1915 – London, Newcastle, Broadway, Lee-on-Solent, Newcastle,

1915 Diary

Katharine Boyd
47 Hampstead Way

Health A 5 Department

In 1915, Edward is 39 years old, Kate is 36 years old and Alys is 31 years old. Eva is 6 years old and Philip is 2 years old (Alys and Dennis’ daughter and son).

Friday 1st January 1915

Pouring rain all day.
To Club-House, with Refugees 10 to 12. Nellie Moir came. Met Alys 12.10 Golders Green. To town. Shopped. Screen. Lunch at Flemings. I to Aldwych 2.30. and worked there till 6.30. Home. Alys headache. Nurse out. Upstairs in evening.

Flemings Mayfair is a boutique hotel located in Mayfair, London. Converted from Georgian townhouses dating back to 1731, it opened in 1851, making it one of London’s oldest established hotels.

Saturday 2nd January 1915

Fine day, warm. Showers about 4.30.
To Selfridge’s at 10 about C & S. To Aldwych 10.30. Alys to Southampton to see Dennis Embleton. I worked at Aldwych all day. Lunch E. M. Restaurant. No tea. Home at 5.35. Eva and Philip in drawing-room. Sewed in evening. Alys’ blouse, etc.

Sunday 3rd January 1915

Pouring rain all day.
Washed and ironed curtains. Sat in nursery with children. Dorothy called. I worked at Alys’ blue silk blouse. At 4 p.m. came Mr and Madame Janssens and Marie Mirante to tea. All sat in nursery. Wade there. I wrote letters all evening, till 10.

Monday 4th January 1915

Fine, some showers.
Early off to Selfridge’s Sale. Bought collars. On to Aldwych 10.30. Worked there. Alys (from Netley) to lunch with me at “E. M.” Restaurant. Worked at Aldwych till 5.15. To William Miles’. Dinner at 6 with Josephine. To Kilburn Tipperary Club. Lady Jellicoe “opened” it. Concert. Home at 9.15.

Tuesday 5th January 1915

Rain, warm.
Early 9.15 Selfridge’s for fitting. To Aldwych 10.30. Worked all day. Lunch at Vegi. Horrid. Mr Poinart at Aldwych. Stayed till 6.30. Home. Missed Alys at Golders Green. Worked at her blouse in evening.

Wednesday 6th January 1915

Fine. Rain after 7 p.m.
To Aldwych, 10.30. To lunch A. B. C. Alone all p.m. 2.30 to 5.15. Miss Waley not there. Interviewed Madame Hardy and Madame Renoir. To 26 Compayne at 6 p.m. to dinner with Josephine. To Tipperary Club 7 to 10. Mrs ‘Iggins, Mrs Wye, Mrs Moss and “Percy”. Lizzie Waterman Penny.

Thursday 7th January 1915

Pouring rain and fog.
Alys with me to Selfridge’s 10. I fitted. I on to Aldywch. Worked. Lunch at A. B. C. Worked all day. Home at 7.15. Sewed in evening. Wrote to Kit.

Friday 8th January 1915

To Club house at 10. With refugees all a.m. To Bank on way home. Packed up in p.m. and in nursery. Washed vest, collars. Nurse out. Wade at Webb’s. Alys and I in spare-room ironing, writing, etc.


Saturday 9th January 1915

Shower. Fine p.m. in Newcastle.
Alys and I to station. Kings Cross at 9.30. I by 10 train to Newcastle (Alys home, and Polly to stay). Easy journey. Lunch on train. Cab up to 2 Bentinck Villas alone. Ella better, but shawl. Tea, knitting, talk. Supper 7.30. To bed 9.30. Music

To go to Newcastle 9.50. 9th Arrive 3.18.

Sunday 10th January 1915

Frosty, then rain after 3.30.
Breakfast alone at 9. Ella in bed, but up at 10. Read Bible. Psalm LXXXV. Out with Presto a little. I wrote letters in p.m. Looked at pedigree. Selby and Monsieur de Greef in. Belgian Gendarme. Music.


Monday 11th January 1915

Fine. Windy, cold.
Ella up to breakfast 1st time. Knitted, wrote to Tante. Out to Southview with note. In p.m. I to Reid and Sons. Back to tea. Knitted. Talked. I to Sissie’s at 8.15 till 9.30. Rubbed Ella.

Reid & Sons is a firm of silversmiths founded in Newcastle upon Tyne in 1788 by Christian Ker Reid and which continues to trade today.

Tuesday 12th January 1915

Sunny, mild.
Sat and knitted. Wrote to Mrs Solly. Walked up to South View. Nelly back with me. Aunt Ella out a little way. Read “Desire” in p.m. Effie, Norah and Violet to tea. Duets and conversation. Knitted. To bed 10. Rubbed Ella.

Wednesday 13th January 1915

Dark and damp.
Knitted. Out a little way with Presto. Letter from Uncle Doc. Read in p.m.

Thursday 14th January 1915

Knitting in a.m. and out a little way with Presto, to shops. Back at 1. Supper with Sissie – 7 till 9.40.

Friday 15th January 1915

Show shower. Very windy and cold.
Out with Sissie and Presto and Toby. Cold. Read paper. Letter from Tante. I out at 3.15. To Lit and Phil and shops and to Aunt Ellen’s to tea 4.30. Home at 7. Knitted. Began socks. Music. To bed 10.

Lit phil
The Literary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne (or the Lit & Phil as it is popularly known) is a historical library in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, and the largest independent library outside London.

Saturday 16th January 1915

Letters from Kit and Miss Waley. Knitted. Out with Presto to South View. Effie walked back with me. Read in p.m. Dr Durrant came for Ella. Chris and Edith came in at 8 till 10. Knitted and talked.

Aunt Ellen’s – 22 Framlington Place.

framlington Place
22 and 23, Framlington Place, Newcastle upon Tyne

Sunday 17th January 1915

Very fine. Cold.

Sissie in. I wrote Miss Waley. Read Bible to Aunt and Ella. Walked down Brighton Grove. Mademoiselle Boudin in. Read in p.m Chris and Roger 2 ½ in. Effie and Mr Sandeman in. Menie and Constance Reid in.

Monday 18th January 1915

Very fine, warmer.
Wrote to Tante. Out with Sissie and Mademoiselle. Ella out. 1st time. Read in afternoon. Sissie and Mademoiselle in and knitted before supper. Music after and knitting.

Tuesday 19th January 1915

Packed up. Sissie and I in taxi to station. Effie and I at 10.28 to King’s Cross. Sandwich lunch. Nice soldier. K’s army, Allinson. Alys and Jack Buchanan met us. Tube home. Doris Brewtnall to stay 2 nights. Wrote letters. Zeppelins on Cromer, East Coast.


Wednesday 20th January 1915

Dull, then rain.
To Aldwych 9.45. Lunch at E. M. Restaurant. Miss Waley away in p.m. Interviewed Brouwers. At 5.15 to Miles. Dined there at 6 and with Josephine to Tipperary Club. Songs etc. Nursery. Mrs Barton. Home at 10.45.

Thursday 21st January 1915

To Aldwych. And worked hard all day. Lunch at A. B. C. Doris away. Home at 7.50! Wrote to Tante about S. I.

Friday 22nd January 1915

Snow. Slush.
To Aldwych. Worked hard. Alys to Club-House for me. Lunch at A. B. C. Awful day. Home at 7.15. Wrote to Ella. Knitted.

Saturday 23rd January 1915

Fog. Dark.
To Aldwych. Worked. 3 interviews. Stopped work at 1.30. Lunch at A. B. C. with Miss Knoblauch. Home; got 4 week season ticket. Rested till 4. Mrs Webb and John to tea and Wade. Did blouse in evening.

4 week season – up on 21st February.

Sunday 24th January 1915

Wrote Uncle Doc. I wrote list of cases 30 and washed and ironed. Out with Alys to see Kitty, and also Elsa (out!). Quiet p.m. Ironing and cases. Miss Hotten and Madame Janssens called. Blouse in evening.

Monday 25th January 1915

Dull. Dry.
“Blücher[2]” sunk.

SMS Blücher

Eva not to school, scarlet fever there. To Aldwych. Working by myself under name “Faraday”. Very busy. Interesting. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch. Home at 7.30. Alys had Caves all day. Eva sore throat! Scarlet Fever?

Tuesday 26th January 1915

Dull. Dry.
Eva all right. To Aldwych 9.30. Terrible day of things going wrong. Vlaemynck’s, Duquerne’s etc. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch at Cabin Tea Rooms. Nice. Headache with work and worry! Home at 7.30. Met by Dennis and Alys. Surprise! Nice evening.

Wednesday 27th January 1915

To Aldwych 9.30. Better day, but several interviews. De Lame. Lunch at A. B. C. with Miss Knoblauch. About 12 letters written. I unwell. At 5.15. to Miles’. Dined there 6. To Tipperary Club with Josephine. Nice evening. Chiefly in nursery, knitting and playing. Home at 11. Dennis and Alys met me.

Thursday 28th January 1915

Dry. Dull. Cold.
To Aldwych early. To Rink[2]. Spoke to Mr Max Muller. Worked all day, hard. Many interviews. Lunch with Mrs Bonner at Express Dairy. Home at 7.30. Dinner with Dennis and Alys. Dennis away by 9.30 from Waterloo. Alys saw him off. I met her at 10.15.

Friday 29th January 1915

To Aldwych. Worked all day, but moderately easy day. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch. Got away at 6.30. Home.

Saturday 30th January 1915

Dull. Dry.
To Aldwych. Nice morning. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch. Home at 3. Marsdens called. Alys walked up with them and out to tea with Kitty. I with children. Kitty to dinner in evening.

Sunday 31st January 1915

Fine day.
Did fur. Wrote letters. Called at Club-House to see Madame Poinart. Did dress account. Nice quiet afternoon and evening. Writing letters. Wrote Tante.

Monday 1st February 1915

Dull. Cold.
To Aldwych; not a bad day. Brouwers. Mrs Harrison etc. And sent of Ven den Brugges to Horsebridge, Hampshire. Lunch at Law Courts with Miss Knoblauch. Worked till 6. Home. Hurried dinner. To see “The Foundation” Geo. Calderon at Golders Green with Alys. Dita Bl. Nell Min.

Tuesday 2nd February 1915

Dull, warm, damp.
To Aldwych. Mrs Bonner moved in. Miss Morris in front room. Out to lunch with Miss Knoblauch, at A. B. C. Nice day; not too rushed. I supplied rolls for tea. Home at 7. Eva in bed all day. Chill? Read newspaper.

Wednesday 3rd February 1915

Dull, warm.
To Aldwych. Mrs Bonner talked about fares being paid. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch at big A. B. C. Fairly easy day. Home at 6.15. Dressed, dinner 7. Out and met Miss Knoblauch at Kingsway Theatre. Saw Le Cloître, Verhaeren. Splendid. Racine-like.

Thursday 4th February 1915

Warm. Dull.
To Aldwych, Worked about Duquesnes. Lunch with Mrs Bonner and Miss Knoblauch at A. B. C. Several news cases. Busy. Tiresome Duquesnes ill. Went home 6.15. With Alys to Benmore and saw “Arms of the Man” Shentons, etc.

Friday 5th February 1915

To Aldwych. Not bad day, but very busy. Alys not well, but up. Eva 101. Dr Ensor twice to see her. Lunch at Carr’s and Samuel with Miss Knoblauch. Got home at 7. Nurse out in evening. Wrote Ella.

Saturday 6th February 1915

Fine. Damp.
To Aldwych. Letter from Tante. Very busy morning. Lunch, late, at A. B. C with Miss Knoblauch. And then to Grafton Galleries to see Ridley Art Club and Belgian pictures, with Miss Knoblauch. Home at 5 for tea. Alys very influenzary.

Sunday 7th February 1915

Showery and Dull.
In all day. Washed and ironed collars. Eva still in bed all day. Alys rested in p.m (not well at all). I read aloud to Eva “Judy”. Very quiet and to bed early. Wrote Tante and Uncle Doc about poem on Irwins.

Monday 8th February 1915

Lovely then heavy showers.
To Aldwych. Very busy day. Out to A. B. C. with Miss Knoblauch. Eva up for first time; got home at 7.20. Alys better.

Tuesday 9th February 1915

Rainy but fine intervals.
Wrote Miss H and Susie. Very busy at Aldwych. Out to lunch in A. B. C. with Mrs Bonner and Miss Knoblauch. To Rink in p.m. Wade came. Home early, headachey. Letter from Harold Faraday. Charley Embleton (me: Dennis’ brother) to dinner and evening. Wade spent night.

Wednesday 10th February 1915

Fine. Sunny.
To Aldwych. Worked all a.m. To lunch with Mrs Bonner at Ashley Gardens (Miss Knoblauch also). Letters in p.m. and away at 5. Home and dressed (evening dress) and to Carlton Restaurant[1]. Dined there with Knoblauch’s and Miss A Boyd. All to box at (me: Herbert Beerbohm) Tree’s theatre “David Copperfield”. Nice.

Carolton Hotel, London

Thursday 11th February 1915

To Aldwych. Very, very busy. Lunch at A. B. C. with Miss Knoblauch and Miss Bonner. Home fairly early. Dennis there from 3.30 till 9.30. Charley to dinner also Alys and I saw Dennis off; and troop train Waterloo 10.30. Thrilling and touching.

Dennis, Philip and Eva
Dennis, Philip and Eva and Kim (dog)

Friday 12th February 1915

To Aldwych. Busy. Alys came at 1.15. Out lunch at Law Courts with her and Miss Knoblauch. To Rink after, and again later. Away at 5.15 and to Hanan’s and bought shoes. Home. Tired. Quiet evening.


Saturday 13th February 1915

Rainy, showery.
To Aldwych in rain Very busy all a.m. Dorothy came at 1.15. Out to lunch with her, at “Temple Tea Rooms“ (Prince Henry’s house, 17 Fleet Street)[2]. Home at 4 p.m. New nurse came. Theresa Moore. ‘Phoned to Susie. Mrs Lyall dying.

17 Fleet Street, London.

Sunday 14th February 1915

Rain all day.
Indoors all day. Wrote letters and washed and ironed. Made blouse also. Silk and tussore[3] pipings. Children very sweet. To bed 10.30.

Monday 15th February 1915

Dry, nice day.
To Aldwych. Terribly busy day for everyone. Many cases. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch at big A. B. C. Very busy in p.m. too. Home at 7.35. Alys to tea. Letter from Tante who very depressed and anti-England.

Tuesday 16th February 1915

To Aldwych. Took buttered rolls. Busy day again. Lunch at big A. B. C. with Miss Knoblauch. Home very late indeed. Read Churchill’s speech in evening.

Wednesday 17th February 1915

Rain all day.
To Aldwych. Busy day again. De Honts, Steppaerts, etc. Lunch with Mrs Bonner at A. B. C. Miss Knoblauch a cold. Met Alys at Charing Cross and both to Chelsea. Supper with Doz, Aunt Alice at Corbett’s. Poz at E.9. Home 10.30. Tired.

Thursday 18th February 1915

Rain in evening.
To Aldwych. Very busy. Late at lunch on account of Mr Hadden (Froidbise). Mrs Bonner treated me to lunch at Carr’s. Busy p.m. Very many interviews. Took Albertine to Rink and hotel. Home at 7.30. Tired (German Piracy date!)

Friday 19th February 1915

Rainy day.
Letter from Uncle Doc. White House. To Aldwych. Very, very busy. Mrs Bonner away so extra work to do. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch at big A. B. C. Busy p.m. and till late, and not home till 7.35. Sewed collar and front in evening. To bed 10.15.

Saturday 20th February 1015

Fine day. Mild.
Alys not well, pains, etc. To Aldwych. Busy a.m. Got Teurlings off. Albertine Carpentier disappeared! To Police Station about her, and to 11 Houghton Street. Lunch alone at A. B. C. (Miss Knoblauch with “George”). Worked after lunch till 4 and then home. Children after tea. Nice. Made collar and front.

Season ticket finished February 21st.

Sunday 21st February 1915

Aunt Alice came in morning from Mrs Corbett’s. Alys and I out to meet her. Smeed and Miss Burnt called. Also Kitty and Edward. Alys and I to Ayrtons to supper. Max just back from Dunkerque. Adrian there.

Monday 22nd February 1915

To Aldwych. Frightfully busy. Mrs Bonner still away. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch. Home very late about 7.50. Tired. Doris Brewtnall staying the night.

Tuesday 23rd February 1915

Fine. Then snow storm.
To Aldwych. Very busy again. Mrs Bonner back, but G. Knoblauch ill and away. Lunch alone at A. B. C. Home very late in snow. Tired. To bed very early.

Wednesday 24th February 1915

Fine. Thick snow on ground.

To Aldwych. Nice day of satisfactory cases – Derpin, etc. Lunch at Carrs with Mrs Bonner, downstairs. To Miles to dinner at 6. To Tipperary Club. Concert. Home late. Alys met me. Moon on snow.

Thursday 25th February 1915

Fine, frosty.
To Aldwych. G. Knoblauch still away. Nice morning though busy. Lunch with Mrs Bonner and Mrs Robbins at Law Courts. Up and down to Rink with Bonnets, etc. Home quite late. About 7.35. Left my fur and thought it stolen.

Friday 26th February 1915

To Aldwych. Found fur. Very fairly busy. Defresne family, etc. Lunch with Mrs Bonner at A. B. C. Stayed late and home at 7.40. Wrote Uncle Doc and Aunt Alice and Miss Horner.

Saturday 27th February 1915

Fineish. Thaw.
To Aldwych. Busy morning. Reeve’s for Mrs Claude Taylor’s Vigneron. Pectoor etc. Very late out to lunch at Behrs and Lehmanns in at 7.30 and 2! Lunch at 2.45. Dennis came for a few hours. Deedie called. Alys and I to Waterloo with Dennis who away at 10.30. I unwell.

Placed 30 people, not counting Vlaemynck’s.
Paid Alys Embleton to 23rd £5 for 19th January
Madame Van Aken goes on 25th to 9 Pasley Road, Kennington.
Gave De Hont £1 25th
Gave De Hont £3 26th by post and Van Aken £2.

Sunday 28th February 1915

Fine. Windy.
I in all day. Did card index and wrote cheques. Alys out with children. Deedie to lunch. Bee called. Alys out to tea at Webb’s. Eva and Phil in drawing-room with me. To bed earlyish. Did collar.

Monday 1st March 1915

To Aldwych. Letter from Busy and Mr Solly. Very, very busy. Miss Knoblauch still away. Eight new cases. Lunch with Mrs Bonner 1.45 at A. B. C. Lord Biddulph came. Home at 7.35. Alys met me. Sewed and did index in evening.

Tuesday 2nd March 1915

Letter from Tante. To Aldwych. Very busy. Eva in bed all day. Lunch with Mrs Bonner on sandwiches which she brought. Very busy day indeed. Dennis in to supper at 8.30 and back, to Brighton for Charlie’s wedding. (me: Dennis’ brother married Sybil Richardson)

Wednesday 3rd March 1915

To Aldwych. Miss Knoblauch back. I felt ill and after lunch at Carr’s, with Mrs Bonner and G. Knoblauch, I home. Went to bed and stayed there. Eva in bed all day with temperature of 102 and over. Dr Ensor to see her. So Alys couldn’t go to Brighton for wedding.

Thursday 4th March 1915

Stayed in bed all day! Sleeping and reading. Eva in bed all day too with temperature rising to 101.6. Dr Ensor to see her. Nurse out in evening.

Friday 5th March 1915

In bed to breakfast. Up at 11, but on sofa in Eva’s room. Alys to shops. I rested in p.m. and slept. Wrote letters, re Belgians, and to Tante. Sewed and read. To bed at 10.15. Felt very tired all day.

Saturday 6th March 1915

Dull and cold.
In bed to breakfast. Up and in Eva’s room. Alys to shops. Rested in p.m. Eva up, but soon very tired. Elsa to tea. Tired.

Sunday 7th March 1915

In bed till dinner. Wrote letters. Kit in morning. Mrs Styer to dinner 1.15. Rested after. Alys out with Philip and Mrs Webb. Wade came and stayed night, and slept with Philip.

Monday 8th March 1915

Very windy. Sun and snow.
In bed to breakfast. Alys out with Philip. In in with Eva and Wade. Sewed night-dress. Rested in p.m. Wrote to Mr Björkman and Busy. Read in evening. Letters from Tante and Uncle Doc. To bed 9.45. Tired. Wrote Sylvia.

Tuesday 9th March 1915

Fine. Warmer.
In bed to breakfast. Up after. In Eva’s room. Alys out. Mabel May in. Alys out in p.m with Eva, Phil and nurse. I out also for 20 minutes. Tired after. Wrote Ella. Mended chemises. Slept with Alys.

Wednesday 10th March 1915

In bed all a.m. and not up till tea-time. Sewed cross-stitch towels Alys out with Eva, morning and afternoon. Children in drawing-room after tea. Felt very tired, and sore throat. Slept in spare room.

Thursday 11th March 1915

Warm. Dull.
In bed all day, as achey and 100.4 at tea-time. Sewed. Read. Alys to stores in p.m. Nurse took both children out. Knitted.

Friday 12th March 1915

In bed all day. Finished letter to Tante. Read and sewed towel. Wade to see after children. Her sister apparently dying. Bad night with sore throat. Dr Ensor to see me.

Saturday 13th March 1915

In bed all day. Still very sore throat. Read “The Pyjama Man” (me: Ralph Stock). Dr Ensor to see me in p.m. Alys out. He gave me gargle and throat stuff.

Sunday 14th March 1915

Very fine and warm.
In bed all day. Dennis 34th birthday. Charley Embleton and his wife came to dinner, tea and supper. Dennis home, in car till 3.30. Dr Ensor to see me 3rd time. All away, and Dennis back to Netley at 9.30.

Monday 15th March 1915

Dull, but warm.
In bed all day. Knitted and read. Alys in town in p.m. to see Mrs Dickson about de Baeremaeckers.

Tuesday 16th March 1915

In bed all day. Dennis gazetted at last – Major R. A. M. C. (me: Royal Army Medical Corp) Kitty came in a.m. and sat and I talked about Aldwych. Alys to call on William Miles’. Read and knitted. Temp 99. 6 p.m.

Wednesday 17th March 1915

Dull, colder.
In bed all day (still 99 at 5 p.m.) Bored. Read and knitted. Philip up late.

Thursday 18th March 1915

Very cold. Snow. Some sun.
In bed all day again (temp 98.8). Knitted and read and very bored.

Friday 19th March 1915

Cold. Snowy.
In bed all day again. Temp 99.1. Dr Ensor in evening, to see me – 4th.

Saturday 20th March 1915

In bed, but up at 11.30 and down in drawing-room. Very tired. Lunch there. Rested upstairs and slept. Temp 98.8. Down again until 9.30. To bed.

Season ticket available till 21st March.

Sunday 21st March 1915

Fine. Spring-like.
Up at 11.30. Out a little. Met Flights and Smeed. Sat on verandah in sun all p.m.

Monday 22nd March 1915

Dull. Cold wind.
Up at 11.30. Knitted, read. Alys to Miss Dale’s. Sill 99 at 6 p.m!

Tuesday 23rd March 1915

Wrote Doz and Sylvia. Up 10.30. Kit came to lunch. Rested in p.m. Alys to buy wedding present for Mary Lomax and Stanley Brunner. My Temp 99.3 at 6 p.m. Dr Ensor in to see me – 5th.

Wednesday 24th March 1915

Foggy. Dark. Mild.
Up at 11. Sewed, knitted, etc. Alys with nurse and Philip to Dr Still at 3.30. Eva to tea at Webb’s. Wade there. I out, down and up road. Felt better. Rested.

Thursday 25th March 1915

Very cold and grey.
Up at 11. Aunt Alice popped in from Aunt Louie’s at 5.30 till 7. Alys and I packed in evening.


Friday 26th March 1915

Still cold and dark, but sunny intervals.
Up at 10.30. Muddled about packing. At 3.15 Alys and I to Paddington in taxi. 4.6. Left trunk. Taxi to Walpole’s. Bought 2 shirts. Ice cream at Selfridges. To Paddington again. I off at 4.45 to Broadway. Sylvia met me. 7.20. Supper. Knitted. To bed 9.30.

Saturday 27th March 1915

Sun. Frost. Snow.
Breakfast in bed, wrote Alys. Up 11.30. Knitted and read in diningroom. After lunch, out a little way. Girls all for long walk and picked primroses. I rested. At 7.15 Tades came (from Southport). Talked, knitted. To bed 9.30.

Madame Van Aken paid till 15th
£2 (10/- a week)

Sunday 28th March 1915

Sun, and snow alternatively – cold.
In bed till 11. Tades also. Girls to Church at Willersey. Tades and I out a little way. Rested in p.m. Wrote to Tante. Girls out again. I unwell. To bed at 9.30.

St. Peter’s Church, Willersey

Monday 29th March 1915

Very very cold.
Stayed in bed till 1 o’clock. Wrote Ella. Knitted socks to help Lucy. Rested in p.m. After tea, wrote Alys and then out with Tades up village. Very pretty – to the Games’ house. Knitted all evening. To bed 10.15.

Tuesday 30th March 1915

Sunny. Warmer.
In bed; wrote Uncle Harold about Sylvia. Up at 11.30. Out with Tades. Lovely walk round by Duncombe’s and Lane. Rested in p.m. Doris and Lucy out all day to sketch. I out again in evening with Tades and Sylvia, on Willersey Road and fields. Did bandages.

Wednesday 31st March 1915

Very lovely and warm.
Up at 10.30. Out with Doris over fields and coppice. Primroses out. Hat off. Lovely. Rested in p.m. and wrote Aunt Alice about Doris. Lucy and Doris out to tea. Tades and I to Monkhouses’ etc.

Thursday 1st April 1915

Duller Lovely sunset.
Up at 11. Tades and I called at Russell House and at Mr Parsons’. Both away. Walked to Old Church, Mrs Pemberton and May to tea. Out later with Sylvia and Lucy to see lambs and sunset. Rolled bandages in evening.

Russell House, Broadway

Friday 2nd April 1915

Very windy. Colder.
Up to breakfast! 1st time for month! Tades, Sylvia and Lucy to Church at Willersey. Doris and I at home. Knitting and writing letters. Rested. Not out but knitted socks and in evening Sylvia read “When Ghost meets Ghost” aloud (William de Morgan).


Saturday 3rd April 1915

Rain. Clear later.
Up at 8.30. Packed up. Sylvia and I off at 12 to London. Sylvia to stay at Aunt Alice’s. I in taxi via Cricklewood home. Dolly and John (aged 8 months) staying there.

A. F. E. (Alys Faraday Embleton) £5 for B&B to 30th from 23rd – 5 weeks.

Sunday 4th April 1915

Fine. Warm.
Alys to Kit’s with Easter eggs. I watched Dolly bath Baby. After lunch, I to Aunt Alice’s to tea. Uncle Harold there and Sylvia, on business. Uncle Harold and I home together. Wetherbee’s to tea with Alys and Dolly. Webb’s in.

Monday 5th April 1915

Dull. Mild.
Washed and ironed collar. I to call on Aunt Rosa in new house, 8 North Square. Also to Janssen’s and then to Friede’s new house. Rested in p.m. Webb’s round with John. Jack Willis in evening. Wrote to Tades.

Tuesday 6th April 1915

Dull. Showers.
Wrote Tante and Uncle Doc. Went to lunch with Miss Horner and Susie. On to Mr and Mrs Matthews’ at Rushmere to tea. Home. Dolly to Mrs Willis’. Sewed at hat with forget-me-nots and read aloud.

Wednesday 7th April 1915

Dull. Showers.
To Aldwych at last again after 5 weeks! Up to Hospital Department with Miss Waley. Filed letters, To lunch with Miss Knoblauch at big A. B. C. Back to work, till 3.45. Home all the way on bus. Tea alone. Alys in town with Eva. Sewed Alys read “Dr Thorne” (me: Chronicles of Barsetshire by Anthony Trollope) aloud.

Thursday 8th April 1915

Dull. Cool
To Aldwych. Worked in “Health Department”. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch. Home at 5 p.m. Dennis there! He and Alys sowed seeds in garden all p.m. I did labels for them. Dennis away at 9.30 (Eva and Phil to tea at Webb’s).

Friday 9th April 1915

To Aldwych. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch. Away at 3.30. Alys out calling on Cleminson’s, Carr’s and William Miles’. Wade here. Ted rang up to ask Alys to go to Bursledon (me: a village on River Hamble, Hampshire).

Saturday 10th April 1915

To Aldywch. Alys off with Shenton’s to boat. I to lunch at Miss Horner’s to meet Miss Grant (just from U.S.A.) On to see Aunt Alice. Home to tea and with children after. Sewed in evening. Wade called. To bed 10.

Paid A. F. E. (Alys Faraday Embleton) £1 from 5th to 12th
Received 15/- from War Refugees Committee 10th !!! “for current expenses”

Sunday 11th April 1915

Dull. Warm.
Out watching the National Guard drilling. Max came. Walked with him. Dolly, Jack and John came. Washed gloves, collars and my hair. Mrs Styer and Wilfred to tea. Read all evening. “Froeschwiller”. To bed at 9.30. Phil awake and crying all night.

Monday 12th April 1915

Dull. Rain later.
To Aldwych. Mrs Bonner back, and situation very strained! Lunch at Temple Tea rooms with G. Knoblauch. Home to tea. Children after. Philip tired and looked at pictures, on my knee. Read in evening and darned socks. Alys home at 11.30.

Tuesday 13th April 1915

Very Dull. Cold wind.
To Aldwych. Situation better. Lunch at Law Courts with Mrs Bonner, Mrs Robbins, G. Knoblauch. I headache and home early by 4 p.m. Mrs Jannsens called. Nurse sore throat and slept alone. Read Dr Thorne.

Wednesday 14th April 1915

Sunny. Very cold wind.
To Aldwych. Miss Waley away ill. Very busy with Refugees all day. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch at Temple Tea rooms. Home at 6. Very tired.

Thursday 15th April 1915

Alys to Broad’s. Kim (me: dog) ill. To Aldwych. Miss Waley still away. Worked very hard. Many refugees. Lunch at Temple Tea rooms with G. Knoblauch. Dennis back from Sheffield. I home at 6 o’clock. Very tired. Couldn’t sleep.

Friday 16th April 1915

Very fine.
Not to Aldwych. Phoned Mrs Bonner. Sat in sun and on sofa all day. Dennis and Alys in garden with seeds and rolling path. I read and very lazy all day. To bed 9.30. Slept well.

Saturday 17th April 1915

Very fine. Warm.
To Aldwych by ‘bus. Felt very back-achey. Lunch with Mrs Bonner at 78 Ashley Gardens, Westminster. Home to tea. Dennis there. In garden. Tea on verandah. Very tired. Dennis away at 9.30 to Netley.

Sunday 18th April 1915

Stayed in bed until 5.30 p.m. Alys to tea at Aunt Rosa’s. Wade here. Kim a little better.

Monday 19th April 1915

Fine. Lovely sun.
In bed to breakfast. Alys ‘phoned to Mrs Bonner. Sat in sun all day, either in front or in garden, or verandah. Alys to stores in p.m. and out to tea.

Tuesday 20th April 1915

Dull, warm.
In bed to breakfast. Up at 10.30.

Wednesday 21st April 1915

Very fine.
Sat in garden all a.m. Miss Thursfield to tea; tea in garden.

Thursday 22nd April 1915

Bed to breakfast. Walked to shops with Alys. Bought aubretia. Called on Barby, who has tuberculosis.

Friday 23rd April 1915

Mrs Marsden in a.m. I sat on chair on verandah all a.m. To Benmore and saw Shentons act “Arms of the Man”. 30 soldiers there, wounded, as audience.

Saturday 24th April 1915

Sunny, dull later.
Phoned Shentons. They called for me in car at 12.30 with Miss Peter’s, all motored to Bursledon (tea at Mrs Irving’s at Alton). On “Rover*”. Supper 9.30. Slept on board. Lovely moonlight night.

Madame Van Aken – 9 Pasley Road, Kennington.
Paid £2 till April 22nd from March 25th.
* Rover – Ted’s 20 ton yacht.

Sunday 25th April 1915

Very cold. Showers.
Breakfast at 11. Too cold to be out. Ted sailed in dinghy. Sat in cabin. Dennis came at 2 and finally we all went back to land at 4. Car to Mrs Irving’s. Tea and eggs. On to London. 2 tyres punctured. Home at 12 midnight.

Monday 26th April 1915

Cold. Windy.
Breakfast in bed. Up. Walked to shops with Alys and sent off parcels to Holland. Sat in verandah, all p.m. in sun. Mrs Bonney and baby to tea. Kitty to late dinner. Letter from Tante about Solly.

Tuesday 27th April 1915

Sunny. Warmer.
Breakfast in bed. Wrote to Tante in top room. Alys ironed. After lunch in garden. Mr and Mrs E. V. Miles and William, Mary and Crosfield and Ernest all called. Crosfield back on leave from France for 72 hours. Walked on Heath and to Mrs Webb later.

Wednesday 28th April 1915

Very hot. Windy.
Breakfast in bed. Up at 10.30. With Alys to town. Ordered tweed skirts at Peter Robinson’s. Lunch at Trocadero. Very nice. Walked up Regent Street. Bought shoes. Home to tea. In garden with children. Very fine. Alys and Eva watered garden.

peter robinson 1915
Peter Robinson Department Store, Oxford Circus 1915

Thursday 29th April 1915

Fine. Warm.
Mrs Bonner ‘phoned. I up to breakfast. On Heath in field with Alys and children at 2.30. I to Aldwych and did case papers for E. B. till 5.30. Alys to hear Montessori lecture at Refugees. Read aloud.

Friday 30th April 1915

Very warm and misty.
Up to breakfast. With Alys and children on Heath all a.m. Read aloud and knitted. After lunch Alys and I to Green and Eward’s. Bought wool and to Bank. Nurse out in evening. Alys and I at 10 p.m. to Benmore. Coffee and talked. Faraday’s, Wade. Lamb’s, etc.

Saturday 1st May 1915

Warm. Fine.
Wrote Mrs Bonner. To Asmuns Hill. Back by shops. Hat for Philip. In p.m. Marie-Mariande Janssens came to spend 2.30 till 6. Ays and I called on Mrs Wimperis. Tea there. Knitting and reading aloud. “Dr Thorne” in evening

William in 10th Essex Regiment.
Cyril and Crosfield in Welsh.

Sunday 2nd May 1915

Windy. Fine.
All out and to Aunt Rosa’s. In with children. Read on verandah and knitted in p.m. Nelly Barnard called; also Ernie Buchanan. Wade here. Read aloud in evening.

Monday 3rd May 1915

Windy. Cold.
Wrote to Tante all a.m. Alys with children. To Kit’s at 3.30 and to tea there. Alys took Eva, to tea at Mrs Cleminson’s. Nelly Moir came to dinner and evening.

Tuesday 4th May 1915

Cold. Fine later.
Breakfast 7.30. Alys and I to Waterloo. To Lee-on-Solent. Arrived 1. Looked at houses for July. Dennis and Webb in car. Lunch at Hotel. More houses then to Netley. Saw wounded. Tea at Warsash. Car to Southampton and train back at 8. Saw Red Cross train load. Waterloo 10.30. Home 12.

Wednesday 5th May 1915

Warm. Hot.
To shops with Alys and children. In garden. Wrote to Busy. To Hampstead with Alys to library. Then I called on Mrs G. E. Barnard. Alys home. Walked back after tea. Bought two tortoises. Alys read aloud in evening. No fire. 1st time.

Thursday 6th May 1915

Very hot. Thunder in evening.
With Alys and children. Eva to school. To shops. Back. Looked at dresses. In p.m. Alys and I to town with grey tweed skirt; bought short evening dress at Bourne and Hollingsworth. Home. Eva had Barbara Wimperis to tea.

Bourne and Hollingsworth, London

Friday 7th May 1915

Fine day. Perfect.
I took Kim (me: dog, I think) to Broad’s (me: vet). Met Alys and Philip at shops. Did gardening. Ivy and grass. Sewed blue coat, thin. In p.m. Wade came. Miss Thursfield in. We to see her garden.

Saturday 8th May 1915

Very fine. Perfect.
With Alys to shops. Aunt Alice to lunch. Dorothy and Nellie Moir to tea, Aunt Alys and Doz stayed to supper. Alys and Eva to Buchanan’s birthday party. We with Phiip in garden. Washed and ironed linen shirt.

Heard Lusitania torpedoed[1] – 7th

RMS Lusitania

Sunday 9th May 1915

Fine. Windy.
Stayed at home, and wrote to Tante. Not out all day; except in garden. Alys called on Maude Balfour in a.m. Read.

Monday 10th May 1915

Very fine. To Aldwych! Again. Miss Waley gone. Miss Barsdorf up there, in “Health”. Lunch at Law Courts with Mrs Bonner and busy all p.m. Home by tube at 7 p.m. Read in evening.

Tuesday 11th May 115

Very fine. Warm.
To Aldwych, but with Alys to Peter Robinson’s. First to change dress with spots. Mrs Bonner unhappy about leaving. Lunch with her in Law Courts. Work all p.m. busy. Philip bad night and cough.

Advert for Peter Robinson's fur trim suits 1915
Fur-trimmed Velveteen suit – 1915

Wednesday 12th May 1915

To Aldwych. Miss Page came all a.m. Very helpful. Mrs Bonner away to lunch. I lunched with Miss Knoblauch at A. B. C. Home at 7. Eva 101 and several points. Dr Ensor came at 10 p.m, and to see Philip in a.m.

Thursday 13th May 1915

Pouring rain all day and high wind.
Not out till 12.30. Half-holiday. Eva in bed all day, but better. I to Rendezvous and lunch with Uncle Harold at 1. To Dulau[2] in Soho Square. To Aldwych at 2.40, and until 6.15. Home. Very wet. Read aloud in evening.

Friday 14th May 1915

Very cold, but finer.
To Aldwych. Miss Page there. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch and Mrs Bonner at Law Courts. Rather late away and Lady Lugard[3] in about a typhoid case. Dennis came up from Netley. To Benmore in evening.

Lady Lugard

Saturday 15th May 1915

To Aldwych. Busy a.m. Susie Zilen came and I took her to lunch at Temple Tea Rooms. To Hampstead and christening of Otto’s 2nd boy. Richard Percy. Tea, all May’s. Home. Eva in bed all day, feverish.

Sunday 16th May 1915

Dull. Cool.
Wrote to Tante and Uncle Doc. Otto came and stayed to lunch. Kit over in a.m. Dr Ensor in to see Eva. Phil kept apart. Eva 103-104 and watched. Query measles. Dr Ensor in evening again.

Monday 17th May 1915

Wet. Horrid day.
Phoned Aldwych. Dr Ensor in. Wrote letters. Eva rash. Measles declared. Dennis to War Office and out till 7.30. I to shops. Eva very ill. 104 all day. I to Barnes in p.m. Phil in top room, isolated. Dr Ensor again in afternoon. I slept in Eva’s little room. Dennis away at 9.30 to Netley.

Tuesday 18th May 1915

Did rooms. Dusted. Dr Ensor in Eva – 101. Wrote Wade. Fine rash out on Eva. To shops.

Wednesday 19th May 1915

Very fine. Perfect.
Eva 99 degrees. Did bedrooms. Alys out in a.m. Eva crying. I for walk with Kim to East Finchley. Tram Strike, so walked back. All on fields; lovely. Eva better in evening and painted in book.

Thursday 20th May 1915

Dull. Not cold.
Did bedroom with Alys. Out with letters and Benmore cards. Eva normal and good. Alys out in p.m. and I stayed with Eva and rested. Claude Flight’s wedding day.

Friday 21st May 1915

Did bedroom. I out in a.m. Alys out in p.m. I on sofa. Eva very good.

Saturday 22nd May 1915

Did bedroom. Kit and Edward on tri-car. Dr Ensor came at lunchtime. Alys ironed. I unwell and in bed all p.m. Alys to meet Dennis at 4.30. Waterloo. He here to dinner, and away at 9.30.

Alys Faraday Embleton £5 to 17th May from 12th April.
Van Aken paid till May 20th.

Get 40 or 50 a week wages.
Aldwych closed from 21st to May 25th – a.m.

Sunday 23rd May 1915

Fine. Very windy.

Quiet. Read paper. Ironed coat. Wrote to Ella. Out with Alys in evening. Strolled. Watered garden.

Monday 24th May 1915

Very fine, windy.
Muddled about. C. H. W. (me: Wadie, family nurse) round with Davidson baby. Alys and I together to shops. Washed my white jersey. Wrung out clothes for Lysol. Watered garden. Changed furniture – dining-room.

1915 lysol
1915 Daily Sketch newspaper Lysol advert

Tuesday 25th May 1915

Very fine, was windy.
Letters from Davises about Lusitania. Rang up Susie. Out to nursery-garden in a.m. alone. Alys out in p.m. Dr Ensor to see Alys for ear and Eva. I painted. Eva up to tea and bed at 6.30. Strolled out with Alys. Alys to meet Dennis 10 at Victoria from Horsham

Wednesday 26th May 1915

Very fine. Hot.
Did rooms. Phil seemed coldy. Nervous about him. In garden. Eva up after, and out with Dennis and Alys in push-cart on Heath. Did a lot of gardening with Alys and Dennis. Dennis away at 9.30 to Netley.

Thursday 27th May 1915

Very fine. Windy. Colder.
Made beds, and dusted. Alys out to shops. Wade came; wrote Mrs Johnstone. I to town in p.m. to see about German paper and to Kodak’s. Phil sick and coughing. Alys to have ear syringed by Dr Ensor. Wrote letters. Dennis ‘phoned.

Friday 28th May 1915

Very fine. Windy.
Did bedroom. Out to shops for long time, bacon. Philip in all day and Dr Ensor came. Alys and I out with Eva (in pushcart). Ironed shirts. Telephoned Susie in evening. Wrote Wade.

Saturday 29th May 1915

Philip getting worse and Dr Ensor in, who declared he had measles. Alys and Eva out? I to Nelly’s garden and shops in a.m.

Philip might develop measles on 26th to 29th.

Sunday 30th May 1915

Cold. Windy.
Philip very restless 102. Rash out all over. Dr Ensor in. Moved Philip to night nursery. Nurse quite done up, and weeping. Sent her to bed. Took turns with Alys with Phil. Eva not out, I to buy chocolate. Alys slept with Philip.

Monday 31st May 1915

Fine. Cool.
Dr Ensor came. Alys to bed from 11 till 2 after bad night. I did room. Wade came, and took Eva out in p.m. All had tea in garden. Phil very restless but normal temp. Zeppelin raid at midnight[4]. I heard bombs or guns.


Tuesday 1st June 1915

Wrote Tante. Eva 99.8 and rather headachey. Tidied room. Alys with Phil, who better. Dr Ensor came. Alys and I to shops in p.m. Dennis in car, arrived at 6.15. Wrote Ella. To bed 9.30.

Wednesday 2nd June 1915

Fine. Very hot and close.
Alys and Dennis up at 4 a.m. and Dennis away to Netley in car at 5 a.m. Tidied rooms. Phil much better. Ivy put in. With Alys to town. Bournes and Hollingsworth, and to tea at Gallina’s. Home by tube. Wade took Eva out. Benjamin Toms called on me from Indiana. Kitty ‘phoned. Tades also from Chelsea.

Thursday 3rd June 1915

Dull. Cooler.
Dr Ensor came. Phil much better. He in Eva’s room. His eyes still bad. I arranged cuttings in file. Wade came and took Eva out, and had tea. Nurse out 3 til 6. Alys with Philip. I to Royal Oak, landlords. Alys and I walked on Heath. Dined.

Friday 4th June 1915

Did room. I walked to plumbers about tap. Eva up in a.m. and down to lunch. Alys and I to town to buy doll and Eva’s nightgowns. Wade took Eva out. Back to tea. Watered garden. Round to Mrs Webb’s. Met Dr Ensor who told us of zeppelins approaching. Made respirators and sat up till 1 a.m. Heard explosions or firing at 11.50 and 12.15.

Saturday 5th June 1915

Hot. Fresh.
Very tired! I to shops. Letter from Tante, tried to write reply. Nurse out to a wedding. Wade came and took Eva. Alys and I took turns with Philip. Nurse back at 11.30 p.m. Alys to shops. Very late for milk. No use.

Zeppelin raid May 31st.
4 people killed. Whitechapel, Hoxton, Stoke Newington.
4th – 13 zepps (zeppelins) (two squadrons) 90 miles off the coast. Dropped bombs at Sittingbourne[1].

Sunday 6th June 1915

Very fine. Warm.
Alys out with Eva. I finished filing the cuttings (newspapers). Nurse took Eva out in p.m. and Alys and I took turns with Philip in bedroom.

Monday 7th June 1915

Very hot. 85 degrees in town.
Did room with Alys. Dr Ensor in. Eva in bed, tired all a.m. Philip out for 1st time in p.m. Wade took Eva out. Alys and I to shop and, after tea, to Hampstead library. Walked both ways. Mrs Webb ‘phoned. I ‘phoned to Susie about letter.

Tuesday 8th June 1915

Very hot.
Washed blouses and ironed. Wrote Tante. Eva and Philip both out in p.m. with Wade and Nurse. Mrs Webb’s baby girl, ”Jane Emma” born at 1.30 am – 9th.

Wednesday 9th June 1915

Rained a little.
did room. Children in bed till 2 p.m. Alys and I out to Harrod’s and all about Knightsbridge. Tea at Mason’s, Sloane Street. Then taxi to stores, Army and Navy. Home at 7. Sewed white muslin dress in evening.

Thursday 10th June 1915

Dull. Warm but windy.
Did rooms ready for disinfecting. Alys away at 11 to Southampton, and stay night with Dennis. Lighted formaldehyde candles. After lunch, I to Selfridges, Marshalls, Evans, Debenhams. Tea at Alan’s Tea Rooms. Home at 5.35. Did bedrooms. To Quibell for candle.

Friday 11th June 1915

Fine. Warm. Breezy.
Out to shops. Disinfected night nursery. Wade in p.m. and both children out. I mowed lawn, and gardened all p.m. Dennis and Alys came in car at 6 o’clock from Netley. In garden. Took Wade home at 9.30. Found all maids out. Scenes. First strawberries.

Saturday 12th June 1915

Fine. Cooler.
Breakfast 9.30. Alys and Dennis to town in car. I to Agents. Then wrote letters. They came home at 3. In garden. Tades came a few minutes. Children in car.

Sunday 13th June 1915

Very fine.
In garden a lot. Transplanting dianthus with Dennis and Alys. Eva also. In p.m. Dennis, Alys and Eva and Phil and Wade and I all in car to Dolly’s (not inside) and by Mill Hill. Dennis away at 10. Uncle Harold and Tades in, before.

Carnation, pinks or sweet william

Monday 14th June 1915

Very fine. Cooler.
Very busy doing washing, changing trunks and packing all day.

Tuesday 15th June 1915

Packing all day. Very busy. Wade took care of children. Watered garden.


Wednesday 16th June 1915

Finished packing. Wade here. Lunch 12.30. Motor bus (private) at 1 p.m. to Waterloo. Alys, children, Nurse, Rose, Doris and me 2.20 train to Fareham. Dennis in car, with Kim, met us. All in car to Lee-on-Solent except Doris and I who on in train, with luggage, changing at Fort Brockhurst.

Thursday 17th June 1915

Very fine. Warm.
Breakfast 8. Dennis Embleton off in car to Netley. To shops, to buy sandshoes for children. On beach. Alys and I bathed, nice. Very calm. To pier to arrange about tent. Alys slept in p.m. I read in garden. To meet Dennis after supper late. He arrived 10 p.m.

Friday 18th June 1915

Fine, cool wind (cold).
Waterloo Day. Centenary!

Breakfast 8. Dennis in car to Netley. Alys and I to shops. On beach with children. Alys and I bathed (2nd) from “Eslaforde”. Rested in p.m and wrote Dorothy Barnard. Dennis back to dinner. Alys and I met him.

Saturday 19th June 1915

Very fine.
To shops. Children on pier, and on beach. Alys and I to fetch meat, instead of bathing! Dennis back to tea. All three walked to point “Hillhead” after children in bed. Supper 8. Sat in drawing-room.

To “Eslaforde” Mrs MacDonald’s at house – 16th.
Van Aken paid til June 17th.
Sent £2 to Waelkens and Druein.
Sent 10/- Defresne 17th

Sunday 20th June 1915

Very fine.
Alys and I with Eva and Phil, (I unwell) in car with Dennis to Netley. We sat on lawns while Dennis in hospital. In car to Hamble. Dennis, Eva and I to Shenton’s boat – “Rover”. Home to lunch 2.20 in car. Alys and I in car to fetch strawberries 3 p.m. with Philip. Alys and Dennis bathed from tent 4 p.m. I with children in garden. Read.

Monday 21st June 1915

Dull. Spots of rain. Warm.
Took children to beach. To shops. Twice. I slept in p.m. indoors. Nurse rested, as bad night. Alys with children. Dennis home before tea. I wrote Tante. Alys and Nurse and Eva and Philip in car. Read in garden and strolled on cliff. Philip hardly slept at all all night, so Nurse in bed till 1.30 p.m.

Tuesday 22nd June 1915

Fine. Warm. Windy.
Alys and I took children on beach all a.m. Letters from Tante and Uncle Doc. Nice ones. Nurse and children out at 3.30. Alys and I sewed in garden, and then Alys slept. Dennis and Webb back at 8.15. Supper. Strolled on cliff. Dr Webb slept in garden all night.

Wednesday 23rd June 1915

Dull but warm.
On beach and to shops. Alys and Doris bathed. Eva paddled. Very muddy and shallow. Warm. Dennis back to supper. All for a walk along beach, and on cliff. Alys cut out bathing-gown for Doris. Darned stockings.

Thursday 24th June 1915

Coat and skirt and blouse from Tante. Wrote to her. With Dennis, and Alys to Netley (and children). Back. Nurse and Doris to Portsmouth.   Eva rested. Alys and I to shops with pram. To meet Dennis with car to Netley, all. Rose also. Saw German (wounded) prisoners. Home with Dennis on beach.

Friday 25th June 1915

Very fine. Hot.
Alys and I at 10. Started to walk to Warsash. Bathed on way. So hot. Lovely. Through Wills of Hesketh’s Carnation nurseries. Arrived Crab and Lobster Inn at 1.30. Lobster lunch. Ferry to Hamble. Strawberries and cream. Taxi to Netley. Trains home, via Fareham and Fort Brockhurst. Dennis to London.

Saturday 26th June 1915

Dull. Some sun. Windy.
To shops and our beach. I bathed. Choppy. Nice. Talked to soldiers, one in war from Mons to Ypres, and other 3 months. Saw transport go out 8.30. Dennis home at 9.30, having had nothing since lunch in London. Couldn’t sleep well.

Alys paid till 21st
R. A. M. C. call (bugle).
“Come and we’ll dose you with syrup and squills.”

Sunday 27th June 1915

Changeable. Thunder.
Alys, Eva and with Dennis to Netley. We 3 on pier, talked to wounded Irishman, Then at 1, on to “Rover”. All lunched with Shentons and Miss Peters then they with us back to Lae; all tea together. They away at 6. Read “Eve Victorieuse[2]“. Bath.

Monday 28th June 1915

Windy. Showery.
Dennis off to Netley. Eva and I found “Danger” with hind leg broken – yellow puss. Alys and I took him in sheet to village. Dr Loughborough chloroformed him. Terrible morning. He bit Alys. On beach. Read and Alys slept in p.m. Dennis back at 4. Tea and then we and children (with nurse) to Gosport and back in car. To Dr Loughborough’s again in evening with Dennis but out.

Tuesday 29th June 1915

Fine. Moonlight.
Lovely bathe, with Eva. Calm. She swam 6 strokes . Dennis and Webb at 3. Then Alys and I to Portsmouth and Southsea. Tea at Dorothy Café. Coliseum Revue. “Hello, What’s On?”! Supper, and home at 12. Search lights.


Wednesday 30th June 1915

Fine. To shops. Packed. Alys helped. Then I bathed, with Eva. Choppy. At 2.10, I by train to London – Waterloo 5.40. Taxi to Aunt Alice’s. 3.2. Unpacked. Dinner. Mr Tonks all evening. Discussed Woodrow Wilson. McColl’s verses.

Thursday 1st July 1915

Warm. Dull. Muggy.
To Aldwych 10.15. Sat at Mrs Robbins’ desk and did indexing of G. Knoblauch’s cases. Also up to “Health” and saw Lady Beauchamp (Florence). Lunch with G. Knoblauch. Home at 6.45 to Chelsea. Dinner. Dorothy read old Condercum letters in evening. To bed 11.

Friday 2nd July 1915

Hot. Fine.
Breakfast in garden. To Aldwych. Still did indexing of cases. Maris also instructed by W. Webb in his work, employment, correspondence, etc. To take while he has holiday. Lunch with G. Knoblauch. Home at 6.45. Chelsea. Wilson Steer in evening. “Caesar’s wife”. Wrote Tante in p.m. from Aldwych.

Saturday 3rd July 1915

Very Hot. Fine.
To Aldwych. Very hot. Round with Mrs Webb to see F. A. Norman, Head Divisional Officer of Labour Exchange and Insurance. Lunch 2 p.m. with G. Knoblauch. To Golders Green. Got letters and looked at garden. Met Paul*. Mrs Stillman to tea. Polly and Dorothy to Hurlingham. Dorothy and I to see Knoblauch’s “Marie Odile” last night. Marie Lohr and Basil Gill. Sir Hubert Tree spoke afterwards.

6 bathes altogether at Lee.
* Paul told me about Uncle Harold having “nervous breakdown” today 3rd. Hurried home and told Aunt Alice.

Sunday 4th July 1915

Very hot. 80 degrees and thereabouts.
Breakfast in garden – very very hot.  Read paper and tore up letters, and sewed blue skirt. To lunch at Miss Horner’s. Back at 3.30. Nellie Moir to lunch at 6 Elm Park Road. Aunt Alice and Polly to 8 North Square. Golders Green. Dorothy and I in garden. Watered plants, etc. Wrote to Alys and Ella in evening. Polly still here, to bed 10.30.

Monday 5th July 1915

Duller. Still hot.
To Aldwych. Did W. Webb’s work. Letters, etc – employment. Rather interesting. Lunch at Law Courts with G Knoblauch. Left work early, and to Walpole’s. Bought 2 blouses and 6 pillowcases for Alys. To Hatchard’s. Back to Chelsea. Sat in garden in evening. To bed 10.

Tuesday 6th July 1915

Nice day. Warm.
To Aldwych. Letters and letters. Lunch with G. Knoblauch at A.B.C. Work all p.m. till 5.45. Bought 2 pairs of gloves for Polly. 3/9 each. Home to Chelsea.

Wednesday 7th July 1915

Nice day. Windy.
To Aldwych. Lunch with G. Knoblauch at Temple Tea Rooms. Then to Liverpool Street and saw Kitty and family off to Frinton. Then to see F. A. Norman about Labor. Home at 6.45. Tired. Letter from Tante, very hurt and angry with me. Aunt Alice read Ian Hamilton’s Dardanelles Dispatch aloud in evening.

Thursday 8th July 1915

Dull. Nice.
To Aldwych. Busy investigating about Employment, etc and letters. Lunch at Cheshire Cheese with G. Knoblauch. Then to Labor Exchange and talked to Bulton. To Wounded Allies’ Relief Committee and talked to Mrs Jeans. Home to Chelsea. Wrote to Mrs Bonner.

Friday 9th July 1915

Dullish, fair.
To Aldwych. Polly away to East Grinstead. Lunch at Law Courts with G. Knoblauch and talked over Mr Lloyd’s paper and Labor Exchange, etc. Wrote to Tante, and to Susie (at Broadway). Back at 6.30 to Chelsea. Small dirigible in evening.

Saturday 10th July 1915

Dull, but nice.
To Aldwych. Wrote to Slade. Filed all my week’s carbon letters, so late, and lunch with G. Knoblauch at new restaurant at 2.15. Back, and rested till 4.30. In garden with Aunt Alice and Dorothy till dinner-time. German Reply to U.S.A.

Earned 15/-

Sunday 11th July 1915

Dull, windy.
Breakfast with Doz at 9.45. She did the curtain-rod support. I washed and ironed gloves and collars. Not out all day. Rested all p.m. and in garden after tea, till supper.

Monday 12th July 1915

To Aldwych. Very worrying, tiring day. Large lunch with G. Knoblauch at “Corner House” and saw recruiting procession. Chauffeur and permission to go to Southwold; also several cases to Rink. Nearly fainted there! Home at 7.1.5. Polly there. Read Sir S French’s dispatch aloud in evening.

Tuesday 13th July 1915

Dull, stormy feeling.
To Aldwych. Easier day. Mrs Jean’s to lunch with me at Temple Tea Rooms. Back at 6.30! Rested, and read “Tom Jones’. Read papers and knitted in evening.

Wednesday 14th July 1915

To Aldwych. G. Knoblauch in hot water! New Defresnes came. Lunch at Cheshire Cheese with G. Knoblauch, Miss Morris, and Miss Byrne. Cider. Jolly. Pouring rain in p.m. Got home at 6.30. Tube and taxi! From South Kensington. Teeds at 6 Elm Park Road to supper.

Thursday 15th July 1915

Very fine.
To Aldwych. Not very busy. Wrote to Alys and Wade. Lunch at Law Courts with G. Knoblauch – 1-2. Miss Boyd came back to work. Got back to Chelsea at 6.50.

Friday 16th July 1915

To Aldwych. Lunch at Cheshire Cheese. We, Knobby, Morris, Byrne and I invited Miss Boyd and Miss Easter. 2 8 ½ to each of us 4. Fun. Home at 6.30. Very wet. Top of ‘bus. Polly and “Ginx” Harrison in after dinner. Poz stayed.

ginx harrison
Leonard ‘Ginx’ Harrison by John Singer Sargent

Saturday 17th July 1915

Rainy. Fine evening.
To Aldwych. In front room, at Miss Morris’ desk. Did various people’s work. Coote, Byrne, etc and many letters. Lunch at Express with G. Knoblauch and Miss Boyd. Took G. Knoblauch back to tea at 6 Elm Park Road. Also supper and we all 4 went to Guard’s Tattoo in Chelsea Hospital grounds in aid of Recruiting Bands.

Earned 15/-

Sunday 18th July 1915

Fine. Lovely.
Didn’t wake up till 10.45! Not out all day, except in garden. Read “The Dynasts” all p.m. After tea, lay on cushions in garden till 7. Supper and on sofa and to bed at 10.20.

Monday 19th July 1915

Dull. Warm.
To Aldwych. Up in Health Department all day. Trying to learn from Lady Florence P. Beauchamp. Lunch with G. Knoblauch at Temple Restaurant. Home to Chelsea at 7.10 (arrived).

Tuesday 20th July 1915

Very fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. All day with Lady Beauchamp. Committee Meeting 12. Mr Maudslay, Mrs Samuel and Lady Beauchamp and I. She out in p.m. Officer came, whose wife had died (for funeral). Lunch with G. Knoblauch, Miss Boyd and Miss Byrne at Temple Tea Rooms. Mr Harold Roller in evening.

Wednesday 21st July 1915

Very fine.
To Aldwych. All day learning, and with Lady Beauchamp in various departments. Lunch with G. Knoblauch at Law Courts. Busy all p.m. in spite of Belgian Fête Day. Home at 6.50. Mr Harrison (Ginx) to supper. 7.30. Talked of Ireland – Killarney and Ross.

Thursday 22nd July 1915

Rain all day and wind.
To Aldwych. Not a bad day, for work. Lunch with G. Knoblauch in restaurant in General Buildings 11d. Lady Beauchamp and Miss Sacky left early, and I alone. Home at 7. Grosvenor to dinner and Mark Simmonds.

Friday 23rd July 1915

Very heavy showers.
To Aldwych. Pouring rain, and very wet on bus. Busy day. Prevoost, Beaujot. Lunch with G. Knoblauch and Miss Bagge at Strand Palace Hotel 1/9. No tips. Very good. Very very busy afternoon. Buses very full. Home about 7.15. Card from Meeus!

Saturday 24th July 1915

To Aldwych. Very busy indeed. 4 new cases. Lunch with G. Knoblauch at A. B. C. Home at 3. Rested. Read “With the Allies” R. H. Davies. Did white skirt all evening and Dorothy did green satin dress. To bed 10.15.

Earned 15/-
Sent £100 to War Loan 21st or 20th.

Sunday 25th July 1915

Showery. Heavy.
Washed gloves and collars. Ironed. Wrote to Tante and Ella. Rested in p.m. Wrote to Major Meeus at Dunkerque. Aunt Alice, Dorothy and I to Brompton Oratory. Could not get into South Kensington Museum to see Serbian Statues – Meštrović.

Monday 26th July 1915

Rain; then fine.
To Aldwych. Busy morning. Kitty rang up. Lunched with her at Strand Palace Hotel. She up from Frinton for few days. Doz to Moirs and brought back my letters and home about 7.10. Papers. Reading them all evening.

Strand Palace Hotel, 372 Strand, London WC2

Tuesday 27th July 1915

Very fine after morning rain.
To Aldywch. Not so busy. Sent letters to Alys, registered. Lunch with Mrs Bonner, G. Knoblauch and Max Ayrton at The Cock. Good. G. Knoblauch’s lunch. Wrote to Uncle Doc and left Aldwych late 6.40. Read New York Evening Post in evening.

Wednesday 28th July 1915

Very fine.
To Aldwych. Not a bad morning. Lunch with G. Knoblauch at Law Courts 1/-. Not so busy. Block x Business with escort. Funny. Home at 6.35!! Dorothy to dine at Mrs Hornby;’s. I wrote to Elsa, Miss Horner and Bank.

Thursday 29th July 1915

Fine, then thunderstorm.
To Aldwych. Aunt Alice to E Vernor Miles (solicitor). Told her £100 scheme. Lunch with G. Knoblauch, Miss Boyd and Miss Byrne at Law Courts 1/1. Home at 6.45.

Friday 30th July 1915

Very fine.
To Aldwych. Busy day. Mrs Barsdorf away. Lunch with usual 3 at Slaters. 1/3d. Very busy p.m. “Undesirable” came, Pauwels. Miss Saqui not back till 4.30. Lady Beauchamp’s last day. Home 7.15. Dorothy away to Kitty’s at Frinton. Polly home again about 9.30.

Saturday 31st July 1915

Very fine. Warmer.
Holiday. Breakfast with Poz at 9. Did washing, mended stockings. Threaded ribbons. With Aunt Alice to Harrod’s and shopped. Susie to tea. I walked back with her. Met Tonks. Sewed my white skirt. Mr Tonks in in evening. 9.30 to 11.30.

Earned 15/-
c/o Mrs Key, 5 Pier Street, Lee.
28th Alys leaves Eslaforde.
4 weeks at Chelsea. 28th

Sunday 1st August 1915

Fine. Sun. Wind.

Washed my head in a.m. and sewed white coat. Mr John Sargent to lunch 1.30. Nice. I to Golders Green to our garden, and then to Ayrton’s to tea and supper. Home by two motor-buses at 9.30.

Monday 2nd August 1915

Up at 10.30 to breakfast! With Aunt Alice and Poz to Museum (V&A) and saw Mestrovic’s statuary. Serbian. Ugly but some fine. Rested in p.m. May out. Wrote Alys and Auntie Kate and G. K. with 1/-.

Victoria & Albert Museum, West Hall (Gallery 48) showing Ivan Meštrović sculpture exhibition, looking west

Tuesday 3rd August 1915

Heavy showers.
To Aldwych. Frightfully busy day. Worked very hard indeed all day. Lunch alone at Tea Rooms in Portugal Street 1/8 with tip. Home at 7.15. Aunt Alice, Poz and I to dine with Mr Tonks at 8. Evening in Studio. Bandaging practise!

Wednesday 4th August 1915

Fine, then rain.
To Aldwych. Not a bad morning. Lunch alone at Temple Tea Rooms 1/3. Gallatley in in p.m. Great surprise! Working under Leggatt of Local Government Board, here. Home at 7.0. Mr Leonard Harrison to dinner. I went to bed at 10.

Thursday 5th August 1915

Showers, began fine.
To Aldwych. Very busy day; much running about. Lunch alone at A.B.C. 5d and gooseberries 3d. Not home till 7.25. Polly sore throat. Mr Tonks came to dinner at 8.30. Nice evening. He wrote 3 letters! Left at 11.10.

Friday 6th August 1915

Showery. Dull.
To Aldwych. Not so busy. Lunch with Miss Boyd and Miss Morris at Court Tea Rooms, Portugal Street 10d. Rather nice. Home at 7. Polly better and gardening. On sofa. To bed 9.45. Read Grey’s Note to U.S.

Saturday 7th August 1915

Dull. Showery.
Letter from Tante! To Aldwych. Busy morning. Lunch at A.B.C. with Miss Easter 1/-. Back to office and wrote letters. At 4 p.m. to tea at Miss Horner’s. Mrs O’Gorman there, told about Miss Cunliffe (Sister of Head of Bank of England) and Germany. Walked home – at 6. To bed at 9.40. Tired. 15/- card.

Send G. K. 1/-! Threshing Cottage, Ham. Dalwood, Near Axminster.
Might hear from Tante this week – did.
Fares for each week 2/6. 12/6 over for lunches.

Sunday 8th August 1915

Very hot. Dull.
Up at 9.30. Washed and ironed things. Tiring day. Rested, slept a little. Read “Tom Jones” and wrote to Tante, Uncle Doc and Alys. All sat in garden till supper (and mowed grass).

Monday 9th August 1915

Showery. Very muggy. Hot.
To Aldwych. Very busy day indeed. Max came, and I went out to lunch with him at the Cock. Nice but 2/2! Stout and mackerel and tart. Lady Beauchamp in p.m., looked in! Home at 8. In garden. Hot. Knitted in evening. Bought rolls and butter for tea 1/1.

Tuesday 10th August 1915

Heavy showers, muggy.
To Aldwych. Not so busy. Mr Allden in and told about being in solitary confinement in Siberia for 6 weeks. Lunch in restaurant here. General Buildings 1/-. So wet. Mr Campbell and Mr Gallatley in. Nice. Home at 7. Wrote in evening. Mr Tonks in. To bed 11.10.

Wednesday 11th August 1915

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. Miss Sacqui not there all a.m. Pretty busy. Heaps of letters, all day. Lunch with Mrs Jeans at Court Tea Rooms 11d. Busy all p.m. and until 6.35. Wrote Kitty and Mrs Blanford.

Thursday 12th August 1915

Very hot. Showers.
To Aldwych. Very busy day. Lady Beauchamp married to Colonel Darrell. Lunch with Mrs Robbins at Express, 6d. Busy all p.m. too. Bearder from Northallerton. Home at 7. Dorothy there. Aunt Alice and Poz to dine out at Miss Sargent’s. Doz and I alone.

Friday 13th August 1915

Hot. Thundery.
To Aldwych. Very busy indeed. Refugees’ letters (17 written!) and Committee Meeting at 12 with Mr Maudslay and Mrs Samuel. Lunch with Miss Boyd at Court Tea Rooms 1/1. Bad! Very busy p.m. too. An undesirable, Verecke.

Saturday 14th August 1915

I unwell. To Aldwych. Busy. Home at 1.35! To lunch with Poz. Aunt Alice and Doz to Weybridge to stay. Shentons called for me at 2.30 in car. To Bursledon. Meal at Mrs Irving’s on way. Talked to the Barrows on Bonbonnière. Mr Barrow just back from Dardonelles. Very interesting. Got to bed at 11.30. Leaks in roof, and Ted busy trying to find them.

Filled in National Register.
Must ask Max some evening next week.
A. Leavitt of New York.

Sunday 15th August 1915

Fine, with two showers.
Up at 9.30. Phoebe and Ted bathed. Breakfast, Alys and Eva arrived. On Bonbonnière. Barrows. Dennis and Webb sailed down. All bathed, (except me). Eva swam. Home in car, starting 6.30. Arrived Elm Park Road at 12.

Monday 16th August 1915

Fine, on whole.
To Aldwych. Busy day. Letters. Kit to lunch, also Mrs Dickson, who talked about De Baeremaecker’s. Sandwich lunch. Busy p.m. Our office moved downstairs at 6.30. Home. Mr Tonks in evening. Talked of America.

Tuesday 17th August 1915

Fine then wet p.m.
To Aldwych. Busy day. Moved down from upper room to Mr Bassett’s and Lord Lytton’s room; lunch with Miss Mulligan at Temple Tea Rooms 1/4. Nice. Home at 7.40!! as so busy writing grants. To bed 10. Read aloud to Poz.

Wednesday 18th August 1915

Dull and cold, then very fine.
To Aldwych. Mrs Darell in, in a.m. Lunch at Eustace Miles Restaurant. Nice. 1/3 (with 2d tips). Not to busy p.m. Polly out to dinner at Miss Sargent’s. I to bed at 9.30.

Thursday 19th August 1915

Dull. No rain.
To Aldwych. Terribly busy day. Lunch with Miss Mulligan at Temple Tea Rooms. 1/3. Busy all day and tired. Poor Michiels artist in. Surely tuberculosis of larynx. Max to dinner at 7.30. Very tired.

Friday 20th August 1915

To Aldwych. Awfully tired. Very busy. Mrs Darell in and Mrs Barsdorf. Lunch at Temple Tea Rooms alone. 1/6 with tip. I had a Committee Meeting at 2.30 with Mrs Samuel and Mrs Maudslay. Home at 7. “Peake” to stay night, from Isle of Man.

Saturday 21st August 1915

To Aldwych. Busy morning. Lernons and baby and Huysbrechts, etc. Finished up all work by 1.50. Out to lunch at A.B.C. 5d alone. Home at 3.15. Rested. Miss Horner to tea and Susie. In garden. Read “Nation” in evening to 5 p.m.

Arabic torpedoed (19th ?)

SS Arabic was a British-registered ocean liner that entered service in 1903 for the White Star Line. She was sunk on 19 August 1915, during the First World War, by German submarine SM U-24, 50 mi (80 km) south of Kinsale, causing a diplomatic incident.

Max to supper – Thursday
Heard about “Day Dawn” yacht from Alys.

Sunday 22nd August 1915

Breakfast with Paul at 9.30. Sat in garden all a.m. reading papers. American and others. Rested all p.m. “Maddy” to tea. To bed 10.30. Read papers, etc.

Monday 23rd August 1915

Holiday week! As Mrs Darell back in Health Department. Mended clothes and read paper in garden all a.m. Rested all p.m. Tea in garden. Letters from Tante and Uncle Doc. Very difficult. To bed 9.30. Wrote Osgood about insurance against zeppelin.

Tuesday 24th August 1915

Hot and stormy feeling.
Wire from Alys in p.m. asking me to Lee. Breakfast at 9. Out with Polly; she to Mrs Coles and stayed to lunch. I in Battersea Gardens. Rested all p.m. After tea, I to call on Miss Ellen Terry (she away), Read paper and sewed petticoat. To bed 9.50.

Wednesday 25th August 1915

Fine and hot.
Breakfast 9. Wrote to Dorothy. Then I to Miss Blanford’s, 4 The Grove, Highgate; tube to Holloway Road and tram. Lunch with Mr and Mrs Blanford. In lovely old garden with anchorite cells! To town. Lemonade at Buszard’s. To Dulau’s and Marshall’s and Hatchard’s. Home. Polly to Mr Sargent’s to dinner. I read “Dynasts” and mended and washed gloves.

Thursday 26th August 1915

Very hot.
Breakfast in garden. Sat out and read paper and knitted with Poz. I to lunch at Miss Horner’s at 1.15. Hot. Read Tante’s letters to them. Walked back. Rested. Tea in garden also. Sat out. Watered it. Saw Crosfield Miles’ death in casualty list.

Friday 27th August 1915

Breakfast in garden. Late. Wrote Mrs E. V. and Mrs William Miles and Tante (copied letter). Polly sewed in garden and mowed lawn. Mr “Ginx” to dinner and evening. Poz with him to cinema in p.m. I walked to Miss Horner’s. Finished “Dynasts”.

Saturday 28th August 1915

Fine. Warm.
Breakfast in garden. Packed up. Sat in garden. Aunt Alice and Dorothy home at 12. After lunch I to Golders Green in taxi. About 6/- with luggage. Tea alone, unpacked. Alys, Dennis, Eva, Phil and Nurse all arrived in car at 7 from Lee. ‘Phoned Doz about going to “Day Dawn” with Dennis tomorrow.

Alys returns Saturday 28th.
Oliver B on Roxburgh cruiser. Philip in Malay Peninsular.

Sunday 29th August 1915

Pulled up nasturtiums. I packed holdall. At 2, Dennis and I in car to Webb’s. Harvey in and all 3 to Chelsea. Dorothy came, and we four to Bursledon (via Netley). Down to yacht “Day Dawn” on River Hamble. Supper. To bed in bunks.

Monday 30th August 1915

Up at 6.40. and all 3 bathed. Breakfast at 8. Dennis to Netley. Doz and I to shop. Dennis brought 4 boys to scrape boat. Doz and I to village and had tea at hotel. Nasty. Back and got tea ready for boys, then down to “Rover”. Back at 8. In bed 11.

Tuesday 31st August 1915

Up at 6.40. Bathed. Strongish tide. Moody came. Lovely bathe at 12 (after Dennis gone). He back after lunch with 3 boys (orderlys) and did boat. Doz and I rowed to Botley and back. 2½ hours going. Home at 7.30. Dennis to Netley again and back at 8. Harvey to supper.

Wednesday 1st September 1915

Heavy Showers.
Up at 7. Bathed. Tide not so strong. Dennis to Netley. Sewed dungarees! Lovely bathe. Good diving and laughing fits over hassock! In saloon some of p.m. and over to shops for eggs. Harvey in to tea. To bed at 11.40.

Thursday 2nd September 1915

Up at 7 but Dennis and I did not bathe, cold and strong tide. Breakfast, washed up. Then Dennis and I bathed. After Dennis had gone to Netley. He back to lunch 1.30. He drove us in car to Southampton. Train 4.50 to London. I to 47 Hampstead Way. Kitty and Alan Slater to dinner. To bed 10.

Friday 3rd September 1915

Fine. Coolish.
Alys and I to Broad’s with Kim at 10. Then on to town. To Selfridges and Debenhams. Bought coat and skirt. Navy serge 8 ½ g. Bought galoshes. Lunch at Flemings 10d. Home (via my bank). Unpacked. Tea, gardened, children in swing and about.

Saturday 4th September 1915

To shops with Alys. Did gardening and washed and ironed blouses and collars. To tea with Aunt Louie. To dinner with William Miles’. Talked about Crosfield.

Lady Beauchamp comes back 30th.

Sunday 5th September 1915

Fine. Cool.
Sat in garden and wrote to Aunt Alice, and to Uncle Doc and Tante. To call on Aunt Rosa, who ill. Alys and children to Golders Hill to meet Mays. Read in evening. Cold.

Monday 6th September 1915

Sent scarf to Uncle Doc. To Aldwych. Nobody there. Mrs Darell only in p.m. Terribly busy morning. Miss Saqui away. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch, at Cock 1/9 with tips. Home only at 7.35. Kitty to dinner. Phoebe and Ted in evening. To bed 10.20.

Tuesday 7th September 1915

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. Sent letters to Tante and Uncle Doc. Awfully busy all day. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch at Strand Palace – 1/9. Worked all p.m. and until 6.40. Home at 7.30. New coat and skirt came. Wrote Ella about Eva. Heard zeppelin bombs and guns at 11.50 to 12. They woke me up.

Wednesday 8th September 1915

Very fine and warm.
To Aldwych. Not so busy. But fully occupied all day. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch and Miss Boyd and Mrs Robbins at Slater’s. 9-10d. Wrote Aunt Alice. Home at 6.40. Doris Brewtnall to stay. Paul and Laurie in evening. To bed at 10.15. Big zeppelin raid. Loud firing, bombs and looked out and saw one zeppelin. Lovely searchlights. Only lasted 20 minutes, then silence. To sleep.

Thursday 9th September 1915

Fine. Hot.
To Aldwych. Great excitement over zeppelins. Alys and Doris Brewtnall came and had lunch with me at Slaters (2/9 for 3). Doris to South African interview. Alys and I to see Cheapside, Wood Street damage. Not allowed past. I home at 7. Mrs Darell away at 4. Paul and Lawrie in. Songs. I to bed at 11. Others at 12. Good night.

Friday 10th September 1915

Fine. Cooler.
To Aldywch. I unwell. Fortunately, not very busy. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch and Mrs Robbins and Cock. 1/3 with tip. Good curry. ‘Phoned Alys. Home at 6.15! Aunt Alice and Polly there. Talk of going away. Wrote letters in evening. Maude Balfour in. Aunt Alice and Polly to King’s Langley. Aunt Louie away to Nelly.

Saturday 11th September 1915

To Aldwych. Fine. Talk with Rose and Doris about Alys and they going out of London. They decided to stay. Lunch with G. Knoblauch at big A.B.C. I home at 2.30. Alys and Eva to Dennis at “Day Dawn: yacht. I rested and with Phil. Nelly Barnard called. Read U.S. papers in evening. To bed 10 p.m.

5 zeppelin raids in 7 days.
Niemeyer. Canadian Recruiting man.

Sunday 12th September 1915

Fine and hot. Lovely day.
In garden. Tidied writing-desk. Out at 11 to Russell Gardens. Golders Green to see effect of bombs. To 27 Manchester Street, Lunch with Miss Knoblauch there. We cooked it. Home. In garden with Philip. Wrote Tante.

Monday 13th September 1915

Fine. Very hot.
To Aldwych (my 36th birthday). Alys up to see me from Bursledon. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch and Byrne. A.B.C. 9d. Then home, because Alys going away. Alys, nurse and Philip to Bursledon. Eva there with Dennis. I bought rock-plants and did gardening. Mrs Krohn (Russian) called. Read in evening. To bed 10.

Tuesday 14th September 1915

Cooler. Some rain.
To Aldwych. Not very busy. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch, Miss Byrne and Mrs Robbins at Cheshire Cheese. 1/5 with tip. Home at 7. Dull evening with some rain. Wrote lots of letters all evening and read. To bed 10.

Wednesday 15th September 1915

Very hot and fine.
To Aldwych. Not a bad morning. But felt headachey. Lunch at Fuller’s with Mrs Robbins, Miss Boyd and G. Knoblauch. 11d with tip. Good ice. Home at 6.30, so round by Mrs Web’s. Pierce Goulds there. Mrs Webb bathing John. Read, and wrote Alys in evening. Very tired. To bed at 9.30.

Thursday 16th September 1915

Stuffy and hot, dull.
To Aldwych. Very hot day. Tired. Busy morning. Lunch Fuller’s with Miss Boyd, G Knoblauch and Mora Byrne. 1/2 with tip. Very busy. Hot, stuffy afternoon. Walked round by Queen Square to see zeppelin damage. Home at 7.30. Read and wrote Tante. Met Grosvenor in evening.

Friday 17th September 1915

Hot, lovely day.
To Aldwych. Busy still. Dorothy came and we had lunch at Temple Tea Rooms. Then round to see zeppelin damage. Back to Aldwych. Home by omnibus at 7.40. Hot. To bed 9.30.

Saturday 18th September 1915

Hot. Lovely.
To Aldwych. Busy morning. Lunch at Fullers’with Mrs Robbins, Miss Boyd, Byrne and Knoblauch. Home. To Baths and had a few dives. To tea with Friede Slater. Home. Gardened till dark and after! To bed 10.

Miss Saqui back 23rd
Plants 1/- Juniper 4d, Veronica 4d.

Indomitable, implacable. Bleeding hand.

Sunday 19th September 1915

Fine. Lovely day.
Mowed lawn and gardened. Sat in long chair on verandah in sun and read “When Ghost meets Ghost” (me: by William Frend De Morgan).  To tea at Ayrton’s. Miss and Mr Knoblauch there. Wade to supper with me.

Monday 20th September 1915

Fine. Warm.
To Aldwych. Mrs Darell not there , so very busy indeed. Terrible day! Lunch with G. Knoblauch at big A.B.C. 1/3. Tea very late, so busy, such problems. Nice quiet evening, reading. To bed 9.45.

Tuesday 21st September 1915

To Aldwych. Not such a bad day. Lunch with G. Knoblauch at Corner House, Strand. 1/2. Busy day. Wrote Ella and read.

Wednesday 22nd September 1915

To Aldwych. Mrs Darell said she was going and Mrs Samuel asked me to stay on extra week. Lunch with Miss Mulligan at Court Tea Rooms 1/2. Miss Saqui came in afternoon! But not to work. I home at 6.30. Read, and wrote again to Ella, and to Alys and Grosvenor. To bed 10.

Thursday 23rd September 1915

Dull. Very muggy.
To Aldwych. Nice morning. Did grants, etc. Lunch at Fuller’s with Miss Boyd and Byrne (G. Knoblauch with Bagge). 1/2 with tip. Not very hard day. Layette cards. Home at 6.50. Read, wrote Uncle Vernor and postcard to Alys.

Friday 24th September 1915

Muggy. Rain later.
Holiday, as Miss Saqui there. I ironed two blouses, and collrs. Watched artillery practise. Retrimmed winter hat. After lunch to town. Bought blue blouse and collar. Home to tea. Odd sewings and tidyings up. Disappointed letter from Tante. Very worrying.

Saturday 25th September 1915

Holiday. Over (via Hampstead and library) to Aunt Alice’s. Sat in garden. Talked about Tante’s letter. Lunch with them. To Uncle Vernor’s – 42 Lucerne Road to tea. Home at 7. Read “Lilamani” (me: Maud Diver – a detailed consideration of the issue of mixed marriage in Anglo-Indian (Raj) fiction.) To bed 10.30.

Advance in France and prisoners taken 25th/26th.
Miss Saqui back 23rd and to work on Friday.

Horner – 2 Gaumer Road, Cambs.

Sunday 26th September 1915

Fine. Lovely.
Ironed blouse. Mrs Webb and John came. Jane ill. Walked back with them. To call on William Miles’ and on to Miss Miles. Supper at Aunt Rosa’s.

Monday 27th September 1915

To Aldwych. Mrs Montague there, so not needed. In National Gallery. Wrote Ella. Lunch at Selfridge’s 2/2. Bought velvet. To Cinema, Marble Arch 1/0. Nice! Tea in Golders Green dairy. Home. Did millinery and unpicking.

Tuesday 28th September 1915

Dull, rain later.
Philip 2 years old. Home all a.m. Made black ribbon hat, and also black velvet toque. Cut lawn and gardened. To town, with 2 coats and skirts for Belgians. Tea alone at Fullers 6d. To 26 Compayne Gardens to dine 7.30. Mr Ross there. Pouring rain and gale.

Wednesday 29th September 1915

Fine. Very cold.
Unpicked dresses. Rolled lawn and dug. Aunt Louie and Nellie in. Read and lay on verandah. To post office. Gardened. Alys, Nurse and children arrived at 6.15. Talked and unpacked.

Thursday 30th September 1915

Very cold. Fine.
To Aldwych. Then to meet Alys at Selfridges. Shopped with her for Eva, at lots of shops. Lunch together at Harrod’s. Then I to Aldwych again, and worked. Very easy p.m. Home at 7. Nice evening over fire with Alys.

Friday 1st October 1915

Very cold. Lovely day.
To Aldwych. Very fine. Not too busy. Saw Anna Alma Tadema and Mrs Samuel and talked about future work. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch at Corner House 1/2. Home at 7. Eva been naughty. Read in evening. Wrote Kit. nice letter from Uncle Doc.

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence, 1836-1912; Miss Anna Alma-Tadema
Anna Alma-Tadema (1867–1943) was a British artist and suffragette. She was influenced by her father, Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema,

Saturday 2nd October 1915

Rain. Raw.
To Aldwych. Bull-pup there! Easy morning. My last! Alys came and we 2 had lunch at the Cheshire Cheese. 2/6 both 3/0 with tip. Home. Children after tea. Letter from Mrs Miles telling me of Percy Palmer being killed in France, and Cyril wounded. Shot through lung on Monday 27th.

Philip’s birthday (2) – 28th.

Sunday 3rd October 1915

Got trunk down, and arranged things. Nurse out, and Alys and I with children to Mabel May’s. She out. Back. Eva naughty in evening, calling out.

Monday 4th October 1915

Alys, Eva and I to shop at Barnes, to get shoes, handkerchiefs. Home. Packed up in p.m. and Alys and I to tea at Aunt Louie’s. Louie Vincent there. Home. Read.


Tuesday 5th October 1915

Alys, Eva and I to King’s Cross in taxi. Eva and I by 10 a.m. train to Newcastle. Lunch on train at 12. Eva very good. Arrived Newcastle at 3.28. Sissie at station. Cab to 2 Bentinck Villas. Aunt Eliza well. Ella sciatica and cold. Kitten and dancing in evening for Eva.

Wednesday 6th October 1915

Dull, Drizzly.
Sat in breakfast-room. Eva played with Ella’s doll. Then I took her in push-cart. In, out with Aunt Eliza and to Sissie’s. Eva rested ½ hour. After lunch another ½ hour rest. Then Marjorie Thorburn came and took Eva out till 4. Mrs Fawcus to tea. Soup and music after and kitten: Bath 6.10.

Thursday 7th October 1915

Dull. Mild.
In breakfast room. Wrote Alys, Eva too. Nelly Sandeman in. Eva and I to South View and shops. Wrote Tante and posted it, and parcel for her birthday. Played “hunt the thimble”. Bathed Eva and to bed about 10.

Friday 8th October 1915

Eva “wrote” long letter to Alys. Then she and I out to Milthorpe’s. Miss Thorburn took Eva out. Rested in p.m.

Saturday 9th October 1915

Took Eva out, to White Farm and Davidson’s. I unwell. Eva and I to Aunt Ellen’s to tea at 5 p.m. Home at 6. Norah and Gilbert in.

To Newcastle – 4th?

Sunday 10th October 1915

Took Eva out to Grainger Park Road. Met Sissie with Toby. Wrote Alys. Ellen took Eva out. I washed blanket and night dress. Nelly and Mr Sandeman in evening.

Monday 11th October 1915

Fine. Dullish.
Ella in bed to breakfast. Eva and I out together and then took Aunt Eliza in chair up and down. Miss Thorburn took Eva out. I to town, to shop, and to Nichol’s studio. Home to tea. Eva to tea at Sissie’s. Polly Reid and Beatrice Young in.

Tuesday 12th October 1915

Fineish. Rain in p.m. Warm.
Sewed in breakfast room. Then Aunt Eliza in chair. Eva and I pushed her to South View and back. Eva out with Miss Thorburn. Violet and Hilda to tea, later Helen in. Eva rather edgy but very good about going to bed. Sissie and Margery Fawcus in.

Wednesday 13th October 1915

Fine. Very warm.
Eva and I to the Stephenson’s. Then with Aunt Eliza in chair. Eva rested. I took Aunt to Milthorpe’s. Read “Brothers Karamazov” (me: The final novel by Russian author Fyodor Dostoevsky) in p.m. Then out to tea at Sissie’s. Eva at home with Ella and Aunt Eliza. Raid on London in night.

Thursday 14th October 1915

Very warm.
Out early with Eva to wire to Alys. Then took Aunt Eliza in chair to Recreation Ground. Eva with Ella and rested. Miss Thorburn for Eva in P.m. Edith and Roly to tea. Fun for Eva.

Friday 15th October 1915

Lovely morning.
Worked; then with Aunt Eliza in chair; and sat in Sissie’s garden. After lunch, Eva and I to Nichol’s in 2 cars. Home to tea. Mrs Fawcus in. Wrote to Cousin Nelly Reid, 4 Bath Road. Gilbert in, from 8.15 to 10. Talked of Canada.

Saturday 16th October 1915

Darned stockings. Aunt Eliza up late. With Eva to shops. In p.m. took Eva to Edith and Christy’s to tea. Roly 8, Gilbert 5, Rufus 3.

From Newcastle 19th?
Susie’s birthday 16th

Sunday 17th October 1915

Fine p.m.
Eva had a cold. Indoors all a.m. in drawing-room. Annie took her out in p.m. Mr John Sandemanian, and Sissie and Stanley Barnard.

Monday 18th October 1915

Ella and I to town together, met Philip Reid. Coffee with him. Eva with Sissie. Then I to South View. Talked to Cousin Ellen. Gilbert had got his Commission. 28th Northumberland Fusiliers. Sissie to tea. Games. Packed up.



Tuesday 19th October 1915

Finished packing. Sissie in taxi with Eva and me to station. Off by 10.28 train. Lunch on train. Arrived Kings Cross 4.25. Alys and Aunt Ada met us. Taxi home. Talked. To bed 10.20.

Wednesday 20th October 1915

Fine. Colder.
In garden and unpacked. Tades packed up. To shops. After lunch taxi with Tades and Alys to Paddington. Left trunk there, and on to Aldwych to see zeppelin damage.


Bought Ella’s tea-table clothes 5/6 each at Robinson and Cleaver’s. Tea at Fuller’s. To Paddington. Saw Tades off 4.45. Home. Wrote Ella.


Thursday 21st October 1915

Fine. Some rain.
With Alys to shops at Golders Green. To Aldwych in p.m. 2.30 to 6. Interviewed. Tea. Home at 7. Sat over fire with Alys. Began socks – grey. Alys began khaki ones.

Friday 22nd October 1915

With Alys and children to shops and Bank. I home and sewed nightdress. To Aldwych. 2.30 to 5.35. Alys to Bursledon to Dennis. Nurse out. I evening alone, read and wrote Benjamin Toms.

Saturday 23rd October 1915

Muddled about. Took Eva to lunch at 26 Compayne Gardens. Talked to Josephine. Home. Children after tea. Looked at pictures “puff puff boot”! Read and sewed. To bed 10.30.

Miss Smythe 18th
Back from Newcastle 19th
Tante’s birthday 20th

Ella’s birthday 21st

Sunday 24th October 1915

Rainy. Rough night.
Busy unpicking dresses in morning. Nurse out in p.m. I with children. Eva naughty at tea, so I put her to bed. Rose helped with Philip. Read in evening.

Monday 25th October 1915

Finer. Dull. Cold.
To shops. Bought rolls and butter 11½d. To Aldwych in p.m. Miss Saqui away with cold, and Mrs Montagu there. Very busy. Stayed till 6.30 alone. Back with Miss Knoblauch, who to Carpenter’s lecture. Alys home from Bursledon.

Tuesday 26th October 1915

Cold wind. Dull.
Out with Alys to Barnes. Bought velveteen. To Aldwych in p.m. Government Officials visited us! With Mr Maudslay. Home at 7. Read and knitted.

Wednesday 27th October 1915

Dull. Cold.
In nursery. At 11 Alys and I to town. Chose coat for Alys. 42/- Selfridges – brown velour. Lunch there. Saw Cleminsons. Home to tea. Children down. Knitted. Began velveteen blouse in evening.

Thursday 28th October 1915

Rain in morning. Dull later but not clear.
Taught Eva to knit. She knitted a long time. Alys and Eva to shops. Wire from Netley for Alys to go to “Day Dawn”. Saw her to Waterloo. To Aldwych. Home at 6.45. Sewed velveteen blouse. To bed 10.20. Doris Brewtnall phoned.

Friday 29th October 1915

Fog then lovely. Foggy in town p.m.
With children in dining-room, till 11. Nurse cleaning nurseries. Then I took them out, along Hampstead Way. Eva with doll’s pram. Philip in pram. To Aldwych. Very dark and foggy in evening.

Saturday 30th October 1915

Very foggy a.m. Clear in p.m.
Indoors with chidren. Then Phil slept and I took Eva to shops – Golders Green. Penny Bazaar, etc. Nurse out with children in p.m. I sewed and read “Brothers Karamazov”. Sewed tartan collar case in evening and read Dostoevsky.

Paid Alys to 26th

Sunday 31st October 1915

Rain and dull.
Indoors. Eva naughty. I down in dining-room. Read paper. Nurse out with children. Read all p.m. Children after tea. Read Eva “Stumps”.

Monday 1st November 1915

Very wet.
Children very good. I sewed downstairs. Phil rested in bedroom. No one out all a.m. I to Aldwych in p.m. Alys home from Bursledon. Nice evening together. To bed 10.

Tuesday 2nd November 1915

Fine day. Cold wind.
Eva to school (Miss Dales’) – 1st day. Alys took her, and to Hospital’s Supply Depot. I to Golders Green shops. To Aldwych in p.m. Not busy. Home at 7. Nurse out. Got Maxim-inhaler 7/6.

maxim inhaler 2
A pocket menthol inhaler and a larger “Pipe of Peace”, a steam inhaler using pine vapour, that could relieve asthma, tinnitus, hay fever and catarrh

Wednesday 3rd November 1915

Fine. Dullish.
Over to Miss Horner’s to lunch at 1.15. On to Barnard’s. Alys met me there. Tea. Home. Felt very coldy.

Thursday 4th November 1915

Stayed in bed all day, with heavy cold. Read “Karamazov”. Knitted. Alys took Eva to school, and went to her Hospital Supply’s work.

Friday 5th November 1915

Cold. Fine.
In bed till 3 p.m. Alys with Eva out to school. Dennis up, for anniversary of engagement in 1906! Alys met him. He and Alys in to tea. Nice evening, with children, and then talk, knitting, reading.

Saturday 6th November 1915

In bed to breakfast. In garden with Dennis and Alys. Dennis away at 11. Alys with him to station.

Horner’s lunch 1.15 – 3rd
On to Barnard’s to tea.

Sunday 7th November 1915

Dull. Mild.
I unwell. Alys and Eva to Mrs Hutchison’s to dinner, Helen’s 21st birthday. I took Philip out to Golders Hill Park. Nurse out. Eva and Alys back 5.30 to tea. Eva screamed in bed.

Monday 8th November 1915

In nursery with Phil. Alys with Eva, and to work. I to Aldwych in p.m. Felt still very coldy. Home at 6. Read and knitted in evening.

Tuesday 9th November 1915

With Phil in dining-room. Alys with Eva and then to christening of Jane Webb. I to Aldwych in p.m. Lord Mayor’s Show in rain. Watched procession. Very wet.

To work till 5.30. Alys and Sybil home at 5.30. Sybil to stay. She sang in evening. Finished grey socks. 2 weeks 5 days. Began 2nd pair.

Wednesday 10th November 1915

Very fine.
Sybil to dentist. I to shops with her. Bought wool. Home. Sewed. Gardened. Alys to her supply place, and Eva to school. Alys and Sybil to Hampstead to Library. I gardened in front garden all p.m, till 4.20. Moved foxgloves. Put in bulbs. Children in after tea.

Thursday 11th November 1915

Dull, then heavy rain.
I gardened all morning, put in bulbs, etc. Triteleya. Sybil to dentist. Alys and Eva out. To Aldwych. Easy p.m. Home 6.30. Alys to working party. She and Sybil to Barby’s. Knitted and songs in evening.

Triteleia Koningin Fabiola – spring flowering

Friday 12th November 1915

Rain a.m. Dull p.m.
Sewed; darned stockings etc, all a.m. with Sybil. Nursery and dining-room. Alys and Eva out. To Aldwych in p.m. Hard time. Lots of difficult cases. Mad girl in white and girl for French Hospital. Knitted, and songs.

Saturday 13th November 1915

Up later. I to town. Bought stockings and looked at overcoats, but did not buy. Lunch at Slater’s. To Kodak place. Home. Helen to lunch and tea. Elsa and Max* to tea. Charlie Embleton also, to tea and stay night. From Colchester camp – a Lance Corporal! 14th Royal Sussex Regiment. Susie rang up about David.

* Max a sub-flight lieutenant, R.N.

Sunday 14th November 1915

Very fine. Very cold.
Up late. Charlie and Sybil in all a.m. Deedie called. I mended Sybil’s dress. Alys did her own black silk. Otto and Mabel and John to tea. Songs later. Charlie away at 8.15. Sybil to Golders Green Station with him.

Monday 15th November 1915

Very fine. Frosty.
Alys with Eva. Then Sybil off. Alys to Waterloo with her. Miss Smythe came. Aunt Louie called. To Aldwych in p.m. I took rolls. Fairy busy. Home at 6.45. Wrote to Ella.

Tuesday 16th November 1915

Fine. Snow.
Alys out with Eva, she ‘phoned me and I joined her at Finchley Road. We shopped at Liberty’s. Alys home. I to Aldwych. Pretty busy. Ays took Phil to Friede’s. Home. Read and knitted.

Wednesday 17th November 1915

Very fine. Frost.
Wrote Brusselmans. Planted bulbs in grass. Walked with Alys and Phil to Hampstead and back. Kitty ‘phoned, and came to lunch. Dennis ‘phoned and came on 48 hours leave. Artery in thumb cut. I gardened all p.m. alone. Bulb planting. Children after tea. Read in evening and knitted.

Thursday 18th November 1915

Fine morning. Frost. Thaw later.
I took Eva to school. Sat and knitted with Dennis Embleton and up with Miss Smythe. Alys to shops, and fetched Eva. I to Aldywch. Alys and Dennis called for me at 6. Introduced him to everyone! Dined at Criterion. To “The Ware Case” Gerald du Maurier and Marie Löhr.

the ware case

Friday 19th November 1915

Fine morning.
Took Eva to school. Later I to town. Ordered frame at Selfridges. To Mrs Bonner’s. Lunch at Stores – Army & Navy. 1/9. To Aldwych. Home at 6.45. Alys called for me. Dennis away to Netley again.

Saturday 20th November 1915

Up with Miss Smythe a good deal. Out with Alys. Did gardening with Eva; bulbs. Ironed blouses. Read aloud “The Small House at Allington”[1] in evening.

Sunday 21st November 1915

Indoors muddling about. In p.m. Eva, Philip, Alys and I to tea at Mrs Styer’s. “Afternoon Tea”. Home at 6. Nurse out. Read aloud in evening and knitted.

Monday 22nd November 1915

Dull. Cold.
Alys took Eva to school; and to her Supply Depot. I to Barnes. Back. Sewed in top room. Nurse to fetch Eva, and both to Zoo. I to Aldwych. (Wade came, saw Alys). Home at 6.48. Songs, and read aloud in evening.

Tuesday 23rd November 1915

Dull, rather foggy.
Out early and to Selfridges with Alys. To choose underclothes. Then I on to see Kathleen Browne. Sister Mary Kathleen, at Poplar. Back to Wallis and lunch there, and bought skirt. On to Aldywch. Home. Philip sick in evening.

Wednesday 24th November 1915

Fine day. Cold.
I to King’s Langley to see Kit. Edward and Peter met me at 11.41 a.m. on sidecar. Lunch, and met Katharine for school. George ill – teething. Talked to Kit in p.m. Tea. Ed walked back with me at 5. Home. Dennis there. Told us of Mudros [2] etc. Possible inspection trip for him. Dennis stayed night.

Mudros Harbour – Horses, men and equipment being loaded onto transports and boats from the shore prior to the allied landing at Gallipoli.

Thursday 25th November 1915

With Dennis and Phil. Alys took Eva and fetched her. I to lunch with Mrs Bonner, and on to Aldwych. Alys with Dennis to Burseldon to stay. I home. Dined in drawing-room. Marked handkerchiefs.

Friday 26th November 1915

Dull. Cold.
Did black serge skirt all morning. Altering cheap one. Lunch with Eva. To Aldwych. Not busy. Hanza’s last day. Lala Krohn (Russian) to tea with Eva. Read in evening. Card from Miss Horner.

Saturday 27th November 1915

Fine. White frost.
To town. Changed Alys’ combinations. Bought blanket 21/-. To meet Mrs Hilson at Buszard’s. She treated me to lunch. Home. Mademoiselle Cornet to tea and talk of bodices. Sewed and cut out cache-corset in evening. Read “A Girl of the Limber Lost”[3].

cache corset

Alys Faraday Embleton to 23rd £5 from 28th October.
Alys owes me £1.6.0
Mrs Hilson 1 o’clock Saturday Buszard’s.
Eva to tea at Krohn’s – Sunday.

Sunday 28th November 1915

Very cold indeed.
On top room. Ironed blouse, etc and altered velveteen blouse, washed brushes. Eva to tea at Krohn’s. I with Philip who not very well. Alys home at 7 with Shenton’s. Talked.

Monday 29th November 1915

Damp. Some warmer rain.
Took Eva to school. Then out to Chelsea. Lunch with Barnard’s. On to Aldwych. Mrs Barsdorf a cold. Not very busy. Home at 6.45. Began socks for Dennis. Read aloud Trollope’s “Small House at Allington”.

Tuesday 30th November 1915

Alys with Eva to school and to Supply place. I knitted, sewed and gardened. Then to Aldwych. Miss Schuster there.

Wednesday 1st December 1915

Alys took Eva to school. And to Supply place. I sewed, and with Philip. Nurse headache. Met Eva and to Golders Green station. Nurse met there. I to Shoolbred’s. Met Alys. Lunch there. Chose presents for Buchanan’s. To see “The Birth of a Nation”[1] Kinemacolour. Very interesting and good. Klu Klux Klan. Nurse feverish. Phil slept in our room.

Thurday 2nd December 1915

Fine, then foggy.
Nurse in bed. Sore throat and I took Eva to school. Out with Alys and Phil to Landlord’s. To Aldwych in p.m. Miss Schuster there – very nice. Home at 6.40. Nurse still in bed; influenza. Eva to Moir’s to tea. Read papers. Cleaned Eva’s shoes!

Friday 3rd December 1915

Pouring rain, warm.
I took Eva to school. Nurse still in bed. In nursery, with Alys and Phil. He “tired”. Alys fetched Eva from school. I to Aldwych. Mrs Bardsorf away with cold Thursday and Friday.

Saturday 4th December 1915

Phil woke at 4.15 a.m! No more sleep. Alys out with them. Then Alys and Eva rested. I rested in p.m. and Alys out with children. Nurse’s throat bad. 100.6 Dr Ensor in evening (might be scarlet fever!)

Sunday 5th December 1915

Fine, then rain later at 3.45.
Nurse better. Dr Ensor came. Phil woke at 6 a.m. Saw Aunt Rosa. I took Eva to Church! Home. Read to her. She naughty at lunch and up in top room. Eva and I in garden in p.m. Pulling up nasturtiums, etc. Eva good all evening. Finished “Girl of the Limberlost” in evening.

Monday 6th December 1915

Fine. Very windy. Not cold. Rain later.
Miss Saqui away. Took  Eva to school. On to Selfridge’s and Hamley’s. Then to Aldwych at 10.30. Lunch with Miss Knoblauch. Home. Alys out with children. Nurse better. In drawing-room. Knitted. Read aloud to Eva. Read, etc.


Tuesday 7th December 1915

Nice day. Rain in p.m.
Phil woke 5.30! I took Eva to school. She not feeling well. Washed blouse. Alys out with Phil, and to fetch Eva later. I clipped ivy. To Aldwych in p.m. Very busy, worrying p.m. Home. Eva in bed. Temp 101.

Wednesday 8th December 1915

Nurse up and out with Philip. Alys to shops. I in garden putting in ivy plants. Alys read “Carrots” to Eva in p.m. I ready to her later. Dr Ensor in evening. Eva in bed all day. Read aloud in evening. I unwell in p.m. Alys to shops in evening.

Thursday 9th December 1915

Very cold, rain in p.m.
Alys out with Philip in a.m. I read to Eva. Wrote Dr Hont. To Aldwych in p.m. Not very busy. Home at 7. Eva 102.4. Slept in little room. Eva, with Alys.

Friday 10th December 1915

Sent letter to U.S.A. Eva still over 102. Dr Ensor came. I to shops for Brand’s Essence. Read to Eva later, and Alys to shops. To Aldwych in p.m. Excitement over changes in War Refugees Committee.

1915 Advert in Daily Mirror

Saturday 11th December 1915

I to shops; paid books, and bought fowl. Home. Alys and I both very wretched in p.m. and evening – achey, etc and over 99 degrees. Thought “in for influenza”. Only took soup for supper! To bed 9 p.m.

Monday morning – To Aldwych instead of p.m.
Write U.S.A. Christmas letter 11th.
4 Dorset Square – Saqui

Sunday 12th December 1915

Very cold. Snow in a.m.
Felt better. Alys too. Alys and I in all day. Phil out in a.m. cough. Eva normal all day. Read to her. Alys asleep on sofa in p.m. Eva in bed all day. Read in evening. To bed 9.45.

Monday 13th December 1915

Very cold. Frosty. Fine. Lovely.
In nursery and Eva’s room. Better. Eva not up. Phil not out. Couch. I to Aldwych in p.m. Mrs Montagu there too. Both very busy all p.m. I standing. Very tired. Dennis came up past midnight. ‘Phone message from Nelly at 9.15.

Tuesday 14th December 1915

Cold. Rain later.
Breakfast with Dennis. Eva still in bed. Dr Ensor came. Alys with Dennis to Golders Green station. He off. I to Aldwych in p.m. Not busy. Tea in Miss Boyd’s new room. Nice. Home. Phil a very bad night. I slept in spare-room.

Wednesday 15th December 1915

Rain a.m. Warmer.
Indoors all day, with Eva. Alys took Phil out, in p.m. Eva very good all p.m. doing “hymn book”. I put Dennis’ photos in case, for Alys – Xmas present. Nurse out all p.m. till 10. Phoebe in at 6. Quiet evening. Did box for Wade.

Thursday 16th December 1915

Nice a.m. Showers later.
Eva better and up at 10.30. Out also with Alys. Phil out with nurse. Kitty suddenly to lunch. I to Aldwych in p.m. Mrs Bersdorf away with her sister for p.m. Alys ear-ache. Phil also, apparently. He hardly slept till 2 a.m.

Friday 17th December 1915

Damp and foggy.
Nurse rested and Alys and I took children out. To Aldwych in p.m. Mrs Samuel in Health Department! Alys to call on Miss Dale about Eva. Home at 6.50.

Saturday 18th December 1915

Cold. Dull.
I kept Alys in bed till 6.30. Her cold so heavy. Children very good and busy with Xmas secrets with Nurse. I to see Miss Saqui in p.m. at 4 Dorset Square, Nursing Home. Tea in Alys’ room. Read aloud in evening. Drawing-room.

Sunday 19th December 1915

Very fine. Cold.
Alys in bed till after dinner. Better. Children out. After dinner Alys up and both of us out with children to Hampstead and Park. Alys put them to bed. Nurse out. Read aloud in evening.

Monday 20th December 1915

Cold. Dull.
At 11 o’clock Alys and I to town, Shoolbred’s etc. Then I to meet Susie Z at Kardomah. Lunch there with her. Then met Alys at Gamages; and finally to Aldwych. Mrs Dickson called there.

Tuesday 21st December 1915

Dull. Warm.
Alys and I both in town all day, shopping. I bought 2 dresses at Bourne and Hollingsworth! Lunch at Rendezvous. Shopped again. Very tired. Home at 4.30. Children very good. Alys neuralgia.

Wednesday 22nd December 1915

To shops with Alys for Xmas tree, toys, etc. Then I to Aunt Rosa’s and out with her, and then to Madame Janssens, 10 Asmuns Way. Alys and children to Scherf’s, haircutting in p.m. I altered “wine” frock. Finished “Small House in Allington” in evening.

Thursday 23rd December 1915

Fine day.
Woke with poisoned finger, but Alys no neuralgia! I to Aldwych at once, for morning. Mrs Samuel there till 12.

Friday 24th December 1915

Pouring rain. Warmer.
Alys and I in town with turkey to have sinews pulled! I called at Elsa’s with chocolates. Alys out to lunch. I home. Dennis came to lunch. Decorated rooms, and Christmas tree.

Saturday 25th December 1915

Rain, fine intervals.
Dennis up with bricks in playroom and Eva. Aunt Alice and Dorothy to dinner 1.30. Xmas tree after, and presents for children (only). Then left before tea.

Paid Alys Faraday Embleton to December 24th £4.
(£1 off for Miss Smythe)
Holiday on Friday 24th from 12 – till Tuesday a.m.)

Sunday 26th December 1915

Dennis did bricks. I with Alys to Deedie’s. After lunch, I to Aunt Alice’s to tea. Played “Wibley Wob” with Ormond’s and Dorothy. Stayed the night there. Polly away. Alys had Batty Shaw’s to dinner.

wibbly wob

Monday 27th December 1915

Fine. Windy.
With Aunt Alice to 63 Cathcart Road! I home before lunch, to Alys. Rested after lunch. Dolly and Jack and John Willis to tea. Dolly, Alys and I to the Alhambra in evening. Stalls. Amusing.


Tuesday 28th December 1915

Windy. Fine.
Dennis to War Office and Millbank Hospital. I to Hampstead Library, and Elsa’s. Alys to town. Rested in p.m. Eva and Philip to party at Archers. Dennis back to tea. Put away bricks. Dennis away at 6. Alys to Waterloo. Wrote letters in evening.

Queen Alexandra’s Military Hospital Millbank London

Wednesday 29th December 1915

In nursery, knitting. Did washing. Alys and I to Selfridges. Lunch there; To cinema. Very good, all p.m. Tea at Selfridges also. Chocolate fudge sundae. Home. Read to Eva. Mileham called. Railway Tranport Officer at Hazebrouck. Lieutenant. Has been French’s[2] bodyguard for months.

Thursday 30th December 1915

In nursery. Then Alys and I with Eva to buy shoes, and Eva’s hair cut. Lunch at Selfridge’s and to see “The Starlight Express”[3]. Very poor, but Eva enjoyed it. Tea and home. Read aloud. I wrote Kit, Alys to Josephine.

Friday 31st December 1915

Rain, then clear.
Alys to shops. I with children and Eva wrote to Mrs E.V. Miles. Nurse out p.m. and evening. Alys and I with children to Hampstead and back. Dennis home at 7. He and Alys to Golders Green Hippodrome.

golders green hippodrome

Mrs Dickson, 109 Finchley Road (‘phone 4780) goes to Germany and Belgium, Holland escorting girls, and taking messages.

Belgian girl to Mrs Haines, 2 Hanover House, Regents Park.

Eva’s family photo – 16.05.1d

Saw Uncle Harold June 13th last time. He ill July 3rd. Died February 23rd 1916.

Friday evening:
White soup. Cutlets, potato balls; shape and tinned pears.

Saturday 1.30:
Grilled steak. Red rice, potatoes. Gingerbread pudding, sauce.
Saturday 7.30:
White soup, baked fish with herbs. Treacle tart and jam tart.

Sunday 1.30:
Hot round of beef, greens and potatoes, apple pie and cream.
Sunday 8.00:
Boiled eggs, Marmite. Chocolate shape.

Monday 1.15:
Cold beef, greens and red rice mixed potatoes. Apple pie and tarts, warmed up.
Monday 7.30:
Fish pie and meat; bachelor’s pie. Milk-pudding (semolina) and chocolate

Tuesday 1.15:
Potatoes and baked meat pie with brussel sprouts and potatoes and chop. Hot treacle pudding. Very light.
Tuesday 7.30:
Cold pork pie. Veg.

Wednesday 1.15:
Baked cod with tomato and herbs. Warmed up treacle pud and baked apples.
Wednesday 7.30:
Tomato soup. Fried sweet-breads on toast. Shape and jam.

Thursday 1.30:
Roast neck mutton, greens and potatoes. Stewed rhubarb and Devonshire cream.
Thursday 7.30:
Sardines, cold pork pie. Jam tart and Eccles cakes.

Friday 1.30:
Cold neck mutton, haricot bean and tomato salad. Currants and suet.
Friday 7.30:
Hot sausages, Cake pudding.

Success in Garden 1915
Godetia (corner bed), Mignonette (centre bed), coreopsis (everywhere), red linum and blue linum (everywhere), but not much in front garden. Campanulas, canariensis. Stocks – ten week stocks (border of centre bed), sweet alyssum (spread – annual), montbretia.

Fish balls in fish bouillon – or Fiskeboller – Concord Canning Brand. Stavanger, Norway.
Small size, think 7d, does twice.
Heat in the liquor and thicken with milk. Keep good a few days, when open, Make a separate sauce for 2nd time.

“Places courage above all virtues, and says Patience is sometimes the highest form of courage.”


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