1920 – Philadelphia, Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard

1920 Diary

Katharine F Boyd.
250 South 21st Street

This world nys but a thurghfare, ful of wo, and we been pilgrims passynge to and fro. Deeth is an ende of very worldes soore.
From E.P.D.’s calendar Nov 28th. (Geoffrey Chaucer)

In 1920, Edward is 44 years old, Kate is 41 years old and Alys is 36 years old. Eva is 11 years old and Philip is 7 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

In preface:
Do not look forward to what might happen tomorrow; the same everalsting Father, who cares for you today will take care of you tomorrow and every day. Either he will shield you from suffering, or He will give you unfailing strength to bear it. – Francis de Saels

“Tout vient à ceux qui peuvent attendre” Charles Bailey 1571  (from Sissie’s lodgings)

Long though my task may be cometh the end.
God ’tis that helpeth me.
His is the work and he
New strength will lend.
– Quaker Calendar.

Reste after toile,
Porte after Stormie seas
Night after day
Death after life
Doth greatlie please.

Thursday 1st January 1920

Fine, frosty.
Sat with Tante. Out with Laddie twice round Rittenhouse Square. E.P.D. did bills, and out. In p.m all 3 to call on Johnson’s at Navy Yard in motor. Belle (10, Cassie (5). Home. Dinner. New Victrola records. To bed 11.

Friday 2nd January 1920

Fine, frosty.
Miss Thomas did accounts with Tante. I wrote letters and mended E.P’s gloves. Lunch with E.P.D. In p.m. I out 3.35 in car to Mat: with E.P and posted eggs to President. Quiet evening. Tante made mayonnaise. I wrote to Alys, Eva (for Xmas presents) and Aunt Bella and Tades

Saturday 3rd January 1920

Fine. Very cold.
E.P.D. took Laddie to Devon. I to shops 10.30 and later to Caldwell’s. Lunch of sausages and buckwheat cakes and syrup. Edith Bache called. E.P.D. to Atlantic City at 4 and back midnight. I on sofa. Tante in writing-room. Her room cleaned. I to Dance at Rittenhouse. Hotel with Adile Leach at 8.15. Took tickets all evening. Home at 12.20. Girls’ Friendly Society Ball.

Sunday 4th January 1920

Fine. Very cold.
Scrapple[1] for breakfast with E.P.D. Sat in Tante’s room and read newspapers. Out with Laddie in square. E.P.D. out all a.m. I out in car to skate at Centennial Lake – 2.30 till 4. Jenny’s evening out.

Monday 5th January 1920

Fine. Very cold.
E.P.D. to Atlantic City on 5 a.m. train. Out at 9.30 in car taking Laddie to vet. Walked back. Car to fetch Busy, who to lunch. Devilled crabs and éclairs. Dr Macrae at 6. Tante down at 12.45!!!! Edith Bache to dinner and Boston Symphony Concert with me. Taxi there, Tram home.

Tuesday 6th January 1920

I in car to Dock Street. Bought crate of 80 grapefruit. To Reading Terrace Market. Home. Washed Shetland white jersey. I read “The Four Horsemen”, Vicente B. Ibanez all evening. Tante and E.P.D. to Opera in evening “La Juive” Halévy[2].

Wednesday 7th January 1920

Neuralgia all day. Out to take electric iron and bulbs to shop and to Bank and Franklin Bank. Lunch alone. E.P.D. to Wilmington. Slept on sofa in p.m. Jenny ‘s evening out. I washed up with E.P.D. and made beds. E.P.D. had stenographer and dictated paper 8.30 to 9.30.

Thursday 8th January 1920

E.P.D. to Atlantic City at 5 a.m. Tante breakfast 7.45! I with her to Maternity Hospital. Then I in car to Broad Street Station and to Electric Company and bought galoshes $1.00 and walked home. Lunch with E.P.D. Tante to luncheon, Suffrage, Adelphia Hotel. Then rested. E.P.D. Read paper to Obstetric Society, so out 8.30 – 10.40. Tante and I sewed. (Evening – an insatiate desire for apples to remedy her constipation).

Friday 9th January 1920

Sat with Tante all a.m. Sewed. She anxious about Busy, who was operated on at 1.30 for lump by ear. I out in car at 2.45 to Keller’s and Aldephia. Jenny gave week’s notice. Tante and I to Witherspoon to hear Citizenship Lectures by Mrs Schoonmaker and Mrs Anderson (Parliamentary usage(?)).

Saturday 10th January 1920

Breakfast with Uncle Doc. I to lecture 9.30 by Professor Martin on comparison between British and U.S. Constitution. Sat with Tante. She rested at 11.30. In p.m. Cassie Johnson called, and later Tante and I in taxi to Jefferson (Hospital) to see Busy. E.P.D. to Atlantic City and back at midnight. Tante and I read papers and sewed. Dr Robinson ‘phoned about Dr Deaver. E.P.D. told me about passages all engaged for summer.

Sunday 11th January 1920

Dull and cold.
Breakfast with E.P.D., sat with Tante. Out to buy “Inquirer”. Tante up to lunch. All out in car to call on maids who advertised and then to see Busy at Hospital. Home at 6. Telegram from Mrs Woodrow-Wilson. Supper. To bed 10.30. Kathryn out.

Monday 12th January 1920

Fine. Cold.
At 9.30 in car to see Ida Harris (maid). Home. Out to fetch iron and watch-bracelet. Home. Sewed T’s skirt. Out see Busy. Lunch. At 2.45 Tante and I to Washington. 3.20 train. Arrived 6.40. To Raleigh Hotel. Dinner. Read papers and to bed 10. Slept same room as Tante.


Tuesday 13th January 1920

Breakfast in room at 8.15. Tante to meet E.P.D. 11.37 at station. I walked down Pennsylvania Avenue to Capitol. Had lunch there, and all p.m. in Senate, listening to debates. To Raleigh at 5. E.P.D. and Tante (having lunched with the President and Mrs Wilson at White House) and we all went for drive in car by the Potomac. Sunset. Lovely, and saw people skating on the backwater. To Hotel, and then 7 train to Philadelphia. Dined on train. Arrived 10.25. To bed. Wrote Alys.

Wednesday 14th January 1920

Very, very cold. Dull.
In car, 1st to Bank with E.P.D. Then servant-hunting to all offices and 2 coloured women adverts. No success. Lunch with E.P.D. Sat in writing room. Darned stockings and rested. Tante up at 6.30. Quiet evening. Jenny out. Tante up to help make beds.

Thursday 15th January 1920

Cold. Sunny.
E.P.D. To Atlantic City at 5 a.m. I breakfast alone. Then out at 10 to seek maid. Found one at Mrs Roger’s. Walked to 925S 19th with Laddie. E.P.D. in to lunch with me. Tante up at 3.30 and out with me to see Busy and call on McMurtry’s. Sewed pillowcases in evening. To bed 10.30.

Friday 16th January 1920

Snow all day. Raw. Cold.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Told Kathryn about fish chowder. I out (walked) to buy crackers, soup. Back (trolley). E.P.D. to lunch. In Tante’s room in p.m. Walked to Bank at 2.15 and back. E.P.D. in late to dinner (7). Seven nurses to be examined in evening. Up with Tante and me, and Victrola and photographs and ice-cream. To bed 11.30. Letter from Alys.

Saturday 17th January 1920

E.P.D. To Wilmington early. I out in car to 60th Street. To buy potatoes, apples. Jenny left, after washing her clothes. E.P.D. in to lunch with me (I laid lunch and cleared). Rested 30 minutes. Took Tante tea at 3 p.m. E.P.D. cleared ashes out. Not out after Office hour except to take Tante and me to dine at Kugler’s. Sat in office in evening. E.P.D. explained he to Atlantic City 11.30 about Council of Defence.

Sunday 18th January 1920

Very cold.
All a.m. doing housework, taking up Tante’s breakfast. E.P.D. back at 1.10. All three in car to fetch Mrs Schnabel and go for a wild-goose chase to Ridley Park and Media, Chester. Supper and sat in drawing room. Talked of Russia.

Monday 19th January 1920

Got breakfast for E.P.D., self and Tante. Maria didn’t come. Sick? New maid, Katherine (Marie Cryan at 11) came. I out to get ham for lunch. Packed eggs Tante out in car to take Busy back from Hospital. I posted eggs. Sewed petticoat, washed cosy.

Tuesday 20th January 1920

Up 7.45. Showed Marie about breakfast. Sat with Tante. Out in car at 11 to Reading Terrace Market. For beef. Lunch with E.P.D. Sat with Tante all p.m. After dinner, at 8.30 Tante and I to 57th Street in taxi to Girls’ Friendly. Tante and I both addressed them. Tante spoke about Service. I about Refugees and conditions in England and Brussels during the War. Home at 10. E.P.D to Atlantic City 11.30 Mrs Repp came.

Wednesday 21st January 1920

Slippery. Rain and Ice.
Breakfast alone. Tante headache and only had tea at 1. In car to Reading Terrace Market. Washed jersey, brushes and sleeves. E.P.D. in to lunch. Very tired. Sat in Tante’s room. Marie out. Tante and I to supper at at McMurtry’s to meet Miss Rankin[3], only woman member of Congress. Home 10.30. E.P.D. too busy to come.

Thursday 22nd January 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat all a.m. with Tante sewing pillowcase. Lunch alone (E.P.D. to see Furbush). Sat all p.m. with Tante sewing. Out to buy chocolate at Nouris’s. Slippery. Sewed in evening too. E.P.D. bought soap. Mrs Repp 8.30 to 10.30? Sent letters to Alys and Ella.

Friday 23rd January 1920

Rain. Ice.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Talked about steamers and not being able to satisfy people. Sat with Tante. Darned stockings. Then she rested. Lunch with E.P.D. I out to buy Hamburg steak. Very slippery and wet. Talked to Tante about staying all summer – “you know where I would like you to be”. E.P.D. late after long clinic. Showed them postcards of Zeebrugge in evening. E.P.D. to Atlantic City 11.30 train.

Saturday 24th January 1920

Breakfast alone. Read Dutch refusal to give up the Ex-Kaiser to Allies for trial. Out to Bank and to Steamship offices and to buy milk and butter. Very sloshy, and slippery. Lunch with Uncle Doc. Tante up in p.m. and in writing-room. E.P.D. up from office at 5.30. They slept till 6.30. Victrola after supper and E.P.D. in office revising “Mother and Child” (his book). To bed 11.15.

Mother and child
First Edition: 1902

Sunday 25th January 1920

Frosty. Much colder and drier.
E.P.D. to Oak Lane and Atlantic City. I with Tante and then out with Laddie to Parkway. Alone for lunch. Wrote. Sat with Tante in p.m. Catherine out. E.P.D. into supper. Read prayer-book in evening. To bed 10.30. Wrote Aunt Alice (about A.Parson’s death). Wrote Dorothy to thank for Guide to the Lakes.

Monday 26th January 1920

Dull, icy.
Tante had cold, and didn’t; eat anything till 3.30 or so. I sewed and wrote letters, and out in car to 60th Street for apples. Miss N McMurtry called with Bolshevik friend of Lenin’s. E.P.D. in to lunch. Out to dinner, to Wilmington late and back at 10.30. I sat with Tante in evening, made beds. Sewed. Letters from Eva, Nell Sime, Ella. Card from Dorothy Barnard. Wrote Susie, Wade and Bank, F.F. Baxter.

Tuesday 27th January 1920

Sunny, sloshy. Mild and spring-like.
Tante headache and no food or tea till 4 p.m. I out with Laddie to Parkway; and sewed, and cut fur off old coat. E.P.D. out to lunch. I sewed in p.m. Sat with Tante after 4 and did pillowcase in evening. Made beds. E.P.D. to Wilmington. War pictures came and Landmark and Times. Louie ill.

Wednesday 28th January 1920

E.P.D. to Atlantic City at 5.30. Miss Thomas ill. I ‘phoned orders for party and took messages “Busy” called. Tante had tea at 12.30. E.P.D. in very late and very tired to lunch. I carved chickens and 8 doctors of E.P.D.’s staff came to supper at 8. Miss Beale and niece spent evening with Tante and me in writing room. Ice-cream. Letters from Dorothy Barnard and Alys.

Thursday 29th January 1920

Cold. Fine.
Tante quiet, coughed in night. I out with Laddie to Wanamaker’s about sock wool. Tante feverish 101.5 degrees. E.P.D. in to lunch. I sat with Tante all p.m. (in dressing-room). Dr Goodman to see her at 5. E.P.D. in to dinner with me. Tante upstairs. He to Wilmington at 7.45 and called up at 3 a.m. for case. Tante almost well!

Friday 30th January 1920

Fine day. Mild.
Breakfast alone. Tante quite herself. Milk toast. I sat with her all a.m. sewing. I unwell. E.P.D. in to lunch late. I out to Wanamaker’s after and bought wool. Dr Goodman in at 5. Marie out. I made salad. E.P.D. in 6.45 . Tante dined in bed. I dined with E.P.D. He very tired. Made bed. Mrs Rapp 8.30 – 10.30. He to Atlantic City 11.30. Wool – 5 balls (for 2 pairs) 65 cents a ball. 3 dollars odd.

Saturday 31st January 1920

Fine. Cold.
Breakfast alone. Fuss about Tante’s mackerel and hot water. I in car at 10.15 with temporary chauffeur to Bank and to Reading Terrace Market. For E.P.D. at Station. Home. Sewed in Tante’s room. Out to Market Street. Dinner alone. E.P.D. to Wilmington, back at 9.15 and out to Atlantic City at 11 p.m. Dr Goodman in at 5.

Sunday 1st February 1920

Fine, cold.
Got Tante’s breakfast up. At 11, walked to Broad Street Station. Met E.P.D. at 12.25 (train late). He and I in car to Maternity. Then lunch at Reading Terminal Market. Then motored to Wynnewood and to Radnor (Boldey’s and Munns). Home at 5. Icy roads.

Monday 2nd February 1920

Dull. Damp.
Everyone cross and tired. Rows in kitchen – Thomas. Dr B. Goodman in at 12.30. I in Tante’s bedroom all a.m. E.P.D. not in to lunch, or dinner. In to orange-juice, and office hours. I to American Store. Men came to try to get mop out of chimney. I to Boston Symphony concert alone. Kreisler played. Viotti’s concerto. E.P.D. to Atlantic City 11 p.m.

Fritz Kreisler Violin Concert Poster

Tuesday 3rd February 1920

Very damp. Mild.
Phoning about opera seats and interviewing insurance agents, till 11. To Bank in car and to meet E.P.D. at station 11.30. Took him to Maternity. To Dock Street for apples. He in late to lunch. I rested on sofa and wrote. Tante had nothing till dinner, after breakfast. E.P.D. out to dinner. In at 9.30 and to Atlantic City at 11 p.m. Wrote Dorothy Barnard and sent off letter to Alys too. Telling of not returning.

Wednesday 4th February 1920

Sleet. Blizzard.
Not out all day! Altered corduroy skirt and wrote Kitty. E.P.D. in at 12.45 but out again to country at 1.30 and lunched in car. Tante slept on until 2.45. Had tea then. E.P.D. in to dinner (7). All sat in writing room in evening. E.P.D. to Atlantic City at 11.

Thursday 5th February 1920

Deep snow.
I out at 9.45. to Amercican Store and Fluke’s. Wrote to Ethel Miles. Tante had breakfast/lunch at 12.30. E.P.D. into lunch at 2, and out immediately. Sat with Tante in p.m. She down to dinner (supper). Katherine out. E.P.D. in at 9. And out again to Atlantic City at 10 p.m. Walked to trolley.

american store
American Stores Company at 23rd & Fairmount Avenue, Philadelphia

Friday 6th February 1920

Dull. Snow.
Tante had breakfast at 10. Sat with her, and out to American Store at 12. Lunch alone. Out at 2.30. in car. To Caldwell’s and to buy potatoes in South Street. Awful roads with snow and ice. Sat with Tante on return. Marie out. E.P.D. in at 8 to dinner. Sat in writing-room. E.P D. to Atlantic City at 10. I to mail-box with him. Letter from Alys (and Dennis to E.P.D.). Wrote Ethel Miles.

Saturday 7th February 1920

Fine. Mild.
Katerine not well. Said must have rest. I in car at 10.30 to Inquirer Office and to meet E.P.D. at Broad Street with messages. To Morgan’s with him. Walked home with Laddie. Tante slept all p.m., till 5. Tea then. Down to dinner 6.30. E.P.D. not in till nearly 9. Stuck in deep snow and phoned from Radnor. E.P.D. to Atlantic City at 10.00.

Sunday 8th February 1920

Fine. Mildish.
Fixed pillowcase. Out with Laddie in parkway for 55 minutes. Tante slept all p.m. from 12 till 5.20. Katherine Crosson out. E.P.D. in at 5.45(!) and to supper. Terrapin, chicken, ice-cream. Sat in writing-room. E.P.D. to Atlantic City at 10.15. Wrote and posted letter to Alys.

Monday 9th February 1920

Very fine.
Sat with Tante until11. Then to Mrs Rogers and engaged cook (Mary Ferry). Katherine left at 2.30, felt ill and needed rest. Tante slept from 12.30 till 3.30. I typed ‘phone numbers. E.P.D. in at 2.30 for Office Hours. I to Meriano’s. Quiet evening in Writing-Room. Awful roads. E.P.D. to Atlantic City at 10.20.

Tuesday 10th February 1920

Dull. Snow. Mud.
Katherine Cryan cooked breakfast. Mary Ferry came at 11. I in car at 12 to American Store and Fluke’s. Awful roads. E.P.D. in to lunch! Talked of sooty drawing-room. I to store for butter with Laddie. Tante had lunch at 2.30. She and I dined alone and sat in Writing-Room. E.P.D. was called from Radnor for confinement case, so not to Atlantic City. To Maternity and Club.

Wednesday 11th February 1920

Warm. Sunny a.m.
E.P.D. in at 9.50 and out again. I in car at 10.30 to Market and to Bank. Walked home with Laddie. Lunch alone. Sat with Tante in p.m. E.P.D. in to Office hours and orange juice. I to American Store in p.m. E.P.D. in to dinner at 8. All went through drawing-room. Katherine Cryan out. Mary Ferry washed up. E.P.D. to Atlantic City at 10.30. Letters from Alys about M.B.E !!! and Ethel Miles about Denise’s marriage and Aunt Bella.

Thursday 12th February 1920

Warm. Sunny a.m.
Busy time between Cook and Tante about mop. Finally out to Stores and Franklin Miller, to buy one. Tante slept at 12.30 till 2.40. I slept also, 30 minutes. Sat with Tante all p.m. sewing. Maria out all p.m. Tante down at 6.30. Section case came in to Jefferson. Great telephoning. E.P.D. not in all day, or night; at Club and Jefferson Hospital.

Friday 13th February 1920

Sat with Tante; Miss Martin came in a.m. E.P.D. in at 11.30 and slept a little on sofa upstairs. I sewed in writing-room and after lunch (with E.P.D.) read; he in till 3 and then out for rest of day and to Atlantic City for night. Tante down at 6.45 to dinner. Sewed in writing-room. Took Laddie to Wanamaker’s and bought elastic for suspenders.

Saturday 14th February 1920

Fine. Mild.
I in hired limousine (Louie ill) to market, potatoes, etc, and to Broad Street. E.P.D. not in train. Home. Took Laddie out. Tante down in writing-room at 2.15. Lunch there. Her room cleaned. I out to buy flowers for Busy and took them. She very ill. E.P.D. in at 9.45 or 10. Dr Goodman to see Tante at 5.

Sunday 15th February 1920

Much colder.
Actually E.P.D. to breakfast with me. Tante lighted her own fire! E.P.D. got Busy into Jefferson Hospital. Tante slept till 3.30. Katherine out. I took Tante tea. Then walked to Edith Bache’s 4400 Sansom. Tea there and back (with Laddie) by 6. Sweetbreads, chicken, ice-cream. E.P.D. in at 4 and out at 9.15 to West Philadelphia and to Atlantic City.

Monday 16th February 1920

Very cold. Sunny.
Sat with Tante. Out to buy lard and sugar at American Store. Sat and sewed and knitted. E.P.D. in to office hour and orange juice. Sat with Tante. I wrote to Aunt Alice. E.P.D. in to dinner, and evening and slept at home!! Wrote Aunt Alice.

Tuesday 17th February 1920

Fine. Warmer.
Out to American Store and to 60th Street in car, at 11.15. E.P.D. in to lunch. I to Dr Capon, dentist, at 3.30; walked there and back. Edith Bache to dine with us. Dr Macrae to see Tante. Edith and I to Opera – Zazà (Leoncavallo) Geraldine Farrar and Crimi (tenor) and Pasquale Amato. E.P.D. to Atlantic City.


Wednesday 18th February 1920

Very fine. Mild.
Chas. W. Emery’s man to do vacuum cleaning. I in car at 10, to see Busy at Jefferson Hospital. Met E.P.D. and shopped and home. E.P.D. in to lunch. Made out cheques for Tante. To shop for present for Woodrow Wilson – Sayre’s (me: W-W grandchildren) 1st birthday. E.P.D. not in till 9 but stayed night at home.

Thursday 19th February 1920

Out to Bank, and to see Busy at Hospital. Walked there and back, with Laddie. E.P.D. in to lunch. Told about “antrum”.  Mrs Farrar came. I to call on Miss Beale and Miss Homer. Posted presents to Sayre children. E.P.D. in to dinner. Mrs Repp 8.45 – 10.30. E.P.D. to Atlantic City for night.

Friday 20th February 1920

Lovely day.
Busy preparing for America’s Home Day. Mrs Satterthwaite called in morning. I to American Store with Laddie. E.P.D. in to lunch. Tante down at 4. Miss Pierce, Miss Parrish (85 years old) Miss Hart (90 years old), Mrs Gibbon, Miss Beale called. Tea and talk. E.P.D. in to dine at 7. Mrs Rapp in evening. We sewed. E.P.D. stayed home for night.

Saturday 21st February 1920

Dull. Raw.
E.P.D. to Washington at 7.45. Breakfast alone. Out in car to see Busy at Hospital and to Reading Terrace Market and South Street. Busy’s hands worse and all swathed in lambs-wool. Mrs Boyer called in p.m. Sewed. Dined. Laddie made mess in drawing room. E.P.D. in at 9.30 and out to Atlantic City at 10.15. Snow. (Mrs Boyer’s stories of boy and elephant – “Ain’t” – and Wanamaker and his portrait)

John Wanamaker (1838-1922) by Leopold Seyffert

Sunday 22nd February 1920

Very damp.
Washington’s Birthday. Out with Laddie to Parkway. Wrote letter after lunch. Tante slept. E.P.D. in at 4.30 and I out again to Broad Street with Laddie. Tante cooked mushrooms. Katherine in. Victrola in evening. Wrote to Dorothy (E.V. Miles with receipts), Alys, Wade, Ethel Miles about Denise.

Monday 23rd February 1920

Dull. Damp.
Up with Tante. Breakfast with E.P.D. He lit fire twice. I to see Busy at Hospital. E.P.D. in at 2. Orange-juice. Fire wouldn’t burn all day. Sat in Tante’s room all p.m. E.P.D. in to dinner. Mrs Rapp in evening. Sewed pillowcase. Very long office hour. Maria took holiday.

Tuesday 24th February 1920

Dull. Some snow.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Mary Ferry gave notice. So I in car to Mrs Roger’s and Jahn. l interviewed 5 cooks. To visit Busy at Hospital. E.P.D. in to lunch. Sarah Fleming in p.m. (Cook). Engaged her. E.P.D. in to dinner and Mrs Rapp. I with Mr McCord and Margaret to Princeton Triangle Club (me: theatre troupe at Princeton University). Bellevue. Very good musical comedy. E.P.D. to Atlantic City at 10.30

Wednesday 25th February 1920

Fine. Frosty.
Telegram for E.P.D. about Boston. I in car to West Philadelphia to meet him and give messages. Washington too. Home. Lunch alone. E.P.D. in to orange-juice. Miss Rowe came. Katherine out. Cook didn’t come. E.P.D. in to dinner. I to Square with Laddie at 4.40 till 5. E.P.D. to Boston by night train. Maria cooked dinner.

Thursday 26th February 1920

Snowy. Cold. Out in car at 10.30. To Madame Wermuth’s; to engage cook (Mary Boyle). On to Jefferson. Saw Busy (worse again). Home. After lunch to Dr Capon. – dentist – in car. At 3. He filled wisdom tooth – gold – 70 minutes. Home. Lighted fire. Tante down at 6.45. Maria cooked dinner. Sewed pillowcases all evening. To bed 10.45. (E.P.D. travelled from Boston all night to Washington for consultation.) Letter from Alys. Postcard from Dorothy Barnard. Note from Susie (about M.B.E.)

Friday 27th February 1920

Very cold. Sunny.
I unwell. Mary Boyle came at 7 a.m. I in car at 10.30 to South Street for green groceries. To Junker’s, Sautters, Reading Terminal Market and Jefferson. Busy worse. Tante up at 4. 11 people called. At Home Day. Edith and Miss Bradford. The Jeffrey’s. Knitted in evening and with Laddie to Norris’s for chocolate at 9. E.P.D. in at 1 in night, from Atlantic City and out again to case immediately.

Saturday 28th February 1920

Tante headache. I out to Busy at Hospital in car at 10. Straight home. Did grey skirt – false hem. E.P.D. in, very tired to lunch and office. Out again for calls, and in to dinner. I wth Tante and then at 4, walked to Reading Terminal Market for horse-radish, and back, with Laddie. E.P.D. slept on sofa all evening, I knitted. Tante sewed.

Sunday 29th February 1920

Snowy, but not very cold.
E.P.D. lighted Tante’s fire. Tante’s breakfast late. Sat with her all a.m. E.P.D. had big breakfast with me (then out). I lunched alone. Tante and E.P.D. took no lunch. They rested all p.m. I out to Parkway with Laddie, then rested in writing-room. Katherine out in evening I made beds. Victrola. To bed 10.30.

Monday 1st March 1920

Sunny. Lovely day.
Tante told Mary Boyle (cook) she would not suit. I out to choose trunk for Tante and to call for Edith. To Lenten Service in Theatre and lunch at Arcadia cafeteria. To see Busy at Jefferson. Trolley home. To buy chops with Laddie. E.P.D. in at 8 to dinner. Dr Vaux called in evening. E.P.D. in office all evening. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 2nd March 1920

E.P.D. out at 7 a.m. I spent a.m. in five offices for cook. Rogers, Wermuth, Austin, Ruppe’s, Jahn. E.P.D. in to lunch. Felt depressed. Sewed pillowcase. Tante up at 5 as Francis Boyer called. Dinner in from Cowdray’s. I to Opera (with Bessie Hays). “Martha” (Caruso and Barrientos) music by Von Flotow.

Wednesday 3rd March 1920

Out to buy grapefruit before breakfast. Afterwards in taxi to 3 addresses for cooks. German and 2 other – all hopeless. E.P.D. in to orange-juice and office. Sat with Tante and out to store for grapefruit again (South Street). E.P.D. in to dinner at 7 (from Cowdray’s). Maria stayed on. Katherine out. E.P.D. told stories all evening.

Thursday 4th March 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. (appalling loneliness of life). I out to Wermuth, Jahn and Rogers. No cooks. In at 12.50. Lunch alone. E.P.D. in to orange juice. Annie Jenningham (cook) called. Tante up at 2.45, and we out in car to see Busy at Jefferson. I to Miss Parry’s for cook. Back with Tante. Both rested till 6.30. Mary Boyle left. Paid her. E.P.D. to Atlantic City 7.30 back at 12.30.

Friday 5th March 1920

Rain. Mild. Blizzard in evening.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante and darned stockings. Out with Laddie to American Store. Cook, Rosa, came at 1 or 2. Tante up at 4. For At Home day. No one came as heavy rain, turning to snow. E.P.D. in to dinner 7. He down in office from 9 till 11.

Saturday 6th March 1920

Sunny, snowy.
Breakfast with E.P.D. I out in car 10.40 to South Street and Reading Terminal Market. Lunch with E.P.D. Sat with Tante and out to Post Office and Square with Laddie in p.m. E.P.D. in at 5.40. Read papers in drawing-room. Knitted and Tante sewed all evening. E.P.D. with Mrs Rapp dictating New York paper. Wrote and posted letter to Alys via Imperator and posted “Mare Nostrum:” and “Four Horsemen”.

Sunday 7th March 1920

Cold. Dull.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Washed brush. Tante had headache. I out to Square with Laddie. Lunch with E.P.D. Wrote Dorothy. Read on sofa. Out again with Laddie in p.m. E.P.D. revising “Mother and Child” Tante had tea at 4 p.m. Then up and made potato salad. Katherine out. Sang hymns. Posted letter to Dorothy Barnard. E.P.D. read Opal White’s diary.
Potatoe (sic) salad: 2 ½ vinegar, 8 oil, tablespoon pepper and salt, potatoes sliced finely, onion, parsley

Monday 8th March 1920

Sunny. Cold.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. Out to Bank and to Wanamaker’s about glasses. Took Laddie. E.P.D. out to lunch – “Barton Cooke”. Mrs Lincke and Hatty in p.m. to discuss clothes in Tante’s room. E.P.D. to Atlantic City in evening. Back at midnight. Tante and I worked. To bed 10.45. Letter from Kitty.

Tuesday 9th March 1920

Sunny. Warmer.
Water quite cold. Took up shaving water – too late. E.P.D. to New York (McCormick’s there and to Dr Hart and Obstetrical Society to read paper). I in car to Bank and Sheppard’s, Fluke’s. Tante up at 3. And out in car to Busy at Hospital at 3.35. Home at 6. Knitted till 20.25. Letter from Dorothy Barnard.

Wednesday 10th March 1920

Sunny and hot – 59 degrees.
I to Bank and to Van Roden’s, with Ladddie. Very warm day. Tante up. E.P.D. in to lunch, back from New York. I out with Tante in car at 3.45 to Mrs Barnes’ and Wanamaker. Home at 6. Tante slept on sofa. I in drawingroom. E.P.D. in at 6.35. Dinner at 7. Katherine out. Mrs Rapp 8.30 – 10.00.

Thursday 11th March 1920

Warm. Dull.
I to Bank again with Laddie. Miss Leach to see Tante. E.PD. in to lunch. Sat with Tante and she talked of Miss Leach and lunch for 75 minutes. Tante up by 5. We out in car to call on Mrs Tilly Markoe. Home at 6.20. Dinner with E.P.D. He sang afterward, 3 songs, and worked in office 1 ½ hours. “Thu’ nicht so spröde” Rubenstein. Unhappy letter from Alys. Posted one to her (note).

Friday 12th March 1920

Rain. Mild.
Out to Bank, Fluke’s, Meriano’s, American Store with Laddie. Wore covert-coat and skirt. Hot. Read. E.PD. in to lunch. At Home day. Mrs Lloyd, Mrs McCrae and Annie and Bessie Hayes called. E.P.D. in to dinner. Miss Farrell 8.30 – 10.30. Progressive medicine. 30 pp. E.P.D. To Atlantic City 5 a.m.

Saturday 13th March 1920

Rain. Hot. Turning cold and snow.
Breakfast alone. Very hot and rainy. Ordered food by telephone. Not out all a.m. Sat with Tante. Knitted. E.P.D. in to lunch. At 4, Tante and I in car (with E.P.D.) to Princeton Club. Tante and I to tea there. (Endowment Fund). E.P.D. to Hospital and called for us later. Home in snowstorm. Miss Farrell 8.30 – 10.30. Laddie ran after motor. Wrote Ella and Bank. (Tante had breakfast 10).

Princeton Club, Philadelphia

Sunday 14th March 1920

Cold. Windy. Sunny.
Breakfast with E.P.D. (Tante’s late!) Sat in her room. Read newspaper. At 1, walked to Acadamy, met E.P.D. Both to Exhibition then lunch at Child’s together. Home at 3. I took Laddie to Square. Rested. E.P.D. slept upstairs. Tante cooked mushrooms. Hymns in evening. Rose’s day out.

Monday 15th March 1920

Warmer. Fine.
E.P.D. out to Atlantic City before breakfast 9 train. I with Tante and then in car at 10.10 to American Store and Dougherty’s. Tante up and out at 12. In car with me about Income Tax and to see Busy at Jefferson Hospital. I to Miss Parry’s. Home to lunch at 3! Rested (I to Mrs Coles to inquire). E.P.D. in at 7. Dinner. Miss Farrell came. To bed 11 p.m.

Tuesday 16th March1920

Rain. All day.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante had her’s at 8 also and up after, to Auxillary Meeting at Maternity 11 a.m. and I to Miss Parry’s. Back for Tante and to Acorn Club. She to Princeton meeting 12. I back to Parry’s Both home at 1.30. E.P.D. in, talked while we had lunch. Tante slept all p.m. I read “Vivien” in drawingroom, and slept too. E.P.D. to Atlantic City 7 p.m. I to Opera. Miss Martin too.Took her home in taxi – 2 dollars. Had orange juice.

Acorn Club, 1519 Locust Street, Philadelphia

Wednesday 17th March 1920

Hot sun.
E.P.D. in at 1 a.m. and out before breakfast to Atlantic City again. Tante slept on till nearly 12. I wrote letters. At 12 in car (Louie angry) to Bank and to Wharf. Met E.P.D. Back to lunch. Sat with Tante all p.m. Took Laddie round Square. Katherine out. E.P.D. in to dinner, very tired, lay on sofa. E.P.D. had Mrs Rapp. I made beds and to Concert Symphony alone at Academy. Destinn sang. Back by trolley. Wrote Aunt Bella.

Thursday 18th March 1920

Cold. Sunny.
Breakfast alone. E.P.D. to Washington 7 a.m. Out in car to see maid and to 60th Street market, apples. In p.m. Tante up and in car to Lincke’s. I with her, and on to Strawbridge’s for dress. Fetched Tante. Back and rest and dinner 7. Read in evening. E.P.D. back at 11.15.

Friday 19th March 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. Out at 10.30. Bought frock and stockings. To Stores also for bread. Tante had neuralgia. Lunch with E.P.D. At Home Day. Mrs Failey and Mrs Howe called. Tante down 4.20. E.P.D. out from 3.15 and all night on case. Evening spent in discussing Busy’s refusal of help. Sent off letter to Alys (begun 17th).

Saturday 20th March 1920

Dull. Cool.
Lighted Tante’s fire, as Maria away. Took up breakfast. Sat there. At 10.45 to Bank for E.P.D. He in at 12 till nearly 1. I out to South Street. Lunch alone. Sat with Tante all pm. Doing bills. Tante up at 6.45. Out to get Bulletin in evening. Read. E.P.D. out all p.m. and night on 2 more confinement cases and a caesarian. Busy’s tonsils taken out at 2 p.m. To bed 11.10.

Sunday 21st March 1920

Sunny. Cool.
Breakfast alone. Tante slept till about 12. E.P.D. in at 12.15 or so. I took Laddie to Square. E.P.D. slept on sofa all p.m. Tante and I in car to Navy Yard. Tea with Cassie Johnson and Mrs Schroder. Home to supper. Katherine out. Hymns. E.P.D. to Hospital for night. Wrote Ella (about Mrs Bell’s death and Mrs Wilson). Wrote Dorothy Barnard.

Monday 22nd March 1920

Sunny. Warm.
Breakfast alone. Tante breakfast 10.30. I in car at 11 to Fluke’s, photocrafter’s, Gimbel’s (teapot) and to meet E.P.D. Wharf 12.45. With him to Rink for tickets. Back to lunch with him. Sat with Tante. To Norris for chocolate. I in car to Edith Bache’s. Dined 6.30. Edith and I to The Carnival. Tante and E.P.D. to Russian ballet – Fokine. Letter from Alys.

Tuesday 23rd March 1920

Sunny. Warm.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. Rose demanded pork-chops, so went out for them with Laddie. I to Acorn Club 12. I sat in Square with Laddie dressed. Met Tante. To lunch at Mrs Markoe’s 1.30. Danny Holsman there. Home. Rested. Dinner. I to Opera with Viola Homer (Miss Beale’s niece). The Barber of Seville – Rossini. Very good. Hackett, Amato, Barrientos.

Wednesday 24th February 1920

Very warm.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Up with Tante. Out to 22 West Street for salmon and then to Bank and shop for new dress, and Wanamaker’s. Home. Lunch with E.P.D. L.K. (N). Said I would do secretary’s work. In p.m. with Tante to call on Mrs Parrish (out) and Mrs Hunt – in. Home at 6.15. Dinner 7. Katherine out. Made beds. Electricity dim. Miss Farrell came. Letter from Dorothy Barnard.

Thursday 25th March 1920

Very warm.
Breakfast alone. E.P.D. to Atlantic City. Miss Thomas showed me work. Tante headache. Slept till 5. I in car to South Street and to Forsgard’s with fur coat. Lunch alone. E.P.D. in at 2.15. I sewed. To buy steak at Mann’s. E.P.D. in to dinner 7 and Tante down in wrapper. E.P.D. out to Philadelphia Biblon (Philobiblon) Club (Dickens reading). Back at 10.15. Talked of stenographer post. E.P.D. had two teeth but didn’t say so. Read “The Last Million” Jan Hay.

Friday 26th March 1920

Dull, mild showers.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Out with Laddie to Bank and to Fluke’s and American Store. Unwell. At Home Day. Wore mauve frock. Mrs Tullidge and Mrs Budd called about Democratic Committee. Mrs Weil and Ethelynde called, and Mrs Boyer, Mrs Judge Wilson, Edith Bache. E.P.D. in to dinner. Toothache – gum. I very tired. Tante sent night-letter to Woodrow-Wilson. He in office 9.30 – 11. To bed 11.

Saturday 27th March 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Out to South Street for cream. Tante and I in car to Bellevue Stratford Hotel. To Republican Women’s Luncheon. 12.30. Heard Governor Sproul and Senator Leuroot and Miss Garrett Hay speak. Then to Kreisler concert. Lovely and soothing. Home at 5. Tante slept, I tried lace collars on blue silk frock. E.P.D. in and slept. I waked him. He was called out before 2 mouthfuls dinner. In at 10. Telegram from President to Tante “I trust to your own judgement – cannot advise”.

Mary Garrett Hay – a notable American suffragist

Sunday 28th March 1920

Dull, some sun.
Breakfast with E.P.D. who then out for whole day. Sat with Tante. Took Laddie out at 12.30. Tante headache again, so not out. I in car at 4 to Bache’s, with eau-de-cologne. Tante up at 6.15 and cooked calves sweetbreads in kitchen. E.P.D. in at 6.30. Hymns and to bed 11.
3 pairs calves sweetbreads. Take all skin away, after par-boiling. Put milk in double-boiler and ½ onion, sliced, and chopped parsley, pepper and salt. Add the sweetbreads. Add 1 tablespoon cornstarch (first dissolve in cream or milk). Cook for about 10 minutes.

Monday 29th March 1920

Rain. Then dry. Hot.
Breakfast alone. Tante slept on till 12. I washed white jersey and shawl, and did lots of sewing – blue dress. After lunch at 3.15 in car with Tante to Lincke’s. I to Dewees and back for her. Mrs Tullidge, Mrs Budd and another came and discussed politics till 6.30. Tante and I sewed and read till 10.45. E.P.D. in then from Phillipsburg, New Jersey.

Tuesday 30th March 1920

Fine. Hot.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante up and out in car to Acorn Club (Princeton). I to shops first, in car. I to Bank, walked home. All 3 in to lunch together. Tante rested till 4. I out for Laddie’s meat and rested. Tante to call on Francine and Reeve for Princeton. E.P.D. in at 6.25. dinner 7. Miss Farrell in evening. Miss Thomas’ last day.

Wednesday 31st March 1920

Fine. Hot.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante felt sick at 11. I in office. Filed magazines. Did accounts of my own. E.P.D. in to lunch. Tante had nothing. I walked to Bank with Laddie. Very hot. Then at 3.45. in car to 60th Street for apples. Back via Evans’. Dinner 7. Katherine out. Mrs Repp in evening. I headache with heat. Tante made beds! They gave me new suitcase! Letter from Alys, Susie and Bank with statement and chequebook. Wrote Bank re statement.

Thursday 1st April 1920

Fine. Hot. Then rain.
E.P.D. out to Atlantic City early. 9 a.m. train. Tante breakfast 9.30 and to Maternity Meeting 11 in car. I on to Riggs and Curry’s. Back for Tante, called too late at Wharf. E.P.D. in to lunch. New car in exchange for old one. Tante rested, I too a little. Cook out. E.P.D. in to dinner 6.30. Tante and I to Church in taxi 8 – 9. All to bed 10.25! Began letter to Kitty. Filed magazines.

Friday 2nd April 1920

Rain, then dull.
Good Friday. Tante had breakfast about 10. E.P.D. and I breakfast. Then I in office. Typewrote 2 reports. Rose grouchy. E.P.D. in to lunch. I out in p.m. to Store for cucumber and asparagus (1st). Tante dictated paper on Farming, and I began to type it. Nice evening. E.P.D. read Masefield’s “Good Friday” aloud and some sonnets.

Saturday 3rd April 1920

Fine. Sunny. Lovely.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Did typing in office for E.P.D. Out to Bank (trolley), Meriano’s and South Street. Entered reports, Irvine. Tante at 3.30 or 4 to Laurel Hill Cemetery in taxi. E.P.D. in to lunch with me. Talked of miracles. I typed Tante’s paper on stock-raising. Miss Farell in evening. Read Henry James in Scribner.

Sunday, 4th April 1920

Rain all day. Cold.
Easter Sunday. All had breakfast 8. Tante had neuralgia so not out with us. E.P.D. and I to Maternity 9.30.with flowers – 40 bunches – (taxi). Gave them to patients and all inmates. Then I to St Peter’s Church. E.P.D. joined me at 11.45. Communion Service. Home together by trolley. Lunch. At 2.45 E.P.D. and I to Blockley Hospital in motor. To Memorial Service for Miss Alice Fisher (died 32 years ago) (me: a nursing pioneer). I home, he to Jefferson Hospital. He back at 6, rested. I woke him 6.30. Hymns in evening. To bed 10.50.

Monday 5th April 1920

Rain. Dark.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Did sorting cheques in a.m. Tante up and both in car to City Club to lunch (Suffrage League Drive). Miss West there. To Wanamaker’s after. Tante bought stockings. Home. Tante rested. E.P.D. out to dinner and to Atlantic City late and back at 1 a.m. We to bed 10.30. Wrote Alys.

Tuesday 6th April 1920

Fine. Cold .
Breakfast with E.PD. Talked of 2nd marriages. Mrs Satterthwaite and Franklin 5 ½ called 12 – 1.15. I out with her to Meriano’s. E.P.D. in to lunch. Tante down at 12. Tante marked stockings. I read aloud Tante rested. I also. Dressed. E.P.D. in at 6. Dinner 6.30. I to opera – “L’amore dei tre re” with Margaret McCord. Amato, Martinelli, Muzio. Home in friends car. 10.35 Rain. Wrote Susie and sent E.P.D.’s photo to her.

Wednesday 7th April 1920

Cold. Windy.
Tante had neuralgia. I breakfast with E.P.D. Sewed and wrote and stuck in cheques. Out in car at 10.30 to 60th Street market. Lunch with E.P.D. Tante had nothing till about 3.30. Katherine out. Dinner 7. I read aloud “The Story of Opal” 2nd part. E.P.D. had Miss Farrell and finished “Progressive Medicine”. Wrote Smith and Sons for £55. Sent cheque Albert Hall.

Thursday 8th April 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante up at 11.15 and out to hair-dressers in car. With her to stores, then back to office and typewrote postcards to Curriculum Committee and cut leaves of periodicals. E.P.D. and Tante in to lunch. Tante read aloud to me ”Story of Susan”. Then rested. Dinner 6.30. All 3 to Opera House to Schumann-Heink concert. Lovely. Wrapper.

Friday 9th April 1920

E.P.D. out very early. I breakfast alone. Tante slept on till 12. Phoned Curriculum Committee and wrote letters in office. E.P.D. in to lunch. I out to Meriano’s with Laddie and in car with Tante at 3 to Mrs Lincke’s and to get tickets for Hoover. Home. Tante searched for lace in old cupboard. Dinner 7. Quiet evening. E.P.D. did his book revising till late. Letter from Alys. Wrote and posted letter to Dorothy Barnard.

Saturday 10th April 1920

Sunny. Cool.
Breakfast with E.P.D. I out to Bank with Laddie and to Meriano’s. Lunch with E.P.D. Tante up at 4. All 3 of us to the Alba Johnson’s lawn-party in car, with Mrs Wiel too. Verboeckhoven picture. Home at 6.30. After dinner Tante and I to hear Hoover speak on Near East Relief Armenia at Opera House. Mrs Egan spoke too. Home in trolleys. Posted letter to Kitty.

Sunday 11th April 1920

Fine. Cold wind.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Went with Tante to sermon of Communion Service 12 in taxi. All lunched together at 1.30. 2.30 all in car (top down) to Queen Lane, called on Reid’s (Cousins Charles and Edith). Out to Coryell’s. Called there. Home. Supper 7. Cook out. Looked at papers. To bed 10.30.

Monday 12th April 1920

Katherine temper and gave notice. I did a good deal of work in office, typing. Lunch alone. Tante up at 3, and to Mrs Leaf’s meeting. League of Women Citizens. E.P.D. in to office and then to Atlantic City till 2.30 a.m. Tante and I to Reading Terminal Market. Dinner 7, then to Mrs McCord’s and Mrs Goodman’s during evening. Letter from Dorothy. Cook (Rose Shoolin) also gave notice.

Tuesday 13th April 1920

Cold, fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante up and she I in car at 12 to Riddick’s office and Miss Parry’s. Engaged Etta, Jamaican. Home to lunch. E.P.D. too. I out in car to get potatoes. E.P.D. to Atlantic City. Tante and I in car round Park. Dined 7. Read in evening. To bed 10.30. E.P.D. in at 1 a.m. Caesarean Lecture! Letter from Alys. Posted letter to Alys (typewritten fast).

Wednesday 14th April 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Talked of marriage and chivalry of the institution. I to Bank in car and back. Lunch alone. E.P.D. at Atlantic City middle day, and missed office hour. Men came and put up awnings. Tante up at 6.15. and off to Girls’ Friendly Meeting. E.P.D. and I alone to dinner which Maria cooked. Miss Farrell at 8.40. Tante back at 10.10. Both Katherine Cryan and Rose left.

Thursday 15th April 1920

Fine day.
Very busy housework. E.P.D. to Atlantic City early and out to breakfast and lunch. Etta came. Tante headache, but up at 2.30 ,and off to Harrisburg! – to Democratic dinner. I with Laddie in Square. Showed Etta her duties. Very tired. E.P.D. in to dinner at 5.30. Sat in writing room and read papers, coffee and cigar. Then in office and he dictated names of articles for card-index. Up in writing-room by wood-fire. To bed 10.10. Maria came 7.30 and stayed to cook dinner.

Friday 16th April 1920

Warmer. Showery.
Up at 6.50. Showed Etta work. Breakfast with E.P.D. Painted in writing room “Mother and Child”. Type-wrote index-cards in office 2 ½ hours. E.P.D. in to lunch 2. Out with Laddie to shops, asparagus. Tante back from Harrisburg about 4. Sat with her. E.P.D. to Atlantic City. Tante and I dined alone. Shad, cucumber salad and asparagus. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 17th April 1920

Dull, showery.
E.P.D. in at 1.30 a.m. and out before breakfast again! To Atlantic City. Tante slept till 12. I out in car to Mariano’s and to Wanamaker’s and bought 2 voile frocks and 5 pairs stockings. E.P.D. in to lunch. Edith called, and Mrs Foulkrod, mother of soldier in jail in Los Angeles. Dinner 6.30. Mrs Repp came 8.30 – 10.40. I to bed 11.10. Helped Etta with beds.

Sunday 18th April 1920

Fine day.
E.P.D. to Atlantic City. I with Tante and down in writing-room, drawing, and typed soldier’s letter. Tante up at 2.30. and both out in car to Busy’s and drove to Bryn Athyn, New Swedenborgian Church. Home 7. E.P.D. slept all p.m. Supper. Hymns.

Bryn Athyn Cathedral is the episcopal seat of The General Church of the New Jerusalem, a denomination of Swedenborgianism.

Monday 19th April 1920

E.P.D. early to Atlantic City. I in car to shops. Bought petticoat, skirt, etc. E.PD. in to lunch. Tante up at 4.30. Both in car to fetch Edith at Library. Drove her home. E.P.D. in to dinner (Mrs Tullidge, Mrs Budd, Mrs James came 5.30 till 6.50). Miss Farrell in evening. Tante and I did checks and bills.

Tuesday 20th April 1920

Very fine.
Out for bread before breakfast. E.P.D. in to breakfast. Tante up and to Princeton Meeting 12. I did checks in office, and to Post Office for parcel. To Bank. All home to lunch. Busy called in. Lame. Tante to meeting at Mrs Leaf’s (Citizen). 3 till 5.30. I typewrote. E.P.D. Atlantic City, out to dinner. Tante and I to opera – “Eugene Onegin” Pushkin and Tchaikovsky. Muzio, De Luca, Martinelli. Plus douce même que d’habitude. Wrote Bank for new Letter of Credit.

Wednesday 21st April 1920

Rain, thunder.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Out in pouring rain to get herring for Tante. She up at 12, and to Agnes Irwin lunch. I to Dr Capon’s 12.30. Lunch alone. E.P.D. to Atlantic City, and out for Office hour. I typed. Miss Jones in office. Tante in at 4. E.P.D. in and all dined 6.30. E.P.D. called out to Barringer’s 7.30. In at 9.30. Miss Farrell came. Etta’s sister, Lily, came 10.22.

Thursday 22nd April 1920

Very hot.
Felt tired. E.P.D. out early to operate. Sat in Tante’s room. Did list in office. Tante up to lunch and E.P.D. in too. Tante to Democratic Women’s meeting 3 till 5. I in car to various shops. Home, rested in writing-room. E.P.D. and Tante home together in car at 6.10. Dinner. Victrola in evening. To bed 10.15!!! Thunder in night.

Friday 23rd April 1920

Hot 79 degrees. Windy.
E.P.D. to Atlantic City early. I in car at 9.45 to 60th Street. Bought veg’s. Unwell. Tante up and to meeting (Citizen) till 2. E.P.D. in to lunch (wore my grey jersey). Tante telephoned. I on sofa in p.m. Out with Laddie to Square. Mrs Jenks called. Tante to Mrs Coles till 7. Dinner, all together. Miss Farrell came. Posted letter to Alys by Mauretania (part typed).

Saturday 24th April 1920

Windy. Colder.
Tante breakfast 12. E.P.D. out early. I breakfast alone. Wrote Dorothy, in office. Sat with Tante till 1.30. E.P.D. in late to lunch and called up to Tante’s room. Gloomy. I out with Laddie to South Street and Acme till 3.45. Mrs Budd called 4. Tante down 4. E.P.D. up to see Mrs Budd. He in early and rested in drawing-room till 6.15. Dinner. All to Stanley to see Huckleberry Finn – crowded.

Sunday 25th April 1920

Fine. Windy. Cool.
E.P.D. to Atlantic City. I breakfast alone. Tante slept on till 10.30. I out with her all a.m. Lunch alone. Out in car to meet E.P.D. at Wharf. To hospitals with him and both with Laddie to Vet (dewclaw). Walked to Square. Rested. Supper E.P.D. called out at 10.30 and out all night. Etta out, but in early and did work.

Monday 26th April 1920

Fine. Cool.
Breakfast alone. Tante interfered on ‘phone. Annoyed. Finally went down and typed Democratic speech for Tante till 1.30. E.P.D. in to lunch and Tante down (late). All in car at 4 to Lippincott’s about book. Tante and I back in car. EP.D. in at 6.15. Dinner 6.30. Miss Farrell came (last). I sewed bodice. Tante knitted. Felt very depressed and cross, and neuralgia all day.

Tuesday 27th April 1920

Fine. Cool.
Dull Cold rain.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante up at 11 and out to Acorn Club. Mrs Walker to see over house. I out in car with Tante and to shops. E.P.D. and Tante in to lunch. Tante out to another meeting 3. I made sandwiches for E.P.D. He to Atlantic City and not back till 12.30. (to Maternity also for case). Tante and I rested. Dinner 6.45. Tante worked at her paper on Democratic Party.

Wednesday 28th April 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante and out to buy turnips with Laddie. Lunch with E.P.D. Tante up at 3.45 and she and I in car to Sheppard’s to look at Baby things for E.P.D.’s book. Home and called on Mrs F. Biddle and Miss Beale. All in to dinner 7. E.P.D. did his book revising.

Thursday 29th April 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. Out in car to get potatoes. Typed Tante’s paper on Democratic Party till 1.30. E.P.D. in at 2.15. Orange juice (been to Wilmington). Typed again after Office hour. Dinner 6.15. Tante and I to Mrs Garber’s League of Women Citizens. Tante read her paper. Miss Adams spoke too and Teacher.

Friday 30th April 1920

Fine, then heavy rain.
Breakfast with E.P.D. I at 9.15 to Dr McCune Smith and home, and to shops in car, and typed postcards for E.P.D. Mrs Cross to see over house. Tante and I to lunch at City Club. League of Women Citizens. Political speeches. I home (walked), rested. Out with E.PD. in car to Jefferson and then to wait for Tante in Democratic Meeting. Dinner 7. E.P.D. read aloud. Opal White’s diary “Of an Understanding Heart”.

Saturday 1st May 1920

Fine, Warmer.
E.P.D. out early to Atlantic City. Tante slept till 11.30. I looked out expenses in accounts books in office. At 12. I in car to Market 12th Street and to Wharf to meet E.P.D. 12.45. Tante up only at 4.30 putting away curtains. Lunch with E.P.D. discussing apartment move, furniture selling. Dinner 6.30. E.P.D. finished revising his book. To bed 10.35. We two together could make out pretty well.

Sunday 2nd May 1920

Breakfast at 9 with E.P.D. Tante’s “late” fuss. Sat with her. Out round square with Laddie. E.P.D. back and Tante down to lunch. Etta unwell and on bed. I washed up. All 3 out in car to Busy’s. Home via Wissahickon. Dr and Mrs Johnson (Cassie) to supper from Navy Yard. Discussed moving to apartment 16th and Locust Street. Wrote Edith and Mrs Solly.


Monday 3rd May 1920

Fine, cool.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Out before nine to Dr McCune Smith. He treated my nose. Back. Did work in office. E.P.D. in to lunch. Tante up at 3.45. All three of us in car to see Flat and plans of it. Rode in park in car. Dinner 6.30. E.P.D. did accounts in evening. Flat rent $5,000 (with offices) Decided no economy in moving.

Tuesday 4th May 1920

Changeable. Cool.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Off at once to Sheppard’s. Drew baby weighing basket. To Wanamaker’s. Home. Tante to Acorn Club. Worked in office. All in to lunch. In car at 3.30. E.P.D. to Wharf for Atlantic City 4. Tante to call on Miss Hoyt at McMurtry’s. I to Lippincott’s. Then to McMurtry’s. Home 6. Typed in office till 7 Tante and I dined alone. You are s.a.d.

Wednesday 5th May 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. To Dr McCune Smith’s at 9. Treatment and electric burning to nose till 11. Home. Out in car to Lippincott’s. Took drawings to Mr Bacon. Home. E.P.D. to Wilmington. Maria sick. Tante up in p.m. to call for E.P.D. at Hospital. Miss Hoyt to dinner 8. Nice conversation. E.P.D. called out at 10.30 and not in till 9.20 am. – 6th. Did checks for E.P.D. in office.

Thursday 6th May 1920

Breakfast alone. To Sheppard’s early. Drew there till 11. To Wanamaker’s. Bought coat and skirt 20% off! Fitted, and home. E.P.D. and Tante to lunch. Tante had been to Maternity Meeting. She rested. I sewed. Got out dishes with her. Miss Hall called. E.P.D. to dine with Dr Schumann and Dr Barbour from Edinburgh and Obstetrics Meeting. Tante and I to dine at Miss Beale’s and Viola Homer. Home 10.15 Took Laddie and Daisy out.

Friday 7th May 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. I to Dr McCune Smith’s 9. On to Whiteman’s and Fluke’s. Home. Out to Meriano’s. Home. Tante to meet Mrs Bass in taxi. No Louis. He came later. I out to Broad Street to send Louis to Wanamaker’s. Very tired. Rushing morning. Mrs Bass, Mrs Snell, Tante and I to meeting 3 p.m. Miss Bass spoke for an hour or more. Home 6.

Saturday 8th May 1920

Up at 6.35. Bath before E.P.D. Breakfast with E.P.D. Mrs Snell had apple and water. Saw her off to Washington 10.30. To Bank and 60th Street in car. Home. Typed postcards. EP.D. in to lunch. Tante in bed till 6.30. E.P.D. to Atlantic City. Mrs Budd came and stayed to dinner. I out with her to mail newspapers, and out again 9.15 to try to buy Bulletin. Orange Juice for E.P.D. who in at 1.30 a.m.? Changed cheque £12.0.0 for $45.60. I don’t want to let you go.

Sunday 9th May 1920

Fine, warm.
E.P.D. called out early. Breakfast alone. Sat with Tante till nearly 12. Out with Laddie to Square. Tante up to lunch and E.P.D. in very tired and sleepy. He rested in p.m. Tante and I in car, with Miss Hoyt to Loan Exhibition at Academy (Monet, Manet, Morisot, Mary Cassatt). On to Bryn Athyn Church. Home 7. Dinner. Etta out. E.P.D. talked about Maria’s health in evening. All counted clothes, together.

Monday 10th May 1920

Hot. Fine 78 degrees.
Breakfast with E.P.D. To Dr Smith. Bought “Eminent Victorians” Strachey $3.50. Home, out to American Store. Tante lunched in bed. I lunched with E.P.D. After office hour to Wilmington. Tante to Maria and sisters to Maternity in car (for operation). Sewed tablecloth (darn). Freudian theory, and Florence Nightingale.

Tuesday 11th May 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Out to Sheppard’s and drew. Walked home. Tante out to Acorn Club. I sewed black straw hat. All 3 to lunch. Tante to Mrs Leaf’s Committee at 3. I washed and ironed her scarf. E.P.D. up in writing room – “Etta always coming after something”. All 3 to dine at McMurtry’s 1104 Spruce with Miss Hoyt. She showed us French war trophies.

Wednesday 12th May 1920

Fine. Warm.
Breakfast with E.P.D. To American Store with Laddie. Lunch 12.30 and at 1 I in car with Laddie to Bache’s. They and Pat with me to Wynwood Dog Show. 2 till 5.15. Fun. Laddie took 1st in all classes. Open, Novice, American bred and Best Dog, Special. Home. Dinner 6.15. All 3 to Temple for Florence Nightingale Centenary. E.P.D. spoke very well indeed. Movie of Probationers, Home.

Thursday 13th May 1920

E.P.D. out to operate at 6 a.m. I to Dr Smith’s at 9. He burnt left nostril and decided not to operate. Home. Lunch. E.P.D. in at 2, tired. I with Tante to Red Cross meeting. Bellevue Stratford box. Miss Beale, Homer, Home 5.30 in car. After dinner 6.30, all 3 to Jefferson Hospital Graduation of nurses. E.P.D. made the address. Very good. Mr Horace Furness presided. Furnace out for 1st time.

Friday 14th May 1920

Rain. Cold.
E.P.D. out at 7.15 to Atlantic City. Tante neuralgia. Slept till 1.5. I did checks and accounts in office till 11. Then in car to Lippincott’s, and to Reading Terminal Market. Lunch alone. E.P.D. in at 3. I in car with Tante. She to Democratic Club 3.30. Late and Blaylock and Blynn’s. Back for E.P.D. In car to Hospital with him. Called for Tante 5. Both of us called for him at 6. He out at 6.40. Home. Dinner. Wood fire. Wore fur coat. Wrote Alys.


Saturday 15th May 1920

Fine. Cool.
Breakfast with E.P.D. I to Dr Smith’s 9. He took out packing. Home. Tante and I to Bank and Wanamaker’s in taxi and to buy Tante 3 pair shoes, Genting’s. Lunch at Wanamaker’s. Home 3.30. Trolley. Rested, and sewed. Servants to Circus, Miss Neibert to watch telephone. Tante and I met E.P.D. at Kugler’s and all supped there. Home. Tante and E.P.D. did Maternity Report. To bed 11.

Sunday 16th May 1920

Perfect day.
Sat with Tante and then took Laddie round Square. Tante tired telephoning. Up at 2.45. E.P.D. and I lunched together. All in car to Newtown to call on Smith’s. On to the Three Tuns and had good dinner there. Laddie too. Home at 9.30. Ice-cream. To bed 10.30. Tired.

Monday 17th May 1920

Fine. Warmer.
E.P.D. out early and operated on Maria. I to Dr McLune Smith’s. He snipped off a piece of flap. Home. Out to American Store with Laddie. Typed Maternity Report. E.P.D. in to lunch. Tante down at 3. She and I to League of Women Citizens. Heard Mrs Brown and “Earl” Barnes speak. Home 6. E.P.D. at Exam 3 to 6 and read papers all p.m. Tante and I did silver, all packed away. To bed 11.15.

Tuesday 18th May 1920

Tante headache, but up to lunch. E.P.D to Washington to spend “day at White House”. I did house accounts and out in car to Bank. Louis to fetch Busy, who came to lunch and he took her back, Tante also. Ironed Tante’s white dress. Very hot and tired. Lay on sofa in evening. Etta out. E.P.D. in 10.20. To bed 10.40.

Wednesday 19th May 1920

Up at 6.20. Breakfast with E.P.D. In trolley to Bank. Walked back. Packed. Out to lunch at Flower Market with Edith Bache in Rittenhouse Square. Home. Packed all p.m. Cassie Johnson called. Trunks off at 6.45. E.P.D. in to dinner. Dr Vaux in evening. Diplomas to be signed. “I shall mind more than you.”

Thursday 20th May 1920

I in taxi with Laddie to Dr Lentz at Veterinary Hospital. Thought he had distemper but only a cold. Walked back via Brasley Market. E.P.D to Wilmington. Tante to meeting. Both of us to Princeton Club and to Edith Bache’s lunch.

Friday 21st May 1920

Stuffy. Thunder in evening.
Breakfast alone. E.P.D. out 7, in 9.45. I to Dr Smith’s and to shops after, bathing-gown, Lewando’s. Home, worked in office. E.P.D. in to lunch. Tante to Democratic Meeting. I on bed, unwell and very headachey. In car 3.30 with E.P.D. He to Atlantic City till 1.30 a.m. Called for Tante and bought bathing-gowns at Wanamaker’s. Tante to see Maria at Maternity. Home. Supper 7. Both very tired and to bed 9.30.


Saturday 22nd May 1920

E.P.D. out before breakfast. I about house and out to Wanamaker’s to change bathing-gowns. All in to lunch. Tante and I packed all p.m., suitcases. E.P.D. to exam 3 till 6. Dinner 6 all together at 7.10 all in car to North Philadelphia station. 8 p.m. train to Chicago. Tante and I slept in “drawing-room”, I top berth. E.P.D. in section next door.

Sunday 23rd May 1920

Whit Sunday. I up and breakfast with E.P.D. at 7.25. He doing exam-papers. All day travelling. Hot. Tante breakfast in room at 9, Lunch at 2.15 in frightfully hot car. Arrived Chicago 4 p.m. Eastern time 3 p.m. Chicago time. Taxi to Blackstone Hotel. Unpacked. Drive in open car along Lake Shore Drive, and on to Pier. Dinner in rooms at 7.0 To bed 9.30.

Blackstone Hotel, Chicago

Monday 24th May 1920

Fine. Delicious.
Downstairs to breakfast with E.P.D. at 8. He then out to American Gynaecological Society. Meetings all day. Tante up at 11 and had hair shampooed. She and I to Post Office and to Marshall Field’s. Bought frock for Alys $25.00 (60c postage). Walked home. Lunch 3 p.m! Rested 30 minutes. Taxi to 101 East Erie Avenue to call on Mrs Emnions Blaine (Anita – Mr McCormick’s sister) and baby granddaughter. Taxi back to Hotel. Dinner 7.30. Sat in Hall. To bed about 9.45 or 10. E.P.D. in at 11.

marshall field

Tuesday 25th May 1920

Fog. Fine.
Up at breakfast 7 with E.P.D. he off to meetings early. Sat in Tante’s room’s. She up at 11.30. We to Marshall Field’s, tried to buy frock for Eva. To Blackstone Hotel for lunch. Rested 3 till 4.20. Tante down to see Mrs Danforth. Tante and I to dine with Mrs Franklin Martin at Women’s Athletic Club and then with her to Congress Hotel. Sat there, also listened to Speeches of Women’s Federated Clubs. Home to bed 10.30. Wrote Dorothy, Alys and Eva with cards and posted them.

congress plaza hotel
Congress Plaza Hotel

Wednesday 26th May 1920

Very fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. 8 a.m. Out to post parcel to Eva and on to Art Institute alone. Joined there by E.P.D. and later by Tante. All lunched in room at Hotel 1.15. Packed suitcases. All at 4 by train to Lake Forest (40 minutes). Met by car, drove to Walden, Mrs Cyrus McCormick’s (He away). Dinner 7. Sat and talked. Mr and Mrs Hammond there and old Mrs McCormick (about 85) and her nurse. To bed 10.


Thursday 27th May 1920

Dull, then fine.
Up and breakfast 7.30 with E.P.D. and Mrs McCormick. They off in car to Chicago at 8. I walked in grounds. Lovely and down to Lake Michigan. Tante had breakfast 9. We away at 11 to Chicago. Lunch in room at Hotel. I had bad headache all day. At 2.30 we 3 lovely drive in open car, all round the Boulevards. Very long way. To Old World’s Fair Grounds and Country Club (very grand and large) (Eden and “stinks of money”.) back by Midway and University. Watched tennis. Home 6.30 (Statue of Lincoln by St Gaudens). Dinner in room. All 3 to theatre in evening, next door “Golden Days”, Collinge. Good, light and amusing.

Lincoln by Augustus Saint-Gaudens in Lincoln Park in Chicago, Illinois, USA

Friday 28th May 1920

Very fine.
All out to Marshall Field’s to shop – jersey for Tante and blouses for servants and socks E.P.D. and present Philippine for me. Back to Hotel. Packed trunks. E.P.D. and I out for little walk. All by 5.30 train (Chicago Limited). Dined on board. Played cards. I slept in “Section”, E.P.D. and Tante in drawing-room. Wrote C.H. W. (Wade), Handasyde, Mrs McCormick.


Saturday 29th May 1920

Very fine. Hot.
Waked 5.30. Through Pittsburg. Breakfast 7 – 8. E.P.D in 8. Rude waiter and row. “Lovely” journey through Allegheny Mountains. Horse Shoe Curve, Altoona, Harrisburg (lunch). Arrived. Philadelphia 3 p.m. Eastern time. To 250. Very hot. Had baths. E.P.D. to Racquet Club to swim. Dinner. Very tired and sleepy. To bed early.

Sunday 30th May 1920

Very fine. Hot but breeze.
Breakfast with E.P.D. at 8.30. He out and to Atlantic City. Tante and I at 11.30 in car to Laurel Hill and then to Valley Forge. Lunch there. Lovely place. To Washington’s Headquarters. To Church (Memorial Day) 3 pm. Home in car at 6. Supper 7. To bed 10.25.

valley forge

Monday 31st May 1920

Very fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. who refused cheque. Tante had headache all day until 4 o’clock. I wrote letters and sewed mauve dress. Lunch with E.P.D. Read history in p.m. and sat with Tante. Dinner 6.30. E.P.D. to Faculty Meeting 8. Darned stockings in evening and typed postcards for EPD. when he came in. Wrote Alys and Bank (sending old Letter of Credit).

Tuesday 1st June 1920

Very hot and fine
Breakfast with E.P.D. Darned stockings in Tante’s room. She up at 11.30. 12 I in taxi to buy flour. Both in taxi to Gentings. Home to lunch. Trolley. E.P.D. took Laddie to Devon and left him with Lassie there. He in only 2.10, orange juice very late. Tante to Democratic Meeting with Mrs Budd. I with E.P.D. in car to Wharf. He to Atlantic City 4. Back at past midnight. I to Gentings again, bought brown Oxfords and also bathing caps at Strawbridge’s. Tante and I dined alone. I sewed. To bed 11.15.

Strawbridge and Clothier, Market Street at 8th

Wednesday 2nd June 1920

Hot. Fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. (he late). I early to Dr Mc. Smith who away. So straight back. Out to Meriano’s. Typed in office. EP.D. in and Tante down to lunch. In writing-room. Etta out. Tante out at 5 to Girls’ Friendly evening. I with E.P.D. at 4 to choose straw hat for him in car. Dined with E.P.D. at 6.30. Talked of “traps”. Sat in drawing-room while he smoked, and then at 8.30 down in office and he dictated titles for index and signed Diplomas. Tante in at 10 p.m. I slept in back small room for coolness. Fetched water.

Thursday 3rd June 1920

E.P.D. called out at 4.30 a.m. I breakfast late alone. To Dr Mc Smith’s. Satisfactory. Rest of a.m. in office typing index. E.P.D. in to “glass of water” lunch. Tante down. Darned in writing-room till Tante lighted fire! About 88 degrees. Sat in office. E.PD. to Atlantic City till 1.30 train . He back at 12.30. About 21 hour day of work hot weather. Miss Hoyt to dine. Miss Beale and Viola in evening. What more can you give?

Friday 4th June 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. He very tired. I also (after heat yesterday). Did blankets in turps again. “Busy” to lunch. Tante to Democratic Meeting 3. I packed, and washed and ironed grey silk jersey. E.P.D in to dinner. Lily out. Etta cooked it. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 5th June 1920

Cool! Breakfast with E.P.D. Packed. At 11.30 all 3 in car to Academy for Jefferson Commencement Speech by Admiral Braisted (given L.L.D.). E.P.D. and Faculty in gowns and caps. Tante and I home to lunch. E.P.D. to University Club and case till 9.15 and then wrote in office all evening. I with Nannie cleaned store closet 2 till 5. Edith Bache called. Tante and I rested 5.30 to 7. Telephoned Mrs Tullidge. I sewed and read. To bed 10.40. Posted letter to Ella. Laddie back from Wedding Trip.

Sunday 6th June 1920

Dull and cool.
Up at 7 and packed a little. Breakfast with E.P.D. 8.30. Packed and Tante very energetic in storeroom. Lunch. E.P.D. packed all p.m. Tante sorted music and rested and Miss Hoyt came. I with E.P.D. to Maternity to see Maria, he to Jefferson and called for me. Home together at 7 Supper. Etta out Mrs McCord called. I down to type list of cases in office 10 p.m. To bed at nearly 12. Put note in kitchen about breakfast. “Beginning to think you like me”….. “D’you mind me”….

Monday 7th June 1920

Warm. Fine.
Breakfast alone. E.P.D. in at 9.15. I in car with him to Lewandos and on to Genting and Wanamaker. Bought dust cloak. Helped Tante with her packing. Death of Miss Coles news. E.P.D. to Ocean City 4.40. Dinner 7. Margaret McCord in. I sewed Tante’s bedroom slippers – new soles all p.m. Prepared orange juice. EP.D. in 12.30.


Tuesday 8th June 1920

Breakfast alone. E.P.D. out early. I to Miss Leach’s and packing, sewing. All 3 lunch. Tante to funeral service and Democratic Meeting. I with her in car and to buy puppy biscuit and home. Up in room packing and sewing Holland skirt. E.P.D. in to dinner 7. Afterwards he packed and I marked table doyleys with carbon paper.

Wednesday 9th June 1920

Tante had Cassie and Miss Hall all a.m. and had lunch in bed. I out to shops, and in office doing accounts. E.P.D. out very early and in at 9.30. Fuss with Lily and ticket. E.P.D. not in until 6.30. Very tired and hungry. Dinner 8. Then Lily left and I in office typing notices for E.P D. To bed 10.30.

To Martha’s Vineyard

Thursday 10th June 1920

E.P.D. out early. Miss Biswanger came 9. I packed and ‘phoned tradespeople. Etta to oculist. At 11.30 E.P.D., Tante, Laddie and I in car. Motored to Morristown in forest at 1.45 (Saulter’s). Dinner 7, Inn. Tante and I slept at Morristown Inn. E.P.D. at Pasadena. Out for stroll with Laddie after dinner. To bed 9.30. Daylight Saving Time (8.30, Standard Time!) 90 miles with detour, Lunch picnic by Silver Lake.

Friday 11th June 1920

Fine. Very hot.
Breakfast with E.P.D. at 8. Tante up and all started 10.30 with hood up for heat (over 80 degrees in shade) via Patterson, orange-juice to Nyack. Ferry to Tarrytown across Hudson River.


Picnic at roadside, bought strawberries. Arrived Briarcliffe Lodge 5 p.m. Slept; Dined at 7. On roof to see exquisite view of 25 or 30 miles of Hudson River, New York 30 miles east. To bed 10.

Briarcliff Hotel

Saturday 12th June 1920

Dull, then hot.
Breakfast with E.P.D. and Tante up and all started at 10. Hood down. Grey and cool. Lunch at lane-side. By Croton Water-system. Lakes and lovely scenery all the way. Hilly 101 miles via Waterbury (procession) Farmington to Hartford, Connecticut. To Bond Hotel, annex. Arrived 4.30. Slept, dressed, dined 7.30 with E.P.D. and Laddie for little stroll. To bed 9.15. Sleepy. Sent postcards to Alys, Doz and Eva and Philip.

Bond hotel

Sunday 13th June 1920

Dull, Rained Saturday night.
Breakfast with E.P.D. 8 a.m – “I missed this, do you?” – Packed. Started 10 a.m. with hood up. Motored to Putnam Inn, through Pomfret. Lunch – 3 lobsters. Hood down, on to Providence, Rhode Island. Dirty bedroom, changed. E.P.D. and I walked to Brown’s University and then to docks and back by bridge with Laddie. Dinner 7.30. Narragansett Hotel. Big old fashioned. Listened to speeches of Ancient Order of Hibernians Ladies Auxiliary. Fenian Sinn Féin flags. To bed 10.15. About 89 miles. Sent letter to Alys.


Monday 14th June 1920

Very fine.
Breakfast 8. Off at 10. Hood down. To Fall River and on to New Bedford, 48 miles. Lunch in a restaurant. Lobsters. Shopped. Steamer “Gay Head” to Vineyard Haven, via Woods Hole. 2.25 to 4.40. Motored to West Chop. “The Cedar’s” Mrs Gordon. Etta there. Unpacked. Dinner 6. All out on cliff, sat there, sunset. Unpacked and to bed. 48 miles. Whole trip 420 miles.

Tuesday 15th June 1920

Very fine then showery.
Breakfast 8. Unpacked and arranged things. Tante and E.P.D. slept. I out on pier, lovely. Lunch 1. All rested in rooms till 4. Out in car, shopped in Vineyard Haven and drove on across island, towards Gay Head.

vineyard haven
Vineyard Haven

Saw trees bent by Indians.

bent trees

Supper 6.30. Played “Hearts” in evening. Wrote Alys.

Wednesday 16th June 1920

Rain in night 15/16 June
Breakfast 8. Sat with Tante. E.P.D. did bills and then called on Jackson’s. Tante and I on pier and sat a while. E.P.D. joined us. Watched fishes – herring, millions. Dinner 1. Rested. At 3.20 all in car to Oak Bluffs. Shopped at Japanese shop. Then on to Edgartown. Lovely little place and harbour on east of island. Home to dinner. Mrs Jackson and Miss Willaner called. We 3 played “Hearts” till 10. Began socks (2nd lot) for E.P.D. Wrote Tades in South Africa.

oaks bluff

Thursday 17th June 1920

Rain. Wind East.
Breakfast 8. On pier with E.P.D. and back. Sat with Tante and knitted till 12. E.P.D. to village in rain. I out with Laddie, met E.P.D. (miserably public place) on beach. Very wet. Home and changed. Dinner 1. Rested. E.P.D. and Tante to meet Sayre’s (me: Woodrow-Wilson daughter and grandchildren) in car 3.30. I out with Laddie, walked on beach to Tashmoo Pond and back 4.15 to 5.50. Supper. Played “Hearts” till 10. To bed.


Friday 18th June 1920

Gale. Rain.
Breakfast. Sat with Tante until 12.10 and knitted. E.P.D. To Sayre’s in car at 10 and back 1.50 and to help other families Mrs James and 3 pretty daughters, and Mrs Thayer, delegate to Democratic Convention. I took Laddie out on beach at 12.15 for 30 minutes. Gale. Raft wrecked against pier. Dinner 1. Rested on bed. E.P.D. slept all p.m. Tante downstairs as only up at 1. At 5.30 all in car to call for Sayre’s. All 5 to “Liza Johnson’s” to clam chowder, lobster and pie dinner. To Cinema at 9 and home at 11, leaving Sayre’s. Bad night, very shivery and cold. Aspirin. Fur coat.

Saturday 19th June 1920

Cold. Some sun.
Breakfast with E.PD. Tante had headache, so I out till 10, while E.P.D. wrote. Then E.P.D. to Sayre’s and Jackson’s; and I sat in my bedroom and cleaned shoes on verandah. Tante sick all day. E.P.D. slept by her in p.m. I out at 3 in car to Sayre’s. Took them all to village and a drive. Back at 5. E.P.D. and I had dinner separately, the other with Tante. She no food all day. Both sat with her in evening. I knitted. To bed 9.50. Wrote Dorothy Barnard.

Sunday 20th June 1920

Lovely day.
I unwell. Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante while he walked on beach till 12. Then he in, and I out on beach. Tante up at 1. After dinner, all sat outdoors and to see burnt house. Then E.P.D. slept on bed. Tante and I called on Mrs Greenhow, and heard her spiritism experience, and wandered about with her. After supper all 3 walked thru’ woods to the Sayre’s house and spent evening round wood-fire with them.

Monday 21st June 1920

Pouring rain. Then fog.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante and sewed doily till 12.15. E.P.D. to Sayre’s and to Liza’s about sandwiches. I out 10 minutes with Laddie. Dinner; talked to the James’ girls. E.P.D. out for walk with Laddie. I rested and read The Gay-Dombeys (me: Sir Henry “Harry” Hamilton Johnston). Tante wrote to Busy. All at 5.30 to village in car and to Sayre’s to supper 6.30 and played poker afterwards. Fun. Miss Larkin too.

Tuesday 22nd June 1920

Foggy, then fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Talked about compliments. He off 9.30 to fetch sandwiches and Mr Sayre. Tante and I at 10.35 in our car, called for Mrs Sayre and children and Miss Larkin. All to Gay Head, met the 2 men there. All down on rough, rocky beach and clayey cliffs. Fine colours. Big lunch picnic, snapshots. To sea coastguard house. 2 nice Red Indians. Wood-ticks, horrid. Miss Larkin and I drove back in Bewick car, driven by Indian. Others in Franklin. Home about 5. Supper. On cliff for sunset. Played “Hearts” till 9. Miss Saltonstall in To bed 9. Letter from Dolly Barnard – East Grinstead.

Wednesday 23rd June 1920

Fine. Warm.
Breakfast early with E.P.D. He off to New Bedford for day 8.15. I in car at 10 to Sayre’s and to village with clock . Mr Sayre away. Home. After lunch, Jessie Sayre and children came up, then Tante with Francis and Eleanor to meet E.P.D. in car and I with Mrs Sayre to her house and sat till 5.20 on verandah. Then E.PD. and Tante came and we all home to supper. After supper, Mrs James and daughters insisted on talking to us. Boring. I on pier with E.P.D. to see moonlight.

Thursday 24th June 1920

Very fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. He, at 10, to Sayre’s. I did Tante’s jersey. He back 11. Tante in bathroom. All down to beach. E.P.D. and I bathed – first time. Lovely. Home to lunch. Rested till 3.30. In car (all) to Sayre’s. Took Jessie and Baby Woodrow a drive, one hour. Then to Oak Bluffs. E.P.D. bought tennis-racquets and balls. Home to supper. E.P.D. and Tante to call on Mrs Saltonstall after. I on pier with Laddie and watched school of herring, being preyed on by eels, skates, flounders. Very interesting. In and read, and later I with E.P.D. on pier. Wrote Alys and Bank.

Friday 25th June 1920

Very fine indeed.
After breakfast, sat with Tante. E.P.D. to Sayre’s and straight back At 10.45 E.P.D. and I played tennis! Practise. Tante down at 11.45. All on beach, and 2nd bathe – only E.P.D. and I. Thayers, Garosches. Dived. Home and I marked tennis balls. Rested after dinner. At 6 all in car, called for Mrs Sayre. Supper at Liza’s. Sat on her verandah. Then on to Movies in Oak Bluffs. Constance Talmadge in “In search of a Sinner’. Home by moonlight. “The cream of it, so sweet and warm”.


Saturday 26th June 1920

Very fine.
Tante had headache and not up until 5 p.m. E.P.D. and I played tennis (he first walked to Jackson’s) and then bathed together – 3rd; lovely morning. Swam from stage on pier. After dinner sat in room, sewing Holland skirt and braces. At 5 all in car to call on Jackson’s. Saw over their house. To village. Home. After supper all on pier, watched fishing and sunset. Tante called on Mrs Emerson. E.P.D. and I read and talked. “Better than anything; I think so.”

Sunday 27th June 1920

Very fine indeed.
Breakfast. All in car to Church, taking Mrs Sayre and F. On the way home, sat on her verandah Rested after dinner till 3. Then E.P.D. and I tennis, and then bathed – 4th. Strong Current. Lovely sea. Supper and then sat on verandah with Mrs Emerson, Mrs Stephenson and Miss Gookin and on cliff to watch sunset, but talking of Dr Whitridge; and Saltonstall’s came up in car.

Monday 28th June 1920

Fine, then dull and very windy.
Breakfast. Walked to burnt house. Sat with Tante. Then tennis with E.P.D. Miss Saltonstall came. Bathed – 5th. Lovely. Plenty of diving. At 3 all in car with Sayre’s to Edgartown. Tea and cinnamon toast at Mrs Sayre’s expense. Bought Koa wood curios. Home. Supper. Played “Hearts” all p.m. E.P.D. 12 +

Tuesday 29th June 1920

Rain in night. Dull. Warm south wind.
Sat with Tante and sewed while E.P.D. to village and Jackson’s. Then lovely bathe – 6th, with E.P.D. Whitridge’s came. In bedroom after dinner. Wrote Poz’s p.s. and did up bowl for her. Tante read me newspaper about Homer Cummings’s speech to open Democratic Convention. Great praise of Woodrow Wilson. Mrs Sayre called and up in bedroom. E.P.D. to choose boat with Jackson’s. Then a little tennis with me. He strained his leg. Supper. Played “Hearts in evening. Letter to Poz and parcel. (me: can’t read the little message).

Wednesday 30th June 1920

Rain, dull, very windy.
Took Laddie out. Breakfast with E.P.D. Then Tante got up. I wrote Ella. E.P.D. gave me gloves to wash. Tante and E.P.D. off in car to boat. He to Philadelphia via New York boat. I bathed alone. No one else in sea – 7th. Walked to Sayre’s to meet Tante. Dinner. Letters. Rested. Dressed. Supper. Out with Laddie in rain. Sat on verandah with Dr Whiting and Mrs Whiting, and then in room by wood-fire. I knitting, others discussing politics! To bed 9.30. Sent letter to Ella. Letter from Alys about Martha. “One of finest, sweetest spirits ever seen. Don’t actions speak?”

Thursday 1st July 1920

Very fine and hot with breeze.
Breakfast alone. Read. Up with Tante. Wrote note to Mrs Sayre by Louis. Then Mrs Sayre and 2 children came up, and I went with them in car, and bathed with them, and Miss Larkin from their beach. I walked back thro’ woods and got lost! Dinner with Tante, rested and at 3.30. Tante and I with Sayre’s in car for drive. Woodrow too. Back and Tante and I called on the Carter’s and the Saltonstall’s. Called for Jessie Sayre and she up to supper with us. On pier in evening and I walked back with her by full moonlight. Wrote Alys with cheque.

Friday 2nd July 1920

Hot. Fine.
Tante headache. I wrote Mr Baxter. At 10.30 played tennis with Rose Saltonstall till 11.40. Then bathed. Raft (float) out. 9th. Tante had tea at 1.15. I out in car to Sayre’s and then back, and with Mrs James to village, ordered ice-cream for 4th Sat with Tante. Rested a little. Tante down at 6.

Saturday 3rd July 1920

Pouring rain, fog.
Tante neuralgia, no tea till 12.30. I sat in my room and wrote to Aunt Bella. Louis to Sayre’s in downpour. At 4 Tante and I to Oak Bluffs to buy flags . I bought back-scratchers – 20c each –  and “coaster” for E.P.D.’s orange juice. At 8 p.m. all to “Casino”. Games. Virginia Reel till 10 or 10.30. Wrote Aunt Bella.

Sunday 4th July 1920

Very fine.
Independence Day 144th. Up 8.15 Tante and I to Church 10.45. Jessie had gone earlier. Communion Service. Home and I bathed 12.15 – 10th. Rested. Slept in p.m. After supper to Hymn singing. Mrs Sayre too. She stayed until 9.45. I wrote note. Walked home with her, and back with Laddie 10. Did washing with Tante. In bed 11.15. Alys’ birthday – 36th.

Monday 5th July 1920

Fine. Windy.
Breakfast. In car at 10 to Liza’s for cake. Back for Tante (Mrs Marling and Mrs Knapp called). Tante and I to Sayre’s with flags and decorating paper. I to fetch ice-cream in car. 3.45? All had dinner. 1.15 with Sayre’s at their house, and sat on the verandah after. Played with children. Then I bathed with Francis, Eleanor and Miss Larkin. Home. Rested 5 till 6. Supper. In car to Sayre’s at 7. Tante and Jessie Sayre to Community League meeting. I stayed with Miss Larkin on verandah. Home with Tante at 8.30. Watched children’s dancing competition and then fireworks on jetty. To bed 10.45.

Tuesday 6th July 1920

Fine. Warm.
Sat with Tante 9 till nearly 11, sewing doyley. Then Tante got up. At 12 out to bathe (12th). Very strong current. Tante on beach. Rested after dinner. At 3.30 in car to Mrs Jackson’s. Long call on them. Mr Pease there. Laddie and Sandy had a fight. Down on wharf to see Whitridge – Willaner boys sailing. Home about 6. Sat in verandah with Thayer’s and Mrs James. Tante and I down at 9 to see Jessie and tell about Cox’s nomination. She at Carter’s so we sat there till 10 and home in Carter’s car.

Wednesday 7th July 1920

Lovely day. Gay evening.
Sat with Tante. Pasted in checks. Began new doyley. Down to bathe – 13th. Swam to point with Francis Thayer. Met Nat and others. Ran back. After dinner on verandah, at 3.30. With Tante in car to Mrs Knapp’s to call. Mr and Mrs Marling there. Home to supper. At 7.30 strolled round to Miss Gockin’s and Mrs Lawrence’s. Sat with them, then I was swept into car to chaperone party to “Movies” at Oak Bluffs. Sat by Nat Saltonstall who drove Frances, Mary James, Evelyn Gardiner, Cornelia Jones, Walter Garosch. “Please get married” movie!

Thursday 8th July 1920

Warm and fine.
Sat with Tante. Wrote checks for bills and Tante signed them. Down to bathe. Lovely, 14th. After dinner at 3.30, Tante I in car to Jessie’s. I to buy stamps. Then Tante, Jessie and I to call on Mrs Saltonstall, Mrs Brown, Mrs Greenow Senior and Mrs Greenow Junior. Took Jessie back (snapping turtle) and then Tante and I again to Saltonstall’s and sat on their verandah. Everyone had been out before. Supper. Sat on our verandah with Thayer’s. To bed 9.35.

Friday 9th July 1920

Hot and breezy.
Sat with Tante. She dressed, and I addressed bills and checks. At 11.45 both of us on beach and bathed. Tante’s 1st. After dinner, I in woods to dry hair. At 3.30 both in car to fetch Jessie Sayre and called on Mrs Thayer, orange on their verandah. Took Mrs Sayre back and over to Oak Bluffs to buy bathing-gowns.   Mine $6.48 – 2 parts. Home to supper. Dr Whitridge taught us “Corners” patience afterwards.

Saturday 10th July 1920

Fog, then fine.
Tante breakfast at 8.10. She and I over to meet E.P.D. at 10.40 boat. Oak Bluffs. Back (dinner, rests). At 12 all 3 bathed. My 16th. At 4, all in car to Chilmark, met Mrs Knapp and the Marling’s. All had walk on beach, and lovely lobster supper out of doors. Drove back. Home 9. I made tea for Tante. To bed 9.45. Wrote Alys. “I believe you really do, do you?”

Sunday 11th July 1920

Foggy. Hot.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante up at 10. All to Flag-Raising for Mr Saltonstall’s memory. To Church. Took Mr Carter. Back 12.5. E.P.D. and I bathed. Lovely diving off high board with Mr Lawrence. Rested all p.m. (except in woods first). After supper, gave Laddie his walk, and hymn singing in memory of Mr Saltonstall again. Read Opal Whiteley in evening upstairs. “What I’ve been longing for.”

Monday 12th July 1920

Sat in Tante’s room and darned her stockings. E.P.D. out till 12. All 3 bathed 12.15 – 1.30. Nice. In p.m. I in woods, then sewed E.P.D.’s shorts. At 3.45 all in car and Mr Pease to Menemsha. Picturesque boats. Home 6.15. Talked to John Carter about Armenia and Constantinople after supper and to the Endicott Saltonstall’s. Then E.P.D. read aloud to us upstairs. His 2 new poems.


Tuesday 13th July 1920

Very windy and sunny.
Breakfast, and explanations with E.P.D. I over in car with Jessie Sayre and children to Oak Bluffs. Saw her off to Nantucket. To shops and home. Bathed with E.P.D. and Tante (19th). Miss Thayer not in. After lunch I in woods, blueberrying. Met Etta. At 3.40 Tante, E.P.D. and I in car to buy electric iron and towel rack, then all round Oak Bluffs, queer little town, and to Edgartown and back. After supper, E.P.D. walked with me to Sayre’s. I stayed night. E.P.D. and Tante to Saltonstall’s to call.

Wednesday 14th July 1920

Dull. Windy.
Breakfast with Miss Larkin, Francis and “Elaby”. In on verandah with children till 11.30. E.P.D. and Tante arrived in car, and we all bathed (20th), not Tante. Mr Stephens and Whitridge children too.   I back in car with E.P.D. and Tante. Rested after dinner, and at 3.30 all in car with Sayre children to meet Jessie at Oak Bluffs. Home, after sitting a little on their verandah. E.P.D. and I knocked tennis balls about for 30 minutes. E.P.D. to man’s supper at Mrs Wade’s. We sat on verandah and then sewed upstairs. E.P.D. in at 9.50. To bed 10.50.

Thursday 15th July 1920

Rain. Hot.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Walked to flagstaff. Sat with Tante and altered her skirt. E.P.D. back early 11 and all 3 bathed at 12. Lovely, rough – 21st. After dinner, rain. I in car at 3.15 to Sayre’s, took children to village. Did errands. Back to Jessie’s, sat upstairs a little with her and discussed McAdoo invitation. Home. Tante having her hair shampooed in bathroom. I sat in E.P.D.’s room After supper, at 8 all 3 in car to Jessie’s. Played “Hearts”. Home in car at 10. I with E.P.D. on pier with Laddie. “Not in that way”.

Friday 16th July 1920

Very fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. and walked on pier with him. Sat with Tante. E.P.D. did writing and not out. Mrs Marling in and talked with Tante and E.P.D. and I out tennis court. E.P.D., Mrs Marling and I bathed (22nd) at 12. After dinner, at 3, all 4 out in car to Gay Head. Scramble about there, and and on beach. Supper 6. Watched sunset and home by 9.30. Letter from Dorothy Barnard. “Separation”.

Saturday 17th July 1920

Very very fine.
Sat with Tante. E.P.D. out. E.P.D. and I bathed at 11.40 (23rd). First, I washed Laddie and took him out to dry. I unwell. At 2.15 all in car with J. Sayre and 4 Cars – Jackson’s, Wright’s, Dobbin’s. Mr Wade, Whitridge, etc, to Peaked Hill. Walked up it. Lovely views. I home in Jackson’s car with Miss Willaner and Mr Wade, Mr Jackson driving. Stopped in village for ice-cream cones! Home, supper 6.30 Dance in casino 9 till 10. Danced Virginia reel with Edgar Thayer; on pier with E.P.D., with Laddie, starlight.

Sunday 18th July 1920

Fine. Rain in evening.
Stayed in bedroom, on bed all a.m. Mrs Marling with Tante. E.P.D. to Church. E.P.D. bathed at 12.20. Jessie Sayre up in my room with message at 2.15. E.P.D. off on “mysterious” errand. I slept 1 hour in p.m. Fuss all p.m. about E.P.D.’s absence, with Tante. Did washing count with Tante. EPD. home at 6. Supper. Hymns at 8. Mr Pease there. Sat on verandah. I took Laddie to pier. To bed 10.

Monday 19th July 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Discussed “confidence”. Tante headache all day, and only tea at 3.30. E.P.D. out to Sayre’s and to bathe. I wrote letters and out with Laddie in rain. Rested in p.m. (lunch with E.P.D. alone). Sat with Tante and out with Laddie on beach. E.P.D. out on beach 5 to 6.15. Sat on verandah in evening talking to Mrs Emerson and Mrs Jones. Then up in room reading.

Tuesday 20th July 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. My eye all red. Sat and drew and painted place-cards for supper, lobsters. E.P.D. out. Tante washed and ironed handkerchiefs. E.P.D. bathed. After dinner, I rested. E.P.D. slept. Tante ironed and wrote Busy. I ironed also. E.P.D out at 6.15. All in Jackson’s and our car to Liza’s. We called for Miss Emerson and Mrs Sayre, Mr Wade, Mrs Stevens and the Jackson’s. 9 in all. Good supper and then to movies. Home at 11.15. On pier with Laddie.

Wednesday 21st July 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. at 9.30. E.P.D. and I with Mrs Marling and Mrs Muson on sailing-boat (under power) to Wianno, grounded there, unable to land, so on to Hyannis. Lunch on boat. They two landed with trunk and we two home. 2.30 till 5.15. Spray and biggish waves. Lovely time. Tante out in car with Pease’s, so we bathed (24th!). Thayer’s in sea. Short swim and out. Supper. Sat on verandah. Jessie Sayre came up, and Mrs Carter up in room. To bed 10 p.m.

Thursday 22nd July 1920

Dull, then fine.
Sat with Tante and ironed and washed her shirtwaist. E.P.D. to village. At 12.30 all 3 bathed (25th). Strong tide. After dinner rested. Tante’s 6th bathe. Tante on verandah, and then she with Jessie and children to meet Mr Sayre. E.P.D. and I played tennis, till 5.35. Supper 6.30. All sat on verandah till 9. Then upstairs and E.P.D. read newspaper aloud. Tante and I sewed. To bed 10.30.

Friday 23rd July 1920

Fog. Mild South wind.
Sat with Tante and sewed her skirt. E.P.D. ‘phoned Gay Head. Tante up at 11 and all in car to Lobsterville. Mrs Ryan, and Mrs West on beach Dinner 1 o’clock at Gay Head. Back, via sweater shop; Tante rested and E.P.D. and I bathed at 4.30. I walked in woods. Supper. Louis sick. All sat on verandah, till 8.45. with Mrs Jones, Mrs Stone, Miss Goskin, Mr Lawrence, Nat, To bed 10.5 – sleepy.


Saturday 24th July 1920

Wrote Busy. Sat with Tante. E.P.D. also, till 11. He tried my blood pressure – 120. Tante’s 125. Then E.P.D. and I “tennis” on asphalt court. Then we two bathed (27th). Rested after dinner. I wrote letters. E.P.D. and Tante walked to Sayre’s. I knitted. Supper at 6.50, then all to Casino. Very boring evening. Sayre’s there. I got Laddie and went on pier. Watched lightening. Back at 10. Got scolded. Thunderstorm. Wrote Kitty (for Aug 1st), Wrote Busy, (for July 26th), Mrs Marling, Bank for statement, Jas Smith and Sons.

Sunday 25th July 1920

Very very fine.
All to Church, picking up Sayre’s (4). Communion Service. Sat on Sayre’s verandah. Dinner. I on beach all p.m. reading. Back for E.P.D. at 4.15 and he and I bathed. Strong tide – 28th. Both depressed. Back thro’ woods. Supper. Hymn singing 8. Counted washing with Tante and then E.P.D. and I on pier in moonlight. Felt depressed. To bed 10.

Monday 26th July 1920

Very perfect day. Cool.
Sat with Tante (first with E.P.D. on casino porch in sun). Washed blouses with her on verandah. Mrs Carter also. E.P.D. and I to bathe. Lovely. I swam to end of pier. Crowded on raft. At 3, all in car to Oak Bluffs, to shop and on to Edgartown and to South Beach; lovely there. Breakers and back-wash. Home 6.40. Dressed. Supper. I to pier to see sunset. Up in bedroom. Sewing. E.P.D. read newspaper aloud. E.P.D. to Carter’s and Sayre’s ( Jessie and Francis away) – He back while I did handkerchiefs.

Tuesday 27th July 1920

Very fine.
Ironed silk blouse, and then handkerchiefs. Tennis with E.P.D. Tante to Mrs Saltonstall’s. E.P.D. and bathed (30th) Lovely. Rested after dinner. At 4.30 all 3 in car with Mrs Jones (Cornelia’s mother) to Lobsterville. Supper there, on hill, and then on to Gay Head. Watched sunset and moon, and lighthouses, light-ship and light buoy lighting up. Six visible – Gay Head, Nobska, Tarpaulin Cove, Quicks Hole, Cutty-Hunk, Hen and Chickens. Car back by moonlight. Letter from Alys and Ella. (Depressed from Alys).

Wednesday 28th July 1920

Very fine indeed.
Sat with Tante. Darned E.P.D’s socks. He out, but in soon, and he and I tennised, then back for Tante at 11.30. All down and had bathe (31st, Tante’s 7th) Lovely. I swam round pier with Walter Garosch. Rested in p.m. and at 4 all over to Marine Hospital to give letter to Ryan. On to Oak Bluffs. Bought bathing-caps. Back. Called on both Mrs Saltonstall’s. Out. Then to Sayre’s. Jessie back from Boston. After supper on porch. Edincott Saltonstall and daughter, and Carter’s there. E.P.D. read aloud. Upstairs and he and I to see moon on pier.

Thursday 29th July 1920

Very fine.
E.P.D. with Tante till 10. Then I in; ironed blue blouse. E.P.D. back and he and I tennis at 10.45 till 1.30. All 3 bathed: delicious 32nd; Tante’s 8th. Slept in p.m. and Tante and I to Rex Cross sewing at Casino 2.30 – 4.00 and tea at 4.30. 14 ladies there. At 5.15. Tante and E.P.D. and I in car to Oak Bluffs to fetch Tante’s hat. Home. Supper; I to see sunset with E.P.D. and talked to Murphy; afterwards sat on Casino porch with Carter’s and Mrs Sayre, and Miss Henry. At 8, indoors and E.P.D. read aloud, til 10. To bed. Letter to Alys.

Friday 30th July 1920

Very fine. Windy.
In my room, and then with Tante. Ironed new towels. Out with E.P.D. tennis. Tante up at 1.25 and to luncheon party at Brown’s. E.P.D. and I bathed (33rd) Dinner together, alone. Upstairs and rested till 4. Tante back and Jessie and I all to party for children, given by Mrs Emerson. Games till 6. On pier with E.P.D. and then supper. Sat on porch. Miss Killam came and talked about Canadians. Upstairs. E.P.D. read “Opal” aloud. To bed 10.20. “Not on my mind, but on my heart”.

Saturday 31st July 1920

Very fine.
Breakfast and in woods opposite with E.P.D. Talked about Saturday evenings. Sat with Tante. E.P.D. To Sayre’s. Tennis on asphalt court. E.P.D. and I bathed (34th). Sayre’s to Nantucket. Rested in p.m., and at 4, drove in car (all 3) to “Northern Pines’ bungalows. After supper, sat with Carter’s and Perry’s and at 8 to Casino. Dull evening as usual. I talked to various ladies. E.P.D. called out to lance Dr Whitridge’s arm. To bed 11. Postcard to Ella.

Sunday 1st August 1920

Very, very fine. Dull. Rain in p.m.
Quiet a.m. E.P.D. called out to see “Butcher” boy. I sat with Tante. Tennis with E.P.D. at 11.15. All 3 bathed at 12.30 (35th. Tante’s 9th). Cold. No sun. Rested in p.m. Read “The Right of Way: Gilbert Parker. At 4.30 all 3 in car to Church. Took Sayre children. After supper over to Casino for hymns. Afterwards E.P.D. and I on pier with Laddie. Then Tante and I did washing. To bed 10.

Monday 2nd August 1920

Talked of Marcus Aurelius and Socrates at breakfast. Tante headache, sick and in bed all day. E.P.D. and I tennis 15 minutes, then bathe 36th and dinner together. Rested in p.m. Mrs Perry and Mrs Marling disturbed me. Supper alone, E.P.D. later. Tante had tea at 6.30. Sat with her while E.P.D. out, 20 minutes. Mrs Goodell wanted E.P.D. for boy with poison ivy. I put her off. Mr Wade and Stephens called at 8 till 10.20! Talked of Federal Grand Jury work and diamond bracelet.

Tuesday 3rd August 1920

Very fine and warm.
With Tante and ironed and washed silk shirt. Then out with E.P.D. Tennis for 20 minutes (he to Sayre’s first). He and I bathed. Walked to little pier. Saltonstall’s there (37th). Rested after dinner. Drove to Oak Bluffs, bought petticoat and stockings. Drove on all round lagoon “Goon End” and pumping station. Very pretty drive. Called for Mrs Sayre, took her back to supper. Sat on porch with her and Mrs Thayer, Mrs James (who knows Opal Whiteley). Then upstairs. E.P.D saw Jessie Sayre home at 9.45. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 4th August 1920

After breakfast, I sewed on bathing stockings, then tucked Tante’s new petticoat. Then tennis with E.P.D. Then 11.30, bathed with him 38th. Very strong tide. At 1 all 3 to dinner at Sayre’s. Left at 2.30 in car. Gave porringer for Woodrow’s christening. Tante and I to sew for Red Cross till past 5 (with tea). E.P.D. out walking. I walked on beach till 5. Supper and on verandah, Mrs Wallace and Mrs Emerson. Upstairs and E.P.D. read 1st chapter of “Shavings”, Joseph Lincoln. To bed 9.50. Sleepy.

Thursday 5th August 1920

Dull ,then very fine and warm.
Breakfast with E.P.D.; at 8.35 came Mr Allen with Mrs Russell and Betty Russell to consult E.P.D. I acted nurse, in examination. Then E.P.D. to Sayre’s and village. I ironed handkerchiefs. Tennis and then bathe – 39th. At 2.35 all 3 with Jessie and children to Episcopal Church Fair and then we 3 on to Unitarian Fair. Then home and out again in car to Edgartown. To linen shop and back via Knapp’s; to Betty Benz – supper there. Delicious. Home at 9.15. E.P.D. read aloud “Shavings”. To bed 10.35.

Friday 6th August 1920

Rain. Fog.
Changed check at Post Office for E.P.D. Sat with Tante and he did writing and not to village. But he to Wood’s Hole on boat to meet nurse (Morison). I in swimming, alone in rain, Lovely – 40th. After dinner Mrs Marling with Tante ironing, and I read “Corner of Harley Street”. Then I ironed blouse. Supper (no Florence) with Tante. Then at 7.30 both in car, fetched Jessie Sayre and to wharf – Vineyard Haven to meet E.P.D. and Frank Sayre. They arrived 8.20. All home and at 9 p.m. we again in car to the Sayre’s. Poker party till 10.35. Mr Wade there. Walked home. Post card to Dorothy Barnard of Gay Head.

Saturday 7th August 1920

Dull, foggy. Hot.
Tinted cover for “Mother & Child”. E.P.D. to village. Then we played tennis (very hot and muggy) and bathed – 41st. Strong tide still. Tante cross. She on Cedars porch in p.m. E.P.D. and I rested. E.P.D. out for tramp with Laddie. I pressed evening dress. After supper (Ida waited all day) all to Casino 8 till 10. Very, very boring. Marling’s took me to Post Office for orangeade juice. Nice.

Sunday 8th August 1920

Fine, warm.
Wrote to Ruby Hill. All 3 to Church in car. Walked back with E.P.D. and Sayre’s to their home. E.P.D. to Mr Pease after dinner. I rested till 3.45. Then bathed – 42nd – with E.P.D. Tide and wind strong. Walked in woods on way home and discussed situation. After supper (coffee!), I took Laddie out and then Sayre’s came and I walked to their house and back with Mr Penny and sister-in-law. Hymns at Casino. Talked to Mr and Mrs Brown. To bed about 10.20. Wrote R. Hill.

Monday 9th August 1920

Fine. Warm.
Sat on bench by flag with E.P.D. Discussed Communion. E.P.D. not to village Sayre’s to Boston. Wrote Alys. Tennis with E.P.D. and swim – 43rd. Rested after dinner and at 4 drove to Liza’s to order cakes. Along Gay Head Road to Misses Adams (dwarfs), Over their house, spinning. Drinks. Home. Supper. Talked to Marling’s and Knapp’s. I on pier with them. Upstairs and E.P.D. read “Shavings”: (had I read Disraeli’s love letters? They don’t do any good do they?)  Wrote Alys.

Tuesday 10th August 1920

Very muggy and dull. Hot.
Tucked Tante’s petticoat. E.P.D. to village. No tennis as all courts occupied, so on beach, and walked with E.P.D. (in bathing suits). Lovely swim – 44th with E.P.D. Rested, and at 3.45 all 3 with Mrs Wallace (Plainfield, New Jersey) to Gay Head. Down on beach, and lobster supper. Indian woman. Walked along cliff and drove back. Home by 9. Jessie Sayre there, talked with her and Mrs Perry. E.P.D. saw Jessie home, 9.45. To bed about 10.20. “Grudge every hour spent way from you Beautiful n & s.”

Wednesday 11th August 1920

Rain. Hot.
Printed and painted Ice Cream poster. Sat with Tante and Mrs Marling up. Then showed Mr and Mrs Marling photos on porch. E.P.D. out in car and back and he and I swam (45th) in rain. Marling’s, Jo Jewel, Goodell’s also. Very nice. In p.m. 3.30 all 3 drove to Miss A.S. Blackwell’s and called on her. Interesting suffragist.

Alice Stone Blackwell, 1857 – 1950

Fierce Australian lady there also. Home (ice cream cone in village!) at 6.40. After supper all sat indoors, talked to Marling’s, Mrs Jackson and Miss Willaner called. E.P.D. saw them home. To bed 10.30.

Thursday 12th August 1920

Hot and muggy.
Finished sign for Jordan’s. E.P.D. to see Mr Pease. At 11 E.P.D. and I had lovely swim (46th) no one else in. Tante up early and to Mrs Saltonstall’s. I unwell. E.P.D. and I back in rooms. I in my Shetland jersey. After dinner, very busy in Casino. Red Cross sewing and Tante’s tea Great success – $25.00 Very tired after. Rested. Supper. Sat on porch with Marling’s and Mrs Burridge then round to Mrs Philip Saltonstall’s. Sat and talked there till 10. Home. “Big and young and happy dearest sweetest” – love it.

Friday 13th August 1920

Showers, Hot.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Heavy thundershower at 10.30. Jessie in my room, wet. E.P.D. to swim. Jessie away and Tante to bathroom. I to bath-hut to meet E.P.D. and home with him. Tante and he to Vineyard Haven 12.15, and E.P.D. off to New Bedford and steamer to New York and back to Philadelphia for 10 days. After dinner Tante and I to Mrs James’, and she read “Abraham Lincoln” (Drinkwater) aloud to us all, large party of ladies. Knitting and sewing. Home slowly, via Mrs Badger’s garden at 6. After supper, Tante and I sat on porch with Mrs Conduit and Marling’s upstairs. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 14th August 1920

Hot and muggy.
Breakfast alone. Tante had her’s – 8.30. Gave “movie” tickets to Alice, Ida and Louie. Washed stockings. Tante up at 11, and she, Mrs Marling and I to Oak Bluffs. Shopping. Home 1.45 via Sayre’s. Rested all p.m. Slept. Dressed at 6. Took Laddie out. Sayre’s to supper with Tante and me – “Loopoo” too. All to party at Casino. Better than usual. I danced with Mr Perry and Virginia Reel with Nat Saltonstall. Tante danced also.

Sunday 15th August 1920

Damp. Hot.
Thunderstorm in night. To Church, calling for Sayre’s and Mrs Pease. Very hot and muggy. Waited in village for mail. Rested all p.m. Slept. Took Laddie out in woods. Supper. To Hymn singing. Mr Goff with good tenor just behind us. Talked, talked and to bed after counting washing at 10.30.

Monday 16th August 1920

Fog, but sunny p.m.
Tante headache till 12.30. I out in car to Sayre’s and with washing. Bought scissors for Etta. Altered sleeves of grey jumper. Took Tante tea at 12.30. Bathed – 47th 12.40. Brown’s in. At 3.30. I took Mr Pease ride in car by Old Mill to Edgartown and back by 5.30. Supper. Sat and knitted and talked in sitting-room till 10.30. Mrs Marling, Mrs Perry, Mrs Wallace. Map postcard to Dorothy Barnard.

Tuesday 17th August 1920

Fine, Sun. Fog early and later.
Sat in Tante’s room, putting ribbons in. Washed and ironed. Marling’s in car to meet Mrs Harriman. Bathed – 49th. Warm and sunny. After dinner, at 3.30. Tante and I and Jessie and Miss Winter to call on Miss A.S. Blackwell. Miss Henry (Australian) there and a German lady and Mrs Birdsall. Back at 6.50. Supper. Sat and worked, and talked. To bed 10.15. Two letters from Dorothy Barnard. Two letters from Alys (August 4th).

Wednesday 18th August 1920

Dull. Rainy.
Sat with Tante till 10. Then to Sayre’s in car. With Jessie and Miss Winter to village. Back. Arranged about Makonikey. Tante up and did ironing. I to swim, in rain – 49th. Jo Jewel. Nice. In p.m. at 3.30. Tante and I in car to call on Mrs Homan’s (out), Mrs Greenhow in, and Mrs Badger (out), and Mrs Chadwick. Long talk to foghorn accompaniment every 30 seconds about Theodore Thomas. Home. Wire from E.P.D. about Tennessee ratifying. Woman Suffrage for U.S. assured. Tante and I to Mrs Thayer’s. After supper Tante and I in Jordan’s car to Jessie’s till 10.30.

Thursday 19th August 1920

Fine. Colder.
Tante stomach-aches. I in my room. Knitting sock-top. Mrs Carter and Mrs Perry in to see Tante. I to bathe – 50th. Tante in bed to dinner, and I sat with her all p.m. sewing Red Cross work. I over to Red Cross tea – Mrs Badger and Mrs West. Tante up to supper. We both in car, with Mrs Sayre and Miss Winter to Makonikey Y.M.C.A. camp. Council Meeting round a campfire 8 – 9.30. Very interesting. Leg-wrestling and hand-slapping and singing and charades. “Adhesive”. Home in car.

112a Makonikey.jpg
The Makonikey Inn, YMCA Camp

Friday 20th August 1920

Very fine.
Tante stomach-aches again. I did up parcel for Lewandos. Sat in my room and washed my head, dried it on verandah. Bathed – 51st. Sat with Tante after dinner. She had tea at 1.30. Sayre’s and Miss Winter up to Children’s Play (Geography). All to see it – 4. Tante up too at 4. Round to Saltonstall’s to see twins. After supper talked, worked. I on wharf with Laddie. Lovely moonlight. Map postcard to Eva, Kitty Buchanan, Ella and F.F. Baxter.

Saturday 21st August 1920

Fine, warmer.
Tante had breakfast, but sleepy after. I with her, and then out to Golf Competition (putting), and then bathed – 52nd. At 3.30 Tante up (had only soup in bed for dinner) and out with Mrs Marling and Mrs Harriman and me in car to Mrs Look’s. Tea there and discussed Cottage Hospital. After supper, I down to Sayre’s to enquire after children. To Casino. Tante there. To bed 10.30.

Sunday 22nd August 1920

I sat with Tante. In car to Sayre’s 10.30. I walked home with Laddie. They in car to Church. Tante up at 1.30. I printed notice about “Jeanette” frocks; and then bathed – 53rd. Alone. Crowds came later. Slept in p.m. Tante on porch talking to Dr Whitridge. I also on porch. Cold and dull and foggy. Supper – no lobster. Sayre’s and Miss Winter up to Hymn-singing. Mrs Pease called at 9 and I walked back with her. Home at 10

Monday 23rd August 1920

Sat with Tante; showed frocks to Mrs Gardner. Cleared E.P.D’s closet and did his mildewed shoes! I bathed – 54th. Lovely, rough. From 2 to 4 p.m. Tante sat and tried to sell frocks from Jeanette. I also, but I played “duffers” golf. 58. At 4.30 Tante and I with Mrs Sayre and Miss Winter in car to Edgartown, tea there. Home. After supper Tante and I to Saltonstall’s discussing play. Home 10.

Tuesday 24th August 1920

Very fine. Warm.
Tante up and both of us off at 10 in car to Oak Bluffs to meet E.P.D. Sankaty broke down, so he didn’t come. All a.m. in Oak Bluffs. Home to dinner. Rested till 4. Again to meet E.P.D. who arrived 4.40. Home. I on beach with Laddie. Supper. To Saltonstall’s at 8 about play, rehearsals. “Marcus Aurelius – I left him for you – I hoped you would”.


Wednesday 25th August 1920

Very fine indeed.
Breakfast with E.P.D. He to Rehearsal at 9.30 till 11.35. I with Tante and then she up and to village about newspaper article. E.P.D and I bathed – 55th. After dinner E.P.D. slept, I ironed things in his room. Tante had hair shampooed. I out on bench. Then I with E.P.D. in car to village and to Sayre’s (5 minutes). Tante resting at home. Supper and Tante and I to “The Prince of Liars” by Children’s Colony with Saltonstall’s and Mrs Weld in our car. E.P.D. to another rehearsal all evening.

Thursday 26th August 1920

Very fine.
Breakfast 7.45 with E.P.D. He off to Naushon to see Betty Russell. I to James’; at 9. I in car to Sayre’s and to village with them. Home. In long bathe – 56th. Lovely. Diving for stones. After dinner, Tante and I with Cornelia James and Louisa James to sell tickets in car in West Chop. At 4.20 Tante to meet E.P.D. at Oak Bluffs. I to Mrs James’ reading of Maurice Harte by Murray. Irish play about Maynooth student. Supper. E.P.D. to a rehearsal all evening. We on porch. “A cigar is only a smoke” “I choose you”.

Friday 27th August 1920

Very fine. Hot sun.
I to Goff’s and Stone’s and Greenongli’s with tickets. E.P.D to see Mrs Cater, and then studied part in woods. I to Bank with money and then bathed – 57th with E.P.D. Lovely. In boat with Murphy. Back thro’ woods – “Island and painting things of me. I should want. Book beside you.” After dinner Tante and I with Mrs Marling and Harriman to sell tickets and to take things up to rummage sale, and to Mrs Look’s. E.P.D. rehearsal all p.m. Supper. Upstairs and Tante and E.P.D. did play and looked at properties.

Saturday 28th August 1920

Very fine and hot.
Breakfast. E.P.D. to Rehearsal at 9. I with Tante. He and she in car to visit clergy and lunched at Oak Bluffs. I ironed things till 1.20. and wrote Kitty. Dinner alone, talked to Mrs Marling and Mrs Harriman on porch. Davises back 4. I played tennis with E.P.D. and then we bathed – 58th. At 6.45 all 3 to supper with Sayre’s, Jessie’s 36th birthday. Nevin Sayre there. Games, cards, later. Game of dilemma and solution.

Sunday 29th August 1920

Fine. Dull early.
Breakfast with E.P.D. I wrote Kitty. Sat in Tante’s room and heard E.P.D. his part. At 12 he and I bathed – 59th. After dinner E.P.D. to Pease’s and rehearsal. I rested and did accounts. Then E.P.D. and Tante slept 4.30 to 6 and I out with Laddie. Supper at 6. Then all 3 in car to Oak Bluffs to Methodist Mass Meeting. Bishop Hughes preached good sermon. E.P.D. spoke about Hospital scheme. Home by moonlight. I took Laddie on wharf. Then to Saltonstall’s. Did washing. Wrote Kit about her Mother’s death.

Monday 30th August 1920

Down to fetch bathing-things. In car at 10 to Jackson’s pier. I with Pease’s, Jackson’s, Davies’ – 16 in all in boat to Naushon island. Some fog. Bathed there at 1 from boat. Lunch picnic in woods and then walked about; Lovely island. Beach woods. Back (sailing all the way). Started from Tarpaulin Cove at 5 and arrived 6.50. I had supper with Jackson’s. Home and Sayre’s up in evening. Tante had her 10th swim.

Tuesday 31st August 1920

Fine, then thunder.
Tante had headache. I in car at 10, with Mrs Marling and Mrs Harriman to village with notices and tickets. Played 1 sett tennis with Mrs Marling. At 12 E.P.D. bathed alone. I sat with Tante! Dinner. Rested. At 4 I bathed alone. Thunderstorm. After supper E.P.D. to rehearsal at the Hall. Tante and Mrs Marling and Mrs Harriman and Mrs James and I in Look’s Packard car to West Tisbury. To their entertainment for Hospital. Good. Back at 10.30. E.P.D, Tante and I on wharf in moonlight. Letter from Alys. Postcard from Dorothy Barnard from France.

Wednesday 1st September 1920

Squally. Colder.
I to Lawrence’s with tickets. Nat in about tickets. I in car to village with tickets. Back. I with E.P.D. to bathe (I = 62nd). Tante frightfully cross with me. E.P. D. to Dress Rehearsal in p.m. Tante and I in village with tickets. To Red Cross tea (Mrs Homan’s) at Casino. Tennis with Mrs Perry. Supper. I on wharf with Laddie. Late sunset and shooting stars (cool). Tante read aloud “Shavings” upstairs. Mrs Perry in, sewing also. Wrote Alys.

Thursday 2nd September 1920

Very fine. Cold.
Tante read play with E.P.D. I in car to village, bank and to Sayre’s. Rather cold bathe with E.P.D. Only in short time. After dinner all to Association Hall (separately, E.P.D. made up at Saltonstall’s first). Matinee of “The Butlers”. Tante and Mrs Marling took ticket money. E.P.D. acted “Mr Baxter”. Great success, but small audience. Home at 5.30. Community League Meeting 7.30 till 9. E.P.D. spoke about Hospital. Home and early to bed.

Friday 3rd September 1920

Very fine. Sunny.
I read over play with E.P.D. He to village and Sayre’s. I counted money with Tante and then to Bank, and back. Bathed with E.P.D. (64th), walking thro’ woods first, discussed bathing arrangements on our Island. Rested E.P.D. slept all p.m. Tante on porch I to Betty Benz’ in Carter’s car for sandwiches. Supper 6. All to play. E.P.D. to act, and I helped with ushers. Great success. Full House. Home 10.30. Sandwiches in room. Counted money.

Saturday 4th September 1920

Very fine.
Bathed at 11 with E.P.D. (he to Bank first). Lovely. Tore off stockings! He off to Wood’s Hole (for Naushon) at 11.55. Tante had “cramps” and had tea and toast in bed. I dined alone. In Tante’s room after. Then ironed things there. She up, and at 5 both in car to Mrs Knapp’s and supper at Oak Bluffs; to meet E.P.D. at Wood’s Hole and then Oak Bluffs. To Community Sing and then dance. On pier with E.P.D. To bed 11.

Sunday 5th September 1920

Very fine.
E.P.D. down to Sayre’s. I caught fleas on Laddie and E.P.D. back again, and all 3 had endless conversation about my staying or going. Bathed with E.P.D. (65th). Nice. Dinner difficult. Rested. All 3 to water-sports on Wharf and in car at 5 to take Sayre children out a little way. Supper. Hymns, Steinert played on piano afterwards.

Monday 6th September 1920

Sunny. Warm.
On pier at 8. Discussed date of going again. Wrote postcards. Sat with Tante. E.P.D. to Sayre’s and saw Mrs Carter’s niece. All 3 of us in swimming – my 66th. After dinner, I rested. All to Mrs McArthur’s, Mrs Gierasch and Dr Whitridge sang. Mrs James read. Took Mr Pease home, and he stayed to supper with us. He played accompaniments for E.P.D. after in Casino. Sent off letter to Dorothy Barnard. Postcards (map) to Busy and Edith Bache. Tante’s 11th swim.

Tuesday 7th September 1920

Grey, then fine.
Sat with Tante and sewed and caught 24 fleas on Laddie! E.P.D. to village. Bathed with him 67th. After dinner on porch with Marling’s, who left at 3. We off in car at 3.30 to Mrs Look’s. Very nice visit. Tea, and E.P.D. and I had lovely walk and saw old sheds with barrels. Back and to Liza’s to order sandwiches and then supper at Oak Bluffs. A huge lobster each. Home. E.P.D. read “Shavings” aloud. Tante ironed and I sewed. To bed 10.30. “Our Island”.

Wednesday 8th September 1920

Lovely day.
E.P.D. and I in swimming – 68th at 10. At 11 all in car. Goodbye to Dr Whitridge and Miss Everett. Called for Sayre children. All to Menemsha. Lovely picnic there and on to schooner. Back at 4.45, left children. Took lobsters to Pease’s. E.P.D. and I bathed again – 29th. Quiet evening upstairs. E.P.D. read “Shavings” aloud. On porch, earlier. I broached subject of return and changing dates to Tante.

Thursday 9th September 1920

Very fine.
Sat with Tante. Jackson’s phoned about Squibnocket. E.P.D. and I played tennis. Then E.P.D. bathed. I unwell, walked along beach with him. Rested, slept in p.m. Tante headachy by up to dinner 1.30. At 5 all in car to Oak Bluffs, Knapp’s. In Japanese shop. To Liza’s to supper 7.30. Just us 3. At 9 to movies. Jack London’s story – “Mutiny of the Elsinore”. “It’s too good to be true: Bigger claim than any other.”

Friday 10th September 1920

Showery and dull.
Sat with Tante all a.m. till 12 darning her stockings. E.P.D. to village. I out with E.P.D. He to Chadwick’s and then he bathed. Tante slept, and in bed to dinner; only tired. E.P.D. and I had dinner together, then sat with Tante. Then I rested. E.P.D. too and slept. Tante up at 5.45. I out in car at 4 with Sayre children to Oak Bluffs. Bought moccasins for Phil’s birthday $2.50. Supper. After Tante and E.P.D. to the Chadwick’s for talk about Theodore Thomas and music, till nearly 11. I over at Casino reading. To bed 10.10. Sent letter to Alys about change. Wrote Osgood and Smith.

Saturday 11th September 1920

Prepared for picnic. Tante up and all in car at 10.25 and to Squibnocket (Mr Hammond’s). Tante, Mrs Jackson, Mr Pease and Mr Garrett in cars on to Gay Head. Read of us walked on. E.P.D., Mr Jackson, Mr Wade, Mrs Wright, 2 Miss Roberts. We walked about 5 miles on beach to Gay Head. Lunch there, sandwiches. Back in car. Dance, after supper. I rested on bed, then to dance at about 9.15. To bed 10.45.

Sunday 12th September 1920

Sat with Tante. E.P.D. to Mrs Jackson (sprained ankle). Then he back and we bathed – 70th. I felt cold, so not in long. Walked on beach first. In p.m. Tante and E.P.D. called on Brown’s and I rested and then out with Laddie. All in car to see Sayre children. Then took 2 elder ones to see burnt house. Supper. Hymns; then E.P.D. read “Shavings” aloud.

Monday 13th September 1920

Fine. Showery.
My 41st birthday. Sat with Tante and EP.D. Ironed blouse. They gave me brooch. E.P.D. to Mrs Jackson’s. Then he and I played tennis and bathed – 71st. Nice. After dinner, ironed Red Cross flag. All 3 in car to Lambert’s Cove and on to Seven Gates Farm, saw the Webb’s on hill and Scottie. Back in heavy rain storm to Oak Bluffs. “Magnolia” closed. Betty Benz closed! Got emergency supper at Liza’s. On her verandah after. E.P.D. and I. Lovely lights Home at 9.15. E.P.D. read “Shavings” till 11.15!

Tuesday 14th September 1920

Dull. Colder.
Down on pier. Sat with Tante and darned stockings and socks till 11. E.P.D. to Mrs Jackson. Tante up and I played tennis with E.P.D. and then we bathed – 72nd – rough. Rested in p.m. At 3.30 in car to Bank and to Oak Bluffs, where I bought sandshoes. They bought wristwatch $10.0.0 for Louis’ girl. Home. Supper 6. Then E.P.D. to meet doctors at Dr Mayhew’s and discuss Hospital. Tante and I sat by wood-fire downstairs, talked to Mrs James. EP.D, in at 10.50. I met him with Laddie in rain. To bed 11.30 or so.

Wednesday 15th September 1920

Cold and dull.
Down on pier. Mrs Jones and Cornelia left. Sat with Tante. E.P.D. in car to Mrs Jackson and to Oak Bluffs to meet Mr and Mrs Sayre. 10.45. boat. He back at 11 and we played tennis, and then had lovely swim – 73rd. In p.m. E.P.D. slept and walked. Tante and I at 3.30 in car with all Sayre’s to buy clams and lobsters and order ice-cream and ginger ale for birthday. Oak Bluffs. Met house in road being moved. Home to supper and E.P.D. Read aloud and finished “Shavings”. Dr Putnam called before supper.

Thursday 16th September 1920

E.P.D.’s 64th birthday. On pier; breakfast. Tante had tea and then felt neuralgic. I in car to Oak Bluffs to fetch cake, lobsters. E.P.D. to Mrs Jackson’s in car, and walked back. Both had lovely swim – 74th. I without stockings, no one else about! Rested in p.m. Tante had tea at 2. Mrs Look sent “rare bird” to E.P.D. for dinner. E.P.D. to village at 5 in car. Brought me chocolate. All to Sayre’s to supper 6.30. Tante’s treat. Birthday cake, with candles for E.P.D. and me! “Hearts” after till 10.15. Home. Letter from Alys. “I think you have a beautiful ?????.”

Friday 17th September 1920

Fine. Windy.
Lovely day. E.P.D. off 8 a.m. to Wood’s Hole for Naushon. I walked to Jessie’s with movie tickets, and back thro’ woods. Then sat with Tante and darned Tante’s stockings till 12. Lovely swim and dives alone, 75th. Swam to point with tide. After dinner, Tante and I to O’Shea house to see trees (cut). At 3.30 both in car to Sayre’s and with all of them to Mrs Look’s. Tea there. Home at 6. Supper. E.P.D. home at 9.10 or so. He walked from Wood’s Hole. To bed 10.

Saturday 18th September 1920

Gale. Warm sun.
On pier. Breakfast. Sat with Tante, darned stockings. Out to play tennis with E.P.D. (he not out before) at 11, and then bathed 76th with him. No stockings. No one else in. Cold. Very strong wind and tide. Lovely, swam twice down coast and walked back, sand pricked. At 3 Tante and Mrs Thayer to call on Jessie. E.P.D. and I followed at 3.30 and Jessie and children with us to Dwarfs’ house and back by middle road to Edgartown, Liza’s and home. Mrs James in. E.P.D. read The Goldfish (Train) in evening, by fire. To bed 10.45. Filled tea-box, E.P.D. to “escape people”. “What sort of house would you like. 2 storeys of attic?”

Sunday 19th September 1920

Sun and cold wind.
On pier. After breakfast E.P.D. walked to Mr Pease and Jackson’s. Then I caught fleas on Laddie. Tennis on gravel court. Lovely swim, but cold – 77th. Sat in wood by O’Shea cottage. I on verandah in sun after supper. E.P.D. and Tante over in sun by Casino. All at 3.30 to Jessie’s but she out. Saw Woodrow in new suit. On to Mrs Knapp’s. Long call there, on her verandah. Mr Pease and Mary-Zelia to supper. And then all over to Casino. Smoked by the wood-fire and music. Nice evening. Letter to Mr Styer. “Would you like a sleeping porch on our Island. Socks made by S.D. and Co.”

Monday 20th September 1920

Lovely day.
Thayer’s, Greenough’s and Emerson, Gookin left. I washed clothes. E.P.D. to village and Sayre’s and Jackson’s. Tennis for 20 minutes, then lovely swim, water not cold. Dives. Sat in wood for a little. After dinner sat on Casino porch a little. Rested. At 4.30 all in car to the Look’s, West Tisbury. E.P.D. and I for lovely walk by the great pond. Supper at 6.30. ducks, raspberries and very interesting conversation by Mr Look – Chesapeake dogs web-footed. Dive for crabs. They kill cats. Home by moonlight at 9.30 – 10. “Difference between lovely and pretty.”

Tuesday 21st September 1920

Lovely day.
On pier. Breakfast. E.P.D. to village and calls. I ironed handkerchiefs till 1.35. Then out with E.P.D. on beach. Sun-bath in bathing gowns. Swim. Lovely, but water cold – 79th. At 2.15 in car with Jessie and children to West Tisbury Fair. There, seeing cows, till 5. Then to the Misses Adams’ house (dwarfs); and all had high tea, sandwiches, ice-cream 5.30. Home by moonlight at 7.30 – 8. Sat in Casino room. E.P.D. slept. Out on wharf by wonderful moonlight alone. To bed 10.30. “No pier on our Island. On this lovely day, the first lovely thing was…”

Wednesday 22nd September 1920

Very fine.
On pier. After breakfast, E.P.D. to village. I sat with Tante. He in and we to bathe (80th) at 11.45 Lovely sun-bath in dunes first. After dinner, I to Pease’s 2.30. Mr Pease and I for walk to Tashmoo thro’ woods. Back at 5.30. E.P.D. and Tante in Look’s car to Tisbury Fair. At 6.30, we and Jessie and Mr Pease and Mary-Zelia in 2 cars to Liza’s and on to “movie”, Finding Mary. Tante very cross because we laughed. I back in hired car with E.P.D. Others in our car. Tante was asked to be Elector at Large for Pennsylvania.

Thursday 23rd September 1920

Very fine. Warm.
On pier. In Tante’s room and she excited, wire asking her to be Congressman at large!!!! All smooth sailing. E.P.D. to village and he and I sun-bath and swim – 81st. Tante on beach for us. Mrs Phil Saltonstall to say goodbye, all sat in sun after dinner. Tante in car at 3 to Jessie’s and village. E.P.D. and I busy packing all p.m. , in corridor. I to pick roses. Supper (Tante back at 5.15). All in Casino room by fire, and E.P.D. read aloud “The War, the World, and Wilson” by George Creel till nearly 10. He and I on pier in moonlight. “A sweet place to know. You don’t know how much I appreciate that”.

Friday 24th September 1920

Fog. Dull.
On pier. Packed a little. At 10 with E.P.D. in car to Sayre’s. He on to Pease, Jackson and village. I back. He up at 11.30. We bathed – 82nd. Dinner. Sat in sun by Casino. Tante in car to Sayre’s and back soon. All 3 packed up in p.m. After supper in Casino room, candle-light. Jessie and Frank came up at 8 and Mr Pease and Mary-Zelia and Mr Jackson and Miss William. All sat and talked by wood-fire. All 3 down on pier in moonlight for last time. “Do I tire you? We know you too much!”

Saturday 25th September 1920

Very fine and hot.
Up at 7. On pier. After breakfast, finished packing. I bathed – 83rd alone. Lunch 11.30. All off in car to Oak Bluffs and across in Uncatena to Woods Hole. Arrived 2 p.m. Rode on thro Falmouth, Wareham, Marion, Fall River to Newport, Rhode Island – 83 ½ miles (ice-cream at 4 at New Bedford). To The Meunchinger King Hotel. Very good dinner. Sat on verandah. To bed.

Muenchinger King Hotel, Newport

Sunday 26th September 1920

Very fine. Hot.
Breakfast with E.P.D. at 9.30. I out to docks and back, and at 10.30 all in hired Chalmer’s car to drive round Newport. At 12 bathed on bathing beach with E.P.D.- 84th! Lunch (excellent) 1 and at 3 all in ferry to Jamiestown with the Schroder’s, Admiral and Mrs, and Emory’s. Home to dinner 7.30. At 8.30 all 3 in hired car for drive in moonlight. Beautiful on waves and rocks. Walk with E.P.D. and Laddie. To bed 10.15. Picture cards to Phil and Handy, Eva and Ella, Dorothy and K. Buchanan.

Monday 27th September 1920

Foggy day. Some fog.
Breakfast 8 with E.P.D. Packed. At 10.30 in car to Ferry. Over to Jamestown, across island, another ferry to Saunderstown. Motored to Narragansett Pier. E.P.D. and I bathed there – 85th. 50 Celsius. Lunch at Hotel Revere and motored via Watch Hill to New London – 69 miles in car, each ferry about 25minutes. Lovely scenery and colours. Arrived about 5.30. Hotel Mohican. Rested, dressed. Dined 7.45. Dr and Mrs Peterson of Michigan there. To bed about 10.

narrangsett pier
Narrangsett Pier

Tuesday 28th September 1920

Fine a.m. Rain in p.m.
Breakfast 8 with E.P.D. Packed. At 11 all in car to Saybrooke. Arrived 12. Ordered lunch. Drove round point. Lunch at the Inn (blue-fish and lobster). On, in rain with hood up to Newhaven. Arrive Hotel Taft at 4.30 or so. Rested. Dined at 7. Afterward I out with E.P. D. in square. Warm. In and wrote 5 letters of orders to stores in Philadelphia. 52 miles, but we went about 69 with extra drive at Saybrooke. “Do you want my arm? I want all of you that I can get.”


Wednesday 29th September 1920

Very fine and hot.
Breakfast 8 with E.P.D. Packed. I out to Yale Cottages and Campus. Saw near Wrexham Tower; hot. In car at 10.30 along busy road thro’ Southport, Westport, Bridgeport to Briarcliff Lodge. Arrived 3.30. E.P.D. and I in swimming pool! Then strolled in woods and on roof. No sunset. Dinner 7.15. Sat in lounge. Good orchestra. On roof, but no moonlight. E.P.D. and I out with Laddie and to bed 10. 72 miles.


Thursday 30th September 1920

Pouring rain. Mild.
E.P.D. woke me 8.20. Off at 10.30 in pouring rain to Paterson. Lunch at Colt Restaurant. On in rain thro’ Elizabeth and North Brunswick (fearful roads on detour) to Princeton. Stopped at Nassau Inn. Arrived about 6. Dinner and soon to bed. Tired. 107 miles.



Friday 1st October 1920

Fine. Cooler.
Up at 8. E.P.D. called me. Out with him after breakfast to Campus. At 10.30. all in car to Philadelphia. Arrived 250 South 21st Street at 12.30. (11.30 by standard time). Out to lunch at Kugler’s. Home. Tante had reporters and photographers and Mrs Foulke and Mrs Budd and Mrs Melliers called. Telephoning in evening . To bed at 11. Very tired. “An ounce of sweet is worth a pound of sour”.

Saturday 2nd October 1920

E.P.D. called out at 3 a.m. Breakfast alone. Reporters and photographers again. Tante with E.P.D. to register as Voter. Tante out till 2.10. I lunched with E.P.D. 1.30. He had office hour and I out to shops in p.m. with Laddie. Tante had reporter and rested a little. Dinner 7 and Tante out to speak at meeting (Farrell there) E.P.D. and I evening alone till 9. Stenographer came, but no use. I to bed at 9.10. He to work in office. Tante in at 11.

Sunday 3rd October 1920

Fine, mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. at 8.45. New cook Cora came 7.30. I to Broad Street Station with letters for E.P.D. Home and unpacked all a.m. E.P.D. too. Tante up at 11.15 and to Church. Lunch all together at 1.30. E.P.D. in car to Maternity Hospital and at 3 all of us to Penn Lynn Country Club to see Mrs Boyer. Tea there. Paper-chase. Home by 6.30. Etta out. Supper. Tante ‘phoned all evening. I read papers and E.P.D. slept on sofa. To bed 11 or past.

Monday 4th October 1920

Fine. Warm.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Up with Tante. Then out at 11 to buy map of wards. Lunch all 3 at 1.30. At 2.15. began a Meeting of Chair (wo)men, I took names and notes till 4.30. Very tiring and boring. Headache. New Corona typewriter for E.P.D. Took Laddie to Square and bought bread. Miss N McMurtrie called. Dinner (E.P.D. out, and then examined 12 nurses). Tante and I in taxi at 8 to meeting Democratic Club far North on 6th Street. Mr Lank spoke and Tante and Miss Sneider. Home by trolley at 11. Letter from Alys about Eva’s first school.

Tuesday 5th October 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Stenographer, Mrs Robbins to be interviewed (and engaged). Unpacked for Tante and did some typing for E.P.D. Lunch with him alone. Tante to Wanamaker’s. I met her there at 2.30 and we looked at washing-machines. Tante had hair shampooed and I home. Out to buy milk with Laddie. Tante home 4.40 and was interviewed by The “Record”. E.P.D. out to dinner. Tante and I dined, and out in taxi to West Philadelphia 56th Street. She spoke and Mr Lank, Mr Westcott, Mr Moise and Miss McFarlane too. Home at 11.50 in car. Wrote Alys 7 a.m.

Wednesday 6th October 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante had Mrs Collett and Mrs Stokes in bedroom. Mrs Robbins came 9.30 to work. I busy with odd jobs. All had lunch together. Tante and I out in taxi to buy tumblers and looked at more washing-machines. I walked home with Laddie. Tante home and rested. Etta out. E.P.D. home. All dined 6.30. Tante and I in limousine to Camac and Nedro Street Meeting. Tante spoke. Home 10.45 or 11. Wrote Ella, Very Styer and Times 2.00. Furnace started. “You know when they ought to go”.

Thursday 7th October 1920

Very fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. He in writing-room early. I did housekeeping jobs. Tante to Maternity at 11 in limousine. I unwell. Out with Laddie to shops. All 3 in to lunch. Tante out again to meet Miss Archer. Put clean clothes away, and lay down on bed 30 minutes. Miss Constance Dresel from “Ledger” to interview Tante and Miss Hoyt called. All in to dinner at 6.30. Cora out. All 3 of us to Jefferson to Memorial Dedication Tablet unveiling. Graduates killed in War. Home. Sat and talked.

The memorial tablet (shown here draped with flags) dedicated to Jefferson Medical College alumni who died in WWI.

Friday 8th October 1920

Hot. Fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Busy with housekeeping and out with Laddie to stores. Very warm, wore no coat! Tante up and saw Mrs Renshaw at lunchtime. E.P.D. in to lunch. I out at 4 to Broad Street Station to buy section for Pittsburg for Tante. After dinner Tante out to meeting (Street) with Mrs Robbins; I in with E.P.D. Read. At 8.40 Miss Farrell came and I worked at checkbook and upstairs. To bed at 10.40. Tante in at 11.15. Letter from Dorothy Barnard.

Saturday 9th October 1920

Hot. Fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Out in car at 10.15 to Bank and Murphy’s. Back and out with Tante in car to various places and Market. E.P.D. in to lunch with us. Miss Ely in p.m. Rested a little. Dinner 7. Great fuss about whether I should go with Tante. E.P.D. went instead. I pasted names in Clinic books – 8.15 till 10.35. Very, very tired. They returned 10.40. To bed 11. E.P.D. called out again 4 a.m.

Sunday 10th October 1920

Very hot and fine.
Furnace out again. Breakfast alone. E.P.D. out all day at case. Etta gave notice, but retracted it. Tante and I had talk and made up. At 12.30. we in car to Bryn Mawr, called for Cornelia Jones at Miss Wright’s school. On to Valley Forge. Lunch at Washington Inn. To Headquarters and to Church. 3.30 in Memorial Church. Up Observatory town. Back, left Cornelia. Home at 6.45. Supper with E.P.D. who home at 4 Sat and talked and to bed 10.15. “D’you like me a little still: Still, foolish girl?: don’t you know? Want.”

Monday 11th October 1920

Hot. Fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Miss Lovenstein to see Tante. I in taxi to offices for campaign literature. E.P.D. out to lunch. Tante had large Meeting of Ward Chairmen. I hovered round to help. E.P.D. off to New York to see C. McCormick. And not back. Tante packed in evening. We had dinner alone. I saw her off to Pittsburgh at Broad Street 11.10. I home in taxi and slept in their room to hear ‘phone.

Tuesday 12th October 1920

Breakfast alone. Thunder. Out in car to Dreka’s and to meet E.P.D. from Wilmington 10.15.


Took him to Maternity Hospital and went to 10th and Walnut Democratic Com for pamphlets. Home. E.P.D. in to lunch and Miss Hoyt also. She and I to Violet Oakley’s pictures and took Laddie to Sautter’s. Ice-cream there. Home. I worked at scarf for Tante’s birthday all evening. Dinner alone. E.P.D. in at 10.30. from Wilmington again. Orange juice on sofa. To bed 11. Letter from Alys. Wrote Jessie Sayre.

Violet Oakley, 1874 - 1961, Self-Portrait, 1919, oil on canvas, mounted on panel, unframed: 30 × 25 in., ANA diploma presentation, January 20, 1920, National Academy Museum, New York. Photo by Glenn Castellano (944-P)
Violet Oakley, 1874 – 1961, Self-Portrait, 1919 – the American counterpart of a British Pre-Raphaelite.

Wednesday 13th October 1920

Fine. Hot.
E.P.D. out to meet Tante by train from Pittsburgh arriving 6.55 a.m.! She did not come till later. Breakfast with E.P.D. 8. Out in car 11 to Bank, Cook’s and Electricity about iron. Tante to 8th Ward meeting. Lunch with Tante. E.P.D. at Wilmington. Quiet pm. Cassie Johnson in, wire from Tumulty about Bakor speaking. Tante and I had dinner alone, and out to Girls’ Friendly 8 till 10. E.P.D. in at 10.20. Told about “Uncle Cyrus” and opportunities. Wrote Alys.

Thursday 14th October 1920

Hot – 83 degrees!
Breakfast with E.P.D. Did housekeeping. In car at 11 to stores. Back for Tante. Out with her in car at 12.45. To new headquarters on South 16th Street. Stayed there till 2 and back to lunch at 2.30. Mrs Barringer called. I in office doing accounts about 2 hours till 6.30. Tante telephoning and all in to dinner 7. Quiet evening in drawing-room. Tante walked round block with me and Laddie at 9.30.

Friday 15th October 192

Hot. Sunny – 84 degrees.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Out in car at 11.30 for iron. Out with Tante in car to Bank and lunch at Wanamaker’s. Tante on to 221 South Broad Street. I home. Took Laddie out. Did accounts in office till 5.45. Tante and I dined 6.30. E.P.D. out to dinner at Medical Club to meet Sir Auckland Geddes. Tante to Mrs Robbins to 2 meetings. I to Bellevue Stratford and heard Sir Auckland Geddes address Medical Club. E.P.D. sat with me in balcony. Out at 10. Had ice-cream sundaes and fruit drinks. Home. Sat in office, then upstairs. Tante in at 11. To bed 11.15 waiting. Wrote Dorothy Barnard – Sent £5.

auckland geddes
Auckland Campbell Geddes, 1st Baron Geddes (1879 – 1954) – British Ambassador to the United States

Saturday 16th October 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante had Miss Lawrie at 11. I in car at 11 to shops. E.P.D. to Wilmington, orange juice only. Tante and I had lunch 1 o’clock. Tante out to meeting, Lank. I did accounts all p.m. in writing-room and then office. E.P.D. cold in head. All had dinner together. E.P.D. had Miss Farrell 8.30 – 10.30. Tante at phone all evening. I read newspapers. To bed 10.45. Sent off “Opal” to Dorothy Barnard. Letters from Poz and Mr Styer.

Sunday 17th October 1920

Fine. Lovely.
Breakfast with E.P.D. He colded. He to Wilmington and back 2.15. To Church Communion Service. I with Tante. She up to lunch 1.30. All in car at 2.30 to Mrs Robertson’s (Devon) and Tante and I to see Busy at the Barnes’. Home by lovely lanes, beautiful Autumn colours in trees. Supper 7. Quiet evening. E.P.D. away at 11 to Boston for Betty Russell.

Monday 18th October 1920

Dull. Cooler.
Housekeeping. Tante up early and to meeting 10.30. I in car with her and to Bank and Wanamaker’s. Bought stuff $4.00 for workbox (Xmas). Home (walked with Laddie). Tante to Blaisdell pencil factory and home to lunch. She out at 2.35 to South 16th Street – Ward Meeting. I did mending all p.m. Dinner 6.45 and Tante and I in limousine to Jefferson Club. Roland Morris, Ambassador to Japan spoke, large crowd in street. Tante spoke and Mr Moise. Home by 10.45.


Tuesday 19th October 1920

Dull, damp.
Breakfast alone. With Tante in her room. I out at 11.15 to Bank and Quinn’s. Tante out to Doylestown 12.30 after early lunch here. I in all p.m. sewing. E.P.D. back to lunch and office hour. Tante in at 6. Dinner all 3 at 7. Etta out. Tante out to 16th Street meeting. I cleared table and sat with E.P.D. reading papers. Down in office at 9.30. Read while he read proof. Took Laddie out, and Tante back by trolley and very cross as limousine didn’t come. Mrs Robbins doing tickets all p.m.

Wednesday 20th October 1920

Very hot. Fine.
Tante’s birthday. Breakfast with E.P.D. Walked to 33rd South 16th Street with Laddie and twice more there in taxi, tickets. E.P.D. in to lunch. Tante down late at 4 p.m. Tante and I in car to 221 South Broad Street and then to Bryn Mawr to Miss Ely’s. No meeting however, her mistake. Home 6.50. Dinner 7.30. Oysters, chicken, ice cream. Birthday cake. Quiet evening. Read aloud from the Princetonian about visit to Oxford. E.P.D. and I to St James’ Place at 10.30 and back.

Thursday 21st October 1920

Hot. Fine.
Busy with phone all a.m. At 11.45 with Tante in taxi. She to meet Mr Lank. I to Reading Terminal Market and walked back from 16th Street with Laddie. E.P.D. to Wilmington, orange juice. Tante had hair curled in p.m. I did mending, stockings. Dinner 6 p.m. Tante off at 7 in car to Academy. E.P.D. and I followed at 7.20. Box there. Great Rally of Democrats. Major Farrell, Governor: folk of Missouri, Mrs Carroll Miller, Mrs Renshaw, Tante presided. Read telegraph from President.

Friday 22nd October 1920

Hot – 80 degrees.
Breakfast with E.P.D. “Compromise” after, about reporting police. Busy, housekeeping, ‘phones. Tante out to lunch at Bellevue. I lunched alone. E.P.D. orange-juice. Tante in only at 5. I on bed, slept till 4 – very tired and hot. Sewed frill on black blouse. Dinner 6.30. Tante and I in limousine to Swarthmore College. Mrs Foulk too. Tante spoke to students there. Co-education. Home at 10.35.

Swarthmore College – a private liberal arts college

Saturday 23rd October 1920

Cooler. Fine.
Out to 22nd Street shop and Meriano’s with Laddie. Tante in all day ‘phoning. Lunch at 2.15 with Tante! E.P.D. out till 2.20 (orange-juice). I out in Square with Laddie at 4.30 and patched sheet. Miss Hoyt came at 6 and stayed to dinner, and spent night. E.P.D. had Miss Farrell all evening. To bed 11 p.m. Wrote Aunt Bella.

Sunday 24th October 1920

Bathe in E.P.D.’s bathroom. Miss Hoyt with E.P.D. and me at breakfast 8.30. She off to West Town 9.45. Resumed diplomatic relations. Sat with Tante and read papers. E.P.D. in to lunch at 1.30. All 3 in car at 2.30 to West Town, thro’ Media to call for Miss Hoyt, who back with us. Bought cider and apples. Supper and talked till 10.45. Miss Hoyt stayed the night. “Give you all I can, would give you more if I could. Perhaps you would not like it”.

Monday 25th October 1920

Hot, fine.
E.P.D. called me 7.30. Busy a.m. with Miss Hoyt leaving. Washing-machine demonstrated, and at 11.30 I in car to Bank. E.P.D. not in to lunch. Tante and I alone. Tante out with Mrs Robbins to meeting at 33 South 16th Street – 3 till 5. I wrote to Alys on typewriter Corona and rested on sofa. Hot and tiring day. Dinner 6.30 and then I to Mass Meeting of Republican Women till 10. Home. Tante to Committee Meeting of Men – 10th and Walnut. Letters from Alys with photos. Letters from Aunt Bella. Postcard from Ella.

Tuesday 26th October 1920

Hot. Fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Up with Tante. Then walked to Broad Street station to shops. Back. In car to Dennison’s and to Market and fetched E.P.D. from Maternity. Lunch all together. Did some mending in p.m. – chemise. Tante rested. E.P.D. out to Devon and not in to dinner. He took Laddie to Devon. Tante and I dined 6 p.m. and in limousine to 9th Street and Jackson and Meeting. Tante spoke. Then out to Germantown and Tante spoke again. Also 2 Congressmen – Logue and Jeffrey’s. Home 12.15 a.m. Mailed letter to Alys. Laddie away.

Wednesday 27th October 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. and fuss with Tante after because he spoke of Pennsylvania morals in public speaking. Tante expected meeting here, but only 1 came. I out to shops. Lunch with Tante. E.P.D. at Wilmington and Tante and I to phogoraphers at 3 for her to be photographed. To Bellevue and home. She to Miss Beale’s. I rested a little. E.P.D. not in to dinner. Tante and I had it alone. I took blanks to 10th and Walnut in trolley. Home (with E.P.D.) at 8. Etta out. Cider for E.P.D. and me. Furnace started.

ellen duane davis
Ellen Duane Davis – “Tante”

Thursday 28th October 1920

Dull. Cooler.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante had interviewer. She out to Headquarters at 12. I to Bank and Wanamaker’s – bought hat! Lunch with E.P.D. (and Tante at 2.10 to her’s). She out to Pennsylvania Hospital. I sewed. All to dinner 6.30. Tante out with Mrs Budd and Mrs Miller at 8 to two meetings. I with E.P.D. in drawing room. Victrola and I sewed a little. I to bed 10.30. E.P.D. then to office and Tante only came in at 12.

Friday 29th October 1920

Dull – much colder.
Tante up and I to Bradley Market, and the both of us to meet Mrs Miller (Carroll) at Bellevue and to Acorn Club debate. They 2 to street meeting at Record Office. I there later and I rode home with E.P.D. in car for Jefferson. Lunch with him. Hot cakes and syrup. Tante in at 3.30. Sewed and rested. Mrs Carroll Miller came to dinner at 6.30. All of us in. Tante and she to Manayunk to speak, at 8.30. Miss Farrell to work with E.P.D. till 10.30. I started work box for Tante for Xmas! To bed 11.

Saturday 30th October 1920

Fine. Cool.
E.P.D. out to breakfast – operating at 9. I with Tante and then I out in car to Market and Bank. Tante not up till after lunch, telephoning all a.m. E.P.D. out to lunch (orange juice). Tante to 33rd South 16th Street in p.m. I at home and sewed on her work-box. Miss Beale came in to dine with Tante and me. E.P.D. only in at 9.15. To bed 10.25. Wrote Dorothy Barnard.

Sunday 31st October 1920

Fine. Milder.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante and I to Church 11.30. and E.P.D. joined us for Communion Services. At 2.30 all 3 in car to get more cider and on home by West Chester and Paoli – 3 accidents – cat, dog, ditch. Home 6.20. Supper. Read papers. To bed 10.20.

Monday 1st November 1920

Tante out to speak, and back to lunch at 2. E.P.D. and I had lunch. Tante out at 33 South 16th Street – 3 till 6.  I sewed at her box all p.m. and ironed in my room! Miss Sophy Norris to dinner, and E.P.D. and I to Boston Symphony concert after, in taxi. Home by trolley. To bed.

Tuesday 2nd November 1920

Dull and showery.
Election Day. E.P.D. waked me 6. I waked Miss Norris. Breakfast 6.30 and Tante at 6.45. Miss Norris and Tante to watch at polls. I typed some letters for E.P.D. Lunch. I round to watch at poll from 3 till 7 p.m. Then Tante came and I went back to dinner; sat with E.P.D. both reading; till Tante came at 8. All talked till 9 then I to bed. Very sleepy.

Wednesday 3rd November 1920

Fine. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante slept on till 10. Mrs Robins started working for E.P.D. Did accounts with her. Sat with Tante. Out to South Street with Laddie. Tante stayed in bed to lunch; I lunched with E.P.D. He very gloomy about U.S.A. Had wired President Wilson “selfishness and moral cowardice” of the people. Tante up at 3. Lady to see her. I mended linen in writing-room. Tante slept from 4.30 to 6.30. All in to dinner and Etta out. E.P.D. and Tante read aloud “The Age of Innocence” Edith Wharton in evening. To bed 10.15. Harding elected.

Thursday 4th November 1920

Sat with Tante. I out in car at 11.30 to Market and then Tante up at 1 and out in car with me. To Wanamaker’s for gloves. Tante lunched Bellevue with Colonel Wetherill and Miss Ely. I to Princeton Club alone. Lunch 60 cents (down, to E.P.D.) Met Tante at Bellevue. With her to Strawbridge’s in car. Bought sofa cover and table napkins – 30 dollars a dozen!!! 27 inches. Back to house. E.P.D. in from Wilmington. Tante rested. I mended linen in dining-room. E.P.D. out to dine and Obstetrics meeting. Tante and I to Samaroff Beethoven Sonata evening and Stokowoski lectured. Bellevue. Very enjoyable.


Friday 5th November 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante slept on, woke very cross with everyone. Sat with her a little. Out with Laddie for vegs and fruit. I unwell. E.P.D. in to lunch. Tante up at 1.50 scolding me and Etta. Sat in writing-room sewing, and wrote letters. Tante did typewriting on Corona. Then slept. Flour came from wholesale grocers. E.P.D had Miss Farrell in evening. Tante and I sewed I read aloud and Tante and I walked round square at 10.30! Letter from Dorothy Barnard about Aunt Alice. Wrote Dorothy Barnard, Polly and Aunt Alice.

Saturday 6th November 1920

Fine. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. Walked to Bank with Laddie, and brought grapes back. Tante up to lunch 12.30; I knitted and she scolded me about not having my lunch then. E.P.D. in, and we lunched 1.30. Tante out to League of Women Volunteers; I out to Square with Laddie and unpacked groceries with maids’ help. Rested. E.P.D. to Cooper wedding to meet Tante there. Dinner. I mended my coat lining. E.P.D. read aloud “Wounded Soldier”. Fuss with Tante later.

Sunday 7th November 1920

E.P.D. out early. I breakfast alone. Tante headache all day till 3.30. I wrote letters and read all a.m. E.P.D. in at 12. We read papers. I to Square with Laddie. E.P.D. had no lunch; sat with me while I ate mine. He slept in writing room 2.10 till 3.15. I read in drawing room I with Edith Bache to quartet concert at Bellevue 3.30. Home at 5.30. Tante down and very angry with me. E.P.D. in (from hospital). Supper and read papers all evening and E.P.D. read aloud till 10. Wrote Ella and Alys (on Corona). Postcard to Eva (tall buildings).

Monday 8th November 1920

Fine. Warm.
E.P.D. out early. I breakfast alone and then to brush shop. Not out again all a.m. Wrote Cousin E. Reid and sewed and read “Les Miserables” at odd times. E.P.D. out to lunch. Tante and I had ours’ at 2 (she sleeping 1 till 2). Two reporters came and long talk. I witness, in a.m. To Ward meeting at 3. I walked with Laddie to Strawbridge and Clothier about sheets. Called for Tante on way home at 33 South 16th. To photographers. Both home. E.P.D. in to dinner 7. He read aloud till 10.15 – “Wounded Souls”, Philip Gibbs.

Tuesday 9th November 1920

Dull. Mild. Raindrops.
E.P.D. out early. I breakfast alone. Sat with Tante a little and out with Laddie to Ledger Office – 6th Street and Chestnut for paper. Very tired. Tante had headache then, till 4. I lunch with E.P.D and sewed and read in drawing-room, after. E.P.D away without K me! Cried. With Tante at 4. Out with Tante for paper at 5.30. Tante and I had dinner alone. She got up only at 7. E.P.D. in at 8 and Miss Farrell came then till 10.30. Tante and I sewed and read aloud to each other. Edith Wharton’s book. I to bed 10.50. Very tired.

Wednesday 10th November 1920

Fine, cooler.
E.P.D. out early. I breakfast alone. Sat with Tante. Then carpets and rugs arrived. All helped; Tante headache. I out with Laddie to Meriano’s. Miss Sophy Norris to lunch. E.P.D in also. Tante very cross with me about drawing-room carpet. I out at 3.30 with Laddie to Wanamaker’s. Bought lace edging for bodices and to Evans for Hindes honey. E.P.D. in at 6. All dressed and dined. Etta out. All 3 walked to Bellevue to Beethoven Recital. Tram home.

Thursday 11th November 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante a good deal. Out with Laddie to buy vegs. Tante neuralgia again and not up till 6.30. Miss Biswanger to lunch alone with me. E.P.D. to Wilmington. Talked to Busy and out to Square with Laddie. All had dinner 6.30. Cora out. E.P.D. read aloud “Wounded Souls”. We sewed. Nice evening. To bed 10.35.

Friday 12th November 1920

Fine. Cold.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante and ran up and downstairs. Tante felt exhausted and lay down. I out with Laddie for vegs and wrote Alys on Corona. E.P.D. in. Lunch with him. Tante had hers in bed. Piano-tuner came. Etta crying and giving notice. Tante out to Dr about corns. I to Meriano;’s. Sewed at Tante’s work-box till 6.30. She slept on sofa. Dinner all together. Then E.P.D. read aloud to us. Nice evening. Tante telephoned E.P.D. and I by fire. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 13th November 1920

Lovely day. Cold.
E.P.D. waked me at 6.30. He out then. Tante breakfast 7.30. I also. All in hired car to Princeton. Started 9.50. Arrived 12. Sat in ’79 Hall. Luncheon ($2.00). Cyrus McCormick, McClure, Barringer’s. To Football Stadium, about 50,000 people. Princeton won 20 to 0! Break to ’79 Hall. At 5.45 off in car to Trenton. Supper 6.30. Hildebrecht’s. Home, picking up Mr and Mrs Roberts and chauffeur, whose axle broke. Home 9.30. To bed 10.

Sunday 14th November 1920

Fine day.
Breakfast with E.P.D. and discussed Germany and England pre-war. Tante headache all day. Only had tea at 5.30 and down in wrapper to supper at 7. I out to St James’ to Church, and out with Laddie. E.P.D. out all day till 4.30 then he back and I out with Laddie in Square. Supper. Hymns and E.P.D. read aloud. Etta out. Wrote Alys on Corona.

Monday 15th November 1920

Dark. Dull.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. Knitted. Then she felt tired and lay down; I out with Laddie to Sigel’s for oysters. E.P.D. in to lunch. Tante in bed till 6.30. I cut out shantung blouse, and knitted. Tante had tea at 3.30. Dinner 6.30. All to theatre at Broad Street 8.30. Hired limousine “Clarence” by Booth Tarkington. Very good and original. Professor of Beetles. Coleoptera. Wedding Anniversary – 34th.

Tuesday 16th November 1920

Rain. Raw.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante up and all 3 in hired car to Jefferson Hospital and Maternity. Tante to Auxillary Meeting. I on to Reading Terminal Market and Bank. All back together in car to lunch 1.45. Tante and I tidied tall chiffonier in drawing-room all p.m. I out for y. cake in rain. Tante slept. I read. E.P.D. in at 6. All dined and E.P.D. read aloud in evening. Tante also till l0.40!

Wednesday 17th November 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. I out to Dr McCune-Smith’s. Home, out aMink (Goldriech) in evening again to shops with Laddie. Tante up at 11.55 and I out with her in trolley. She to Bank to meet Mrs Weil. I to Hoskins for calendar paper and Marceau’s. In to lunch with E.P.D. Tante only in at 2.30, nearly run down by motor. She on sofa all p.m. I laid cloth. Etta out. I typed letters for Tante on Corona. Laid fire. All dined 7.0. E.P.D. read aloud till 10. To bed 10.30.

Thursday 18th November 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. sat with Tante a little. Out with Laddie to South Street. Tante slept 11 till 2. I had lunch with E.P.D. Then sat with Tante while she had tea and toast. She up and out with E.P.D. in car to Dr Davidson to have corns out. I sewed and out to Square. Tante home and wrote Jessie on typewriter. Then she and I at 6.15 in car to Kugler’s. Dined there (bad lobster 2.50). On to see “Way Down East” in Chestnut Street cinema. Very good. Ice-river break scenes. Home by trolley at 11.10. E.P.D. to Atlantic City.

Friday 19th November 1920

Fine. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. Out at 11.30 to Murphy’s and other stationers. Back 1.30. Tante still in bed, and tea only at 2.30. I lunched with E.P.D. Sat with Tante after, and then finally unpacked her trunk. Rested on my bed, slept till 5.45. Tante out to see Bridget Morris (ill). E.P.D. in at 7.10. Tante in at 7.20. Dinner. E.P.D. read aloud “Wounded Souls”, Gibbs till 10. To bed 11 p.m.

Saturday 20th November 1920

Fine. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. Then out to take custard to Bridget Morris, and buy mushrooms. Tante sleepy again but down at 1.55 to lunch. Curry. I sat with E.P.D. at his lunch. Got out silver in p.m. and Tante wrote Jessie on Corona. I posted it and Tante’s photo at 17th Street. E.P.D. read aloud in evening. Finished book.

Sunday 21st November 1920

Fine. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. then he out to Abingdon to operate. I sat with Tante, and then to Square with Laddie. Tante sleepy and only up at 2. Cora’s day out, but not well. E.P.D in at 2.20. All in car at 3 to Bryn Athyn. Back at 6. Tante rested and cooked mushrooms. Dinner. 7.20. Read newspapers all evening. To bed 10.20.

Monday 22nd November 1920

Rain in p.m.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante headache. I took Laddie to Square. Sat and sewed my new blouse, put lace in. Tante had tea and at 1 o’clock. I had lunch with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. She up and to Ward Meeting at 3. In car with her to buy oysters. Home 3.45. Sewed blanket in writing-room and read. E.P.D. and Tante back in car at 6.20. Dinner. Quiet evening. Sewing and E.P.D. reading newspaper aloud. E.P.D. away to Boston at 11.30.

Tuesday 23rd November 1920

Breakfast alone. Tante breakfast 9 a.m. I sat with her and then out in car 10.30, various errands. Bought squabs – 50 cents a pair. Tante and I in car. She to Bank to meet Maternity Committee 12. I on to Dock Street, bought potatoes and onions and celery. Back for Tante. She, Mrs Coryell and I home to lunch at 2. At 3.30 Tante and Mrs Coryell out in car to choose wallpapers. I rested 30 minutes and dressed and out with Laddie in Square. Tante back 6.30. We two dined off curry. Quiet evening sewing. I read aloud “Age of Innocence”. To bed 10.35.

Wednesday 24th November 1920

Dull. Damp.
Breakfast alone. Tante tired and nothing till 12. I wrote letters and sewed in writing-room. Tante had tea at 12. I to buy chestnuts. E.P.D. back to lunch 1.30. Tante down 1.45. Cassie Johnson in, and talked during lunch, Mr Towne to see Tante from 3 till 5. I put washing away. Tante typed letter to President. E.P.D. in at 6.30. All dined 7. Etta out. Read papers. To bed 10.30. Wrote Aunt Bella and Susie, 18 Cheyne Court.

Thursday 25th November 1920

Thanksgiving Day. E.P.D. waked me at 6. He out then. I breakfast alone. Tante breakfast 7.30. At 10 all in car to Princeton. Church over so on to Nassau Inn 12.30. Dined at 1. Called on the Jack Davises in p.m. and to Memorial Hall. Two nice girls, Anne (Kodak) and Marjory Davis. Started home in car about 5. Arrived 7. Supper – cold turkey, ice-cream. Read papers. I to bed 10.25. They later.

Friday 26th November 1920

Dull, cold.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante slept till 11. I out with iron to 11th Street in car 9.30, back 9.50. Sewed and wrote Alys. Tante down to lunch 2. I sat with E.P.D. at his lunch. Typed letter to class on Corona. Tante, E.P.D. and I to Sarah Barringer’s Tea. Debutante. Flowers, jewels, low-necked dresses. Tante to call on Mrs Markoe and I out with Laddie, then home. Tante in at 6.50. Made mayonnaise. Dinner 7.40! Read papers and E.P.D. read Brailsford’s article on Russia aloud. Letter from Alys. Wrote Alys.

Saturday 27th November 1920

Dull, then rain.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante all a.m. Only out to Square at 12.30. Lunch all together, turkey hash. Tante and I in car at 2.30 to Bridget’s and to shops. Home 5.15. Tante rested. I did too, and read. E.P.D. to Atlantic City. Tante and I dined alone and I read aloud afterwards. E Wharton’s book. To bed 11.30! E.P.D. in at 2 a.m.

Sunday 28th November 1920

Dull. Damp
Breakfast with E.P.D. at 8.30. Discussed Major Lycett. E.P.D. out at 9.30 and not in till nearly 7 p.m. Tante had neuralgia all day, and only up at 6.35. I read “Les Miserables” and tore up papers. Knitted. Not out all day! Answering phone. Supper all together at 7. Read newspapers. I took Laddie round the Square at 9.15.

Monday 29th November 1920

Dull. Drier.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. Then I out to Bridget with Laddie. Tante up and all 3 had lunch (Tante and I at 12.45). Tante out to Meeting (Ward) 2 p.m. I walked with Laddie to Coombs and Van Roden and to Library (saw Edith). Back at 4. Rested. Tante in at 5.30 by trolley. Tired. E.P.D. in 5.45. Dinner 6.30. Tante and I to Boston Symphony concert. E.P.D. to Faculty Meeting. All home by 10.35. To bed.

Tuesday 30th November 1920

Dull. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Louis at 11 took me to South Street Market. I got oysters. He fetched Busy, who came to lunch with us. All at 1.30. Very cheerful. E.P.D. gave her a curetting case. Sat with Tante. At 5 Tante and I (dressed in new blue taffeta, 1st time) to two “Teas”. Mrs Gummy’s and Mrs W. W. Frazier’s. Home. E.P.D. out with case. We ate chicken-pie. Sophie Norris in during evening. E.P.D. in at 10. To bed 11.15! Letter from Aunt Bella and Willard Jackson with photos.

Wednesday 1st December 1920

Rain. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. at 10.45. Tante and I in hired car; she to Mrs Foulke’s, I to Whitman’s and Sorosis for spats. Then both on to McMurtrie’s sale of work. Bought mats. Home. All 3 had lunch together. Tante rested; I out with Laddie in rain to Bradford Clarke’s. Mrs Budd, Mrs Melon and Mr Kerwig of Democratic Club to discuss Jackson Day Dinner. Sophie Norris too. Tante and I dined alone. E.P.D. lecturing to nurses and only in at 9.30. To bed 10.30. Chocolate to Embletons. Whitman’s.

Thursday 2nd December 1920

Dry. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. I out 8.45 to Melvin Smith. Back by Market Street with butter. Tante headache all day. I unwell. Quiet p.m. Lunch with E.P.D. He up to dress, and out to dinner at Medical Club. Tante had hair done here at 6. We dined and to Beethoven Recital; met E.P.D. there. Lovely Beethoven Moonlight Sonata. On to Charity Ball at Academy. Box by floor. Tante cross at EP.D. not being with us enough. Took Sophia Norris and friend home. To bed 1 a.m. Mailed letter to Dorothy Barnard with Irish protests. Wrote Willard Jackson.

Friday 3rd December 1920

Fine. Dry. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante had her’s at 10. Sat with her; out with Laddie to Market Street and then Mitchell Fletcher for crackers. E.P.D. in to lunch. Tante down at 1.50. Sewed in writing-room. Mrs O’Connell came to discuss by-laws with Tante. Tante out to Molly Coles at 5.30. E.P.D. to Atlantic City, and not back till 2 a.m. Tante and I dined together. Chowder and I read aloud after. To bed 11.55. Orange juice for E.P.D.

Saturday 4th December 1920

Mild. Dull. Fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. At 10.50. Laddie and I to Bank and to Ventori’s, South Street. Walked. Tired. Rested. Tante down to lunch in wrapper at 1.50. E.P.D. in to lunch. I in car at 3 to Sautter’s. Took ice-cream to Bridget; then out to Mr Airy, to Mrs Coryell’s Bridge Tea. Stayed 4 till 5.30. Home. Dinner with Tante alone. E.P.D. out at case, in at 9.45 or so. I read aloud to Tante. To bed 10.25.

Sunday 5th December 1920

Warm. Dull. Growing colder.
Thunder in night. Breakfast with E.P.D. Talked of marriage and professions. He out. I out 15 minutes with Laddie. Tante neuralgia and quiet until 2.30. I worked and washed my hair and read. E.P.D. in at 2.30. He slept on writing room sofa – 3 till 4.30. I with Tante. Then I out with Laddie 10 minutes and then rested. Tante cooked sweetbreads in pastry “shell”. All 3 to Barringer’s pupils’ concert Home at 10.30. E.P.D. out to case all night.

Monday 6th December 1920

Dull. Mild.
Breakfast alone. Tante didn’t have her’s till 10.45. I sewed and washed stays. Then up to her and she scolded about not helping with McAdoo wire. Lunch all together. Tante out to Meeting 2 with Mrs Budd and back at 5.45. I out with Laddie and then in car with E.P.D. He to Hospital. I to Allen’s and Wanamaker’s. I home. Tante in with Budd and rested. All dined together. E.P.D. slept in chair most of evening. Tante read. I knitted. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 7th December 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante had her’s about 9.30. Fuss with Maria and Etta and Etta gave her notice. I in car to Dock Street at 11 and to Strawbridge’s for “D’s”. To meet E.P.D. at Maternity at 1. Together to Steamship Office about my sailing date. Lunch. Tante down. I finished Tante’s waist in p.m. and she wrote on typewriter. At 430 Tante had Meeting here about the Jackson Day Dinner. I to Miss McGee’s tea. E.P.D. in 6.30. Dinner. Tante horrid to Etta. E.P.D. lovely. E.P.D. and I read aloud about Russia Wells.

Wednesday 8th December 1920

Very fine day.
Breakfast with E.P.D. “That’s what I married”. He and I in car to Vet School. I took Laddie in and walked back via Market Street for grapefruit. Busy to lunch, E.P.D. in. Talked with her in p.m. and searched for plumeau stuff. E.P.D. Took Laddie to Devon and out to Lecture to nurses and dined out. Tante and I to Girls’ Friendly at Locust and 13th Street. Supper 6.30. By trolley there and back. All 3 met at home at 10 or 9.45. Talked in drawing-room about “Blockley”. Etta out.

Thursday 9th December 1920

Cold. Dull.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Out to Dr McCune-Smith; to Wanamaker’s and bought warm knickers. Home. Talked to Tante and to Etta. Out to Post Office. Tante up to lunch. E.P.D. there. After Tante and I to dancing-class (swimming pool) but too early so came back (it is 4, not 3). Tante on sofa. Slept till 6.15! I typed “Resolutions” to Woodrow Wilson and dressed. E.P.D. back. Dinner 6.30. E.P.D. out to examine students for Resident. Tante wrote letters about calendar. I took them to post. Met E.P.D. 11. To bed 11.45 all. Mailed rugs to Dorothy Barnard and woolly to C.H.W. (Wade). Also letters to both.

Friday 10th December 1920

Cool. Snow showers but melted as fell.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Etta apologised to Tante and peace reigned. I to shops (American Store) with Laddie. Tante down to lunch. E.P.D. in. Tante and I cut her black skirt. She ‘phoned, I darned. At 4.30. Dinner Committee came. I served afternoon tea to them. E.P.D. to Atlantic City, and not in till 1.30. Miss Nellie McMurtrie to dine with Tante and me. I saw her to trolley at 10.20. Squeezed orange juice for E.P.D. “Which of us will disarm first?” Wrote Alys and Ella for Xmas with cheques. £3 for Eva and Philip, £1 for Ella.

Saturday 11th December 1920

Dull. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. I out to Allen’s for soles. Tante down to lunch 1.45. She and I at 3.20 or so to Navy Yard in car, to Cassie Johnson’s. Home 6. Tante rested. E.P.D. in, dinner 7. He read aloud to us. Hergesheimer’s story (short). To bed 10.50.

Sunday 12th December 1920

Very fine and mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. 8.45. Tante and I to Church 12. E.P.D. at 10 to consultation, not in till 2.45. Bishop Nelson preached. All 3 rested in p.m. I took Laddie out. Supper 6.30. Etta out. All 3 of us to Church again. Musical Service and Bishop preached. Home 10.10. by trolley. To bed 10.35.

Monday 13th December 1920

Rain. Mild.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Tante neuralgia. I typed letter about Maria and Tom Brinkley. Tante had tea at 12 and no lunch. I had lunch alone. E.P.D. out at meeting. Tante to Ward Meeting in car at 2. I walked to Venturi’s with Laddie. Tired. Rested on sofa 1 hour. Tante home and rested. E.P.D in 6.30. Dinner. E.P.D read aloud. Brailsford’s article in “The New Republic“ on Russia. Mr Simons called to see E.P.D. To bed 10.35. Tired and sleepy.

Tuesday 14th December 1920

Rain. Mild. Tiring.
Breakfast with E.P.D. At 11 in car to Dock Street and to Strawbridge’s. Called for E.P.D. at 1 at Maternity. All 3 lunch. Typed letters for Tante. Dr Woodhouse called, and Dinner Committee at 4.30. I poured afternoon tea for them. Dinner 7. Tante tried Beethoven Sonata Opus 14 No 1 E major Allegretto before dinner. She and I sewed and E.P.D read aloud Brailsford. To bed 10.15. Tired.

Wednesday 15th December 1920

Very fine. Cooler.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Talked of Borah’s naval holiday proposal. I to Dr M-Smith. Back by 10. Sat with Tante and altered her black evening skirt. All 3 lunch; at 3 o’clock, Tante and I to various places in car, Venturi’s, Bridget’s, Post-Office and to Miss Sarah Lowrie’s ‘At Home’. Home 6. Tante rested. E.P.D. in. Dined. Etta out. Chicken pie after dinner. Tante telephoning chiefly. E.P.D. and I read and talked. To bed 10.30.

Thursday 16th December 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. E.P.D. to Wilmington, so I in car to Strawbridge’s, Gimbel’s. 11 till 12.30. Tante up and both of us in car to Sautter’s 1.30. Lunch there, talked to Mr and Mrs Krom. Tante then had hair shampooed. I to shops and walked home. Tante home at 4.30. Rested. I also. All 3 to Beethoven Recital in limousine at 8. Cora out. To bed 11.

Friday 17th December 1920

Very fine. Cool.
Breakfast alone. E.P.D. to Washington to see President very early. I sat with Tante and then at 11 in car to Dock Street till 12.30 or 1. Lunch with Tante at 2.20! Both in car to Mrs Lincke’s, 49 Berkley Avenue, Lansdowne; called on Bache’s on way home. Dinner 7. Sewed and Tante wrote letters about calendar all evening. E.P.D. in at 10.20. All to bed 10.45.

Saturday 18th December 1920

Very fine. Cold.
Breakfast with E.P.D. He out till 5.30. Very busy to Wilmington, and operating. I to South Street and lunch alone. Tante had her’s in bed, resting. Sewed in her room at sleeve linings. Out to Square with Laddie. Dressed at 5.30, all 3 at 6.30 to Bellevue Stratford – New England Dinner. 1620 Pilgrims landed. Sir Auckland Geddes, our Ambassador spoke very well; General Pershing also there and spoke. Weekes and Maud Wood Park and Mary Roberts Richards.

Sunday 19th December 1920

Lovely day.
E.P.D. out at 6. I breakfast alone. Then did various odd jobs and wrote Alys on Corona, and to Warren, Ohio. Tante slept till 2.30 when E.P.D. came home and waked her (no headache!) I lunched alone. E.P.D. slept on sofa in writing-room. I twice round square with Laddie. Knitted a great deal all day. Watched Tante make potatoe salad for supper. After supper (Cora out), read papers and Tante played Beethoven Sonatas. Wrote Alys with menu of dinner.

Monday 20th December 1920

Lovely day. Cold.
E.P.D. out at 6. Breakfast alone. Tante at 8.20. E.P.D. in at 9. I in all a.m. in Tante’s room, and also finishing lining my tweed coat in my room, while Tante wrote to Susie. Out to take calendar blanks to Dr’s Dercum and de Schweinitz. All lunched together. I walked with Tante to South 16th Street. She to Meeting there. Laddie and I walked on towards Park. Home. Knitted till Tante came in at 5.10. E.P.D. detained at Hospital. Not in till about 9. Both very sleepy all p.m. To bed 10.30.

Tuesday 21st December 1920

Lovely. Cold
Breakfast with E.P.D. In Tante’s room; At 11, I in car to Mrs Forsgard’s for E.P.D’s fur coat and did marketing. All lunch together 1.30 – 2.00. Tante dictated some letters and I type-wrote them later. “Dinner Meeting” 4.30. I poured out tea for them E.P.D. in at 6.20. Very tired. He lay on sofa 4 minutes. Dinner all together. Quiet evening reading papers and sewing and knitting. E.P.D. away to Boston at 11 p.m. Letter and photo from Ella.

Wednesday 22nd December 1920

Drizzly. Milder.
Breakfast alone. Tante neuralgia. I to Dr Smith’s. Louis called for me there. Home and took Laddie to Dr Lenz in car. Sat with Tante. She dictated letter to Cyrus McCormick. I typed it. She had tea and toast at 11. Tante had soup in bed at 1.45. I lunched alone. Etta out (waited for Tante and car 35 minutes). I slept on sofa in writing-room. Very tired and headachey and “cold” from Dr Smith’s. Tante back 5.30 Dinner together. Did map puzzle and calendar till 11.30!!! or 11.35.

Thursday 23rd December 1920

Breakfast alone. E.P.D. ‘phoned at 9.30, car to go to Racquet Club 10.30. I kept missing car, and finally walked to buy cardboard for calendar in Chestnut Street E.P.D. in at 12.45. Tante down to lunch I out at 3 in car to Biswanger’s with present and calendars. Tante did her calendar quotations. All 3 dined 6.45 and to Beethoven Recital – Waldstein.

Friday 24th December 1920

E.P.D. out early. I breakfast alone. Busy a.m. Sophy Norris in, Cora robbed, and long talk with her and policeman came. I did Woodrow Wilson’s calendar and ironed E.P.D.’s socks (new). Tante down to lunch. E.P.D. in too. Tante and I in car to shops and to Laurel Hill Cemetery and to Bridget’s. Dinner 8 and then presents and Victrola – Xmas music. Holly. To bed 11.45. Read Xmas card aloud – E.P.D. Stocking from Alys.

Saturday 25th December 1920

Christmas Day. Breakfast with E.P.D. Sat with Tante. E.P.D. out to Mr Cooper. I typed some calendar papers and took Laddie round Square. Tante down to lunch (only tea and toast). EP.D. sat and looked on. At 3 all in hired car to Maternity and Dispensary to give calendars. Home at 5. E.P.D. to Ritz. I in Square. Xmas dinner 7. Read Xmas Carol and sang “Noel” and hymns. To bed 11.

Sunday 26th December 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. He out all a.m. I sat in Tante’s room and helped with Woodrow Wilson’s calendar. At 1 took Laddie in Square. E.P.D. back at 1.45 Tired and slept in writing-room. Tante down to lunch at 2. Etta’s day out. I out with Laddie to leave calendars in neighbourhood and round Square. Began letter to Dorothy Barnard. Rested. Supper 7. Read papers and E.P.D. began “The Poor Wise Man” aloud. To bed 11.15. Tired and unhappy. Total disarmament?

Monday 27th December 1920

Rain. Slush.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Talked of library overlooking sea. Sat with Tante. Very dark a.m. Out in car to buy oysters and to Gimbel’s and Wanamaker’s to change Xmas presents. All p.m. indoors typing lists, and then doing dates on Woodrow Wilson’s calendar till 7. Tante arranging “March”. All 3 dined and I continued dates after and at 9.15 E.P.D. and I walked to Post Office 19th and Chestnut via Locust and posted the calendar to the President. Walked back by 10.55!

Tuesday 28th December 1920

Very fine. Colder.
Breakfast with E.P.D. He gave me “The Road of Forty Years”. Typed it and lists and went out with Laddie to South Street and then to Square and met E.P.D. in car, out to West Philadelphia to the Cooper’s with him and walked with Laddie there. Lunch at 3 together. Typed lists in p.m. At 4.30 Mrs Budd, Mrs Mellon, Mrs Collet came. Tea and talk about dinner. E.P.D. in at 7. Dinner. Telephones for Tante and E.P.D. E.P.D. read us new poem “The Prize of Peace” and also “Poor Wise Man Book” to bed 10.30.

Wednesday 29th December 1920

Very cold. Fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. I unwell. To Dr McLune-Smith. Sent jars off to Mrs Rivinus. In car with lists for Dinner to 221 South Broad Street. Typed E.P.D.’s two poems “The Prize of Peace” and “The Road of Forty Years”. All lunched together. Tante to meeting in car. South 16th Street. I walked out to buy mouse-trap, met E.P.D. at Wall and Oaks. Home. Tante back at 4.50 and rested. Miss Hoffman called. I gave her tea. Etta out. All 3 dined 6.30 and to Beethoven Recital. Lovely.

Thursday 30th December 1920

Warmer. Fine.
Breakfast with E.P.D. Gave him proofs of poems. Sat with Tante and then out to 221 South Broad and addressed invitations to the Dinner till 1. Walked home. All lunched together. Tante to Emergency Aid with Mrs Budd. I in car to buy stamps, and then stamped all the envelopes – 215. And in car to 9th Street Post Office. To Strawbridge’s. Home. Rested. Tante in at 6. Dinner 7. E.P.D. read aloud Romain Rolland’s “Beethoven” till 10.30. We sewed.

Friday 31st December 1920

Breakfast with E.P.D. Discussed summer plans. Out in car at 11.15 to shops and 221 South Broad. All lunch together. Tante and I did invitations and calendars in p.m. and I typed E.P.D’s Peace Poem. Tante cleaned her desk. I out to Market and 22nd Post Office twice, Dinner 7. Long evening. E.P.D. read aloud, some Beethoven, and some Rinehart. Tante also read. I sewed till 11.50! E.P.D. slept a little. Servants out to Watchnight service. I to bed 12.10.

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