1917 – London, Bursledon, Netley


1917 Diary

Katharine Boyd
47 Hampstead Way

In 1917, Edward is 41 years old, Kate is 38 years old and Alys is 33 years old. Eva is 8 years old and Philip is 4 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Monday 1st January 1917

Dull, very mild.
With Alys to Gas Company and Post Office. On to Aldwych. Not a long Committee. Lunch at Club. Mr Legget in, in p.m. Talked. Dictated. At 5 till 6. Meeting of P.R.F. (Private Relief Fund) Staff in my room. Mr Leggett and Mr Jeffes held forth on the work, and about Mr Jeffes being for military service. Home at 7.

Tuesday 2nd January 1917

Very mild. Dull.
To Aldwych. Felt very tired, and rather chilly. Not many cases. Mrs Samuel ,etc. Wrote to Committee members saying no Friday Committee. Lunch with Schuster at Omar Café. Not good. Felt ill. Took aspirins. Not too busy. Wrote Defresne. Aunt Ada to lunch and spent night at 47 Hampstead Way.

Wednesday 3rd January 1917

Wore thin coat. Very mild, dull.
To Aldwych. Not very early. Only 10 cases! No Madame Carton de Wiart and no Mr Leggett. Quick Committee. Monsieur Van de Borgt in morning. Lunch at Fuller’s and bought chocolate and cigarettes for Emile Defresne. Quiet and easy p.m.

Thursday 4th January 1917

Warm. Fine. Sunny and moonlight later.
Alys and Dolly to farewell lunch – Helen and Rufus. To Aldwych. Only 9 cases for Committee. Baxter, Smeesters, also Mr Leggett and Jeffes in a little. Mrs Keep fainted. Lunch at Club. Was asked in to confer about new work – Mr Leggett, Baxter, Grumbar. Alys and Dolly Willis came at 6 and Dolly spent night with us.

Friday 5th January 1917

Fine and frosty.
Alys and Dolly off at 6.45 a.m. to be with Helen; Rufus left for the Front. Eva in bed; felt sick. I to Aldwych. No Committee. Nice, very easy day. Lunch at Club. Home and found Charley and Sybil there (to tea and dinner). They away early, to theatre. Charley’s last night on leave.

Saturday 6th January 1917

Cold, fine. Showery later.
Alys up at 5.15 a.m. to see Charley off at Victoria; he left for the Front. Alys home with Sybil, who stayed. I to Aldwych. Busy morning, running about. Lunch at Temple Tea Rooms. Then to Hampstead Library and to G.E. Barnard’s. Read, and stayed to tea. Jeanie, Chris and Jack (on 10 days’ leave from France), there. Home. Alys, Eva and Sybil had been to “Cinderella”. Quiet evening, talking. To bed 9.20.

Sunday 7th January 1917

Dull. Cold.
Didn’t do much. Sybil washed blouse. Mrs Flight and Friede and Pamela to tea. I out to William Miles’ to tea. Doz there. Pamela Palmer ill. Alan Baumer to supper.

Monday 8th January 1917

Rainy and very cold.
To Aldwych. Not a long Committee. Mr Leggett, Miss Humphreys, M. Smeesters. Felt ill, chilly. Had bread and milk and rice at Express Dairy. Felt ill, and home at 4 p.m. Cab from station. To bed. Alys to dentist with Eva. I stayed in bed 101.6 temperature.

Tuesday 9th January 1917

Stayed in bed all day and slept most of day. Liver chill? Feverish. Read “House of Mirth” E. Wharton later and felt better. Alys and Sybil to town, to tea, etc.

Wednesday 10th January 1917

Stayed in bed all day again, but much better. Read. Alys and Sybil out to Harrods. Lunch and tea.

Thursday 11th January 1917

Snow. Wet.
In bed to breakfast. Up at 10. Sat in downstairs room all day. Sewed. Sybil and Alys to Hampstead library. Sybil sang in evening. (Heard from Charley at last!). I to bed at 9.30. Felt rather seedy still.

Friday 12th January 1917

Cold and snowstorms.
Up to breakfast, and to Aldwych, but didn’t feel well. Everyone very nice indeed. Came home, after lunch (at Selfridge’s!) Felt better. Deedy Lindquist to tea. She and Sybil away at 6.30. Quiet evening with Alys.

Saturday 13th January 1917

Cold. Some snow and rain.
Not to Aldwych. They said I needn’t. Alys packed and to Netley. Eva and I to my bank. I put £50 in War Loan and converted £100 old money. Home. Quiet p.m. Eva at home and very good. Read to children and alone after dinner upstairs. To bed 9.30.

Paid Alys to 10th – £5

Sunday 14th January 1917

Fine. Very cold.
Breakfast with children. Then I took Eva to 40 Frognal. Called on Elsa, who there. Tony in bed. Elsa and Virginia walked over Heath with us. After dinner. I washed and ironed things and read paper. Eva very good. Wrote to Max at Aden and Roefs. Read.

40 Frognal
40 Frognal, London NW3

Monday 15th January 1917

Very cold. Some sleet. Dull.
To Aldwych agan. I unwell. Very short Committee – 6 cases. Humphreys, Roxburgh, Leggett, Smeesters. Lunch at Club. Read F. S. Oliver’s “Ordeal by Battle”. Very easy p.m. Long talks with Mr Baxter. Home at 6.45. Childrens’ heads washed. Tired. To bed 9.30.

Tuesday 16th January 1917

Snowy. Fine later.
To Aldwych. Very easy Committee – 8 cases! Mrs Samuel, Baxter, Smeesters. Lunch at Club. Walked up Kingsway. Easy p.m. Mr Leggett worked in my room. Home 7. Alys back from Netley. To bed 10.

Wednesday 17th January 1917

To Aldwych early. Alys took Eva to school. 1st day of term. 13 cases for Committee. Leggett, Bonner, Warburgh, Smeesters. Lunch at Home Farm Place in Kingsway. Lots of new cases came in – 22? Home 6.50. Nice evening downstairs with Alys. Read and sang. To bed 9.30.

Thursday 18th January 1917

Cold, still frosty at Golders Green.
To Aldwych early. Alys with Eva to school. Very long busy day. 26 cases! But nice Committee. Finished by 12.55. Lunch at Club. Very busy p.m. Mr Baxter did cards. Great help. Home at 6.50. Read in evening. To bed 10. Alys had been to tea at G.E. Barnard’s with Eva. Katharine there.

Friday 19th January 1917

Warmer. Drizzly.
To Aldwych early. Took 8 Emergency cases, with Mr Baxter. To lunch at Club. Not bad p.m. Did some type-writing; typist ill. Terrible explosion at Jackson’s (me: Ajax) Chemical Works*. Home. Nice evening reading.

Saturday 20th January 1917

Very cold.
To Evans’ early to buy petticoat 9/11 purple. To Aldwych 10. Not too busy. Took 4 cases. Type-wrote. To Aunt Alice’s (taxi from Sloane Square) to lunch; just she and Polly there. Home to tea. Alys with Teeds to Uncle Jim’s funeral; and to Froo’s with Eva and tea at Deedie’s, at Finchley. Drew all evening.

Paid Alys 25/- 10th to 17th
* Explosion was at Brunner Mond’s Silvertown.

Silverton Explosion

Alys had Eva’s hair cut short 18th or 19th

Sunday 21st January 1917

Very, very cold.
Muddled about. Washed and ironed collars. Sewed gold on velvet blouse. Drew a little. Wrote letters. Busy p.m. Alys took Phil out. I painted. Alys and I to supper at the Styer’s. Home at 10.

Monday 22nd January 1917

Dark. Cold.
To Aldwych. Very icy. Slid all the way to station. Took drawings to Dawson’s. Not bad Committee. Mr Leggett, Humphreys, Roxburgh. Long. Until 12.50. Lunch at Club. Bought “a pair of blue eyes” Hardy. Lots of letters and work in p.m. Home 6.50. Alys to go to Bursledon Wednesday. Letters from Dennis and Eva W.

Tuesday 23rd January 1917

Finer. Very cold. Light sun.
To Aldwych. 18 cases. Mrs Samuel, Smeesters, Baxter. Nice Committee. Lunch at Club. Good many letters. Busy p.m. Home at 7. Sybil there, but left at 7.30. Cold evening. To bed 10.30.

Wednesday 24th January 1917

Very, very cold.
Alys took Eva by tube to school. I to Aldwych. Long, strenuous Committee. Madame Carton de Wiart and everyone. 7 members. Lunch at Club. Read. Sent of postal order to Dutton’s Shorthand! 12/1. Busy p.m. Home at 6.40. Alys and Phil to Bursledon. Quiet evening. Writing about Haunch of Venison Yard, etc till 10.

Thursday 25th January 1917

Very cold, still.
To Aldwych. Doris took Eva to school. Very busy indeed. 22 cases. Baxter and Smeesters. Had lunch at “Home Farm” with Miss Jones. Busy p.m. Letters. Home 7. Eva chilly. Wrote Alys and finished hemstitching collar.

Friday 26th January 1917

Very cold.
To Aldwych. Eva not to school as kept shivering. No temperature. No Committee but took 10 cases. Lunch at Club .Pretty busy all day. Studied shorthand and in tube. Engrossing. Home early. Eva well again. Read and wrote Alys and did shorthand.

Saturday 27th January 1917

Cold, but sunny.
To Aldwych. Busy morning running about. Lunch at Club. To Golders Green. Wade met me with Eva at station. Eva and I to Madame Tussaud’s. Home to tea. Nice time. Read aloud. Quiet evening making collar, hemstitched.

Eva w.b. (me wet bed?) 24th evening. Left off med 25th
Eva didn’t on 25th (doubtful)
Eva didn’t on 26th
Eva didn’t on 27th
Eva didn’t on 28th
Eva did on 29th.

Longest cold spell since 1881

Sunday 28th January 1917

Very, very cold, still.
Eva in bed to breakfast. Quiet day; at home all day with Eva, who has chill. I wrote to Max and Alys. Ironed collars. Did lots of shorthand. Wade read to Eva in p.m. Tea upstairs, my supper too. To bed 10.15.

Monday 29th January 1917

Very cold, still.
Eva not well. In bed breakfast. I to Aldwych via my Bank. Put £50 more in War Loan; now have £200. Not bad Committee. Lunch at Club. Fair p.m. Home early. Wade out. Eva better. Quiet evening. Wrote Osgood.

Tuesday 30th January 1917

Cold, still freezing. Skating everywhere.
Eva to school, and I to Aldwych. 12 cases only. Mrs Samuel and Mr Baxter. Lunch at Club. In p.m. I sat in Mr Jeffes’ room. 2 Commitees in my room. Not so very busy. Home early.

Wednesday 31st January 1917

Cold at 11 and snow.
To Aldwych. Eva to school. Very busy all day. “Hectic day”. Long Committee. Madame Carton de Wiart and Mr Warburg and everyone. Lots of letters and interruptions all day. Also Mr Jeffes asked me to do Mrs Keep’s work! Stayed till 6.30. Alys and Phil home again. Nice. Talked.

Thursday 1st February 1917

Warmer, still frosty.
To Aldwych. Very busy again. Only Smeesters and Grumbar on Committee. 20 cases. Left some over. At 12.30, whole staff in to read address to Mr Jeffes. De Komel read it. Lunch at Club, and to Bank. Lots of work, all p.m. and finally Mrs Keep’s work till 6.45. Home at 7.30. Read.

Friday 2nd February 1917

Very, very cold. Hard frost. Fog in town.
To Aldwych. No Committee but took some cases with Mr Baxter. Busy a.m. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. also. Mrs Keep’s cases. Mr Leggett worked in my room a good bit.

Saturday 3rd February 1917

Warmer. No wind.
To Aldwych. Busy. Took 11 cases. Jeffes, Grumbar. Lunch at A.B.C. Then met Alys at Finchley Road and both to Ruislip and skated; lovely. Home 5.59 train. Very tired. Quiet evening. To bed 9.15.

Paid Alys to 3rd Jan – £5
Paid Alys £2.10.0 to 31st January (2 weeks)
Lent Alys 15/- 23rd
That is: paid her till Saturday 3rd.

Sunday 4th February 1917

Cold ,snowing later.
Not out in morning but washed collars, brushes, etc. In p.m. Alys and I with children to slide on ponds near by. Fun, but snowing all the time. Heavy snowfall for hours. To bed 9.30. Wade out.

Monday 5th February 1917

Cold. Slush in town. Some sun.
To Aldwych. First day of Mr Jeffes being away. Baxter and Masson in his room. Long Committee. Humphreys very pugnacious. Lunch at Club. 7d. Bought “Trumpet-Major”[1].  Did renewals (7) in p.m. and a few English letters.

Tuesday 6th February 1917

Very cold. Frost.
To Aldwych (Eva crying). Committee long tho’ only 12 cases. M. Koch, Mrs Samuel, Mr Sandaert, Smeesters, Grumbar. Lunch at Club (7d). Did renewals all p.m. (12). Interesting. Home late. Eva got fever 103 degrees. Flu? Dr Ensor to see her. Lovely moon on snow.

Wednesday 7th February 1917

Frost. Full moon.
To Aldwych. Long Committee, but not bad. Mr Leggett away at L.G.B. (me: Local Government Board). Lunch at A.B.C. Quickly 6d! Very busy – notifications (Miss Fuller away ill). (10). Very late home. Cold. Pipes frozen. Crisp snow and moonlight.

Thursday 8th February 1917

Very fine, sunny. Hard frost. Moon.
Phil not well. To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Lunch at Club, and then to Lloyd’s Bank about War Loan. Did letters and renewals (20) all p.m. Home late. Phil still feverish and croupy cough. California torpedoed[2].

S. S. California

Friday 9th February 1917

Lovely – sunny and frosty
To Aldwych. Took 6 cases, with Mr Grumbar and Mr Poel. Did renewals hard. Lunch with Mrs Keep at “Wayside” Tea-rooms. Nice (1/3d). Very busy all p.m. with dictating (Miss Fuller still away) and renewals (21).

21 days’ frost broke up

Saturday 10th February 1917

Actually slight thaw, after 21 days’ frost.
To Aldwych. Nice morning. No cards! But did 10 renewals and prepared new cases. Lunch at Club. Met Alys at library in Hampstead at 2.30. Walked home with her. Eva in and I read to her. Phil in bedroom. He coughed in night and was sick 3 times.

U.S.A. broke off diplomatic relations with Germany. Gave Bernstorff[3] his passports. 3rd Feb?

Sunday 11th February 1917

Much warmer. Dull.
Warmer. Wrote to Ella, and to Chas. Dawson of the P.C.C. Course (Practical Correspondence Course)! Eva up, after breakfast. Phil in bedroom all day. Alys and I walked to Leg of Mutton Pond in p.m. Still skating, tho’ thaw. Home. Washed my hair. Read “The Reef” Edith Wharton.

Monday 12th February 1917

To Aldwych. Not bad Committee. Mr Leggett away, on Tribunal for De Kemel and L’Olivier. Lunch at Club. To bank, and then posted £4.4.0 to P.P.C! Very busy with renewals (19). Left 6.30. Home. Read.

Screenshot 2020-12-05 at 20.01.58

Tuesday 13th February 1917

Cold wind.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Mr Leggett, Mr Roxburgh, (no Mrs Samuel). Odd for a Tuesday Committee (Smeesters, Poel). Lunch at A.B.C. hurriedly, and then Army & Navy by ‘bus. Bought chocolate. Easy p.m. 2 renewals! Home early. Slept again with Alys.

Wednesday 14th February 1917

Cold wind and frost in a.m.
To Aldwych (children still in bed to breakfast). Not bad Committee. Madame Carton de Wiart didn’t come. 15 cases, nearly all separation. All so easy. Lunch at Club. Did about 18 renewals. Very interesting. Home at 7.10. Read paper. Wrote Mary Middlehurst. Read P.P.C. Lessons!!

Thursday 15th February 1917

Fine day. Cold.
To Aldwych. I unwell. Curious Committee. Koch, Smeesters, Grumbar, Madame Carton de Wiart (about Surbiton). Lunch at Club. To bank. Changed cheque. Bought and more War Savings Certificates. Did renewals. Home 7.5. Read book. To bed 9.45.

Friday 16th February 1917

Warmer. Dull.
To Aldwych. No Committee but very tiring day at renewals. Alone all a.m. Mr Leggett helped in p.m. Lunch with Schuster at Home Farm. Busy p.m.

Saturday 17th February 1917

To Aldwych. Not at all bad morning. Actually went home to lunch! At 1.50 Alys at Golders Green station. Quiet p.m. resting. Ironed collars also. To bed early.

Sent cheque for P.P. Course February 2nd (me: “Poster” or “Practical” or ? Painting Course)

Chas Dawson
Excerpt from “British Art and the First World War, 1914–1924”

Sunday 18th February 1917

Fine. Dullish.
Stayed in bbed till 12 o’clock! Read paper and rested. Up. Quiet p.m. Philip Blanford to tea. Children downstairs to tea. Philip Blanford stayed on to supper, and till 11 o’clock! Very nice. Wrangler Patience. Explosions or guns at 3 a.m.

Monday 19th February 1917

Damp. Warm.
To Aldwych. Still very tired indeed. Not bad Committee, but long. Lunch at Club. Back to work. Did several notifications, and very few renewals, as they only came in at 5 p.m. Home. Very tired indeed. Drew in evening.

Tuesday 20th February 1917

Raining. Warm.
Very tired. To Aldwych. Easy Committee. Mr Legget and Standaert and Smeesters. Alys called! Taxi to Selfridge’s. Lunch. To Evans. She bought coat and skirt (covert-c). Back to Aldwych. Renewals all p.m. Not bad. Rang up Susie, who read Davis’ letter (me: Tante and Doc).

Wednesday 21st February 1917

Warm. Dull.
To Aldwych. Terribly long and boring Committee. Warburg dreadful. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. Letters. Margaret, Karl and Rachel stayed the night. Talked in evening. To bed 10.

Thursday 22nd February 1917

Cooler. Dull.
To Aldwych. Not bad, though 22 cases quicker. Koch, Smeesters, Powell, Grumbar. Lunch at Club. Did several renewals. But not bad p.m. Home. Did beginnings of Black and White course in evening. Materials came. To bed 9.45.

Friday 23rd February 1917

To Aldwych. Beautifully easy day. Hardly any cases at all! 10 new ones. Didn’t do much work consequently. A few renewals at 5 till 6. Home early. Drew all evening.

Saturday 24th Febuary 1917

Dull. Warmer.
To Aldwych. Nice easy a.m. Lunch with Mr Baxter at the Cabin, then met Mrs Baxter and friend at Vaudeville and saw “Some” Revue. Very good. Lee White and Rebla. Tea at Gatti’s. Home. Drew all evening.

some lee white
Vaudeville Theatre “Some” Jester Doll With Lee White’s Compliments

Sunday 25th February 1917

Rain, then fine.
In all a.m. doing geometrical exercises. Also after lunch. At 4 p.m. to Aunt Rosa’s to tea. Mrs Easedale there. Music. Home at 6.30. Drew all evening.

Monday 26th February 1917

Fine, then dull.
To Aldwych. Not bad Committee. Not too many cases. Lunch at Temple Tea Rooms, with Mary Middlehurst who came suddenly. Renewals in p.m. Busy. Tired in evening.

Tuesday 27th February 1917

Cold. Some sun!
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. No Mrs Samuel, daughter still ill. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. Lots of renewals. Carson Roberts, Government Auditor here! Stayed till 6.30. Drew silhouettes in evening. Alys with Philip Blanford to “London Pride”.

london pride

Wednesday 28th February 1917

Cold. Dull.
To Aldwych. Not bad Committee for a Wednesday. No Madame Carton de Wiart. Lunch at Club. Very busy p.m. Renewals. Stayed till 6.30. Drew in evening. Preparing for note paper-box. Wrote Aunt Alice. 70 tomorrow.

Thursday 1st March 1917

To Aldwych. Easy Committee. Koch and 14 cases about. Lunch at Club. Dictated 7 letters. Did renewals. Home at 6.50. Mended gloves and drew in evening. Tired. To bed 10.15.

Friday 2nd March 1917

Took drawings to P.P.C. To Aldwych. Easyish a.m. Pretty busy with new cases all day, and few renewals. Lunch at Club. Mr Leggett in p.m. Home earlyish. Drew in evening, enlarging and began enlarging silhouette of sentinel.

Saturday 3rd March 1917

Dull. Colder.
To Aldwych. Nice a.m. Mr Leggett took 6 new cases with me and Pottelsberghe de la Potterie. Lunch at Club. Met Alys at Library. Walked home. Tired. Did some drawing, mechanical. Read “Pip” Ian Hay. To bed 10.30.

Paid Alys £6.00 (one advanced on Wednesday) to 31st March £30/- a week.
Paid Alys £5 to March 3rd – 4 weeks. Saturday.

Sunday 4th March 1917

Very cold, windy and dull in p.m. Sun a.m.
Stayed in bed to breakfast. Got up. Washed and ironed collars. Drew enlarging. To 12 Upper Phillimore Gardens to lunch with Mr and Mrs Baxter. Very nice. Gramophone “Every little while” (me: From “Some” by Lee White) Home to tea. Drew, and read in evening. To bed 10.30.

Monday 5th March 1917

Snowy again.
To Aldwych. Not bad Committee, tho’ 18 cases. Lunch with Mrs Robbins to meet Misses Boyd, Knoblock at Cabin. Nice. 1/6! Nice p.m. Not many renewals. Didn’t draw in evening. Only read paper and book “Pip”.

Tuesday 6th March 1917

Cold, windy.
To Aldwych. Grumbar on Committee. Not bad. Few cases. Lunch at Club. Did renewals in p.m. Home late about 7.20. Very cold. Mrs Keep ill. Did a little drawing in evening. To bed 10.

Wednesday 7th March 1917

Bitterly cold. Windy. Some sun!
To Aldwych. Not bad Committee. No Madame Carton de Wiart luckily. Long talks with Mrs Bonner and Warburg, on 2 cases. Dull. Lunch at Club. Fairy easy p.m. Supper at Eustace Miles Restaurant. Met Alys and Philip Blanford at Prince of Wales Theatre. Saw “Anthony in Wonderland”. Quite good. Grean fun.


Thursday 8th March 1917

Very, very cold. Sunny.
To Aldwych. Not bad Committee. Only Koch, Grumbar, Powell. Lunch at Club (7d). Alys to Bursledon. Few renewals. Home at 7. Supper upstairs. Drew and read. To bed 10.15.

Friday 9th March 1917

Still very frosty. Snow. Dull too.
To Aldwych. Pretty busy all day with renewals. Not bad day. Lunch at Club (11d). No potatoes to be had at all! Didn’t draw; only read in evening.

Saturday 10th March 1917

Warmer. Dull. Rainy.
To Aldwych. Nice a.m. doing renewals. Not too busy. Lunch at Club. Wrote to Alys. Home. Wire from Sybil about Charley. Sent on to Alys. Read quietly. Children not out, rainy. Drew in evening and read “The Dardanelles Report”.


Eva to have 20 minims, unless any accident at all; then at once increase to 25.
Signed C.H.W’s (Wade) insurance – “February 3rd. Not well yet”.

Sunday 11th March 1917

Warmer. Damp.
In bed to breakfast. Wire from Alys. Children out. I wrote 6 letters, cheques. Eva read “Susy” by me. Read after dinner. Children played downstairs. Wade read to them after tea. I worked. Alys home to supper after being at Victoria all day, re Sybil and Charley.

Monday 12th March 1917

Damp, dull.
To Aldwych. 15 cases. Not bad Committee. Lunch at Club. 5d salmon and rice cake and roll. Several renewals. About 20. Alys wrote letters all evening. I read paper and book.

Tuesday 13th March 1917

Dull. Some rain.
To Aldwych. Very short Committee. 10 cases. Only Leggett, Smeesters, Standaert and Powell. Lunch at big A.B.C. Macaroni cheese and bread (4d). Very few renewals. Home at 6.45. Alys back to Bursledon. Eva to tea at Hazel’s. Wrote Mrs Gilbert Samuel and Dennis.

Wednesday 14th March 1917

Dull Cold.
To Aldwych. Not bad Committee. Few cases. Warburg late! He stayed on and smoked pipe! Commotion of Grumbar and Baxter. Indignaiton. Did renewals. Home early. Finished 2nd lesson – P.P.C. Wrote Alys. Children good.

Czar abdicated. Revolution in Russia.

new york times czar

Thursday 15th March 1917

Dull. Cold.
To Aldwych. Only Grumbar and Powell on Committee (and Thys to listen). 16 cases. Lunch at A.B.C. Then to Scotland Yard about “Bob”, and stores for chocolate and marmalade. Mr Leggett anxious about wife. Home 6.50. Read paper. To bed 9.30.

Friday 16th March 1917

Fine. Cold.
To Aldwych. Took drawings to P.P.C. first. Unwell. Lots of new cases, so not time for many renewals. All N.F.F. to be stopped. So many new cases for us. Home. Read.

Saturday 17th March 1917

Fine. Very.
To Aldwych. Very busy with new cases. Mr Leggett came in and did 10! Lunch at New Court. Home. Rested. Teddy played with Eva. Alys up to be with Sybil. Both home to dinner and sleep. Charley still seriously ill. Drew all evening. 3rd lesson.

March 15th – Times – “To the wife of Henry Aufrère Leggett – a daughter”
Mother died 1900 – Saturday March 17th

Sunday 18th March 1917

Very fine and sunny.
I not out all day. In bed to breakfast. Lazy. Then drew – shading. Pen and ink practise till 1.30. Alys and Sybil and children out in p.m. I slept on sofa. Deedie Linquist to tea. Drew again all evening.

Monday 19th March 1917

To Aldwcyh. Very long Committee. Left 6 cases over. Tiring. Heaps of renewals also. Transfer of all the Food cases, so extra work for all. Lunch at New Court. Home late. Tired. War Office wire. Charley ”no longer seriously ill”!!

Tuesday 20th March 1917

To Aldwych. Not such a bad Committee. Mrs Samuel again. Long. Lunch at New Court – 11d. Miss Hill also. Heaps of renewals. Not bad p.m. Home latish. Alys met me, having been out with Philip Blanford. Drew in evening.

Wednesday 21st March 1917

Very cold.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee! Not long. Miss Owen in. Out to lunch at Club alone. Renewals. A good many. Home at 6.55. Read in evening.

Thursday 22nd March 1917

Very cold. Snow and sun.
To Aldwych. Sybil away to Deedie’s. Short Committee. Lunch at New Court. Mrs Mansel all day; rather tired, showing her the work. Eva 104.2 degrees tho’ at school in a.m. Headache. Alys met me (Charley back in England!) Drew in evening.

Friday 23rd March 1917

Snowy. Cold.
To Aldwych. Eva better. No Committee. Nice, easy day. Did renewals. Lunch with Miss Lawrence Jones at Wayside Inn. Home earlish. Eva still 102 degrees.

Saturday 24th March 1917

Very fine. Sunny.
Holiday. Spring cleaning at W.R.C. (War Refugees Committee). I to shops. Bought jumper, collar. Alys didn’t come as Eva ill. Home to lunch. Sewed in p.m. and read paper. Sewed in evening, changing blouses.

Been 1 year Secretary of P.R.F. Committee began. March 20th 1916!

Sunday 25th March 1917

Dull. Warmer.
Eva still 101 – 102 degrees. Wrote Aunts Alice and Ada (with cheques). Did a good deal of sewing. Also washed and ironed 2 blouses. Out to Roefs in p.m. with Alys and Philip. Met Philip Blanford. Eva in bed all day. Read to her in turns.

Monday 26th March 1917

More snowstorms and very cold.
To Aldwych. Mrs Roselaar and Mr Mortimer Wolf came, all day. Not many cases, or renewals. Lunch with Mrs Roselaar at A.B.C. Renewals in p.m. Rather late home. Eva still feverish.

Tuesday 27th March 1917

Very cold.
To Aldwych. Tiresome day with Mrs Mansel and Mr Wolf. Mr Leggett on Committee. Lunch at Club. Disturbed afternoon. De Block interviewed by Mr Wolf. Home very late. Eva better. Read in evening. Lazy.

Wednesday 28th March 1917

To Aldwych. Mr Wolf and Mrs Mansel too, at 10! Not bad Committee considering. Madame Carton de Wiart and all others, but Warburg ill, so absent! Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. Heaps of cases to look through. Home late again.

Thursday 29th March 1917

To Aldwych. Nice quiet Committee. Mr Leggett took Mr Wolf all day and did renewals. I had Mrs Mansel. Did renewals with her. Lunched with her also at Tea Cup Inn (me: 20 Kingsway used to house the Tea Cup Inn – a tea shop for suffragettes). All high tea at Corner House with Mr and Mrs Baxter, 2 Hills and Miss Moore, and to Madame Varenne’s concert!!!

Friday 30th March 1917

Warmer. Very fine.
Nice day. Got up cases Wolf and Mrs Mansel. Pretty busy all day. Up to Mr Leggett, who talked about careers. Government. Home. Drew in evening.

Saturday 31st March 1917

Snow and very horrid day.
To Aldwych. Very busy all p.m. Renewals. Mr Leggett also in, doing them Lunch at A.B.C. Home. Alys met me. To shops in Golders Green. Read. Drew in evening.

Paid Alys £6 on 3.3.17 till 31st – 4 weeks at 30/-
Paid Alys £6 on 25.3.17 till April 28th.

Sunday 1st April 1917

Snow showers. Fine in p.m. Hard frost.
Washed and ironed and wrote to Susie and Lucy Brewtnall. Alys to see Charley at Belgrave Square Hospital for Officers. I with Eva. Doris took Phil out. I drew, and to Aunt Louie’s and back with Sissie, who came to supper.

Monday 2nd April 1917

Thick heavy snow. Warmer.
To Aldwych early. Mrs Mansel’s new committee room and Committee. We took 20 cases. Mr Leggett, Mr Roxburgh and Miss Humphreys. Very busy in p.m. Few renewals, with Mrs Mansel, as so much else to do. Alys called for me at 6. Still snowy.

Tuesday 3rd April 1917

Very cold.
To Aldwych. Committee easy. Mr Leggett and Smeesters. Lunch at New Court. Did plenty of renewals with Mrs Mansel. Very busy day. Sweeps in evening so back early.

Wednesday 4th April 1917

To Aldwych. Not bad Committee. No Carton de Wiart or Warburg. Lunch with Mrs Mansel at “Tea Cup”. Took 3rd lesson to P.C.C. Did lots of renewals in p.m. Home. Read in evening. Was made member of Committee – with power to sign cards!!!

Thursday 5th April 1917

Lovely day.
To Aldwych. No Committee, but very busy all a.m. Offices closed at 1. Lunch with Alys at Selfridge’s. Bought frock (summer) at Dickens and Jones. Home to tea. Sybil to stay.

U.S.A. at war with Germany – 6th.


Friday 6th April 1917

Snow, all white.
Holiday. Very busy. Lined 2 skirts and embroidered on new dress., and in p.m. drew for Lesson 4. Sybil to see Charley. I to dine 8.30 at William Miles. Saw Pamela. Home at 9.30. Arranged to go and stay later.

Saturday 7th April 1917

With Alys to buy Easter eggs. Then to Euston (I), but missed train. Called on M. Middlehurst. Lunch at Euston. To Kings Langley 1.45. Walked up to Kitty’s. Will Blaikley* and Tom Archer** to tea there; Bertie and Sybil to dinner. 9.25 train home with W. Blaikley. (Bertie on 16 day leave from Salonica).

3rd April – President Wilson’s speech on War with Germany. Asking for state of war to the proclaimed.
* William Blaikley – Lieutenant in Ordnance.
** Tom Archer – Lieutenant in King’s Own Scottish Borderers.

Summer time begins!

Sunday 8th April 1917 – Easter Sunday

Fine. Cold.
Alys, Eva and I early up to 9 Church Row. Talked to Elsa. Brought Virginia back to dinner. She and Eva played all p.m. Elsa to tea. I read, and sewed. Wrote Insurance letter – Did accounts. Read “Mr Britling” Wells, all evening.

New British offensive began 9th

Monday 9th April 1917

Hail. Snow storms.
Breakfast 9. Didn’t go out all day. Sewed and washed and ironed 2 shirts. Alys to call on Mrs Blanford (in snow!). Sybil to Charley. Wrote to Max in Aden. To bed 10.

Tuesday 10th April 1917

More heavy snow. Sunshine. Cold.
To Aldwych. No Committee, but very busy all day with lots of new cases and Mrs Mansel in room. Lunch at New Court (Club closed). Very busy. Lateish. (Sent flowers to Charley from Selfridge’s at 9.30 a.m.)

Wednesday 11th April 1917

Fine, but cold. Snow in evening.

To Aldwych. Busy day. But nice Committee. No Warburg or Carton de Wiart. Lunch at Waldorf Hotel with Mrs Keep who up from Bexhill. 3/9 with tip!!! Shocking! Renewals and Mr Keyser.


Thursday 12th April 1917

Snow, then fine. Cold wind.
Goodbyes, as Alys and children and Wade to Bursledon, to Dennis. I to Aldwych. Nice Committee. Koch, Leggett, Smeesters, Grumbar and Keyser. Lunch with Miss Jephson. Home to the William Miles – 26 Compayne Gardens – to stay. To bed 9.10. Bath.

Friday 13th April 1917

Very fine. Frost. Sunshine.
To Aldwych. (unwell). No Committee. Nice easy day. Mrs Samuel suggested doing Renewals. Lunch at A.B.C. 10d .Home at 6.50 to Compayne. Dressed, dinner. Talked about Denise (me: William and Mary Miles’ grand-daughter. Mother is Annie) till nearly 10. To bed. Very tired.

Saturday 14th April 1917

Dull, rain in p.m. Cold wind.
To Aldwych. To Selfridge’s on way, and bought petticoat and book for Pamela. Back to Compayne to lunch. Rested. Saw Pamela. Captain Aldridge to tea (Welsh Guards). Mr Ross to dinner. Talked about copper mine – Alderley Edge, Cheshire.

alderly edge

Thursday: 7.30. Minced turkey in macaroni shape, green peas.
Friday: Roast chicken, bread sauce, veg? chicory? Welsh rarebit.
Saturday: 1.30. Roast beef (undercut), butter beans and sauce. Peaches.
Saturday: 7.30. Veal cutlets, sweetbreads. Cheese straws.
Sunday 1.15. Boiled turkey, steamed pudding, jelly.
Sunday evening: Cold turkey, beetroot salad, cheese-cakes.

Sunday 15th April 1917

Fine. Very sunny.
Not out all day. Mrs Miles and Ethel to Church. Denise talked to me about Ladyide Berger, all a.m. Miss Miles and Miss Chater to dinner. Talked then rested in p.m. Up to Pamela. Wrote Alys and Ella. William in. To bed 9. Tired.

Monday 16th April 1917

Changeable, showers.
To Aldwych. Not a bad day. 10 cases in Committte. Easy. Lunch at New Court. Did renewals. Not too busy. Home 7 p.m. Denise met Mr Garnett for supper with him (Hyson asked about salary). Ethel, Josephine and I talked of Denise in evening.

Tuesday 17th April 1917

Dull. Cold.
To Aldwych. With Denise in ‘bus. Very short Committee with Mrs Samuel. Lunch at Carr’s with Mrs Bonner. Very slack p.m. but several renewals later. Back to Compayne. Denise again saw Mr Garnett. No fire in drawing-room. Sat in dining-room. To bed 9. Packed.

Wednesday 18th April 1917

Rainy, warmer.
Goodbye to the Miles (who to Seaton). I to Aldwych. Short Committee. Not much work. Lunch at Club (10d). Beef and jam roll. Very little work in p.m. Home to 47 Hampstead Way after calling in taxi for bag at Compayne. Read “The Common Law” in evening.

Thursday 19th April 1917

Rain, then fine. Much warmer.
To Aldwych. 18 cases for Committee. Grumbar, Koch and Standaert. Lunch at Club. 10 ½ d. Busy p.m. Many renewals. At 6 walked to John Street to try and find Mr Garnett. Failed. Wrote letters, read. Susie rang up.

America Day – Friday, St Paul’s.

Friday 20th April 1917

Very fine and warmish. Cool wind.
To Marshall’s, bought flowers for last year’s black hat. To Aldwych. King and Queen drove by to St Paul’s for celebration of U.S.A. Lunch at Club. At 5.30 taxi to 36 John Street to see Mr Garnett about Denise. Home. Wrote Eva, Kitty, Mr Garnett. Read.

Saturday 21st April 1917

Dull. Rainy, drizzle in p.m.
To Aldwych. Not too busy. Long talk about international affairs with Leggett and Baxter. Took some cases with Leggett. Lunch at New Court (11d). To Library. Home. Did some drawing after tea. Read in evening.

Kitty’s baby “Barbara” born 18th
Ordered book for Eva (21st) “Josephine’s Happy Family”. (me:  My mother still has this book)

happy families

Sunday 22nd April 1917

Busy all day. Washed and ironed collars. Trimmed hats. Sewed veil and new dress. Wrote to Denise (!), Alys. Jas Smith and Madderton. Read. Sewed. Didn’t do any more drawing. Lazy.

Monday 23rd April 1917

Fine. Cold.
To Aldwych. Committee not bad at all. 19 cases. Lunch at Club. Headachey all p.m. Renewals. Pretty busy all p.m. Home. To bed at 9, but awake till 11.30.

Tuesday 24th April 1917

Very fine. Warmer.
To Aldwych. Headache still. Only Mrs Samuel and Smeesters on Committee. Lunch at Club – “Meatless Day”. Better in p.m. Renewals. Mrs Mansel away with bad old. Home 7.25. Drew in evening. Headache went.

Wednesday 25th April 1917

Dull and cold. Some sun.
To Aldwych. Long Committee with Warburg, Grumbar, Smeesters and Roxburgh. Nice p.m. Straight on renewals. Mrs Mansel back again. Home at 7. Drew, and again after dinner till nearly 10. Read till 10.30.

Thursday 26th April 1917

Very fine. Sunny. Cool.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Only Mr Leggett and Smeesters – 11 cases. Talked to H.A.L. (Leggett) about Clifton and Edward. Lunch at Club. Very few renewals. Easy p.m. Home 7.20. Drew in evening. Read. To bed 10.30.

Friday 27th April 1917

Dull, then sunny. Mild.
To Aldwych. No Committee. Easy a.m. Renewals and cases. Lunch at New Court, with Mrs Mansel. Wrote Alys. Very little work. Drew in evening. Difficult design.

Saturday 28th April 1917

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. Quiet a.m. doing renewals. Mr Leggett did some in my room. He away for a week to Folkestone. Lunch at Club. Home. Rested then called on Aunt Louie (after tea) and Aunt Rosa. Heard of Robin’s death (me: Kate’s first cousin, Harold and Rosa’s son). Read in evening.

Reading “Xingu” and other stories – Edith Wharton.
“The Choice” very good. “The Long Rain” and “Coming Home” (Scharlach).

Sunday 29th April 1917

Very fine p.m. Dull a.m.
Busy all day. Washed and ironed two blouses, and then cut out and made “jumper” out of old blue striped dress. It took all day to do!

Monday 30th April 1917

Warm; dull.
To Aldwych. Mrs Samuel and then Grumbar in the chair. Leggett away. Lunch at Club. Did a good many renewals. Home at 6.45. Alys and children and Wade home from Bursledon.

Tuesday 1st May 1917

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. Small Committee. Mrs Samuel and Smeesters. A good many cases. Lunch at Club. Very busy all p.m. Renewals. Left at 6.30. Read paper in evening. To bed 10.

Wednesday 2nd May 1917

Fine and warm. Foggy in city.
To Aldwych. Eva to school. 1st day of new term. Long, tiresome Committee. Madame Carton de Wiart and Mr Warburg, Smeesters, Standaert, Roxburgh, Grumbar. Sissie called, and took me to lunch – New Court. Very busy all p.m. with renewals. Drew in evening and in drawing-room.

Thursday 3rd May 1917

Very fine. Perfect day.
To Aldwych. Only Grumbar and Smeesters on Committee. Good many cases. Lunch with Mr Garnett at Express. Busy p.m. Not many renewals but new cases and Rly cases. Packed up drawings.

Friday 4th May 1917

Very fine indeed.
To Aldwych (first to P.C.C.). Very busy all day with renewals. Lunch with Miss Schuster in Lincoln’s Inn Fields (sandwiches). Hard work all p.m. Home. In garden, and songs, and then bed.

Saturday 5th May 1917

Dull, sultry. Then windy.
To Aldwych. Mr Leggett back. Did renewals. Denise came to lunch in my room. I on to William Miles’. Tea there. To 14 Chalcot Crescent. Ladyide Berger. Then home. Mrs Sutton and Gywd to tea. Drew in evening.

Owe Alys £6.00 from 4th May to 1st June
(left out 6 days when at Miles’)
Paid Alys £3.00 5.5.17
Paid Rose £2.00
Still owing £1 – Paid 12th May.

Sunday 6th May 1917

Very fine. Windy.
Ethel Miles came early. I back with her and talked to Denise a long time. Dinner there. Home and sat on verandah with Alys in sun. Drew and sang after tea. Tired.

Monday 7th May 1917

Fine. Cold wind.
To Aldwych. Long Committee. Miss Lonsdale again! E.M.M. (Ethel Marian Miles) came. I to lunch at Express with Mr Garnett. Busy p.m. and interrupted. Tired. Home at 7. Tired. Sang and read.

Tuesday 8th May 1917

Fine. Cold.
To Aldwych. Mrs Samuel and M. Smeesters on Committee, and Standaert. Mr Garnett asked me again to lunch. At Express 4d! Not very busy, but enough. Wrote E.M.M. Dennis home. Nice quiet evening, talking.

Wednesday 9th May 1917

Fine. Warmer.
To Aldwych. Grumbar, Warburg. Tiresome Committee. Not long. M. Smeester’s wedding day. Baronne Lunden. Lunched with Mrs Mansell at New Court. Supper at Eustace Miles Restaurant. Met Dennis and Alys and all to “The Bing Girls” at Alhambra. Fun. “Let the Great Big World keep Turning”. Violet Loraine and Jo Coyne.


Thursday 10th May 1917

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. Long Committee of only Grumbar and me! Tiring as I had to be a member. Lunch A.B.C. and then to Army & Navy Stores for chocolate. Dennis recalled to Netley. Colonel Reece going. Tried to meet Alys. Failed. Tired. Read in evening.

Friday 11th May 1917

Very hot and fine.
To Aldwych. Nice day plenty to do. Lunch at Club, alone. Unwell. To Shenton’s in evening with Alys.

Saturday 12th May 1917

To Aldwych. Not too much work. To lunch at William Miles’. Worrying. Home in taxi. Told Alys. To theatre with Denise in evening. Brougham all the way and back “Passing of 3rd Floor Back” Forbes-Robertson.


Sunday 13th May 1917

Very hot day, sunny.
Out on Heath with Alys and Eva. To meet Mr Garnett at the Firs. Talked till 12.10. To tube and I to Chelsea. Dinner and tea with Barnard’s and in garden. Home to supper 7.30. To bed early. Very tired. Motor-bus strike on.

Monday 14th May 1917

Hot. Lovely day.
To Aldwych. 18 cases. Miss Humphreys, Roxburgh, Leggett, Standaert. Lunch with Miss L. Jones in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. At 6.15 to Mr Garnett’s rooms. Denise also. Very terriby wearing evening. Supper at 9.15. Home at 10.30!

Tuesday 15th May 1917

Cooler. Dull.
To Aldwych. Tired. Committee. Mrs Samuel Grumbar, Standaert. Quick. 20 cases. Lunch alone at Club. Nice. Not too busy. Home. Sat in dusk. To bed 10, as Susie telephoned.

Wednesday 16th May 1917

Very cold.
To Aldwych. Long, dull Committee. Warburg, Roxburgh, Grumbar, Mademoiselle De Heusch. Lunch at Club alone. Telephoned to Josephine, as Mr Garnett ‘phoned to me. Home at 7. Wrote Ella letter in evening about Borrowdale. Alys played on piano. To bed 9.45.

Thursday 17th May 1917

Rained all day. Cold..
To Aldwych. Committee of only Mr Grumbar and me – 14 cases. Lunch with Miss Jephson at New Court. Fun. Not very busy p.m. but Gurney and bed cases worrying. Home 7. Read, headachey. Alys played on piano. To bed 9.50.

Friday 18th May 1917

To Aldwych, via Miss Dale’s. Nice quiet a.m. Not much work. No Committee. Quiet p.m. too. Alys with Eva to tea at Gwyd’s, and back late. 8 p.m. dinner. Read, to bed 9.15. Elsa let her house to Duke of Westminster.

Saturday 19th May 1917

Dull. Warmer. Some rain.
To Aldwych. Did Rly cases with Mr Leggett. Not much work. Letters from Ethel M. Miles and Denise and ‘phone from Mr Garnett. Lunch at Club. To Library (Hampstead). Met Alys there. Walked home. Both to town to cinema in evening ”Waters of Lethe” and arrival of U.S.A. destroyers at Queenstown.

On 4th May 1917, six US Naval Destroyers arrived in Cork Harbour – the first American forces to arrive following the US declaration of war.

Sunday 20th May 1917

Dull. Showery. Warm.
Alys to Elsa’s all day to help; House let to Duke of Westminster. I busy washing. All p.m. in garden with the children gardening. After tea, I up to Elsa’s. Miss Monkhouse and Knobs there. Read Inventory to Elsa and supper in kitchen at 9.30!! Home 11 p.m. Thunderstorms all night, so couldn’t sleep.

Monday 21st May 1917

Rain. Warm.

To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Leggett, Standaert, Roxburgh. Lunch at Club. Busy p.m. Many cases through. Alys to help Elsa, and to Mrs Fordham’s to tea, with Eva (to Hazel). Very tired. To bed 9.15.

Tuesday 22nd May 1917

Dull, then very fine.
To Aldwych. Long Committee, but nice. Leggett and Standaert. Kitty rang up and we lunched at Carr’s together! Many Rly cases, with Mr Leggett in p.m. Home. Alys worried about Eva; so she and I to cinema in evening. Golders Green. Home at 11 and to bed.

Wednesday 23rd May 1917

Very fine, and warm.
To Aldwych. Mr Leggett brought flowers. Committee of Mrs Samuel Mr Warburg and Mr Roxburgh. Lunch at New Court. Plenty to do all p.m. Wore new blue voile embroidered dress. To dine at 26 Compayne. Only Mrs Miles, Josephine and Mr Ross. Home 9.45 (Dennis back and to theatre with Alice and Helen).

Thursday 24th May 1917

Fine but very windy.
Alys and Dennis in bed late to breakfast. To Aldwych. Committee. Grumbar and Standaert. Not many cases. Lunch in Kingsway. Not good. To Hamley’s to buy Eva’s “rubber-dolly”. Not busy. Supper at Eustace Miles Restaurant. Met Alys and Dennis at Drury Lane. All to see “In Tolerance”. Film. Babylon. Marvellous.https://youtu.be/AgQpI-jpJao

Friday 25th May 1917

Very fine.
Holiday! Very nice. To shops with the family. Chose plants, pansies, nemesia, lobelia’s. All did gardening all day. Nice. Dennis away. Alys to Waterloo with him and home to supper 7.45. To bed early.

Saturday 26th May 1917

Very fine. Hot.
Alys. Eva and I to shops, my Bank, swimming-baths, nice. And then on to Piccadilly, lunch at Chinese Restaurant. Home via Edgware Road. Dorothy came to spend 2 nights, after tea. In garden, verandah

Sunday 27th May 1917

Lovely. Hot, sunny day with breeze.
Out on green to see Special Constables (with Grosvenor). All walked round by allotments. Sat on verandah all p.m. and in drawing-room. Out with Dorothy for walk – Heath and Golders Hill Park till 7.30. Watered garden.

Monday 28th May 1917

Lovely day. Hot but breezy.
Dorothy away on cycle at 10. Alys, Eva, Phil and I to Hampstead to Shenton’s for dog biscuit. Shentons motored over, lunch with us; drove us all to their allotment and back. I washed my hair and Alys ironed. Rose & Doris out. Alys and I tried to talk to C.H.W. (Wade). Difficult.

Tuesday 29th May 1917

Fine, then heavy thunder showers.
Wade’s birthday (63). Eva to school. I to Aldwych. Mr Baxter still away. Alys to Bursledon at 2. Lunch at A.B.C. I on to Army and Navy Stores for chocolate. Busy p.m. Many cases. Thunder in p.m. and till 9.30. Painted till 10.30.

Wednesday 30th May 1917

Very fine day.
To Aldwych. Only Mr Leggett, Smeesters and Roxburgh on Committee. Lunch at Club. Very busy p.m. with renewals and B.S.R. cases, and inquiries as Mr Baxter away. Home 7.10. Painted. To bed 10. Up in night with Philip, who was croupy and sick. Ipecacuanha.


Thursday 31st May 1917

Lovely day. Sun and breeze.
To Aldwych. Phil in bed for his breakfast, but better. No Committee, as Mr Grumbar to Rothschild funeral. Mr Leggett did some cases with me. Lunch at Club 10d. Easy p.m. Home 6.50. Alys back from Bursledon. Drew in evening. Alys played on piano.

Friday 1st June 1917

Much cooler. Grey.
To Aldwych. Wade away to May Shepherd’s. No Committee but took Emergency cases with Mr Grumbar. Lunch at Club. Mr Baxter back. Bought hot-pressed boards and did design of roses. Home and drew all evening. Alys played on piano.

Saturday 2nd June 191

Children awake 5.30 and 6, respectively! To Aldwych, first to Stagg and Mantle’s and Douré and Marshall’s (shoes – Eva). Lunch at Club. Home. Tired. Read a little on sofa then drew. Alys music. Mrs G.E. Barnard and Katharine came.


Paid Alys till June 1st and on till 15th
Big daylight air-raid on Folkestone.

Saturday 26th or Friday. 76 killed.

Sunday 3rd June 1917

Breakfast 8.30 (on a/c children). Drew a great deal all day. “Roses”. Charley and Sybil to dinner and tea. Eva and I out to tea at the G.E. Barnard’s and Katharine there. Colonel Charley Archer also. Drew again in evening and Alys played on piano.

Monday 4th June 1917

Glorious day.
To Aldwych. Eva on scooter to station. Nice Committee. 16 cases. Mr Leggett, Roxburgh, Standaert, Smeesters. Lunch at Club. Renewals in p.m. Home 6.50. Miss Middlehurst called, and stayed to dinner. We mowed the grass.

Tuesday 5th June 1917

Very fine.
Woke up with sore throat and headache. Had bath and when took temperature – 101 degrees. So back to bed, for whole day. Alys ‘phoned Mr Baxter. Slept most of day. Then read. Finished “Angela’s Business” (Henry Sydnor Harrison). Temperature 99.6 in evening. Head better.

Wednesday 6th June 1917

Dull then lovely.
In bed to breakfast and lunch. Read “The Making of an American” Jacob Riis and did a good deal of drawing. Got up at 4. Alys to dentist. Tea all together; sat on verandah afterwards, and sketched children. Wrote to Ethel M. Miles in evening.

Thursday 7th June 1917

Very fine. Hot.
In bed to breakfast. Then up. Drew a good deal, and on verandah most of the day. Throat still sore. Played duck with Alys. To bed 9.30.

Friday 8th June 1917

Dull. Warm.
In bed to breakfast. Felt very tired. Up at 9.15. Drew. Lazy all day, but did some drawing. Walked with Alys to shops at 8.30 and back.

Saturday 9th June 1917

Very fine. Hot.
In bed to breakfast. Sat on verandah and drew. Very lazy and slack. After lunch Mr Baxter ‘phoned and he and Mrs Baxter in taxi to tea. Nice. Alys and I to shops. Bought shoes and stockings. Drew.

“The Making of An American” Jacob Riis.

Sunday 10th June 1917

Fine. Hot.
In bed to breakfast. Up, and did drawing and read paper on verandah. Alys out with children till tea-time. Alys tired. Drew adverts and ironed things. To bed 9.30.

Monday 11th June 1917

Fine. Very hot.
To Aldwych again! Felt tired and throaty. Committee easy. Mr Leggett read some cases. Lunch at New Court with Hills. Did 15 renewals and then home early 4.30. To Percy Young on the way. Did drawing. In bed 9.55.

percy young

Tuesday 12th June 1917

Very fine. Hot.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Standaert, Smeesters, Samuel. 13 cases. Lunch at New Court 1/-. Pretty busy p.m. Talks. Home 6.10. Alys to meet Miss Hobbs, who came to stay. V.A.D. (Voluntary Aid Detachment) from Netley, to study cultures at Millbank.

Wednesday 13th June 1917

Very hot.
I unwell. To Aldwych. Air-raid at 11.45. Exciting. Bombs very loud from 3 or 5 Taube’s. Lunch at New Court 1/-. Not much work. Home early. Left at 5.15. Alys had been to Millbank with Miss Hobbs. Doz ‘phoned. Alys played in evening. I very tired. To bed 9.30.

World War I monoplane aircraft

Thursday 14th June 1917

Taube warning, but they didn’t reach London. Breakfast 7.30. Miss Hobbs to Millbank. I to Selfridge’s with Alys. Bought frocks (for her). To Aldwych at 10. 10 cases. Lunch at New Court. Not busy so home. Left at 4.15. Very hot. Lemonade at Fuller’s. Sat on verandah. Guns at 10.45. Phil awake.

Friday 15th June 1917

Very hot and fine.
To Aldwych. Alys saw Miss Hobbs at Waterloo. Quiet a.m. Lunch at Club. Air Raid Drill (!) at 3. Wrote Major Meeus. To Mr Garnett’s at 6. Taxi and on to Compayne Gardens todine. 7.30. Alys met me at 9.30. Home. Tired.

Saturday 16th June 1917

Very hot, and fine. Thunder in p.m.
Holiday (Mr Leggett said I needn’t go to Aldwych). Muddled about. Washed and ironed. Took Eva on bicycle to shops. Children to tea at Aunt Louie’s. Thunderstorm. Alys and I called for them; got drenched, all of us. Home. Changed.

Paid Alys £3.0.0. (till 15th)
And 10/- advanced on 29th
Paid Alys £3.00 till June 29th
?76 people killed on 13th.

Sunday 17th June 1917

Very hot and humid.
Sat on verandah all a.m. pasting adverts in scrap book. Bad headache later. Heat. Read newspaper. Out with Alys and children on Heath after tea. Very hot. Drew, and rolled and cut grass in evening at 8.30. To bed 10.

Monday 18th June 1917

Very hot and thundery.
To Aldwych. Hot Committee, but not bad. Lunch at New Court (11d). Not too busy p.m. Home. Alys had lunched with Helen (Wilson). Quiet evening. Rolled the lawn (thunderstorm at 2 p.m.) To bed 10.15.

Tuesday 19th June 1917

Dull, cooler. Showery.
To Aldwych. Quick Committee. Mrs Samuel, Smeesters and Mr Koch. Lunch at New Court. Mrs Keep too. Quiet p.m. Home punctually. Drew in evening. To bed 10.

Wednesday 20th June 1917

To Aldwych. Easy Committee. 10 cases. No Warburg. Lunch with Mrs Bonner. To her flat, in taxi. Very nice. To Army and Navy Stores. Many renewals as Mrs Mansel not here today. Home. To cinema with Alys “Dawn” Rider Haggard. To bed 11 p.m.

Thurday 21st June 1917

Fine. Some showers.
To Aldwych. Mrs Mansel still away. Met Alys at Waterloo for lunch. She to Bursledon 2p.m. Great excitement in P.R.F. about striking for higher pay. Home early. Goodnights to children. Phil in Rose’s care for night. Drew till 9.50. “Snake charmer”.

Friday 22nd June 1917

To town by ‘bus. Left Eva at Avenue Mansions. To Selfridge’s and Evan’s and bought new waterproof. To Aldwych. Mrs Mansel still away. Very little work to do, so time passed slowly. Home. Drew all the evening. To bed 9.45.

Saturday 23rd June 1917

Cool. Dull.
To Aldwych. Not much work. Quiet morning. Home to lunch, with children. Teddy came all p.m. and to tea. I drew in drawingroom, and upstairs in evening.

Votes for women passed by majority of 330 (against 55) – 19.6.17


Sunday 24th June 1917

With children all day. Took them out to Heath in morning. Push-cart and they played on trees. In garden in p.m. and Phil out with Doris, Eva and I drew and sewed. In garden after tea again. Eva hurt knee.

Monday 25th June 1917

Cooler, fine.
To Aldwych. Eva not to school as knee bad. Nice Committee but large. Humphrey. Lunch at A.B.C. and to Harrods by tube. Back by 2.10. Busy. Home at 6.50. Drew all evening. ONOTO. To bed 10. Wrote Alys. Heard Bill Sime died.


Tuesday 26th June 1917

Cool. Fine.
To Aldwych. Eva to school. Nice Committee with Mrs Samuel. Lunch at Club. Quiet p.m. Drafted letter to Mr Maudslay re salaries. Meeting 5.30 with P.R.F. Interviewers and Mrs Samuel and Mrs Mansel. Home. Nearly to Cecil Waghorn’s party. Dressed but did not go. Too lazy. Drew and wrote letters.

Wednesday 27th June 1917

Cool. Dull.
To Aldwych. Not bad Committee. But Warburgh. Lunch at Club. Peas, strawberries 1½! Renewals. Fairly busy. Home 5.45. Drew all evening except that Knoblock ‘phoned and Maud Barnard called.

Thursday 28th June 1918

Dull, showery.
To Aldwych. Committee at 11.30. Koch, Smeesters, Grumbar, Standaert, Van ? Lunch at New Court (with the Hills) Not many cases in p.m. Home. Drew all evening. To bed 10.

Friday 29th June 1918

Cold and rainy.
To Aldwych. Rainy. No Committee. Not much work. Busy with new cases. Lunch at Club. Talk about the petition. Drew in evening.

Saturday 30th June 1917

Cold. Dull, windy.
Not to work. They gave me a holiday. Out with Eva – to Bank and to buy socks. Aunt Alice and Dorothy to lunch 1.30. Sat on verandah, very cold. Clipped the privet hedge. They stayed to tea. Drew in evening.

Paid Alys to 29th £3.0.0
Paid Rose for wages £4-1.4.
Paid Rosa for food. £3-0.0.

Sunday 1st July 1917

Very fine.
Sat in garden nearly all a.m. reading “Mesopotamia Report”. Children in garden. They out with Doris in p.m and I drew and did odd jobs. Wrote to Alys and Roefs (who sent new peas). Drew in evening. Lesson 9.

Monday 2nd July 1917

Fair. Still cool.
To Aldwych. Not bad Committee. Leggett, Humphreys, Smeesters. Lunch at Club. Rather wearing time all p.m. interviewing Mr Leggett and Mr Maudslay re salaries. Home at 6.45. All evening composing Statement for Managing Committee. Very tired.

Tuesday 3rd July 1917

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. Easy Committee. Further composition of petition, so not many renewals done! Lunch at Club. Home via shops in Golders Green. Out at 9 p.m. to Cecil Waghorn’s!!! 9K Cornwall Mansions. Musical evening. Home 12.20!

Wednesday 4th July 1917

Dull. Some rain.
To Aldwych. Dreadful Committee. Grumbar, Warburg, Carton de Wiart, Smeesters, Roxburgh. Till 1 o’clock. Lunch with Mrs Keep and Hills at New Court. Very tired all p.m. Home. Tired. Read all evening and to bed 9.30 – Alys’ birthday – 32?

Thursday 5th July 1917

Gave petition to Mr Maudslay. To Aldwych but first to shops. Walked down Regent Street to Charing Cross. Easy Committee. Koch. Lunch New Court with Mrs Mansel Home 6.55. Drew all evening. Rather tired. To bed 9.30. Late to sleep. About 11.30.

Friday 6th July 1917

Eva’s 8th birthday. Screwed bell on scooter! To Aldwych, but first to Leicester Square and bought hat and veil. Not too busy. Lunch at A.B.C. and then to Regent Street for sunshade. Alys came in (back from Netley). I home at 5.30 to Eva’s birthday party. Dennis up on leave.

Saturday 7th July 1917

To Aldwych. At 10.30 – 11. Air-raid. About 22 German aeroplanes bombed London. We all on 1st floor. Rather noisy, but not within ½ mile, I think. Lunch A.B.C. Home. Busy doing white coat and skirt in p.m. Songs in evening (Mr Baxter away on holiday).

Paid Alys to 29th £3.00 from June 15th
and £2.10 birthday.
Big air-raid 7th – only about 37 killed.

Sunday 8th July 1917

Very wet.
I early to Waterloo, and by 9.38 train to Surbiton. With Madame Carton de Wiart and 40 réformé soldiers, invited by Grumbar, up on launch to Staines and back. Very rainy!! Music on board and good lunch. Home at 8. Pat Ryan to supper and till 10.

Monday 9th July 1917

Damp and cold.
To Aldwych. Dennis back to Netley. Very tired. Nice easy Committee. Lunch at Club. Lots of renewals – about 22. Home at 7. Sat over gas fire all evening with Alys, reading. Tired. To bed 9.30.

Tuesday 10th July 1917

Cold. Fine.
To Aldwych. Unwell. Not long Committee, but very busy day of renewals. Lunch at Club. Very busy all p.m. Mr Grumbar taking F.F.B’s (Baxter) place, so doing fewer renewals. Very tired. Charley and Sybil and Helen and Rufus and Pat Ryan in – not to supper.

Wednesday 11th July 1917

Fine. Still cool.
To Aldwych. Not bad Committee. 12 cases. Warburg and Carton de Wiart. Lunch at Club. 19 renewals. Still busy. Apers’ furniture case and De Burlet school fees. Home 7. Sang in evening and wrote letters – business and p.c. to Ella.

Thursday 12th July 1917

Very fine. Warmer.
To Aldwych. Nice little Committee. Mr Leggett, Koch, Smeesters, Standaert. Lunch at Club. Did about 26 renewals or more! But not very tired. Home. Drew in evening and wrote to Aunt Alice.

Friday 13th July 1917

Very fine. Hot. Breezy.
To Aldwych. Plenty of work tho’ no Committee. Lunch at New Court with Miss Lawrence Jones. Very tired. Hot, tiring day. Home 6.50. Drew all evening. Design for border, nasturtium. To bed 9.45.

Saturday 14th July 1917

To Aldwych. Not too much work. Left at 12.45. and back to lunch at home. Rested after lunch. Tidied out boxes and old summer clothes. Did printing for Lesson 10 P.C.C. Tired.

Sunday 15th July 1917

Changeable. Hot. Thunder showers.
Washed and ironed things. With Alys to Miss Blanford’s in p.m. Walked all the way, there and back. Oliver there, in naval uniform. Nice. Drew in evening, till printing. To bed 10.15. Alys played.

Monday 16th July 1917

Warm. Showery.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. No C.O.S. only Mr Leggett and Belgians. Lunch at Club. Very easy day indeed. Did very little work. Mr Woolf gave me golliwogs and rose! To home early. With Alys to cinema in evening.

Tuesday 17th July 1917

Fine, Warmer.
Siren tests for air-raid warnings. With Eva, and to school with her shoes. To Aldwych. Only 3 cases for Committee!!! Lunch at New Court 1/-. Not much work, but much worry about Mrs Mansel – room and Carton de Wiart cases. Did printing for Lesson 10 in evening.

Wednesday 18th July 1917

Rainy. Dull.
To Aldwych. Eva on new scooter. Not bad Committee. Mr Warburg, Leggett, Smeester, Polly and Dorothy came to lunch, treated me! To Temple Tea Rooms. Not bad p.m. Home at 6.50. Wrote Mrs Miles about Denise and did songs with Alys.

Thursday 19th July 1917

Rainy then fine and warm.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Koch, Smeesters, Grumbar. Not too busy. Lunch at Club and then walked along Holborn and ‘bus back. Bomb tests for air-raid warnings at 4.30.

Friday 20th July 1917

With Alys early to choose hat for her. On to Aldwych. Not too busy. Mr Leggett away to Sheffield. Lunch at Club. Bad meat. To Kodak. Prints not ready. Did some drawing. Aunt Louie and Nelly called after supper.

Saturday 21st July 1917

To Aldwych at 9.40, arrived. Left at 11. To Westminster Cathedral Roman Catholic 11.30. Belgian Independence Day. Good sermon – “Henusse”.

Westminster Cathedral, Victoria SW1

Home to lunch. Very busy all p.m. sorting things. Big trunk. Tired. With Alys to cinema to see Bernhardt (Sarah) in “Mothers of France”. Menie Reid and Mrs Cree to tea.

Mr Baxter 2st July to 7th August holiday.

Sunday 22nd July 1917

Hot and fine.
Air Raid warning at 9.30. Very busy all day. Alys too, sorting and packing. Very tired. Eva to tea at Barbara’s. After supper Alys and I walked to Hampstead. Called on Elsa, and Mardens – both out (latter ill).

Monday 23rd July 1917

Hot and fine.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. 11 cases. Mr Leggett and Standaert only. Lunch with Alys at Cabin. To Waterloo. Saw Alys off to Netley, with trunk! Ages at Cloakroom. Not many cases. Home at 6.45. Sewed foulard jumper (with Dutch lace) red. To bed 10.10.

Tuesday 24th July 1917

Dull. Hot.
To hairdresser’s. To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Few cases. Smeesters, Samuel. Lunch at New Court with Mrs Keep. Renewals and drew a good deal in p.m. To station with Mrs Gardiner. De Haan case! Sewed red jumper in evening.

Wednesday 25th July 1917

Hot. Fine.
To Aldwych (First to Bank). Not bad Committee. Warburg. Lunch at Clifford’s Inn alone. Nice and quiet. Renewals in p.m. Home at 6.50. Did some sewing and also some printing for Lesson X. Italics. To bed 10.15.

Thursday 26th July 1917

To Bourne & Hollingsworth for jumper. No luck. To Aldwych. Committee. Very few cases. Koch, Standaert, Smeesters, Grumbar. Lunch at Mrs Bonner’s. Her sister there. Mr Leggett in in p.m. Showed me Government file. Alys back. Did some printing in evening. To bed 10.30.

Bourne and Hollingsworth, London

Friday 27th July 1917

Fine. Hot.
To Aldwych. To Thanet House at lunch with 9 and 10 lessons. Very easy day, chiefly devoted to selling and buying etchings by Giele Di Backer. Lunch at Clifford’s Inn. 1/-. Home. Tired. Tiring weather. Not busy at all.

Saturday 28th July 1917

Fine. Hot.
To Aldwych. Did several renewals. Home, via Golders Green shops. Paid for shoes. Lunch at New Court quickly. Busy all p.m. Packing and sorting. Wade came. Talked with her.

to 27th July – Alys Faraday Embleton £6.0.0.
Bought 3 etchings 1 at 8/-, 1 at 25/-, 1 at 21/- (total 54/-0) – £2.14.0

Sunday 29th July 1917

Fine, then pouring and thundery.
Indoors all day. Very busy. Making grey jumper and also washing and ironing blouses. Tiring. Alys very busy too, packing and clearing. Dolly from next door to tea. Mr Styer in. We didn’t go to Styers as so very stormy.

Monday 30th July 1917

Dull. Rainy.
Alys off to Netley. I chose carpet and paid for it £3.10.0 (and 1/- carriage). Alys’ cheque. To Aldwych. Nice Committee, Leggett, Roxburgh, Smeesters. Lunch with Miss Jephson at Temple Tea Room. Renewals. Home at 7. Rain. Drew all evening. Garden furniture. To bed 10.45.

Tuesday 31st July 1917

Rain and wind.
To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Samuel, Standaert, Smeesters. Lunch with Mrs Mansel at A.B.C. Plenty of renewals. Home at 6.50. Wrote Kitty. Did printing for “Outdoor furniture” all evening.

Wednesday 1st August 1917

Very wet.
To Aldwych (first did up parcel for Alys and Dennis at Bournemouth). Nice Committee. Only Belgians and Mr Leggett. Lunch with Miss Jephson at Clifford’s Inn. Very little work to do. Home 6.50. Did printing in evening. To bed 10.00 Rang up Mrs Styer and Doz ‘phoned.

Thursday 2nd August 1917

Wet. Much rain. Drizzly.
Letter from Mrs W. Miles. To Aldwych. No Committee as holidays so near. Very little work. Lunch at Club. To Mr Maudslay about War Bonus with Miss Scott. Hormans and knife affair! To dine with Styers at 7.30. Home at 10 or 9.50. To bed.

Friday 3rd August 1917

Wet. Dull.
To Aldwych. No Committee. Not much work. Lunch at Selfridge’s! Shopped in p.m. Liberty’s. Home to tea with children. Tired.

Saturday 4th August 1917

Rather busy all day, sorting and packing. With children to shops and to Agents; pushcart. To William Miles’ to dinner 7.30. (Madame Roef and M Janus called). Home at 9.45.

Mr Grumbar 2nd to 13th
Lent Alys (30th) 3.10.0 (to give Rose for board).
Mr Mansel came. March 22nd.

Sunday 5th August 1917

Dull and frequent showers.
Busy all day, sorting and packing, and sewing and washing, mended iron. Doris took children out. Friede called with Mrs Flight and Pamela. Also Otto and Mabel called in morning. Conjuring tricks for children.

Monday 6th August 1917

Dull, then fine. Hot sun.
Busy all day, packing, washing, ironing, sewing. Eva with Dolly and Marigold making “woolies” all day nearly. Doris took Phil out. Rose and Doris out in evening. I washed my hair. Wrote Alys and Aunt Alice.

Tuesday 7th August 1917

Misty. Then fine and hot.
To Aldwych. Mr Baxter back again. No Committee. Mrs Mansel has left. Lunch with Mrs Keep at New Court. Mr Grumbar on holiday. Home and did more sorting. To bed early.

Wednesday 8th August 1917

Dull all day and some showers.
To Aldwych. Committee – only Mr Leggett and Belgians. Nice and easy. Lunch at New Court. Mrs Kupals. Many renewals. About 25. Home 6.50. Dennis and Alys back!!! Songs in evening. I to bed 10.

Thursday 9th August 1917

Fine. Windy.
Dennis in bed to breakfast. To Aldwych. No Committee .Lunch at Club 11½d. Renewals all day. Tiring. Dennis in bed all day and Alys very busy packing. Mrs Marsden called.

Friday 10th August 1917

Windy. Fine on the whole.
To Aldwych. Committee. Mr Legget and Standaert, Smeesters, Koch. Lunch at Club 1/1½d. Not many renewals. Away at 6.30. Home. Helen to tea and supper and Otto and Mabel in later. Packed and to bed about 12.


Saturday 11th August 1917

Fine, but showers.
I unwell. Packed. Eva and I by tube to Waterloo. Lunch there. Dennis, Alys, Phil and Kim came and we all to Southampton (1st class). Tea at Price’s. To Bursledon. Vine Inn. High Tea and to bed. Dennis to Thompson’s in evening.

vine inn

Holiday from 11th to 25th
Dolly has chickenpox badly.

Sunday 12th August 1917

Fine. Warm. Breezy.
Breakfast 8.30. Dennis to Netley. Alys, Eva, Philip and I sat in woods among bracken. Home. Phil slept. After dinner Eva wrote Ethel Miles. To Daydawn with Dennis. Thompson’s bathed with him. Saw Harvey and Dudar on way home. To Thompson’s in evening – rehearsal.

Monday 13th August 1917

Very showery.
In at the Webb’s and helped to pick apples all a.m. and catch rabbit. Rested in bed in p.m. To Daydawn (me: Dennis and Aly’s boat). Dennis also. Tea there. Bathed. Alys and I home with children. To bed early 9.10. In at Webb’s.

Tuesday 14th August 1917

Very showery.
Walked to Netley with Dennis, all of us and pushcart. In Isolation. Sat about and to Lankester and Crook’s. Back by 12.44. train to Bursldeon. Quiet p.m. To Webb’s. Dennis in, very tired 9? To bed early.


Wednesday 15th August 1917

Fine early. Very changeable. Heavy showers.
Alys, Eva, Phil and I to Lowford to take many shoes to Maidment’s to mend. Very showery. Indoors in p.m. Drawing till 3.30. Dennis home and joined us on Daydawn at 5. Tea there and then bathed, except Alys. Phil’s 1st quite brave! Eva swam. Thompson’s, Kathleen and Dobby in in evening.

Thursday 16th August 1917

Sunny and showery.
Took snapshots outside. To Webb’s to try on sailor hats. Then Alys, Eva, Phil and I to boat. All bathed. Phil not very brave. He slept and all home to dinner. On woods (Admiralty yard) in p.m. Dennis in at 6. Wrote Ella. Supper. Dennis and Alys to the Thompson’s. I wrote letters. To bed 10.30.

Friday 17th August 1917

Grey and very windy.
All to wood with Dennis (he to Netley). We sat there till 1.45. Phil rested at home and Alys wrote. I drew. In p.m. all walked with pushcarts to Netley. To the quarters. Tea there! Talked to Mrs Baker. Back by train. Dennis in at 9. Very tired. Drew, read. To bed 10.30.

Saturday 18th August 1917

Rain, then fine. Very windy.
Alys and Eva to Southampton for sand-shoes. Olive Egerton amused Phil. I drew a good deal. Phil rested. After dinner all (and Dennis and Dobbie Thompson) to Daydawn. Tea. Bathed at 6.30. (not Phil). Home. Dennis to Rehearsal at Thompson’s after supper till 12. I drew.

Sunday 19th August 1917

Fine morning. Hot. Showery later.
To Webb’s garden with children. Home. Wrote to Brewtnall’s. Dennis home to dinner at 1 o’clock. Then all, with Gladys and Dobbie Thompson to Daydawn. Bathed. Tea on board. Cards, while it rained. Home. Dennis and Alys to rehearsal in evening. I drew till 10.45.

Monday 20th August 1917

Fine and hot all day. Windy in p.m.
Alys, Eva, Phil and I on boat. Eva hired her little boat and rowed. Lovely morning. Lunch on board. Afterwards Mrs Egerton and Millie, Ollie and Margaret also Mrs Ingram and her 2 boys on board. We bathed. Alys to meet Dennis at Southampton to buy chairs. I home with children. Bathed Phil. Alys and Dennis back at 8.15 and to Bayford’s after supper.

Tuesday 21st August 1917

Very fine.
To Daydawn and bathed, lovely. Eva jumped in. Phil rested on board. Home to lunch. Then to Admiralty yards. Eva fell and hurt herself. Picked blackberries. Alys to Southsea with Thompson’s in car. I to Webbs with Phil. Alys and I to meet Dennis. All in cab. Home to supper. 9.40.

Wednesday 22nd August 1917

Grey, then fine.
All went to the woods (new ones). Children rather naughty. Home 11.45. Phil rested. I drew. After dinner all to Daydawn. Dobbie came and Margot Newton. We bathed. Lovely. Tea. Eva and I to The Flat afterwards. Alys and I to meet Dennis, to Netley. Supper 9.30.

Thursday 23rd August 1917

Very windy. Fine.
Phil had pain and was ill all day. Temperature 100 degrees. Not out. Eva to Webb;s. I drew. ‘Phoned Dennis, who brought Captain Warner to see Phil at 2.15. Drew. Dennis and I to Daydawn and bathed – rough. Nice. Eva to Lowford with Webb’s. Read to Eva. Dennis to Thompson’s in evening.

Friday 24th August 1917

Fine. Warmer.
Phil well again, and up to dinner. I drew. Alys and I out to Mrs Raymonts, only! After dinner all for walk with push-cart to field near Lowford. Alys to Southampton to meet Dennis, shop and see “Romance” with Thompson’s and Webb’s. I bathed children and packed up.


Saturday 25th August 1917

Fine. Warmer.
Dennis off. We to Webb’s. Snapshotted the 4 children on the lawn. To station. Alys and Eva and Phil saw me off by 1.6 train. I ate sandwiches at Southampton. To Waterloo. Taxi to 26 Compayne Gardens. Unpacked. Dinner and talked about Denise. To bed 9.30. Hot bath.

Mrs Egerton, Vine Inn, boarded and lodged us for £10.0.0 inclusive per week – 3 adults, 2 children.
Lent Alys £11.0.0
9 bathes
Ticket Bursledon to Waterloo, usually 7/- now raised to 10/6.

Sunday 26th August 1917

Fine, rain later.
Breakfast 9. Looked at old photographs. I to Church at Marylebone with Mrs Miles and Josephine in brougham. Wrote Alys. Mr and Mrs Ross called and stayed on to supper as it rained. She very Australian. I did drawing in p.m. Finished Lesson 11.

Monday 27th August 1917

Much colder. Dull.
Took drawings to P.C.C. Lesson 11. To Aldwych. Nice Committee. Till 11.55. Lunch at Club 1/0½d. To Kodak’s with films. Renewals in p.m. 15. Back to Compayne, very wet, heavy rain. Dinner and to bed 9.10.

Tuesday 28th August 1917

Very cold, wet.
To Aldwych. Walked from Charing Cross. No Committee. Renewals all a.m. Nice easy day. Did 21 renewals. Lunch at Club 10½d. Home. Wrote Wade. Dinner and to bed. Wrote Alys from Aldwych.

Wednesday 29th August 1917

Cold. Showery.
To Aldwych. Nice day. No Committee. Did 23 renewals and a good deal of drawing “Mademoiselle Sourire”. Lunch at Club 10½d. Madame Verhaeghe (singer) came and talked. 5 till 5.30. Home. Dinner and to bed 9.5! Read “Golden Glory” by Horace Rose about the Dwarf, Giant and Bushman.

Thursday 30th August 1917

Dull. Showery.
Walked to Swiss Cottage. Bus to town (2 buses). To Aldwych. Nice day. Did 26 renewals. Mr Woolf gave me nougat! Easy day. Lunch at Club 9½d. Wade at Compayne. Talked to me. To bed 9.

Friday 31st August 1917

Finer and warmer.
To Aldwych. Committee – 1st since Monday Mr Koch, Standaert, Smeesters, Leggett. Lunch at Club. Pretty busy. Did 31 renewals in p.m. Felt very tired. Home. Josephine a cold. I took aspirins and sprayed.

Saturday 1st September 1917

To Aldwych. Bought Clinical Thermometer (3/6). Not much work. Home to lunch at Compayne. Rested all p.m. Did some drawing. Josephine to bed after tea. Patience in evening. To bed 9.

New war-bonus 3/- weekly paid with arrears from January £5.2.0.

Sunday 2nd September 1917

Fine, sunny.
Quiet a.m. Wrote to Alys. Mrs Cadogan called. Ethel to Church. Rested and did some drawing in p.m. Mr Buckland called (his wife’s sister married Sir Richard Temple). J.C.S. To bed 9.

Monday 3rd September 1917

Very fine. Warm.
To Aldwych by ’bus via Chalk Farm. Committee. Not many cases. Easy .Lunch at Club – 9½d. Very few renewals for me to do. Drew a little. Fetched prints of snapshots. 5/4. Home. Dinner. To bed 9.15 Grumbar back. Read “The Safety Candle”; E.S. Stevens.

Tuesday 4th September 1917

Very fine and warm.
To my Bank. Put in £15 in notes! W.B. To Aldwych by bus, walked down Regent Street. Very slack day; hardly any work. Lunch at Club 10½d. Home. To bed 9. Woke at 12. Air-raid. Heard aeroplanes. Guns, bombs. All downstairs. To bed, but again at 12.54 had to go down. More Bombs. Tiresome.

Wednesday 5th September1 917

Fine and hot.
To Aldwych, but to Army and Navy Stores to buy chocolate first. Saw damage by bombs. Lunch at place in Devonshire Street off Theobald’s Road. Nice. With Miss Jephson. Wrote to Elsa and Wade in morning. Pretty busy in p.m. Woolf. Wrote to Max. Mr Ross to dinner. Mrs Miles in bed –not well. Very severe thunderstorm till 11.

Thursday 6th September 1917

Dull. Some sun. Muggy.
Mrs Miles down to breakfast. To Aldwych, via Winsor and Newton’s. Bought tinted papers. Very little work. Lunch at A.B.C. Wrote Dorothy. Designed book cover. Little John Danby to stay at Compayne. To bed 9. Wrote verses to Napleton.

winsor newton

Friday 7th September 1917

Dull, muggy.
To Aldwych. Mrs Miles in bed to breakfast. Long and tiring Committee, till nearly 1. Grumbar, Jock, Standaert, Smeesters. Lunch at Club 10½d. Fairly busy p.m. too. Home. Dinner. To bed 9.30. Talked to E. and J.

Saturday 8th September 1917

Very fine and warm.
I unwell. To Aldwych. Bought Costume Book 10/0 at Smith’s on way there. Home to lunch. (Wrote Alys). Cootie there. Rested a little, then drew. Mrs Grant, etc to choose music. 2 club girls in evening. To bed 9.25.

Sunday 9th September 1917

Muggy and showery.
Nice restful day. Drew “Surrey” design. Wrote Aunt Alice and to Tades with cheques. Miss Annie Miles (91) and Miss Chater to dinner. Air-raid warning in p.m. Ethel polished old paste jewellery. To bed 9.

Monday 10th September 1917

Fine on the whole.
To Aldwych. Committee. Only Mr Grumbar and Mr Smeesters. Easy. Lunch with Mrs Bonner at Carr’s 10d. Pretty busy. Keyser and Woolf in. Menie Reid called in. Warm day. Tired. Home and early to bed. Read “The Way of the Cardines”, Hyatt.

Tuesday 11th September 1917

Hot all day. Dull.
To my Bank, then bus to Aldwych. Top all the way. Very busy with renewals all day. Lunch with Mrs Robbins at Club. No tea, only “Cow and Gate” milk. Mr Baxter decided to leave! Home, very tired. To bed early 9.5. Thunderstorm. Hot.

Wednesday 12th September 1917

Very fine. Cooler.
To Aldwych. Bus all the way. Busy all day at renewals. Lunch with Miss Lawrence Jones at Temple Tea Rooms. Mr Woolf in a good deal. He lunched with Willis to discuss Mr Baxter’s going. Very busy all day. Very tired in evening. Home 6.50. To bed 9.10 (Mr Baxter left).

Thursday 13th September 1917

Fine. Cold. Rain later.
My 38th birthday. To Aldwych. Very busy and worrying day. Mr Woolf in continually. Heaps of cases, and work and interruptions. Lunch at Club. Very tired. Home. To bed 9.10. Finished Cardine book.

Friday 14th September 1917

Fine day.
To Aldwych. Very tired. More fusses with Woolf and Grumbar. Committee long and tiring. Only 3 Belgians. G. Grumbar and Koch, but heaps of cases. Lunch at Club quietly. Very busy p.m. Headache all day. Very tired at night.

Saturday 15th September 1917

Very fine and hot.
To Aldwych. More excitement over Woolf interfering. Pretty busy, but not desperate. Home to lunch. Drew all p.m. “Some English wild flowers” – poppies and cornflowers. Eustace to tea. Wade later.

Sent E. Defresne navy cut and chocolate 10th.
Gave Josephine dessert shapes.
Josephine’s birthday 19th – 4/-

End of Summer Time.

Sunday 16th September 1917

Fine. Warm.
Nice restful day. Others all out in a.m. I wrote letters and drew. Miss Miles and Miss Chater to dinner 1.15. Helped to wheel Miss Miles back. Rested. Read Parfit’s “Germans in Syria”. Mrs Edie called. Quiet evening. Drew. Summer time changed back to Greenwich.

Monday 17th September 1917

Some sun. Warm, windy.
To Aldwych. No Woolf or Keyser as Jewish New Year. Very busy, but no great worries. Lunch Club. To King’s Bench and Temple Church. Very busy, not too tired. Home 6.40. To bed 9.10.

Tuesday 18th September 1917

Dull, showery.
To Aldwych. Very long, tiring Committee – 20 cases. Mrs Samuel, M. Smeesters and M. Standaert. Lunch at Club. Very busy. Tiring afternoon. Mr Ross to dinner. Nice. To bed 9.30.

Wednesday 19th September 1917

To Aldwych. No Committee and nice quiet morning, doing renewals, and drawing! Lunch at Express Dairy with Miss Schuster. Did a good deal of the book-cover “pinks”. Home. To bed 9. Read “This Woman to this Man”, Williamson.

Thursday 20th September 1917

To Aldwych (first painted pinks for Lesson 12). Nice day. Not too busy. Wrote to Ella and Phoebe. Lunch at Club. Prepared new cases. Home 10 minutes earlier than usual. Quiet evening. Dressmakers for Mrs Miles. Read and drew late.

Friday 21st September 1917

Fine and warm.
To Aldwych. But first went to photographer’s shop. 1/0 for 4 postcards (for Mr Napleton). Committee with Mrs Samuel and Smeesters and Standaerts. Lunch at Club. Home.

Saturday 22nd September 1917

Fine and warmer.
To Aldwych. Mr Leggett back from holiday. Nice a.m. Back to lunch at 26 Compayne Gardens. Rested. Mr and Mrs Ross to tea. Mrs Miles and Josephine to Eustace’s to tea, his birthday. Wade called and talked to me.

Sunday 23rd September 1917

Fine and hot, (dull in a.m.)
To Elsa’s – 4 Grove Cottages (in brougham). Sat on Heath with her. Home to dinner 1.15. Miss Miles and Miss Chater came. Packed up, all p.m. Played with Pamela and John. Wrote letters to Tades, Alys, Dennis, George Warwick.

Monday 24th September 1917

Fine and hot.
To Aldwych (bought book for Phil). Committee – not many cases. Miss Humphreys back. Mr Leggett, Mr Grumbar and Mrs Samuel all came and talked of plans, separately. Lunch at Club. Air-raid at 8.20 till 9.15 all down in hall. Heard aerial torpedoes, etc.

Tuesday 25th September 1917

Said goodbye to Mileses, who all to Eastbourne (Wade also). To Aldwych. Quiet, easy day but worked all day. Lunch with Mrs Bonner at The Cock 1/7d. 2d tip. Back to Chelsea, to stay. Taxi and train. Dinner alone (Barnard’s at Broadway). Wrote Mrs Miles and Aunt Alice. Small air-raid.

Wednesday 26th September 1917

Windy, dullish.
To Aldwych by No 11 bus. Easy day. Wrote to Major Meeus and M. Janus. Lunch at Club. Talk with Mr Maudslay. Home by No 11 ‘bus all the way. Dinner and then drew till 9.30. To bed. No air-raid and rainy and windy.

Thursday 27th September 1917

Fine, and sunny.
To Aldwych. Quiet day, doing renewals. Miss Fuller gave notice. Lunch at Club. Read Dennis’ shorthand letter. Home, by permission, at 5.35. Lovely night, but no air-raid. (N.B. we had bombed their “Gothas” lined up.)

Friday 28th September 1917

Fine, warm.
To Aldwych. Committee. Nice. Only Leggett, Smeesters, Grumbar. Lunch at Club. Madame Verhaeghe called in; Dennis came. I with him to buy steam-engine for Phil. Tea at Holborn Restaurant. To Chelsea, then dined at Simpson’s and to Vaudeville Theatre. “Cheep”. Air-raid warning, but beaten off. Dennis slept at Elm Park Road.

Saturday 29th September 1917

Very fine.
Dennis off to Millbank and to Tetanus meeting. I to Aldwych. Lunch at Eustace Miles’. Home. To bead shop. Home again. Drew and wrote letters. Noisy raid in evening. Many guns and till 10.15. Drew all evening. To bed 10.30. Rang up Susie.

Lunch at Grumbar’s – 29th.

Sunday 30th September 1917

Very fine and warm.
Washed my hair. Out to get paper. Saw where our shell fell in Park Walk. Wrote Alys, Dorothy, Mrs Miles. Drew a great deal. To tea with Susie and heard of the invitation to America!! Home. Another air-raid. Very noise barrage put up by our guns. To bed 10.20.

Monday 1st October 1917

Misty, then lovely day.
To Aldwych. 9.30 (new rule). Committee. Miss Hill in to watch. Miss Humphreys. Lunch at New Court. To Kodak and Thanet House after. Back. Mrs Gardiner to South Kensington. Air-raid. Very noisy. Four big attacks beaten off. Bombs on Victoria and Eaton Square. Shells falling everywhere. Lexham Gardens.

Tuesday 2nd October 1917

Misty. Then fine.
To Aldwych. First moving things up to top room. Then moved my things from Committee Room to new desk in own room! At 12.45 out with Mr M. Woolf to Laurier’s, Jermyn Street. Lunch. Air-raid warning. Then to Entertainment for Charing Cross Hospital till 5. Home but couldn’t get in. So to Susie’s. Back home again as Mrs Lang in at last. Poz and Doz had postponed.

Wednesday 3rd October 1917

Cooler, Windy.
To Aldwych. In my new room! Quite busy, but happy. Lunch at Club. Home at 6. Poz and Doz postponed coming until Saturday. Drew in evening. Mr Tonks called but I didn’t see him.

Thursday 4th October 1917

Rainy and very windy.
To Aldwych. Nice day in my new room. Wrote Ethel. M. Miles and to Mr and Mrs Baxter. Lunch at New Court. In p.m. saw Mademoiselle De Wilde. Long talk about the Carton de Wiart cases. Home at 6. Drew all the evening. To bed 9.35.

Friday 5th October 1917

Fine, sunny. Very cold. Wintry.
To Aldwych. Helped Miss Hill. I was in Committee with her (she as Secretary for first time!) Mrs Samuel, Koch and Smeesters. Lunch at Club. Bought Vogue and interviewed Redd Yates and was busy. Left 5.40. Home by Tube and walked from South Kensington. Traced in evening To bed 10.15.

Saturday 6th October 1917

Fine and cold.
To Aldwych. Not very busy (Still the same salary £2.9.6. with bonus). Home with Grumbar to Kensington Court. Lunch en famille. Nice house and children. Home to Elm Park Road. Polly and Dorothy back from Broadway to tea. Talked in evening. I rather colded and sore throat. To bed 9.50. Miss Moore’s fiancé’s gun brought down Gotha off Dover.

Sunday 7th October 1917

Very cold. Fine.
I unwell. Nice quiet day. Not out at all. Arranged things. Unpacked winter turnk. In p.m. finished off drawings and then read. Conrad Ormond called after tea. Knitted in evening. Sore throat. To bed 9.45.

Monday 8th October 1917

Very cold. Dull and rain later.
To Aldwych. In at Committee, as member. Miss Hill took it. Went off well. Fires in all rooms in p.m. – 1st time. Not too busy. Lunch at Temple Tea Rooms alone. Home at 6.5. Leonard Harrison to supper and stayed the night. To bed 10.30.

ginx harrison
Leonard ‘Ginx’ Harrison by John Singer Sargent

Tuesday 9th October 1917

Fine. Warmer.
In taxi to Sloane Square with Mr Harrison. To Aldwych. Nice day, did a good deal of drawing for Lesson XVI. Lunch at Harrod’s!! with Kitty, who ‘phoned. Easy p.m. Home. Ginx Harrison again, and Mr Steer in evening. To bed 11.

Wednesday 10th October 1917

To Aldwych. Nice day. 25 renewals or so. Lunch at A.B.C. and then to shop at Charing Cross. Not too busy. Did some drawing. Home by South Kensington and bought saucepan 1/4d and toasting fork 6d. Drew lily root in evening. To bed 10.15. Wrote to Alys.

Thursday 11th October 1917

Fine. Cold. Sunny.
To Aldwych. Nice day. Did a good deal of drawing. The Shoe lady! Lunch at Club. Bought cocoa and chalk. Renewals, about 20. Quiet day. Nothing worrying . Cocoa and toasted buns! Home. Quiet evening on sofa. To bed 9.50 or 10.

Friday 12th October 1917

Warmer, rain.
To Aldwych. Committee. Mrs Samuel, Monsieur Koch and Smeesters, not very long. Lunch at A.B.C. as raining. Read by the fire. Not too busy. Home in pouring rain. Quiet evening.

Saturday 13th October 1917

To Aldwych. Did renewals. At 12.30. with Mr Woolf to Pall Mall Restaurant, Haymarket – luncheon party – Mrs Woolf, Mr Keyser’s brother, Mr and Mrs Leggett. Nice. Home about 3. Ironed things. Drew till 6.30 or 7. Mrs Falcon called. We three to Mrs De Glehns to dinner at 8. Home at 10.30. Cocoa 1/1d.

Sunday 14th October 1917

Very fine all day.
Wrote to Smith & Sons for rent.  Indoors, drawing all day. Woke early and drew from 6.45 till 9.30. Also after breakfast, and all p.m. The Shoe lady for Lesson XVI. Quiet evening, reading and knitting and cutting out Vogue adverts. To bed 9.45. Didn’t read in bed.

Monday 15th October 1917

Woke at 7.30. To Aldwych. Long Committee, all a.m. Leggett, Humphreys, Smeesters, Roxburgh. Lunch at Club. Did 20 or so renewals in p.m. Home and Dorothy bought kettle, electric, for me. Sewed collar in evening. To bed 10.

1917 Hotpoint Electric Tableware Advertisment

Tuesday 16th October 1917

To Aldwych. Pretty busy, running about, over cases all a.m. Lunch at Pottery Shop, with Miss L. Jones. Home, in pouring rain at 6.15 or so. Ginx Harrison to dinner, but not to sleep. To bed 9.15 and read “In the Night” Gorell Barnes.

Wednesday 17th October 1917

Mild, damp.
To Aldwych. Not many cases. (no fire). Wrote C.H.W. (Wade). Wrote Edith Bache. Lunch with Mrs Keep at New Court. Renewals, all p.m. Spoke to Mrs Samuel, Mrs Pattingham, Mrs Jennings about 1.2 holidays. Home in drenching rain. Drew Dorothy’s hand with cigarette in evening for Lesson 16. Knobs (Knoblock) ‘phoned.

Thursday 18th October 1917

Fine, colder. Rain later.
To Aldwych. Plenty to do all a.m. To lunch at Chinese Restaurant with Knoblock and Miss Boyd. Renewals all p.m. Home at 6.40 or so. Drew sketches of Doz with short hair, and Polly in evening.

Friday 19th October 1917

Fine. Cool.
To Aldwych. Only Grumbar and I on Committee. Mr Leggett and Mrs Samuel on another Committee. L.G.B. (Local Government Board). Lunch at Club. Not too busy. Home. Polly to dine with Doss Palmer. Air-raid warning. No barrage as zeppelins, and too high for guns. All clear bugles at 1.50.

Saturday 20th October 1917

Very fine.
To Aldwych. No Mr Leggett or Grumbar. Only Woolf and me! Pretty busy. Lunch at A.B.C. Back by Piccadilly to see bomb damage at Swan and Edgar’s. Piccadilly closed. Bus by Jermyn Street. Drew all p.m. Reine Ormond to tea. Put mattresses in basement. To bed 10.15.

swan edgar bomb
20 Oct 1917 – Air raid damage outside Swann & Edgar’s store, Piccadilly where a 100 kg bomb fell.

Sunday 21st October 1917

Warm and lovely.
Woke late. Quiet morning. Wrote to Alys. Dorothy and Polly in garden all day, practically. I out a little. Rested, read Ivan Heald and slept in p.m. Drew in evening – pipe advert. Knitted after supper.

Monday 22nd October 1917

To Aldwych. Pretty busy all day. Committee, Mrs Samuel in chair. Miss Humphreys, M. Smeesters. Lunch at Club. Good deal to do. Favresse came. Question of Albert Hall Meeting. Home at 6.10. Lazy in evening. Read newspaper. Tired.

Tuesday 23rd October 1917

Warm. Fine. Squally evening.
To search for apartments for Mr Leggett, in Oakley Street. To Aldwych. Not too busy. Lunch at Club. A good deal to do all p.m. Mr Leggett and Mr Woolf away at Meetings. Doz read new Sherlock Holmes aloud in evening ‘The Devil’s Foot”.

Wednesday 24th October 1917

Fine. Cold. Gale.
To Aldwych. Many cases. Fairy busy. Lunch at Club. Drew, printing in p.m. Home at 6.15. Damp night, and high wind. Gale. Mr Leggett bothered about M. Standaert’s defection from Committee. Dorothy read Sherlock Holmes in evening.

Thursday 25th October 1917

Very windy. Cold. Fine.
To Aldwych. Not busy early, but very busy later. Lunch at Club. Plenty of work all p.m. Stayed until 5.45. Train took me on to Baron’s Court, so late home. Lay on sofa and Dorothy read Sherlock Holmes. To bed 10.15. “The Dying Detective”.

Friday 26th October 1917

To Aldwych. Committee in a.m. Nice. Mr Leggett, M. Smeesters. Lunch at Club. Not very busy all p.m. Home at 6.45. Polly to East Grinstead to stay. Magdalen’s 20th birthday. Drew in evening. Dorothy bad cold.

Saturday 27th October 1917

Fine. Lovely.
Holiday for me! To Knightsbridge and dawdled among shops. Bought bag for Mrs William Miles and Japanese stencils. Home to lunch. Rested a little, and drew. Jig-saw puzzle begun. Dorothy and I. Did pipe drawing in evening. Air-raid 23rd and onwards.

Sunday 28th October 1917

Fine day. Cold.
Washed up and then drew in drawing-room and jig-saw! In p.m. drew a little and Doz did her work, corrections. Helen Barlow and Dolly Carr called and had tea. More jig-saw and drawing in evening. To bed 10.30. Cold.

Monday 29th October 1917

Fine. Very cold.
To Aldwych. Grave news of Italian reverses. Long Committee, but nice-ish. Mrs Samuel in Chair. Lunch at Club alone. Dennis suddenly appeared at 4.20. Stayed till 5.30. ‘Phoned to Colonel Reece. Together to U.C.H. (University College Hospital). Back to 6 Elm Park Road. Dinner. Jig-saw, air-raid warning at 10.50? Downstairs. All clear 11.45.

Tuesday 30th October 1917

To Aldwych. Dennis back to Netley. Quiet day. Lunch at Club – 9d. Did some drawing of Manulav. Good many renewals. Home at 6.20. Lazy in evening over fire, Dorothy reading the Westminster. Jig-saw till 10.30!


Wednesday 31st October 1917

To Aldwych. Mr Leggett in, very nice and told me about my rise of salary being sanctioned by L.G.B. £3.5.0. (£3.9.6 with war bonus). Lunch at Pottery Shop with Mrs Keep. Home 6.15. Jigsaw all evening, with Dorothy. To bed. Air-raid warning about midnight. Down in basement till 3 a.m. Guns. Slept. To bed 3.

Thursday 1st November 1917

Damp. Muggy.
To Aldwych. Everyone very sleepy. Not much work. Lunch at Club. Read. By special permission everyone left at 4.30. Home. Dolly Carr called. I slept about 50 minutes on bed, till supper. Dorothy and I did jig-saw in evening. To bed about 9.50.

Friday 2nd November 1917

Damp, warm.
To Aldwych. Committee. M. Standaert again, Smeesters and Mr Leggett. I unwell. Lunch at A.B.C. and bus to Swan and Edgar’s. Bought S’T’s (sanitary towels) and belt. Not busy in p.m. Wrote Alys and studied shorthand. Home. Poz back again. Did jig-saw in evening.

Saturday 3rd November 1917

Pouring rain till 12. Mild. Then finer.
To Aldwych. Nice morning. Received my new salary and arrears since October 1st. £7.10.6! To British Lighting and Ignition Co. to meet M. Middlehurst. Lunch at Cabin, Piccadilly with her. Home. Rested. Mrs Lemon called in evening, and Mr Steer; we finished jig-saw puzzle. To bed 11.45. Bought dried milk 1-7.

blic 1917

Gave Dorothy Barnard £1.10.0 for birthday to buy stockings and blouse.
Sent 10/- to Roefs – 24th
Finished 16th lesson – 29th

Sunday 4th November 1917

Very fine.
Woke up at 10 o’clock! Out with Polly and Dorothy to see Seaton Street (damaged by our shell-fire on 31st). Along Embankment. Quiet p.m. resting and then washed and ironed collars and gloves. Drew after tea and supper. Jane De Glehn called. Drew drawing for sale?

Monday 5th November 1917

Dull. Cold.
To Aldwych (walked to Sloane Square). Longish Committee, but nice. No Miss Humphreys! Lunch at Temple Tea rooms (as was invited by Mr Keyser and refused). Quiet p.m. Did printing in evening. Wrote Elsa and Ethel Miles about Lord Mayor’s Show.

Tuesday 6th November 1917

Rain, then fine. Warmer.
To Aldwych. Quiet morning. Renewals. Lunch at Peasant Shop place alone, very nice. Quiet p.m. also. Did some exam answers. Home. Drew “Manulav” in evening.

Wednesday 7th November 1917

Fine. Cold.
Bath! To Aldwych. Not much work. Drew gas stove advert. Lunch with Mr Keyser at “Trianon”, Frith Street, Soho! 2/6. Coffee 6d. Good lunch. Quiet p.m. Mr Leggett and Mr Maudslay in, discussing flats. Home drew all evening. To bed 10.20.

Thursday 8th November 1917

Fine, then rain after lunch.
Another Russian Revolution. Kerensky overthrown.
To Aldwych. Quiet morning. Lunch with Mrs Keep at Home Farm place. Not much work to do. Drew gas stove ad a good deal. Home, and drew all evening “Manulav”. To bed 10.15.

Friday 9th November 1917

Very fine, nice day.
To Aldwych. Committee. Long. Wrote ALys. Lunch early, alone at Club. Lord Mayor’s Show. Ethel Miles, Pamela, John and Nurse to see it from my balcony. Also 3 wounded New Zealand soldiers. Tanks Meeting of P.R.F. Interviewers at 4. Mr Baxter came. Home. Lazy evening.

Saturday 10th November 1917

Dull. Rain later.
To Aldwych. Very easy a.m. Left at 12 at Mr Leggett’s suggestion. Lunch at St George’s Restaurant. To Shaker’s. Home. Rested all p.m. Slept. Drew after tea and in evening.

Go to Alys? 9th or 16th
Paid Polly £4 altogether £10.

Sunday 11th November 1917

Quiet day. Not out. Did odd sewings and mendings and washed my hair, Rested in p.m. and wrote Alys, and Wade (about apples). Miss “Peak” Borrer to tea, and Harold Roller. Drew in evening. Jaeger advert and composed letter to Price!

Monday 12th November 1917

To Aldwych. Committee 11 till nearly 1 o’clock. Only Mr Leggett and Roxburgh. Nice, but long lunch at Club. Posted advert to “Gladola”!!! Quiet, easy p.m. Home. Ginx Harrison to dinner and stayed night. I in dining-room and drew. To bed 10.

Tuesday 13th November 1917

Foggy. Damp.
To Aldwych. Nice day. Did some Emergency cases with Mr Leggett. Lunch at Club. Called for drawings at Thanet House. Felt tired and sleepy in p.m. Home. Ginx staying on. Dorothy read “Sack Murder” in evening. To bed 10.

Wednesday 14th November 1917

Dull, warmer.
To Aldwych (taxi to Sloane Square with Ginx). Active morning. Posted drawings to Price’s (“Manulav”). Very busy with Favresse and took her to lunch at The Cabin. Bought Gerard’s book 7/6 “My 4 years in Germany”. Home. Long over dinner (Ginx still here). To bed 9.30. Tired. Read till 10.

Thursday 15th November 1917

King Albert’s birthday.
To Aldwych. No Belgians, as holiday. Fairly busy, but did some drawing too. “Luce’s Eau de Cologne”. Lunch at Club. Fairly quiet p.m. but active about cards as Masson and Grumbar out. Mr Woolf’s new cocoa and “butter”. Ginx out to dinner. Drew in drawing-room. To bed 10.


Friday 16th November 1917

To Aldwych. Letter from Price’s about my adverts! Committee all a.m. Mrs Samuel, Koch. Lunch at Lyons! 1st time. Home. Polly away to Webridge. Dorothy rather lumbago-ish. Read newspapers over fire all evening. To bed early.

Saturday 17th November 1917

To Aldwych. Very busy as both Grumbar and Miss Hill away, and Mr Woolf also. Lunch at Club. Home. Dorothy in bed with lumbago. I drew, and read and took up tea and supper to Dorothy. She in drawing-room at 7 till 9.45.

Sunday 18th November 1917

Dull. Foggy.
Not out all day. Dorothy stayed in bed all day. I muddled about housework and did some drawing in my room, with stove. Read “The Shadow Line” Conrad. Very good. Doz in sittingroom for bread and milk supper. Drew in evening for exam “Luce’s”.

Monday 19th November 1917

To Aldwych. Dorothy still in bed. Long Committee. Mr Leggett, Smeesters, Roxburgh and Humphreys. Lunch at Club. Quiet p.m. Madame Verhaege called (8 Kenyon Mansions, Queens Club Gardens, West Kensington). Home. Ginx to dine and stay. To bed. Polly back. Read “The Brook Kerith” 9.30.

Tuesday 20th November 1917

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych, on ‘bus all the way. Not much work. Lunch at Club. Not too busy all p.m. Mr Baxter called in at tea-time. Home. Very warm evening. Ginx to dine and stay. I drew “Luce’s” in my room. To bed 10.15.

Wednesday 21st November 1917

Rainy. Very warm and muggy.
Gladola drawing returned. To Aldwych, then at 9.50, with Mr and Mrs Woolf and Mrs Leggett and a nurse to Yeatman’s factories, very interesting. Chocolates, curry, puddings. Lunch at Sweeting’s. Busy p.m. with renewals. Home. Read newspaper in evening. Another good offensive. Ate chocolates from Yeatman’s.

Thurday 22nd November 1917

Very warm, muggy.
Price’s returned Manulav drawings! To Aldwych. Not very busy, but many difficult cases and interviewers in very often. Lunch at Club. Ditto sort of p.m. Home. Tired and lazy read newspapers in evening. To bed 10.15. Prepared for going to Netley. Walked from Sloane Square.


Friday 23rd November 1917

Warm. Fine.
To Aldwych. Didn’t attend Committee but busy with callers. Lunch A.B.C. and to Army and Navy Stores for chocolates. To Waterloo (walked) at 6. Took 7 p.m. train to Netley. Changed Eastleigh, no dinner but ate pear and got out at Southampton West, but missed Alys and Dennis so taxi to Netley 13/6! To Alys at Officers’ Quarters. Lovely. About 10.15.

Saturday 24th November 1917

Dullish, some sun. Mild.
Out with Dennis, Alys and children to Isolation. Dennis took me through grounds. Walked round about. In p.m. Out again to shops in Netley. Dennis bad cough and felt rotten. Very nice day with Eva stencilling.

Sunday 25th November 1917

Fine. Very windy and colder.
Out with Eva all about. On beach and Phil in, with a cold. Alys and Dennis to lunch with Colonel and Lady Warren Crook-Lawless. Dennis to Winchester and again out later for new C.S.M. (cerebrospinal meningitis) case. Alys and I very happy. Letter to Publishers about books. Read Cro-Magnon book.


Monday 26th November 1917

Very cold. Dull. Fine and frost at Netley early.
Up early. Breakfast 7.45. At 8 with Alys in taxi to Southampton. Train 8.43. to Waterloo. Arrived 10.35. To Aldwych. Alys to War Librarys. She met me at lunch – Temple Tea Rooms. Together to Swan and Edgar. She bought her jersey 52/-. I back to Aldwych. Alys shopped and back to Netley. Ginx to 6 Elm Park Road. Nice quiet evening.

Tuesday 27th November 1917

Lovely day.
To Aldwych. Busy about various odd cases for Mrs Passingham, Monsieur Verhaege called, about his wife. Lunch at A.B.C. To Smith’s and bought 26/- worth of Xmas numbers for Netley. Also grapes, bananas, violets for Madame Verhaeghe. Home. Ginx still there. He worked in evening. To bed 9.30.

Wednesday 28th November 1917

Fine and Warm. Sunny a.m.
To Aldwych. Walked to Sloane Square. Not very busy. Lunch at A.B.C. and then to Swan and Edgar’s to buy ribbon for belt. Back. Quiet p.m. Bought maple sugar. Home lateish. Bought Letts diary 4d. Ginx gone. Quiet evening. Dorothy read article about Uncle Faraday (me: Michael Faraday). To bed 9.50.

Thursday 29th November 1917

Fine, sunny, cooler (no fire).
To Aldwych. Not at all busy. Very few cases. Lunch at New Court with Miss Lawrence Jones and to Organ Recital at Temple Church 1.30 till 2.15. Slack p.m. Only 55 cases thro’ all day. Home early. Walked from Sloane Square. Read paper, lazy evening on my part.

Friday 30th November 1917

Grey. Warm (no fire).
To Aldwych. Committee all a.m. Mrs Samuel, Smeesters and Koch. Rather difficult. Lunch at A.B.C. Very busy p.m. as Grumbar and Leggett both out. Home. Ginx for dinner and to stay. I drew in dining-room after, till 9.45. Read “The Brook Kerith”.

Saturday 1st December 1917

Grey (no fire).

To Aldwych. Mr Baxter came to work, as Mr Woolf away. Few cases. Lunch at Club. Bought grapes and took them to Madame Verhaeghe, 8 Kenyon Mansions. Talked to her. Home. Rested. To dine at 7.45 with Mr and Mrs Baxter, Mr and Mrs Jefferson there. Nice evening. Home 10.45.

Owe F.B’s 11.15.0. to 20th Novemeber.
Added 10 guineas (total £22.5.0). 4 weeks till December 18th.
Gave Polly cheque 15.5.0. and £7 in notes 27.11.17.

Sunday 2nd December 1917

Very fine and very cold.
Washed and ironed collars in a.m. and read paper. Rested 2 hours after dinner, and then walked to Susie’s and had tea with her, and read E.P.D. (me: Edward Parker-Davis – aka “Uncle Doc”) and poems. Mr Arthur? Lyell there. Home. Just sat over fire all evening. Unwell. To bed 9.35.

Monday 3rd December 1917

Fine and very cold.
To Aldwych. Mr Baxter came, as Mr Woolf away. Long Committee. Mr Leggett, Roxburgh, Smeesters. Lunch at Club alone. Quiet p.m. Read a good deal. Wrote Alys. Home. Ginx there to dine and stay. Very cold. I in diningroom after to draw, but Susie ’phoned a long message from Bewley. Conciliatory.

Tuesday 4th December 1917

Cold. Fog.
To Aldwych. Dark fog. Almost no work at all for me. Mr Baxter did much. Lunch at New Court with Miss Schuster. Lazy p.m. Drew a good deal. Wrote to Susie; Hardly any work. Home. Read Lord Lansdowne’s letter[1] aloud. Ginx out to dinner, but back to sleep. Drew.

Wednesday 5th December 1917

To Aldwych. Everyone very enthusiastic about Wilson’s speech to Congress. Not busy. At lunchtime went in taxi with Mr Baxter to see Augustus John’s pictures at the Alpine Club. Lunched together at Fuller’s. Madame Carton de Wiart and Monsieur Van de Kerckhove in p.m. Ginx staying. To bed 9.30. Woken by air-raid 5.30. All downstairs. Incendiary bomb in Church Street. All clear at 7.10.

Rachel c.1917 by Augustus John OM 1878-1961
“Rachel” – Exhibited at Alpine Club Gallery, November 1917 as ‘Portrait of a girl’.

Thursday 6th December 1917

A little foggy, but fine on the whole.
Saw our “zeppelin”. 1st English one. To Aldwych. Very little work; talk about air-raid. Did some drawing. Lunch at Club. Veal. Then to the Organ Recital at Temple Church. Slack p.m. Did some shorthand. Home. Warmer. Did nothing in evening. Ginx away. To bed 9.10. Tired.

Friday 7th December 1917

Warmer. Damp.
To Aldwych. Committee, but not very long. Hasty lunch at A.B.C. and walked to Traflagar Square to the Tank. For investing in War Bond!!! Then to Smith’s. Ordered Gerard’s book for Ella and bought “Christine” for Ethel M. Miles. Heard Sir A Yapp at Law Courts. Signed National Safety League to keep rations. Very little work in p.m. Wrote Ella. Home. Lazy evening. To bed .9.30.

Tank Bank
A tank on show in Trafalgar Square as part of the war bonds appeal, November-December 1917.

Saturday 8th December 1917

Warmer. Damp.
To Aldwych. Not much work. Did up Pamela’s parcel. To 39 Harrington Gardens to lunch with Sir Lawrence Jones and his wife (Paula Schuster!) and Hester Jones. Interesting. Miss Jones and I to Grosvenor Gallery Exhibition (Loan). McEvoy’s, Mrs Swynnerton[2], Tonks, Steers, Sargent’s. I to Selfridge’s and put £5 in War Loan. Home to tea. Kit and Poz to Cinema. To bed early. Tired.

Book to Ella 8/-.
Book for Ethel 6/-.
Book for Eva 1/3.

Sunday 9th December 1917

Wet and cold.
Washed up dishes with Poz. Dorothy very colded. Did a little drawing. Rested all p.m. Read “Christine” by Alice Cholmondeley. Did some more drawing in evening and lazy after supper. Polly read aloud “What Posterity will Think”[3]. To bed 9.35. Slept straight on till 8 o’clock.

Monday 10th December 1917

Cold. Damp.
To Aldwych. Sent £5 to Harrod’s War Bond.

Committee in a.m. till 12.30. Lunch at A.B.C. Then to Augustus John Show again. Bought lemon-pie at Fuller’s for pudding 6d! Not too busy. Heard of Fall of Jerusalem. General Allenby. Home. Ginx to dine and stay. Read “Christine” in diningroom. To bed 9.30.

Tuesday 11th December 1917

Dull. Cold
To Aldwych. Not too busy. Did some drawing. Lunch at Club. Sent off books to Netley (for Eva and Philip – Xmas). Wrote Alys. In p.m. Baron Moncheur, the new Belgian Minister came. Was introduced. He saw over everywhere. Successor to Hymans. Home. Ginx out to dinner. Mr Steer called in evening. I to bed 9.30.

Wednesday 12th December 1917

Dull. Very cold.
To Aldwych. Not busy. Went over new cases with Miss Hill. Lunch A.B.C. then to Straker’s and bought dispatch case 6/9 for Xmas holidays. Not very many cases. Stayed late. Back in very crowded train. Tired. Ginx to dine and stay. Read Asquith’s speech, and to bed 9.20! Tired and achey.


Thursday 13th December 1917

Finer, a little warmer.

To Aldwych. Talked to Miss Smith-Ryland about Palmer, sister-in-law of Harold Gibb. Mr Leggett in and talked long about Uncle Faraday. Lunch at Club. Walked to Hudson’s. Not busy in p.m. Talked again to H.A. Leggett about Antrim[4] trouble. Home. Altered petticoat. Sewed in evening, in drawingroom. Ginx away.

R.M.S. Antrim – Cruiser, Armoured Cruiser, Devonshire-class.

Friday 14th December 1917

Dull. Mild.
To Aldwych. Committee till 12. Lunch at Club. Not very busy. To Hudson’s and had parcel sent off to Alys. Ginger, dates 11/6 for Xmas. Home. Sewed in evening. Petticoat.

Saturday 15th December 1917

Fine, but cold wind.
To Aldwych. Felt rather rotten all a.m. Lunch at New Court. Then stood about on Embankment and watched the 1st 7 Divisions procession. Very cold. Interesting tho’. To fetch pendant 7.6 at K?’s Rested in p.m. Mrs De Glehn and Dolly Carr to tea.

Pamela Palmer’s birthday – 11th December.
Sent glass in basket – Netley.
Tip for Club waitresses 2/6.

Sunday 16th December 1917

Cold. Rainy.
Stayed by fire all a.m. Not feeing very well. Dorothy to Mrs Trower’s to lunch. Polly to see Nicky in p.m. I rested. Wrote to Wade and to Mrs William Miles. Played new letter game in evening, like poker patience. To bed 9.35. Susie phoned.

Monday 17th December 1917

Very cold. Hard frost.
To Aldwych. Long Committee. Felt better but rather rocky. Light lunch at Club. Did 15 renewals and a good deal of running about. Very cold. Stove in my bedroom. Ginx to dine and stay. Had Major Armstrong’s capon. To bed early.

Tuesday 18th December 1917

Very cold. Hard frost.
To Aldwych. Very busy day. Did as many renewals as I could (25). Lunch at New Court very quickly. To Army and Navy Stores to buy jam, “honey” spoons for Alys – 2/3 each, plated and sent chocolates to Kitty for family 6/6? Home 6.35. At 7 air-raid began. Ginx just in after warning and guns. All clear at about 10.20. Played letter game.

Wednesday 19th December 1917

Hard frost, foggy.
To Aldwych. Foggy and very cold. Muddly morning. Lunch at Club then to see bomb damage, Carey Street (Smith’s Bank) and Stone Buildings. Busy p.m. Home Ginx out to dinner. Fuss about Michael being lost from Eton. To bed 9.35. Very cold. (Miss Hill’s holiday so did letters).

Thursday 20th December 1917

Cold. Foggy.
To Aldwych. Dorothy to Broadway. Committee (instead of Friday). Only Grumbar and Standaert. Busy day. Lunch at New Court and to Liberty’s to buy silk. Wrote Favresse and Roefs with Xmas boxes (10/0 and 20/0). Home. Packed up. Ginx, Polly and I dined alone. Read. To bed 10.


Friday 21st December 1917

A little warmer.
To Aldwych, in cab to Sloane Square. Tip to Mrs Lange 20/0. Not very busy all day. Tips. Lunch at Club. To buy cartridge paper. At 5.40 to Waterloo. 7 train (very crowded) to Eastleigh. Dined with N.3. Major and 2 Belgians. Missed train at St Denys. Taxi with 4 Tommies to Netley. Dennis and Alys arrived with Major Reed of D. Block.

Saturday 22nd December 1917

Dullish. Cold.
Nice and lazy. Sewed my black satin blouse. To meet Alys at Y.M.C.A. Hut. To Handicrafts. Dennis to Show at Brockenhurst. Alys and I to Southampton after lunch. Tea at South Western Hotel. Shopped, and then to Cinema. Met Dennis and the Thomsons on way home. Read aloud in evening. To bed 10.30.


Paid Polly till December 18th at 2 ½ guineas.

Sunday 23rd December 1917

Very fine, lovely.
Breakfast 9.30. Out with Alys and children on pier and beach. Lovely. Sat on seat on beach in sunshine. Home. Dennis back from laboratory. Made lampshade of paper. Dennis to Thomson’s to tea and supper. Alys and I planned and pinned her black dress, and sewed the embroidery. To bed 11.45.

Monday 24th December 1917

Very fine, lovely.
Did Xmas decorations with children. With Alys to Y.M.C.A. Hut. Very busy. 11 to 12. Exciting serving the wounded soldiers. Back to lunch (Dennis and children). Out with Dennis to Isolation to give Mrs Baxter’s presents to Altman (U.S.A. soldier). With Alys round wards giving books and mags. Eva and Philip to party at Egertons.


Tuesday 25th December 1917

Presents at 11.30 or so out with children and Alys. Walked to Cemetery. Lovely. Dinner at 2. Turkey, chocolate pud. Harvey in. All to Hospital. Dennis, Harvey and Thomsons gave Pierrot show in Ward and then in new concert hall. Alys and I in wings. 300 soldiers. All 5 Thomsons to supper in quarters with us. Games after. To bed 11.45.

Wednesday 26th December 1917

Up late. Alys and I to Y.M.C.A. Hut and served. 11 till 12. Busy. Lunch. Then Alys took Rose and Doris in Hospital. I at home, quietly. Kathleen and Dobby Thompson in at tea, and Dennis. Alys to Y.M.C.A. Hut 4 to 6.30. I with Dennis, Harvey and Thomsons and Eva Webb to Surgical Huts. Gave Show there. Very interesting; sad wards. Thomsons to supper afterwards.

Thursday 27th December 1917

Fine and very cold.
Up early and Alys and I to Southampton to buy books for the soliders. To Mrs Hole’s too. Back to lunch, and then Alys and I to her wards to give out books. “Nat Gould’s, Charles Garvice”. Very interesting time. Home. Tea alone with Alys. Children and Alys out. Quiet evening. Mended Dobby’s dress. To bed 10.30.

Friday 28th December 1917

To Y.M.C.A. but didn’t stay. To village and bought (4d each) oranges and apples and dates to give to soldiers. After lunch, Alys, Eva, Phil and I to Surgical Huts, at 3. Till nearly 4. Home. Then to S.O.Q.  (Senior Officer Quarters). Conversazione. Dennis and Harvey sang. Back. Met all other Thomsons and Monica Orr and all to Welsh Hospital. Gave shows (Pierrot) in two wards. Light supper; home, supper at 10.15! To bed.

Saturday 29th December 1917

Very fine a.m. Rain in evening.
Walked with Alys and Phil (in push cart) to Netley Abbey 1285? and Eva’s school. Back, and to Handicrafts to pay for trays. After lunch, all to Steven’s to see children’s play. Home to tea (Robin and Jean too). At 6.15 I by train to Burseldon. Alys and Dennis cycled. Dinner party at Thomsons. Webbs, Scott (D.C.M. (distinguished conduct medal) with bar). Games and charades. Cycled home at 1 a.m.

Sunday 30th December 1917

Alys slept on late. Dennis took me to Isolation, and all round it, bridge. Back. Alys in bed till 1.30! I did stencil with Eva. Phil out. Did jigsaw in p.m. Then all cycled to Bursledon. Tea with Webbs, Ledrew and Sheean (from Syria, Mount Lebanon) there. I back in taxi with them. Others cycled. Jigsaw till 10.30.


Monday 31st December 1917

I unwell. Did Alys’ black skirt. At 10.30 she and I to Southampton West. Bought lunch. She got shoes. Then I off to Waterloo 12.15. Arrived 12.15. To Elm Park Road. Packed suitcase. Taxi to Aldwych. 3/6 with tip. Worked till 5.30. “Home” to 26 Compayne Gardens. Mrs Miles very ill, influenza. Dinner and to bed 9 p.m. Hot bath!

“The road to success lies through the cheap and exceedingly uninviting eating-houses” The Wallet of Kai Lung.

Bead Shop – and lessons in purse-making (and looms 2/6).
Hollywood Road, Fulham Road. Also a hemstitching shop in same road.

To re-shape hats, fill crown with damp cloth, and place another ditto over it. Hold in front of fire, it steams. Then press or hammer to any shape. Warm water better than cold for hats

Envoi de Major Meeus.

Commandant Les places belges de Dunkerque et de Bourbourg (à Bourbourg)

Avec les bons souvenirs du Major Meeus qui se fait un plaisir d’envoyer à Miss Faraday cette lettre, Vous pouvez lui envoyer une réponse sur feuille simple-papier nès léger – n’incriere en tête que le nom (sans prènoms ou addresse).

Be useful where thou livest, that they may
Both want and wish thy pleasing presence still;
Kindness, good parts, great places are the way
To compass this. Find out men’s wants and will,
And meet them there. All worldly joys go less
To the one joy of doing kindnesses.

— George Herbert.

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