!), dressed, dined, read in drawing-room. Bath 8.30.

Sunday 2nd October 1921

Fog. Calm.
Foghorn all night, but slept well. After breakfast 8.10, sat and walked on deck to Divine Service 10.30. In writing room. Slept on sofa and read after lunch, in my room. On deck. Tea in verandah. Mrs Weil, small white-haired, in my cabin, upper berth. Read in drawing room. Mr A.E. Newton conversed about Boswell’s Johnson. Bath at 8.30.

a newton
A. E. Newton (1864 – 1940) American author, publisher and book collector

Monday 3rd October 1921

Fine, sunny. Cold.
Sat on deck (and walked for 30 minutes). Read “Emma” (Jane Austen). Got cold. Chair turned round, for glare. Slept and read all p.m. in berth. Tea in verandah café with Chicago girl, and sewed there and walked a littled. Dressed. Dined 6. Wrote Alys. Concert in evening. Kochanski – very good violinist. To bed 10.

Paul Kochanski 1887 – 1934, Polish violinist, composer and arranger

Tuesday 4th October 1921

Rain all day.
Very foggy outside Halifax. Got there at 12.30. Stayed until 4.15. Fog cleared then, enough to go out. Thick outside. Rolly and foggy in night. Sat on deck reading. Tea with Miss Cartwright in verandah café. Sewed. Dressed, dined. Read and listened to conversation in evening. Bath 6.35. Talked to Mrs E. Newton.

Wednesday 5th October 1921

Dull. Rainy.
Unwell early. Breakfast 8. On deck, talking to Mrs Newton. Read, and wrote Ella, Alys. Lunch on deck. Very cold and rainy. Tea in café with Miss Cartwright. Packed up. In drawing-room reading, and listening conversation. To bed 8.30.

Changed £3-0.0 to $10.95
The Amenities of Book-Collecting & Berwyn – A.E. Newton, Atlantic Monthly.

book collecting

Arrive New York 5th?
Laddie Boy died October 5th.

Thursday 6th October 1921

Fine day. Warm.
Breakfast 7.30. Quarantine about 9. Clayton, and gassed face. Alien’s Officers in smoking-room 10. Sandwiches on deck 11.30. Docked 12 – 12.30. E.P.D. to meet me. Trunks off and examined by 3.45. Taxi with E.P to Pennsylvania Station. “Lunch” 4.15, mackerel. 5 p.m. train to Philadelphia. Arrived 7. Tante there. Taxi to 250. Headache. New Cook, Frances, Ella, Maria. Dinner 7.30. Talk. To bed 11.

Friday 7th October 1921

Fine and warm.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat in Tante’s room all a.m. Talk. Unpacked a little. Trunks arrived at 9. Lunch, E.P. in and Tante down Out with Tante. Walked to Franklin Miller’s and Blaylock’s. Tante fitted for Coat and skirt. Rested. Dressed. To 18th and Walnut – Meeting Democrat Women with Tante. 8 till 10.


Saturday 8th October 1921

Tante neuralgia. E.P. and I had breakfast. I managed to order some food, and to unpack and settle in a little. Tante not up till p.m. Had lunch in bed. I with E.P, Tante and I talked. Tante had Mr Kemwick at 4 till 5.30. I out to shops for lard. Dined 6.30. E.P. and I in taxi to Philadelphia Orchestral Concert. Stowkowski, Elgar, César Franck, Wagner. Walked home. Very nice.

Cesar frank

Sunday 9th October 1921

Fine. Cold wind.
Breakfast with E.P. 8.30. All out at 10.50 in car to Valley Forge. E.P. and I up tower. Tante to Church. Lunch (chicken waffle) at Washington Inn. To Church Service 3.30 – 4.30. Drove home by Mrs Butcher’s (she out). Etta out. Supper (guinea’s) 7. Tante ‘phoned and E.P. and I read papers. Cunard. Bed 10.45.

valley forge

Monday 10th October 1921

Fine. Windy. Warmer.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante and arranged dinner. I out at 10.55 to Bank and to buy fruit. Busy came to lunch. I talked with her. Tante in taxi to Ranstead Street. E.P. in late to lunch. At 3 came 10 or so women to meeting about International Doctors’ Wives. Till 6. I read and wrote Alys. Tante rested. Talked with E.P. while Tante phoned after dinner. Sat on sofa.

Tuesday 11th October 1921

Very fine and warm.
Breakfast with E.P. Up in Tante’s room. Then out to stores and at 11.30 out in car to Fluke’s. Lunch. In p.m. I sewed in writing-room. Tante at ‘phone. Carpenter came. I out in tram to Reading Terminal for grapes, walked back. Tante asleep. Dinner. Talked till 10.30 or so.

Wednesday 12th October 1921

Fine. Cooler.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante busy at ‘phone all a.m. and so late for lunch. I sewed and put ribbons in for her, and out to American Store. After lunch, she and I in car at 3 to Blaylock’s for her fitting. On to Mrs Hunsicker’s in country. Long talk on Committee. Back exactly 6.30. Dinner. Etta out. Tante at ‘phone and E.P. and I had lovely time. To bed 10.30.

Letter to Alys – mailed 11th
Etta out, and paid $60 – 12th.

Thursday 13th October 1921

Fine. Cool.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante up and a meeting of Surgeons’ Wives at 11 till 1.20 here. I in car to Dock Street and Reading Terminal Market. Lunch all together. Tante had fusses with Etta, who hysterical. Sewed, and Tante slept in p.m. I also rested in drawing-room. Dinner 6.30. E.P. late. Tante and I in taxi to 10th and Walnut. Meeting 8 – 10.

Friday 14th October 1921

Fine. Cool, warmer.
E.P. out to breakfast. Called out at 6 to operate. I ran round for Tante. She out with Miss Martin to buy washing machine. I to South Street, Venturi’s. All in to lunch. Tante to 8th ward meeting 3.30 till 5.30. I read and rested in drawing-room and type-wrote. E.P. up and talked. Frances out. Dinner 7. Maria cooked it. Talked. Sore throat. To bed 10.45.

Saturday 15th October 1921

Very fine and warm.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante up at 10 for Surgeons’ Wives Meeting. I out to stores. Lunch E.P. in. Tante late, ‘phoning Mrs Hack. Sewed in p.m. Then out at 4 till 5 strolling round and to Evans’. Dinner 6.30. E.P. and Tante to concert. I read all evening. They in at 11.

Sunday 16th October 1921

Very fine and warm.
E.P. out at 5. I breakfast alone. All 3 in car at 10.45 to Quakertown. Lunch at Bush Hotel. On to Allentown and Bethlehem. Schwab Steel Plant – huge. Home, buying pumpkins, corn and beans en route. 124 miles all together. Warm. Lovely Autumn colours. Supper 7. Cook out. To bed 10!

bush house

Car had winter top put on this week.

Monday 17th October 1921

Very fine and warm.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante up 12 and I to Hallowell’s and Reading Terminal Market for fruit. Mrs Renshaw and Mrs Hack to lunch with Tante. I met E.P. at Maternity and we lunched at “Bookbinder’s” – broiled oysters. Home 2. Tante out with me. Taxi at 4 to Ranstead Street. Cyrus McCormick came 3.30 and stayed till 8.30. Dinner. Tante out 8.30 to 10th and Walnut. E.P. to station with Cyrus McCormick. Back at about 10. Tante home 11.15. E.P. in office till 10.45.


Tuesday 18th October 1921

Very warm and fine.
Breakfast. E.P. Talked of Alys’ health. Tante up and out 11. I to American Store and then dressed in best things, and to Adelphia to meet Tante. Big Democratic Rally. Luncheon. Talked to Mrs Matrossian. Speeches till 4.30. Home in taxi. Tante rested. I read. Dinner 7. Talked and read in evening. To bed 11. Etta out.

Wednesday 19th October 1921

Very warm and fine.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante up and out 10.30. I out to shops and dressed, and then walked to Bellevue Stratford. Luncheon 1. League of Women Voters. I sat at Mrs Renshaw’s table. Mrs O’Connel, Snyder. Home, after speeches, at 5. Rested. I in Tante’s room on sofa. E.P. in before 6! Mrs Carroll Miller and Mrs Renshaw at 7 to dinner. Mrs Miller left early. Mrs Renshaw at 10.45.

Hacks have their uses – politics too.
17 – I seem to love it, too.
18 – Did you really like to so much?
19 – You’re never in my way, never. Didn’t you know that?
21 – Ironic about Tante and calendar.
Wrote Alys 18th
Dorothy Barnard 20th
Smith – 21st
Finished “If Winter Comes” by Hutchinson. Very good indeed.

Thursday 20th October 1921

Cooler. Rain early. Windy, fine later.
Tante’s birthday – gave her lace collar. Meeting at 10.30 of Surgeons’ Wives here. I out to stores and sewed at home. Lunch, all together. Tante and I in taxi to Bellevue to see Mrs Farrell about Surgeons’ Wives and to buy newspapers. Back by tram. Rested till 6. Dressed. Dinner (Cook out) at 6.30. Birthday cake. To Adelphi Theatre to see “The Bat” by Mary R Rinehart and Avery Hopwood. Exciting.

Friday 21st October 1921

Cool. Sunny.
Tante headache, but well at 10.30. Sat in her room all a.m. sewing. Lunch. E.P. spoke of “ironic” feelings about calendar promise. Tante down at 2. After lunch, I walked to Reading Terminal Market for grapes, and called at Steamship Offices en route, and shoe-shops. Walked back. E.P. out to dine – Sir Harold Stiles reception here. Silverman ‘phone message in evening about Thrasher and salumny. I out to Norrises for chocolate. E.P. in at 10.45.

Saturday 22nd October 1921

Very fine.
Breakfast alone. E.P. to New York on 8 p.m. train to see Dr Hart. Sat with Tante. After lunch, she and I in car at 3 to Mrs Furbush. Philadelphia General Hospital and other places to give Monday evening tickets. Tante to see Mrs Keen also. Dinner. E.P. not back till past 11 o’clock. We gone to bed.

Sunday 23rd October 1921

Very fine and warm.
E.P. out early. I breakfast alone. Tante and I to Church, met E.P. there. Communion Service. Dr Jeffreys on “Pergamon”. Home to lunch all together. Lovely drive in car to West Chester 2.30 till 6. Etta out. Supper. Read. Telephoning (Tante). To bed 10.30.

Monday 24th October 1921

Very fine and warm.
Tante, E.P. and I in car. 9.30 to Bellevue. Tante and I in Women’s Information Bureau all a.m. Except I home in trolley for ticket. Tante and I lunched at Bellevue with Mrs Franklin Martin. All p.m. till 5.30. upstairs. Surgeons’ Wives registering. Mrs Jopson, Miss Shoemaker, Jump, Coryell, Ross. Home. Dinner 5.45. All in taxi. E.P. and I to Bellevue. Opening of Conference. Tante to 8th Ward Meeting. 10th and Walnut. We home 10. Tante 10.20.

Tuesday 25th October 1921

Very fine. Cooler.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante in bed till 1.30. I in car to Bellevue. With foreigners on “Historic Philadelphia” trip in cars. Madame de Guervain, Swiss, and De Mendonça, Rio de Janeiro. Back to lunch with Tante and E.P. To Bellevue at 2.30 with Tante; I with trip to University and Hospital of Pennsylvania, Mrs Hurst, Madame de Gastanita. To Adelphia to Nina Black. E.P. out to dinner.

Wednesday 26th October 1921

Very fine. Cool.
Tante off at 9.20 to Bellevue. Party had already started. Followed to Navy Yard. Hunted for them. Missed Battleship but saw aircraft factory and Hospital. Luncheon at Art Alliance. About 25 of us. Tante came too. Cars 2.15. All to Bryn Mawr Hospital and College for Women. Tea at Mrs Alba Johnson’s. Back in Mrs Ross’ car. E.P. out again to dinner. Tante tried to do calendar. I very coldy. To bed 10.30.

Furnace started this week.

Thursday 27th October 1921

Very fine. Warm.
E.P. out early for Clinic. I out in car at 9.30 to Bank, and Mrs Boyer’s. Tante and I to Bellevue 11. All in party 6 or 7 cars to Valley Forge. Miss Black too. Lunch (Mrs C. Lea gave it) at Inn. To Memorial. Home at 5.15. Madame Guervain to dine with us at 6.15. Etta out. Maria stayed on. E.P and Madame out at 8.45 to Congress. Tante and I busy phoning. To bed 10.40.

Friday 28th October 1921

Dull. Warm.
Felt coldy still in throat. Tante phoning. I too. I out to stores. Tante in car at 12.20 to Bellevue and to Jefferson to lunch. I lunch with E.P. He late. I dressed and to Bellevue. Met Tante and Miss Martin, and all to Blockley, Miss Clayton’s tea. Horribly mortifying fiasco, so expected. Only us 3! Home. Tante and I to dine with Mrs Franklin Martin at Bellevue (20 altogether). Grand evening. Convocation of A College of Surgeons.

Saturday 29th October 1921

Tante headache. I did what shopping and ordering I could. Wrote Alys on Corona. Tante had tea and toast at 2.30 or so. E.P. upstairs (had lunch with him). I out for walk, bought Listerine. E.P. to Atlantic City, and not in till past 12. Mrs and Admiral Braisted called. Mrs Franklin Martin to dinner with Tante and me. Did calendar after.

Sunday 30th October 1921

Dull. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P. 8.30. All in car at 10.50 to Princeton. I felt ill, but got better. Very heavy cold. Lunch at Nassau Inn. Walked about and in Library, death masks till 4.30. In car to Church. Service – dear old Dr Baker (aged 85). Dr Williams, Rector. Drove to Trenton. Supper at Stacy-Trent Hotel. 5 cents for lavatories! Drove home. 91 miles altogether. Left Trenton 8.10 arrived 250 9.50. Ice-cream.


Monday 31st October 1921

Dull, some rain. Mild.
Tante tired and in bed till 5.30. Frances asked rise to $15.00. I out to Miss Lowrie’s with note. In Tante’s room sewing and typed calendar, and wrote dates on November. Sent it off. Lunch with E.P. Did calendar in p.m. and up in Tante’s room on sofa. She read Tumulty’s book to me from Times. E.P. out till 8.30. Tante and I dined 6.30. She out to 10th and Walnut. I read. E.P. up reading 8.30 – 9.30. then in his office. Tante in at 10. I to bed 10.30.

Tuesday 1st November 1921

Rain. Fair later.
E.P. out at 8.30. Tante breakfast 9.15. I unwell. Sat with Tante sewing. Wrote Dorothy. Tante up to lunch and E.P. in. Sat in writing room, sewing, and typing lists. Tante and I both rested (slept) 4 till 6 or past! All dined at 6.50. Tante and I in Echo car with Mrs Hack and Mellon to Meetings. McMillan’s, Wooleby’s Wards and Jefferson Club. Home at 11.15. Tante spoke at all.

Wednesday 2nd November 1921

Rain. Dull. Cooler.
Tante breakfast 9. I breakfast with E.P. Talked of Ulster. Sat with Tante. Then I walked to Bank and to Warwick’s 11th Street in rain, and back. Bought nighty for Alys at Wanamaker’s. Tante tired, and toast at 2.40. E.P. in very late for lunch. Sat with Tante sewing. She up at 6.30. All dined. Etta out. Maria helped. Tante and I in Echo car to 4 different Wards (with Mrs Hack and Mellon). Frankford, 62nd Street. In at 11.35 p.m!

Letter to Alys and Aunt Bella – 31st
Letter to Dorothy Barnard – November 2nd
Letter from Alys 3rd November!

Rugs back – 3rd.
No more grapes. Baked apples began – 3rd
Carpets and rugs back.

Thursday 3rd November 1921

Letter from Alys. Breakfast with E.P. Felt very sick and stomach-ache, all day. Out to Mrs Elder’s and China shop with plate. Lay on sofa when possible. Carpets and rugs came back and were put down. All lunch together. Sat in writing room with Tante. Fire. At 3.45 I on my bed. Slept till 5.30 or so. Up 6.30. Dinner 7 all together. E.P to office at 9.20. To bed 10.20.

Friday 4th November 1921

Breakfast with E.P. Felt better all day. Sat with Tante. She down to lunch, and E.P. in. I out to Dougherty’s in p.m. Back at 4. Tante and I both rested in writing-room and guest room. Dinner 6.20 (Frances out). E.P. in at 6.30. Tante out to 2 meetings in Echo car. I not out. E.P. out again to patient from 9.30 till 9.50. I read on sofa. He up for 10 minutes with me. I to bed and Tante in at 11.35. E.P. in office and asleep on sofa.

Saturday 5th November 1921

Windy. Very fine. Cold.
E.P. out at 5 or 6 to Hospital. At 9.30 he and I in car to Princeton. I bought tie. Lunch at ’79 Hall. To Ball Game. Princeton 10, Harvard 3 (two draws ’29 and ’20). Back to ’79. Walked around campus in dark. At 6.20 or so in car to Trenton. Supper at Hildebrecht’s. At 8.45 by Delaware, moonlight, to Philadelphia. Lovely ride. Arrived 10.40. Tante to Bach Choir in p.m. To bed 11.30.


Sunday 6th November 1921

Very fine.
Breakfast with E.P. 8.30. He took me to Dr Sweet’s, grit in eye. Walked there and to Broad Street. Gave me Lindt chocolate. Walked back together. Tante wrote at 12.30. Tea and upstairs. E.P and I lunched. He slept in p.m. Mr and Mrs Dick Duane called. Tante down at 4 or so. Etta out. I dressed and made beds. Supper 6.30. All to Church in taxi. Read papers after, till 11.0.

Monday 7th November 1921

Very fine. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante. Out to 23rd street and Acme for chestnuts. Tante and I out in car at 12.30 to Bank and lunch at Wanamaker’s. Tante to Men’s Democratic Meeting 10th and Walnut. I walked home (bought aprons first). Sewed and read and knitted in drawing room. E.P. up for 4 minutes. Tante back with E.P. at 5. Tante slept on sofa – 9.30 till 10. I read. To bed 10.20.

Tuesday 8th November 1921

Very fine. Cooler.
Election. Tante up at 9.30 and out to Polling Booth. I in twice to see her and to shops, and in car at 12 to Dock Street. Grapefruit, celery. To Strawbridge, and back to call for E.P. at Maternity. Accident on way home. Dr Sch. and drunk policeman. Lunch all at 1.30 Tante back to Poll. 2.30 to 6! I sewed and knitted. E.P. up for 5 minutes. Tante dined 6. E.P. and I 6.45. Nice evening with him till 9. He read “Fringes of Fleet” (Kipling). Tante out and not back till 10.25. I slept on sofa. To bed 10.45.

Wednesday 9th November 1921

Dark. Rainy.
Breakfast with E.P. Wrote Susie. Tante bad neuralgia all day, in bed till 7 p.m. I read Charnwood’s Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln by Lord Charnwood) and typed poem and knitted and sewed. Out to nearby shops. Lunch with E.P. In drawingroom after. He up for 10 minutes at 3.50. Etta out. Tante milk-toast at 4. Sat with her. All dined 8. E.P. down at 9.10 to work. Tante slept in chair. I read “Lincoln”. To bed 10.45.

“Oil of Joy” 9th – 10th.
Mailed letter to Alys about passage – 11th April
Mailed letter to Susie 7th
Mailed letter to Ella 9th/11th

12th “Come and have some….”
“So uncomfortable: No, very like it.”

Thursday 10th November 1921

Fine. Windy.
Tante in bed till 7. Sleepy. I in her room. Out for polish. Unpacked silver. At 12.35 walked to Library. With Edith Bache to lunch at Wanamaker’s. Bought doll at Allen’s. Walked home. Mrs Budd to see Tante in her room. I in drawing-room till 4.30. E.P. up. At 7 Dick and Felicity Duane to dinner. Charlotte Russe, homemade, good! To bed 11 o’clock.

Friday 11th November 1921

Breakfast with E.P. Armistice Day. Sat sewing in Tante’s room all a.m. except when she slept. I wrote Ella. E.P. in, lunch with him. Talked of patriotism. Seeing poor citizens. Tante up at 3.10 and all out in car thru’ park. Conestoga Road to Paoli. All very silent (Tante 40 minutes late). Tante and I to see Felicity on way home. Dinner 7. Tante read aloud about Burial of Unknown Soldier.

Saturday 12th November 1921

Tante slept on till 12, cold in her head. Breakfast with E.P. and out with him in rain walking to Chestnut and 19th. I on to Bradley Market and other shops. Lunch with E.P. “Come and have some -“. Up with Tante, sewing all p.m. Maria cleaned brass handles in room. Letter from Alys. Rested, slept in writing room. Tante down to dinner. Not bad cold, but can’t go tomorrow! To bed 10.45.

Sunday 13th November 192

E.P. out at 5 a.m. I breakfast alone. At 9.30, we two in car to Atlantic City by new road. About 65 miles. Arrived 12. E.P. to Commander Davies (patient). Then at 12.40 he and I lovely lunch at Chelsea Hotel. Crab-meat on toast. Walked to Ventnor after on Sands. About 4 ½ miles in all. In car 4. Nice ride home, ferry. Arrived 6.45. Tante down and fretful. Supper. Etta cooked it. Hymns and newspapers after. To bed 11.30.



Monday 14th November 1921

Dull, some rain. Milder.
Breakfast with E.P. Felicity’s letter *. Sat with Tante. Out to Blaylock’s with Tante’s skirts and bought postcards. Home. Tante sleeping. Wrote 29 postcards by hand. Lunch with E.P. Wrote Alys. Tante tea and toast about 3. I in her room on sofa. She up at 6.30. E.P. out lecturing, and out to dinner. Mrs Budd to dinner and with Tante to 42nd Ward. I alone. E.P. in 8.45, down to work at 9. Tante in at 10.25.

Tuesday 15th November 1921

Very fine. Colder.
Breakfast with E.P. 35th Wedding Anniversary. Tante to Auxillary Meeting at Jefferson, in car at 11. I in car and on to shops and market and back to fetch Tante at 12.30. To Bank. Lunch at Wanamaker’s. Walked to 9th Street. Saw Foch who put wreath on Franklin statue. To Van Roden’s. Tante bought pearl pin. Home. Captain Perfilieff called. Tante slept. Mrs MacRae to dinner. Turkey.

Wednesday 16th November 1921

Dull. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante had her’s and got up for Meeting here, 10.30. Only Mrs Schoemaker and Mrs Ross came. Over at 11.15. Tante slept on sofa till 1.45. E.P. in and I woke her, with difficulty! I on Walnut Street bridge. All had lunch. Etta out. Tante on sofa again till 4.15 then she and I in car to Corona and called for Edith. Took her to home, called on Felicity. Dinner 7. Sat and talked. To bed 10.35.

18th on sofa lying.
19th “your summer clothes – like to see you anyway at all.”
Letter to Alys 14th

Letter to Dorothy 18th
14th – Sizing up people. First time saw me – “First rate” but showing a little of self as possible. DB too”.
19th – “you ought to know better than that” Inkling.
“almost inane”
“quintessence of selfishness”
Tablecloths 7.00 to 15.00 Tante chose 2 ½ yards by 2.

Thursday 17th November 1921

Warm. Damp. 63 degrees outdoors.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante had her’s 8. I out to shops. Sheppard sent tablecloths. Tante up at 2 and we out in taxi to Emergency Aid Caféteria. E.P. in and read Dobbs Wilson at lunch alone. Tante and I walked to Parish House 20th Street and I helped 3 to 6 in cloakroom. Home. Hot day. E.P. in 7.10. Supper. Frances out. Sewed. E.P. called out at 9.25 and out all night.

Friday 18th November 1921

Warm. Fine. Outdoors 75 degrees – record
I breakfast alone. Sat with Tante sewing. Out to Dougherty’s and Acme Store. Tante up to lunch. Doughy rolls sent down to cook. E.P. in to lunch. Tante and I in car at 2.30 to Russian Bur. and G.F.S. Fair. Home 5.10. Tante slept. I dressed and read “Wilson” by Dodd on sofa. E.P. in 6.40. Kissed me silently. Dinner. Read Life. E.P. down at 9. I to bed 10.15. Hot!

Saturday 19th November 1921

Hot – 74 degrees out. 29 degrees indoors.
Frances left in rage at 7.45! Breakfast with E.P. See memo. With Tante arranging meals. Tante headache at 10.45. So I out to Dominick’s and then interviewed and engaged Mary Williams, old, coloured. E.P. and I lunched. Sewed. Tante had tea at 4. Sat with her. Edith to dine 6.30. E.P. in, very silent, and out to Alba Johnson’s. Edith and I to Symphony Concert. Wagner.

Sunday 20th November 1921

Cooler, grey.
E.P. out at 6 a.m. Etta cooked breakfast. Tante up and at 11 all 3 out in car. To Doylestown. Lunch there at old 1748 Inn. Lots of old things. Off at 2, to Buckingham and over River and back by very bad roads (Tante’s choice). Thru Richboro’. Home at 5. Rested. I called E.P. at 6.30. and Tante 6.40. Captain Vladimir Perfilieff to supper. Amusing.

Monday 21st November 1921

Dull. Cool.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante at about 11. I did calendar. Lunch with E.P. Tante sleeping again. I typed and knitted, walked to Bank. E.P. away in hurry at 3.45. Tante had more tea at 4.40 and then up, and she and I in car to Sautter’s at 6. Met E.P. there. All dined; to Jefferson. He to lecture to nurses. We to Democratic Committee at 8. Magistrate spoke. Tante also. Home 10.20.

Tuesday 22nd November 1921

Dull. Cool.
Breakfast with E.P. Mary Williams, cook, came. Tante had her’s at 11. I out in car 11.20 to Dock Street and Post Office. Called for E.P. at Maternity. Tante down to lunch, very brisk. She out to two meetings at 2.30. Democratic Club and Dinner Committee. I sewed. E.P to Browns Mills at 3.45 till 10. Tante back at 5. No rest! ‘Phoned Miss Archer. Tante and I after dinner to Temple. Voters League Meeting 9 Home 10.30.

Wednesday 23rd November 1921

Breakfast with E.P. Sat in Tante’s room all a.m! Sewing. Tante up to lunch, with E.P. and me. Mr Kerwick and Miss May Archer all p.m. talking with Tante. I out in car 2.30 to Hoskins for calendars and diaries and other stores. Sautter. E.P. to Atlantic City at 4, back after midnight. Tante and I did calendar. Fuss about tablecloth with Etta. I angry.

Long letter from Dorothy Barnard – 21st
Letter from Alys 23rd and 26th
22nd – “some nice things left – your’s…. nicest”

22nd Mailed letter to Alys and parcel – Tante for E.P.
24th Wrote Ted.
26th E.P. wrote Dennis Embleton
25th Mailed books to Dennis Embleton and letter
“Give all to love” discussion. Emerson.
26th Letter to Alys.”No happiness in country. Here I have my work and I have you.”
Museum closed all Mondays. Open 9.30 Sundays 1 p.m.

Thursday 24th November 1921

Rain. All day.
Thanksgiving Day!???
Breakfast with E.P. 8.30. Up to Tante who very cross and impossible. “Modern house”. I put away linen. E.P. called out at 10.30 to Atlantic City, only back at 5. I typed Tante’s paper 5 pages and wrote Ted. Lunch alone. Tante slept 2 till 5. I read in office. Out round square 14 minutes. Wet! Dressed, evening dress. Dick and Felicity to dinner 7. Maria stayed on. Victrola and songs. They went at 9.20. To bed 11.10.

Friday 25th November 1921

Very fine.
Etta out all day. Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante and then walked to Clinton’s Arch South. All had lunch together. Tante and I in car, she to Hairdresser’s. I to Franklin Miller’s and Post Office. Home. With E.P. in car at 4.15 to Jefferson. On to Strawbridge’s. Back for Tante to 13th Street. Tante to Mrs Leaf’s meeting. I home and rested. Headache till 7. Dinner. E.P. to Atlantic City 7 till 1. To bed 10.25

Saturday 26th November 1921

Dull. Rain in p.m.
Breakfast with E.P. who refused to go to Concert, absolutely; so I asked Edith. Put new bulbs in lights. Letter from Alys. Tante up to lunch at 12.30, and off to League of Women Voters. I out in rain in p.m. to Morgan’s. E.P. in office till 6.20 (not out). Tante in at 5 and rested. I dressed and knitted, dined 6.30. I walked to Academy, met Edith and to Concert. Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony. Lovely. Tante had “meeting”.

Sunday 27th November 1921

Breakfast alone. E.P. out early, and in at 9.45. Said too wet for Atlantic City in car. He alone there by train 11.20. I in car to Park. Musuem closed till 1. Drove round Park and back. Tante sleeping. I unwell. Tante and I in car to call on Mrs Bache (out) at 3.45 and Mrs Felds (nice call) and Duane’s. Home 6.30. E.P. in at 6. Resting. Supper cooked by Etta. Songs in evening and E.D.D. (Tante) slept a little.

Monday 28th November 1921

Breakfast with E.P. He out for long day. Brown’s Mills. Out to meals. I sat with Tante till 12. She rested then. I also read, wrote Dorothy Barnard and lay on sofa in drawing room. Mrs Dornblaser to see Tante upstairs. I lunch alone. Tante tea upstairs at 3. Then she up and out to Emergency Aid in taxi. I too, and walked back in rain. Dinner at 7. Tante slept in chair after. I on sofa. E.P. in at 9.35. Discussed to going to Wilson, Washington.

Tuesday 29th November 1921

Clearer, not sunny.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante till 11. Grey jersey. Out in car 11.15 to Dougherty’s, Bradley Market, Reading Terminal, Allen’s and Maternity at 1 for E.P. Drove home and lunch together. Tante neuralgia, nothing since breakfast till 5.15. I walked to Post Office with Kit’s parcel at 3. Sat in drawing-room. E.P. up and saw Tante tea at 5.15. E.P. in and slept in writing-room. Dinner 7. Began tablecloths. To bed 11.

Wednesday 30th November 1921

Dull, rain.
E.P. out at 5. Operated at 6. I breakfast alone. Sat with Tante. Out in car at 11.15 to shops – Post Office. Back at 1. Lunch E.P. in, and Tante very late; she and I at 2.15 lunch! Then out in car 3.30 to Emergency Aid Russian Sale. Songs. Back. Tante rested. Captain Perfilieff called. Dinner 6.30. I in office to fetch E.P. to see Perfilieff. Tante and I to 10th and Walnut. Ward Chairman Committee Meeting. Mr Moise there. Home 11.15.

Parcel to Kit – 29th
28th Letter to Dorothy Barnard, Cortot.
28th “A big compensation”.
29th “because I wanted to”
29th “very sweet to me today” Breakfast. Got up and kissed – 1st in writing room 11 p.m., 2nd 11.30 p.m.
30th in office – wonderful kisses.
Chocolates to Alys – 30th.

Visit to Woodrow Wilson

Thursday 1st December 1921

Fine, sunny. Hot!
Breakfast with E.P. Tante very cross about Echo Garage bill. I stayed in her room till 12.50. Then she slept. I knitted and lunch alone. E.P. only in at 2.15. Cook out. Gave her keys. E.P. very busy. 3 operations. I out in Square. Hot. Dressed, dined 6.30. All to Charity Ball 8.15. Etta and Maria too. Mrs Butcher, Captain Perfilieff. Home 10.45. or 11. E.P. put coat away.

Friday 2nd December 1921

Mild. Rain.
Tante and I at 10, in car with E.P. to Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Station. 10.20 train to Washington. Arrived 1.20. Taxi to 2340 South Street. Mr Bolling, Mrs Bolling, Mrs Wilson and Tante and I lunched. Mr Wilson down and in library. We joined him after. Talked, calendar, candy. At 3.30 Wilson’s and Tante and I in closed car drive – Rock Creek to Schroder’s, 5 till 6.15. Mrs Laudsale’s car to station. 7 train. Dined on it. Arrived Philadelphia 10. Mrs Gibbon in taxi. E.P. met us.

Saturday 3rd December 1921

Fine. Colder.
Breakfast with E.P. I talked hard about yesterday. Sat with Tante. Out to Dougherty’s. Wrote Alys on Corona. E.P. in. Lunch with him. Tante down to lunch at 2.15. She and I out in car 3.15 to try to buy sauce-boat. Strawbridge’s. Crowds. Home. Slept. Dressed. Dined 6.30. I in taxi for Mrs McCrae and both to Concert – Arrigo Serato – violinist. Walked home at 10.10.

Arrigo Serato (1877 – 1948) – Italian violinist

Sunday 4th December 1921

Dull. Snow. Began 9.30 till about 4.
Breakfast with E.P. at 8.30. He out. I with Tante till 12. Then I out, in snow, in Square and to Mrs Samuel’s, Pine Street. Met E.P. coming back. Lunch 2! Tante late down. E.P. and I waited, on sofa. Busy came till 3.50. E.P. slept in writing room. I slept in my bedroom. Dressed. All 3 to supper at McMurtrie’s. Sausages and buckwheat cakes, grapefruit mayonnaise. Horrid supper. Awful Englishman, Tewson read vile poem by Marie Corelli about Wilson’s marriages. Horrid evening. Home at 10. To bed 11.

Irish Free State Treaty – 6th December

Monday 5th December 1921

Fine. Then dull. Thaw.
Mended fuse for washing-machine. Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante. Sewed. Out to American Store. Round Square. Sat with Tante. She then rested. She bad cold. I lunched with E.P. He very sweet. Tante slept from 1 till 5.30, so I sewed in drawing-room, and knitted, wound wool. Up to Tante at 5.30. Sat with her. Dinner alone. E.P. out. Tante in her bedroom. Wrote Mrs Woodrow Wilson. E.P. in at 10.45. Letter from Alys.

Tuesday 6th December 1921

Fine. Cold.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante. E.P. spoke of Senator and Separation. Woodrow Wilson’s letter to Tante. I in car to Dock Street and home by 12.30. Sent it back for E.P. Lunch with him. Tante in bed all day with heavy cold. Sat with her till 3.30. Then to British Empire Sale of Work and Food. Home. Wrote Alys. Tante slept. I slept till 6.30. Dined alone. E.P. to Atlantic City and back at 11 p.m.

Wednesday 7th December 1921

Breakfast with E.P. Irish Treaty news. Sat with Tante. Out to buy mushrooms. Lunch with E.P. Sat with Tante all p.m. sewing. She sleepy at 4. E.P. out and I for walk on Walnut Street Bridge. Lovely sunset in river. Dinner with E.P. Tante upstairs. Etta out. Maria stayed. Felicity and Dick in evening. Felicity up with Tante and me. I made a bed. E.P. his. To bed 10.30.

5th – Mailed letter to Alys, Woodrow Wilson and McMurtrie’s.
5th – “your sweeter than ever in this jersey.” – “Don’t have to put the jersey on to be sweet”.
5th – letters from Alys and Dorrie. Unhappy about Dorrie’s post.
6th – Letter to Alys – short.
8th – Letter from Dorothy Barnard
8th – “and would go to concerts with you”
9th – “Lovely, Gold? (me: maybe book?) upstairs. I opened wrapper”.

Thursday 8th December 1921

Cold, dull.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante. Not out in a.m. Put clothes away. Dressed. Lunch alone at 12.45. Out to College Club 1.30. Meeting about Headquarters. Democratic Women. Mrs Renshaw. Back at 4. Miss Mary Archer came 4. Guestroom. Up with Tante and I to buy cream. E.P, Miss Archer and I in taxi to Bellevue. Dinner to Mrs Lederer – 500 people. Speakers. Morris Norris, etc. Home at 11.30. Mrs Archer stayed night.

Friday 9th December 1921

Fine. Cold.
Tante in bed all day. Breakfast with Miss Archer and E.P. She took till 9.15! and didn’t wash? She sat with Tante. I knitted in drawing-room. E.P. lit fire. She away at 11.30. I with Tante. Then I out to Market Street and Dicky Duane. Lunch with E.P. Sat with Tante. Miss Dinkle came. At 4.30 I in car with her to her rooms. Then I to Campion’s Bookshop and to call for E.P. at Jefferson. 6 Dr McCrae came. Dinner with him. Sat downstairs and in Tante’s room, he also. They both slept 10 till 10.40.

Saturday 10th December 1921

Milder. Fine.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante long time and then out to Bradley Market and Dougherty’s. Lunch. E.P. out at Brown’s Mills, all day. Sat with Tante and then slept on her sofa a little till 5. Wrote Dorrie. Dressed. At 6 out to Edith’s in car. Perfilieff called 5.30. Dined at Bache’s. With Edith to see “Everyman” at Academy. Edith Wynne Matthison. Very interesting. Hot chocolate and home at 10.30.

Sunday 11th December 1921

Breakfast with E.P. Sat in Tante’s room all morning. Lunch at 1.30. alone. E.P. in but no lunch. I out at 2.10. Walked to Park and across river to Museum, and there 15 minutes. Wilstach pictures. Walked home. Two hours and 20 minutes altogether. Slept in writing-room 30 minutes. Wrote Dorothy Barnard and Kit. Supper with E.P. Tante in bed all day. Cook out. Sat with Tante after supper. To bed 10.52. Dr McCrae came.

Monday 12th December 1921

Rain and muddy.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante in bed all day. Sat with her; out in car at 10.30 to see Bobo Tribes pictures, and to other shops and Madame Baussuth. Muddy. With Tante all p.m. Rested. Lunch with E.P. Felicity and Dick and whisky at 4. I entertained latter 2! Felicity in Tante’s room. E.P. very tired. Dined at 7 and I up with Tante after. Then E.P. he made his bed! Did slides in evening.

Tuesday 13th December 1921

Rainy sleet then fine. Colder.
Breakfast with E.P. He to Fluke’s for Dennis and Alys. Mrs Samuel to see Tante. I in car to markets and called for E.P. 1. Lunch. I late as Kerwick called. Darned tablecloth, and rested in Tante’s room. E.P. in at 5.40 and slept in writing-room till 6.30. Dinner with him. He and I to Academy Fine Arts. He gave Talk 1 hour to Bobo Club, Perfilieff President. Very good. Mrs McCord with Tante.

Wednesday 14th December 1921

Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante. I out in car at 10.35 till 12.20 to look for Xmas presents and toys. Back and prepared for Cyrus McCormick. Etta unwell. Cyrus McCormick to lunch, and up to see Tante. Then talked to me (proposed?) on stairs and in writing room. I fairly stunned and bewildered. E.P. to Atlantic City with Cyrus McCormick too, and online in at 1 a.m. Mrs Collett, Mrs Bergey, Dr McCrae to see Tante. To bed 10.25 but only slept 1 hour all night.

13th – onions in hash. The only way – “Don’t mind the way either”.
13th – Mailed parcel to Alys. Nightdress, Brinker peccans and Indian, and fudge in boxes.
12th – Mailed letters to Kitty and Dorothy
14th – Mailed letters to Ella
18th – Mailed letters to Alys – long one.

Thursday 15th December 1921

Fine. Cold.
Heard every hour strike except 3 a.m.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante all a.m. Tante phoning about tomorrow’s lunch. Lunch with E.P. Out by trolley to 11th Street for Xmas tree lights again, and walked back by Finance Building for tickets and Wanamaker’s for gauze and Mrs Markoe’s. Miss Dinkle here. Rested on sofa. Dr McCrae came. E.P. in dinner with him. To bed at 10.15!

Friday 16th December 1921

Dull. Cold.
Breakfast with E.P. He cross about Tante’s early tea! With Tante and Cook said about Ham steak going. Out to seek Mrs McAllister. I with Miss Beale at 12 to lunch at Acorn Club – 90 people “Limitations of Armaments” Dr Vernon Kellogg and Miss Cryan spoke very well. Felicity called. Rested. Dinner with E.P. Sat by woodfire and also with Tante. Made her bed. To bed 9.50!!

Saturday 17th December 1921

Woke 5 a.m! Made tea for Tante and took it to her at 6.50!!! Dr McCrae’s order. Out in car to Xmas shopping. Wreaths, greenery, etc and Woodrow’s present and mushrooms. Tante buying. Home 1 o’clock. Lunch with E.P. Rested in Tante’s room all p.m. At 5.15 dressed. At 6 E.P, Perfilieff and I in car to Bellevue, New England dinner. Srinivasa Sastri spoke wonderfully and Dr Willard Scott, Very witty. Miss K Ludington. Home at 11.40 by trolley.

Srinivasa Sastri CH PC (1869 – 1946) – Indian politician, administrator, educator, orator and Indian independence activist.

Sunday 18th December 1921

Took Tante’s tea at 8. Breakfast with E.P. 9. He out, and I in Tante’s room. Did up Sayre’s parecel and calendars for lots of people. Argument and Tante very cross about her complaints of E.P. to me. Lunch alone. E.P. and rested. I out for walk alone. Then slept on my bed; up. Tante down at 7. Supper. Etta out. E.P. read “Xmas Carol” aloud. To bed 10.10!

Monday 19th December 1921

Made early tea for Tante at 8. Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante, all a.m. Tidying her table of letters. She too. Lunch 1.15. I out to Academy of Music alone to Charlie Chaplin Revue! Free. 2-3 till 5. Home. Mrs Samuel with Tante all p.m. E.P. at Browns’ Mills 4 till 10.10. Tante and I dined together. She down at 7.20. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 20th December 1921

Fine. Mild.
Took Tante’s tea at 7. Breakfast with E.P. Out at 10.30 in car. Bought Xmas Tree 1.00 and to Dock Street and Reading Terminal Market. Called for E.P. at 1 at Maternity. Lunch with him. Sally Scott came; then Dr Jeffreys; I finished E.P.’s socks and unpacked apples. Mrs Collett called, and Mrs Boyer. Tante down at 7.30 in wrapper. E.P. at Altantic City till 11.30. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 21st December 1921

Fine. Growing colder.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante. Looked for her bead necklace. Felicity came to see Tante. I out in trolley to Sheppard’s and De Wees’ – present for Busy. Home. Lunch with E.P. Sat with Tante all p.m. She dictated letters to Susie and Miss Hoyt. I wrote Cyrus H. McCormick about Dennis. Tante slept on till 6.30. Dinner, duck, Etta out. Dr McCrae in evening. E.P. read Xmas Carol. To bed 10.20.

Letters from Alys (cheerful) – 19th
Ella – 20th
Nell Sime- 19th
Susie – 18th

Wrote Cyrus McCormick – December 21st about Dennis
Letter from Dorothy Barnard – 23rd
Letter to Dorothy Barnard – 25th with cheque 1.16.3 for jumper and wool.

Thursday 22nd December 1921

Hard frost. Very fine.
Breakfast with E.P. I out to Acme Stores for hominy. Very cold day. Sat with Tante who tired and sleepy. Lunch with E.P. I out in car at 3 to Busy’s. Took her presents. Then to Germantown, Mrs Nadler’s with her and left her there. To South Street and shopped for Tante. Dinner, all in, and E.P. read Xmas Carol again. Tante and I sewed tablecloths.

Friday 23rd December 1921

Dull, snow, sleet, feeling milder.
Breakfast with E.P. He got Tante hot water to drink 7. I out to Acme for 2 chickens and then to Gimbel’s for Fleming things and back by Dominick’s. Lunch with E.P. Out again in p.m. to Madame Brix’s. 18th and Sansom to buy brooch for Edith. Dinner. E.P. in. Tante down 7. Dick Duane in evening. Trimmed Xmas tree in writing-room.


Saturday 24th December 1921

Dull, wet.
E.P. got Tante’s hot water. I ran around, arranging things, and went out to buy more red ribbon and to Brix’s for China thing. 3.00 Lunch with E.P. at 3.45 came the 3 Dick Duane’s and “Whisky”. Tante down at 4 and we gave them tea, and then Xmas tree and presents in writing-room. They left at 5.30. We rested, and dined 7. E.P. finished Xmas Carol to us.

Sunday 25th December 1921

Dull, growing colder.
Breakfast 8.30 with E.P. I to Church alone; new prayer-book. Communion Service. Big pew to myself. Nice. Lunch alone 1.40. E.P. in and no lunch. I unwell. Rested on my bed 3 till 4.30. Arranged lace collars. E.P. slept in writing-room. Wrote Dorothy Barnard. Miss Martin to dine with us 7. Christmas Dinner. Tante grumbling at cooking. Dull evening talking. Miss Martin left at 10.15. To bed 11.

Monday 26th December 1921

(Holiday instead of Sunday)
Fine – cold, then dull.
Breakfast with E.P. He off to Mrs Robertson’s and Atlantic City for all day. I with Tante hemmed tablecloth. Lunch. Mr Kerwick came, then Edith Bache, then I typed E.P.’s invitations and then Dr Jeffreys came at 5. Communion Service for Tante. I joined also. E.P. in, and all dined 7. Cook out. Mr and Mrs Samuel at 9.30. E.P. slept in writing-room. To bed 10.50.

Tuesday 27th December 1921

Fine. Cold.
E.P. out at 5 a.m. I breakfast alone. Sat with Tante in a.m. and in car at 10.30 to American Stores, 4 chickens, beef and Dock Street. Lunch 12.30. Tante up after and at 2.15, she and I in car with Mrs Samuel to Colly Club. I walked home. Altered corduroy skirt. Prepared Belgian Talk. Tante home 5.10. E.P. to Brown’s Mills and back at 10. Tante straight to bed, dined there. I to bed 9.35.

Wednesday 28th December 1921

Fine. Cold. Sunny.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante and then walked to Bank for E.P. and Bradley Market. Mrs Collett with Tante all a.m. Lunch with E.P. Busy arranging for Staff Supper and typed letter to Governor Sproul. Altered cuffs of jumper. Tante down at 6 and made chicken salad. Seven doctors came at 8 to supper. Waiter * 4.00. Tante and I had supper in front room. To bed 11.40. Tired.

Might hear from Cyrus – 30th
* Kelly – from International Society of Waiters – 251 South 12th Walnut 7665.
Letter to Alys (short) – 27th
Letter from Alys, Plymouth – 28th
Letter to Nell Sime – 30th

Thursday 29th December 1921

Dull, snow, rain.
Breakfast with E.P. Sat with Tante and sewed. Not out all a.m. Tante very tired, and slept from 12 till 3. I altered blue serge skirt and wrote Nell Sime. Lunch E.P. Tante had tea at 3.30 and Busy came 5.15. Tante phoning and very late getting up. She and I hurried dinner 7.15 and stormy Meeting of Ward Chairwomen 8 – 10. E.P. out till 9.30.

Friday 30th December 1921

Fine, very cold.
Breakfast with E.P. He out to Washington, to spend day with Woodrow Wilson. I sat with Tante, Mr Kerwick came, also Miss Wynne-James. After lunch I at 3 in car to Post Office 8th Street and to Strawbridge’s for dish-cloths, to clock shop. Felicity and Dicki called. Tante up. Dinner 7. Etta out. Sewed and read papers in evening. E.P. in at 10.50.

Saturday 31st December 1921

Dull, then lovely.
Breakfast with E.P. Tante headachey ‘phoning; I to Dougherty’s and American Store. Lunch with E.P. Sat with Tante, sewing in p.m. Out to Schuylkill – sunset lovely, at 4.30. Miss Molly Coles and Mrs Samuel to see Tante. I in and rested on sofa, writing-room 5 till 6. Neuralgia. Dinner 7.10. Sewed and E.P. sang. To bed at 12.10 a.m. “Happy New Years!”

Inside antrum (right) diseased; also beginning on left side of nose-bone (honecombed part). Removed large piece of bone and mucus membrane between 2” antrum and nostril, also small piece bone on left; polypus behind the piece of bone on left side. Condition probably caused by bad cold or influenza, which did not clear up, and drain out properly. Probably long before I was aware of anything unusual (November 1918?) Gradually caused pain and spread and polypoid condition occurred. Not necessary that polypus grow again. Can’t promise they won’t but keep it all clean and washed out as possible.

Higginson – every 3 hours –Glyco and adren. Diminish the adrenalin till none.

He that sinneth before his Maker, let him fall into the hands of a physician – Ecclesiasticus 38:15 KJV


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