1903 London, Folkestone, New Forest, Newcastle, Brussels, Weymouth, Bournemouth


1903 Diary

In 1903, Edward is 27 years old, Kate is 24 years old and Alys is 19 years old.


Thursday 1st January 1903

In bed with sore throat. Up to lunch. Looked over Edward’s bill[1] and papers and tore up some. Alys to Hepburn’s to supper – 6 till 10.

Bethlehem (Bedlam) Hospital, Southwark, London

Friday 2nd January 1903

In all day. Finished “Jane La Pale[2]” Tore up papers. Alys to read “Cassius” in Julius Caesar at Miss Roberts’ studio.

Saturday 3rd January 1903

Alys to gym. I to shops. Fearful hailstorm and several claps of thunder and bright lightening. Doz to lunch. But afterward to Shenton’s after dinner. Miss Naylor and Mr Martyn there – music.

Sunday 4th January 1903

Polished things. Wrote to Aunt Eliza.

Monday 5th January 1903

To see Edward.

Tuesday 6th January 1903

Walked on Heath. To Blanford’s dance – 9 till 2. Lovely.

Wednesday 7th January 1903

To Wedderburn House. Walked with Aunt Alice to Swiss Cottage, etc. Aunt Alice and Miss Boodle called. To Shenton’s to dinner and music.

Thursday 8th January 1903

Shentons in evening till 11.30.

Friday 9th January 1903

To shops. At Home Day. Tades to lunch and dinner. To Empress Rooms at 8 till 2.30! Lois and H Radford. Lovely. Glover’s dance*. Inez, Dick and William.

Saturday 10th January 1903

For long walk on Heath. About 2 hours. To Shenton’s workshop in evening to do skates.

* Splendid dance. Champagne supper. Lovely rooms. William Glover’s coming of age – speeches, etc.

Sunday 11th January 1903

On Heath and to Wedderburn House. Dorothy has chicken-pox!!!

Monday 12th January 1903

Called on Mrs Blanford.

Tuesday 13th January 1903

To Aunt Louie’s dance. Kitty also. She slept here with me. Alys to Waghorn’s.

Wednesday 14th January 1903

Skated on Whitestone pond. Lovely. Called on Mrs Glover and on the Fullers.

Whitestone pond.png
Whitestone Pond,  Hampstead Heath – around 1950’s/1960’s.

Thursday 15th January 1903

Skated on the Top pond. Lovely. Baumer’s dance at Portman Rooms – 8.30 till 1. Nice Waterlow’s and Joyce there.

Friday 16th January 1903

To Quits’ fancy dress affair – very great fun. Took Alan.

Saturday 17th January 1903

Alys and I to Northwood and skated at Ruislip. 3 or 4 hours. Jack Millet to stay here. Played bridge.

Sunday 18th January 1903

Up late. To Wedderburn House. Very foggy. Thaw, but slippery.

Monday 19th January 1903

Jack to town with Aunt Alice. To “The Girl from Kay’s[4]” at Apollo Theatre.


Tuesday 20th January 1903

To Madame Tussaud’s[5]with Jack and Alys. Jack off to Marlboro.

Wednesday 21st January 1903

To Wedderburn House. Called on Mr Garnett and Mrs Hutchison. To French soirée at Seurins’s.

Thursday 22nd January 1903

To Wedderburn House and shops. Called on Hanhart’s and Lee’s and Thompson’s. Shenton’s to dinner and Miss Nailer till 12.

Friday 23rd January 1903

Shopped. To Charlie Buchanan’s sub-dance. 7.30 to 12. Kit too, very jolly.

Saturday 24th January 1903

To fencing. Biggs’ leg broken. Kit back to lunch and tea. Conis not well.

Conis – Kate’s deceased cousin, Geoff’s, dog who she took on following his death

Write to Brokers and Bank – Wednesday

Sunday 25th January 1903

To Shenton’s. Dr Yeld and Mrs Allingham there and her two sons.

Monday 26th January 1903

Daisy Glover to tea. To Shenton’s to bookbind.

Tuesday 27th January 1903

To town. Alys unwell.

Wednesday 28th January 1903

Alys to school.

Thursday 29th January 1903

To shops and bank.

Friday 30th January 1903

For walk with Doz. To Louie’s. To dance at John Barnard’s with Nelly in evening. Slept at Highbury.

Saturday 31st January 1903

Back to Hampstead to Private View of Women Exhibitors. Polly to stay with us.

Eva’s wages due – 28th – £1.10.0
29th Cheque to Broker’s and write to Bank

Sunday 1st February 1903



Monday 2nd February 1903

To Folkestone, Pavilion Hotel with Aunt Alice and Doz.

pavilion hotel.jpg
Pavilion Hotel in background

Tuesday 3rd February 1903


Wednesday 4th February 1903


Thursday 5th February 1903

Doz and I to Dover by train. Great fun.

Friday 6th February 1903

All to Hythe in motor and saw over old Church crypt[1] etc. 7000 people’s bones there.

The ossuary at St Leonard’s, Hythe


Saturday 7th February 1903

To Hythe in motor with Doz. Back from Folkestone. Tades still at 8 Heath Mansions from Tuesday.

Sunday 8th February 1903

In bed with a cold till teatime. Aunt Alice to early dinner.

Monday 9th February 1903

In bed. Bronchial cold and cough.

Tuesday 10th February 1903

Type wrote, etc. In bed. Finished “Old Mortality[2]”.

Wednesday 11th February 1903

Lois to tea. In bed. Read “Barry Lyndon[3]”.

Thursday 12th February 1903

In bed all day. Drew.

Friday 13th February 1903

Drew. Aunt Alice and Poz up after breakfast. Up. At home Day. Isobel Lees called.

Saturday 14th February 1903

Up after breakfast.

Aunt Louie, etc to lunch – 12th
11th – money to E. V. M (me: Ernest Vernor Miles – family solictor)

Sunday 15th February 1903

To Thompson’s to tea. Shenton’s to supper.

Monday 16th February 1903

I unwell.

Tuesday 17th February 1903

Painted all morning. Cousin Nathaniel to lunch. Erma Collins called.

Wednesday 18th February 1903

Called on Stokes Robert, Baumers, and Mrs Vernor Miles.

Thursday 19th February 1903

Paid books and to G & E. To French class.

Friday 20th February 1903

To Wedderburn House. Called on William Miles’es, etc, May Waghorn to tea.

Saturday 21st February 1903

To fencing. To Blaikley’s. Kit also and to sleep with us. Nice evening.

Blaikley’s At Home – 8 till 1 pm – 21st

Sunday 22nd February 1903


Monday 23rd February 1903


Tuesday 24th February 1903


Wednesday 25th February 1903

Doris and Lucy to stay.

Thursday 26th February 1903

Aunt Nelly moved to 3 Clyda Mansions. To French lesson.

Clyda Mansions.png
Clyda Mansions, London NW6

Friday 27th February 1903

To concert at Town Hall. Fillunger[4]and Fanny Davies.

Saturday 28th February 1903

To fencing. To Maskelyne and Cooke’s[5] with Faraday’s. Tea in town. Alys to Patty Pinkerton’s.

maskelyne cooke.jpg

Eva’s wages – 25th 1-10-0

Sunday 1st March 1903

Aunt Alice’s birthday. Nice visit to Wedderburn House. Rain.

Monday 2nd March 1903

Very wet. Aunt Ammy to lunch. Took Doris and Lucy to Clyda. Shenton’s in evening.

Tuesday 3rd March 1903


Wednesday 4th March 1903


Thursday 5th March 1903

French class.

Friday 6th March 1903


Saturday 7th March 1903


Aunt Ammy to lunch – 2nd

Sunday 8th March 1903

To tea at Hollises – evening and supper with Shenton’s.

Monday 9th March 1903


Tuesday 10th March 1903

In bed with cold. To see “Quality Street” at the Vaudeville with Shenton’s. Very good.

quality street

Quality Street.png

Wednesday 11th March 1903

Alys for a ride. First. I to Aunt Em’s and Chris’s club.

Thursday 12th March 1903

Alys to French.

Friday 13th March 1903


Saturday 14th March 1903


Cousin Mary’s 12th

Sunday 15th March 1903


Monday 16th March 1903


Tuesday 17th March 1903


Wednesday 18th March 1903


Thursday 19th March 1903


Friday 20th March 1903


Saturday 21st March 1903


University College soirée – 19th

Sunday 22nd March 1903

Cycled to Aunt Nelly’s. Doris pneumonia. To Mr Garnet’s with Doz. To Buchanan’s. Fenced on roof with Shenton’s and Doz.

Monday 23rd March 1903

Cycled to Aunt Nelly’s and Kitty’s. Skating at Prince’s[1]. Got a table outside edge!

Tuesday 24th March 1903

To town. To Emile’s. Alys played at Cousin Mary’s. I called on Miss Horton.

Wednesday 25th March 1903

To Wedderburn House and Aunt Rosa’s. Mrs Roberts called. I unwell. Pattie Pink to tea.

Thursday 26th March 1903

Kit and Ernest to tea. French.

Friday 27th March 1903

Dr Shenton’s lecture. Supper after there. Lovely.

Saturday 28th March 1903

Fenced. Last lesson. Fenced at gym in Miss Turner’s school display with Doz. To Northwood with Alys.

Eva’s wages – 25th.

Sunday 29th March 1903

To Church with Embleton’s. Lovely walk over fields, stiles, etc with Dennis and Tom and Rosamond Hayward Butt. Back home by 9.24 train. Lovely day. Shenton’s to supper till 1 o’clock.

Monday 30th March 1903

Alys’ history exam. To “Assault at Arms”[2] – lovely Biggs superb.

An assault of arms observed by the President of the Republic. Illustration from Le Petit Journal, June 1895.

Tuesday 31st March 1903

Cycled to Aunt Nelly’s and Kit’s. Tea at Mrs Mills’ and Miss Flux. Called on G. E. B.’s afterwards. Evening at Shentons. Gave Eva notice.

Wednesday 1st April 1903

Nelly Moir to tea and bookbinding.

Thursday 2nd April 1903

In bed all day.

Friday 3rd April 1903

In bed – influenza.

Saturday 4th April 1903

In bed.

Gave E notice – 1st ?

Sunday 5th April 1903

In bed – Dr Neale came.

Monday 6th April 1903

In bed. Aunt Alice and Doz to Broadway[1].

Tuesday 7th April 1903

In bed – Mrs Shenton came in.

Wednesday 8th April 1903

Alys to Inez Glover’s. I up to tea. Shenton’s here in evening.

New Forest

Thursday 9th April 1903

In bed to breakfast. To Waterloo with Phoebe and Alys. Met Ted and all to Brockenhurst together. Slept there.

Friday 10th April 1903

Rode out on cycles. I rested after lunch. Rode to Milford-on-Sea after tea. 34 miles in all.

Saturday 11th April 1903

Rode to Beaulieu and Exbury (lunch at Mrs Clarke’s) and Lepe. Coastguard station. Very windy. 24 miles in all.

Coastguard Station, Lepe

Sunday 12th April 1903 – Easter Sunday

Rode to Burley – mutton lunch. (very windy, I neuralgic). Rode on to Christchurch. Tea there. 32 miles in all.

Monday 13th April 1903

Rode to Lyndhurst on to Romsey. Meal there at 4. Back by Rufus Stone[2]. 30 miles.

Rufus Stone.png


Tuesday 14th April 1903

Up at 7am. To London all together. Spent day with Phoebe. Kit to tea there. Rollerskating. Developed snapshots of Forest.

Wednesday 15th April 1903

To Embleton’s to lunch and hockey. Great fun. Back at 7.30. To workshop with Shenton’s.

Thursday 16th April 1903

To shops.

Friday 17th April 1903

Lovely skating. To Prince’s. Shenton’s, Alan and Frank Rush.


Saturday 18th April 1903

To town. Lunch there. To tea at Kitty’s. She and Ernest M to dinner here.

Sunday 19th April 1903

Cycled to Windsor and back – 61½ miles with Shenton’s.


Monday 20th April 1903

I to Northwood. Played hockey. Lovely time. To Shenton’s in evening.

Tuesday 21st April 1903

To Hengler’s to skate – lovely.


Wednesday 22nd April 1903

To Northwood. Played hockey. Lovely time.

Thursday 23rd April 1903


Friday 24th April 1903


Saturday 25th April 1903


Sunday 26th April 1903

Shenton’s in all day. To Wedderburn House. Heard Aunt Nelly was ill – pleurisy.

Monday 27th April 1903


Tuesday 28th April 1903


Wednesday 29th April 1903


Thursday 30th April 1903


Friday 1st May 1903

I unwell. To Wharncliffe Rooms.

Saturday 2nd May 1903


Eva goes 29th

Sunday 3rd May 1903

Aunt Nelly died at 10 o’clock. To Ealing and Wedderburn House.

Monday 4th May 1903

To see Edward.

Tuesday 5th May 1903


Wednesday 6th May 1903



Thursday 7th May 1903

Saw Alys off to Brussels. I to Newcastle.

Friday 8th May 1903

To town with Aunt S.

Saturday 9th May 1903

To Stephenson Library with Aunt S.

Sunday 10th May 1903


Monday 11th May 1903

To Chamber Concert with Sissie.

Tuesday 12th May 1903

Leo and Gibbie in.

Wednesday 13th May 1903


Thursday 14th May 1903


Friday 15th May 1903

Leo in evening.

Saturday 16th May 1903

I to Aunt Ellen’s after tea. Selby in evening.

Sunday 17th May 1903

Ella out for first time. Leo, Christy, Gibbie and Moram.

Monday 18th May 1903


Tuesday 19th May 1903


Wednesday 20th May 1903


Thursday 21st May 1903


Friday 22nd May 1903


Saturday 23rd May 1903


Sunday 24th May 1903


Monday 25th May 1903


Tuesday 26th May 1903


Wednesday 27th May 1903



Thursday 28th May 1903

To London by 10 train. Dinner with Shenton’s. Poz and Sylvia there. I slept at the No 7.


Friday 29th May 1903

To Brussels, by Ostend. Nice voyage. Very hot at Ostend, Met by the De B’s (me: Pierre and Bella de Baeremaecker) and Alys.

Saturday 30th May 1903


Sunday 31st May 1903

To Races at Boitsfort.

Monday 1st June 1903

Mademoiselle Eva to lunch. To Vauxhall[1]. Nice. Mortimer there.

The Vauxhall in 1872 (etching from L’Illustration européenne)

Tuesday 2nd June 1903


Wednesday 3rd June 1903


Thursday 4th June 1903


Friday 5th June 1903

In bois. Alys took photos. I unwell. To Uncle Eugène’s to dinner. Felt faint.

Saturday 6th June 1903

In bed to breakfast.

Sunday 7th June 1903


Monday 8th June 1903


Tuesday 9th June 1903


Wednesday 10th June 1903


Thursday 11th June 1903


Friday 12th June 1903


Saturday 13th June 1903


Sunday 14th June 1903


Monday 15th June 1903


Tuesday 16th June 1903


Wednesday 17th June 1903


Thursday 18th June 1903


Friday 19th June 1903


Saturday 20th June 1903


Fire Insurance paid to June 24th – 03

Sunday 21st June 1903


Monday 22nd June 1903


Tuesday 23rd June 1903


Wednesday 24th June 1903


Thursday 25th June 1903


Friday 26th June 1903


Saturday 27th June 1903


Sunday 28th June 1903


Monday 29th June 1903



Tuesday 30th June 1903

Back from Brussels. Dinner with Phoebe and Ted.

Wednesday 1st July 1903


Thursday 2nd July 1903


Friday 3rd July 1903


Saturday 4th July 1903

Alys 19th . Kit and I on river with Shenton’s.

Sunday 5th July 1903

To Wedderburn House.

Monday 6th July 1903

To see Edward.

Tuesday 7th July 1903

I unwell.

Wednesday 8th July 1903


Thursday 9th July 1903


Friday 10th July 1903


Saturday 11th July 1903


Sunday 12th July 1903

On River.

Monday 13th July 1903


Tuesday 14th July 1903


Wednesday 15th July 1903


Thursday 16th July 1903


Friday 17th July 1903

Diving lessons from Biggs at 7am. Tennis at Wedderburn House.

Saturday 18th July 1903

On river. Kit to stay.

Sunday 19th July 1903

On river with Kitty and Ted and Phoebe. Thunderstorm. Up to Weybridge.

Monday 20th July 1903

To baths. Lunch in town. To see Edward and to Gamage’s[1] and Shoolbred’s.

Gamages, 125-129 High Holborn, London

Tuesday 21st July 1903

To baths.

Wednesday 22nd July 1903

To baths.

Thursday 23rd July 1903

To workshop. Made steps. Phoebe unwell.

Friday 24th July 1903


Saturday 25th July 1903


Sunday 26th July 1903


Monday 27th July 1903


Tuesday 28th July 1903


Wednesday 29th July 1903


Thursday 30th July 1903


Friday 31st July 1903

To river with Shenton’s. Camped. Slept in punt and skiff.

Saturday 1st August 1903

Bathed in river at Hampton. Slept near Walton.

Sunday 2nd August 1903

Bathed. Up to Weybridge. Bathed again there. Lovely.

Monday 3rd August 1903

Bathed. Down to Hampton.

Tuesday 4th August 1903

Ted off early. We had breakfast at Hampton Wick.

Wednesday 5th August 1903


Thursday 6th August 1903

Sylvia, Lucy and Doris came up to be with us.


Friday 7th August 1903

Packed. At 12.30 in omnibus to Waterloo. Phoebe too. All to Weymouth – 23 Brownlow Street. Nice.

Brownlow road.png
23, Brownlow Road today – the one on the left

Saturday 8th August 1903

Bathed. Sailed. Lovely.

Sunday 9th August 1903

To Church with Brewtnall’s. Windy. I unwell. Walked to harbour.

Monday 10th August 1903

The others bathed twice. Little boat. Great fun.

Tuesday 11th August 1903

Very wet. In tent with stove. Tried to go to circus. None.

Wednesday 12th August 1903

Sailed and bathed. Great fun. Rough sail in afternoon.

Thursday 13th August 1903

Bathed. Lovely. Dives off sailing boat. Upsetting little boat etc. Lovely sail to Osmington. Lucy too. Back at 10.

Friday 14th August 1903


Saturday 15th August 1903


Sunday 16th August 1903


Monday 17th August 1903


Tuesday 18th August 1903


Wednesday 19th August 1903


Thursday 20th August 1903


Friday 21st August 1903

Long sail to Durdle Door.

durdle door.jpg

Saturday 22nd August 1903

Regatta. Lovely watching the yachts race for King’s Cup. We sailed beside them.

Sunday 23rd August 1903

To Church. Lord Salisbury died yesterday.

Monday 24th August 1903

Flood. Brewtnalls and I to Portland by steamer. To prison and Chesil Beach. Bathed afternoon. Rough.

Tuesday 25th August 1903


Wednesday 26th August 1903

All cycled to Upwey. The Wishing Well, etc.


Thursday 27th August 1903


Friday 28th August 1903

To Portland on sailing boat. Back, dark, late and rough.

Saturday 29th August 1903


Sunday 30th August 1903

To Church. Bathed.

Monday 31st August 1903


Tuesday 1st September 1903


Wednesday 2nd September 1903



Thursday 3rd September 1903

To Bournemouth – 3 Brewtnalls, Alys and I for all day. Very nice. On Monarch. Called on MacKenzies.

Paddle-steamer Monarch at Bournemouth Pier

Friday 4th September 1903

All to see “Dandy Fifth[1]” at theatre.


Saturday 5th September 1903

Phoebe, Alys and I sailed alone a lot. Tea in tent by moonlight.

Sunday 6th September 1903

To Church. Tea at Osmington. Sailed there and back.

Monday 7th September 1903

To see “Chinese Honeymoon[2]“. Very good.


Tuesday 8th September 1903


Wednesday 9th September 1903


Thursday 10th September 1903

I unwell. Very rainy and rough. To see Toreador. Very bad. Great gale.


Friday 11th September 1903

All to Abbotsbury. Cycles and rain. Lovely – Barn. Swannery. Beach.

Saturday 12th September 1903


Sunday 13th September 1903


Monday 14th September 1903

Back to London.

Tuesday 15th September 1903

Aunt Ada to supper.

Wednesday 16th September 1903

Aunt Ada to workshop. Reel cast.

Thursday 17th September 1903

Emma Gash came.

Friday 18th September 1903


Saturday 19th September 1903


To Northwood.

Sunday 20th September 1903


Monday 21st September 1903


Tuesday 22nd September 1903


Wednesday 23rd September 1903


Thursday 24th September 1903


Friday 25th September 1903


Saturday 26th September 1903


Sunday 27th September 1903


Monday 28th September 1903


Tuesday 29th September 1903

Helping Aunt Alice with moving to 135 Biddulph Mansions.


Wednesday 30th September 1903

To Aunt Alice’s swimming gala. Holbein and Jarvis.

Thursday 1st October 1903

To Baths.

Friday 2nd October 1903

To Aunt Alice’s.

Saturday 3rd October 1903

On river. Saw the Nollie.

Sunday 4th October 1903

Lunch and tea on river. Picnic. Harry Shenton, Mr Biggs and Dora Husband and Daisy Smith.

Monday 5th October 1903

To see Edward. Kitty up. Doris Collins to lunch and tea.

Tuesday 6th October 1903


Wednesday 7th October 1903


Thursday 8th October 1903


Friday 9th October 1903

To Mr Hosking for first singing lesson.

Saturday 10th October 1903

On river in “Nollie”. Shenton came up with their skiff. Tea together. Strong current, no wind. I unwell.

Bought the “Nollie” centreboard dinghy £13 this week.

Sunday 11th October 1903

Very wet. In and out at Shenton’s all day. For walk along ridge. To workshop.

Monday 12th October 1903

Alys bad cold. I feverish. To bed. Alys to Biddulph to see Geo Compton. I 103 point 2 (103.2o Farenheit). Ted in. Gave me medicine and Dover’s Powders. Read aloud.

dovers powders.jpg

Tuesday 13th October 1903

In bed all day. Feverish. Ted in. He read aloud all evening. Phoebe in too.

Wednesday 14th October 1903

In bed all day. Ted in morning and evening. Both of them in all evening and read aloud.

Thursday 15th October 1903

In bed all day. Still feverish.

Friday 16th October 1903

In bed all day.

Saturday 17th October 1903

Dorothy to dinner and tea. Alan in. Shentons in.

Emma’s wages 1.16-8 – 17th.

Sunday 18th October 1903

Kit spent day.

Monday 19th October 1903

Out a little way.

Tuesday 20th October 1903

Up to breakfast. To town, bought boots and Monier Williams skates. Out 7 hours To No 7.

Monier Williams skates.jpg

Wednesday 21st October 1903

Hengler’s Skating Rink. At 8pm. Took season tickets. Skated till 11. Tired.

Thursday 22nd October 1903

To Kitty in morning. Wade to tea and dinner.

Friday 23rd October 1903

To town about Alys’ hat. To Mr Hosking 2nd lesson. To skating in evening. Phoebe had lesson. Woodger.

Saturday 24th October 1903

I to fencing – 1st. Alys to baths. To see Felix Club picture and Phil May’s after lunch. Shentons to skating – 5/- each.

Skates 17/6 each pair.
Skating tickets.
For 3 nights a week. Mon – Wednes and Fridays 3.3-0 each.
Lockers 5/- each
Pegs 5/- each

Sunday 25th October 1903

Tried the roller-skates on leads. Wrote to Ella and Doz. To tea and supper at Aunt Rosa’s.

Monday 26th October 1903

Alys to Baths. To skating. Kit too and stayed night here.

Tuesday 27th October 1903

To Thompsons to tea. Filibusters in evening.

Wednesday 28th October 1903

To skating. Lovely time.

Thursday 29th October 1903

To Aunt Alice’s to tea. Filibusters. Alan called in evening with photos.

Friday 30th October 1903

To Mr Hosking – 3rd time. To skating. Kit also. I had a lesson from Woodger. Lovely waltzing, etc. Dr Brown there.

Saturday 31st October 1903

To fencing. Alys’ first lesson. To Northwood afterwards. Just Margaret and Dorothy there. Nice day. Home after supper.

Sunday 1st November 1903

Doz and Sylvia to dinner. Tea at Shenton’s.

Monday 2nd November 1903

Voted for Borough Councillor, Claude Taylor. To see Edward. Aunt Alice there. Tea alone. To skating, Alan there.

Tuesday 3rd November 1903

Called on Fanny Carnegie and George E Barnard’s.

Wednesday 4th November 1903

To tea with Miss Roberts, dinner at A. B. C’s. To skating – for 10/-. Waltzed badly. Tired.

Thursday 5th November 1903

To town, Alys sat to Miss Roberts and she and I painted. Home to lunch. Read “Ben-Hur[1]”. Bonfire procession.

Friday 6th November 1903

To Mr Hosking – 4th time. To skating. Hockey. Tired. Ted in bad form. Heard of new skates.

Saturday 7th November 1903

To fencing. To New Gallery. Portrait Painter – private view. Alys to “Cousin Kate” with Doz, etc.

Began “Jelloids” Nov 5th.


Sunday 8th November 1903

Fenced on lead. I taught Phoebe and Alys. Tea at No 7. For a walk on Heath.

Monday 9th November 1903

I to Slade criticisms. To skating. Alan there.

Scan 10

Tuesday 10th November 1903

To Miss Roberts’ – painted. Shopped. To Collins’ Entertainment.

Wednesday 11th November 1903

Alys’ music lesson. To skating. My new skates £2-2.0

Thursday 12th November 1903

To Miss Roberts’. Painted. All day. To Biddulph to tea.

Friday 13th November 1903

To Mr Hosking. 5th. Rested. Alys to Miss Baumer’s. I unwell. To skating. Lovely. Ted depressed.

Saturday 14th November 1903

Alys to fencing. I not. Alys and I to “Much About about Nothing”. Ellen Terry. Dined in town with Shentons. To skating.

much ado.jpg

Sunday 15th November 1903

Up late. To skating with vouchers. “Palace Skating Club” 3 to 7.

Monday 16th November 1903

Alys to tea with Gwen Robertson. To see Edward. Dined in town with Shentons. To skating till 11.

Tuesday 17th November 1903

Miss Parsons all day. Not out. She did my tartan coat. Read Jungle Books[2] aloud.

Wednesday 18th November 1903

Skating. Alan there.

Thursday 19th November 1903

To town. Saw King and Queen of Italy. At Miss Roberts’ Studio. To lunch and tea. Bought ball-dresses. Read Jungle Books.

queen king italy.jpeg

Friday 20th November 1903

To Mr Hosking – 6th. Dined in town. To skating. Lovely.

Saturday 21st November 1903

To fencing. To lunch with F. B’s. afterwards.

Sunday 22nd November 1903

To Aunt Rosa’s to tea.

Monday 23rd November 1903

To Slade Club. Dined in town. To skating. Alan and Frank Rush there.

Tuesday 24th November 1903

To 31 Chatsworth. To Collins’ Celebrity Tea – I got 3rd prize.

Wednesday 25th November 1903

Aunt Ada to stay. Paul in evening.

Thursday 26th November 1903

To Mr Hosking. 7th. Cousin Carrie to lunch. Teeds to dinner.

Friday 27th November 1903

Wrote letters.

Saturday 28th November 1903


24th Collins
23rd Slade Club

Sunday 29th November 1903


Monday 30th November 1903


Tuesday 1st December 1903


Wednesday 2nd December 1903


Thursday 3rd December 1903


Friday 4th December 1903

To Mr Hosking. Skated.

Saturday 5th December 1903


Sunday 6th December 1903

Doz to dinner. Thompson’s to tea. To supper at Aunt Rosa’s.

Monday 7th December 1903

To see Edward. Dined in town. Skating. Tades too.

Tuesday 8th December 1903

Aunt Alice to lunch. To call on Mrs Adair Roberts and Mrs Innes with Tades.

Wednesday 9th December 1903

To Helen Roberts. Painted. To Harley Street. Dressed and to Hengler’s. Gymkahana on ice. Great fun. Musical chairs.

Thursday 10th December 1903

Saw Tades off to Stratford. To Biddulph to tea and skating. Supper.

Friday 11th December 1903

To Mr Hosking – 9th. To skating. Frank and Alan there. “Tufty” helped me. K. T.

Saturday 12th December 1903

Fencing. To Clarence House – Concert and supper in school. Danced.

At Hengler’s. Alys won the Temperance Driving Race. I danced. Lancers with Tufty! Waltzed with Judy.

Sunday 13th December 1903

To skating. Judy there. Great fun.

Monday 14th December 1903

To skating. Frank there.

Tuesday 15th December 1903

Alys to Helen Roberts. I colded. To tea at Blair Leighton’s. Tried on fencing dresses.

Wednesday 16th December 1903


Thursday 17th December 1903

To shops. To William Miles to dinner. Drove to Woolwich, to Grand Military Ball there. 9 to 1.30*. Slept at Miles’.

Friday 18th December 1903

Up home in cab. Made petticoat. Slept . To Slade. Fancy dress dance. 7.30 to 12. Great fun. Kitty and Ernest there.

Saturday 19th December 1903

Alys to fencing. Teeds to stay.

* About 1000 people. Miles Morgan invited us and Erna Collins. Josephine could not go so Gertrude chaperoned us.

Sunday 20th December 1903

Teeds here. Alys to skating with Shentons.

Monday 21st December 1903

In bed all day. Bronchial. Ted in. Others to skating.

Tuesday 22nd December 1903

Up after lunch. Ted “overhauled” me. Bronchitis.

Wednesday 23rd December 1903

Up after lunch. Others to skating.

Thursday 24th December 1903

Up after breakfast.

Friday 25th December 1903

Uncle Harold in at Shentons. Very nice. Ted’s sister, Nell and her husband, Mr Davy, Also Bee and Mrs Shenton. Aunt Alice and Doz to sleep here.

Saturday 26th December 1903

Out a little way with Aunt Alice. Doz and Alys to theatre. To No 7 with Alice in evening.

Sunday 27th December 1903

Aunt Alice and Doz still here. Kit in. Alys to skating. They went soon after dinner. I, 5 hours alone.

Monday 28th December 1903

Kitty here. The others to skating afternoon.

Tuesday 29th December 1903


Wednesday 30th December 1903

To skating 1- to 1. Lunch in town. To skating 8 to 11.

Thursday 31st December 1903

Lois’ 18th birthday dance. Great fun.

Haunch of Venison Yard – 1908.

Spooner – (me: William Archibald Spooner (1844 – 930) was a long-serving Oxford don. He was most notable for his absent-mindedness, and for supposedly mixing up the syllables in a spoken phrase, with unintentionally comic effect. Such phrases became known as spoonerisms, and are often used humorously. Many spoonerisms have been invented and attributed to Spooner.)

“I’ll have some pig’s fleas not the stink puff.” – for figs please and pink stuff;.

“That’s my bread digging fork into lady’s hand.”

“You again, you brute!”

“Not much luggage – two bugs and a rag” – two rugs and a bag.

Glass of milk and bath-bun.

“I came in the town drain and had to change” – down train

A middlin’ doctor is a pore thing, and a middlin’ lawyer is a pore thing. But keep me from a middlin’ man of God. – the Virginian by Owen Wister

A vicar, any full-sized man, ought to own a big lot of temper. And, like all his valuable possessions, he’d ought to keep it, and not lose any.

Well start awful early when you go to fool with him, or he’ll make you feel onpunctual.

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