1918 – London, Woolacombe

IMG_95861918 Diary

(Miss) K. F. Boyd
6 Elm Park Road, Chelsea, S.W.3.

In 1918, Edward is 42 years old, Kate is 39 years old and Alys is 34 years old. Eva is 9 years old and Philip is 5 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Written in the preface:
1 ton coal = 15,000 feet gas

“Whoso is indifferent obtains all good. The more indifferent you are, the purer you are, for to the indifferent all things are ONE!” – From teachings of the Roslcruclans

From William James ‘ “Varieties of Religious Experience” – Whoso calls the Absolute anything in particular, or says that it is ‘this’, seems implicitly to shut it off from being that. It is as if he lessened it. So we deny the ‘this’, negating the negative which it seems to us to imply, in the interests of the higher affirmative attitude by which we are possessed.

This overcoming of all the usual barriers between the individual and the Absolute is the great mystic achievement. In mystic states we both become one with the Absolute, and we become aware of our oneness. This is the everlasting and triumphant mystical tradition, hardly altered by differences of clime or creed.

(Ich bin so groß als Gott, er ist als ich so klein.
Er kann nicht über mich, ich unter ihm nicht sein) – Angelus Silesius

An apple a day keeps the Doctor away.
An onion a day keeps everybody away.

The 10 lost tribes of Israel – query, in these islands? Briton is a Hebrew word. Occurs 2nd Chapter in Isaiah.

172,298 refugees in England – October 1916
About million pounds a year, spent by Government on them ie about 6d per annum per British rate-payer, they cost.

Tuesday 1st January 1918

Very cold. Windy.
To Aldwych. Mrs Miles better. Mr Baxter there working on special L.C. work. Lunch at A.B.C. Not many cases to do. Quiet p.m. Back and to Walter’s with Rose’s clock. Nurse came for Mrs Miles. Had dinner with us. To bed 9.10. Wrote Dorothy and Alys.

Wednesday 2nd January 1918

Cold. Rather foggy.
Up to prayers. Mrs Miles had bad night, no sleep. To Aldwych. Not busy. Wrote Ella. Lunch at Club. A few renewals in p.m. Home 6.30. Mrs Miles had very bad day and was 104 degrees with pulse 140 at 730 p.m. All very anxious. To bed 9 p.m. Packed up.

Thursday 3rd January 1918

Fine. Cold.
Left the Miles’; to Aldwych with suitcase. Not busy. Wrote Alys and Auntie Kate. Lunch at New Court. Then to shops. Sales on. Didn’t buy anything! Did some more work. Home to Chelsea – 6 Elm Park Road. Quiet evening, reading. Tired. To bed 9 in Aunt Alice’s room.

Friday 4th January 1918

Dull. Cold.
To Aldwych. Shopped first at Army and Navy and Hudson’s. No marmalade anywhere. Committee in a.m. Busy with Carton de Wiart cases too. Lunch at New Court. Shopped. Prestat (me: chocolate), Selfridge’s, Bourne and Hollingsworth. Not very busy. Back at 6.15. Cut out new jumper in evening. Liberty shantung. To bed 10.

Saturday 5th January 1918

Dull. Milder.
To Aldwych. Not busy. Mr Leggett off. Lunch at Club. Then to see Madame Verhaeghe at 8 Kenyon Mansions. Took her needlework. Home and busy working on new jumper. To bed 10?

(Sent Dennis and Alys bath-mat 15/- from Army and Navy Stores, Friday).

Sunday 6th January 1918

Milder, rain.
Breakfast 9.15. Quiet day at home, but busy straight on with needle-work, jumper, chiefly. Finished it. Read “The Bars of Iron” Ethel Dell. To bed at 9.15. Read in night. Awake 1 till 2 or so.

Monday 7th January 1918

Dull. Milder.
To Aldwych. Committee rather long. Also a good number of renewals. Lunch at Club. Mr Baxter not back in p.m. Home by omnibus all the way. Tired. Aunt Alice, Polly and Dorothy home. Supper. To bed 9.30. Very cold. Snow in night.

Tuesday 8th January 1918

Snowy. Cold.
To Aldwych. O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire) list out; congrats to Mr Leggett, Mr Baxter, Mrs Samuel. Lunch with Miss Schuster and Miss Jones at New Court. Busy p.m. Home late. Ginx to stay, but not to dinner. Didn’t do anything in evening, but read paper. Ethel telephoned. Mrs Miles died in morning. Polly slept in my room.

Wednesday 9th January 1918

Very very hard frost. Thaw in night. In day 10 degrees.
To Aldwych via South Kensington. Bought flowers (and vase) for Mrs Samuel and wool for Dennis Embleton’s socks 6/2. Very busy with renewals all day. Mr Leggett out. Mr Baxter up in Woolf’s room on 2 Committees. Wrote Mileses. Home late. Ginx out to dinner again, but slept in. Began Dennis’ socks in evening.

Thursday 10th January 1918

Sunny and warmer.
To Aldwych. Letter from Alys about C.H.W. (Wade) being ill. Wrote Alys. Did renewals. Lunch at New Court, very quickly. Then to Liberty’s sale. Bought stuffs for blouse and frock. Busy p.m. Home rather late. Wrote to Wadie. Knitted in evening. To bed 9.40.

Friday 11th January 1918

To Aldwych. Very busy all day. Committee. Mr Styer called and took me to lunch at Simpson’s. Meatless day! Very busy p.m. also. Home. Polly out with “Clutter” to dine and theatre. Knitted and read paper. To bed 10.15.

Saturday 12th January 1918

To Aldwych. Mr Grumbar away for a.m. Pretty busy. Lunch at Club. To Mrs Keep’s, 69 Bishop’s Mansions, Fulham Palace Road. Helped clean brasses. Bivouac cocoa. Home about 6.30. Rested on bed. Quiet evening. Felt very tired and coldy.


Dates 1.8 on 9th.
Wool for Dennis Embleton’s socks 6/2 – ½ lb.

Sunday 13th January 1918

Very sunny and fine. Frosty. Lovely.
Helped dry breakfast things. To Mrs Keep’s at 11. Cleaned her bathroom. Rested after lunch. Oliver Blanford to tea. I out to Mrs Baxter’s, 12 Upper Phillimore Gardens – to tea. Home at 6.45 (Mrs Atherton there). Knitted in evening. Mr Tonks in evening. To bed 10.10.

Monday 14th January 1918

Snow. Dull and much warmer.
To Aldwych. Very cold. Long Committee till 12.50. Only Mr Leggett, Standaert, Roxburgh, Smeesters Lunch at Club. Pretty busy all p.m. with 25 renewals. Tired. Home at 6.45 by motor-bus. Mr Tonks again in evening; bought whisky. To bed 10.

Tuesday 15th January 1918

Dull. Mild. Rain and sleet.
To Aldwych. Very busy all day with 143 renewals through! Mr Baxter helped. Lunch at Club. Discussed Manpower and Sir E. Geddes’ speech. Grumbar go? Very busy all p.m. Miss Scott away. Moore also. Home late. Sleet horrid weather. To bed 10.

Wednesday 16th January 1918

Sleet, then finer.
To Aldwych. Busy all day with renewals. Did 34. Lunch at Club. Busy all p.mm. too. B.F.F. meeting in Committee room. C.O.B.E. (Commander of the Order of the British Empire), O.B.E. (Order of the British Empire) and M.O.B.E. (Member of the Order of the British Empire) in my room! Home 7.30. as train was held up; district railway. To bed 9.45. Looked at autograph letters in evening.

Thursday 17th January 1918

Snow, slush, darkness.
To Aldwych. Not too busy. Lunch at Club. Mr Baxter to Poplar in p.m. to see Bolt. Pretty busy p.m. Mr Leggett headache and Mr Woolf away ill. Home late. Mark Simmonds called in evening.

Friday 18th January 1918

Warm, dull. Muggy.
To Aldwych (on top of bus). Long Committee – Koch. Tiring. Lunch at Club. To Shearn’s, bought nuts, dates and biscuits 3.11 ½ d. Busy afternoon. Home. Dorothy to dine at Ormond’s. Polly to East Grinstead for weekend. To bed 10.35.


Saturday 19th January 1918

Very warm. Muggy.
To Aldwych. Rather busy a.m. Lunch at Club. On No 13 to West Hampstead. Interviews with Mrs Johnson, 21 Agamemnon Road, and Cootie Danby, 69 Gondar Gardens. Tea with Ethel and Josephine. Home.

Dates 1/6
Roasted hazels 1/1
Mixed nuts 7 ½
2/6 Testimonial to Giles of Finance

Sunday 20th January 1918

Showery, very mild. Soft.
Busy day, muddling about. Tidying drawers, tearing up letters. Trimmed black hat. In p.m. drew and painted and wrote to Wade and Cootie about Wade’s furniture. Knitted and drew in evening. Showed Aunt Alice my drawings. Out round the houses. Mild. Lovely.

Monday 21st January 1918

Mild. Lovely day. Hot sunshine.
To Aldwych on top of busy. Committee rather long all a.m. Mr Leggett, Standaert, Smeesters, Roxburgh, Humphreys. Lunch at Club. Not very busy in p.m. Home on bus 6.30. Rested on bed. Knitted in evening. Fairly tired. Warm weather. To bed 9.35.

Tuesday 22nd January 1918

Mild. Showers.
To Aldwych on top of bus. Plenty of cases. Mr Baxter to Beckenham. Did some exam paper for P.C.C. Lunch at Club. Cases all p.m. Wrote Alys. Home 7.5 (on top of ‘bus). Max Ayrton came to supper and brought his sketches of Cairo. Very interesting.

Wednesday 23rd January 1918

To Aldwych, on top of bus. Not busy, and cleaned up desk. Phoned Ethel. Lunch at Club. Renewals all p.m. Fair amount. Mrs Baxter to tea with us; mugs of cocoa. Home late, but train to South Kensington. Wrote Frankland about Wade. To bed 10.

Thursday 24th January 1918

Warm. Fine
To Aldwych on top of ‘bus. Not very busy. Kitty in at 1 o’clock, and I took her to lunch at Waldorf. Not very busy later. Mr Tudor Owen up and talked. Home in bus. Wrote to Cootie and Mrs Johnson. Read papers and mended glove. To bed 10.

Friday 25th January 1918

To Aldwych. Walked to Sloane Square then top of bus. Longish Committee. Koch. Lunch at Club. “Meatless day”, butter bean fritters! Drew in p.m. Mr Baxter away all day. Mr Leggett in and talked. Home. Drew in evening, oval.

Saturday 26th January 1918

Dull. Mild.
Out at 10.30 to Finchley Road to Bank and to 21 Agamemnon Road. Packed Wade’s things. Lunch at Compayne. Back to 21 Agamemnon Road. Packed hard till 4. To Cootie’s, 69 Gondar Gardens. Frankland moved Wade’s things there. Blind soldier helped. Home very, very tired at 7.15. Mr Steer in evening. I to bed 8.30.

Nash’s 10d
Scones 4 for 2d
Kitty to lunch Thursday – Waldorf ( 3/6 each. Ginger ale 1/- = 8/-)

Sunday 27th January 1918

Fine. Warm.
Not out. Busy with passbook. Doing accounts. Rested in afternoon. Did drawing and cutting stencil (my first!) Drew blossom also for stencil. Miss Garrard to tea. Mr Roller Tolled. I upstairs; wrote Cootie. To bed 9.30. I unwell.

Monday 28th January 1918

To Aldwych. Committee. Mr Leggett, Standaert, Smeesters. Lunch at New Court. Then to Finchley Road (met). Bought blouse at Barnes’ sale, to Ganter’s with Rose’s clock. Back to Aldwych by bus.   Drew, not very busy. Home. Air-raid after supper – 8 till 1 a.m. Pretty continuous barrage. Many deaths.

Tuesday 29th January 1918

To Aldwych, very late by train (delayed). Headache all day. Renewals. Meatless lunch at Club. Horrid crab-pie! Wrote to Alys. Not busy in p.m. Home at 6.35. Supper. Drew till 9.30. To bed, but air-raid again, so downstairs. Slept in drawingroom with Polly till 1.20. All clear.

Wednesday 30th January 1918

To Aldwych by bus. Not very busy. Lunch at Club. Actually braised beef! Renewals in p.m. but lots of talking. Mr Leggett, Mr Samuel in. and Mr Grumbar. Engineers (A.S.E. – Amalgamated Society of Engineers). Resolution for armistice on all fronts. Drew in evening. To bed 9.30.

Thursday 31st January 1918

Very foggy. Frost. Fine fog later in evening.
To Aldwych by ‘bus, very late. Very foggy. Very little work. Wrote to Cootie. Lunch at New Court. Drew a good deal in p.m. (saw bombed house in Savoy Street). Did stencils. Very difficult to get home in evening. No buses and thick fog. Home 8.20. To bed 9.30.

Friday 1st February 1918

Foggy, then clear.
To Aldwych. Quite nice little Committee. Only Mrs Samuel and Mr M. Smeesters and Standaert. Lunch New Court. “Savoury batter”. Renewals. Not very busy. Stencilled silhouette of men on deck. Home train, and walked. Drew in evening. Catalogue (hats). To bed 9.35.

Saturday 2nd February 1918

Dull. Damp.
To Aldwych. Mr Grumbar away. Mr Leggett asked me to got to tea on Sunday. Lunch at A.B.C. and to Cootie’s. Polly came. We tidied up Wade’s things all p.m. Home at 5. Rested; slept. Drew in evening.

Sunday 3rd February 1918

Dull. Warm.
Quiet a.m. Did a good deal of painting Stencils. Exciting. Aunt Alice and Polly out. Dorothy and I dressed to go to Roehampton, but Max ‘phoned the 2nd Sea Lord (Heath) was coming so postponed us. We went to Old Burlington Street to see Tiepolo’s, Ingres, Dürer, Rowlandson. Drew in evening.

Monday 4th February 1918

Mild. Dull.
To Aldwych. Committee. Nice. Leggett, Roxburgh, Smeesters and I. Lunch at Club. Renewals. Left at 6. To Temple with Mr Leggett. Ginx to dine and stay night. Polly in my room. I drew till 9.40.

Tuesday 5th February 1918

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. Lovely spring-like morning. No fire all day in office. Not very busy. Lunch at Boot’s in Regent Street. Walked to Winsor and Newton, Rathbone Place. Bought inks. Not very busy. Home by train. Knitted in evening.

Wednesday 6th February 1918

Dull. Mild.
To Aldwych. Not much work but long talks with Mr Leggett and Baxter about politics and republics. Poem about gas-ring also! Wrote Alys. Lunch at Club. Drew in p.m. Mr Baxter out. Home by bus late. Ginx to dine and stay. Did stencil in evening – Herald. To bed 10.15.

Thursday 7th February 1918

Dull. Mild.
To Aldwych, on top of ‘bus. Not very busy. Drew a good deal. Lunch at Buszard’s counter. Walked back. Renewals. Home on top of bus. Started shorthand diary. Home at 7. Drew in evening. To bed 9.40. Mrs Lemon in.

Friday 8th February 1918

Fine day.
To Aldwych. Committee – Koch. Lunch at Club. Read. Not too busy Miss N. Moore back again, after phlebitis. Home in bus. Ginx’s salmon in evening! Drew Harlene advert till 9.35.


Saturday 9th February 1918

Lovely sunshine.
To Aldwych on top of bus. To Bank at 9.35 about War Bonds and cheque. Not busy. Lunch at Club. Home; drew stencil all p.m. and till 3.45. Rested till 5.30.

Paid Alice Barnard till February 9th.
10th – to Styers – 7.30.

Sunday 10th February 1918

Fine, mild. Windy.
Didn’t wash up as Mrs Smith came (Mrs H being here). Drew. Darned stockings. After dinner, did stencils all p.m. After tea knitted and then by 31 bus to Styer’s. Supper there. Quiet evening. Back at 10.30 by 31. To bed 11.

Monday 11th February 1918

Dull. Mild.
To Aldwych on top of bus. Committee. Lunch with Mrs Keep at Peasant Shop, Devonshire Street. Renewals all p.m. Pretty busy. Home by train and walked. Drew in evening. Doz read aloud “Lord Lister’s Life” by Godlee.

Tuesday 12th February 1918

Dull. Mild.
To Aldwych on top of ‘bus. Renewals. Mr Targett (Richmond-Clifton) came. Lunch at Club (meatless). Pretty busy p.m. with renewals. Home 6.50. Read paper and did swan stencil in evening. Dorothy read aloud.

Wednesday 13th February 1918

Dull. Mild.
To Aldwych on top of ‘bus. Fairly busy. Mr Baxter to Buckingham Palace to be decorated by the King with Order of British Empire. Lunch at Club and to E. V. Miles’ (family solicitor) to arrange about Wade’s shares being transferred. Work in p.m. F.F.B. (Baxter) back all talked about the King. Stencil in evening.

Thursday 14th February 1918

Dark. Colder.
To Aldwych. Train. Not very busy. Did short-hand, also a good deal of theory exam paper P.C.C. Lunch at Club (meatless). H A.L. (Leggett) in and talked politics £1.9. Home. Polly to dinner at Mrs De Glehn’s. Dorothy read aloud. I knitted.

Friday 15th February 1918

Cold. Grey.
To Aldwych on bus. Committee all a.m. and rather difficult scene with Koch over the Dr Rynck case. Lunch at Buszard’s canteen. Lentil cutlet 9d. Not very busy. Home quite early – 6.50. Did up parcel for Onoto. Stencil in evening. Dorothy read aloud.

Saturday 16th February 1918

Cold and bright sun.
To Aldwych. Love sunshine. Phoned Ethel M. Miles about going to stay. Polly came and we lunched at Cock, then walked, via Embankment to Suffolk Street, N. English Art College – closed! To National Gallery to see Hugh Lane’s. Home. Rested. Air raid at 10 p.m. Loud Bomb on Royal Hospital which killed family.

Sunday 17th February 1918

Very fine and cold.
Busy all day sorting things and packing up. Wrote Alys. Aunt Ada came to tea (staying with Teeds). Knitted. Doz read aloud “Lord Lister’. Air raid again at 10. To bed 11.45. Very cold night. “All Clear” about 12.

Monday 18th February 1918

Fine and frosty.
Goodbye to the Barnard’s and off to Aldwych. Not very much work, but long Committee. Lunch at Club. Meatless! Long talk about influence on races and change of characteristics – Romans. To 26 Compayne Gardens to stay with Josephine. Ethel and Pamela away. Air-raid 9 till 12.

Tuesday 19th February 1918

Foggy and very cold.
To Aldwych. Foggy. Dark but some sun occasionally. Lunch at Club. Kitty called in, and had 20 minutes talk at office. Renewals all p.m. Went back late to Compayne. Dinner, soup, sole and chicken croquette. Read paper. To bed early. Read till 10.

Wednesday 20th February 1918

Damp, drizzly.
To Aldwych in ‘bus. Not busy. Did some exam papers for P.C.C. Lunch at Club. Very little work al p.m. West Ham (Hilary) and Chelsea (Miss Blount) and Lady Fitzwilliam (?) to see Mr Baxter. Back at 6.45 to Compayne. Rainy. To bed 8.45. Read till 10. Baroness von Hutten’s “The Bag of Saffron”.

Thursday 21st February 1918

Lovely sunshine.
To Oxford Circus by tube, Bought nightdress at Robinsons and Cleaver. To Aldwych. Not busy. Tades to lunch (New Court) with me. Read a good deal! Home at 7 or so. Roast pork and risotto and cheese. Knitted and read paper. To bed early.

Friday 22nd February 1918

Damp. Mild.
To Aldwych. First bought cheese pasty at Selfridge’s 4d and to Buszard’s. Committee. Not many cases. Lunch in my room, over fire; very cosy. Read “Sunshine Sketches” by Leacock. Home 8. Mrs Ross to dinner. Knitted. To bed 9.10. Read.

Saturday 23rd February 1918

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych on top of ‘bus. Bought tracing-paper. Rather busy with Miss Hill’s work. She holidaying. Back to lunch at Compayne 1.15. Quiet p.m. rested. Josephine to Petter’s to tea. I to Cootie’s after tea. Dined and to bed.

System of Ration Cards and Coupons begin – meat and butter.

Sunday 24th February 1918

Fine. Showers in night.
Lovely quiet day, not out. Eric Cadogan in a.m. and John Danly (Eric’s baby brother). Miss Miles (92 years) to lunch. The twins (3 years) after.  Finished swan stencil and arrange exam drawings. Looked at Josephine’s snapshots of Africa. Helped arrange Mrs Miles’ room afresh. Wrote Alys and Eva. To bed 9.

Monday 25th February 1918

Fine. Cool. Cold
To Aldwych via Baker Street. Breakdown on line, so 45 minutes late! Committee. Lunch at A.B.C. Took exam work to P.C.C. Quiet p.m. Not much work. Mr Baxter away before tea. Home at 6.45. Quiet evening with Josephine. Knitting and reading paper.

Tuesday 26th February 1918

Fine. Very cold.
To Aldwych; first to Selfridge’s. Bought Cow and Gate milk. Easy day. Marked 3 handkerchiefs. Lunch at Club. Then read and ate cake over fire in my room. Unwell. Not busy. Home 6.45. Mr Ross to dinner. Interesting. To bed 9.10. read “My Official Wife”.

Wednesday 27th February 1918

Cold. Fine then dull and rainy.
To Aldwych by train. To Gauter’s and Barnes first. Not at all busy. Marked handkerchiefs! Mr Baxter not in till 2.30. had lunch – bun, cakes and apple (4d!) and cup of chocolate, in my room. Very cosy. Slackish p.m. Home to Compayne at 6.45. Knitted. To bed 8.45.

Thursday 28th February 1918

Fine. Cold.
To Aldwych by bus, inside. Cold day. Not at all busy. Very quick lunch at A.B.C. (cheese and potato pie). Then to Oxford Street and walked back by Regent Street, looking in shops for flowers for Aunt Alice. Bought veg patty and truffes! Home late. Knitted. To bed at 9.

Friday 1st March 1918

Fine. Very windy.
To Aldwych, walking down Regent Street to Charing Cross, looking at spring hats. Very little work to do. Ate lunch in office at 12.50. Then to Aunt Alice’s (her birthday – 71) and back between 1 and 2.30. Very slack p.m. Back by train. Walked to Charing Cross. Soup, fried fillets, meat rissole, bloater on toast. Apple!

Saturday 2nd March 1918

Fine. Very cold and windy.
To Aldwych inside bus. Walked along Oxford Street. Box of gingerbread from Wade at Office. No work. Wrote Wade. Back to lunch at Compayne. All p.m. did skirt belt in bedroom. Mr Ross to tea. Sewed skirt till9.30. Josephine machined curtain for bedroom washstand.

Sunday 3rd March 1918

Dull, Very cold.
Very lovely, quiet restful day. Sat over fire and read “Weekly Dispatch”. Helped Josephine to move over-mantle and pictures in Mrs Miles’ room. Miss Miles and Miss Chater to lunch. Cootie to tea. Wrote Alys. Read and knitted. To bed 8.45.

Monday 4th March 1918

Dull. Very cold.
Packed up. To Aldwych (new to a.m. rule) Committee. Interesting. Mr Van Someren came. Lunch at Club. Vegetable stew. Wade’s gingerbread afterwards in my room. Slack pm. Talks with H.A.L. (Leggett) and Woolf and Baxter about After the War. Back to Chelsea. Aunt Alice in bed with cold. To bed 10.

Tuesday 5th March 1918

Dull. Cold.
To Aldwych. Not much work. Long talk about future, finance, peace, prospects with H.A. Leggett and F.F. Baxter. Lunch in my room from Gurney! Vegetable pie 1/0. Mr Baxter away in p.m. Back by ‘bus to Chelsea. Arrange tricorne hat! To Aunt Alice’s room till 9.15. To bed 10.

Wednesday 6th March 1918

Fine. Cold.
Walked to Sloane Square. Saw bomb damage in Royal Hospital. Bus on to Aldwych. Not busy. Hurried bread and cheese lunch at A.B.C. To “21 Gallery”, York Buildings. Adelphi to see Edgar Wilson’s etchings. Max Ayrton called in p.m. Some cases. Home at 7. Polly out to dinner with Ginx and Jack Blount. Mr Steer in evening. To bed 11. Tried on bodices.

Thursday 7th March 1918

Dull, cold.
To Bond Street by bus. Walked along Piccadilly, up Regent Street to Selfridge’s. Bought fishcakes 6d. and vegetable patty 4d. To Aldwych 10.10. Very little work. Lunch in my room. Mr Baxter writing. Not very busy. Home 7. Mr and Mrs De Glehn to dinner. He told us about Italian retreat that he was in. To bed 10.30. Air-raid 11.30 to 1.30 a.m. All down in drawing room.

Friday 8th March 1918

Dull, cold.
To Aldwych, via Sloane Street and Hyde Park Corner Tube. Committee. Not long or difficult. Lunch in my room. Not very busy p.m. Home. Knitted.

Saturday 9th March 1918

Fine, Warmer.
Holiday a.m. Dawdled about. To Knightsbridge, looked in shops. Bought flowers and tulle for hats, and dog, for Leggett baby. After lunch at 4 walked to 30 Coleherne Court to tea with Mr and Mrs Leggett and Gladys! Pianola. Home. Letter from Tante (sent by Susie)!!! to me.

Sunday 10th March 1918

Foggy a.m. then lovely p.m. Warm.
Busy a.m. washed collar and hair; ironed, etc. After lunch at 3, Dorothy and I to Roehampton; met by Max; to Air Service place. Kite balloon. Flight Commander Spence and Max showed us all over. Very interesting and nice. Tea with them, in their office. Home at 7. Tonks in evening.

John Lavery – Kite Balloons Roehampton 1915

Monday 11th March 1918

Warm. Fine.
To Aldwych. Walked to Sloane Square. Long Committee. Lunch at Club. Called for P.C.C. exam papers. Quiet p.m. Tried to write to Tante. Home at 7.15. Walked from Sloane Square. Knitted in evening; all looked at my exam work for P.C.C. To bed 10.

Tuesday 12th March 1918

Warm, fine.
To Alwych, via Selfridge’s (bought fish-cake) and rusk for lunch. Not very busy, but altogether 29 renewals. Lunch in my room and then wrote Alys on typewriter. Mr Baxter only in p.m. Left 6.10. Walked to Westminster. Tired in evening. Warm. To bed 9.20.

Wednesday 13th March 1918

Fine, warmish.
To Aldwych, via Holborn; bought fish rissole at Lyons 3d and rusk ½ d. Not busy. Only 15 renewals all day. Great discussions about the hours of arrival, etc. Lunch in my room. Wrote Dennis and type-wrote. Sent him a pair of socks for birthday. Home 6.45. Walked from Sloane Square. Dorothy read “Lister” in evening. To bed 10.

Thursday 14th March 1918

Sunny. North East wind.
To Aldwych. Walked to Sloane Square. Took Rose’s clock to jeweller’s. Not busy day. Lunch (boiled an egg) in my room. Mrs Baxter came in, in p.m. Type wrote H. Tonks. Telephoned Susie. U.S.A. men on bus going home in rain. Knitted in evening. Dorothy read.

Friday 15th March 1918

Sunny. Very cold wind.
To Aldwych; walked from Westminster along Embankment. Committee. Not difficult. Wrote Tante! Lunch at Club. Took letter to Dawson. Did some type-writing. Polly to East Grinstead for weekend. Read Harvey’s letters. Wrote Alys on typewriter.

Saturday 16th March 1918

To Aldwych, walked to Sloane Square. Tank day there. Fair amount of work. Lunch at Club. Train to Sloane Square. Walked home. Trimmed hat. Rested. Slept. Till tea-time. Madame Ormond and Reine came in in evening.

Sunday 17th March 1918

Nice day.
Not out all day. Did grey skirt, new band. And trimmed blue tulle and feather toque. Rested in p.m. Did up drawing for Idare and Cie (me: dress designers). Wound wool and Dorothy read Lister in evening. To bed 10.15.

Monday 18th March 1918

Warm. Lovely day.
To Aldwych, via Embankment. Sent off papers to Bank (for £40 War Bonds). Long Committee. Letter (and cheque) to Tades and Sissie. Lunch at Club. Quiet p.m; but moved all desks, chairs because of draught. Home at 7. Bus all the way. Tired, Did nothing all evening to bed 9.20.

Tuesday 19th March 1918

Colder, rainy.
To Aldwych via Oxford Street. Walked to South Kensington and from Tottenham Court Road. Not much work but 30 renewals. Lunch in office. Mr Baxter also. Wrote long letter to Ella. Home at 6.50. Quiet evening. Knitting. Dorothy read “Lord Lister” aloud.

Wednesday 20th March 1918

Lovely day.
To Aldwych. Walked to Sloane Square and left pendant at Faier’s. Only 21 renewals. Out to lunch at Club. Wrote Alys, mostly on typewriter. Sunny day, but cold. Home 6.45. Polly and Dorothy had gardened Conrad there. Knitted and darned stockings in evening. Nash’s.

German offensive began -21st. [1]

Thursday 21st March 1918

Very fine, lovely.
To Aldwych via Air Street, Piccadilly. Walked up Regent Street To Buszard’s. Bus on to Kingsway. Not much work, long talk about case with Mr Barsdorf, and Mr Maudslay. Lunch in office, and read in sunshine, verandah! Mr Barsdorf out at Tottenham and Poplar. Home on ‘bus. Jane de Glehn[2] to dinner.

Jane de Glehn by John Singer Sargent

Friday 22nd March 1918

Lovely day. Hot.
Walked to Sloane Square. Bus to Aldywch. Short Committee. Mrs Samuel, Koch, Standaert. Lunch with Miss Schuster at Express. Wrote Kit (about going there) and Madame Verhaeghe. Home by train, walked from Sloane Square. Dorothy out. At Westminster Abbey – Bach Choir. To bed 9.50.

Saturday 23rd March 1918

Fine. Hot.
To Aldwych. Bought tulle at Peter Jones. No 19 bus and walked from Piccadily Circus. Not too much work. Grumbar away. Lunch at Club (only soup and kippers on menu). To Madame Verhaeghe to arrange about new blue voile dress. Home. Rested. Knitted in evening.

Sunday 24th March 1918

Fine. Hot.
Summer-time began. Quiet day. Very fine day. Bad news of German advance at St Quentin. Sewed night dress. Trimmed black hat in p.m. and very short rest, reading the “The American Scene” by Henry James. Cecil Buchanan to tea. I cycled to Susie at 6 p.m. Sewed. Dorothy read aloud in evening.

Monday 25th March 1918

Cooler, fine.
To Aldwych. Bad news of Peronne. Lost. Committee till 12.25. Nice. Lunch, hurriedly in office. Then to shops. Bought hat shape, china silk. Back at 2.15. Away early; sweeps came. Sewed green straw on hat in evening. Dorothy read Lord Lister aloud.

Tuesday 26th March 1918

Very cold. Fine.
To Aldwych, walked from Westminster along Embankment. Wrote Alys. Bapaume lost. 27 renewals. Lunch at Club. Bought “Vogue”. Mr Baxter away for holidays. Home at 2. Sewed green straw hat. Aunt Alice and Polly to Tonks, to get Wills signed! To bed 10.15.

Wednesday 27th March 1918

Cold. Dull.
To Aldwych by Piccadilly. Walked from there. Very busy day, did 45 renewals! Mr Leggett did 40. Everyone away. Baxter, Keyser, Woolf. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. Worked straight on. Home by train to Sloane Square. Polly out to dinner. Did hat in evening. Dorothy read aloud. Mrs William Archer to see me at Aldwych in p.m.

Thursday 28th March 1918

Cold, showery.
To Aldwych, via Piccadilly. Bought tulle. Pretty busy a,m., Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. too. Most others away early. Home all the way on ‘bus. Dorothy to Weybridge. Quiet evening.

Friday 29th March 1918

Rather changeable. Busy “holiday” sorting out trunks, etc, for summer clothes Quite tiring all day. Rested, slept in p.m. a little. Not out all day. Mrs Lange away all day. Poz read aloud in evening.

Saturday 30th March 1918

To Dyers with shirts. Then walked to Harrods and on to 51 Hertford Street, American Women’s Club to see J. De Glehn’s portraits. Home to lunch. Sewed. Rested. Mr Steer in evening. Did small jig-saw till 1.15.

Sunday 31st March 1918

Fine. Very windy.
Quiet a.m. Sewed. Conrad came. In p.m. went to South Kensington museum to see dogs’ wool exhibits. And then Albert Hall concert alone. Home to tea. Quiet evening. Polly read Lister aloud. Finished green straw hat. Wrote cheques.

Monday 1st April 1918

Nice day.
Nice quiet day. Sewed kimono dressing-gown. Rested in p.m. and did short silk dress. Head-ache. Aunt Alice gave me green feathers for hat. Polly trimmed hat for Aunt Alice and Doz. Quiet in evening. Bad head-ache. Awake till 3 a.m!!!

Tuesday 2nd April 1918

Showery, slight sunshine
Dorothy home. I out 10.30 to Selfridge’s, then to my Bank in Finchley Road and to 26 Compayne to lunch. Afterwards on to Miss Miles’ then train to Army and Navy Stores. Home by motor-bus. Sewed a little. Felt rather ill. Took aspirin. Put Phil’s photo in frame. Dorothy read aloud. Susie rang up. Tante very depressed. To bed 9.55.

Wednesday 3rd April 1918

Foggy, chilly.
To Aldwych (9.30 began again). All excited about new calling-up order. Then up to 50? Not very busy. Mr Bolt’s cheque, and card to do, as Mr Baxter away. Lunch at Club. Sat in Lincoln’s Inn Fields after and read “The Lesson of the Master” Henry James. Home by ‘bus at 6.15. Did dress account. Ginx slept here, but not to dinner. Dorothy read aloud. I knitted. To bed 10.

Thursday 4th April 1918

Letter from Alys telling that Harvey Webb “died of wounds” on Good Friday (St Quentin). To Aldwych. Very, very busy. Did 43 renewals. H.A.L. (Leggett) did 50 or more. Lunch at New Court 1/0. Home by bus. Aunt Alice and Polly to stay at East Grinstead. Wrote Alys and Eva Webb. Knitted and jig-saw. To bed 10.10.

Friday 5th April 1918

Dull, cool. Fine and sunny later.
To Aldwych. Walked to Sloane Square. Got pendant 2/6 mended at Faier’s. Committee. Not long. Lunch at Club. Read in Lincoln’s Inn Fields “The Scarlet Letter” Hawthorne. Renewals. Then at 4 – 5.20 Miss Newton’s cases. Fulham. Cocoa and home. Read Lister in evening and jig-saw.

Saturday 6th April 1918

Dull, then heavy rain.
To Aldwych; bought “Will” form 6d! Not very busy a.m. Lunch at A.B.C. then to Madame Verhaeghe to try on dress. Pouring rain. Home. Guillaume and Conrad (Ormond’s) to tea. Did jig-saw and sewing.

Rose-Marie and Michael killed in Ste Roque? Church, Paris. Sainte-Eustache? Bombardment.
Harvey Webb – died of wounds. Good Friday, Near St Quentin.
Wounded at Beaumont-Hamel, Died at Doullens.

Dorothy’s holidays begin.

Sunday 7th April 1918

Showery, cold.
Nice quiet day. Did a good deal of jig-saw and sewing. A little rest in p.m. Then to tea at the Baxter’s. Dorothy to tea at Miss Playfair’s. Tired on shot silk dress. Jig-saw and read Lord Lister in evening.

Monday 8th April 1918

To Aldwych. Signed my Will first. Walked to South Kensington station to see if Dyers open. Train on to Temple. Mr Baxter back again. Committee rather long. H.A.L. and Roxburgh. Lunch at Buszard’s counter, and bought buns and chocolate, and ginger (chocolate now 34/lb ginger 1/9). Home. Jig-saw. Conrad there. Read paper and jig-saw in evening.

Tuesday 9th April 1918

Dark. Foggy. Cold.
To Aldwych. Not very busy. Lunch at Club. Marked guest towel. Read “Scarlet Letter”. Long Committee with Miss Newton. Tiring. Home by ‘bus late. Mr Steer in evening. Did jig-saw. To bed 11.

Wednesday 10th April 1918

Mrs Lange away for day. Up early, and got our own breakfast. To Aldwych. Not busy. Lunch in office – Fish rissole and rusk. H.A.L. and F.F.B. to Mr Maudslay’s “Party”. Funny about it. Home. Dorothy had lunch at Movi’s. Jig-saw. Dorothy read Lloyd George’s speech aloud in evening. To bed 10.50. Men up to 50 (and 55 in some cases ) to be called up.

Great battles for Armentieres and Messines Ridge and later Bailleul.

Thursday 11th April 1918

Very dull and dark.
Mrs Lange didn’t come! Dorothy got breakfast and very hastily. To Aldwych. Very little work but much talk about new man-power Bill. Mr Baxter, Leggett, Grumbar to C.O.S. affair. Tottenham. Mrs Lemon in evening. Sewed night-dress. To bed 10.45!

Friday 12th April 1918

Fine. Warmer.
To Aldwych, Mrs Lange came actually. Committee. Not long. No Koch. Lunch at Club. Long, pessimistic talk with H.A.L. and F.F.B. about the War. Frightfully serious situation. Wrote Alys. Dorothy had the Ormond’s to tea and did spring-cleaning. Sewed in evening, and read paper aloud.

Saturday 13th April 1918

Dull, cooler.
No Mrs Lange. Up 7.45. Walked Sloane Square and from Charing Cross. Grumbar and Coles away. Not too busy. Lunch at Veg. Restaurant, St Martin’s Lane. Home early, via Piccadilly. Dorothy out. Guillaume Ormond in. Jig-saw. Sewed, worked.

Guest towel 1/8 ½ d Army and Navy Stores
8th Chocolate and ginger 5/9

No Mrs Lange all week.

Sunday 14th April 1918

Cold, galey. Dull.
Not out all day. Busy with house-work. After lunch we dyed our blouses! Fast garnet and maroon. Fun. Dorothy cut lawn (1st time this year). I read (on bed) ¾ hr. Tea. Wrote Osgood. Read paper. Situation slightly better at Front. To bed 10.10.

Monday 15th April 1918

To Aldwych (after getting own breakfast). Very cold, dull day. Committee, Miss Murray of Richmond Committee. Pelabon on fire. (me: Pelabon Works, East Twickenham – Munitions factory for Belgian Refugees). Lunch at Club. To Bank, paid in £20.15.0. Earnings and cheque from Alys. Home. Quiet evening. Knitted and Dorothy read aloud from paper. Rain. Cold.

Tuesday 16th April 1918

Very cold and rainy.
Got breakfast. To Aldwych in bus. Not very busy. Lunch in my room – egg, Marmite and bread and butter, chocolate. Read “Scarlet Letter’. Miss Newton’s cases at 4, till nearly 6! Very tiring. Home in bus. Dorothy read aloud in evening about Czarina. To bed 10.10. Tired. Fall of Bailleul. Aunt Alice has shingles (at East Grinstead).

Wednesday 17th April 1918

Cold and dull and rainy.
Got breakfast. Mrs Lange wrote giving notice. Started out without my purse. To Aldwych. My desk wouldn’t open. Worked in Miss Hill’s room. Gurney unscrewed desk. Wrote Alys. Lunch in my room, eg. Home 6.10 (on bus). After supper the two Harners came in till 10.15.

Thursday 18th April 1918

Very cold, slightly finer.
Got breakfast. To Aldwych. Not busy. Lunch with Miss Schester at “Court”. Mr Baxter to Edmonton. Did checking letter with Grumbar. Home in bus. Tommy and Cicely Carr in evening. 9 till 10. Letter from Polly to Dorothy.

Friday 19th April 1918

Fine, but very, very cold.
To Aldwych, in bus (met Mrs Falcon). Committee; Mrs Samuel not there, Grumbar in Chair. Short. Lunch in my office. Read, and typed letter to Carton de Wiart. Miss Newton’s Committee in p.m. 4 – 5.15. Home. Knitted in evening.

Saturday 20th April 1918

Very cold. Showery.
To Aldwych. Not too busy, but 5 or 6 Carton de Wiart cases. Lunch at Club. On to Madame Verhaeghe for dress fitting. Home. Dorothy out, servant-hunting, when I was at home. Quiet evening. Dorothy read aloud “Towards Industrial Freedom” Edward Carpenter.

Zeebrugge and Ostend affair on St George’s Day.

Sunday 21st April 1918

Rain and cold wind all day. Shocking weather.
Up late. Nice quiet a.m. Housework and sewing. After lunch, rested and read Henry James ”American Scene”. Dorothy out to try and secure “Miss Drury”. Washed up tea things. Mr Tonks in evening. Mended petticoat and gloves. To bed 10.15.

Monday 22nd April 1918

Finer. Cold.
Mrs Lange came again!!! To Aldwych on bus; walked Sloane Square, and bought bread. Committee. 14 cases. Lunch at Club. Slackish p.m. H.A.L. and F.B.B. talked about Budget Luxuries Tax (out today). Also about U.S.A. Navy and the Irish, hatred. Home. Read aloud to Dorothy in evening. To bed 10.15.

Tuesday 23rd April 1918

Wet. Dull.
To Aldwych. Very easy a.m. Wrote to Smith’s. Did 7 cases. Lunch in my room. Miss Newton’s Committee in p.m. Home on bus. Letters about Doris Brewtnall’s engagement to Cecil Freear in South Africa. Talked, knitted. To bed 10.40.

Wednesday 24th April 1918

To Aldwych. Walked from Grosvenor Gardens thro’ Park to Office 25 minutes. Wrote Tades. Lunch at Club. Quiet p.m. Polly came for the day to Dorothy. Home. “Emily Drury” called. Knitted and read papers in evening and Dorothy read aloud. To bed 10. Very sleepy. (Miss Hill’s p.m. out and I did letters for her).

Kemmel Hill taken by Germans.

Thursday 25th April 1918

Warmer and some sun. Thunder and showery too.
To Aldwych. Unwell. Very little doing. Got addresses from Mrs Keep and Miss Hondret. Lunch in office, fish-cake Home on bus. Thundery and quite warm. Wrote Aunt Alice about income tax on Edward Barnard’s allowance. Rested when got back. Tired. To bed 10.

Friday 26th April 1918

Dull, then fine and sunny. Warmer.
To Aldwych. Committee in a.m. Lunch at Club. To Sir John Soane Museum. Miss Newton’s Committee in p.m. Mrs Baxter in to cocoa. Home on bus. To Tulley’s. Mrs Lemon in evening. Air-raid warning at midnight. Came down to Aunt Alice’s room. All clear very soon after.

Saturday 27th April 1918

To Aldwych. Pretty busy with odds and ends. Blind man, Earls Court case, and also Madame St Gilles, about Van Dooren. Lunch at Club. Read in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Home by Piccadilly. Got Taylor’s quince jam. Rested. With Dorothy and Miss Atkins to see Irish Players in “Playboy of the Western World”. Synge Gallery. 6 weeks since wrote E.P.D. (me: Uncle Doc).

Soane Museum

Sunday 28th April 1918

Dull. Cold
Up late. Breakfast about 10. Did housework. Washed blouses and collars. Lunch. Then ironed things. Dressed, Max Ayrton (now Honorary) (Captain R.A.F.) to tea, stayed till 7. Supper. Knitted, read Captain Carpenter’s story of Zeebrugge (Vindictive, Daffodil, Iris).


Monday 29th April 1918

Mrs Lange at 9. So got our own breakfasts. To Aldwych via Piccadilly and bought marmalade at Civil Service Street. No Committee. Postponed. Very slack a.m. To Buszard’s sandwich lunch. On to Selfridge’s. Home. Dorothy had been spring-cleaning drawing-room. Supper and sat afterwards in dining-room.

Tuesday 30th April 1918

Dull. Cool
To Aldwych. Committee (instead of Monday). Pretty busy day. Lunch egg and bread and marmalade! In office. Miss Newton’s Committee in p.m. Rather late. Home by bus. Wrote Polly with cheque for income tax separate account. In dining-room. Dorothy read “Chevalier de Boufflers and Madame de Sabran”.

Wednesday 1st May 1918

Cold. Dull.
To Aldwych by train. S.K. with Mrs Falcon. Lunch with Mrs Keep at “Court”. Nice. Home by Piccadilly. Up in drawing-room again. Mrs Lemon in, in evening. Heard Eva had measles again! Wrote 9 Warwick.

Thursday 2nd May 1918

Dull. Cool.
To Aldwych. Not busy. Wrote Wade and Alys. Lunch in office – cheese-pie. Read cases in p.m. 20 altogether. Home on bus. To 11 and 85 Oakley Street about rooms. Susie ‘phoned me in evening and read me a miserable letter from Tante. Polly up during day.

Friday 3rd May 1918

To Aldwych. Committee. Lunch at Court, fried fish. Didn’t feel very well. Not very busy, but Miss Newton’s Committee. Home by Susie’s work place, and saw her. Left baskets for bazaar.

Saturday 4th May 1918

Fine, and much warmer.
Holiday for me. Over to William Miles’s and to my bank. Back by Selfridge’s. After lunch, very busy, sewing. In garden a little. Tried on blue dress (Verhaeghe). Wore grey crêped chemise. Warm. No fire in evening.

Tobacco for Defresne 7/-.
Caramels 2/-. Post 3d
Navy cut cigs and packets.

Sunday 5th May 1918

Dull and rainy.
Breakfast 9.15. Washed up, then washed my hair, and dried it. Unpacked trunk to find income tax papers and looked out all sorts of things. No rest. Very busy. Dull, rainy day. Neither of us out all day. Talked about Cosmic consciousness.

Monday 6th May 1918

Dull, then finer.
Mrs Lange early. So didn’t get own breakfast. Tom Archer wounded and missing. To Aldwych. Longish Committee. Lunch at Club. Bought Kipling’s new poems 1/-. Ordered book for K. Buchanan. Kitty and Handy in for 10 minutes. Renewals 22. Home. Fine and not cold. Diningroom spring-cleaned. Supper in kitchen. To bed 10.40.

Tuesday 7th May 1918

Rain. N.E. Wind.
Breakfast up in drawing-room. To Aldwych by train (Temple). Renewals. Lunch at Club. Then walked to E.V. Miles’ office (me: Solicitor) with Income Tax papers. Pouring rain. Busy all p.m. with renewals. Home by train. Walked from Sloane Square. Mrs Lemon came in evening till 10.15.

Wednesday 8th May 1918

Lovely day. Warm.
To Aldwych in bus. Wore green hat – 1st time. Not at all busy. Lunch at Club. Met Denise! Bought dictionary for Wade, and sent it to her. H.A.L. and F.F.B. talked about Lloyd George and the General Maurice letter. Vote of Censure. Walked all the way home via The Mall, Eaton Square, Kings Road. Mrs Falcon and Mrs De Glehn in, in evening. To bed 10.

9th – 10th – Ostend harbour blocked by the “Vindictive” being sunk.

Thursday 9th May 1918

Very fine, warm.
To Aldwych. Not busy Miss Hill away with abscess in tooth. Lunch at Club. Read in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. “Set in Authority” Sara Jeannette Duncan (Miss Everard Coles). Home. Dorothy not very well. Polly had been day. Sat in dark and talked. To bed 10.

Friday 10th May 1918

Very fine.
Pretty busy. Took Committee as Miss Hill away still. Lunch in office. Eustace Miles Restaurant – croquettes and food. Very busy, dictating letters for Hill. Miss Newton’s Committee at 4. Walked back to Grosvenor Gardens by the Mall. Read Lloyd George’s speech in evening.

Saturday 11th May 1918

Fine day. Cool.
To Aldwych. Cold, then fine. Not very busy. Mr Leggett away till next Wednesday. Lunch at Club. Then to the Mall and Birdcage Walk and saw the U.S.A. soldiers march by (been to Buckingham Palace). To Susie’s Sale of Work. Home. Rested Mr Sargent called. Letter from Tante!!! Nice. Long one. Jig-saw.

Washing 1/4
E.M. Food 9d.Biscuits D.B. 1/4
Spent 8/- on Red Cross (Susie’s sale of work).

Sunday 12th May 1918

Very changeable and showery.
Quiet day. Housework, then sewing. Rested in p.m. Dorothy out to De Glehn’s after tea. I rang up Susie about Tante’s letter. Jig-saw and read Garvin’s article about Repington (Charles à Court, war correspondent). To bed 10.35.

Monday 13th May 1918

Rain. Finer later.
To Aldwych. Miss Hill back again. Committee, very short. Only 5 cases, H.A.L. away. Lunch at Club. Fair amount of work. Wrote to Tante! Home by bus. Fire in evening. Chilly.

Tuesday 14th May 1918

Dull and cold.
To Aldwych. Pretty busy, but not very. Sent off letter to Tante. Kitty came in to lunch. Gurney’s baked fish. I had Fuller’s fish-pie. Miss Newton’s cases at 4. Miss Hill away all day. Home. Heard news of Dolly Carr’s (Comyns-Carr) death (on 10th) Did jig-saw till nearly 11.

Wednesday 15th May 1918

To Aldwych. H.A.L. back and Miss Hill also. Lunch at Club. To W.H. Smith’s. Not busy at all. Wrote Alys. Read, Home. Polly there; instead of Dorothy, who gone to East Grinstead. Jig-saw in evening. To bed 9.35. Tired.

Thursday 16th May 1918

Hot day, very fine.
To Aldwych. Very few cases heard and very slack. Lunch at Club. Then to Prestat and Selfridge’s. Hot. Quiet p.m. Miss Hill there, so not any extra work. Home at 6. Did jig-saw with Polly. Very hot. Fine night. To bed 9.40!

Friday 17th May 1918

Very hot. Some thunder storms.
To Aldwych on ‘bus. Wore my dark blue and salmon voile – 1st time this year. Sat in Mr Grumbar’s room till Committee. Gurney Lunch at office. Quiet p.m. Polly and Dorothy to Dolly’s funeral. Home by bus. Washed coat lining. Showers and thunder.

Saturday 18th May 1918

Very hot and fine.
Holiday. Out. Bought hat, on to Selfridge’s. Wandered about. Rested in rest room. Lunch (turbot). Then to Hampstead. To Shenton’s. Talked to Ted and Phoebe. Tea with them early. Tube, with Phoebe and dogs to Golders Green. Car! To 28 Temple Fortune Hill. Mrs Hay. Sissie there. Talk. Home by tube. Tired. Supper in garden.

Sent off letter to Tante 14th (1st long one).

Big air-raid (19th – 20th – 5 or 7 Gothas brought down – 44 killed)

Sunday 19th May 1918

Lovely day.
Late breakfast in garden. Lovely. Muddled about. Did income tax papers. Rested after dinner then to Mrs Comyns-Carr’s and I to the Baxters. Mrs Hill and Ruby there and Lady Roberts and Sir Thomas Roberts. Young wounded officer. Air-raid. Big. 11.15 till about 2. Gothas guns, exciting.

Monday 20th May 1918

Lovely day but breezy.
Breakfast in garden. Dorothy out to give a lesson. I washed and ironed things, and sat in garden. Lovely. Long rest and sleep, after lunch. After tea, Dorothy and I walked to Battersea Park. Sat there. King and Queen and Princess Mary drove by. To Miss Garrod’s. Miss Bland in evening.

Tuesday 21st May 1918

Lovely day. Hot. Breezy.
Breakfast in garden. Wrote Alys. To Aldwych on top of bus. Slack work. Talked to Mr Leggett about taking other work if slackness continued. Lunch with Mrs Keep at New Court. Walked in by Stone Buildings. Miss Newton’s Committee. Home on bus. Supper in garden and sewed there till 8.15. To bed 10.

Wednesday 22nd May 1918

Lovely. Hot but breezy.
Breakfast in garden. To Aldwych. Quiet a.m. with about 12 cases. Lunch at Club at 2.45. I went with Mr Leggett to Oeuvre à Domicile Brouckère, Upper Belgrave Street. Interesting – Madame Carton de Wiart, the Van de Borghts, Mr Maudslay, Woolf, Baxter, Miss Newton. Back to Aldwych with Mr Leggett and Mr Baxter. cocoa. Work. Home. Supper in garden. Thunderstorm. Mrs Lemon in evening. Hot.

Thursday 23rd May 1918

Cooler. Gale. Showers.
Wrote to Buchanan’s and Tades (for asparagus). Heavy thunderstorm at 8.20. To Aldwych. Much cooler. Not much work. Lunch quietly at New Court. Then bus to Goupil Gallery. Saw Rothenstein’s Peronne Front pictures and Judge Evan’s collection. Lovely. Pretty busy p.m. one way or another. Home in bus. Cleaned my leather bag in evening.

Friday 24th May 1918

Cool. Dull.
To Aldwych. Committee. Full and fairly long. Mr Baxter had knee ligament go, suddenly and went home. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. Miss Newton’s; Committee with H.A.L. Home by train, and walked from South Kensington. Tired. Read paper in evening. Didn’t work at all. To bed 10.10.

Saturday 25th May 1918

To Aldwych. Miss Hill at dentist’s. Very busy doing “Lodging Allowance” cases with H.A.L. and Miss Hill’s letters. Lunch at Club. Read in Lincoln’s Inn Field’s. To International Show at Grosvenor Gallery. Tired. Dorothy played tennis with Hornby’s. Knitted in evening..

Sunday 26th May 1918

Dull. Cool. Dark.
Slept late. Unwell. Housework. Darned. Rested all p.m. Dorothy to Mrs Carr’s after tea. I sewed odd mendings. Copied receipts in book. To bed 10.10.

Monday 27th May 1918

Fine day. Warmer.
Letter from Alys (men doing cistern). Miss Hill at dentist so I took her Committee. Not many cases. Mr Baxter still away. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. tho’ Miss Hill back. Did Lodging Allowance cases with H.A.L. Home lateish. Lovely evening. Watered garden (wrote Alys).

Tuesday 28th May 1918

To Aldwych. F.F.B. still away. Pretty busy. Lunch at Club. Sent Doris’ £5 to South Africe and Wade 25/- birthday. Busy p.m. too. Miss Newton and I did cases alone. H.A.L. away early. Home. Felt very tired. To bed 10.15 Sewed Holland coat.

Wednesday 29th May 1918

Fine. Fresh.
To Aldwych. F.B.B. back again. Talked to Madame Muller (Transport friend of Verhaege). Lunch at New Court and then to Selfridge’s for Grimm’s Fairy Tales for Kitty Buchanan. Tired, but work not heavy. Home. Dorothy to Collier’s to tea on cycle. Supper in garden. Watered garden. Mr Steer in evening. Game of people like vegetables, furniture.

  • Miss Bland, broad-cloth, pimpernel. Small Sheraton table. Fried carrots, Mary Wilkins’ story?
  • Peter Harrison – like a colley-dog, a Louis Quinze settee, a beaker, oriental vase, a salmon, parrot.
  • Prof Brown – African marigold, or chrysanthe, brown chair, 3 cornered, trout, vulture.

Germans take Soissons – big advance on Paris 29th.

Thursday 30th May 1918

Fine and hot.
Breakfast in garden. To Aldwych, via South Kensington tube and Civil Service Stores. Bought 4lbs of marmalade. Not many cases. Lunch at Club. Read paper in Law Courts ground. Quiet p.m. Home on bus with marmalade. Supper in garden. Dorothy in late. Stayed in garden till 9.30.

Friday 31st May 1918

Fine. Hot. Breezy.
Breakfast in garden. Windy. To Aldwych. Committee. F.B.B. instead of Mrs Samuel. Lunch at Club. Very few cases. Miss Newton in p.m. but not many cases. Walked to Victoria via Embankment, Northumberland Avenue and St James’ Park with Mr Leggett. Very nice. Bus home. Supper in garden.

Saturday 1st June 1918

Fine and warm. To Aldwych. Miss Hill away on her 5 weeks’ sick leave. So very busy. No Grumbar or Baxter. Lunch at Club. Back, and had rest and sleep. Very tired. Supper in garden. Conrad came. Made salad dressing in garden.

Till June 1st – 8 weeks from April 6th £21.0.0.
Sent of £5 cheque to Doris Brewtnall for wedding-present, registered. (Mrs Cecil Freear by now?)
Sent Wade 25/- 26.5.18.

Sunday 2nd June 1918

Lovely day.
I up first and got breakfast! Busy a.m. Sewed shot dress. Rested in p.m. After tea, at 6.45, I to Mrs Baxter’s to supper. Very nice. Two US.A. men – McGoon? R.A.F. and Vezin U.S.A Marines there. Latter very nice. Doorkeeper at Embassy. Home 10.

Monday 3rd June 1918

Lovely day.
Breakfast in garden. To Aldwych. I took Committee. Long and difficult. Till 12.45! Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. with Committee Letters. Walked to Victoria, thro’ the Park. Home lateish. Supper in garden and sat there, till 9.30, but getting colder. Up to my own room to sleep again.

Tuesday 4th June 1918

Fine, but cooler.
Breakfast indoors. To Aldwych. Busy with letters. Miss Hill’s work. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. also dictating letters. Walked to Victoria, thro’ the Park, and via Goring Hotel! Supper indoors. Mrs Falcon in evening. Knitted, and talked of “Bath”.

Wednesday 5th June 1918

Fine. Cool
To Aldwych. Walked to Town Hall. Pretty busy with secretarial work. Lunch at Club. Not too much work, but some dictating in p.m. Home. Aunt Alice and Polly back from East Grinstead! Mr Tonks in evening. Talked about the pursuing lady. To bed 9.50.

Thursday 6th June 1918

Very fine, not hot.
To Aldwych (walked to Sloane Square) and train. Typed Belgian soldiers’ letters. Not busy. Lunch at Club. Letters in p.m. and did type-writing. Walked to Victoria, thro’ the Park. Quiet evening, read paper. Aunt Alice lay on sofa.

Friday 7th June 1918

Dull. Showery.
To Aldwych. All the way on ‘bus. Committee in a.m. Mrs Samuel, Mr Baxter, Standaert, Smeesters, Koch. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. with letters and Miss Newton’s Committee. Wrote E.V.M. (Solicitor). Sent 10/- to Soldiers’ Trips. To Ted’s. Dined with him. In motor to see Phoebe at nursing-home. Home tube and on bus with very nice Australian.

Saturday 8th June 1918

Fine. Hotter.
Bad night. Awake till 3.45. To Aldwych. Just enough, but not too much to do. To Bourne and Hollingsworth to look for grey hat. Didn’t buy one. Lunch at Belgian Restaurant; omelette. Home. Rested, slept. To tea at Mr and Mrs Leggett’s, 30 Coleherne Court. Very nice. Strawberries, first time. Wade sent some too. To bed early.

Tante may get my letter June 8th or 4th.
7 o’clock To Mrs Baxter’s Sunday.
Pinched nail just grew out.
Note how long before next time.

Sunday 9th June 1918

Showery. Windy.
Very late up, breakfast in garden and sat there. Then weather changed. Wrote Alys and C.H.W. Copied receipts in book. Rested in p.m. Read “American Scene”. Mr Tonks came in, in evening. Talked about De Quincey. I to bed 10.5.

Monday 10th June 1918

Dull, cooler.
To Aldwych. Busy preparing for Committee. Committeee quite nice. H.A.L., Mr Roxburgh, Smeesters, Standaert. Lunch at Club. Bought De Quincey. Busy all day, letters. Walked to Victoria with H.A.L. via Embankment and Government Offices, Downing Street and Park. Nice. Mr L. home. Dorothy read Chirol on India in evening.

Tuesday 11th June 1918

Fine, warmer.
To Aldwych. Plenty to do. Letters and cases. Lunch at New Court, and then to Selfridge’s about Grimm and truffles! Then back, and very busy all p.m. with letters. Home. Walked to Piccadilly and bus. Quiet evening. To bed 10.10.

Wednesday 12th June 1918

To Aldwych. Busy with new cases all a.m. and sending off letters. Lunch at Club and then Selfridge’s. Grimm’s sent off to Katharine. Letters all p.m. At 6.30 met Ted at Piccadilly and he gave me dinner at Le Gobelius. Very nice. Back by Hyde Park. Sat there, and listened to band. Home about 9.15. To bed early.

Thursday 13th June 1918

Dull. Warmish.
Breakfast in garden. Dull, but mild. To Aldwych. Very busy. Dorothy came down, lunched together at The Cock and afterwards came to Aldwych and saw over it and Mr Baxter, Leggett. Home lateish. Tired. Didn’t do anything all evening.

Friday 14th June 1918

Dull, showery.
Breakfast in garden. Committee, not long, very simple. Lunch at Club. Sweetbreads! Busy with letters in p.m. and Miss Newton’s cases in Committee at 4 o’clock. To Ted’s to dine, in car to see Phoebe at nursing-home. Home by tube at 10.15. Rain.

Saturday 15th June 1918

Fine. Cool.
To Aldwych. Busy with Merten’s case – very complicated. Lunch at Club. Walked to Suffolk Street. To New English Exhibition. Then walked slowly to Hyde Park. Sat there till 4 p.m. Band and talked to wounded solider. Home by 14 bus. Tea. Slept on bed til 7.45. Supper. Knitted.

To Selfridge’s about Wednesday: for Grimm
Wednesday: Ted dine at X 6.30.
Fri: To 7 Heath Mansions and see Phoebe
Sat: To New English
J.C. Grumbar left on 14th for army.

Sunday 16th June 1918

Changeable. Heavy showers. Cold.
Quiet day. Not out all day. Talked to Aunt Alice and mended stockings. Rested in p.m. Knitted and didn’t do much. Read “The American Scene” a good deal. Knitted in evening.

Monday 17th June 1918

To Aldwych. Letter from Alys. No Grumbar. Committee. Not bad, busy all day with letters. Lunch at New Court and then to Norville’s and bought coat! Back there after work to call for it. Home by 14 bus from Piccadilly. Knitted. Thunderstorms.

Tuesday 18th June 1918

Dull. Heavy showers.
To Aldwych. Renewals all a.m. Nicely busy. Lunch at Club. Busy all p.m. New cases. With Nelly Moir to lunch at Barnard’s. Knitted all evening.

Wednesday 19th June 1918

Heavy showers.
To Aldwych by bus. Piccadilly. Busy all day. Alexandra Rose Day. Lunch at “Court” with Schuster. Nice. Busy p.m. Letters. Bought navy cut for Defresne. Polly and Dorothy to dine at Madame Ormond’s. Aunt Alice and I alone. To bed 10.

Thursday 20th June 1918

Fine. Warmer.
Letter from Tante. To Aldwych. Muddling about with new cases. Lunch at A.B.C. and then to Judge Evans’ show again at Goupil’s. Moderately busy. Home. Knitted after dinner. To bed 10.

Friday 21st June 1918

Sent letter to Tante. To Aldwych. ‘Bus all the way. Committee, easy; only F.F.B. and Smeesters. Lunch at Buszard’s Counter, and back by Fuller’s for sweets for Buchanans. Busy p.m. and Miss Newton. Letter about Order of Elisabeth. Home. To bed 10.30 after practising.

Saturday 22nd June 1918

Fine. Cold wind, hot sun.
To Aldwych. Pretty busy. Only Mr Leggett and me. Did cards. Lunch at New Court, then to Euston. Train (2.30) to King’s Langley. Met by Kit and Peter and George. Sat in garden. Tea. Children on common. Dinner. “Piper” Warren Cummins and Nora in afterwards. To bed 10.45.

To Kits? 22nd
Sent letter to Tante 21st

Tante’s letter posted 6th June. Arrive 20th – 2 weeks.
Navy cut for Defresne – 10/2? Or 4?

Sunday 23rd June 1918

Hot sun. Very cold wind.
Unwell. Breakfast about 9.30. Goat milked first. Did flowers, picked roses. After dinner, up and rested on bed. After tea to see Cousin Mary and Jeanie and phoned from William Archer’s. Knitted and talked in evening. To bed about 10.

Monday 24th June 1918

Showery and very cold. Changeable.
Breakfast at 7.30. Up to town. Aldwych. Very long Committee. Tiring. Lunch in office. Gurney. Lots of letters. Tired. Wrote to Alys. Home 6.40. Knitted. To bed 10. Wrote Mrs Samuel.

Tuesday 25th June 1918

Cold. Changeable.
To Aldwych. Felt headachey and sick. But busy all day. Took F.F.B. and H.A.L. to lunch at New Court!!! Walked in Lincoln’s Inn. Miss Newton’s Committee in p.m. Many cases. Home late. Wrote Kitty. Knitted and read newspaper. Felt better.

Wednesday 26th June 1918

Dull, then fine.
To Aldwych. Very busy all day. Lots of cases, and interruptions. Lunch at A.B.C. Then to Organ Recital at St Clement Danes. Busy p.m. again. F.F.B. made cocoa! Home via Flower Show for Red Cross in Trafalgar Square. Bought things there. Tonks and Steer came to supper. Nice.

Thursday 27th June 1918

Warmer. Fine.
To Aldwych. Busy with new cases and long talk with Mrs Keep. Lunch at Selfridge’s (basement). Bought ribbon for hat crown. Work all p.m. Walked back to Victoria with F.F.B. Maude Barnard to supper. Susie telephoned in evening. To bed 9.55 (to Cheyne Chambers).

Friday 28th June 1918

To Aldwych. Long Committee. F.F.B. in chair. Smeesters and Koch. 19 cases! Lunch at Club. Very busy p.m. Miss Newton’s Committee. Wrote Tante a little. To see Susie on way home at Red Cross. Knitted. Warm evening.

Saturday 29th June 1918

Hot and very fine.
To Aldwych (purple coat – 1st time). Pretty busy. Mrs Keep took me to St Martin’s Club to lunch. Miss Lucy Chater and Miss Daniels. To Mrs Keep’s hostel and then tried to go Ranelagh but couldn’t. No bus or taxi possible. Tea at Hill’s . Home. Sat in garden.

Supper 26th. Hors d’oeuvres of sardines, capers and potatoes and onion salad. Then cold tongue and salad and new potatoes. Then rhubarb tart and junket. Biscuits and cucumber and butter.

Sunday 30th June 1918

Very hot.
Polly’s birthday (£3.00). Breakfast in garden. Housework and finished letter to Tante (posted it). St in garden with Dorothy. Rested all p.m. Read “Saturday Evening Post”. Wrote E.V.M. and Bank. Sat in garden late. Supper in garden.

Monday 1st July 1918

Hot and very fine.
To Aldwych. Long Committee, but Miss Hill back! Alys came up for day from Netley. Lunch at New Court. With her to Selfridge’s and Debehnam’s. Tea there with Eva Webb. To Hamley’s. Supper at Waterloo. Saw them off by 8 train. Home via Queen Anne’s Mansions. Sat in garden till 10.

Tuesday 2nd July 1918

Cooler and fine.
To Aldwych. Wrote Kit. Not very busy. Breakfast in garden. Lunch at Peasant Shop and back by Red Lion Square. A good many cases in p.m. and Miss Newton’s Committee. 25 cases for her. Back and walked up Oakley Street, Looking No 22. Supper in garden and sat till 9.50 there.

Wednesday 3rd July 1918

Fine, North wind.
Breakfast in garden. To Aldwych. Not busy. Lunch at Club then to John Street and Doughty Street looking for rooms. Not too busy. Left at 5.30, and up to look over flat at Doughty Street. Home via Mecklenburgh Square! Supper in garden (with Miss Bower to see flat in Bramerton Street!) Mrs Lemon in.

Thursday 4th July 1918

Very fine. Hot.
Independence Day.
Breakfast in garden. To Aldwych. U.S.A. flags up everywhere. F.F.B. not at Office. Lunch at Selfridge’s. Very hot. Streets full of Americans (U.S.A. Army v. Navy baseball). Home via St James’ Square to see U.S.A. Y.M.C.A. officer quarters. Bus from Victoria. Tired. Supper in garden. Sat there till 10. Aunt Alice and Dolly to Mrs Falcon’s.

Friday 5th July 1918

Breakfast in garden. To Aldwych. Committee, only F.F.B. and M. Smeesters. Lunch with Scott Owen at Peasant Shop. Miss Newton’s Committee in p.m. Home via Joubert Studios. Looked over one. Excited, as it seemed possible!!! Supper in garden. Sat there till 10.

Saturday 6th July 1918

Very fine and hot.
Breakfast in garden. To Aldwych. H.A.L. not there. Pretty busy. Lunch at St Martin’s Club. Then via Earls Court (studio-hunting) to Joubert Studios. Long walk. Talked with Joubert about the rooms to let. Home. To tea at Susie’s on Dorothy’s cycle. Miss Grant there. To look at Fernshaw Road and Callow Street flats with Dorothy at 6 o’clock. Supper in garden. Mrs Falcon came to supper “Tibbie”.

Sent letter to Tante – 30th
To Kew – July 13th

West London Ladies Laundry Association (Ricardo) – Acton, W3.
Wrote Ella this week.

Sunday 7th July 1918

Hot and fine.
Breakfast in garden. Did housework. With Dorothy to see other Fernshaw flat. Too large. To Joubert Studios to show Doz. Rested after dinner. After tea with Aunt Alice and Dorothy to see Stanley Studios. Did up parcels for Alys and Eva (from Aunt Alice). Supper in garden and sat there till 10.10. Warm.

Monday 8th July 1918

Very hot and fine.
Breakfast in garden. Committee. H.A.L., Smeesters and Koch! Not long. Lunch at Club. Home via Holland Street to see rooms that Baxters found. Then with Doz to look at Redcliffe Road Studios. After supper (in garden) again with Aunt Alice and Polly and Dorothy to 68 Cathcart Studios. Miss Palmer and housekeeper, Mrs Francis.

Tuesday 9th July 1918

Colder. Fine.
Breakfast in garden. To Aldwych. Wrote Alys and Tante. Lunch at National Kitchen, New Bridge Street with F.F.B. and Miss Hall – 7d queue. Miss Newton’s Committee p.m. Home. Aunt Alice and Polly to Miss Sargent’s to dinner. I to Cathcart Studios. Singed agreement to take “68” from September 29th for a year. Measured the rooms. Exciting!

Wednesday 10th July 1918

Rain, thunder early.
Breakfast indoors. First time for 10 days!!! To Aldwych. Not busy. Sent off letter to Tante and did calculations about expenses in studio. Lunch from Gurney. 1/-. Not very busy. Home via South Kensington. Commander Bacon called. Violet Ormond and Guillaume in evening. To bed 9.45 Chilly.

Thursday 11th July 1918

Heavy rain.
To Aldwych. Not busy. Wrote Miss Hoyt and a line to Alys. H.A.L. and L.G.B. With F.F.B. to Stewart’s to lunch and then met Mrs Baxter and Flying Officer at Agnew’s. The Orpen War pictures. Very good. Back to Aldwych. Home by Gloucester Road. Pouring rain. Quiet evening. Talked and worked.


Friday 12th July 1918

Rain, then fine.
To Aldwych. Committee. Rather long. Lunch at Club. Saw Zouaves pass 1st “France’s Day” Celebrations. Mr Styer called. Miss Newton in afternoon. Mrs Willis from L.G.B. Miss Hill and I supped Lyon’s and to Opera. Drury Lane to see The Bo’sun’s Mate – Ethel Smyth, and Pagliacci (Leoncavallo). Mrs Hunter’s tickets. Dress circle. Nice. Home at 11.15.

Saturday 13th July 1918

Warm and fine then rain.
To Aldwych. Then back to Gloucester Road to register for bacon, Sainsbury’s. Then to Food Office, Chelsea and back to Aldwych! Renewals. Lunch with F.F.B. at New Court. Meant to go to Kew but rained so home. Rested. Altered Tante’s present (frock).


Parcel from Tante arrived 9th.
Sent letter to Tante 10th (not about parcel).
Wrote Miss Hoyt 11th
Signed agreement to take 68 Cathcart Studios for a year from September 24th. 9.7.18

Big German offensive began on Paris – 15th. Held up very soon.

Sunday 14th July 1918

Showery. Mild.
Housework and did machining of dress (blue). Washed head after lunch. After lunch rested; then in 31 bus to Styer’s to tea. Talked. Back at 6. 7.15 to Chelsea in 31 again. Sewed dress after supper. Knitted. Note to Alys. To bed 10.

Monday 15th July 1918

To Aldwych. Mr Leggett away. Mr Bolt on Committee and F.F.B. and M. Smeesters. Long. Lunch at Club. Wrote Alys. Renewals. Back via Sainsbury’s, Gloucester Road. Susie called. Hot, stuffy evening. Yoke lining in coat. Dorothy read aloud about India. Thunderstorm in night.

Tuesday 16th July 1918

Hot. Humid and tiring.
To 102 Oakley Street to arrange about rooms for Summer. To Food Bureau. Then to Aldwych. 10. Busy. Many renewals. 102. Lunch at Club. Miss Newton Committee, great many cases. H.A.L. still away. Home via Gloucester Road and got registered, enfin! At Sainsbury’s. In garden in evening. Home and slept on bed till 7.15!

Wednesday 17th July 1918

Warm. Moist.
Not too busy. Typists had influenza, so Miss Hill busy typing. Lunch at Club 6 ½ d. Back by bus, heavy rain. Round to Redcliffe Road. Home. Knitted in evening. Dorothy decided about Netley. Y.M.C.A. wrote Miss Sturdy.

19th French Counter-Offensive, Soissons, Chateau-Thierry.

Thursday 18th July 1918

Fine. Very windy. Some thunder.
To Aldwych. Not all busy 88 cases through. Lunch at Club. Miss Newton in p.m. Did some type-writing. Home. Looked in trunks, ready for sorting and going away. In garden after supper. Violet Ormond and Conrad in evening. Polly to East Grinstead.

Friday 19th July 1918

To Aldwych. Wore Tante’s dress 1st time. Committee, only F.B.B. and me! Pretty long. Lunch from Gurney (omelette) as pouring rain! Very busy in p.m. F.F.B. away at 1.30 on holiday. Lady Antrobus, a long séance, and many Emergency cases. Home via Sainsbury’s and did shopping.

Saturday 20th July 1918

Half holiday for Belgian Independence Day. I to Spinks. Bought Elisabeth ribbon to wear! 1/6. To Heal’s and Shoolbred’s about bed. To 47 Hampstead Way. Janus there. To get keys. Lunch at Selfridge’s. To National Gallery. To Central Hall 2.30. Mr A.W. Balfour speech and Henri Carton de Wiart. Very interesting. With Mrs Hill and Ruby to tea at 12 Arundel Mansions. Kelvedon Road. Home 6.30. Tired.

F.F.B. for holiday 19th.
Holiday 20th – Belgian Independence Day.
Sent letter to Tante 14th
Rufus Isaacs, Lord Reading (his father kept a fruit-stall outside Cannon Street Station). He ran away to sea as cabin-boy.

Sunday 21st July 1918

Quiet day. Not out at all, but very busy doing sorting and packing up small things, tearing letters. Rested in p.m. Colonel Armstrong to tea and Mrs Falcon. Wrote Alys. Did up parcels. To bed 10.

Monday 22nd July 1918

To Aldwych. Posted dress to Alys. Committee, only H.A.L. and Smeesters. Pretty busy. Lunch at Club. Wrote to Eva Webb and did up book for F.F.B. (posted it). First day of no gas-ring; so no tea or cocoa! Home by tube and walked from South Kensington in pouring rain. Polly back.

Tuesday 23rd July 1918

To Aldwych by train. Pouring. Very busy indeed all day. Unwell. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. Miss Newton’s Committee. H.A.L. in quick. Ginx to dinner and stayed night. Read newspaper. So tired. Rested before dinner. Bed 9.50.

Wednesday 24th July 1918

To Aldwych. Fine; then showers. Very busy. Lunch at New Court quickly; then to Army and Navy Stores to see bedsteads. Back at 2.5. Very busy. Indemnité de logement with Mr Leggett. Home in wet. Sheltered for a little. Supper. Violet Ormond and Conrad in evening.

Thursday 25th July 1918

To Aldwych by train. Not quite so busy but plenty to do. Lunch at Club. To Bank. Miss Newton in p.m. Pretty quick. Home late as read. Expecting Mrs Day who didn’t come. To bed 9.55. Tired.

Friday 26th July 1918

Very showery. Chiefly wet and heavy rain.
To Aldwych by bus. Committee, tiring. Koch, Mrs Samuel, Smeesters. Lunch hurriedly at New Court. Then to see Mr Badcock’s and had tooth pulled out (loose). Back by tube to Aldwych. Busy pm. Home via Sainsbury’s. Bought bacon, tea, sugar. Mrs Day and Miss Ross in evening 5 Ralston Road. Very tired.

Saturday 27th July 1918

Finer, only one shower.
To Aldwych. Felt very tired. Nice easy morning. Lunch at Club (cider). Then on slowly and met Mrs Styer at Globe Theatre. Saw “Nurse Benson” Fred Kerr and Marie Löhr. Very good and amusing. Home. Tired. To bed early.

27 – 8 weeks from June 1st – £21.0.0. paid
To Mr Badcock 2.0 Friday.
Picture hooks 4/-
“A Poet’s Pigrimage” – W.H. Davies (Melrose).
Very tiring, hard-working week and always wet!

Sunday 28th July 1918

Mild. No rain, no sun.
Very busy and very tiring day, packing and re-arranging my trunks. No rest at all. D.B. packing also. Conrad (just naturalised Englishman) in, and Alma Harrison and Mrs Falcon in evening. Mended gloves. To bed, very tired at 10.

Monday 29th July 1918

Hot and fine.
Breakfast 7.45. No taxi, so cycled and fetched one. Dorothy and to Waterloo. Saw her off to Y.M.C.A. hut, Netley 9.35. To Aldwych. Committee; and heaps of cases. 118! Lunch at Club. To Kodak’s. Home via Oakley Street. Did some sorting. Did wool with Aunt Alice. To bed 10. Tired.

Tuesday 30th July 1918

Hot. Dull.
To Aldwych via French Dyers. 11 Sussex Place. Not so many cases. Many by end of day 103! Lunch at Club. To E.V. Miles. Work all p.m. Miss Newton’s Committee. Home via Sainsbury and Food Controller and 102 Oakley Street. Finished squeezing things in to boxes. Did wool with Aunt Alice. Very tired.

Wednesday 31st July 1918

Fine. Hot.
To Aldwych 99 cases. Kept busy. Wrote Shoolbred’s and Army and Navy Stores. Lunch at Club. To Smith’s. Joined Library. Back at 6.15 to 102 Oakley Street. Fetched Taxi and got luggage from 6 Elm Park Road. Dined at 102. Afterwards round to Aunt Alice’s till 9.30. Back to 102. Unpacked. To bed about 10.15.

Thursday 1st August 1918

Hot. Cooler, later and dull.
Was called at 7.45. Breakfast brought to my room at 8.30. To Aldwych. Sweetpeas from F.F.B. from Yarmouth. Read “Summer” Edith Wharton. Very busy again. Lunch at Club. Wrote Dotothy at Y.M.C.A. Netley! And F.F.B. Back at 6.15 Rested. Nice quiet evening, after dinner, lying on bed and reading.

Friday 2nd August 1918

Dull, and much cooler. Pouring rain later.
Hot bath at 7.30. Breakfast in room. To Aldwych on bus. Committee. Only Mrs Samuel and me. Pretty busy. Wrote C.H.W. (Wade) Lunch at A.B.C. To Y.M.C.A. and arranged with Mrs Ealing to go to 3. Saturday. Back to Susie Zileri’s. Dined with her. Soup, ham and salad and tomatoes and new potatoes. Apple tart.

Saturday 3rd August 1918

Rain a.m.
To South Kensington. Bought tickets for Morthoe. To 48 Grosvenor Gardens about Poncin for Miss Hoyt. To Army and Navy Stores about bathing gown, and lunch which ate in my room. At 2.30. to Y.M.C.A. Hospitality League (Strand) worked there till 5.30. Home. Rested. Supper ½ hard boiled egg, capers and salad. Ham. Chocolate pudding. To bed 9.

YMCA Strand
Exterior View of the Y.M.C.A. Strand kiosk, London – 1918

(from 29th to 31st – pay A.B. 30/-)
31st to 102 Oakley Street £2 inclusive
Cab to 102 Oakley Street 2/6 – 1/0 to man for box-carrying.
30/0 to Alice Barnard till 31st paid. Ticket to Morthoe £1.4.5.
Joined Smith’s Library 31st £1.1.0.

Sunday 4th August 1918

Fine. Hot.
Breakfast in bed. Read. Wrote Miss Hoyt. Quiet a.m. resting. Lunch. Then at 3.15 to Mrs Ealing’s Y.M.C.A. Washed up and helped till 5.30. Ham and eggs at “Cabin”; at 6 to Eagle Hut. Overall and cap 14.45. Waited on the men till 5. Back at 102 Oakley Street. Very tired. But had a lovely time. Slowly to bed at 9 p.m.

“Eagle Hut” Aldwych, home to the American Y.M.C.A.

Monday 5th August 1918

Showery. Warm.
Breakfast in bed. 9 a.m. hot bath 10.15. Read paper on sofa. Wrote Aunt Alice. Lunch and on to Eagle Hut. Washed and dried up till 7 p.m. Had coffee and supper there. Into Concert Hall. Ventriloquist till 9. God Save the King and “America” prayer. Home at 10.

Tuesday 6th August 1918

To Food Control and then to Selfridge’s. Shopped. Sand-shoe hunt. Lunch at Selfridge’s at 1. Home. Packed up portmanteau and sewed frillings. Tea in lounge. Wrote Kitty. quiet evening. Round to 6 Elm Park Road with washing. Dinner. And then read, and to bed 9. Knitted.

Wednesday 7th August 1918

To Aldwych. Sent off cigarettes to Defresne. Not busy. Lunch at A.B.C. because showery. “Home” at 6.15 to Oakley Street. Packed up all evening and to bed at 10 (bought sausage for breakfast 3d and lunch packages at Eustace Miles Restaurant).


Thursday 8th August 1918

After breakfast off with portmanteau to Waterloo by bus and tube. Train 10.50 to Barnstaple, via Exeter. Crowded. Changed into Ilfracombe train and on to Morthoe. Alys met me. We drove in wagonnette to Woolacombe “Avondale” Mrs Fewings. On sands. Dennis, Eva and Phil digging.


Friday 9th August 1918

Fine and warm, but cold wind.
To shops with Alys after breakfast then on sands. Sat near tent, sewed all bathed together. Perfect time. Sea warm. Home to lunch. Read indoors till tea-time. All to Morthoe Bay at 5.30 till 6.30. Home. Read in evening. To bed 9.50.

Saturday 10th August 1918

Very fine and hot.
To shops. Then on sands. Very hot (after mist, early). Sat there. Then all bathed. Lovely . Calmer. Home to dinner. Read after tea. Tried in vain to get cakes. After tea Alys to Tennis Tournament at Hotel. Dennis, Eva and Phil and I up the hill. Ants. Home. Put Eva and Philip to bed and I bathed again. Alys and Dennis out after supper.

Holiday 17th – 31st August
7th Leggetts back
To Woolacombe 8th!! Leave Waterloo 10.50 arrive Morthoe 4.59
Sent off letter to Tante 7th

Sunday 11th August 1918

Dine. Windy in a.m.
Sent off letters to Aunt Alice and Dorothy. Lovely day on sands; all bathed (my 4th) Windy. Home to dinner. Quiet pm. Took tea and sandwiches up to Morte Head; altogether. Beautiful heather and rocks. Rabbits. Home at 8. Read and jig-saw in evening. To bed 10.

Monday 12th August 1918

Dull then fine and hot
On sands. To bathe at 12. Sewed first and to shops. After dinner read “Sonia” and cut sandwiches. Then all on rocks and had tea there. Lovely day. Home. Read in evening.

Tuesday 13th August 1918

Fine and very hot.
On sands (after shops). Bathed. Alys and I undressed and home; after dinner, cut sandwiches and all in trap (waggonette) to Croyde Bay 20/- Very slow horse. 2.30 till 5. Tea on rocks. Eva and Phil bathed in pool. Drove home. Back about 9. Supper. Read “Sonia: Between Two Worlds”  Stephen McKenna and to bed 10.15.

Wednesday 14th August 1918

Dennis away (his leave up) at 9.15. No extension granted! We to shops and on sands. Bathed (7th). Home. After dinner rested, read. Tea at 4. Then on rocks. Phil fell down and got wet. Home early. New “barge” boats”. “Georgian”. 2 letters from Tante.

Thursday 15th August 1918

Lovely day.
To shops. Then on sands. All bathed. Very rough and strong waves. After dinner, to shops, bought jug. And then all to Clutterbuck’s picnic. Jessie’s birthday. Major and Mrs Wyngate. Rounders on sands – French and English. Home. Jig-saw and read.

Friday 16th August 1918

To shops. Then on sands. All bathed (9th). Lovely. After dinner read; and Eva and I spent 45 minutes waiting for dough-nuts. After tea (very late) all walked up hill at back and saw McCormick reaper and binder. Home. To bed 9.45.


Saturday 17th August 1918

Sea fret.
Very wet most of the day. Children in playroom. Jig-saw and out a little to shops. Read in p.m. and all walked to Morthoe after tea. Finer. Asked prices of Watersmeet Hotel £4.40 and Castlerock Hotel £3.30 (not very nice). And Morthoe Hotel £2.12.6! at top of the hill. Near the village. Eva swallowed a stone.

Watersmeet Hotel, Morthoe

Quarrydene – very nice apartments (Bachelor and Jones said so).
2 De Tracey Villa (Mrs Ashford) nice.
(Paid Alys £6 for whole time)
We stayed at Mrs Fewings’ Avondale. Nelly and Olive.

Sunday 18th August 1918

Cold wind. Dull. Lovely sunny p.m.
All on sands, and dug large pond for stream. Mrs Sprott and Phil and children. After dinner rested and after 4 o’clock tea, all walked golf-links and sand-dunes. Lovely evening. Quiet evening. Reading.

Monday 19th August 1918

Sea fret.
Tidied things up. To shops and post-office and muddled about. Children on beach. The Clutterbucks came to tea, and moved in our other sitting-room. Alys and I quickly to get “pin-cushions” thrift. Packed up.

Tuesday 20th August 1918

Misty then fine and hot.
Breakfast 7.30. Cut sandwiches. All ready to go and no motor came at 9, so missed train! However to Ilfracombe for a.m. Lunch in shop and walked about. 1.25 train to Salisbury (1st class 26/-, now 39/6). Changed. On to Netley. Dennis met us. Supper. Children very good on journey. To bed 10.30. I unwell.

Wednesday 21st August 1918

Very fine and very hot.
Unpacked. Over to Y.M.C.A. to see Dorothy. Back. In grounds with Dennis and Alys at Y.M.C.A. Then Eva and Phil bathed. After lunch Alys again to Y.M.C.A. and I read and rested. Then at 4.30. Dennis showed me Isolation Garden. Tea. At 5 I to Y.M.C.A. till 8.15. Miss Harold there and lecture. Very enjoyable time. Dorothy to supper.

Thursday 22nd August 1918

Very fine and hot.
Breakfast 7.15. Dennis to London for day. Alys and Rose and Doris and Doughty and I moved things, pictures, books into other flat “F.O.3.” Bathed the children. Doz also on beach. Rested in p.m. Alys to Colonel and Lady Lawless’ garden and tennis party. Picked flowers in Isolation. To Y.M – Doz to supper. All 3 to meet Dennis 9.30.

Friday 23rd August 1918

Duller, and a little cooler.
Slept in corridor of F.O.3! Doz over; Alys and I to Southampton to buy chest of drawers and had lunch there. Home. Alys took papers to Wards. I read. Tea. Then at 6 to Y.M.C.A. and helped till 8.30. Dorothy back with us to supper 6.30. Talked. Saw her back to hut 10.15.

Saturday 24th August 1918

Read Harvey’s diary and letters. Alys to shops. I out with Dorothy and then Alys and I bathed, with Eva and Phil. Lovely. Warm. After lunch rested, and after tea Alys, Dennis and I cycled over to Bursledon. Called on Helen and Eva Webb. Back at 8 with vegetable marrow. Dorothy to dinner. Dorothy read Harvey’s diary.

Back from holiday 25th.
British advance – Taking Bapaume Combles. French take Noyon.

Sunday 25th August 1918

Showery. Cooler.
Breakfast 9.15. or so. Dorothy in. Then all walked on pier and in Mrs Eliot Yorke’s grounds. Quiet p.m. Dennis to a tetanus case at Southampton. Jig-saws. Alys and Dennis saw me off to Waterloo by 6.57 from Netley. Arrived 10.35. Tube strike and no taxis or buses. Train to Clapham Junction. Tram and 49 bus. Arrived 102 Oakley Street at nearly midnight.

Monday 26th August 1918

Very showery.
To Aldwych. Mr Leggett away for day. L.L.B. took Committee and I not in. Wrote Alys and Smith & Sons. Lunch at Club. Captain Bourne in. Not busy. Good deal of conversation. F.F.B. Home on bus and straight to 6 Elm Park Road to pack up things for Dorothy. Sent parcel off. After dinner wrote Doz, Helen and Wade.

Tuesday 27th August 1918

Dull. Rain later, cooler.
To Aldwych. Not busy. Wrote letter to Tante and did some cases. H.A.L. in, and the Businessmen’s Commission came; Sir Claude Schuster. Lunch at New Court. Miss Newton’s Committee in p.m. Back in rain by bus. Fish (in patty things), veal pie and shape and raspberries in custard glasses. Finished letter to Tante.

Wednesday 28th August 1918

To Aldwych. Letter from Alys. Not at all busy day. To Club to lunch. Sent off postal order 5/6 to Alys and 5d to Fred Ridort, Whitstable. Bread and marmalade for Mrs Downes; Keyser brought me 2 pots of jam!!! Back via Shoolbred’s and Redcliffe Road. To 68 Cathcart Studio. Did art needlework. In evening. To bed 9.15.

Thursday 29th August 1918

Fine and warm.
Letter from Uncle Doc. To Aldwych. Not busy. Wrote Defresne. Lunch at Club. Quite slack pm. To 6 Elm Park Road on way home to search for my tax paper. Dinner. To bed 9.30. Read “The Lad with Wings”; Bertha Ruck (Mrs Oliver Onions).

Friday 30th August 1918

Dull. Cooler.
To Aldwych. Mr Baxter took Committee. I stayed in my room for queries. H.A.L. busy with Sir Claude Schuster and Chitting? I wrote to Uncle Doc. Lunch at Club. Took letter to E.V. Miles, and bus to Selfridge’s to see butterflies. Miss Newton’s Committee. Home via needlework shop. To bed 9.15.

Saturday 31st August 1918

To Aldwych. Sufficient work. Letter from Polly about coal and wrote to her. Lunch at Club. At 2 to Stoll Picture Theatre – “The Flame of the Yukon” and Jacko’s Secret”. Home, via Boots Library. Got “Liliecrona’s Home” by Selma Lagerlöf. Read and sewed.


Back from holiday 26th
Biscuits 27th 1/5 (1lb)
Sent Helen £5.0.0. for wedding present.
2 pots jam 1/10 (Kesyer Morels).
Sent letter to Tante 28th a.m. (about my work O.E.)
Letter to Uncle Doc 30th
1 ton coal – 15,000 feet gas

Sunday 1st September 1918

Fine. Windy.
Stayed in bed all a.m., reading “Liliecrona’s Home”. Lovely morning! After dinner, walked to Chelsea football ground, watched Canadians v. U.S. Army Base ball game. Canada won (Farnboro’), 3/- seat. Home. Read. Supper. To bed 8.45 and read in bed till 10. Hugh Gibson’s Diary.

Monday 2nd September 1918

Dull. Cold.
To Aldwych. Committee. Standaert, H.A.L. and me. Not very busy. To butterfly shop, Gardener’s. Lunch at New Court. To Selfridge’s, sent chest of drawers to Eva. 13.4. and wrote to her. In at Eagle Hut on way home. Home by ‘bus. Dinner and to bed at 8.45

Tuesday 3rd September 1918

To Aldwych. Not very busy. Lunch at New Court. To Bourne and Hollingsworth and bought bow and tulle (for evening instead of stock collar). Miss Newton and Van Lierde so not time for tea. Supper at Eustace Miles Restaurant. To Ciro’s (me: nightclub) (Y.M.C.A) at 7. Helped wait till 10 o’clock. Introduced by Miss Moore. Home on bus. Tired.

Wednesday 4th September 1918

To Aldwych. Did cases. Wrote Alys and Smith and Sons. Lunch at Club F.F.B. (Baxter). Bought map. Not very much work. Read. Home. Rested (walked from Sloane Square). Dinner. Did sewing and to bed 9.30. Wrote K.H. Davey.

Thursday 5th September 1918

Damp. Muggy, rain and thundery.
Work about 5, rain pouring. To Aldwych. Looked at maps! Wrote Doz and Wade. Lunch at Club. To Weldon’s for Richelieu workbook.

Friday 6th September 1918

To Aldwych. In Committee for ¾ hour. Miss Schuster, Standaert. Mr Leggett away for holiday. Lunch at Club. Very busy all afternoon. Cases, queries and Miss Newton’s Committee. Sewed very late(!) In bed about 10.

Saturday 7th September 1918

Showery. Some sunshine.
To Aldwych. Not too busy a.m. Wade came at 12.35. Took her to lunch at New Court. Then bus to Hyde Park. Listened to band – 3 till 4. Tea at Stewart’s. Saw Wade on to ‘bus, and walked to Mrs Bonner’s. Talked till 6.30. Home. Dinner. Hot bath. Bed 9 p.m.

Gösta Berling by Selma Lagerlöf won the Nobel Prize – “Jerusalem” same author and Liliecrona’s Home – Dent & Sons.

Sunday 8th September 1918

Very changeable. Heavy Showers.
Breakfast in bed. Out at 10 a.m. to 68 Cathcart Studios. Spent a happy hour there, measuring. Back to Oakley Street. Wrote to Tante. Rested after dinner. Wrote Bank. Tea in drawing room. Out to call on Susie. She away still. Home. Mended stockings. Supper. Bath. Sewed in bed.

Monday 9th September 1918

Sunny. Cool.
To Aldwych. Pretty well occupied all day. F.F.B. in Committee. I not in. Lunch at New Court and then to Eustace Miles about Osgood. Busy p.m. Many in and out. To Blake’s for Army and Navy chocolate before 6. Back. Read. Dinner. Sardines and cress, steak and veg. pancakes and jam. To bed 9.45.

Tuesday 10th September 1918

To Aldwych. Pretty busy. Lunch with Schuster at Court Tea Rooms. Did 30 rewewals. Stayed at office, working at cosy cover, till 6.30. Wrote Aunt Alice and Wade. To Y.M.C.A. (Ciro’s). Supper there, with Moore. Waited on soldiers till 10. Home on bus. To bed 10.55.

Wednesday 11th September 1918

To Aldwych. Pretty busy a.m. difficult cases. Miss Hill and I with F.F.B. to Piccadilly. Lunch at Stewart’s and then to Naval Photography at Prince’s. Very good indeed. Back in office by 2.20! Pretty busy. Wrote Alys. Home via Earl’s Court but Mrs Francis out. Did passbook accounts till 9.30.

American Offensive round Saint Mihiel – 12th

Thursday 12th September 1918

Fine, but showers.
To Aldwych. Not at all busy day. Lunch at Club. To Gamage’s to look at gas ovens. Nothing much doing all p.m. To W.H. Smith’s library, got Van Dyke’s “Fighting for Peace”. Home. Dinner and hot bath. Read.


Friday 13th September 1918

To Aldwych via Jermyn Street. Committee. Mrs Samuel, Standaert, Smeesters. I in ½ time. Very busy all day. Lunch at Express, and to Bourne and Hollingsworth to look at evening dresses. Home. To bed early. Not into Miss Newton’s Committee. Too busy!

Saturday 14th September 1918

Rain. Muggy.
To Aldwych. Busy a.m. Miss Hill away. Lunch at Club. Home. Rested on bed. Packed up. Wrote Ella and Aunt Eliza. By bus and tube to Hampstead. To Shenton’s. Bath, dinner, dressed and to Benmore. Dancing. Gerrishes. Captain Wilson (Times). Home. 1.30. a.m. Cocoa To bed 2.15 a.m.

Letter to Tante 9th.
Wrote A.B. cheque £20 – 10th
My 39th birthday (13th)

E.V.M. says collect income-tax (deduct) and send receipts at same time, that Smith’s send me.

Sunday 15th September 1918

Fine, warm.
Up very late. Breakfast 10.30 or 11. At 12 Ted took me in motor to Piccadilly. I took bus to Chelsea. Rested, slept in p.m. Did hair, and had bath. After tea to 6 Elm Park Road for Albert Hall tickets and to see Mrs Francis – No 65. Wrote C.H.W. and Tades with cheque.

Monday 16th September 1918

Fine. Very warm.
To Aldwych. (I unwell). Miss Hillon holiday, so I took Committee and did her cases. Standaert very excited about peace offer to Belgium. Lunch at Club Pretty busy all day, dictating letters . Home. Very tired. Rested, dinner. To bed 8.20! Read till 9. Bird’s Fountain. Baroness von Hutten.

Tuesday 17th September 1918

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. Busy with Miss Hill’s work. Lunch at Club. Read Mr Woolf’s book “One Way Out”. Very busy all p.m. Miss Newton’s Committee and dictating letters. Away late. To Y.M.C.A. (Ciro’s). Supper there. 11½d. Tired and plenty of helpers so away early. Hot bath and to bed 9.

Wednesday 18th September 1918

Fine. Warm, some showers.
To Aldwych. Pretty busy, doing Miss Hill’s work. Lunch at National Kitchen with Mr Woolf and Mr Baxter. Dicated. Busy p.m. Home via Earl’s Court to Electric Company and saw Miss Palmer too. Susie to dine with me at 102 Oakley Street. Read Davis’ letters to each other. I saw her home at 9 in pouring rain.

When national kichens come in bulk! 1918
National Kitchens opened in the First World War to help poor people get hot food. Date: 1918

Thursday 19th September 1918

Dull and colder. Then fine.
To Aldwych. Not many renewals, but busy putting 4 of Miss Hill’s cases. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. with Miss Hill’s work. Stayed late. Supper at Eustace Miles Restaurant. To meet Shentons and party at Coliseum. 15 of us to see Russian Ballet. Prince Igor. And Canadians.

Friday 20th September 1918

Fine. Rain in night.
To Aldwych. Committee. Mrs Samuel, M. Standaert and I. Lunch at Club. Very busy all day. Home. Did needlework. To bed about 9. Read “Bird’s Fountain” Baroness Van H. till 9.30.

Saturday 21st September 1918

Fine. Rain in night.
To Aldwych. Bought wool for Barbara’s knickers. Mr Leggett back again. Lunch at Club. 1.45 to Stoll Picture House. Saw “Seek and Ye Shall Find” and “Adam Bede” with Bransby Williams. Home. Tea. Knitted. Dinner. Hot bath.

Sent Tades cheque £20 – 16th
“One Way Out” by William Carleton.
Grosset and Dunlap, New York
“A salary-drawing New Englander emigrates to America”.

Allenby’s Great Victory over Turks in Palestine.


Sunday 22nd September 1918

Dull, damp.
Wrote Mrs Hilson. Breakfast in bed. Round to buy newspaper. Wrote Tante. Rested, after lunch, To National History Museum and on to ½ an Albert Hall concert. Ben Davies. Back, knitted. Hot bath. Knitted at Barbara’s – socks all evening, until 9.30. To bed.

Monday 23rd September 1918

Lovely day.
To Aldwych, via Earl’s Court, where signed contract for electric meter. Committee. Not long or difficult. Only H.A.L. and Smeesters and me. Lunch at Club. Tart and cake from Wadie. Busy p.m. Letters. Walked to Victoria via Pall Mall. Knitted. Felt cold and chilly.

Tuesday 24th September 1918

Fine, then dull.
To Aldwych, via High Street Kensington. No 49 ‘bus. To Gas Company about stoves. To city. Busy a.m. Lunch at Baber’s in Jermyn Street. To Liberty’s to see light-shades. Busy p.m. with letters. Wrote Shoolbred’s and Wade. Railway strike. Home. Hot bath. Knitted till 9.40.

Wednesday 25th September 1918

To Aldwych. Italy’s Day. A good many letters. Wrote Alys and Kitty. Lunch in office (sandwich). To Faraday and Sons to look at lampshades. Not busy p.m. Home straight (walked to Charing Cross). Wound wool and started 2nd pair knickers for Kit. To bed 9.30.

Franco-American Attack – N.W. of Verdun – 26th
British enters Bulgaria – 26th
Belgian attack 28th.

Thursday 26th September 1918

To Aldwych. Not busy. Out at 12.35. Lunch at New Court 1/-. To Selfridge’s. Bought paper and cardboard dishes and plates. 100 serviettes 3/-. Not very busy. Back via 6 Elm Park Road where Fred Barnard’s (Aunt Alice, Doz and Poz) had just arrived from Broadway. 3 hours late by strike on Railways. Hot bath and altered furs.

Friday 27th September 1918

Fine, cool.
To Aldwych. Committee. Not long. Not very busy. Lunch at Club. Back and read. Letters. To Chelsea. Dressed; 49 ‘bus to Kensington. Dinner at the Baxter’s. Dr Durant (U.S.A.) and Mauritius doctor and Mr Joyce. Talked. Sang ”Over There”. Mademoiselle Roisin too. Home by train bout 11.30.

Saturday 28th September 1918

To Aldwych. Lunch at Club. No 13 busy to Cootie’s. Tied up machine. Walked with Ethel and Miss Miles’es. Then tea at Compayne. Back by train to Gloucester Road. To Elm Park Road for letter. Home. Read. Dined. Hot bath and bed 8.30.

Insert 1918
Found in the 1918 Diary

Read ”Uneasy Money” Wodehouse – amusing.
Albert Hall Sunday concert – 22nd and 29th
Letter to Tante 22nd
To Mrs Baxter;’s Friday 7.30.

To Cootie’s Saturday
Salary paid by cheque £15

Unconditional Surrender of Bulgaria – 30th
Belgians take Roulers?

Sunday 29th September 1918

Dull, then wet.
In bed to breakfast. Out to Redcliffe Road. To Church!! In Cranley Gardens because wanted to sing praises. Sewed and darned in p.m. And Dorothy came to tea in lounge with me. I to supper at 6 Elm Park Road and back in drenching rain 9.30.  “Summer-time” ended.

Monday 30th September 1918

Rain, then finer.
Holiday for me. To Redcliffe Road. Got key. Ordered shelves at Farmer’s. To Electric Company. Chose lampiflex. To Kensington Town Hall about Fuel Order. To Gas Company about fires. To Harrods. To Selfridge’s. Lunch there. Looked at evening dresses. To Shoolbred’s – 2 till 3. Chose furniture. Bought sofa. Read U.S.A. papers. Tea at Le Rouget. Bought evening dress at Plater’s. To bed at 9.30 Very tired. Knitted.

Tuesday 1st October 1918

Fine, cold, sunny.
To Aldwych via Redcliffe Road! Not busy. Wrote to Alys and for marmalade, and to Tante, and Mrs Samuel (her son killed). To Army and Navy Stores at lunch-time. Talked to Mr Leggett about lost tribes. F.F.B home early. Back in bus. Then to Redcliffe Road with biscuit tin and hat! Back to dinner and hot bath.

Wednesday 2nd October 1918

Damp. Very cold.
To Aldwych. Stopped to pay 18/6 for book-shelves at Britall’s, Victoria Street. Not much work. Lunch 8d at New Court. To Jaeger’s to look at jerseys. Bought lemon marmalade at Rayson’s! Coffee at Kardomah. Not busy. Wrote “Busy”. Home via Redcliffe Road. Dinner. Packed all evening. Read “The Years for Rachel” by Berta Ruck.

Thursday 3rd October 1918

To Aldwych via Redcliffe Road and Electric Company at Earl’s Court (£2 deposit on Meter). Very slack day. Lunch (from Gurney, 1/-) in office, as tired. Wrote Alys on typewriter, with £5 for Rex and Pat. Via Redcliffe Road home. Took jam, milk. Bath and to bed, after finishing packing.

Friday 4th October 1918

Fine, Sunny.
At 9 to Elm Park Road and then to Redcliffe Road and waited there (with Dorothy) till 12.20. No pantechnicon, so to Elm Park Road and ‘phoned Shoolbred’s. Lunch Elm Park Road. Then to Shoolbred’s, via Earls Court. Bought bookshelves and rug-wool for jersey 17/-. Back to 102. 103 in via Food Office, High Street Kensington. To bed early.

Saturday 5th October 1918

Again waited for furniture, who arrived at 11. Very busy unpacking crates. Doz also. Both to lunch at Elm Park Road. Back again and very busy. Men away at 3.30. Tipped £1.00! Very tired. Tea and supper at 102 Oakley Street and there for the night. Polly brought.

Move in to 68 Cathcart Studies – 4th October.
Solac 3/-
Birthday letter to Tante 1.10.18
Letter to Busy 2.10.18.

German Peace Offer and President Wilson’s Reply

Sunday 6th October 1918

Fine day. Warmer.
Breakfast in bed. Left Oakley Street. Paid bill. With suitcase to Redcliffe Road (phoned F.F.B.) Dorothy round, and both unpacked crates all morning. Lunch at Elm Park Road. Took my ham. Busy again. Alone in p.m. Sorting and washing up etc. Polly over. Helped make bed and lay rugs. Supper and to bed 9.15?

Monday 7th October 1918

Showery, warm.
Up 7.30. No pennies, so couldn’t have a bath or cook! Hughes came to rescue. Cooked bacon and coffee. Foreman came about 11 and packed 6 large crates. Lunch at home. He unpacked 4 book crates in p.m. Shopped from 4.30. till 6. Very tired. Supper 7. To bed 8.30.

Tuesday 8th October 1918

Dine, cool. Showery.
Up 7. Hot geyser bath (1d in slot). Cooked bacon and coffee. To Aldwych. Not busy. Wrote Alys, Nell Sime, Phoebe. “Lunch” at Club. Hot beef, beans and suet roll! To Smith’s. Home by No 11 and Park Walk. Supper (beans, tomato). Miss Smythe came at 8 for an hour. Arranged books. To bed 9.50.

Wednesday 9th October 1918

Rain, damp.
Up 7. Hot bath. Breakfast. Did curtains. To Aldwych, via dairy and Earl’s Court Station. Not busy. Wrote Cootie with 2/- for machine, C.P. Lunch at Club. H.A.L. to Conference re salaries with Treasury and L.G.B. Back via Aunt Alice’s where stayed till 7. Home. Hung pictures and arranged things generally. Captain gave party, so music dancing and till 7.50. To bed 9.50.

Thursday 10th October 1918

Warmer. Dull.
Up 7. Hot bath. Walked to Oakley Street for washing. To Aldwych on bus. Not very busy. Lunch at Club, then to Appenrodt’s and back via Bedford Street. Work in p.m. Home by 11. Bus. Bought bread. Doz called, with knife-cleaner. Supper. Then cleaned wicker chair and laid my carpet. To bed 10.

Friday 11th October 1918

Warm. Fine.
Did lots of tidying up. Unpacked packing-case of games. To Aldwych Committee, Mrs Samuel, F.F.B., Smeesters. F.F.B. bad cold, so away in p.m. Lunch at New Court. Walked along Strand. Felt very cold, achy, chilly. Took 2 aspirins. Busy in p.m. 92 cases. Home by South Kensington. Bought things at Delft’s. Arranged books.

Saturday 12th October 1918

Up at 7. To Aldwych. Not at all busy. Left early and to Selfridge’s. Bought food,buns and had lunch there. Home. Wade came and we worked at curtains and polished fender. She stayed to tea and supper. Very tired. To bed at 9. I unwell.

Pay Mrs F. 41/- on 10th.
Done. Hooks and rod 1/10

German Reply conceding Wilson’s 14 points. Wilson’s Reply.

Sunday 13th October 1918

Very fine. Cold.
Up at 8.15. Breakfast. Doz in, and helped unpack marmalade. Aunt Alice called also. I dined with F.B.’s – 1 o’clock. Worked hard all p.m. arranging things and unpacking trunks. Polly in, and Miss Palmer At 8.40 I to Waterloo to meet Alys. Arrived 10.12 (very tired). Home together. She in my bed. I on window seat.

Monday 14th October 1918

Dull, chilly.
Letter from Uncle Doc. Up at 7. Hot baths and breakfast. Both to Gas Company in Kensington. On. Alys shopped. I Aldwych, on Committee. Very long. Alys came to lunch. New Court and to Carmelite House. Back via Elm Park Road to call for Alys, who to tea there. Home. Got supper. To bed at 10. Fire for short time.

Tuesday 15th October 1918

Fine. Mild.
Up 7. Hot baths. Got butter ration. Alys and I to Aldwych. Alys shopping. I quiet morning. With Alys in taxi to Kensington at 1. Lunch Barker’s and Alys bought coat and skirt £11.11.0. I back to Aldwych by bus. Miss Newton’s Committee. Alys called for me 5.30. Walked Waterloo. Supper. Venison. Saw Alys off at 7 p.m. Home. To bed 9 p.m.

Wednesday 16th October 1918

Up 7. To Aldwych by South Kensington. Not at all busy. At lunch, (sandwiches in office) to Finchley Road and fetched silver from Bank. Back by 13 bus to Aldwych. Not busy. Took silver home with me (very heavy) by 13 to Piccadilly, and 14 bus on. Supper, pea-soup, boiled egg and tart. Busy with canvases all evening. To bed 9.50.

Ostende occupied 18th and Lille and Douai by us.

Thursday 17th October 1918

Fine. Milder.
Paid rent £11. Woke 7.30. Up. To Farmer’s and Electric Company with lamp and via Earl’s Court to Aldwych. Not busy. Lunch with Miss Schuster at Court Tea Rooms. Exciting news of Ostend and Lille being occupied by us. Home and arranged and stacked away books all evening. To bed 9.40 (Home via Earl’s Court about electric lamp and to National Kitchen. Got fish cake and onion).

Friday 18th October 1918

Cold. Foggy.
To Aldwych. Committee with Mrs Samuel. F.F.B. away. Fairly busy. Lunch at Club. Miss Newton in p.m. Cold day. Wore jersey. Home via Earl’s Court. Got vegs and peas pud – National Kitchen. At 7.20 to Aunt Alice’s to supper. Mark Simmonds and Mr Tonks in evening. Knitted. Home 9.30. To bed.

Saturday 19th October 1918

Fine. Mild.
To Aldwych, via Sainsbury’s. Not very busy. Bolt cards. H.A.L. to L.G.B. and F.F.B. away so I alone. New Ration Book came. Lunch at Club. Home. Wade there till 7.30. Did curtains. Doz to tea and took boot-shelves on cycle. Supper, after seeing Wade off in bus. To bed early.

20th Bruges occupied by us.

Sunday 20th October 1918

Rain all day.
Up at 8.30. Out to get newspaper. Very busy all day, hanging pictures. Washing and ironing. Washed hair. “Sausages and mashed” for dinner. Wrote Ella and arranged desk and did sewing. After supper to Aunt Alice’s and sat in dark by wood fire.

Monday 21st October 1918

Dull. Mild.
To Aldwych. Miss Hill away ill, also F.F.B. away. I took Committee. Miss Marshall, of Stoke Newington there. Lunch at Club. Dictated letters. Very busy, with renewals and letters. Home at 6.45. Pea-soup and boiled egg for supper. Sorted piece-box till 9.50. to bed.

Tuesday 22nd October 1918

Fine. Mild.
Hot bath. To Aldwych. Pretty busy as Hill still away. Moore helped with cases. Lunch at Buszard’s Counter and Selfridge’s. Bought coat lining at Lewis’s. Back at work. Miss Newton’s Committee. Home at 6.45 via No 11. Cushion at Tulley’s 4/3/ Dorothy in, in evening. Till 9.20. Sewed cushions. To bed.

Wednesday 23rd October 1918

Fine. Foggy.
To Aldwych, to Nicholl’s to order glass top to wash stand 13/6. Hill still away. So fairly busy but Moore helped. Lunch at Club. To Swan and Edgar’s. Bought America cloth. Busy p.m. Home by No 11. Supper. Made porridge. Sewed woolwork curtains all evening. Till 9.45.

Thursday 24th October 1918

Fine. Colder.
To Aldwych via No 30. Lewis’s and bought 2 cushions 5/11 and 9/11 (covered one). Wrote Alys and Tades. Lunch at Club. Miss Hill’s work in p.m. She still away. Home by Earl’s Court and bought things at National Kitchen. Supper and sewed rings on curtain all evening. To bed 9.50.

Friday 25th October 1918

Dull. Mild.
Hot bath. To Aldwych on 19 bus. Walked along Pall Mall. Took Committee. Mrs Samuel, M. Smeesters and Koch. Fire in office – 1st time. Walked to Baber’s, Jermyn Street for lunch. To Royal Automobile Club, Pall Mall to give Albert Hall tickets for Overseas Officers. Back via Gloucester Road Sainsbury’s. Home. Finished Barbara’s knickers, by knitting all evening. To bed 9.45.

Saturday 26th October 1918

Fine. Mild.
To Aldwych. F.F.B. away. Not very much work. Lunch at Club with Miss Farrell (Syria). Home. Muddled about. Knitted jersey (began it) of rug-wool. To bed. Felt rather coldy.

Sunday 27th October 1918

Up, but didn’t feel well. Bad cold. Round to Aunt Alice’s, but not in. Home and straight to bed. Took temperature at 5 p.m. Just under 102 degrees. Rather restless night.

Monday 28th October 1918

Sent note to Dorothy by Mrs Francis. To ask to phone to Aldwych. Also for Doctor. Later on Doz came. Talked through door. Dr Lowe came at 4.30 and signed certificate of “influenza” to send Aldwych.

Spanish Influenza Pandemic Public Notice

Tuesday 29th October 1918

In bed with flu. 100? Nearly 102 again.

Wednesday 30th October 1918

In bed with flu – 99.5 degrees. Nearly 101. I point below.

Thursday 31st October 1918

Warm, muggy.
In bed with flu. Temperature up again in evening to nearly 102. Rather disappointing.

Friday 1st November 1918

In bed. Dr (Capt) Lowe came again. Read Henrietta Temple.

Saturday 2nd November 1918

In bed. Normal all day but stayed in bed. Wade came and brought oxtail soup. Lovely.

I owe Wade 27/6 which she has lent me.
£15.12.2 – October salary (received 12th November)

Sunday 3rd November 1918

Actually stayed in bed again all day, tho’ normal, but felt ill with sore throat. Wade spent day. Very cheering.

Monday 4th November 1918

Got up. Very tired. Very dull day. Did 2 scrambled eggs for lunch. Bovril for supper. No appetite.

Tuesday 5th November 1918

Got up Wade spent day again, which was very nice. Hot chicken, cooked at 6 Elm Park Road. Knitted. Out to Post Office for £10.16.5! Began jig-saw which Poz bought. Alys wired not coming. Boiled fillets for supper.

Wednesday 6th November 1918

Muddled about. Polly in, with fish. Rested in p.m. Gave up hope of Alys but she came at 4! She over to F.B’s (Fred Barnard’s – Aunt Alice, Doz and Poz) after tea. Dorothy Barnard in. Alys bad headache in evening. Both to bed about 9.30. Alys on window seat.

Thursday 7th November 1918

Fog in London. Perfect day in country.
Up at 7. To Earl’s Court and tube to Waterloo. Down to Netley by 10.30 train. Lovely in country. Lunch. Quiet p.m. Not out. I unwell. Down to Y.M.C.A. Alys to dancing-class with Philip.

Friday 8th November 1918

Very fine. Walked to Netley Post Office with Alys. Then back and sat by Royal Victoria Hospital in sun for long time. Talked to Colonel Sir Warren Crooke-Lawless. Quiet p.m. Down to Y.M.C.A. at 8 p.m. for Alys.

Saturday 9th November 1918

Rain, then cleared up. Out with Alys. Walked round outside Hospital with Alys.

Armistice Signed 11th = PEACE!!

Sunday 10th November 1918

Colder. Dull. Out with Alys and Phil to Mrs Eliot Yorke’s grounds. Sat in Battery. Quiet p.m. over fire and evening.

Monday 11th November 1918

Heard Armstice signed. Germany’s Total Surrender. To front of Hospital. Cheering. To Southampton. Alys saw me off to Waterloo. Arrived 2.30. Struggled in crowd to Aldwych. Holiday there. To 6 Elm Park Road to tea and stayed to supper. Home. Great rejoicings. Light!

Tuesday 12th November 1918

To Aldwych. 9.25 by 11 bus. Not much work, 81 cases. Lunch at Club. A good deal of mafficking still. Miss Newton in p.m. Felt very tired. Home. Sheets lighter. Shops. Supper and crocheted edge of new jersey. Wrote Aunt Bella!!

Wednesday 13th November 1918

To Aldwych by No 11. Not much work. Wrote Alys and Madame Roefs. Lunch at Club. Felt very chilly. Sat quietly most of p.m. but did some work. Home by No 11. Dorothy called at 6.45 till nearly 8.3. Crocheted my jersey. Posted card to Miss Smythe.

Thursday 14th November 1918

Very foggy, then finer.
To Aldwych. Not busy. Quiet day. Lunch at Club. Card from Grumbar. Home. Finished off jersey.

Friday 15th November 1918

Fine. Cold.
Holiday for King Albert’s Day. Up late. To Town Hall, about gas and votes. To Swan and Edgar’s. Bought skirt. Gave silver and gold things to Red Cross in Bond Street. Lunch at Selfridge’s. Bought blouses, stockings, night dress and plate-warmer. Also to Shoolbred’s. To Aunt Alice’s 5 to 6p.m. Miss Smythe came, with my coat.

Saturday 16th November 1918

To Aldwych, via Sainsbury’s. Not busy. Did Bolt cards. Lunch at Selfridge’s, where went hastily for lining. Home by 31 to Earls Court Road. Busy with odds and ends at home. Washing marble.

Wrote Aunt Bella – 12th
Got my cheque – £15.12.2 for October.
Letter from Tante – 15th

Surrender of the German Fleet.

Sunday 17th November 1918

Cold. Dull.
Hot bath. Breakfast 9. Ironed jersey. Washed vest. Tidied up. Doz in. After lunch to Westminster Abbey at 3. Crowded Carnegie preached. Kipling’s intercessional “Lest we Forget”. To tea at Aunt Alice’s. Mrs Lemon there. Home. Supper. Sewed blue serge dress. Mended night-dress.

Monday 18th November 1918

Wrote Ella. To Aldwych. Wore serge dress. F.F.B. in Committee. I typed letter to Tante. Lunch at Club. Wrote Wade, Favresse and Defresne. A few cases. Airships sailed over. Back via Swan and Edgar’s and took black skirt. Looked over portfolios in evening. To bed 9.35.

Tuesday 19th November 1918

To Aldwych. Quite busy. 100 cases. Lunch at Club. Mr Blanchard in long talk. Miss Newton’s Committee. F.F.B. to Richmond at 4.30. 6,000 women marched by, re unemployment. Read and looked over old cuttings in evening. Wrote Alys.

Wednesday 20th November 1918

Foggy, cold.
To Aldwych, via Haymarket, bought pressed beef (2/- lb) 6d. Not at all busy. Lunch at Club. Quiet p.m. Wade at Studio, sewing curtains and polishing. Home. Tired-ish. Read in evening. To bed 9.15.

Thursday 21st November 1918

Fine, misty, sunshine.
To Aldwych. Mr Woolf in, but not to work. Wrote to C.H.W. with Postal Order 2/6. Sent off letter to Uncle Doc. Lunch at Club. Very little work – 37 cases!!! Home via Piccadilly. Got up bedroom curtains. Supper and very lazy evening, reading over fire.

Friday 22nd November 1918

Fine, lovely day.
To Aldwych, via Sainsbury’s. In Committee, Mrs Samuel, Mr Smeester and Koch and Gooreind. Lunch at Club. Not at all busy. Miss Newton’s Committee. Heard salaries are raised. Called in 6 Elm Park Road on way home. Looked over old papers. In evening. To bed 9.30.

Saturday 23rd November 1918

To Aldwych. Bought cakes on way. Tube. Not very busy. Lunch at Club. Back after long waiting by 2 buses. Tidied things up and Miss Rose Schuster came to tea 4.30. In evening went through packing-case, piece box.

Letter to Tante 18th
Letter to Uncle Doc 21st

Lights up, Doctor and prison 1912 poem N.Y. Typed.

Sunday 24th November 1918

Mild, no fire all day.
Very busy day, going through portfolios. Went to Aunt Alice’s 12.20 till 1. Mr Steer there. More portfolios in p.m. Clapham and Bewley sketch book. To Aunt Alice’s in evening again, and looked at my profile collection. Shadow.

Monday 25th November 1918

Mild, no fire in a.m.
To Aldwych via Sainsbury’s for sugar and lard. Not in Committee. Mr Baxter in, as H.A.L. at the Board. Wrote Alys and Susie. To Club to lunch. Cases in p,m. Home via Earl’s Court and National Kitchen. Busy making shoe cupboard all evening. Put on hinges and fasteners.

Tuesday 26th November 1918

Rain, very muddy.
To Aldwych via Nicholl’s to pay for glass. Sent off parcel to Wade. Fairly busy at Aldwych, 101 cases, Lunch at Club. To Selfridge’s to change stockings and to Bank for £10. Home via Plater’s and sent evening dress to Alys. Called in at 6 Elm Park Road. Quiet evening, reading “Gosla Berling”.

Wednesday 27th November 1918

To Aldwych via Nicholl’s for varnish. Not busy. Lunch at Club and to Army and Navy Stores. Walked to Westminster in Abbey, while waiting. At 2.30 to Repatriation Committee Meeting at Local Government. Basil Peto, Mr Oxley, and all L.C. people. Very interesting. Back to office at 4 for F.F.B. Home at 5.30. Varnished shoe cupboard.

Thursday 28th November 1918

Rain, Mild.
To Aldwych. Not very busy. Had a quick lunch at A.B.C. and then walked to Royal Automobile Club about Albert Hall tickets and to London Library about selling books for Red Cross. Home via Earl’s Court and bought vegetables at National Kitchen. After supper to Aunt Alice’s for evening. To bed 10.15.

Friday 29th November 1918

Mild, foggy, dark.
To Aldwych, via Sainsbury’s for cheese. Committee, only F.F. B. and me 11 till 12.5. Lunch at Club. Walked along Strand, got potato salad. Busy in pm, with Miss Newton. Oxley ran up at. Fuss about repatriating Antwerp refugees. Home, tired by No 11. Miss Smythe at 8.30 with coat.

Saturday 30th November 1918

Warm, dull.
To Aldwych, via Greally’s, Advertising Agent. Pretty busy, 46 cases and F.F. B. went to Fulham. Stayed till 1.30 (new rule). Lunch of sandwiches and cheese in office. Home. Then via 31 bus to Compayne. Tea there. Called on Miss Miles and back to 26 Compayne to dinner. Frances Palmer there. Home 10. Changed cheque for £10.

I am ration due.

Sunday 1st December 1918

Warm, dull, damp.
Hot bath. Tidied up. Wrote Wade, and Alys with silk dress. To Aunt Alice’s to lunch at 1. Home. Dressed again; By 31 and 27 to Miss Schuster’s, 20 Norfolk Square. Tea there. Then to supper at the Styer’s. Mr Styer in bed with cold. Talked. Home by tube at 10.

Monday 2nd December 1918

Very mild, dull.
To Aldwych. Committee, just F.F.B. and Mr Roxburgh and me. Lunch at Club; to Appenrodt’s for salad. Warm day. In p.m. 3.30 meeting about Repatriation – Leggett, T. Owen, Bassett, Webb, Campbell, Mrs Samuel, Woolf, Baxter, Terry, Mrs Passingham and me. Home punctually. Read on window-seat in evening. Tired.

Tuesday 3rd December 1918

Very warm.
To Aldwych, via London Library with Eaton Hall book (Castle Astley). So warm, no fire all day! Much talk re Repatriation .Lunch at Club. To Smith’s Miss Newton in pm. Home Sorted out portfolios. Dorothy in at 6.45 till 73.0. Did butterfly cabinet all evening.

Wednesday 4th December 1918

Mild, dull.
To Aldwych, via Sainsburys. Not busy. Wrote Rose (for wedding on 8th to Doughty). Sent Xmas cards to Solly’s and Edith Bache. Lunch early at Club. Went to Gamage’s, bought writing-case for Eva 9/9. Xmas. Not busy. Home via No 11. Did portfolios all evening. To bed 9.30

Thursday 5th December 1918

Very warm. Wore purple coat!
“Public Ledger” (Philadelphia daily newspaper) from Tante”. To Aldwych, via dairy, Earl’s Court tube to Dover Street, London Library with “Woburn Abbey”. Grumbar in, Mr Woolf ill again. Lunch at Club. Not very busy. Home, via Piccadilly, and telegraphed to Aunt Bella. After supper to Aunt Alice’s, 9 till 9.30. Mr Roller there. To bed about 10. Read.

Friday 6th December 1918

Mild. Wore purple coat. Drizzly.
To Aldwych, via London Library, with Riviera book. Mrs Samuel and I, Committee. Many cases. “Out of Works”. Lunch at Army and Navy Stores with Kitty. Meeting at 5 of P.R.F. Mr Leggett spoke on Repatriation. Home, via National Kitchen, Earl’s Court. Out again to buy oranges and bread. M. Marchot took letter to Brussels.

Saturday 7th December 1918

Mild. Fine.
To Aldwych. Not too busy. To lunch at Appendrodt’s (ham cutlet and lager beer!). Home. Tidied up. Susie Zileri at 3 o’clock till nearly 4. Then got tea ready, and Dorothy came 4.30 till 7. Talked over fire. In evening, looked over Swiss House box, Father’s diary 1886. Sat. To bed 9.45 or 10.

Advent Sunday. 10 Lost Tribes. St Luke’s, Redcliffe Square.

Sunday 8th December 1918

Mild, drizzly.
Breakfast 9. Unwell. Busy all a.m. Aunt Alice in at 12.45, and I back with her; dinner at 6 Elm Park Road. Home. Entirely re-did new black skirt, shortened it and altered waist band. Had tea. Finished letter to Tante. Darned stockings. Lay on window-seat and read newspapers till 9.15.

Monday 9th December 1918

To Aldwych. Busy. Committee with F.F.B. We did about 18 cases. Lunch at Club. Good deal to do, all day. Mr Woolf back. Discussed making Miss Newton ”Assisted Committee”. Home late via National Kitchen. Spent evening reading old diaries. To bed 9.30.

Tuesday 10th December 1918

Rain, then clearer.
To Aldwych by tube. Dover Street. Bought coffee. Committee!! 17 new cases with F.F.B. Lunch at Club. Bus to Fuller’s. Got chocolates. Miss Newton in p.m. Very “nervy”; became “Assisted Committee”. Home late (shopping and office till 6). Read journal in evening. To bed 9.45.

Wednesday 11th December 1918

To Aldwych via Sainsbury’s. Another Committee, 20 cases, with F.F.B. Very busy. Lunch at Club. Back and read paper. Fairly busy. Home by No 11, on top. Heard Sunday boat might not sail!!! Telegram from De Baeremaecker’s! All well. Round to Aunt Alice to tell them.

Thursday 12th December 1918

Mild. Muddy.
To Aldwych, via dairy and Sainsbury. Committee with F.F.B. At 12.30 Alys and Dennis in and had rolls and tongue and cheese in my office! They to “Nothing but the Truth” at Savoy. I home for latch-key and met them at Rendezvous Restaurant 6.20. Dinner. Then to see “The Title” at Royalty. Dress Circle. Fun. Home by tube and walked. Dennis and Alys slept on floor on cushions.

the title
The Title, a play in one act by Arnold Bennett, Royalty Theatre

Friday 13th December 1918

Rainy. Mild.
Alys and Dennis hot baths. Breakfast. To Aldwych. F.F.B. Committee, then Mrs Samuel and M. Koch. Lunch at Club. Not busy in p.m. No fire so warm. Tea in Miss Hill’s room. Jam from Mr Woolf. Met Alys and Dennis at Waterloo and had dinner together. They off to Netley. I home. Tired.

Saturday 14th December 1918

Rainy, mild.
To Aldwych. F.F.B. away and H.A.L. so pretty busy – 55 cases – queries. Lunch at Club. Home. Rain. To Mrs Hill’s to tea, 60 Napier Court, Hurlingham, nice flat (Putney way). Home. Did new evening dress all evening. Pinning on bead trimming.

Letter to Tante 9th.

Repatriation of Refugees.

Sunday 15th December 1918

Dull, mild.
Busy a.m. Odds and ends. To lunch at Leggett’s at 12.45. Then to St Pancras with them to see Refugees off. 500 in train. Interesting. Back to tea with Leggett’s. Miss Hill also. Nice. To Aunt Alice’s till 7 then home. Tired. Read paper on windowseat till 9.

Monday 16th December 1918

Dull, cooler.
To Aldwych. Mr Roxburgh and Monsieur Standaert in, just back from Brussels! Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. with work. Miss Newton on 4th floor. Home by No 11. In evening altered black silk dress, real lace. To bed 10. Read “Out of the War”.

Tuesday 17th December 1918

Fine. Cold.
To Aldwych on top of 11 bus. 43 new cases!! Lunch at New Court. To Eagle Hut later and arranged for Xmas Day. Helped Miss Newton in p.m. 63 new cases. Felt very tired. Home via Earl’s Court National Kitchen. To 74 Cathcart Studios about Refugees. Read over fire. To bed 9 o’clock.

Wednesday 18th December 1918

To Aldwych, via Aunt Alice’s where took 20/- for turkey. Not very busy. Wrote Tante. Lunch at Club. Bought books in Holborn for Buchanan’s. Busy p.m. Home late-ish on top of No 11 in rain. Sewed beads on evening dress. Dull and difficult.

Thursday 19th December 1918

Letter from Aunt Bella dated December 1st! To Aldwych via South Kensington. Did lots of new cases with F.F.B. and Hillock. Machot brought letters from Brussels. To Trafalgar Square 1 p.m. with Hill to try and see Haig but too crowded. Lunch at St George’s Restaurant. Back and very busy. Very late, so had dinner at “Good Intent” and in to 6 Elm Park Road after. Then home and to bed at 9 p.m.

Friday 20th December 1918

To Aldwych, via Sainsbury’s. Many new cases. Lunch at Club. To Appenrodt’s for potato salad. Busy p.m. with Miss Newton’s cases. Home very late and lost my fur stole. Called for Lucy Brewtnall who came to supper with me. Took her home at 9.45. To bed. Very tired.

Saturday 21st December 1918

Fine. Cold.
Letter from Tante. To Aldwych. Not busy. F.F.B. there. Took Miss Hill to lunch at Club, as my visitor. Home via Golders Green, where fetched things from 47 Hampstead Way. Wade to tea with me. Sewed my new black evening dress. To bed about 10.

Letter from Tante 17th and also 21st
“Out of the War” Mrs Belloc-Lowndes
Letters from Aunt Bella 19th.

Sunday 22nd December 1918

Very bad night with sickness and diarrhoea. So stayed in bed all day. Doz over, with castor oil. Polly at 4 with Benger! And took Favresse back to tea. I slept nearly all day. Just read Observer.

Monday 23rd December 1918

To Aldwych. Fairly well again. Very busy. Wrote Mrs Woodrow Wilson. Lunch at Club. Got off some Xmas cards and tips. Home via Good Intent, where had dinner. Wrote Susie and Alys in evening. To bed 9.15.

Tuesday 24th December 1918

Hot bath. Out early to post and register leters. Bedroom shoes to N.C. Busy at washing things and doing black serge jumper. Out to dine at “Good Intent”. On way home in at Aunt Alice’s. Spent evening till 9 there. Home to bed.

Wednesday 25th December 1918

Cold and fine.
Quiet am. Alone. At 1 to dine with Barnard’s. Lucy Brewtnall there. Then on to Eagle Hut in Strand and helped in scullery – 3.30 to 7 lifting heavy trays. Very hard work and felt tired. Had supper (free!) with Miss Guerin and others. Into concert room. Home about 9. Awfully tired.

Thursday 26th December 1918

Very frosty, fine.
Breakfast 10. Still very tired, but out to Eagle Hut at 11.15. Large procession formed up. U.S.A. Navy, Army, Red Cross, Eagle Hut workers and Americans in British uniform. To Constitution Hill. Waited there till 3! To see President Wilson and King George go by. Fun. Back to Eagle Hut. Helped till 7. Supper. Concert. Home at 101.0

Friday 27th December 1918

Wet. Warmer.
No Mrs Francis. No milk! To Aldwych. Very tired. Did lots of new cases. Lunch at Express. Horrid, and no appetite. More cases all p.m. Masson back from Paris. Very late home, and to supper at 6 Elm Park Road on way back. Home 9.30. Found letter from Mrs Woodrow Wilson (from Buckingham Palace) so trimmed hat!

Saturday 28th December 1918

Up 9.30. Walked to Hyde Park Corner. Bus on, and taxi to Scotland Yard. To Aldwych. At 10.45 by train to Victoria. To Buckingham Palace 11.30. Interview with Mrs Woodrow Wilson. At 12.10 saw the President and her drive off to Guildhall banquet. Life-guards. Bands. Lunch at Selfridge’s. Home. Rested. Sewed. Tired. Wrote Tante long letter.

Woodrow and Edith Wilson – London, 1918

Mademoiselle Favresse to tea – Sunday
Xmas Day 3.30 – 7 Eagle Hut.
Boxing Day also

Sunday 29th December 1918

Nice quiet day. Worked at black serge jumper. To Elm Park Road to phone Susie. Worked all p.m. Wrote Ella, and finished letter to Tante. Tidied up green blouse, put on buttons.

Monday 30th December 1918

With Dorothy in four-wheeler to Waterloo. She to Netley. On to Aldwych. Delacroix, Belgian Prime Minister came. Was introduced. Did cases. Mr Roxburgh. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. Mr Leggett, Campbell, Holloway, Woolf in. Discussed Mr Maudslay’s successor. Home. Very colded and throat.

Léon Delacroix – Belgiam Prime Minister

Tuesday 31st December 1918

Dull, showery.
Very dark. Felt very coldy in throat; cough. Very busy day. 178 cases in all! Record. Lunch at Carr’s as near. Busy all day and only left at 6.20. Supper at Appendrodt’s. Home by No 14 and straight to bed 8.30 with 2 hot bottles. Parcel from C.H.W.

Posted letter to Tante 30th.
Unwell January 5th Sunday.
Cheque 16.5.0 – 30th

O, You Hoover

My Tuesdays are meatless,
My Wednesdays are wheatless,
I’m getting more eatless each day.
My home – it is heatless,
My bed – it is sheetless,
They’re sent to the Y.M.C.A.
The bar rooms are treatless,
he coffee is sweetless,
To-day I grow poorer and wiser.
My stockings are feetless,
My trousers are seatless,
My God! How I do have the kaiser.

From USA paper

Tank (War Bond orator) “goes by petrol” then why gas bag on top?

On Business Woman’s Desire – Edna Forbes
That same ambition is to be found deep down in the heart of every woman whose morning costume is a tailor suit, whose newspaper must be read in hurried snatches on the way down town in crowded train or car, and to whom 9 a.m. spells “business”.

Sunday” To a working woman, Sunday is for the purpose of repairing the ravages of the other six days. By the time you’ve washed your brushes, mended your skirt braid, darned your stockings and gloves, looked for grey hairs and crowsfeet, and skimmed the magazine section, it’s Monday……..

I’ve been so busy that it has been a question of getting the best possible garments in the least possible time for the smallest possible sum. In that case, one gets blue serge – I’ve worn blue serge until it feels like a convict’s uniform……

I’m going to shop. I’ve never really seen Fifth Avenue between eleven and one, when the real people come out. My views of it have been at 9 a.m. when the office-workers are going to work, and at 5.30 when they are going home.”

Emma McChesney Loq (Buck).




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