1910 – London, Swanage, Brussels, Berneval-Le-Grand, Southwold, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Oceanic, Philadelphia

1910 Diary

In 1910, Edward is 34 years old, Kate is 31 years old and Alys is 26 years old.

Friday 31st December 1909

Picnic Dance – Auld Lang Syne at 12.

Saturday 1st January 1910

Wrote letters, etc. Out to shops with Tades. Read and talked over fire. Tades, Sylvia and I up to Alys and Dennis to tea. Bubbles in great form. Thurstons there.

Sunday 2nd January 1910

Up to Hampstead to Faradays. Tea-party of Louis, Eric, Margaret, Dolly, Rex, Charlie and G. Allingham here in p.m. Rather fun. Alys and Dennis in evening.

Monday 3rd January 1910

Up to Hampstead. Bought hat. Packed and off to Northwood to stay with Kit at 4.28.

Tuesday 4th January 1910

Quiet day. Called on Elsa.

Wednesday 5th January 1910

To town and shopped at Barker’s. Kit bought dress. Lunch at Cabin. To see H. B. Irving in The House Opposite. Eva Marie.

House oppositeThursday 6th January 1910

Warm weather. To Lyons Popular to lunch (my treat) and to the Follies afterwards. Not good, I thought, again.

Follies 1910
Scenes in The Follies of 1910

Friday 7th January 1910

Wrote letters to G. Head. Miss Barker, Miss Robson, E. Vernor Miles. To Baumers to tea. Hung pictures in evening.

Saturday 8th January 1910

Out and met Elsa and had desultory stroll with her. Virginia and children, pram, etc. Rested in p.m. back to Golders Green. Tades and Sylvia still there.

On Saturday a.m. out also with Kit and saw hounds and huntsman. Very nice.

Sunday 9th January 1910

Up to Alys in a.m. Tades and Sylvia to church. Over to Mrs G.E. Barnard to tea, and to 26 Compayne on way back. Tades and Sylvia to Heysham.

Monday 10th January 1910

To meet Alys and to town with her. Lunch at Selfridges. Bought silk blouse at Marshalls. Tea at Heath Mansions – Bubbles, etc. Tades to Highbury and Sylvia to Bedford Park.

Selfridges 1910
Selfridges, Oxford Street – Interior 1910

Tuesday 11th January 1910

Wrote letters, accounts, etc all a.m. Out to Finchley Road p.m. All 3 dined at Lyons Popular and to The Brass Bottle, Vaudeville. Very good and great fun.

brass bottle

Wednesday 12th January 1910

Painted Sylvia 1½ hours. Read paper and to tea with Bella Monkhouse and then called on Mrs E. Vernor Miles. Dined with Alys and Dennis. Clayton there.

Thursday 13th January 1910

Painted Sylvia all a.m. She off to Hindhead after lunch to stay. Mrs Miles to tea. Dined with Alys and Dennis. Rex in. Long political discussions.

Friday 14th January 1910

Met Alys 10.30. To Aldwych Skating rink. Skated. Fun. Met Uncle Harold and lunched with him. Nice. Shopped and tea at Selfridges.

Saturday 15th January 1910

To King’s Langley with Tades for day. Lunch with Buchanans. Tea with Patty. In Hampstead on way home and great excitement over election evening.

Polling Day – General Election 15th.

Sunday 16th January 1910

To see Aunt Rosa. Alys and Dennis to dine with me. Pheasant! Tades off to Finchley. Called on Ted and Grosvenor.

Monday 17th January 1910

With Tades to Barnes. Rain. Sylvia back to lunch. They both away by 4.45 to Broadway. I packed and to dinner with Alys and Dennis.

Tuesday 18th January 1910

Muddled about, packing, sewing, etc. Lunch at Alys’. Home to tea. Off to Clapham!! At 6.20. Very nice room with Miss Atwool. Fire, etc.

Wednesday 19th January 1910

To School. Time-tables all morning. Drew bread-pan, etc, in afternoon. Walked to Balham. Wrote to Alys.

Thursday 20th January 1910

Syllabus all day. House-meeting at 5.30. I was elected head of house. To Aunt Alice’s. Mr Steer called there; and saw me to omnibus.

Friday 21st January 1910

Did syllabus all a.m. Psychology and Handwork p.m. Home.

Saturday 22nd January 1910
To Barr’s King Street Covent Garden for bulbs. Did lesson notes on hyacinth bulb. Polly and Alys over. I to tea and dinner at Alys’.


Term begins 19th

Sunday 23rd January 1910

Did hyacinth. Cut out blouse. To Alys’ to tea. Home to supper and did blouse.

Monday 24th January 1910

To Clapham. Special Methods and water-colour. To town to buy bulbs after dinner. Worked in evening.

Tuesday 25th January 1910

Gave lesson on hyacinth bulb. Bad. Criticism afterwards. Arranged group and did chart of tulip.

Wednesday 26th January 1910

History of Education and Design. Out to South Kensington in p.m. with Miss Snow and Misses Ritchie, Glaisyer and Atwool.

Thursday 27th January 1910

Free morning. Painted chart and did lesson notes, etc. Joan Boddy in p.m. and then clay modelling. Work in evening.

Friday 28th January 1910

Free morning. Did essay and notes. Psychology and Handwork in p.m. Back home. Read newspapers.

Saturday 29th January 1910

Did lesson notes all a.m. Alys came at 3.15 and I up to tea and supper with her. Rex in, and took me to Arsène Lupin (pit) in evening. Very enjoyable. Du Maurier.


Sunday 30th January 1910

Up to Alys’. She out to Pinner with Dennis. Jim and Rex both there. Bubbles very good. Back to dinner. Wrote letters. Up to Heath Mansions. Tea with Bubbles. Supper with Alys and Dennis.

Monday 31st January 1910

Back to Clapham. Drew shaded breadpan, etc. Painted A. Methods all p.m. To Victoria for red tulips.

Tuesday 1st February 1910

Gave lesson tulip. Better than last week. Art Methods good. Painted all p.m. at group. Miss Atwool out. Feast of oranges, biscuits, etc in my room with 5 others.

Wednesday 2nd February 1910

To school. Essay on Education. Notes, etc. Painted Art Methods all p.m. Did essay, etc. Others to concert. Miss Atwool to theatre.

Thursday 3rd February 1910

Divinity, (Mrs Woodhouse back). Worked in library. Clay modelling.

Friday 4th February 1910

Worked in library. Got 6 for essay. Pleased. Home.

Saturday 5th February 1910


Sunday 6th February 1910

Finished blouse. To Alys’ to tea and to Styers’ to supper. Marshall there who knows 26 dialects of lettish (Latvian) language.

Monday 7th February 1910

Back to Clapham Training Day College. Water-colour. Methods all p.m.

Tuesday 8th February 1910

Lesson on handkerchiefs. Not successful perspective. Cut and Methods after. Did Methods with Glaisyer. To Holdron’s[1] and bought belts and fronts.

Holdron’s, Rye Lane, Peckham, South London

Wednesday 9th February 1910

Did Methods (Art) all a.m. and all p.m. too. To St Peter’s Church “lantern service” p.m. with Miss Atwool, Carthew, Baker, Egles.

Thursday 10th February 1910

Divinity. Worked in library. Very nice modelling lesson. Out to Holdron’s in evening.

Friday 11th February 1910

Nice morning in library and did some handwork at Elms House. Got 8 for essay! Overjoyed. Home to Golders Green. Coffee en route.

Saturday 12th February 1910

Out to shops. Walked up to Alys .Lunch at Pagani’s with Alys and Dennis. Tea with Alys. Mrs Rose Bradford called. Alys to dinner with me. I to dance at Grafton Galleries with Shentons. Nice.

grafton galleries

Cicily, Peters and Townrow and Lucy there.

Sunday 13th February 1910

Colded. Up late. Read. To Northwood to Kit with Alys and Baby. Saw Ruth and 4 puppies (4 days old) She had 14. Supper with Alys and Dennis. Bad cold.

Monday 14th February 1910

Very wet. Back to Clapham. Methods and Watercolour. Cut mount and mounted “Methods” in p.m. To Bachhoffner’s. To bed. Bad cold still, but better.

Tuesday 15th February 1910

Lesson on Queen Elizabeth – lay figure. Quite good results. Out with Biddy to town, tea at Fullers. Fun. Taxicab and tram home. Psychology in evening.

Wednesday 16th February 1910

Gave lesson on Horatius, impromptu, as Miss Ritchie absent. Alys came to tea and saw school and students. Very nice. To church in evening to St Peter’s.

Thursday 17th February 1910

In library. Modelling. Clausen[3], Lewis Day[4] and Fisher[5] came and inspected work.

Friday 18th February 1910

Unwell. Walked in library. Danced with Biddy – in rec. Psychology. Got 7 for essay. Handwork. Home. Very tired. Alys after dinner.

Saturday 19th February 1910

Sent off fancy dress to Polly. To Alys to lunch and tea. Embletons to tea.

Sunday 20th February 1910

Gale. Out with Mowgli. Wrote to Nell Sime. To Alys to tea and supper. Rain. Bubbles lovely.

Monday 21st February 1910

Back to Clapham. Watercolour. Peacock’s feather and bowl. Psychology notes. Walk. Tried to do essay on interests.

Tuesday 22nd February 1910

Gave illustration lesson. Quite good criticism. Methods. Did banana with Miss Glaisyer all p.m. for Methods. Out in evening on Common and to Bachhoffner.

Wednesday 23rd February 1910

History of Education. Did notes and Special Methods. Art Methods in p.m. Miss Turnbull to tea. To Church with Ruth and Miss Carthew and D. Baker.

Thursday 24th February 1910

Divinity. Worked in library. Charge of First form. 12.30. Fetched Miss Welch handkerchief; and clay-modelling.

Friday 25th February 1910

Worked in library. Danced with Biddy. Psychology. 4 for essay! Handwork. Home. Up to Alys after dinner. Dennis very tired. Home.

Saturday 26th February 1910

Cut out blue crepon blouse. To Bank, walked and Green and Edwards (me: Hampstead department store) and up to Alys’. Rested all p.m. Otto to tea. Bubbles lovely. Jim in. Dennis and Alys walked back with me.

Otto just got Beit Scholarship £250 per annum for 2 years. Research work. Nerve-lesions.[6]

Sunday 27th February 1910

Out with Mowgli. To Church and Communion service. D. Baker to dinner. Both to tea and supper with Alys. Effie and Jack there. Saw D. Baker to Euston. Home 9.15.

Monday 28th February 1910

Back to Clapham. Painted violets and glass badly. Psychology notes. Out in rain. Worked. Essay.

Tuesday 1st March 1910

Miss Welch gave lesson. Methods. Worked. To supper at Aunt Alice’s. Home 10.30.

Wednesday 2nd March 1910

History of Education. Out to Hampstead. To tea with Alys.

Thursday 3rd March 1910

Divinity in library. Clay modelling.

Friday 4th March 1910

Worked in library all a.m. Divinity notes etc.

Saturday 5th March 1910

Did picture of Switzerland. Up to Alys to tea and home after. Doris Brewtnall there and they and Rex to House of Temperley.

house of temperley
Sir Conan Doyle’s Play, “The House of Temperley” – 1909 – 1910

Sunday 6th March 1910

Over houses with Alys, Dennis and Doris. Up to Alys to tea and supper. She and Dennis to Mitchell’s.

Monday 7th March 1910

Back to Clapham. Watercolour, anemones. Did catkins in p.m. Did corridor.

Tuesday 8th March 1910

Miss Welch gave lesson on ellipses, treacle tin. Methods.

Wednesday 9th March 1910

History of Education. Wrote notes. Drew cows at X lecture. Ruth to Harlesden. Miss Turnbull’s. Very wet.

Thursday 10th March 1910


Friday 11th March 1910

Exhibition of our term’s work. I to Heath Mansions to stay.

Saturday 12th March 1910

To town to Keller’s and New Oxford Street and Liberty’s. Did stencil pattern for Miss Hockley. To Windmill Hill in evening.

Alys and Dennis to Isle of Wight, Freshwater and Totland.

Sunday 13th March 1910

Dolly Carr to spend day. Looked at houses. Very fine day. Wrote to Dennis. He 29 tomorrow. Baby lovely. Baby cut top front tooth.

Monday 14th March 1910

Back to Clapham. Painting. Did notes, etc. Did corridor and had tea. Out with Ruth.

Tuesday 15th March 1910

Miss Welch gave lesson on satchels. Art Methods. Did groups, etc for Art Methods. Miss Wheeler and Gittens to tea. Head and Carthew in evening.

Wednesday 16th March 1910

History of Education. Wrote notes. X lecture. Classes read out. Met Alys in town. She bought coat and skirt. Coffee at Alan’s. Very coldy and headachey.

Thursday 17th March 1910

Literary work. Helen Keller’s life[1]. Clay-modelling. Mark Rogers told me my head was “quite unusually good” (pleased). Prize-giving. Looked after Lower 3rd.

Friday 18th March 1910

Snow. Very cold. Worked all a.m. in library. Did clay-modelling till 3.30. Handwork. Home to Golders Green.

Saturday 19th March 1910

Did drawing for Methods all a.m. Dorothy Gittens came after lunch. Both to Alys’ to tea. Jim there. Dorothy Gittens and I to Allingham’s to supper. Saw Mrs Allingham’s[2] pictures.

Helen Allingham, 1910

Sunday 20th March 1910

Fine day. Alys and Dennis over. Looked at houses. Up to tea and supper there.

Monday 21st March 1910

Back to Clapham. Watercolour, primroses. To Kennington Park Road (Terry Brothers Ltd) for plaster of Paris. Tea at Miss Welch’s with others.

Tuesday 22nd March 1910

Fine. Miss Welch gave lesson on screen and history. Methods. Unwell. To Chelsea and tea with Poz and Doz in the new flat – 88 Beaufort Mews.

Wednesday 23rd March 1910

History of Education. Notes. X lecture. Met Alys and Lewis’. To tea at Miss Defries’ 424 Fulham Road. Church in evening with Ruth and D. Baker.

Thursday 24th March 1910

Dull. Divinity. Worked in library. Holiday. With D. Baker to town. Walked from Westminster to Selfridges. Tea at Fullers. Miss Mack too. Alys to dinner at home with me.

Friday 25th March 1910

In fields. Sunny. Painted. To tea at Alys’. Dolly and Charley there. Walked home. Alys and Dennis too. Read Gospels.

Saturday 26th March 1910

Very fine. Painted self. Lunch alone. Tea at Alys’. To call at G. E. Barnard’s new house.

Sunday 27th March 1910

Fine. To Church 8 a.m. Dennis came and I painted him. Up to tea at Alys’.

Monday 28th March 1910

Fine – (dull) rain at 7. Alys over. Up to lunch with her and tea. Out on Heath. Christ and Maie to tea. Back with Wadie. Supper at home.

Tuesday 29th March 1910

Fine. Up to Alys. To town, looked in shops. Met D. Carthew and G’ Head and lunch with them. To Warings. To Alys’. Walked to Golders Green. Tea and then back to Clapham together. Taxi.


Wednesday 30th March 1910

Fine. Exam on Art Methods all morning. Read History of Pedagogy – Compayre. To tea at Miss Wheeler’s 50 Drewstead Road, Streatham. Read Compayre.

Thursday 31st March 1910

Fine. Divinity. Did notes. Modelling. Cast my head or made mould at least.

Friday 1st April 1910

Started lesson for Miss Snow. Read in library. Goodbye to Miss Woodhouse. Handwork. Back to tea. Ruth came with me home. Dinner. Read in evening.

Saturday 2nd April 1910

Out to shops. Ruth and I drew groups for Div. 5. On bus to town and to Royal Drawing Society Exhibition and to National Portrait Gallery. Tea at Vegi. To Alys’ to supper. Baby a bad cold. Home at 9.30.

Sunday 3rd April 1910

To Church 8 a.m. Wrote to Aunt Alice, and Miss Barker. To Church 11 again. To tea with Aunt Rosa (Ruth also). To Church 6.30. Supper and to bed at 10.00

Monday 4th April 1910

Both back to Clapham. Did reports.

Tuesday 5th April 1910

Exam to Lower IIIrd. Did lists, etc. To town with Miss Wheeler and Branston to buy silks and Miss Telman’s present. Nice.

Wednesday 6th April 1910

Did designs etc for needlework. Drew cast all afternoon. Read “The Risen Master” by Latham.

Thursday 7th April 1910

Did designs and lists all morning. Did my cast of hand with Mark Rogers. Miss Shorto to tea. To Aunt Alice’s from 7 to 9.45. New flat.

Friday 8th April 1910

Muddled about at school. Reports, messages. To town with Ruth to buy silks and Holland for school. Home. Very tired.

Saturday 9th April 1910

In bed all day aching and sore throat. Temp – 102.

Sunday 10th April 1910

In bed all day.

Monday 11th April 1910

In bed all day. Bad night aching.

Tuesday 12th April 1910

In bed all day. Dr Clayton in evening. Rheumatism aching.

Wednesday 13th April 1910


Thursday 14th April 1910

Dr Clayton?

Friday 15th April 1910


Saturday 16th April 1910

Up to Alys’ to lunch and tea. Tades and Doris there. Felt ill. Home.

Holidays begin – 13th.

Sunday 17th April 1910

Up at 11 but felt very sick. Alys and Dennis over. Alys to dinner. She bad cold.

Monday 18th April 1910

Miss Smythe came. Felt no appetite and very tired.

Tuesday 19th April 1910

In bed till 11.00. Alys in morning. Dr Clayton in p.m. A little better.

Wednesday 20th April 1910

Unwell, in bed till teatime. Then on sofa.

Thursday 21st April 1910

In bed till lunch.

Friday 22nd April 1910

In bed till 10.30. Tades to lunch and p.m. worked. Felt very rotten. Headache and shivery.

Saturday 23rd April 1910

Miss Smythe went. Kit in morning. Ted and Phoebe after lunch and Ethel Miles and Quits (Dorothy Carr too). Felt ill and to bed at 5. Temp 102. Alys and Dennis came and Dr Clayton.

Miss Smythe 18th. 74 Mexfield Road, Putney.
In bed to breakfast all week.

Sunday 24th April 1910

In bed all day. Dr Clayton came. Alys also. Headache and aching limbs, etc.

Monday 25th April 1910

Moved into spare room. In bed all day. Talk about Brussels to Wade. Alys to lunch.

Tuesday 26th April 1910

Dr Clayton came. Temperature 99.5 normal. Alys in morning. In bed all day. Alys again after lunch. Wade out. Ted and Phoebe called. Bee also (not admitted). Alys’ to supper.

Wednesday 27th April 1910

Temp 98.8 – 99.4. In bed still. Alys in morning and after tea. Wadie and I saw Paulhan flying at 5.30 (from my window) starting from Manchester[1].

Thursday 28th April 1910

Temp 98.8 – 98.8. Paulhan won £10,000 prize 6 a.m. Alice called (from Highbury). Dr Clayton came (7th). Alys in evening again. Bed all day.

Louis Paulhan

Friday 29th April 1910

Temp around 99. Bed all day. Alys came in a.m. Read “The Mistress of Bonaventure” – Bindloss. Alys to picnic dance.

Saturday 30th April 1910

Temp 98.2 – 99. Dr Clayton – 8th. Bed all day. Alys and Bubbles to tea. Read “The Car of Destiny” – Williamson.

G. Allingham married 29th.
Daily Mail £10,000 prize Grahame-White[2] also started.

Claude Grahame-White – 1910

Sunday 1st May 1910

Temp 98.6 – 99. Bed all day. Wrote to J.S. & Sons and Fire Insurance Company and Aunt Bella. Alys and Dennis in morning. Tades after tea. Rex called. Read “Lorenzo the Magnificent”[1].

Monday 2nd May 1910

Normal 98.8. Looking-glass broke. Wade’s finger cut. Bed all day. Alys over twice. Read Lorenzo. Very foggy and dark.

Tuesday 3rd May 1910

97.8 Normal. Kitty called. Alys and Bubbles and nurse. Dr Clayton – 9th. Felt better at last. Fine day. Wrote to Miss Welch. Alys in evening. Aunt Alice at 6.45. till 7.35. Read Lorenzo. Bed all day.

Wednesday 4th May 1910

98 Normal. Read “Wooodside Farm”[2] – and mended nightgown. In bed all day. Read Lorenzo. Ruth to see Wade. Alys in evening.

Thursday 5th May 1910

97.9 – 98.8. Wrote Miss Glaisyer. Read “Ides of March”[3]. Aunt Mary died at 2.30. In bed all day. Tired. Alys in p.m.

Friday 6th May 1910

Alys in. Read Lorenzo. Dr Clayton at 3.30 (10th). Bubbles and Nurse to tea. Bubbles up with me – 10 months old today. Wrote letters – Aunt Alice, Alice Louie, etc.

Saturday 7th May 1910

Heard of death of King. Very sudden to me. Got up, half dressed on sofa. Dorothy came after tea; also Alys, Dennis and Bubbles for 20 minutes. To bed at 9.30.


Kind Edward VII died May 6th 11.34 p.m. aged 68.

Sunday 8th May 1910

Read Josephus[4]. Up at 10.00. In bedroom all day. Read “Blindness of Dr Gray”[5] – Sheehan. Alys and Dennis in p.m. Miss Welch came to see me! She had tea (with Alys) downstairs. To bed at 9.15. Uncle Harold to see me.

Monday 9th May 1910

On sofa all day. In bedroom. Read “Princess Passes”[6].

Tuesday 10th May 1910

Up at 10.30. Alys came and we went in a hansom along to my Bank and back. Fine day. Dr Clayton came. Miss Glaisyer came to tea.

Wednesday 11th May 1910

Alys in morning. Gerald Allingham and wife called! Dorothy to spend day. I out with her for 15 minutes after lunch. Wade out to tea.

Thursday 12th May 1910

Bed to breakfast. To town with Alys and bought black coat and skirt and hat, etc. Taxis and tube. Lunch at Derry and Toms. Phoebe called.

derry toms

Friday 13th May 1910

Up at 10.30. To Barnes (Finchley Road), etc with Alys and shopped.



Saturday 14th May 1910

Bed and breakfast at 8.30. To Waterloo with Alys. Met Dorothy and Aunt Alice. Dorothy and I off to Swanage. Arrived 1. 45. To Victoria Hotel. Very tired. Rested. On pier after tea.

royal victoria

Sunday 15th May 1910

Brilliant, hot, sunny day. Up on downs and basked. To Whitecliff Farm in evening – lovely. Sat out on jetty and terrace till 9.30p.m. Slept in p.m.

Monday 16th May 1910

Walked to lighthouse. Very hot and lovely. Took pony-trap to Studland 5/-. Tea there. Walked back over Ballard Down. Wonderful view.


Tuesday 17th May 1910

Dorothy went and Alys came.

Wednesday 18th May 1910

To Bournemouth for the day. To Condercum. Called on Winnie Field. Back by train, too foggy.

Thursday 19th May 1910

Sat at Peveril Point all morning, working. Walked to Ballard Down.


Friday 20th May 1910

King Edward’s funeral. General holiday and great silence. Alys and I picked cowslips. To Tilly Whim in afternoon.

Saturday 21st May 1910

Home after lunch. Dennis met us.

Sunday 22nd May 1910

Packed all day. Saw the comet (on Heath). Great crowd.

Halley’s comet

Monday 23rd May 1910

Boxes off to Charing Cross. To town with Alys shopping. Lunch in town. To William Miles. Tea and supper at Alys. Saw the comet from my backdoor.


Tuesday 24th May 1910

Breakfast 6.30. Wade and I off to Brussels. 9 a.m. Alys at Gare. Rough crossing. Wade ill. Uncle Pierre met us at Brussels. Aunt Bella had face-ache.

Wednesday 25th May 1910

Breakfast in bed. Unpacked. At 1.30 off to Boitsfort in tram to Concours Hippique (Horse show). M. Meeus introduced Mr Lawrence to me. Lieutenant and V.C. 18th Hussars (Riding Master in Royal Hussars). Horses “Patrick” and “123”.

Thursday 26th May 1910

Out to town with Aunt Bella. Shopped. Took Wade out in afternoon. Avenue and Vleurgat. Mrs Plummer-Day and M. Meeus to dinner. Strawberries. Wore grey satin.

Friday 27th May 1910

Wadie out in Avenue. To Concours at Cinquantenaire. King and Queen there. Great excitement. Blommaert got 1st price. Dr Meeus second. 2 Frenchmen next. Talked to Lawrence.

Saturday 28th May 1910

With Wadie to market, bought flowers and strawberries. M. Anoul to lunch. Uncle Pierre took me on tram to town. Nice. Aunt Bella to dentist. Wrote to Alys. Mademoiselle Verboeckhoven[7] to dinner.

Marguerite Verboeckhoven – Coastal landscape

Saw Halley’s comet three times. Like a misty, nebulous star – only every 75 years (me: I saw it when I first moved to Shetland in winter 1996).
Wrote Alys – 25th

Sunday 29th May 1910

Very rainy. Out to Bois with Wade. Out after tea a little tour with Wade.

Monday 30th May 1910

To town with de B’s and had their photographs done for Exhibition tickets. After lunch to Schaerbeek in tram. Aunt Bella, Wade and I. Fetched photos. Home to tea. Irish crochet.

irish crochet.png
1910 Gibson Girl Irish Crochet Book

Tuesday 31st May 1910

To town with Uncle Pierre. Very cold. To Madame Matheiu to tea.

Wednesday 1st June 1910

Warm and fine. With Uncle Pierre in Bois. Sat about. Mademoiselle Eva to lunch. Wrote letters. To Exhibition after tea. Very nice indeed.


Thursday 2nd June 1910

To town with Wade. Had photo taken for season ticket to Exhibition. To Bazaar, Grande Place, etc. To fetch photo and Abonnement (subscription) with Uncle Pierre. After lunch and to Exposition, Cafe Céramique there. Home at 6.15.

Friday 3rd June 1910

Hot and fine. To Banque with Uncle Pierre. Wrote letters, Ella, etc. To La Hulpe to see Madame Heurard. Mademoiselle Verboeckhoven to dinner.

Saturday 4th June 1910

Hot. Lovely. With Uncle Pierre to Exposition to see King and Queen at 9.15 (Wade also). Then with Uncle Pierre to town and Hospital Militaire. After lunch all to call on Tschaggeny‘s. Straight to Exposition. Café there. Cinematograph (King Edward’s funeral). Home at 6.45. Thunderstorm. Lovely lantern procession of Guides with bands up the road. Very pretty.

King and Queen.png
King Albert and Queen Elisabeth

Sunday 5th June 1910

To Exposition in morning with Uncle Pierre. Very very hot. Rested all afternoon and till dinner. Out to Exposition again after dinner with Uncle Pierre and Aunt Bella. Fireworks.

Monday 6th June 1910

Very hot and fine. All had baths. Not out. Mademoiselle Eva to town with Wadie in p.m. M. Meeus to tea. Sat in garden in evening. Very hot.

Tuesday 7th June 1910

Very hot. I to cake-shop and Rue du Bailli alone. Wrote to Alys. Thunderstorm so not out in afternoon or evening.

Wednesday 8th June 1910

With Uncle Pierre to Rue de la Concorde. To Exhibition “La Hollande”.

hollande 1910

Thursday 9th June 1910

At 11.15 all to La Hulpe. Meuss too. Thru’ the wood, barbed wire. Luncheon chez Madame Heurard*. Bridge afterwards. Tea. I paired out. Round garden. Back at 7.5. M. Meeus to supper at 8. Garden.

Friday 10th June 1910

To town with Aunt Bella chez Tietz. Talked in afternoon to Aunt Bella. Dressed. To Expo all 3 at 5. Saw Rubens’ house and sat till 6.35. Home. Started for Exposition at 8 but it rained.


Saturday 11th June 1910

To Exposition by tram with Uncle Pierre all morning. Germany and Italy. Cooler. Town with Aunt Bella, Tietz. Rested after tea. Were going to Exp but rained like last night.

* 8 times to Exposition on 10th – evening. “C’est moi qui ai le plus de chance.”
Cold veal and salad and potatoes, strawberry tart.

Sunday 12th June 1910

To Church with Wadie – Rue de Stassart. Dined at Carlton Hotel with Admiral and Mrs Plummer-Day. Nice. Walked home.

carlton hotel.jpg

Monday 13th June 1910

Walked with Wade to L’Hôpital Militaire and back. To Exhibition at 4.15 to see Longchamps Fleurie in Bruxelles-Kermesse. Good view. Rained a little.

Longchamps Fleuri2

Tuesday 14th June 1910

To Exhibition with Wade all morning. Bought things in “Italy”. Called on Mademoiselle Verel in afternoon. Wrote to Dorothy. Margot Verboeckhoven and Mazy de Nandincourt to dinner.


Wednesday 15th June 1910

To town with Wade. Bought frocks for Bubbles. Mademoiselle Eva to lunch and tea. I wrote post-cards. To Exhibition after tea with de B’s. Saw “Canada”. Very good and free cinema.


Thursday 16th June 1910

Letter from Kit. To buy ham with Wade and to shops. Watered garden. To Madame Egerman’s at Jetta with de B’s. Long way.

Friday 17th June 1910

Had bathe! Crocheted after lunch at 2.30 called on Day’s and Timmermans and 2 other houses. Home to tea and to Exposition after to watch people.

Saturday 18th June 1910

To wedding of Mademoiselle Bregere with Wade and Aunt Bella. To Exposition of pictures, modern at Cinquantenaire (14th Atonnement). Colonel Poudts called. Read “Wives and Daughters[1]” Very tired. To bed early.

Deep mourning for King till 17th
Eyerman (Jean)
Chateau d’Esseghem, Jette St Pierre


Sunday 19th June 1910

Watered garden. To Exposition with Uncle Pierre. Hot (15th) Rested all p.m. In garden after tea and after dinner. Did Irish collar after dinner.

Monday 20th June 1910

Shopped with Aunt Bella to buy silk. To 18 Rue ten Bosch. Very hot. Madame de Lichtervelde. To Exposition (16th) from 5 to 6.30. In garden till 8.30.

Tuesday 21st June 1910

To St Gudule with Wade. Mademoiselle Eva to lunch. Rested all p.m. Examined Square in evening, till 8.30. Thunderstorm.


Wednesday 22nd June 1910

Tacked blouse (blue silk and handkerchief). All to Exhibition of Artists (Belgian) of XVIIth century (loan collection). Very fine indeed. Rubens, Van Dyke, etc Zendes. Mademoiselle Verboeckhoven in evening to dine.

Thursday 23rd June 1910

I unwell. To Exhibition?

Friday 24th June 1910

To Exhibition with Uncle Pierre. To Mademoiselle Verboeckhoven’s studio in p.m. (I alone). Long talk. And pictures.

Saturday 25th June 1910

Alys and Dennis arrived 6.15 a.m. They slept till lunch time. To town in p.m. and then met de B’s at Exposition and café and gaufres (waffles) in Bruxelles Kermesse.

bruxelles kermesse.jpg

Sunday 26th June 1910

To Exposition morning. Mademoiselle Eva came to spend day. Alys and Dennis to Bois in p.m. I packed and rested. Alys and Dennis back home after dinner. Bridge and Patience. Packed.

Monday 27th June 1910

(Back home). Wade and I off at 7.45. Aunt Bella to station. Fairly good crossing. New Boat – “König Peter”. 1st trip. High tea at E. Miles rest. Home 6.30. Alys and Dennis and Mowgli to meet us.

Tuesday 28th June 1910

Shopped and unpacked.

Wednesday 29th June 1910

To town with Alys. Lunch at Lyons Popular. Packed up.

Thursday 30th June 1910

To town. To Wardour Street and to lunch at Aunt Alice’s.

Friday 1st July 1910

To Victoria, met Alys and Dennis and Baby and nurse. All to Newhaven and across to Dieppe – carriage to Berneval-Le-Grand. To Le Petit Vallon (Madame Demerson). Cold, windy; pretty. Colonel and Mrs Lucas and Burnetts.


Saturday 2nd July 1910

Windy. Out on sands. Showery and cold. Wrote Aunt Bella. Slept all p.m. Out after tea and dinner.

£2. 2? To Dieppe – 1st on boat, 3rd return.

Sunday 3rd July 1910

Lucases to Dieppe. We for a walk. Windy. On beach with Baby. Cold. Café and Bénédictine in evening with Hampdens.

Monday 4th July 1910

Alys’ 26th birthday. In to Dieppe by bus. Lunch at Hôtel de Normandie. Very good. Ff 2,50 per head. Hired cycles and cycled back after tea. Malcolm Lucas came. To Bénédictine evening all together.

Tuesday 5th July 1910

Bathed at 11. Very nice. Cycled to St Martin le Grand. To “Madame Fantone’s” in evening with Lucas and Hampdens.

Wednesday 6th July 1910

Baby’s 1st birthday. Too rough to bathe. Very windy indeed. Trees, breaking etc. Gambling game in evening with Lucases and Hampdens. Fun. Rained.

Thursday 7th July 1910

Finer. Bathed at 11. Malcolm Lucas too. I sketched in p.m. Hampdens and Lucases played tennis. To sands with Dennis after tea. Others later. Played Staring Grab and Animal Grab[1] in evening.


Friday 8th July 1910

Bathed 3rd. Very nice but short as cold. Colonel Lucas and Malcolm to Dieppe. Played patience. Danced in evening. Lovely. Malcolm awfully good dancer. Great fun. Lancers, Boston, etc.

Saturday 9th July 1910

I bathed alone 4th. Short. Alys and I cycled to Dieppe. Dennis in bed to dinner. Feverish and cold. Irrigated[2] with Hampdens and Malcolm and Colonel. To Bénédictine.

On the edge of the Empire. About Jobe(?) One chapter “on the bloody border” all about where our corps is very good indeed, exact description. Young Mahomedan”. Howe’s Hotel, Leinster Square.

Sunday 10th July 1910

Played with John. I bathed alone. Dennis better. Alys and I played tennis all p.m. with Col and Mrs Lucas and Hampdens. Got cakes for tea. Irrigated after tea. To Fantone’s and played patience.

Monday 11th July 1910

Stood about and watched “baggage” out. They all off by wagonette. Alys, Dennis and I cycled soon after. Lunch at Hôtel de Normandie. To Quay and saw Lucases and Hampdens off to England. Bus to Puys and walked to Berneval – 4 miles.

Tuesday 12th July 1910

Dull but fine later and hot. I bathed at 10.30 with “engagé”. Read in garden till 3. Bathed again (7th) with Alys and Dennis at 3.15. Lovely. Played Indian lovesongs and Salome. Walk in evening. Wrote Doz.

Wednesday 13th July 1910

Began blue blouse. Read on beach. Sunny in p.m. All bathed (8th). Walked to village. To “Phantôme’s” in evening. Bénédictine and talked to her.

Thursday 14th July 1910

Alys and Denis off to Paris by 6.30 bus. I took Baby till 10. Sketched on beach. Baby paddled. Out with Baby in p.m. and nurse round village. Slept 3.30. Four with baby till 6 by tennis court. To Marronniers in p.m. alone. Read the Flighting Chance – Chambers.

Friday 15th July 1910

Wrote to Friede Flight and cards to Tades, Miss Welch and Bee. Paddled with Baby and nurse. Rested till 2.30 then bathed (9th) alone. Nice. Played “T at a grocer’s” and definitions with Mitchells and Roses. Thundery.

Saturday 16th July 1910

Hotter. Out with Baby. On beach alone. Read. Bathed alone at 3.30 – 10th. Thunderstorms. Alys and Dennis back from Paris at 9.15.

Oxford Light Infantry 37th Lancers. Hampden.
Malcolm Lucas Esq
Indian Army
“Till hell freezes” – “jusqu’à l’enfer gelé”

Sunday 17th July 1910

Bathed – 11th. Tide rather low. Dennis bathed too. Hot. Thunderstorm in p.m. To village and Marronniers with new girls.

Monday 18th July 1910

Bathed – 12th. Letter from Mrs Lucas. Wrote card. Read. Played atience. Rain occasionally. Hot on beach. Baby paddled, Dennis irrigated. To Marronniers in evening with new girls.

Tuesday 19th July 1910

Dull and cold. Letter from Miss Welch. Drove into Dieppe. Lunch there. Sunny and hot later. To Casino. Met Flights on Quay. Drove back with them. To Fantome’s in evening and a dance at Hôtel de la Plage.


Wednesday 20th July 1910

Dull and rainy. Bathed – 13th with Dennis and Claude. Rested and paddled in afternoon. After dinner at 6.30 we and Claude and Friede and Mrs Newboldt and Miss Kirby all to Dieppe. Played. I lost 10 fr. Dennis 20 fr. Alys 10 fr. Back at 1 a.m.

Thursday 21st July 1910

Rainy. Roses away. Very rough. Not allowed to bathe but Dennis and Claude did from beach. All bathed in p.m. though (14th). Packed. Talked in hall and fun with my Dieppe basket as a toque (me: hat).

dieppe basket

Friday 22nd July 1910

Rain. Packed. Goodbyes and to Dieppe. Lunch at Buffet on “Dieppe” to Newhaven (Mrs Newboldt too). Tea at Newhaven. Home by bus and tube. Mowgli and Wade.


Saturday 23rd July 1910

Box came, unpacked. To Alys and helped with dining-room and cupboards. Very tired. Home to dinner.

Mr Ludley.
Back from Berneval 22nd
Kit to 26 South Green on 14th
Mrs Briggs (Constance Rose) 22 Brockenhurst Gardens, Mill Hill

Sunday 24th July 1910

To George’s with Wade. Up to G. E. Barnard’s to tea and then to Alys. Rain. Home to dinner.

Monday 25th July 1910


Tuesday 26th July 1910

To Barnes’ sale. To Styers to dinner.

Wednesday 27th July 1910

Lunch at Lyons Popular with Doris. To Palace with Doris to see Russian Dancers. Pavlova and Mordkin. Very good.

Pavlova Mordkin.png

Thursday 28th July 1910

Sunny and hot. To Victoria to see Dorothy off to Simplon with Nelly “Ward”. Painted at George Warwick’s from 3.30 till 6.30. Lovely. To Shenton’s hall and danced, impromptu.

Friday 29th July 1910

Did blouse and painted tiles gold in morning. To town with Alys. Shopped. Tea at 8 Heath Mansions. I unwell.

Saturday 30th July 1910

Did blue kimono dress and to shops. Man came about chairs. To George’s to paint pig-stys 3 to 7. Very enjoyable.

Half Morning till 29th.

Sunday 31st July 1910

Fine and warm. Arranged portfolios and Clapham work all a.m. Up to Alys after lunch and to call on Maie Barnard. Stayed supper at Heath Mansions and walked home. Alys and Dennis too.

Monday 1st August 1910

Fine, Did dressmaking. Went to George’s and painted till 7.00.

Tuesday 2nd August 1910

Sewed. To George’s and painted. Grey day. Alys and Dennis over in evening. Alys tired.

Wednesday 3rd August 1910

Out to meet Uncle Harold and lunch at Rendezvous with him.


Academy afterwards and tea with him. Alys and Dennis to dinner with me and all to dance at Shenton’s hall. 8.30 till 12.30.

Royal Academy.png
Royal Academy, Piccadilly, London 1910

Thursday 4th August 1910

Out to shops. Packed up. Tades and Sylvia to lunch. Up to Alys to tea with them. I back at 5.30.

Friday 5th August 1910

Packed and box off at 12.30. With Alys to Army and Navy Stores. To Exhibition with Alys, Lois and Eric. Fun. Saw jiu jitsu. Dined at Alys’.



Saturday 6th August 1910

Up at 6. Off at 7 to Liverpool Street for box. Cab to London Bridge. Boat “Clacton Belle” to Southwold. Sandwiches for lunch. Started 9 a.m. arrived 5.45. Met by Kit, Edward, Tom and Lucy and Doris. To 26 South Green (M. Cantley’s) 7 guineas a week. To pier concert in evening.


Sunday 7th August 1910

On beach and wandered around. On Common and read.

Monday 8th August 1910

On beach. Bathed. 15th. Walked to Blackshore and Ferry. Tom away by 2.20. Saw him off.

Southwold beach 1905 p1378_LARGE.jpg

Tuesday 9th August 1910

On beach. Bathed (16th). I painted in garden from 3 till 4.30 On Common.

Wednesday 10th August 1910

On beach. Bathed (17th). Painted from balcony. Kit and Ed cycled on Common all p.m. with children. To Links to meet Bertie and Edward.

Thursday 11th August 1910

Lovely day. On beach; bathed (18th). Painted from balcony. Kit and Ed cycled. Rested in garden and then called on Nelly Jarvis and Maggie and on Mrs Fisk and Mrs Hurr with Brewtnalls. To pier concert in evening.

Friday 12th August 1910

On beach. Bathed 19th. Rather rough. Great fun. Out to raft alone.

Saturday 13th August 1910

On beach. Bathed 20th. Calm and rainy. Fine later. Sat on common with Kit. Walked to Walberswick and met Alys and Dennis there. Home by train. All to pier concert in evening. Aly sand Dennis told us they had a motor car.

“Somewhere” and “Let’s all go down the Strand”.

Sunday 14th August 1910

Bathed (21st) before breakfast (not Kit). On beach and bathed again from tent at 12.30 (22nd). Sat and lay in garden on cliff. Alys and Dennis away by 5 o’clock.

Monday 15th August 1910

On beach. Bathed (23rd). On Common with Kit, rug and books. Called on Bertie and Sibyl in evening.

Tuesday 16th August 1910

Bathed at 7.30 (24th). On beach and bathed again with others (25th). Bicycle ride from 12.30 to 1.30. Saw Bertie and Sibyl off. Rested on cliff. Brewtnalls in evening. Writing games.

Wednesday 17th August 1910

Bathed at 7.30 (26th). Again at 11. To bazaar in p.m. Met Maude Balfour there.

Thursday 18th August 1910

Bathed at 11 (27th). Dr Tripp with Doris. 102 temp. Cycled to Yoxford and lunch there. Fireworks in evening on Gunhill.

Suffolk, Yoxford, Brook Street Police Station 1910's.jpg
Suffolk, Yoxford, Brook Street Police Station 1910’s.

Friday 19th August 1910

Bathed (28th). At 10.45. Dr Tripp to Doris. Cecil came at 2.7. I by 2.20 to Halesworth. Met by Maude Balfour. To her house and saw garden, farm, children had tea with her husband and her. Very nice. Jigsaw puzzle. Home 7. To pier in evening.

Postcard sent 1910

Saturday 20th August 1910

On beach. Bathed (29th). To meet Dr Tripp at Doris’. All cycled to Wangford and met others walking. Tea there.

Betty aged 2. Kenneth 1, 5 months.
Maude Balfour
Wissett Hall

wissett hall.jpg
Wissett Hall 2017

Sunday 21st August 1910

Bathed 8.30 with Edward – 30th. To Church with Kit. Sat on cliff all p.m. Read “The Glimpse” by Arnold Bennett. Called on Mrs Fish and Mrs Palmer.


Monday 22nd August 1910

Cecil away at 7.30. On beach and bathed – 31st. Lovely. Packed. At 2.20 off to London. Met by Alys and Helen. Dined at 8 Heath Mansions. Home. Wade too. Back from Minnie’s.

Tuesday 23rd August 1910

To town all a.m. Bought Burberry.


To Alys to tea. Esme there. Saw new car “Swift”. Home. Packed and wrote letters.

swift 1910.jpg
1910 Swift 7 Hp

Wednesday 24th August 1910

Packed up. Sewed at handkerchief blouse. Dennis drove me in car round Hendon. Alys to dinner. Lindquist boy in. Dennis drove me home at 9.30.


Thursday 25th August 1910

Off by 9.30 to Edinburgh (Alys at Kings Cross). Lunch on train. Tea also. Read “Le Maître de Forges” – Georges Ohnet. Met by Nell at 6. Tram to 29 Kilmaurs Road. Dinner and to bed at 9.30.

Friday 26th August 1910

Wrote to Alys and postcard to Wade. Worked. Pouring rain. Fine in p.m. With Nell to Princes Street. To National Gallery. Very interesting. Met Mary Creighton there. Home to tea. Read and worked. “The English woman in India” by Maud Diver.


Saturday 27th August 1910

Rain. Indoors and crocheted all a.m. Out with Nell for walk round by Arthur’s Seat, to Duddingstone in p.m. Very very windy. Nice. Worked. Played patience. G.Q. and packets, music.

arthurs seat.jpg


I to town 22nd
To Edinburgh 25th
Return 31st August 2.10.
Box by advance

Sunday 28th August 1910

Wrote Hatty. I unwell. To St Giles’ Cathedral to service. Very nice indeed. Quiet afternoon. Read “Memsahib” by Sara Jeannette Duncan. Beethoven in evening.

St. Giles’ Cathedral, Edinburgh

Monday 29th August 1910

With Nell to Castle. Very enjoyable. All morning. Read and crocheted in p.m. Heard from Alys of Margaret Embleton’s engagement to a Karl Archibald. Music and patience.

Edinburgh Castle Scotland 1910 Grassmarket

Tuesday 30th August 1910

Wrote Alys and Margaret. Looked at quilts. After lunch I to Hatty’s – 52 Stirling Road, Trinity. She ill with nurse. Tea with Hester Norman. Baby, Gerard and Miss Walker. Home 6.30.

Wednesday 31st August 1910

Fine sunny. Worked and wrote letters. After lunch Nell and I to town and on charabang to Roslin. Over chapel and castle. Very interesting. Tea there and drove back. 1 ½ hour drive.

Roslin Chapel interior – Apprentice Pillar

Thursday 1st September 1910

Worked all a.m. Nell to meet Saida. After lunch, Nell, Saida and I walked up Arthur’s Seat to top. Mina came after tea. Saida taught me poker patience.

Friday 2nd September 1910

Mina and Saida away to Cornwall. I packed up. Out a little way in p.m. Work, Patience and music in evening.


Saturday 3rd September 1910

Quiet morning. Working. To Station at 2. Nell saw me off by 2.20 to Newcastle. Tea on train. Arrived 4.58. Met by Ella. Up to 1 Bentinck Villas.

Roslin (Rosslyn) castle 1304
Only castle in Britain with lift, speaking tube, arrow-holes (round)
(Trinity, Wardie, Newington)

Sunday 4th September 1910

Out with Ella, round by Frenham. Cold. Read “Robert Louis Stevenson” and wrote letters. Effie and Cousin John in. Frank and Nancy in morning.


Monday 5th September 1910

Worked in Aunt Eliza’s room. Out to town with Ella and to vets. Read and wrote to Wade. Out with Aunt Eliza.

Tuesday 6th September 1910

Painted Ella. 1 hour. Ella to choir.

Wednesday 7th September 1910

Wrote to Alys and Dorothy. Designed point lace collar. Miss Bella Bell to dinner. Over to tea at Aunt Ellen’s and called on Ida and May and Selby.

Thursday 8th September 1910

Painted Ella 1 hour (2nd). Hannah and Frank in and children. Ella and I to call on Lady Angus. Began point lace collar.

Friday 9th September 1910

Out with Aunt Ellen in chair. Annie (Ernest’s wife) and 3 girls* to dinner. Rested in p.m. Ella and I to see “Grotesque” at theatre. Very good. Hannah and Frank there.

Saturday 10th September 1910

Painted Ella – 1 hour – 3rd. To town. Coffee at Tilly’s, very good. Worked and rested. Ella and I to South View to supper and music. 6.30 to 9.30. Rain.

To 2 Bentinck Villas – 5th
* Muriel, Winnie and Dulcie

Sunday 11th September 1910

Rainy early. Wrote letters and out. Effie in evening.

Monday 12th September 1910

Painted Ella for 1 hour. To Aunt Ellen’s and Cousin Martha’s with Aunt Eliza. Painted all p.m. and needlework after tea. Made eyes ache. Sang.

Tuesday 13th September 1910

My 31st birthday. Made cap. Up to South View with Aunt Eliza. In garden. At home day. Lady Angus and Kate Stephenson called. Ella to choir. Ernest Reid in. Nice music.

Wednesday 14th September 1910

To tea at Leonora’s and Leo’s. Then to Aunt Ellen’s across moor. Cecil Reid in evening.

Thursday 15th September 1910

Aunt Eliza’s 80th birthday. I painted Ella 1 hour 15. Ella and I to Laing Art Gallery. Ella to music circle evening. Cecil Reid in evening.

Friday 16th September 1910

Ella and I to town. Wrote Aunt Bella.

Saturday 17th September 1910

Sat in garden at Lynwood. To South View with Ella. Sissie back. Leo and Leonora and Cousin Martha and George to supper and evening.

Sunday 18th September 1910

To Aunt Eliza up in chair to South View. Ella and I to Philip and Menies to tea. Nice. Sissie to supper.

Monday 19th September 1910

Painted 1½ hours – Ella (6th). Aunt Ellen to dinner. To tea at Sir William and Lady Angus. Cecil Reid in evening.

Tuesday 20th September 1910

Wrote for posts at Art Teacher. Polly and Beatrice Young to tea and Sissie and Thorburns.

Wednesday 21st September 1910

Painted in morning – 8th. To town with Ella to Spencers and Fenwick. To tea at Sissie’s and supper.

Thursday 22nd September 1910

Sissie in, Menie and Katherine in. To South View for flowers. To South Shields to call on Wheldon’s. They out!

Friday 23rd September 1910

With Aunt Eliza to Edith Sandeman’s, “The Eves”. After supper with Ella to gallery of Lord Mayor’s Banquet with Sir A. Noble.

Noble 1910
To celebrate the conferring of the Honourable Freedom of the City of Newcastle-upon-Tyne upon SIR ANDREW NOBLE, Bt., K.C.B.


Saturday 24th September 1910

Walked to Stephenson’s and with Ella. Off at 12.40 to London. Sandwich lunch. Seemed very long journey. Read “Nicholson”. Alys and Dennis met me, and car.

Home 24th

Sunday 25th September 1910

Unpacked. Alys came and we talked. After dinner, I rested and at 3.30 to Alys’ to tea and supper. Baby lovely! Wrote to 2 Bentinck Villas. Home at 9.30.

Monday 26th September 1910

Unpacked and tidied up a great deal. Washed head. Walked up to Alys’ after tea. Saw Phoebe and Ted. Did collar, wrote to Mabel Syme.

Tuesday 27th September 1910

Very hot and fine. Heard of Parker Davis[1] offer. Out with Mowgli in suburb. To Aunt Alice’s to lunch. To Alys’ to tea. Fanny Carnegy and Miss Dodd and Mrs E V.M. and Mary there. Walked home.

Wednesday 28th September 1910

Very hot. Alys over in morning. I back with her to lunch. Baby – walked back, through Golder’s Hill. Telephoned from Polly. By tube to see Alys and Dennis in evening.

Thursday 29th September 1910

To see Mr and Mrs Parker Davis at Charing Cross Hotel at 10.00. Met Aunt Alice, Poz and Alys in Hampstead. Lunch with Alys. Home. Mrs Parker Davis telephoned to arrange for me to go to them in Philadelphia.

charing cross hotel

Friday 30th September 1910

Met Alys in town. Arranged about passage on Oceanic[2]. October 19th. Saw Mrs Cleminson. Shopped, lunch in town. Rested. I to dance at Shenton’s at 8.30. Very nice. Very hot. Home at 1 a.m.

R.M.S. Oceanic, White Star Line

Saturday 1st October 1910

Friede called. I wrote to Ella and Teeds about America.

Sunday 2nd October 1910

Very hot. Dorothy to spend day. Out for walk. Friede in p.m. Up to Alys and then I to Aunt Rosa’s to supper. Leigh Hunts there. Poker patience.

Monday 3rd October 1910

Miss Smythe. I to give Peter Colefax a lesson. Then shopped at Harrod’s – bought dresses and fur coat.

Harrods of Knightsbridge, c.1910

Tuesday 4th October 1910

To tea with Mrs Cleminson (with Alys). To dinner at 2 Windmill Hill.

Wednesday 5th October 1910

Baby ill with bronchitis. I to see her. To town. Bought tweed coat and skirt at Debenhams. Riding-skirt fitted.

Thursday 6th October 1910

To lunch with Uncle Harold and he gave me case. Shopped. To call on Mrs Gerald Allingham and Flights.

Friday 7th October 1910

Sewed till 12. To town – shopped. Lunch. Alys met me at 3. Bought grey coat and skirt. To tea at Heath Mansions.

Saturday 8th October 1910

Sewed. Kitty to lunch. Gerald and Emily Allingham called. I to Clapham for weekend. Dorothy alone there.

Miss Smythe 3rd and 10th.

Sunday 9th October 1910

Quiet morning. To South Kensington in p.m. (museum Chelsea china).

Monday 10th October 1910

Off to shop early. Home to lunch. Sewed in p.m. Alys came to tea and sewed. I to dinner at G. E. Barnard’s. Home at 10.00.

Tuesday 11th October 1910

To Hannay’s for ride at 11. Nice (Pollard). Shopped in p.m. To dinner at the Henry Allingham’s. Very nice. Maurice Webb, Miss de Morgan.

Wednesday 12th October 1910

To town and shopped hard. Lunch Oxford Circus Restaurant. Alys too. Called on Styers.

Thursday 13th October 1910

Out a little and sewed. Polly to lunch. Called on Waghorn’s. Tea at Alys’ to meet Karl Archibald. Dance at Shenton’s. Very jolly indeed.

Friday 14th October 1910

To Finchley Road shops and then lunch at William Miles’. Alys at 2 o’clock met me and both to town. Shopped. Tea at Shoolbred’s. Back to 8 Heath Mansions and home to dinner.

Saturday 15th October 1910

Out for ride (Mr Robinson). Very nice. Aunt Alice to lunch and tea. Up to Alys’ to machine skirt. Saw Baby. Alys and Dennis out. Sewed all evening till 10.40.

Wade £4 wages to 13th October.
H. Allingham, 2 Antrim Mansions.

Sunday 16th October 1910

I did white cloth dress and other things. Dennis over. He and I walked back and I to tea and supper there. Pip there. They drove me home in car at 9.30.

Monday 17th October 1910

Alys over to lunch. Packed. I back with her to tea and she back to dinner with me.

Tuesday 18th October 1910

Packed up. Alys over to lunch. Boxes off at 1 o’clock. Alys and I to 8 Heath Mansions to tea and dinner. Dolly to tea. Bubbles lovely. I home at 9 o’clock.

Wednesday 19th October 1910

To Waterloo. Alys and Wade with me to Southampton (seen off by Uncle Harold, Polly, and Doz and Jim and Margaret Embleton). On “Oceanic”. Alys and Wade went. I started at 12 o’clock for America.

Called at Cherbourg – 19th at 5 or 6 o’clock.

oceanic 1910.jpg

Thursday 20th October 1910

Called at Queenstown, Ireland at 11 o’clock. Left at 1, passing Irish Coast all p.m. Bull lighthouse at 6-7. Fine. Rolly all night.

bull rock

Friday 21st October 1910

Very rainy and windy. Read, etc. In to all meals. 444 knots in 24 hours.

Saturday 22nd October 1910

Fine, later stormy and heavy seas. Wonderful and giddifying. Wrote Alys. Dined upstairs. 487 knots.

Sunday 23rd October 1910

Calmer. Hot sun. Blue sea. Lovely. Turned very cold, when passing the “Banks”. Newfoundland. 474 knots. Wrote letters.

Monday 24th October 1910

Warmer but wavey. Got very rough. Made friend with Fletcher. Very nice. Talked in p.m. and evening to him. Rough so awake till 12. 455 knots.

Tuesday 25th October 1910

Calm and lovely. Saw whales. Talked to Fletcher and “Doc” and Evans. They played shuffleboard. Packed up and sent off letters. Sat out.

Steamship shuffleboard – 1910

Wednesday 26th October 1910

Up 7. Arrived New York. 10.30 Customs. On to Philadelphia. Lunch on train. Mrs Davis met me. Had tea and then we two on to Newtown. To Bewley Farm. Supper and to bed. Evening lovely.

Oceanic NY
RMS Oceanic docking in New York, 1910

Thursday 27th October 1910

Up at 7.30. Mrs Davis in bed with headache. I wrote to Alys , Aunt Alice and Tades. Unpacked. Both drove into Newtown in p.m. Shopped etc. Talked in evening. Rainy.

Friday 28th October 1910

I finished unpacking. Took dogs out. Perfect day. Mrs D to a funeral. I down to Neshaminy with dogs and sketched house.


Saturday 29th October 1910

I took dogs out. Sewed. Afternoon drove to Mrs Solly’s and to Temperance meeting there. Very hot. My nose bled! Back at 6. Interesting. Lovely weather. Frosty.

Heard of Crippen[1] being condemned by Marconigram[2] (10 ½ a word) quite long wire for 8/-.

Sunday 30th October 1910

Perfect day. Sunny. Dr Davis and Miss Smith came. I took dogs out. Wrote to Alys. In p.m. all drove a long way. 14 miles. Wycombe, Wrightstown, Miss Smith away. Dr Davis away at 8 p.m.

Monday 31st October 1910

Sun. Frost. Up at 6.45. Off after breakfast to Philadelphia. To Jefferson Hospital meeting. Lunch at Sauters. To shop Wanamaker’s[3]. Home to 250 South 21st Street. Slept, rested. Dined at 7. To bed (wrote Alys – 3rd).

Philadelphia house
250 South 21st Street, Philadelphia – c. 2020



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